Almunia’s out for a while so Fabianski takes over, who will he play?

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Well tomorrow the Ryder Cup begins and hopefully we’ll trash the USA, so it promises to be a hectic weekend, the singles on Sunday clash horribly with the chav game so I will have two TV’s on the go, and maybe I’ll watch the Grand Prix on my laptop.

We know that Fabianski is in goal, let’s hope he plays as well two games running, he’ll need too that’s for sure, they won’t be as easy as Partizan Belgrade were though.

Let take a look at our options and see who we should play as our first eleven.


Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Nasri

Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin

I’m not picking Denilson, Clichy, Song or Diaby, we can’t out muscle the chavs, that much we should have learned by now, we can outplay them though, so that’s why I would field a team of proper footballers.

Gibbs gets the nod over Clichy on form, that my friends is how the team should be picked, on who’s performing, Song and Diaby haven’t been, Denilson has put in a couple of good shifts, but Wilshere, Nasri and Cesc are our best, most mobile and most deadly combination and they are our best chance of beating the chavs.

Up front we have less options but Rosicky is looking good and Arshavin is starting to click again, but please leave the penalties to the midfield!

Chamakh picks himself and he owes the chavs from last season, he doesn’t need motivating. If we lose this game we will start to separate from the pack, whilst it’s not must win, it is must not lose, but with this team I believe we can win.

Jack, Samir or Cesc can all play the DM role, all are tenacious tacklers and all three have vision, I would love to see them let loose on an ageing chavs side, love it.

Have a great day grovers, think about your favourite combo, no choice with the keeper though, still if the Arsenal team all back him, he must have something, so come on Lukas, show us some consistency.

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  1. Mayank

    Praise leads to complacency? Not really, if we win against Chelsea there will be a lot of praise heaped on the players, will that give them confidence to push on or make them complacent. You can’t really say.
    Against WBA we weren’t crap because of the praise but because we didn’t show any urgency and didn’t fathom they could beat us. Arrogance was the reason we lost.

  2. gnarleygeorge9


    I agree that form should be the reason a team is picked, but unfortunately constant injuries put a stop to that idea.

    Sounds like a big weekend of sport. The Ryder Cup sounds like a yacht race. Hope you enjoy the Grand Prix. It looks like being a year dominated by someone over 5 foot 2 inches in height πŸ˜†

  3. Ken

    I’m sure Geoff said the other day that the difference between Jaguar and other people that have been banned was that he never insults other grovers.

    “Yawn,fuck off to unculturedbullshit site,you retarded wanker.”


  4. DB10

    Me thinks Jag is a character created by Geoff or Pedro to deliberately post controversial stuff to keep everybody going. Nice ploy you two!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Gbenga

    @Gambon, i pointed out that match as a reference to the talent not as a case for him to play the next match. I am an apostle of players been selected based on form. However, i am matured and experienced enough not to criticise any young player. I can give you list of players that were called failures by people like you but ended up becoming great players.

    1. Drogba ?(Was not great until 26 years)

    2. Weah (Was called a waste of space while still in Africa)


  6. Jaguar

    I apologise.Yawn started the abuse.Not me.Its similar to people like QOS who pick on me eventhough I have said nuffin against them.

  7. afrogoon

    christ…..this post is absolute pants… geoffrey…you are slacking mate…buck up or……lol….we are going to need sagna at his imperious best because malouda,and as much as i hate him, is on fire..i would play gibbs ahead of clichy but if clichy starts,i hope he plays well…he owes us a lot with the performances he’s been displaying…..i would play a midfield of rosicky,song and wilshire…i dont want no out of sorts fab playing and getting injured again….he can come on after 60 or 70mins…hopefully we are two up by then…i would play arsh on the right of chamakh so he can peg cole back…also because i think clichy might need some help…nas can play on that flank.he looked decent when he first came and was playing there.CD pick themselves…ross and nas can switch positions….big game for lil jack…boss this and the media are gonna be all over him…
    ps..geoffrey…lay off the lines mare….worst arse post ever…..what was going through ya head???….fook me…

  8. gambon


    Diaby is not a young player.

