Are we linked to Romelu Lukaku, the new, new in world football?

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The one they are all talking about, Romelu Lukaku, the one that they all seem to want including the chavs and Maureen, is finding Arsenal the club he most wants to join.

So at 6’3″ he seems to have the presence, he has scored 6 goals already this season and 18 last, he’s African and he’s 17 years old, so he ticks all the boxes and I must say he excites me, but do we need another 17 year old or are we inviting more injury prone players?

Okay, yesterday I got accused by one Grover of being boring, that my posts are becoming repetitive, others said it was my best yet, you can please some of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you know what, you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, who said that? That’s right, Odeon Cinemas 1969.

I can only write stories if something happens, and apart from transfers and results a lot hasn’t happened.

Our manager says the same things after each press conference so I hope the same people that criticise me for being repetitive go onto and criticise him, need some reminding…

I believe in this team

This team has great mental strength

We have learned a lot from this defeat

We will try and win this game

I value intelligence over any other quality

He has an ankle problem we don’t know how long he’ll be out, maybe 2 weeks

I can’t compete with Chelsea

If I buy him, it will kill him

So moving swiftly on let me ask you all about project youth, money and injuries.

I believe that we get so many injuries because we play these youngsters against men far too early, in the George Graham days, very few made their debuts until they had turned 20, when they were that age they were men, then they got their chance and if they were good enough, they played and then their salaries reflected that.

So we not only play them too early, they get their bodies banged up and never really recover, look at our list, Cesc (16) Theo (17) Gibbs (17) Frimpong (18) Bendtner (17) RVP (19) Ramsey (17) but we pay them far too much too early, see where this is going?

When we won the league in 1971 we used 16 players, played 64 games on shocking pitches against the likes of Webb and Charlton and rarely had injuries, I think Charlie George was our youngest player and he went home on the train.

We spend no money on proven talent because we buy young talent but don’t be fooled by that, we pay top dollar for those kids, Denilson cost us £3.4mil when he was 17, then add their wages, so how much do we really spend?

JET got arrested for driving around in a Mercedes Maclaren when he was in the youth team, so what was he earning? Add up the 50 plus under 21’s we have registered and you can only imagine what we really spend.

Anyway, this post was for you to debate, do we have too many young players and that’s why our injuries are so high, and is that why it’s nonsense to peddle the ‘we have no money to spend rhetoric’

Add it up. We have spent bundles! And still are.

Have a great day Grovers and see you tomorrow!

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  1. Steve Biko


    Yes, your posts are boring LOL! Anyway good morning.
    Lukaku may be the next big thing. I read somewhere that he was the youngest ever leading scorer in the Belgian league. Although of Congolese extraction he plays for Belgium. So not only will he avoid the ACN, Verminator can help me settle down.

  2. Duke

    Geoff, good point I have been saying this for years now. If you put a 17 year old against a 25 year old, he will get hurt and injured. His body is not yet properly formed and no matter how big he is, his bones and muscles are not at their strongest.

    I remember playing 5 a side against a team of the most skill full 18 year olds. They passed the ball around well, and had loads of skill. We Chelsead their face and won around 6-1. Just with our organisation and physical presence.

  3. Kushagra India

    the same happened with Michael Owen,its happening with Fabregas it may happen with Wilshere we need use him conservatively

  4. iamgooner

    there is no way we will get lakuku..

    dream on..

    no re-inforcements to come in in january, even though we clearly need them..

    wellington silva is coming.. im glad about that, but hes not coming to play 1st team football, this season anyway..

  5. Geoff

    My point today is that Wenger and his youth policy are to blame for our constant injuries and to say he is given no money is rubbish, he may have none now, because he spends it on keeping so many average kids.

