Time for the ground hog day talk to stop… Arsenal MUST deliver today

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t be bothered to read Wenger’s comments on today’s game. I doubt he’s saying anything I haven’t read a thousand times before.

I bet he’s talking about how the new boys are ready, how he thinks we’ve got enough to beat Chelsea this year and that we’re going to win the league…

The same old stories are rehashed every year and every year we lap it up like England fans in the build up to the world cup.

‘You know what, something’s different this year, this might be the season Wenger proves us all wrong.’

All this hope comes off the back of no real investment in the squad and no real change in personnel.

Today, is going to be interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, we don’t have Cesc going into an incredibly tough game. We’ve got a new pairing at the back who haven’t really faced a stern striking challenge and we’ve got one of the worst keepers ever to don a green jersey between the sticks.

To say we’re up against it is a massive understatement.

However, we’ve shown some great spirit at times this year and there have been some very promising performances from a number of new faces in the squad. Chamakh, Wilshere, Squilacci, Kozzer are all battlers. To steal a quote from a Chumbawamba song, ‘they get knocked down, but they get up again’, it’s that winning mentality we’ve lacked at times over the past few years. Having people in the team you know will be affected by a loss is hugely important for us. Having players on the pitch that share our passion gives me hope.

We’ve got a plan B going forward today. Chamakh offers a real aerial threat. Arshavin owes us a big game and when he fancies it, no one can live with him. I also think Wilshere is going to want to show the world what he can do on the biggest stage. I expect Song to show us that he is in the same league as Essien. I for one would like to see him boss the midfield today, something I can rarely say I’ve seen him do against good opposition.

Containing the power of Chelsea sounds like a clichéd expression but it’s true. We’ve got to defend as a team, Chelsea are so much more than just Drogba. If we can maintain our concentration, keep the individual errors to a minimum and play with freedom, there’s every chance we can pull off a shock today.

For me, key to us winning is taking our chances. We won’t get many, so we cannot afford to squander anything. Chamakh has been sloppy with his finishing at times as has Arshavin. I think if we’re going to score today, it’ll come from one of those two.

What’s my blind faith hunch? I think Fabianski is going to show us all what he does in training with a miracle performance and I think we’re going to nick a late goal.

What do you think?

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  1. Kushagra India

    Today was abundently clear that the self handicapping gunners not only play without a keeper ( though kudos to the stand in, he was very very solid today for most of the game) but also without a striker that knows where the goal is.
    Last time they won at the Bridge it was with two blitz quick strikes out of nowhere off vPersie left boot. Eudrado in his short career is London showed that quality to settle game without much fuss .
    Chamach is certainly not this sort of player , he can lead the line allright and ‘create’ but will not score those goals that separate champions from the flattering to deceive. his silly back heal towards the end instead of trying to turn and shoot showed as much.

  2. kev

    goonert1m you get what you pay for – we buy players for pittance or get them for free and then put them out against the likes of chelski and shitty who have spent hundreds of millions.

    youre dead right the players for the most part just arent good enough and even some of the good ones are no good because theyre always injured. this money is evil shite that wenger tries to feed us is pure bull and its about time he put the 50 or 60 million profit back into the team

  3. zeus

    1. Everyone shut the hell up about Usmanov the Man loving cnut. The stadium debt is down 136m at the end of the financial year.

    We could be debt free in a little over a year. Paying off the debt is not the problem, its banking the money and relying on free transfers that messing things up.

    Wenger is concerned about the wagebill, fine, cut half the kids that we know will never make it with Arsenal, hows that.

    How about we actually pay the med staff what they are worth, next to nothing.

    How about Wenger takes a pay cut himself.

    I hope this isn’t coming across as angry cuz I’m not, never expected anything from this game, just wanted to see if we would roll over and play dead as we have for the past 4 meetings. We at least made a game of it.

    I’m used to losing to them now, I’ve just accepted it.

  4. kev

    wenger is getting paid 6 mill a year to basically lead us to fourth. what the fuck would he be paid if we won the pl and the cl? double fucking figures in millions i suppose

  5. Doublegooner

    Little Jack, the greatest British talent since Gascoigne & Chippy.

    He deserves better than Diaby,Song,better CH’s.

    Wenger has let Cesc down over the last few years, he’ll be gone next year, he must not Jack down.

  6. zeus

    ALL right Kush we get it, your Indian. hehe

    Beautiful. Have a vid for that big flying thingy you posted a pic of earlier.

