Do it yourself Arsenal V Chelsea preview

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No post until later as there is a serious lack of internet connectivity going on in Kent this morning.

In the mean time, why not share your own match preview in the comments?

The winner will receive a victory against Chelsea this afternoon!

I’ll be back later with more!

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  1. Tomas

    Here’s to hoping Diaby does’nt have a shocker..imo Nasri starts wideright and Rosicky comes on 2nd half ..I hope Sagna has his crossing boots on

  2. Bennyboy

    Gotta get some crosses in to the morrocan mac daddy today, just keep whipping them in, he’ll be loving the deul with terry

  3. RayGooner

    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-3

    0-1 Arshavin (14)
    1-1 Drogba (37)
    2-1 Drogba (71)
    2-2 Nasri (86)
    2-3 Nasri (90+3)

    How’s that for a prediction…

  4. Bennyboy

    Call me crazy but I reckon diaby is gonna start and have one of those games where he looks world class, he’ll need to be!

  5. choy

    Morning all..

    I don’t know whats going to happen, but the chavs are not going to keep a clean sheet…. err.. neither are we!

  6. tg

    We just need to play the “twat drogba” gameplan. Take him out early doors and batten down the bleeding hatches for the rest of the 90. Will get a pt which I would take right now.

  7. Dublin gunner!!!

    Cham mac daddy will p!ss all over that Terry muppet!! I reckon we get a draw, but Sammy could pop up last min winner??!!!!

  8. ArsenalDK

    Damn. I really wish that I was as positive as everybody else! Nothing would make me happier than trashing those fuck ups.. But at their own back yard? πŸ™ .. My fingers are crossed!!

  9. Bennyboy

    God I miss the days when we used to beat chelsea for fun and it was them that felt inferior. Now I’m praying we don’t get steamrollered, I’d be thankfull for a draw, that’s not right.

  10. Bengali Gooner

    If we play crap wivout any creativity 3-0 to chelsea, if its our day nd song stays in his position nd diaby/denilson/wilshere (please start) need to be on their best defensive game too, with every one pressing the ball, then 2-1 to arsenal


    Sagna. Squillaci. Vermaelen. Gibbs
    Song. Denilson
    Nasri Wilshere. Arshavin

  11. yangkamp10

    Mr DK! Away with the pessimism sir. If i wanted to hear about how we’re going to lose i’d have gone round Paul Merson’s gaff.

    2-1 to the Arsenal today. Tight game, our keep ball vs Counter attacks from them. Squilly and Kozzer to win the ariel competition against drogba. nasri and Wilshire to unlock the chavs defense.
    nasri and Chamakh with the goals.

    here’s hoping. Cant go 7points behind.

  12. choy

    Drogba Vs two new defenders backed up by Fabianski is a pretty scary thought!

    Bennyboy, how true!.. During the Invincible year we beat them 4 times out of 5!

  13. yangkamp10

    Bengali – team kinda picks itself for this one eh?

    need Song and Diaby to rise to this one. FOOT IN football and get it to Jack and Nasri.

  14. ArsenalDK

    Don’t misunderstand me! If I were to decide, we would of course spank them 0-5!

    But my pessimism is based on the results we’ve had against them the last couple of years and of course Drogbas goal scoring record against us!

    Sometimes i hope that if my expectations aren’t that big, my dissapointment won’t be either.. But that’s usually not the case! πŸ™

  15. Bennyboy

    If nasri, arshavin and wilshere all start playing chelsea won’t be able to live with us, they have grown too confident in thier own abilities to stop us playing. If the midfield is purring today then we’ll score a few, just hope it’s more than they get!

  16. Rohan

    Today one man will rise to claim the throne of Robert Pires. His name is Samir Nasri. Mark my words..i’m tipping him to score a brace along with a Rosicky thunderbolt for a 3-1 smash and grab victory.
    Koscielny will make Drogba cry.

  17. Bennyboy

    I reckon ramires is gonna get a booking early, the midfield has gotta be clever today keep nipping the ball about and entice a few late challenges.

  18. Bennyboy

    I think alot of will come down to our reaction to conceding (which I think we will) if the heads drop then we’re done for but if we truely believe we’ll just score more than them then we gotta chance coz this teams got goals in it 4-3 thriller anyone? All the gooners going to the game today if we concede double the noise and keep yelling the team will need it!