  6. Duke

    Geoff, I think we got the point, but thanks for making it simpler, I am sure amit didn’t get it, he just wants to be 1st comment LOLZ

  7. Kushagra India

    look the players we have brought in their 20’s have not been injury prone with the exception of Rosicky most of the players who have started playing with us in their teens or early 20’s are injury prone

  8. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Precisely my point,that it is possible,if we buy quality player,our intense training techniques exhaust and make our players ‘vulnerable’ to injuries.

    last year we got Vermy,now he is starting to show his crocking signs…god forbid

  9. arsenal4ever

    he isnt african! so no worries for ACN as he already played for the first XI of belgium. And Rohan, Lukaku is the fukking real deal!!! He shits on van Wolfenstein!!! Anyway a real target man is needed, too. Would love to see Forlan and he wouldnt cost the world!! Still has 3-4 brillant seasons in him.

  10. herbert


    You should have shaken up the Shareholder´s Meeting with some sign of protest, maybe burning a French flag or an Arsene Wenger poster and trampling on it. 🙂

    Other than that, we are all really powerless and must concentrate on good things like the development of Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey or who knows that will emerge.

  11. iamgooner


    can you please add gibbs to the LE ROSICK LIST

    and while your at it almunia..

    i think thats everyone..

    2more players for the rosick list at the double

  12. Kushagra India

    and ur comment on last post about Boston Red Sox wiping their debts,u may never know what the future holds considering how Hicks and Gillette turned out and I still believe we have had the money for the last 2-3 years without selling ourselves to Usmanov,but he hasn’t spend it.When we get desperate he spends in Arshavin’s case but that desperation was for 4th place we need the same for EPL and other trophies

  13. A

    Forlan at the age of 31 has 3 or 4 brilliant seasons in him?! good one….

    I certainly wouldn’t be against snapping up Lukaku, but he wouldn’t make any immediate difference

  14. Surferosa


    Boring!?! Which cunt said that? 🙂

    Top post today Geoff- back to form 🙂 The injuries theory is an interesting one. Personally, Im not sure you can say its because our players are playing too young as we have seen as many injuries from youth and reserve team football in recent years as first team.

    Its also interesting that you compare players decades apart as if its a level playing field and nothing else has changed in those times. Frankly; that overlooks one thing- the pace of the game.

    The pace of the game has changed massively in the last 15 years (let alone 40- which is the time frame you mention). The fitness and stamina tho not mental /rolleyes) of players has improved massively. So much so, the teams can play a fast pressuring defensive game for almost 90 minutes- whereas in the tactics of 70’s and 80’s they could only do it in short spurts. Indeed- before the passback rule was introduced in 92, there was little point in doing this tactically anyhow because teams would simply pass the ball back to the keeper if you did. And pressing and fast movement is what opens up the muscle tear and sprain type injuries.

    Furthermore, the norm (rather than the exception) was for teams to play a much longer / direct game on the whole- meaning the number of challenges that could lead to stress fractures and the like were not as high as they are now.

    All well and good, but none of it explains why Arsenal suffer more than most. Well it kind of does. The team that relies on this quick passing, fluid movement type of football is us. Add that to the fact that the tactical solution employed to counter our style- sit back, pressure in own half, heavy tackling to disrupt our game- is going to hurt even more. Ergo, the probability is we should expect more of these type of injuries.

    However, when all said and done- you can’t deny we simply have injury prone players. You cannot tell me (for example) that VP, Walcott & Diaby (Sicky’s due another injury too) are anything other than brittle. Its a sad fact, but some peoples bodies are simply not as robust as others. Ive broken my ankle twice playing football- both ankles; and it was nothing to do with the fact Im a supremely fit athlete that plays the game at a fast speed. Its cos I have dodgy ankles.

    So I think the reason is much more straight forward than you make out. We get more injuries because we make more moves / invite more challenges of the kind that result in injuries. Add to that the fact that we have some players that are made of China- and it all adds up to the injury record.

    As an aside- I think you like the young players theory simply because it supports your ‘we have too many young players’ theory. Which we do. But thats not to say the two are connected- I dont think they are.

  15. Steve Biko


    He is African in the sense he is is originally from Congo. Yes he plays for Belgium. However please note that as per his age and as per FIFA regulations he may eventually be allowed to switch his loyalty to Congo (Examples include Kevin Prince Boateng and Kanoute).
    But yeah Lukaku is extremely promising. He was leading scorer in the Belgian league.

