How can our wage bill be only £22million lower than City’s when we have no big earners?

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So it’s official, our wage bill is only £22mil lower that Man City’s, how can that be? They are a team of big name stars, Ade for instance went there on £180k a week and YaYa on £200k a week, almost their whole squad was bought, they have too many players and we have kids and a wage structure. So how on earth can we only be that much short of what they pay???

Now I’d like the know-alls with the figures to tell me how that’s possible. Someone asked what the £55mil in other expenses were, I think it was a way around paying people like me a dividend, it’s why Gazidas and Wenger are happy to win bugger all, if I’m wrong, perhaps Arsenal can enlighten us today.

Anyway, I’ve been bitching since the chav result, now for my fantasy football team, have a think about this for the brum game.


Nordtveit Kosser Squillaci Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Nasri

Theo RVP Chamakh

Now I know we have injuries but what about giving this mob a go? They will all be fit soon, we pay them, I think this little lot could win the league.

My original comment about having way too many players we never play stands, so why not play some that can and will step up?

Song has shown his true worth, Clichy has gone south, Sagna can’t cross, Diaby is stupid as has no footballing sense, the rest of the payroll is never going to make it so why the hell not go for broke, this season is fast becoming a dud, we are still in all the cups, so the whole thing isn’t dead yet, time for a change Arsene, we were toothless against the chavs, they had a bunch of injuries too, so why not give it a go?

For me we could clear out at least half our payroll, so many will never make the team, Randall, Hoyte, Song, Denilson, Diaby (maybe) I could go on, JET has promise but…  the rest are just costing us £22mil short of the all stars of man City. What the…

I read yesterday that Diaby chose us over the chavs because Maureen wouldn’t guarantee him a first team place, guess what? Wenger did, who was lucky there eh? Who really dodged the bullet?

Play the team I suggest and we might just pull it off. Choose your team Grovers, let’s spend Friday picking who we think could do it with what we have, we may well surprise ourselves!

Have a great Friday, tomorrow is the countdown to when we finally play again! Screw International week, no one cares anyway.

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  1. Sumer

    The wage thing was published was regarding the last season..players like yaya n silva are not included in that..

  2. gambon

    If I had to guess id say;

    £120k – Cesc

    £100k – Arshavin, RVP

    £60k – Theo, Chamakh, Nik, Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby, Denilson, Song, Eboue, Sagna, Squilacci, Vermaelen, Clichy, Almunia

    £30k – Fabianski, Vela, Ramsey, Koscielny, Gibbs, Wilshere, Djourou

    £10k – All young pros (JET, Lansbury, Eastmond, Szczesny etc)

  3. Doublegooner

    Peter ‘Snouty’ Storey being interviewed on Talkshite.

    He’s talking about the 71 Cup Final. Remember it well.

    My dad, with me as a 11 year old took his then girlfriend in the car to the game as my old man was friendly with him.

    They were the days :))

  4. A

    I’d agree about Cesc, Arshavin, VP being in that ballpark, Theo, Chamakh, Nasri, maybe Squillaci, Sagna, Clichy and Almunia on 60 too, but Bendtner, Rosicky, Diaby, Denilson, Song, Eboue, Vermy I’d be surprised to be on that, .

    Szczesny wouldn’t be on £10k I’d very much doubt, and I’d imagine that the likes of Lansbury, Eastmond, JET would all be on around that, or just under.

    I’d be surprised if Fabianski was on that much, but agree with Koscielny. Vela, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey would be on that sort of wage if they signed a new one now, but when did they last sign a new contract?

  5. choy

    Good to see the Arsh – Pires debate still going on!

    Afro.. you see the stats between Arsh and Pires for the first 2 seasons and they are very similar!

    Don’t forget that Arsh plays with very inferior teammates when you compare them to whom Pires played with.

    Pennant looked world class mind you!

    Hart just signed a 80k a week contract!

