Bobby is back and you know what? He looks good in training.

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Actually boss, he looked quite good when he was 31 and playing for us!

There can’t be any truth in this rumour, he’s 37 and the only thing I can think of is he is back to help with the training.

So what has gone wrong so far this season, we know we didn’t sign the players we needed, but come on, we made £50mil profit and that is far more important, we did try for a £2million keeper, but spend any more than that and it will kill a younger player.

We are in the top three richest clubs in the world and we lost out because we only wanted to spend £2mil on a keeper, we sold Ade for £25mil, didn’t we think spending a bit more on a keeper was worth it? It’s hypocrisy on a massive scale, either that or unintelligence or maybe a bit of both.

I do have to laugh when I hear that had we signed a player, then Wilshere wouldn’t have got a chance, that’s like saying had Barca signed Henry then Messi wouldn’t have got a chance!

Now comments like that insult our intelligence!

With players like Gibbs, Wilshere and Ramsey, you can see they’ll be world class, much the same you could see Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and Vieira would be world class, but players like Song, Diaby, Almunia, Clichy and Fabianski, come on boss, how long do we wait and how long do we give them? It’s been over 5 years and none of them are better than ordinary, and some of them totally lack intelligence. And we know how you value that.

If Song was the most improved player last year after 4 years of trying, this year he has to be the most ‘lost it all’ player.

All I have ever said is play the best team, buy the best players we can afford within the budget and see where it takes us, we benchmark ourselves against the chavs and the mancs each year to see how we’ve improved, and you know what, for the last three years we have still been beaten by them, so how have we improved? All we have done is got older, some improvement.

It’s time that Wenger realised that some of his squad haven’t got it, time to have a clear out, time to realise some of our team are just average. Song isn’t an Essien, Diaby isn’t a Vieira and Clichy isn’t a Cole, give it up Arsene and have a rethink before another season has gone down the shitter.

I get sick of reading we don’t want to be another Liverpool, Leeds or Pompey, buying great players doesn’t mean going bust, buying bad players does that, we for the last 4 seaons have needed a keeper a DM and a golascorer, nothing has changed, we still need them.

Cesc has joined Robin, Theo and Diaby as a perennial crock, time to realise that’s it, they won’t stop getting injured, that’s them, and it’s obvious Cesc will be off, and the way it’s looking he will only be good for half a season anyway, so what has that cost us if we are so concerned about money?

Every pre-season we all believe and every season we are all let down, what happened to the days when we used to go to Stamford Bridge thinking we could win?

Yes we play keep ball well, yes we are pretty, then what, no end product that’s what.

I still think Chamakh will come good and once we get Theo, Robin and Cesc back we’ll be a match for anyone, but they will never be fit for a season and that is poor management and poor planning. It’s unintelligent.

Either that or we have a crap medical staff and they train with mountaineering boots on.

Arsene is loved by the board because he makes them money, he says we need to be financially prudent and then pays average players unrealistic wages, that’s not prudent, that dumb.

I don’t mind if we don’t make gazillions, I don’t want to go bust, but there has to be a meeting in the middle, Arsene another season of this and you will screw up your legacy, don’t be silly, admit some of the players you have are not that good, be ruthless like you were with players that were that good, like Pires, Henry and Cole, yes you may have made some great finds, but you’ve lost some greats as well, one of them supplied the cross for the first goal on Sunday, remember him.

I don’t want to write every post like I’m never going to be satisfied, but I am getting fed up paying shed loads of money to line your pockets and listen to your constant condescending lectures on financial prudence, I’m sure you get paid huge amounts but never say no, sorry boss that’s far too much, after all, I’ve won nothing.

Thank god for the Ryder Cup, at least my week wasn’t totally ruined.

Have a great day Grovers, at least full time crock Diaby will be fit for France, phew that’s a relief!

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  1. simon mcmahon

    I cant believe after the last two league games that there are fans that still believe the bullshit that wenger comes out with, i said it yesterday george would never let his team lie down and die in a London derby’s like wenger does he has given our Club BIGGAMITIS=(failure /to perform in important games)
    DDM has captured my feelings exactly i’m truly down never have i felt so diluded being a fan of our club even when i went regulary in the late 70’s&80’s prior to george, apart from the cup final runs when we were ordinary i still felt connected to this club NOW they dont give a fuck about us …

  2. RedFaction

    Geoff I agree with everything you say bar one.

    bringing in another player be it henry to barca will threat the options of starting spots/playing time for either player, even if its messi(wilshire). and then are faced with a dilema of having to talk to one of the players or them not signing on.

    other than that, great read!


  3. neveroutgun

    now that i was obliged to change my name, i am in moderation.

    it’s your fault choy, you made me do this 🙂

  4. Arsene Nose Best

    yes yes,big up d.d.m for that post earlier on today,big respect for that m8,well fucking said,pedro or geoff should publish that tomorrow.

  5. Kushagra India

    Arie Haan recalls: ‘Before the game, we drew up a list of our players who would hit him with hard tackles early on….After four tackles, he didn’t want the ball any more. He didn’t give us any problems.”
    So, Arie for Defensive coach

  6. yawn

    nasri bleating on sky sports that players don’t get enough protection. if only he could take a leaf outta jack’s book. it’s all part of playing for arsenal. we need more of this spirit instead of players banging on about protection. maybe if we had a bit more balls we might win a few. we used to. just get on with it nasri.