  16. amit gajakosh

    @duke: yup , u guessed it right…m just happy to bag a top 5 slot and read the post!!

    just not very keen to sulk and bitch even more with regards to le boss and his strategies and the clubs performance…i have done enough debating, arguing, fighting and sulking for the last 5 years…

    anyways ciao tomorrow, have a nice day!!

  17. Geoff

    Steve of course not, I agree, that’s why I designed the logo top right, kick kicking out of football, I did it last week, before every other fucker like Ian Wright jumped on the bandwagon!

  18. Jaguar reloaded

    A,if Lukakau wont make any difference,what the fuck is Wellington Silva going to do.Silva is not as proven as Lukaku.

  19. A

    Of course we won’t buy a striker Kushagra, we don’t need to. We need to work on our collective finishing/belief/confidence in front of goal, and concentration at the back.

    I agree too – a new keeper could come in, although can’t see much more than that, apart from possibly another DM, although been saying that for a long time now!

  20. arsenal4ever

    ok A. Not really 3-4 seasons but he could help us immediately. If he can score at the WC and 34 goals in la liga. Sure he can score for us at least 25 goals!!

  21. Jaguar reloaded

    Any of you guys,still sticking with your opinion that Diaby is good?Or have you woke upto the reality that Diaby is a fucking waste of space.

  22. Kushagra India

    really has a crush on Ricky Van Wolfenstein and Bendy he really has as only he can see which we can’t 😆

  23. A

    Neither are proven in the slightest Jaguar, both would/will be very promising youngsters who would/will be on the periphery of the first team squad.

  24. Duke

    What keeper? Fabinananski had two games where he didn’t cost us a goal. He is the new Arsenal number one for 10 years now.

  25. A

    arsenal4ever he’s on his last legs, and would take probably half a season to adapt to the prem, so wouldn’t even be adapted until the start of next season, at which point he’d be 32 going on 33. Just not a viable option

  26. Moray

    well, however many goals this Lukaku fellow scores now, we will soon knock it out of him. Wait until he’s receiving “crosses” from “First Man” Sagna and “Throw-in” Clichy.

  27. arsenal4ever

    no A. It is said we are also pretty much interested in van der wiel and Lukaku will move ( if ) in summer. He needs to complete his exams.

  28. Rohan

    It sucks that all of our injured players are all going to come back at once. What use is that after the Chelsea game?? I’d have much rathered they’d come in batches you know?
    Having said that, the news of Ramsey beginning full training in 3 weeks is very very good news. Heres to hoping he gets back to where he left off and goes on to become a legend.
    On that note, I’m off to try and code.

  29. arsenal4ever

    I dont think so Steve Biko. He already played competitive games for belgium. But I am not sure so I dont know exactly.

  30. Jaguar reloaded

    No fucking goal keeper is going to come in.

    When Fabianski fucks it up again,Almunia will be back.

    When Almunia fuckit up,Fabianski will be back

    Its a vicious cycle.

    In the mean time,Chesney will fuck off on a free,because our overpaid great leader wont offer him a new contract.

  31. Kushagra India

    and by the time we improve our collective finishing the season will be behind us but I hope we see improved finishing against Shitty we won’t be getting too many chances

  32. gambon

    I don’t think the youth of the team is to blame for our injuries, as we aren’t particularly young. I definitely think there is a problem with our training & its obvious Wenger is stuck in the 90’s in terms of his management style & this is probably the case with training.

    The fact that Chamakh commented on the training being so intense & leaving him shattered is telling. Was Chamakh not fit enough to play PL football last season when he was with Bordeaux? I find that hard to believe. But Wenger is very stubborn, we all know this, i very much doubt he is open to new ideas in training.

    The game has become much harder in recent years, its quicker, the players cover more ground & are much stronger physically, I think maybe we aren’t doing the things UTD & Chelsea are in training. Our players are,for want of a better word, wimps.

    Obviously you cant account for absolute crocks like Theo, RVP & Rosicky. This is nothing to do with training, they are just crocks.