  19. rom

    I love the Arsenak; even more than the missus but not even worried about todays game as I can’t see us coming away with a point let alone 3.
    Sorry guys but reckon it’ll be a minimum 2 goal chelsea win.
    Possibly 3-1 or 4-2 to Chelsea.
    God I hope i’m wrong……

  20. Gunner38

    We all know about Drogba, the lardy haired fuck – but we have more than enough quality to beat them. Watch out for Mikel – the quiet man who just mops up. Wilshere to show he is ready to replace Lampard. Arsenal to win 3-1. Let’s ‘ave ’em!

  21. Henry kwaku Abutu

    I think that the difference would be that Song stays back and help the Backline. He has to be discipline on the field, maybe those of you who can reach out to these players should make it very clear to him. Or does it mean that WENGER has not seen that deficiency in his play this season?

  22. feygooner

    We’ll get steamrolled in the first 15 minutes ala Barca last season but Fabianski will keep us in the game. And then we will thrash them 3-1, Malouda getting a consolation for Chelsea in the 84th minute πŸ˜€

  23. kneelbeforewenger

    oh… puhleeze,

    Drogba aint scoring, or assisting for that matter. Koscielny will POCKET the moron.

  24. Danny

    Arsenal enjoy 97% possession under a chorus of olays from the travelling gooners, but lose 3-0 due to the 3% of Chelsea possession.

  25. kneelbeforewenger

    We can win, if we create and convert our chances. I’m afraid cuz we’re way too wasteful.

    I’m not goint to predict any scores today, but if we win, it’ll be by a small margin. If chelsea win, it’ll be by a big margin.

  26. Bennyboy

    All I’ve heard from chelsea players, fans and commentators is how chelsea are so strong, they can beat u physically but they can also stroke the ball around as well as arsenal don’t make me laugh arsenal on their day make chelsea’s passing game look like stoke’s! They’re so far up their own asses they believe they don’t have a weakness but they only won the league last year by default as everyone was crap, they suttered pass the line. This is not the great team they believe they are!

  27. Bennyboy

    Let’s put the old folks out of their misery today. A big win with young uns like wilshere and nasri pulling the strings and u can see the chelsea inquest and hear the comments “too old”, “no youth system” “on the scrap heap” … Brilliant!

  28. RayGooner

    We’ve had some good results at the “Bridge” over the years since Wenger took over at Arsenal, but it was some years ago now…

    The results started to change when Abramovich came around…

    Here are Wenger’s games against Chelsea before Abramovich:

    Arsenal-Chelsea 3-3 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 0-3 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-3 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-1 (LC)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-0 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 3-1 (LC)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 0-0 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 0-5 (LC)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 1-0 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-3 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-1 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-2 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 1-1 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 3-1 (FA)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-1 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-1 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-0 (FA)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-1 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 3-2 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-2 (FA)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-3 (FA)

    TOTAL: 21 12 7 2 40-29

    Wenger’s games against Chelsea after Abramovich:
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-1 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-1 (FA)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-2 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-1 (CL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 1-2 (CL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 2-2 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 0-0 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-1 (CS)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-0 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 0-2 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-1 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-1 (LC)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 1-1 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 1-0 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-1 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 1-2 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-1 (FA)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 1-4 (PL)
    Arsenal-Chelsea 0-3 (PL)
    Chelsea-Arsenal 2-0 (PL)

    TOTAL: 20 5 5 10 20-31

    OVERALL TOTAL: 41 17 12 12 60-60

    At one time we had 17 games unbeaten in all competitions against them, now we have only won twice in our last 17 games against them…

    It’s about time for us to get a run of games now…
    Starting today!

  29. Bennyboy

    Passion and belief are needed so much today, play without fear and trust in you and your team mates ability! Your playing for THE ARSENAL, playing to be the best in the world! Chelsea think they’ve got the beating of you, but they’re gonna get a footballing lesson from the young masters of world football! COME ON YOU GOONERS!!!