  6. samir masri

    A and choy:

    I think that pires was were better than arsharvi. cos i have watched arsharvin recently i am not that impressed with him. cos his laziness and lack of finishing could even fuck up our season. cos I think that is a one season wonder type of player. cos ever since scoring those four goals at anfield he alredy felt like he was the new messi. and I just would to see more of him.cos he has been underperforming ever since scoring those four goals.

  7. choy

    You could say that the whole team is under performing!

    Its harsh to just blame Arsh for our misery.

    nasri’s style reminds me more of Hleb with shooting skills.

  8. BillikenGooner

    17 year olds know they can come to Arsenal for good pay (great pay for their age), a promise to play, excellent training, and the knowledge they have a chance to leave before they are even 21 on their own terms to a team of their choosing.

    Arsenal is like a reverse University. You get paid top dollar to learn your trade before adulthood.

  9. arsenal4ever

    Arsenal with Wenger on the downfall!!! How on earth can we pay these youngsters such high saleries? Wenger you greedy bas…., we need world class. Would also make a lot more money on the shirt sales if we bought world class.

    BTW great post GEoff. This shows us all Wenger and Arsenal doesnt care on fans!!! It is a shame for such a “big” club we used to be. We are no big club with no trophies since 5-6 years. Wenger needs to see fans anger. I would fire him straight away and hire someone like Mourinho or Hiddink. They know who to win things. Wenger only cares on his fukking youth project which will never come to trophies.

  10. Pedro

    Afternoon all… Simon knocked us up a video for our campaign against violence.



  11. zeus

    Manchester United have revealed record financial losses of £83.6 million in their full year results despite announcing an operating profit of £100.8m.

    Christ, thats even worse than that video.

  12. Pedro

    Yeah, pretty rough eh? Made me wince the whole way through…

    United’s finances are shocking! I heard the owners have been dumping their failing projects debts on the club, disgusting. I hope the banks take them over and the Glazers get fuck all…

  13. zeus


    Heh. Its not good for the league though for one of its major clubs to be ‘failing’ like this, no matter how funny we might find it.

  14. Rohan

    Karl Henry should be killed for that tackle. Absolutely horrendous. If it were Sunday football, he’d be at the bottom of the Thames by now.

  15. zeus


    Is that the one where the dude in the blue kit gets stamped on? The offender was Karl Henry?

    The only funny moment in that video was when some dude goes in 2 footed on Keane, and Keane stamps on the bastard TWICE.

    Keane did almost break a knee though in the same video, DICK.

  16. afrogoon

    i dont think the arshavin critics such as myself are saying he is a bad player just that for whatever reason he has not delivered….we cannot deny his achievements in the zenit team and how good he was with mother russsia during the euros but personally i think he has failed to live up to those heights,the reason being he aint suited to the hussle and bussle of the prem,be it because of fitness or quickness of thought needed for the prem, i do not know…yes he is good in flashes but i hardly see an excellent 90mins from the little fella.he reminds me of jose antonio…a darling of gooners until he left..till this day i think had he stayed he would have been brillant for the team but i cannot honestly say he was ‘great’ for us….arsh is yet to stamp his authority on the team, which all good players do…the reverse could be true saying that he would look better in the invincibles….the reason being better players making him look better than he actually is….if you get my drift….good players make average players around them look better,non?can we say arsh makes anyone in the team look better?anyway, before everygame i keep thinking the little russian dynamite is just going to explode…..hope it starts against birmimingham.

  17. ardentgooner

    Nice one..hehe

    SurferX says:
    October 8, 2010 at 09:58
    Just been watching 4 Liverpool players play football with a hedgehog outside my house. Was just about to ring the RSPCA and tell them, when the hedgehog went 1-0 up.

  18. ardentgooner

    The producers/directors of Karate Kid are making a sequel to the movie and have apparently signed up Karl Henry and Nigel DeJong..

  19. goonermichael

    Hi Pedro
    I saw a girl wearing a vote for Pedro t shirt on Wednesday. Where does it come from? Or was she one of your groupies? (she was quite fit from where I saw) 😉

  20. Marko

    Dropping Sagna caused he supposedly can’t cross and replacing him with a guy with no Premier league experience? Bravo indeed. Anyway great to see Danny Murphy an english player speaking out on the rough teams.