  33. herbert

    Another reason for the injuries is because we have no Makele etcs

    who will “convey a message” to opponents who want to rough our kids up

  34. Kushagra India

    he should have repeated this act before getting substituted
    and some of the comments from you tube

    diaby = kicking racism out of football

    I think Wayne Bridge masturbates to this!

  35. Geoff

    I wouldn’t have let him go in the first place, Wenger will never have him back. He’s a sulky manager, look at Flamini!

  36. Steve Biko


    I agree 100%. I absolutely loved Diarra. For me he is perhaps the most fit DM in the world. What I love about him is his versatility. He comfortably covers most defensive positions. I still remember howhe held our attack at bay during the carling cup final! Wenger blundered in letting him go.

  37. Thick Belgian

    The one they are all talking about, Romelu Lukaku, the one that they all seem to want including the chavs and Maureen, is finding Arsenal the club he most wants to join.

    So at 6’3″ he seems to have the presence, he has scored 6 goals already this season and 18 last, he’s African and he’s 17 years old, so he ticks all the boxes and I must say he excites me, but do we need another 17 year old or are we inviting more injury prone players?


    1st: He doesn’t want to join the Arsenal, he wants to join Chelsea. He’s even been photographed wearing a Drogba-shirt in front of Stamford Bridge.

    2nd: He’s not African (it’s a continent you know, not a country). He’s Belgian, born and bred in Antwerp.

    That is all.

  38. Surferosa

    By the way Geoff, cant let this go…

    If the Red Sox buy Liverpool and wipe off their debt, then it shows that financial prudence is all bollocks as if you are big enough, it’s wiped out!

    You see, the biggest issue I have with some of the writing on this blog (let me stress SOME- not all) is that rather than it be ibjectively talking about all things Arsenal- it often makes the mistake of having an agenda and looking to turn every story into that agenda. The injuries comment is an example (rather than discussing other possibilities, it conveniently settles on the explination that serves the agenda best- ie young players injury more easily- therefore buy older players). This is an another example.

    Painting this story as one of a reason for not being Finanicially prudent is a clouded judgement.

    The sitution with Pool is this. The main backer (RBS) are owed c.£300m that the owners geared the club with on buyout at the hope of making a big profit on resale (their original asking price was £800m). The debt, per-se is not the problem. The problem is the cost of financing- the interest deals they put in place to get the gearing. At present, Pool are schelled to pay around 360m a year and risiing (sharply- a £50m penalty clause applies after the 15th I think). The same applies to Man U (70m pa and rising). Its not the debt thats the issue- its finding what could be £100m pa withink 5 years if it was allowed to go unchecked.

    A lot of things are unknown at this stage. How much NESV have offered (BBC settle on a convenient figure of £300m simply because its roughly what the debt is). However, it wouldnt surprise me if the sum was less than that (maybe half that figure). Its a buyers market right now- RBS need to sell and their arent many takers.

    Indeed that side of things doesnt really impact football (apart from seemingly wiping out their expensive Financing costs). But that simplistic view is overlooking 1 thing. Whats in it for NESV?

    Well, the first statement thats obvious is they are not benevolent. They dont come into this wanting to do whats right for Pool. They are in this to make money. Indeed, the main man behind NESV (John W. Henry) is a hedge fund entrepeneur- one one who has had some problems of late (reported by Bloomberg and NYT). Dont think of this as a billionaire plaything- for starters he isnt (net worth before his problems setin in 2006 $800m). In addition, the make-up of the NESV board is one of the American sports franchise model- namely the club exists to make profits.

    This isnt too far removed from what Hicks & Gillet wanted to do though. Hicks and Gillet ‘bought’ the club (with its own debt) and hoped to get their return from selling the capital. NESV? Well, for starters- we dont know that they dont want to go the gearing route (once they own it, they could do precisely that). However, if they do have the spare £150-£300m cash lying around they they dont need (unlikely in this climate) then they will look to seek a return via profit.

    In a nutshell- if its not gearing, they’ll be looking at the type of profits AFC generate and thinking thats the return. Invest the money and get that back each year in return. And I know how much you love AFC not spending its profit (even though this was used to pay off debt and safeguard future profit making ability).