  30. Bennyboy

    Hmmm wonder why results started to change when the dirty russian took over? Hmmmm there must be a reason? Hmmm

  31. Murf

    Havent posted in awhile πŸ™‚

    I fear for us today sadly πŸ™

    Few points i think that will decide the game:
    -I feel wilshire will be a ghost today, like in the liverpool game, he still young and up against Essien i dont rate his chances
    -Koscielny has shown he is a good man marker and that will be tested, he will need to smuther Drogba today and dont give him a sniff
    -We need a strong game from song, he needs to boss that midfield specially on the counter
    -Chamack needs be big and imposing in that penalty box against alex and terry
    – Fabianski is going to tested and its last chance saloon for him

    Heres hoping πŸ™

    If we play well and take our chances, i think we will win 2-1

    Chamack, Arshavin and Drogba goals πŸ™‚

    heres hoping

  32. Bennyboy

    Any rich russian involved in oil is a fucking slimey parasite paying off the government to subsidise oil so the rich can buy huge amounts for next to nothing and selling it off to other countries for a huge profit while the average russian has to spend a fiver for a loaf of bread, fucking disgusting country!

  33. RayGooner

    There has been a lot of talks about Chelsea scoring lots of goals but if you look at it Arsenal has a better goal-ratio than Chelsea…

    Chelsea has scored 31 goals in 10 games this season, that’s 3,1 goals per game…

    Arsenal has scored 29 goals in 9 games this season, that’s 3,22 goals per game…

    And then it’s a lot of talk about Arsenal conceading lot’s of goals, but we have conceaded 9 goals in 9 games, that’s 1 per game…

    Chelsea has conceaded 10 goals in 10 games, so that’s also 1 per game…

    The difference is we make HUGE errors when conceading, mainly by our keepers but also some very bad defending…

    Chelsea, with Cech in goal doesn’t make the same errors but still they have conceaded as much as Arsenal has…
    i wonder how that is?

  34. RayGooner

    The main story in the last 4 games against Chelsea has been…
    “Arsenal play the football, Chelsea scores the goals”

    If we can be more effective we will win these games…it’s as simple as that!

    The same goes for the games against United…(i clearly remember the game at Old Trafford last season)

  35. garygooner

    well chelsea put 6 past west brom and west brom THRASHED us so in theory it should be chelsea 9-2 arsenal…but thank the Gods in heaven that the clown almunia is out of the team…so I think it will be chelsea 4-0 arsenal

  36. Arsenal Future Manager

    Key 2 Winning This Game Is:
    Line Up:
    β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Fabianski β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
    Sagna β€” Squillaci β€” Koscielny β€” Clichy β€”
    β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Song β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
    ——————————– Wilshere β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-
    β€”β€”β€”β€” Nasri β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
    Rosicky ———————————– Arshavin
    β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Chamakh β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”

    Basicly a 4-3-3 but 4-3-2-1 since Nasri would play the Fabregas position and push up while Wilshere would continue in the Diaby position,
    this could work out great because Rosicky and Nasri can also swith places from time to time, but i think we need Rosicky on the right more because he’s 2 assist for Chamakh came from both sides of the wings, and Nasri is in form he can surge through the middle and score.

  37. Michael

    Can’t even wait. Almost a guarantee that both teams will score, hopefully we will bang one more in. I think Nasri has done enough to prove that he warrants a start in the center of midfield. He is so much more effective in that role than out wide, especially when Cesc is absent. I would still go with Song in the DM role, as I would hope that he has learnt his lesson that when he tries to get forward he plays badly. And to be honest I think Denilson at his best is still a mid-table player, whereas Song can be world class if he plays to the best of his ability. Four ‘o’clock can’t come soon enough, come on you gooners!

  38. HendonGooner

    Well, well, well, 56% possession – lots of tippy tappy passing – can’t take our chances, Song and Diaby were shit and we lose 2 – nil.
    Chelsea did not even break sweat in this game.
    How ironic that we have the ball for the majority of the game and yet within 3 or so passes Chelsea threaten in our box.
    We had 13 shots and only 4 were on target. Chelski had 14 shots and they had 7 on target.
    Same old mistakes cost us goals.

    Already 7 points behind and it’s just the beginning of October…….
    Better concentrate on the Carling Cup and the FA Cup IMHO…..

    Oh well – at least we have Β£56M in the bank.
    : – (

  39. Doublegooner

    Little Jack, the greatest British talent since Gascoigne & Chippy.

    He deserves better than Diaby,Song,better CH’s too.

    Wenger has let Cesc down over the last few years, he’ll be gone next year, he must not let Jack down.

    We need quality players now.