Who stole my post? / Chelsea vs Arsenal question time!

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Just a quick post this morning as I’m playing in a Charity Golf day as you read!

Chelsea is the big talking point this Sunday and one of the subject matters was a recent study the Daily Mail stole from me.

Yes, you remember the weight study I put together to prove categorically we needed heavier centre backs to rule the league. Well, Arsenal.com reckon there is a study somewhere other than Le Grove that says Chelsea weigh 2 stone more than us overall. I can’t be bothered to check if that’s correct, but Wenger has said this weight thing isn’t decisive as some heavy players are rubbish (Like Kolo) and some small teams are exceptional (Spain).

I think he is right. If you’ve got the best technical players in the world, no amount of brute strength will stop them. However, I think it’s debatable whether we have the best in the world at the moment and we certainly won’t on Sunday. So a bit of power in our midfield would be welcome and that is why I can’t see Geoff’s Songless midfield happening no matter how poorly we might think he is playing.

Cesc is definitely out of the game, which gives Wilshere a chance to shine. Song will definitely be there and if Diaby is fit, it’d be tough to see anyone else taking his place. The game really will be decided on whether our boys turn up. Will Nasri be man enough to stamp some personality on a tough game? Can Arshavin prove he is big time? How will Chamakh cope against a human being as disgusting as John Terry?

The most scary battle of the afternoon will be between the centre backs and Drogba. Will they cope against his ferocious power play? Will Koscielny go a whole game without making a mistake? Do the pair have the mental strenght to nullify him?

Fabianski… have we seen the tipping point in his career? How is he going to cope knowing that one more mistake in a high profile game will banish him back to Poland shame faced though slightly richer than before?

There are so, so many questions that are going to be answered come Sunday evening… so what are yours? Lets thrash them out in the comments and get some predictions going!

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  1. HendonGooner

    Soulrebel: I’m a season ticket holder. My season ticket is nearly £1K.
    I reserve the right to call Wenger a cnut for lying to us season ticket holders year after year for the last 5 years.
    At season ticket renewal time the same old bullshit comes out about how he’ll sign players etc..
    We have the same problems in the team for the last 6 seasons. And yet these problems are not addressed. Don’t talk about us spending sensibly. We have a squad of young players on exorbitant salaries. And quite frankly a majority of them do not make the grade. I am not asking for mass overspending but we do need to spend. As I mentioned in previous post – what is the good of having £56M in the bank and yet incompetent players on the pitch. I pay a lot of money to see the Arsenal and at the moment I feel I am paying Gordon Ramsay prices to get a kebab as return.
    Also, the team in inherently flawed as we lack experience and someone whom is able to take games by the scruff of the neck to instill a killer instinct.
    The WBA debacle last week and the Wigan away last season summed it up. No balls and no trophies. These players have no real competition and complacency sets in. Quite frankly the buck stops with Wenger and he has failed the fans. But the board love him because he makes them money.
    If that’s the way Arsenal want to go then I’ll go and support my local HSBC bank instead.

  2. TonyS

    That Karl Henry tackle was freaking insane. Either he is the craziest player in the Premiership or he had a massive bet on a red card to be shown in the match.

  3. MatthewT

    soulrebel how many more years are you prepared to go trophyless ?

    We could comfortably manage more than twice the debt we have and our debts compared to the other big clubs are not very big at all. Besides which we are not even spending our profit yet alone borrowing money to sign players.

    There is simply no one with ambition at Arsenal that is pushing Wenger to improve the first team and to mount a serious challenge for honors and to be honest if wenger was a good manager he wouldn’t need pushing he would have ambitions of his own beyond his youth project. You don’t see people having to push ferguson or mourinho to improve their squads and to challenge for titles.

  4. ritesh

    ooooch…wat a tackle by Henry.

    Speaking of Henry, wats that story about our own Thierry being sued in court for kicking the goalie in a match.

  5. Pat

    Sunderland should’ve been 2-0 up after the 1st half. Malbranque missed a 1v1 and zenden hit the post. Now United are getting in the game.