    A final scenario (just for balance) is they already have an exist strategy in place. Get Pool on the cheap from RBS- wipe out its debt, invest in the team short-term to hopefully bring back the CL income- and then sell at a profit when the market returns.

    Either way, I dont see any of those scenarios presented as being better for the club than being self-sustainable financially. All of the others ultimiately lead to income going out of the club- not in. The only thing that beats self-sustainable model is the rich benefactor- and personally I am still glad Im not in Chelski or Citeh’s shoes. You really dont know where / how that one will end.

  39. Steve Biko


    Some interesting trivia I just came across. I think it proves your point about older players being more fit!

    Brad Friedel who for me is a very decent keeper has played 395 times, for Liverpool (25), Blackburn (287) and Aston Villa (83). His most notable record, though: the last 235 of those games have been consecutive and he hasn’t missed a league game since May 2004!

  40. Grimandi

    What pisses me off is that everyone is now calling for De Jong for be banned for 6 months but no one was calling for SHawcross to be banned at all. This shows you what the English press is made of. Graham Poll who I never liked as a ref came out yesterday saying players like Henry and De jong should be banned.

    When Wenger was saying Carl Henry would break someone’s leg last year, the reaction was Frenchman moaning again, until they realised what he did to Zamora and nearly to Jodi Gomez.

    If you want to ban De Jong then Surely shawcross and that Taylor along with Danny smith should have been banned from football!!
    When Shawcross robbed us of the speciall talent that was Aaron Rambo all we heard was he’s not the type of guy and he’s an honest lad! F#’ Sake, all pundits in this country are bunch of wankers except Martin Keown and Graham sounes!

  41. Kushagra India

    yes we may never know when it will end I agree with this on you but I believe we had the money too buy some reinforcements for the last 2-3 years without selling ou souls to Usmanov and we didn’t
    pls read my comment at 9:33

  42. Steve Biko


    agreed. Indeed I really like Wigan’s manager Roberto Marinez. He was the only high profile manager to unequivocally condemn Shawcross for his tackle.

  43. Gooneroo

    I still can’t belive that as a sport, football demonize players taking a dive in the box to get a penalty, but if some thug breaks his opponents leg in 2 places, HE is the innocent party and didnt mean anything by it…

    We should all get behind “Kick kicking out of Football”

  44. Grimandi

    I don’t think anyone outside of Arsenal fans just realised how good Rambo was developing and how someone can just shatter a players career like shawcross did. We should never forget about that, I think its a good time for Arsenal to be taking the lead in this because Newcastle have no arguments when they have Joey Barton in their team.

    all the clubs should get together and come up with a way of punishing players that break legs, maybe no wages or suspension until the other player recovers.

    Nasri was saying how the ref’s encourage these thugs to get away with murder and if you compare the tackle to Spain or Italy, most matches in England would be finishing 8 aside!
    i’m not calling for tackle to be banned but surely people like Aaron Ramsey deserve protection from talentless cunts like Shawcross!

  45. Grimandi


    I can’t stand Lee Dixon, he’s a Man City fan.

    You would of thought he would stick up for us a bit more.
    Hansen and co just eat for breakfast, he can never defend us propa!

  46. Surferosa


    Id agree with you that we had money (though that needs to be quantified- what exactly do you mean). The decision AW / Board took was that they would spend it on signing up 19 members of the current squad on long term contracts- rather than reinvesting it in the transfer market.

    Whats undeniable is they couldnt do both. 6 months ago, AFC had to extend its loan facility (the £130m loan facility that it has just paid down). It is not credible that they would do that while having (say) £50m sat in a pot they they could spend but didn’t. They would have used it to pay it off on schedule.

    What Ive consistentely said since the Financials were reported is that this situation is finished. The loan has been repayed, the remaining units to be sold and properties to be developed are debt free. In short, they now know that they will be generating surplus cash (they said as much in the report)- the £30-40m football operating profits alone will see to that.

    What they intend to do with it is the interesting thing. But Ive said all that before- so I wont go through it again.