  7. BB

    the only way for this to change is us fans not attending games any longer which is what I have done this season
    it hurts me but so does watching the same stuff year in year out
    and it wasnt anybody’s fault in particular on the pitch, it’s just the usual make-up of Wenger’s sides these days sad but true what a waste wahat a pity
    what has happened to the Arse??????????????? where is our pride?????????????

  8. Uk

    Sorry but you’re doing it again! Saying that ‘we now have winning mentality we didn’t have before’. C’mon it’s still the same stuff we hear @the beginning of every season,@the end we find out it’s the same team as the last
    But sayin we have players who’d be hurt by the loss is a barefaced lie, the two we had were 1.fabregas -we still have him, 2. Gallas -we don’t have him, so how can we be more hurt than last season? Or do you mean kozzer &squid have helped in that department?
    So we lost again &somehow I’m relieved it wasn’t worse! Mercy me

  9. kev

    we can have pride in knowing we win our trophy for 4th spot and we make huge profits. im actually surprised arsene doesnt whip out the balance sheet in his interviews after losses. that makes everything better!

  10. colonel mustard

    self handicapping gunners somebody mentioned….very apt description.. Im so disappointed with Gazidis, not setting targets, accepting profit making as their trophy. Truth is Wegner is tied to Arsenals finances now and has lost courage. You think Mourihno would accept this? We are actually asking for mild spending, we are so starved of quality signing, a cracker is like a 4** meal. Same mistakes, same injuries, same failings 5 years in a row. its beyond tragic. I would like to see Wegner winded down to Director of Football role or some kind of Arsenal ambassador, we owe him that but as a focused manager he has had his day.

  11. KM

    I agree that Song has been awful this season,we need to buy a DM.we’v been crying out for one for 2yrs.I really like Sissoko (Juventus),the guy kept Yaya Toure at bay which is good and he wad what we need, tall,physical and doesn’t faff around.The other option would be m’vila, he’s impressed me playing for France.

  12. Lofty

    Ok now that i’ve calmed down a bit, i’d like to say fuck u wenger, were not gonna win the EPL with half the french national team, we dont even have the 3 best players from that team (anelka ribery and evrat)

    So enough of this fucking gay fantasy of yours, get us some real players u racist twat, based on skill not nationality or fuck off please.

  13. kev

    its just made up bullshit reggie dont be worrying about it. people are always putting mourinho down (dont like him myself) but you cant argue with the mans results. he does what hes paid to do. madrid gave deportivo a right pasting tonight

  14. zeus

    Wenger has never surrounded Fab4 with players worty of his excellent skills, a big crime that.

    The only way things will be diff, is if Ramsey comes back and develops at a similar rate to Wilshere.

    They could be our Xavi and Iniesta.

    Starting to think Wenger’s genious was overblown. He just got lucky that 4 of the gr8est Arsenal players in history was here at the same time.

  15. colonel mustard

    No Zeus your wrong he was a genius but the rules changed and he relented change..now we are in wilderness for 5 seasons…

  16. kev

    32 mill for three players isnt bad business but theres no way hed spend that in one transfer window – more like over two or three years.

    looking at the players subotic neuer and vd wiel theres no way hed get those three for 32 mill – in my opinion all three would be valued around the 15 mill mark. wed have to pay close to 50 mill

  17. Limestonegunner

    Zeus, that is exactly right. Especially this summer, he got a reprieve by hanging on to Fabregas and could have used the summer to strengthen with our spending power and build around the player.

    The rules may have changed, Mustard, but he should be able to adapt as well. We have had money last season and this without taking advantage.

  18. arsenal4ever

    hmm imo 3 new payers arent enough!! New DM, GK, 20-25 goal seasons striker and 1 or 2 defenders needed. On sale should be Denilson, Diaby, RVP, perhaps Song, Djourou and Arshavin.

    Wont happen tough!!

  19. arsenal4ever

    @ reggie 57 he was ok but thats just not good enough for the Arsenal. When will Wengker realize it? FFS do something for your 6 mill p year!!! 56 mill to spend but Mr. Stubborn assh… wont spend a little penny!!

  20. Limestonegunner

    arsenal4ever, I was surprised Ramires was such a handful; I also think he was a bit dirty and deserved a yellow. He was supposed to be a weak link with Lampard out, but he caused problems.

    Jack was excellent, and I wish he was playing further up the pitch today. We lacked that final creative ball and some of the crossing was not so sharp. He gives us some of those special qualities in the final third.