    Comparing him to Wah & Drogba is stupid at best. These guys made it to big clubs late. Diaby has been at Arsenal, in teh CL, using the bst training facilities in europe since he was 19, and is basically the same player.

  9. Chris G

    Song is not out of form, thats a myth, hes just not being disciplined atm, and against WBA Diaby was still half injured. A midfield against Chelsea with Song, Diaby and Cesc/Nasri depending on if cesc recovers is way more superior to wilshere/nasri/cesc.
    At one point last season we had the best midfield in the league when these three were fit and on form. It has all the attributes of the perfect mid. Height, craft, mobility, finess and power. However when Ramsey comes back Diaby will really really have to up his game.

  10. Chris G

    Gambon and Afrogoon.

    Tell me how many positions and roles Diaby has played since moving to Arsenal, and also the amount of time he’s spent injured? Are you that blind to see an in form Diaby is probably our 4th best player? I know he can sometimes have lapes in concentration and a few wayward passes but not as bad as you’re making him sound.

  11. DB10

    Chris G Diaby is that bad mate! His case is similar to our goal keeping situation, given a lot of chances with little or no improvement!

  12. Gbenga

    And if you remember, Diaby and Walcott signed for Arsenal same season. Walcott has not really set the league alight. But like i stated, i can clearly see the talent in him and sure he will display such for a very long time…….same as Diaby etc

  13. Chris G

    How can his case be similar to our goal keepers? They’ve never had to more from position to position and they have never had the injury problems Diaby’s had? diaby is not Viera people need to remember that. He has better technique and passing skills than Viera and likes to push forward a lot. Diaby’s problem is concentration, he needs to work on his “mental strenght”.

  14. titan49

    hey guys. interesting lineup you’ve got going there. certainly very fluid and easy on the eye, totally agree with the selection of the back 5, but still, against chelsea in my opinion, the above formation suffers in two main areas.

    a) it lacks a natural holding midfielder. the last few times chelsea have beaten us has been on the counter, and although as you say either of jack, nasri and cesc can play the holding role, they lack the natural discipline for the position.

    b) it lacks strength on the bench. by placing all our creative players in one lineup, we lack firepower on the bench. there are no gamechangers who can come on and turn it around for us if for whatever reason we go one down.

    with the above in mind, i would give denilson a start as i think he has been quite impressive recently, and is certainly the most disciplined of our ‘holding’ midfielders at the moment. his tracking back has also improved and he looks stronger in the tackle too. yes he gave away a silly penalty midweek, but anyone who’s played football will tell you it sometimes happens. you think the ball is heading for your chest and it hits your arm. it is no reason to take away from what was an excellent performance from him overall. also his long range shooting might come in handy in a tight game. furthermore, i don’t think cesc should start. the season is a marathon and i would much rather he came on for 30 mins rather than risk losing him for another 3 weeks.
    my lineup would be:

    sagna – squillaci – koscielny – gibbs
    diaby – denilson – wilshere
    nasri – chamakh – arshavin

    there is plenty of battle in that midfield. diaby has had a week’s rest after his shocker against west brom (his first game back from injury is always a very poor one) and i expect him to step it up significantly. since cesc is not in the lineup, nasri and arshavin both start to provide penetration, fluidity and creativity. chamakh picks himself. this way, if things are going bad, we can bring on cesc, rosicky, and vela as attacking options, with the entry of the skipper being a major boost as we know. on the contrary, if things are going well, the entry of a rested song could see us boss the midfield, while clichy and eboue could also play further up and provide further defensive cover, as well as some pace for counter attacks.

  15. gazzap

    How lucky are Chelsea?
    “Carlo Ancelotti’s father Giuseppe passed away in Italy last night aged 87 with his son at his side,” read a club statement.

    “Everyone at Chelsea Football Club sends our deepest condolences to Carlo and his family. They are all in our thoughts at this time.