  47. Big Dave


    Manchester United v Arsenal

    Monday 13th December 2010 (originally Saturday 11th December)

    Kick off: 8.00pm

    Live on: SKY SPORTS

    Arsenal v Chelsea

    Monday 27th December 2010 (originally Sunday 26th December)

    Kick off: 8.00pm

    Live on: SKY SPORTS

    Please note that, as a result of our Chelsea home game having moved to Monday 27th December for TV coverage, our away fixture against Wigan Athletic has been moved 24 hours to Wednesday 29th December, kick off 7.45pm (not live on TV).

    Birmingham City v Arsenal

    Saturday 1st January 2011

    Kick off: 5.30pm (originally 3.00pm)

    Live on: ESPN

    Arsenal v Manchester City

    Wednesday 5th January 2011 (originally Tuesday 4th January)

    Kick off: 7.45pm

    Live on: SKY SPORTS

    The ‘standard’ TV selections have now been made up to and including Wednesday 5th January 2011. Ordinarily, fixtures up to this date will not now change. However, as ever, all fixtures remain subject to change and circumstances may yet arise which result in further fixture changes.


  48. A

    Kush it hasn’t done Cesc, Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo, Lampard, Carrick etc etc much harm, so it’d say it is up to debate.

    Some players who have played from a young age have become injury prone, although noone knows if they would have done anyways, but not most

  49. Goonerpower

    I don’t think it’s anything to do with playing them young. There’s other factors to take into account,
    The speed of the game, footballers boots/shins ect…not really protecting them even the ball being lighter. Some players are just made of glass, we have too many that’s for sure.

  50. Kushagra India

    but we could have made some tweaks like in the case of Arshavin ,when we needed a striker last year to win the league and please read my post on 10:19 on young players

  51. Surferosa


    I agree with you with regard to young athletes. Players used to have a peak in their careers mych older than they do today. Indeed- it was interesting at the last world cup how many ‘stars’ that were in their late 20’s failed to perform. Football today is a young man’s game.

    However, you can’t hold up Michael Owen as as example here- he sort of proves my point. His game was always about speed & movement. As such- he will have a much higher probability of injury than (say) someone like Peter Crouch. However, hes been consitenly getting throughout his career- my belief is he is also injury prone (and sadly, Im expecting Theo to follow his career path in that respect)/

    Look at the young players at United. Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Neville (P&G). None of those have suffered as many injuries as the like of VP- indeed, it has only been relatively late in their careers (for GN & DB) that injuries proved more common- and Id argue that that is what you would expect to see in any regard. All these guys have been playing as intensively as many of the AFC players for much longer- yet Giggs and Scholes continue on the whole injury free (compared to some of our worst offenders). Why is that?

  52. in wenger we rust/AKB HATER

    Its so refreshing looking across the blogs and watching fans awakening, realising the dictatorship that holds Arsenal FOOTBALL CLUB by the throat. Ill tell you ALL something now that is FACT, The last great man on our board who did care was david dein he knew where the premiership was heading (Rich owners) So he fought tooth and nail with the board to convince them to sell up to a wealty owner ,with an agreement all the board were kept on LESS their shares obviously this being A MAJOR problem to the board who WANT MONEY and no interest in real on field FOOTBALL Issues sort to sack dein before he could begin to present to fans his crucial points. My point is dein sold his shares in a heartbeat years ago,he could have held like current members, some until recently, and sold at a 40% increase but he didnt because he cares about issues on the field, he cares about FANS- PASSION- HEART -TRADITION the MARBLE FLOORS OF HIGHBURY, he is a rich man who CARED,money was his second agenda no doubt but unlike the current ARSENAL SET UP it wasnt his 1st. IF any Arsenal fan thinks they moved to emirates for the fans you are really lost in todays xfactor corporate world your just cattle with money that includes all witers and bloggers. I love the concept of fans having shares but your only allowed to cause it suits the board agenda. You cant even have a say in the REHEARSED Q & A for crying out loud. ARSENAL ACTION held a banner up last season against fulham (last game) and it was anti wenger stewards and security dressed in black went over and told them to take it down. ARSENAL FANS ARE SO LAID BACK WE DONT DO ANY PROTESTING-come the end of wengers contract it will be 2014 are you willing to wait that long while wenger and co get richer our trophy cabinet gets dustier?????? Arsenal FC 1886-2006 . ARSENAL CORPORATE ENTERPRISE 2006 – ………………