  6. Pat

    Chicharito comes on for Macheda. I don’t like the kid, he’s a good finisher, but thats about it.

    C’mon Sunderland!

  7. colonel mustard

    Yet again vs. big opposition half the first team is missing….its so predictable its tragic….Spuds buy Van de Vaart…look at him today making difference…its what class buys you. I personally will be glad to see Wegner finish at Arsenal. I think he has had his day as a top flight manager.

  8. Rohan

    Jesus Christ, that Karl Henry tackle is disgraceful. Can’t wait to see what those douchebags on MOTD have to say about that

  9. Dutchman

    colonel, wenger will not play diaby and eboue once again in midfield, wilsher has to play and so do rosicky and nasri:


    This team can beat chelsea, and if wenger plays one of diaby or eboue then the lose will once again gom to him. If h plays them, it would be a reall bad decision once again and it would again say that wenger has totally lost it.

    btw, man u – sunderland 0-0 FT

  10. Dutchman

    Yeah mayank, we could easily e there in the top 2 with chelsea, if we didn’t have drew that match against sunderland in the last second and if wenger didn’t play that shit team against WBA.

  11. Mayank

    It’s a shame Dutchman, we really didn’t need to be in this position. Tomorrow wouldn’t be as much a worry then.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Fan That Fart wins it for the cocks, Sir Slurgeson Re Nose does a Wenger, choosing an average team to start, Cunt at Sunderland couldn’t finish them off, How ManUre manage to get undeserved draws and wins is beyond belief. Red Nose was looking at the watch when Sunderland were going for their usual. Steve Bruce has got to be a muppet not starting Gyan.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    It sucks that we didn’t defend to the death vs Sunderland, sucks even more that Wenger lost vs WBA at home, fielding Diaby, Diaby was the key to that loss…

  14. Gunnernet

    Wenger: Doesn’t like golf, loves Ryder Cup

    What a crappy headline at Arsenal.com one day before one of the most important games of the season.. Something telling me that tomorrow we will not have enough focus to cope with the importance of the game.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    WENGER says tomorrows game isn’t going to decide anything and he can beat Chelsea at Stamford bridge, well, as long as he doesn’t make block headed tactical mistakes, we can win that game. He has already went into the season light weight, lets hope Chelsea is actually featherweights versus good opposition. They have lost to Manure to start off, lost to Newcastle and lost to a no-chemistry Man shitty….problem is Wengers squad never take advantage of rivals weaknesses.

  16. pantsR2long

    It’ll be a hard fought 2-1 win for us tomorrow, Nasri and Arshavin will score, Nasri’s will be from the penalty spot, while Malouda will score for Chelsea in the first five minutes of the first half.

  17. Gunnernet

    With Cech Ivanovic, Terry, Alex, Ashole, Essien, Ramires, Mikel and Drogba we are talking about a very physicl side, however imo there isn’t much creativity with Lampard and Benayoon out. It’s very difficult to score against them, so the match is going to be decided to 1 maybe 2 goals. The key tomorrow will be our mistakes. Simply we cannot afford them against Chavs.. Make NO mistakes at defence and we have a pretty good chance at escaping with all the points from Bridge. We should cover better their breaks too. If we can stop their counterattacks it’s huge.. Patience Focus and Discipline needed. CMON GUNNERS!

  18. A.F.C Lambo

    Chavs will do us .Easy fodder. Too EASY TO WORK OUT. Flaby is a sad joke who has no business in the EPL. I worry for tomorrow. I would love to beat those wankers. Not going to happen . Wenger is a man lead by big pound signs not HISTORY AND LOVE . Follow that fool you AKB Wankers ……

  19. Jaguar reloaded

    The cunt Wenger should be sacked after tomorrow’s shambolic defeat.

    I would advice you to take rotten eggs to the stadium and pelt it at Wenger,after the match.He deserves it for his stupidity and greed.

  20. A.F.C Lambo

    you make me laugh. Top man
    True that Stupidty , thinking he can beat money with average shit players .