    “The funeral will take place in Italy on Saturday. Carlo will return to London for Sunday’s match versus Arsenal.”

    So Ancelotti can go to the funeral during the international break. They pick the fixture list and now they get the managers dad to die at the right time too!

  16. DB10

    “….Chelsea will probably be happy they have got Arsenal next – and whether he’s miffed or not, I bet Drogba can’t wait. Arsenal had better hope Thomas Vermaelen is fit because if Chelsea are not the same without Lampard, the Gunners need Vermaelen. Sebastien Squallici and Laurent Koscielny might be tidy defenders but you can bet neither of them will have come across anyone like Drogba when he’s facing Arsenal…” says a die hard Gooner by the name Jamie Redknapp

  17. Stu

    Oh good, we’re picking on Jaguanker.

    And what the fuck!! Diaby our 4th best player? Load of shit…in my opinion of course. He is always either injured, coming back from injury or giving the ball away needlessly. Then theres about 10% of the time when he is actually playing brilliantly..nowhere near enough though to be considered one of our best players.

    IMO if it wasnt for Ramseys leg break he could arguably be keeping Diaby completely out of the team by now.

  18. Stu

    Im actually sort of happy that Vermaelen isnt available. SO far for us he has been pretty poor in the big matches. At fault for both of Barcas goals (not solely though) at the Grove, og against chavski and some other mistakes that i cant remember right now.

    And even without the mistakes, if he was fit he wouldnt deserve to be in the team because Kos and Squillaci have been playing pretty well together…its the fullbacks that have been our weakness in defence…and the keepers too.

  19. Chris G

    If only Vermaelen had more vision and technique to play in midfield…. We would be a fucking rock! imagine a 4-2-3-1 formation with sagna,kos,squill,gibbs
    van persie

    That team would beat any team in world foorball.

  20. Chris G

    Our best players we currently have:

    – Fabregas
    – Van Persi
    – Arshavin

    An in form Diaby wouldn’t be too far from there.

  21. BOOZY

    Geoff very interesting line up you have there,i think it might just do the trick, but i’ve chosen to tinker it a little bit.
    1. rosicky must be arsenal’s most overrated player, the sooner ramsey, and walcott returns the better,
    2. if sex isnt fit i wouldnt risk him for just 3 points.

    3. lets consider playing clichy and gibss together, for the past games in which gibbs has featured, he attacking instinct has been superb, i’ll like to see what he can offer asan attacking MF.
    so here’s my shit-




  22. gambon

    Lol, Diaby 4th best?

    Players that are better include;

    Van Persie

  23. afrogoon

    diaby our 4th best player chris g…….fook me….you cant be serious mate…i do agree the boy is mad talented and can be one of the best in the world but talent alone does not make one a good player….whether due to injuries or a lack of ‘mental strength or just being crap’ diaby has not achieved what we all thought he could be…..i cant remember a run of four games where i thought diaby was one of outstanding..yes he might have the odd game here and there but he is nowhere near his talent suggest he should be…i would not give up on him just yet however….for me diaby and walcott are all in the same boat…they should have to justify their inclusions for now….and yes…walcot is not suddenly the next th14 because he has had a couple of decent games.

  24. YANGKAMP 10

    Chris G

    Diaby doesnt just suffer from concentration. Some games he just completely goes missing. this isnt about concentration, this is about desire and motivation. Sometimes he just cant get up for it. there is no other explaination how his performances can be at such different extremes game to game.

    I agree though that a midfield of Wilshire Nasri and Cesc will get steamrolled by the chavs. On paper the sentiment of “lets beat them with football” works, but in reality (as we’ve seen before) their phyiscality will dominate us.
    Jack and co “can put a foot in” but that is not the same as being defensively minded. Nor do they have the physicalitic and stamina to match Maluda (sorry about the spelling) Essien and Mikel. Diaby and song must find form AND motivation for this game, and at least one must play. That is what we pay them for after all!

  25. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    diaby our 4th best player? what a load of bullox.. He has 1 good game then has several below par/shit ones.