  53. Oskar

    I wish we would have kept Flamini, Gilberto Silva (for 2 or 3 seasons more) and Pires for 2 seasons more. Would have done us a world of good

  54. A

    I’d rather Song or Diaby over both Flamini/Diarra. I take it you’re talking about 4 years ago Gilberto too?

    I’m looking forward to

    Ramsey Frimpong Wilshere, or even Ramsey Song Wilshere later this season

  55. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Rohan says:
    October 6, 2010 at 09:39
    And what’s wrong with being gay? Homophobic much??

    Not that I’m gay. Just saying. I find that offensive.


    u should Not be feeling offensive,if u think there is nothing wrong in being gay….

  56. Jaguar reloaded

    A,you have gone nuts.Diaby over Diarra.What a fucking joke?That wanker Diaby is not one hundreth of the player Diarra is.

  57. Arsenal Tom

    diaby isnt half the player flamini was in his last season for us.

    flamini had energy, aggression, commitment… everything diaby lacks

  58. 71-98-02

    Why doesnt anyone question the medical team. All teams get injuries, its getting the players back playing that we dont seem to do. TV5 had a minor achilles injury (“back in days” was the original diagnosis – 5 weeks later, no news). They didnt even pick up that Gibbs had broken his foot last year until a month after the knock. I’m sure Colin Lewin only got the job cos he’s Gary’s cousin !

  59. Surferosa


    Any football club always has money to spend. Thats not open to debate. It can sell its entire first team squad off and brought in a new first team. Maybe AW should?

    The thing is- their is a lot of nonsense written on here about the profit we have made, only interested in paying off our debt, etc, etc. What all of that does is takes a very simplistic view of our financing- the relationship between debt / financing costs and the ability to generate surplus cash.

    We have have been profitable largely because we have needed to be to pay down the short term expensive debt quickly. The Board could have gone a different route- it could have extended this longer- but the longer you extend it the more expensive it gets (the 6 months alone cost them £5m). todays Financial climate is not one where people are tripping over to lend you money cheaply.

    Personally, I think AW got the balance wrong. Id of been happier seeing him extend half the number that he did- and making a decision and the remainder. That would of stopped our wages and salaries climbing quite so steeply and also a few depatures would have funded a few more arrivals (or maybe only 1 if it was at the top end of the market).

    But, the biggest problem we have is that we do have an good sqaud. What is not good is that our key players within it play far too few games. And while that continues, we’ll always be the nearly-men.

  60. Chris Beef

    hmm i think it’s more to go with the type of young players AW usually goes for – lightweight ones.

    I would think a combination of lightweight young players, over-training them so their bodies don’t have time to recover and the rubbish lightweight boots and shin pads they wear these days, are to blame for our injuries.

  61. Surferosa

    71-98-02 (what sort of name is that???)

    I think there is something in that too. We have far more never-ending injuries than most clubs. We have an appalling track record of player rehabilitation. I really hope that we do a better job with Ramsey than our recent track record suggests we will.

  62. A

    AT Flamini and Diarra did have more energy and aggression I agree, and Flamini had more commitment. Neither had/have close to Diaby’s ability on the ball though.

    Just see who of Diaby and those two are higher thought of when in the same national squad….

  63. Jaguar reloaded

    A says:
    October 6, 2010 at 10:42

    Diaby is far superior to Diarra imo Jaguar.

    You have lost all the credibility,with this post A.Diaby is a fucking useless waste of space,who is only playing because of Wenger.Diaby wouldnt even figure in the Spuds squad,FFS.The sooner,we kick that retard out,the better for us,and we might as well win something.