  21. kev

    thats the point i think arsenal4ever you have to spend money to get the best players. 18 mill or so for ramires and itll be a bargain if he continues to improve.

  22. arsenal4ever

    I am not gay but I love you guys here, lol :-)!! Just am insightful debate you wont get on any other gooner blogs out there. No AKB bullshit, just facts from real passionate gooners.

  23. arsenal4ever

    yeah kev Ramirez made some great passes in the deep and did the pass for the cross to malouda and we all know what happened after that :-(.

  24. kev

    to get the best out of our best players the dead wood has to be cleared out and replaced with quality and thats been the case for years now

  25. arsenal4ever

    the strange thing is Wenger tried to get Alonso + Melo but still hangs on Diaby, Denilson and Song. I dont understand his transfers! Where are the replacements for TH14, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Ljungberg, Petit, Adams and Gilberto? We are going backwards instead of going for titles :-(. Yes, we have great talent but to win the league you need a mix of great individual experienced players and outstanding youth. For the moment we have more youth than outstanding players.

  26. kev

    yeah thats what really bugs me too – why didnt wenger replace these world class players when they left? thats been the main problem in my opinion. we let most of these players go and then didnt replace them – makes absolutely no sense to be honest.

    we finished in second in flaminis last year and instead of trying to keep that squad together and add to it we let important players leave and didnt replace them (gilberto flamini hleb) madness!

  27. Franchise

    Song is shit

    one decent season and he thinks the is the bizniz

    squilacci and koscielny are average

    aint nothing changed at the emirates

    dropped 10 points from possible 21

    not champions material at all

  28. AA23

    well at least it’s Chelsea at away out of the way.
    There wont be many sides that win there this season.
    I seriously think we will struggle for top four.
    we have a top 4 side out injured. (bar 1 player and I bet Arshavin is out for the next month)
    Fucking ridiculous, I know all sides have to take injuries onboard but ours are chronic.
    I seriously cannot remember playing them with a 1st choice eleven in about 5 years.
    People will say its no excuse but it really is a massive, massive excuse.
    Lets see Chelsea with Drogba, Anelka, Malouda, Essien, Terry, Cole, Lampard and Cech all out at the same time.
    they would get fucking done.
    Sick of our fucking insanely bad injury luck with our first team.

  29. arsenal4ever

    yip kev and if you see most of them still playing it is just a fukking joke to see the likes of Denilson, Diaby etc. They still could have made more impact like these overpaid clowns. They would have to know how to win something. Wenger should manage kids or youth this is best what he can do. He was great and one of the best if not the best in his prime but time is up for him. Still cant understand he got an extension before the season even started. That shows me the club really cares a fukk about us fans. We need just to pay the tickets and merchandise to satisfy this big as….. Arsenal FC is just a business running project and no football club anymore.

  30. choy

    We got facking owned didn’t we!

    Its going to be a battle for 4th place, Spurs are on level points ffs!

    Shite.. Wenger needs to buy quality players.

    He takes in home one of the highest salaries in the world, yet refuses to pay for quality.

  31. Doublegooner


    I’ve watched this club since 1966.

    I have no confidence left in Wenger now.

  32. yawn

    just watched that debacle on motd 2. didn’t we used to be good at defending ? good stat from dixon. since 2005 we’ve played manu and chelsea 33 times in league and cups – won 6. for a club obsessed by numbers read that one.

  33. AA23

    Did Dixon say how many times since 2005 we’ve had to play them with EVERY SINGLE KEY FUCKING PLAYER MISSING?
    Because it feels like every time to me.
    when was the last time you looked at our starting 11 and thought “that will beat anyone”
    feels like a fucking Decade.
    so so sick of this shit.

  34. AA23

    That fat Cunt Song shit himself and moved out of the way for the second.
    why didn’t you put that lilac acrylic wig onto it you fucking Morgan Freeman looking cunt.
    Useless fucking Coward. Any touch on that and its a corner at worst.

  35. Doublegooner




  36. choy

    Who gives a shit..

    RVP plays all through the WC and touches on ball for Arsenal and he’s out crocked.

    Cesc whores himself throughout the summer and he’s out too.

    Wenger gets a nice little payrise and refuses to spend money.

    56 mill profits in the bank.. fack.

  37. AA23

    Bang on Choy
    fuck Van persie straight off, we pay that cunt for doing fuck all. Dutch weed aint as strong as people say.
    Cesc can go as well, he’s almost as fucking crocked.
    Get some players that can actually play 4 games in a row.
    in fact fuck it.
    Close it down. Its fucked.