  21. Kushagra India

    Marko Zeus
    I believe Vela will take too long and he hasn’t impressed this season as yet what’s ur opinion on him and another marmite as it seems Andrey Arshavin

  22. Marko

    He wouldn’t be a Vela replacement really would he Zeus? HE’d be more like a Nasri/Rosicky play anywhere type of player.

  23. Gooby

    hope we sign honda,

    he is a great player plus it’ll bring in more money…(i am thinking like wenger, for bentdtner’s sake have i been brain washed?)

  24. Marko

    Gotta keep Vela he’s got the potential to be world class, some people need to give him time and remember his age and he’ll get better.

  25. Marko

    That was a shocking video up top there, it’s fooking ridiculous when you have Roy Keane coming out asking for respect for referees when as a player he was one of the biggest cunts to of walked a football field. Shocking stuff

  26. Marko

    Thing I like about Honda is he’s a shooting specialist, he loves a shot from distance and thats something we don’t have except really for Van Persie and Fabregas.

  27. HendonGooner

    Apparently Le Boss has amassed a personal fortune of £17M.
    Obviously from the bonuses Arsenal pay him when he makes them a profit instead of winning trophies…
    And what a laugh about Diaby turning Chelski down!
    Well done Chelski on missing out on that Bubba!

  28. zeus


    Isn’t Honda more of a runner. Does a bit of everything but isn’t overly reliant on passing game to be effective. Walcott-esque with less pace (obviously). Thats what I’ve thought of him.

  29. incesc

    free weekend for once and theres no fucking game on.


    and stuart pearce should be chump of the week, why the fuck has he picked wilshere when he is in the senior squad for fucks sake.

    he should be captain of the senior squad, and pearce should stick to being a twat.

  30. incesc

    “Think if i was a young pro at Arsenal id rather go out on loan,prefably Norwich as the foods better there.???????”


    does delia do all the players food then?

  31. SharkeySure

    SurferX – “And no- its more like Malcolm X- the black American radicalist. Except Im not black. Or called Malcolm. Or radical.”


    I’m an SKB !

  32. Marko

    Not a case of that I say give Vela more time cause he’s still young and look for someone like Honda/Marin/Elia to replace Arshavin either eventually or next summer. They’d offer exactly what he does (goal threat and assists regularly) and maybe more. I’m not saying get rid after recent results but perhaps in time.

  33. Pedro

    Sharkey, are you going to nominate yourself to write an article on your site about violence in the game?

    Thanks to you guys for supporting the campaign… much appreciated.

  34. Marko

    On early indication of the Irish Russia game it seems Arshavin does go in and out of games for Russia like Arsenal thank fuck thats its not just us and Alan Dzagoev looks really good. Oh and Akinfeev really doesn’t look like the world class keeper some make him out.

  35. leon

    this post just seems like rant to loss to london rival and in my opinion the performance of the players in my ipinion was very good,this team is good but to win prem or champoins legue you be better tha just good.i agree with this post on some of players with exception song daby, and sagna,for this team has few positions that needs adressing ,keeper position the most ovious,left back clichy far far afr to error prone,needs top class cb,for me i would sellm rvp for sure,for me this team needs tough strong forward ho can withstand the riggers of the prem and rvp is not it i cant remember him ever being fit juring busness end this were need him most.i would laso off load vela who has skills but in trueth it would kill the team to be without him

  36. AJG

    Stuart Pearce is such an inept manager and full time cunt that he’s managed to make Wilshere look average. Watching the England under 21s is like watching blackburn. Long balls, the passing is terrible and wilshere is left stranded in the AM position.

  37. Gooby


    spot on, wilshere is trying to pass the ball quickly to create space and the other players just bomb it forward to those brainless players welback and rose.