  21. Jaguar reloaded

    A.F.C Lambo,he doesnt care about financial fairplay,when he pockets his undeserved wages and a hefty bonus,and use the club’s money to pay the wages of shit like Dudaby.

  22. goonermichael

    You’re no different to a manc, chav or spu d jaguar. You want us to lose. You said we’d lose at sunderland and the spu ds. you were wrong so 1 out of 3 is worse than that cunt lawrensen.

  23. gambon

    Jaguar is a visionary.

    And on that note its time for a night out, see ya’ll for a pre-game doom up tomorrow!

  24. Rohan

    Jaguar would rather see us lose than win just so that his blind hatred can be sustained and he’s not proved wrong. He’s worse than a spud.

  25. el tel

    I am no AKB I am an Arsenal fan and Jaguar if we lose to the Chavs tomorrow I like you would want Wenger to go but if we win please promise to never write your anal total crap on here again.

    So Wenger loses he goes. Arsenal win you go.

    Try writing on Manccunt.com or SpudsRyou.com

  26. yangkamp10

    Evening folks.

    just seen yet another click on sky, promoting some bullshit promotion or another. and guess what, there is someone scoring against Arsenal. Its the second new one ive seen today. one was babel this season and the other shrek last year.

    They just wont quit with this shit. unbelieveable

  27. arsenal4ever

    @ reggie 57. just excuses like always. As long he is in charge probably not but if we dont win anything this season he has to explain a lot!!

    Holtby from Mainz anyone? He will be better than Ozil!!! Mark my words. He is just 20 years old!! Upcoming german national player!!

  28. Buddy

    Great lip syncing Chozzer, I always wondered what you looked like!

    More handsome than I imagined 🙂

    But still way more handsome than I imagine Jaguar to be….%)

  29. Rohan

    Yeah, Lewis Holby looks pretty special. Bit of English blood in him, German U21 Captain…he will be pretty good. We better get his hands on him before Bayern.

  30. HendonGooner

    Just hope it rains so much that the Stamford Bridge pitch get’s flooded and the game is postponed…..

  31. HendonGooner

    Oh Dear! FIFA 2011 is so realistic that they even have an Almunia goal-keeping fcuk up!

    Hee! Hee! Got to laugh….

  32. arsenal4ever

    yes rohan. we were already interested in him as he was in Aachen. but i think he owns schalke already and is only on loan at mainz. 8-10 mill should be enough. get him wenger!!

  33. Doublegooner

    Shame Wenger didnt fancy Van Der Vaart but £8 spent on a quality 28 year old is a bit steep !

    Our manager wouldnt want us to end up like Leeds or Pompey now, would he ??

    With channel vision like this & sticking with shit player, it’s why I believe he’ll never win anything again.

  34. goonergerry

    I t looks a lot like history repeating itself- we go in to this test once again seriously undermanned- Chelsea will be thinking its easy pickings again-and with this defence it looks like it is-but we can do better than we have in the last couple of years against this lot. We can start by not gifting them the game through defensive errors- and fight hard and organise the midfield and back 4.We can beat Chelsea- Manchester city have proved they are not world beaters.

  35. Arsene Nose Best

    man city have got a better team then us that’s why they can beat them and we can’t,they also know how to defend where as we don’t.

  36. TOM TOM


  37. Jaguar reloaded

    Sixx Pac
    We havent played a decent team either.Any team with true winning aspirations are supposed to win at Blackburn,and ours is not a big achievement.

    Dropped two points against Pool,Sunderland,Lost to Westbrom of all clubs.

  38. SUGA3

    and it’s not necessarily the case of our players being ‘shit’, as every single one of them has quality – IMO, Wenger has tolerated failure for too long for certain players to give a fuck… Le Hairdryer worked wonders against Pool, no? I reckon the players should either consider losing at home against a relegation fodder a dishonour and stay on the pitch until the last fan leaves to hear the boos – last season they hid behind their kids, how very clever…

  39. Db16

    Just a quick one guys. any travel advice for a fellow gooner? Need to get back to edgware after the game..what’s the best way? first time at the bridge for me today!