  38. Rohan

    Can we stop bigging up Jack in the Chelsea game. He was average, gave the ball away too much and was overrun by Ramirez and Essien. He still isn’t ready or mature enough to start at the biggest of stages.

  39. Rohan

    I wouldn’t sell RvP. I don’t care if he’s never fit. When he is, he absolutely world fucking class. No one could do the job he does he for us as well he does.
    Not to mention he is a proper gooner and a leader. We need more players, not get rid of those we have.

  40. Rohan

    Diaby was better than Jack Wilshere today. I love Jack, think he’ll be the best English player for a long time and will be a legend for us but I call it as I see it.
    He wasn’t great today and he probably knows it.

  41. choy

    Sell RVP.

    He’s useless. He can be world class somewhere else.

    He plays 5-10 important games and misses 10-15 important games, not to mention he’s one of the highest paid on the payroll.

  42. Rohan

    Song has regressed a bit this season, I have to agree. Arsene needs to have a quiet word in his ear to sort his shit out and get going.
    7 points at this stage of the season is nothing. We can easily make it up, but we need to improve, improve quite a bit if we want to give Chelsea a run for it.

  43. zeus


    I’d say the 4 are Henry, Pires, Viera and Bergkamp. I know he bought them and played them in the team, but just thinking……..

  44. Franchise

    the whole team looks shite

    we need a new manager IMO

    song is average, cbs are average, fbs are average, chamakh is average

  45. AA23

    Chozzer who would buy him. good player…4 games a season.
    Sell him to a glue factory for 30 quid.
    And I agree with Rohan, Wilshere werent all that today, in fact he’s well over rated. Leave him alone he’s got a fuck of a long way to go. Let him get on with learning and stop acting like he’s the Jesus of football.
    People comparing him to Fabregas need their fucking heads examined.

  46. choy

    Maybe not, but for all of RVP’s calibre, only Arsenal fans rate him highly.

    He doesn’t go missing in big games, he’s not even present!

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic player but we need players to be accountable. We’re getting hammered by all the other big Clubs and we have to go to Shitty later this month.

    Will he be there? Fack no! I don’t know how we’re going to score at Shitty when they play 3 DMs!

  47. Rohan

    That’s a bit rich innit, Franchise. We have had the core of our team in Fabregas, RvP, Bendtner, Vermalen injured.
    Clichy had a very good game today. Give him credit for that. I also expect Koscielny and Squid to further accimatize themselves to the prem and they will get better.
    I see a bit of a knee jerk reaction here. After all, I thought no one was expecting us to win??

  48. Franchise

    how reliable is Didier Drogba?

    tell me he isnt worth the 27m chelsea paid for him

    chamakh is so rubbish with his foot its unbelievable

    in all honesty Bendtner is probably more versatile than him as a striker

    an y’all know how much i rate bendtner

    hate to say it chmakh is a fucking diver that is beginning to piss the shit out of me

    soo he’ll be like eboue and struggle to win genuine pens

  49. Rohan

    We all knew Chamakh isn’t a great finisher but he brings a lot more to our game. For that to happen, Arshavin has to pull his weight. He isn’t doing that at the moment- I know his stats are great and all, but he gives away the ball cheaply agian and again and puts everyone under pressure.

  50. Franchise

    Rohan fuck injuries it is part and parcel of the game… we lost 4-0 last season to chavs and cesc and vermalen played what difference did it make

    chavs didnt have lamps but they could afford to bring on quite a reliable player in ramires

    our squad is full of players you are not sure of


    56m in bank

  51. choy

    I miss Bendtner tbh, many people don’t like him but he stands up and scores us important goals.

    Chamakh is an excellent hard working player, but he doesn’t have the goal scoring nous.

  52. Rohan

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s not a foregone conclusion that Chamakh is ahead of Bendtner. Nicklas will give him a good run of his money and eventually I expect Nicklas to turn into a top striker of us. Then again, that’s just me.
    Chamakh works hard, but he’s not a natural striker imo and is better suited to be playing just off RvP in a free role.

  53. Rohan

    Agreed choy. Bendtner is hugely underrated. He may not be elegant and aesthetic but he gets the job done. He singlehandedly kept the title race alive last season scoring at a rate of something like a goal a game. He has the knack for being in the right position at the right time.
    David’s statement of Theo Walcott having done twice as much for Arsenal than Nicklas and Nicklas success all being because of Theo is just plain prepostorous. Nicklas not mention works hard, is a pretty good link up player and with maturity will give us all that Chamakh does and more. The only thing Chamakh has over him is pace and maybe athleticism.