  64. gazzap

    Injuries are high because our style of play, our additional fitness training (we are known to be the fittest, but the extra training adds pressure to thee body), and our style of play draws fouls more often, and we frustrate the opposition. we tend to have smaller players too, who will tend to suffer more from a physical game.
    then you add on the fact that a lot of them are playing too many games a season when they are 18 and of course they pick up a bad injury. Then that bad injury can haunt them for the rest of their career.

    Fair enough if wenger wants to use young players, but he MUST at least bolster the squad with enough players to cover the injuries. we need at least 4 more quality players in our squad right down the spine of the team.

  65. Surferosa

    At A. Diaby has plenty of ability. He just hasnt proved himself able enough to consistenly apply it. He is neither good enough in an attacking sense to be a key attacking midfield player; nor defensively capable enough to boss the midfield.

    Id agree; he is more talented that Diarra and Flamini. but Id take those to back for him in a heartbeat becuase they do their job (the defensive side) better than Diaby does any of his.

    Plus, his injury record is poor. He could be Zidane for all I care- he’s only played 68% of our games in 2 years- many of those as subs coming back from another injury. We need more players who are less brittle.

  66. A

    Yes Jaguar, that’s the reason.

    Diarra just isn’t that good, he’s athletic and has decent feet but that’s about it, can’t pass, and has NO tactical or positional awareness, offers nothing going forwards and is a liability so could never play as a lone dm.

  67. A

    Surferosa neither Diarra nor Flamini do a proper defensive job close to well enough, hence neither being regular starters for either club or country.

  68. Jaguar reloaded

    Dont think A.Apart from Wenger,you and Pat Rice,every other person in this world,think otherwise.No top club,would want Diaby,because he is a liability and a waste of space.

  69. A

    Really Jaguar, you mean apart from the French managers too?

    If ANY manager chose Diarra or Flamini over Diaby then I would be surprised, and up to now one never has.

  70. A

    Oh and I’ve not heard of any clamours from the French public or media for them to be included over Diaby either, so I’ve got a feeling there are other people in the world who share my preference.

  71. Jaguar reloaded

    Were you saying that Domenech was a good manager?It wont be long before Blanc kickout the retard Dudaby from the national team.

  72. Arsenal Tom

    A… thing is for france they have toulalan so dont play diarra or flam as they want diaby to make things happen.

    he’s been better for france than he has been for us this season, id much rather have flam than diaby or diarra, him and cesc could do their thing with song sat behind ready to make a clumsy challenge whenever needed

  73. Kushagra India

    as I have said its a contributing factor in most of the players so we need to be more conservative and its happening in most of other fast team sports like ice hockey field hockey etc.

  74. Surferosa

    Debateable A, but I know where your coming from. Problem is Diaby definitely doesnt- and he’s injury prone as well.

    Personally, I think Diarra and Flamini both know the limitations of their game and concentrate on the defensive side- which we miss (Song has been poor on the whole this year since AW has told him to contribute more to the attacking phases of play. H needs to go back to what he did best).

    Diaby strolls round the pitch like he thinks hes Dennis Bergkamp. If he was managed by a ‘hair-drier’ manager like AF or Moureen they would probably kicked that out of him a long time ago. Or got rid having failed trying.

  75. A

    AT I’d agree in some of the tougher away games that Flamini’s energy would be very useful, against say Barcelona, (or I would’ve said Chelsea before last weekend’s game though now I’d say he wouldn’t be relevant) but if we were to get in someone else I’d rather someone better.

    Flamini isn’t good enough on the ball to be a regular against average opposition.

    I’d love a schweinsteiger to play the Diaby role, and Lansbury/Ramsey could well take it in time, but Flamini/Diarra would only be able to play that role when we were trying to be extra-solid/defensive.

  76. Kushagra India

    my reply was to your Scholes and Giggs post
    pleasure debating with you buddy you are a breath of fresh
    air in arsenal blogosphere with your analysis on both pros and cons

  77. Arsenal Tom

    schweinsteiger…. absolutely but we’re arsenal remember mate… we’re more silvestre than schweinsteiger.

    having flam would be perfect for the big/tough away games.

    flam, song, cesc for the tough ones

    flam/song, cesc, jack for the park the bus merchants