Are we linked to Romelu Lukaku, the new, new in world football?

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The one they are all talking about, Romelu Lukaku, the one that they all seem to want including the chavs and Maureen, is finding Arsenal the club he most wants to join.

So at 6’3″ he seems to have the presence, he has scored 6 goals already this season and 18 last, he’s African and he’s 17 years old, so he ticks all the boxes and I must say he excites me, but do we need another 17 year old or are we inviting more injury prone players?

Okay, yesterday I got accused by one Grover of being boring, that my posts are becoming repetitive, others said it was my best yet, you can please some of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you know what, you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, who said that? That’s right, Odeon Cinemas 1969.

I can only write stories if something happens, and apart from transfers and results a lot hasn’t happened.

Our manager says the same things after each press conference so I hope the same people that criticise me for being repetitive go onto and criticise him, need some reminding…

I believe in this team

This team has great mental strength

We have learned a lot from this defeat

We will try and win this game

I value intelligence over any other quality

He has an ankle problem we don’t know how long he’ll be out, maybe 2 weeks

I can’t compete with Chelsea

If I buy him, it will kill him

So moving swiftly on let me ask you all about project youth, money and injuries.

I believe that we get so many injuries because we play these youngsters against men far too early, in the George Graham days, very few made their debuts until they had turned 20, when they were that age they were men, then they got their chance and if they were good enough, they played and then their salaries reflected that.

So we not only play them too early, they get their bodies banged up and never really recover, look at our list, Cesc (16) Theo (17) Gibbs (17) Frimpong (18) Bendtner (17) RVP (19) Ramsey (17) but we pay them far too much too early, see where this is going?

When we won the league in 1971 we used 16 players, played 64 games on shocking pitches against the likes of Webb and Charlton and rarely had injuries, I think Charlie George was our youngest player and he went home on the train.

We spend no money on proven talent because we buy young talent but don’t be fooled by that, we pay top dollar for those kids, Denilson cost us £3.4mil when he was 17, then add their wages, so how much do we really spend?

JET got arrested for driving around in a Mercedes Maclaren when he was in the youth team, so what was he earning? Add up the 50 plus under 21’s we have registered and you can only imagine what we really spend.

Anyway, this post was for you to debate, do we have too many young players and that’s why our injuries are so high, and is that why it’s nonsense to peddle the ‘we have no money to spend rhetoric’

Add it up. We have spent bundles! And still are.

Have a great day Grovers and see you tomorrow!

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  1. choy

    Once again.. lazy fackers.. since its the international break go to

    And get a avatar.. you all look like shite!

  2. dennisdamenace

    Maybe a response to the cunt who wrote that trash on the online gooner should be that if AW wants to persist with this brand of football he gets the players capable of playing it, rather than the cheap imitations he currently has…….fucking mug!

  3. Jaguar reloaded

    The retards like that person who wrote that article is the only reason why Wenger continues with his crazy obsessions.That wanker even compared our players to Barcelona and Spain,where the mugs like Dudaby and Almunia wouldnt even be permitted near the training grounds.Why dont these retards fuck off and start supporting spuds,where they can settle with mediocrity.

  4. SurferX


    Surferosa is dead. Long Live SurferX with added gravatar.

    Its a bit like Malcolm X. Except Im not black. Or called Malcolm. Innit.

    Anyway, wheres the post? Lazy fekers….

  5. Jaguar reloaded

    It doesnt sound like one,Geoff.It looks like a brainless piece of waste of internet space written by an 8 year old sheep.