  54. zeus


    What game wee you watching? The second was a training ground routine. What I was alittle off about was that none of our defenders seemed too concerned that Malouda was in the wall.

    When Alex cunted the ball towards goal, Malouda broke the wall and it went through to goal.

    If and enemy is in your wall, PUSH HIM OUT. Surely red flags should have gone off. Brilliant goal though.

  55. Franchise

    ramires has been quite average until today. that is what great players are about

    they step up when they ought to

    was it arshavins fault that chmakh was hesitant in shooting a few times or that chmakh was backheeling when he was through on goal?

    simple truth is chamakh is nothing special. special was something we used to have in at least 6 positions every game in the early 2000’s

    wenger has truly lost it

    this team is a sham

  56. choy

    Song was holding his hand out to malouda.. fack…

    How can you let an opposition player stand in the middle of the wall like you’re in the same team!

  57. zeus


    Ramirez has talent, but lets not go over board. He is FAR FROM GR8.

    And as for him stepping up against us……..Pfffffffffffft.

    EVERY TOM DICK AND HARRY make their name against us. They don’t score for 3 years and score a winner against us. Its been like so since even the Invincibles.

    Nani was on his way out of Old Trafford till he raped Clichy at the Emirates and he hasn’t looked back since.

    We are like the team version of Taye Diggs in ‘How Stella got her groove back.’

  58. SUGA3

    it’s really surprising to read that some think that Clichy had a good game – his only asset (pace) seems to be on the wane… now, is it another player run into the ground or lack of hunger due to lack of competition? some are creaming their pants about ‘giving Chelsea a game’, what are we, Leyton Orient? fuck injuries, it happens every year, we have the first XGGas good as anybody, bu

  59. AA23

    Fuck Injuries?
    the odd few we can all accept, but ours are fucking ludicrous every season a top 4 11 in the treatment room.
    its insane.

  60. SUGA3

    AA, if I was aware of a certain problem at work and did fuck all about it for years, I’d get the boot, simple as – modern sports medicine buffs should find answers with ease, it’s just about PAYING top dollar for top professionals…

  61. AA23

    I’m sure Pulis, Moyes and Alardyce will come out and say that Ben Arfa is a faggot for allowing his leg to get Broken and that Wenger is to blame.
    Our game has turned to fucking shit.

  62. David


    You know were fucking shite when we cant wait for Nicklas pink boots Bendtner to save the day.

    What a disgusting joke.

    The only positive as i said is Fabregas is back.

    We are average at best without him.

    Wenger fucks us over time and time again. WTF Wilshere was doing in the game when we had Rosicky on the bench is mindblowing.

    WTF is Arshavin still doing outwide left when Cesc is out is just fucking stupid and it makes me angry that the cunt moved him in his favorite position only after going 3-0 down to West Brom.

    Fuck off Wenger!

    Why didnt you make in a sub in the 80th minute so that our best player the profit book could come up and score a hatrick?


    Well done Fabianski.

  63. Confidentgoner

    Why are you guys so upset? You have a team set up for 4th place not 1st place ffs! Don’t expect to win against the big sides. Arsenal as a football club has lost its way. Untill there is change at the board and the coaching crew, we will be perrenial underachievers

  64. Gooby

    can’t wait for ramsey, cesc, walcott and RvP to be back.

    the chavs will drop silly points like we did, but when we’ll have those players back we’ll be very difficult to beat. we really miss cesc

  65. Kushagra India

    gr8 comment by desi

    I did say we can’t doubt his effort. But hard work should not be the primary skill of a striker. That was the point of my summary of Chamakh.

    Arshavin struggles when Cesc or RvP are not there. And with Nasri so far away on the other wing it was difficult for the Russian as there wasn’t anyone on his wavelength.

    Chamakh doesn’t always know how to make the dangerous runs. If you revisit the Tottenham game in the League Cup, when Chamakh won the penalty you could see Arshavin pointing to the space and telling him to make that run just before he put the through ball. But no one can constantly tell his teammates how to move on the pitch. In that sense Arshavin is isolated when our big guns are missing.

    As far as his work rate goes, we know it won’t be exceptional but I don’t think he was much worse than Anelka who could be considered his counterpart.