We finally beat the chavs!

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Our academy team beat the chavs 3 zip at their gaff, and in front of Ancelotti, now he will know what it feels like to lose to a London rival!

Paddy Vieira thinks that Man City are a bit behind us, so at least there’s someone else out there that thinks we are a top 3 side, I look forward to when people look at us as a title contender, remember those days when it was the Mancs and us for 8 years, first or second?

I was wondering what Wellington Silva is like, I understand he is joining the first team squad in january, I remember when we had Vela coming in, a new signing the boss said, but Wellington is being lauded as the next Brazilian superstar, I hope he is as good as they all say, what we need in this team is someone who can do the unexpected.

We need a Ronaldo, not a Denilson Brazilian, no offence mate, I’m sure you know what I mean.

If all else fails this year at least our kit is nice, I think the white sleeved retro kit is our nicest since the one that had the hooped socks and the lightening stripes.

There are strong rumours that Liverpool could go into administration this week, surely not, administration? Now for all their faults I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, well except them, the spuds, mancs and chavs that is, that would be not only funny, but seriously deserved, they bang on about having no money, but they have spent more than anyone other than shitty.

Being financially prudent makes sense, and we at Le Grove has never condoned silly spending, but you don’t have to spend silly money to make this team unbeatable, and I think that’s all Cesc was saying, too late now though.

Maybe by January there will be someone out there he’ll surprise us with, after all some of our biggest signings have been in the window, remember Theo, Ade and Diaby?

I would personally like him to try out the two young pretenders over the next few games, see if they have it, we’ll know, after all we know that one okay game doesn’t make Fabianski the answer anymore than one game against Fulham makes Mannone the answer, but I would like to see if Chezzer or Mannone have that bit of magic that you could see in a young Seaman or a young Shilton, I remember both of them.

One thing I know for sure, the two we are currently alternating most definitely haven’t got it.

Someone needs to explain to me why we need a whole week and a half off before an England game, I know the other nations played on Friday, so why could we not have played last Wednesday?

I would like to see Internationals played either outside the season, say June or Christmas (with a break) or played midweek without stopping weekend football, if your nation loses players, hard luck.

Anyway, only a week to go before we play again Grovers, so plenty to talk about before, not sure what yet, but I’ll try not to repeat myself, if you have any ideas, put them forward and we’ll give it some thought!

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    nasri does play pretty well in the middle… nas, jack, ces in the middle sounds good, but you need strong good wide men.

    chamkah is he injured? along with sagna?

  2. Kushagra India

    22 million,still ruled by an english monarch what a shame
    can’t get your own flag as well :lol:,wish England didn’t rule u we would have been first 😉

  3. DappaDonDoobie

    guys i’ve added some legends to the fifa 11 creation centre…
    so far i have super seaman, the legendary cliff bastin, cheeky charlie george and bobby pires, more will be coming in next week or so…from all eras too…
    please download them via creation centre, i want our club legends to be top of the overall download or at least get a bit of the way up…
    if your on xbox add me at gamertag above and if u have a few arsenal mates let them know too…
    i’m afraid most of the “yoof” today would have no clue i think whom cliff or ted or probably charlie is so we need to educate!!!! lol
    so come on Fifa Gooners get downloading!!!