  7. Kushagra India

    Just went to netherlands world cup blog they think EPL is brainless,I believe they watch a lot of Blackburn and Stoke

  8. Kushagra India

    Trivia question, as reckless as he is, how many times has De Jong received a straight red in his professional career (since 2002)?
    Answer: As many as you and I have received it, i.e. zero! Mind boggling, isn’t it? His only red card (2x yellow) was when he was in HSV, back in 2005. This guy is clearly a master of his own domain ..

  9. AA23

    Kushagra did you hear that Herbert Chapman is no longer our manager?
    Just kidding mate. It’s old but funny. Ronaldo loves a bit of cock.

  10. JJ

    Geoff – Don’t worry, permacrock Diaby will get injured while away on international duty.

    If Walcott, Diaby and RvP are injured this season as much as they have been in past, surely we have to cut our losses.

    Wenger is too invested in these players. Same with Song, Denilson and Clichy. It seems that they can not do any wrong in Wenger’s eyes.

    This squad will never be healthy enough to make a serious title challenge. If Wenger does not realize this by next summer then Wenger has to walk.

    This is the first time I am heading down the “Wenger out” road but I just can’t see us improving with him at the helm…

  11. MatthewT

    I don’t care if we kill every young player at the club, Arsenal does not exist to develop young player’s careers and it does not exist to make a profit, Arsenal exists to win football games and at the moment we are not winning enough games to win any trophys and that is a major problem that simply isn’t being addressed at all.

  12. sixx pac

    Italian website Tutto Mercato, which is to rumours what Didier Drogba is to back flicks, believes that Tottenham and Chelsea are on the brink of coming to blows over FC Utrecht striker Ricky Van Wolfswinkel. The 21-year-old is said to have all the components of a class forward, hence the interest from the London clubs, as well as from Newcastle United and Birmingham City. Though he missed out on the World Cup, Van Wolfswinkel earned a call-up to the Dutch squad for the friendly against the Ukraine in August, and so far this season has bagged 15 goals in 15 games this season. As it stands, Utrecht are said to want only £5.5m for Van Wolfswinkel though that figure will surely rise the longer the season goes on.
    Top marks to Rohan for mentioñiñg him first

  13. Rohan

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel has the best name in the history of football. I don’t care if he shit. I want that on the back of my shirt. 😀

  14. Moray

    From the Guardian: “The prospect of Tottenham Hotspur abandoning plans to rebuild White Hart Lane and moving instead to the Olympic Stadium moved a significant step closer yesterday when the club’s corporate partners revealed plans to ditch the running track after the 2012 Games and spoke openly about outflanking West Ham’s rival bid.”

    Imagine if the Spuds move to East London! That would be cracking…

  15. ardentgooner


    I think liverpool will benefit from the sale.. Boston Red Sox are very very big in the US… they have the money…and i’m sure they’ll spend it the right way

  16. dennisdamenace

    I see our very own Alisher Usmanov has leapfrogged Abramovich in the footie rich list……

    1. Sheikh Mansour £20bn
    2. Mittal £17bn
    3. Usmanov £8.0bn
    4. Abramovich £7.4bn

    8. Kroenke £1.85bn

  17. dennisdamenace

    All that personal wealth on the current board coupled with constant substantial profits, and the cunts still wouldn’t pay up for a goalkeeper……tossers, the lot of ’em.

  18. abnet

    the board happy as long as arsene fill their pocket. I really fell people arsene is distorting his legacy with such stupidity

  19. dennisdamenace

    ardent, that may well be the case fella, but currently the owners are in dispute with the rest of the board over the ‘sale’.

    They have until next Friday (the 15th) to pay RBS over £250m otherwise they (the club) will incur a £60m penalty!!

  20. dennisdamenace

    Probable scenario……

    1.Boston Red Sox attempt to buy Liverpool for a ‘knock down’ price by trying to buy the club by just paying off the debt.

    2.Hicks & Gillette tell them to fuck off coz that deal meals they make nothing on the deal.

    3.Hicks & Gillette begin legal proceedings against the rest of the board to prevent the deal going through.

    4.15th October RBS demand their money from Hicks & Gillette.

    5.If they haven’t got it or don’t have an alternative buyer RBS will intervene on behalf of the Red Sox bid – after all they just want their money.

  21. dennisdamenace

    I know that was a very simplistic overview, but this situation smacks of a very messy legal battle……happy days!

  22. Kushagra India

    how it can be happy days when we know Man Shitty will demolish us on 23 October if half of our team is still injured

  23. dennisdamenace

    Kush – You got a crystal ball fella???

    I have little faith in the methods and policies employed by our manager at the moment, and even less faith in the personnel he employs at the moment. However, i prefer to vent my angst if and when we fail against them….

  24. dennisdamenace

    Oh sorry, i almost forgot kush, the Happy Days refers to those smug Northern cunts being in turmoil…..

  25. Kushagra India

    just when I have no expectations of them they play well
    and moreover its a win win situation when we lose likewise in Chelsea

  26. dennisdamenace

    Kush – The board has agreed the deal (in principal), however that decision does NOT include Hicks & Gillette.

    H&G are trying to remove three of the board memebers and replace them with their own cronies to block the purchase!

  27. dennisdamenace

    Kush – I with you on that, in fact if you look at my first post (yesterday) with regard to the recent Chelsea game you’ll see how my current feelings towards the club have, the management and the players…..

  28. Kushagra India

    but we all know in end RBS will force their hand and it will be done may be sooner rather than later

  29. Geoff

    If the Red Sox buy Liverpool and wipe off their debt, then it shows that financial prudence is all bollocks as if you are big enough, it’s wiped out!

    New post!