  38. Gooby

    zeus that’s because he is sitting on the bench this season, not being very consistent
    starting the season a bit slowly.

    he might move this summer

  39. zeus

    So Hazard had one good season, is linked with all the top clubs and then he becomes lazy………BRAINLESS. (Seems to be the word of the week)

  40. zeus

    NO one since Zidane can control a midfield like Riquelme can. Not Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Sneijder……….none of them fit to lace his boots in full flight.

  41. Gooby

    spot on zeus. playmaker gods are zidane first riquelme second.

    riquelme being the most under rated player in history.

    clever pass by wilshere

  42. SFOGooner

    Seems like arshavin finishes just as bad for russia as he does for arsenal. I know his stats this season are good ..
    But still i expect better.

  43. alex

    Shame bendy isn’t playing against the portugese wanker, love scoring against them

    ft 2-1 england, pearce is just like fat sam. main weapon is set piece.

  44. zeus


    hehe. With Akinfeev, I think thats a case of the “Huntelaar effect”. He has an inexplicably highly regarded reputation but doesn’t have the accomplishments to match.

  45. TOM TOM

    What is Belgium most famous for? Chocolate and child molesters, They only invented the chocolate so they could get too the kids

  46. Marko

    He’s fucking shite Zeus forget about reputations he’s as flappy as flappy is and he punching 3x as much as Almunia

  47. JJ

    Geoff – 3 of your fantasy team are crocks and 2 others are untested. Not likely that they would win a cup let alone the title.

    My guess is the wages includes staff and not just players. That is why ours is so high comparatively.

  48. zeus

    England U-21s 2-1 Romania U-21s: Three Lions romp to victory over Romania after a convincing performance and vital goal from Manchester United’s Chris Smalling

    Is that accurate?


    In think that in my humble opinion that a guy should if there is a question that a guy had a massive lady pleaser then he should fuckin use it

  50. SurferX

    Morning Grovers.

    Seems like Kwikfit has been having a party in here. On his own.

    Good article in this morning’s Guardian about LJW:

    “It is vital that he plays as much football as he can,” Stuart Pearce said this week. But you only need to look at the faun‑like, impish Wilshere to appreciate how perverse this is. Wilshere is a delicate thing, to be dandled and stroked and made much of, perhaps even quartered in a very small secure dark room, some kind of sealed basement annexe. We don’t produce this type of player very often. When we do we generally succeed in ruining them. Why?

  51. SurferX

    Oh- and loving the movie Pedro. Very scary… thought occurred to me. How much fuss would the media of made if Rambo was English? Or it had happened to Theo / Wilshere?

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    Afternoon all

    My 1st comments since the chav debarcle.

    As they came outa the tunnel I looked @ the starting 11 & said to myself, “we are going to get slaughtered here”.


    Drogba did as I predicted.

    And how are my curry eating mates going 😛 India has its greatest sporting moment since Kapil Dev in ’83, but no public holiday declared so that the locals could go to the Commonwealth Games 😆

  53. gnarleygeorge9

    Lets be honest here.

    Arsenal is chavski’s bunny team now. I wonder if it hurts Arsene Wenger that the chavs continually spack his methodology year in year out.

  54. Pedro

    Morning Gnarley and Surfer!

    I’m not sure there would have been too much fuss. Zamora is English… and our media love the Welsh and Scots as well.

    I think the tipping point was the Dutch coach banning De Jong and that is why there is so much coverage.

  55. Geoff

    Let’s kick racism out of football, being called names by 3 of the crowd is far more damaging that getting your tibia and fibula smashed to pieces by a thicko thug.

    Get it in perspective you racist bastards, respect.

  56. Arsenalisto

    If we start playing the players you mentioned more then soon they’ll demand a pay rise, and on their way they might make horrendous mistakes that could damage their progression even though they have exceptional and true talent, I mean they have a potential to be exceptionally solid performers. What baffles me is why when we now have good back ups, our first choice players level keeps deteriorating (some of them Clichy..etc), are they afraid of competition? Probably they got used to the freedom and trust(since they were the only ones) from before.