    On the post, Geoff that team will get raped through the midfield. We don’t have the physical presence in the team to overpower them, but a balance must be maintained throughout the spine all the samevand that sadly has none.

    Will almunia and cesc be fit? highly doubtful imo… cesc isn’t ready (it’s thursday and touch and go) and it’s not a must win. The high risk of starting him makes little sense.

    Song needs a bit of a griulling about his positional sense atm from wenger. If he continues with these marauding runs followed by a forward pass back to the opposition, chelsea will absolutely rape us on the counter..

    Then there is the full back issue. Sagna has been raped by mediocrity recently and malouda& cole down his flank are a very big step up from the norm. He needs a good game and as for Clichy, he is an unmitigated disaster and you can’t say it hasn’t been hanging in the air for a couple of years now.. Gibbs has looked confident, strong and is also playing well. Gibbs needs to start, but wenger will go with clichy out of nothing more than what I call “french loyalty”

    Everyone is dreading who will be no.1.. I’d certainly go with fabianski just because the kids confidence is high and almunia just needs to fuck off anywhere else.. Expect a dropped catch and goal on a plate for drogba then…

    v chelsea we need to be prepared for a 20min battering.. They will fly out the blocks looking for an early goal to crush our collective confidence.. The fact they played at home in cl and that drogba has had a week off means we might have to bring extra tubs of vaseline for which could be a perenial raping.

    However, we’ve only lost once this season.. But when the stats say we have had 6 penos and beaten 4 teams after they’ve gone down to 10 men. You really don’t know how good our start has actually been. This is a real acid test for the squad.. A Hammering (3/4/5-0/1) and we can pretty much right off the entire season. It will be “young, improving, mental strength” time from arsene’s mouth again and i’d rather slit my wrists then here his drivel..



    ivanovic alex terry cole

    ramires mikel essien

    anelka drogba malouda



    sagna koscielny squillaci clichy

    song diaby


    nasri chamackh arshavin

  26. Arse&NoseΒ©

    Diaby has heart when he plays for France. My feeling is he raises him self when he has players around him who he fears. With France he would not get away with a lazy attitude, with Arsenal you are never allowed to shout at another player.

  27. jay4741

    robins choco

    when i u look at the ur purposed chelsea line up vs our purposed team it gonna by boys vs men again, there team is stornger in every postion bar rameries, we are going to get spanked 4-1, and with drogba coming out in the paper today saying i up for spanking the arse we have ney chance.

  28. Mayank

    Seems I was right about us being the more commercially lucrative club compared to Liverpool. We sell more shirts than them and less than only Man U, RM and Barca.

  29. Chris G

    Gambon why the fuck is Bendtner, Gibbs, Squillaci and a couple other players in your list? I too get excited about the prospect of Wilshere and Ramsey aswell as Gibbs but Diaby is better as of now. Last season Diaby was one of our Best players for a lot of the season. Don’t believe me look at the stats.

  30. zeus

    The performance of Lukasz Fabianski against Partizan Belgrade on Tuesday proved what everyone within the Club always knew – that he has both the ability and mental strength to be top goalkeeper.

    And good morning to you all.

  31. YANGKAMP 10

    Robin’s is the best team we can put out.

    IF Song and Diaby have good games we will beat them.

    Sagna must get close to Malouda too.

  32. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    chris g – stats are for nerds and commentators. Even stan collymore has stats.. I’ll go with what i see week in, week out and the facts are although diaby has talent he has been at the club long enough to be a consistent performer and boss games at the top level.. He is still incapable of neither..

    All i see is 1 good game, followed by several poor ones, then he gets injured.

    wait for it…..


  33. Dutchman

    Cesc out for sunday, he is not selected with the spanish team. That’s big shit! Four f the bgest players for us out(walcott,fabregas,RvP,vermaelen)
    This is a facking joke! I would go for this:


    People are saying that we have a bad and small squad but look at this, ramsey,bendtner,walcott,fab4,RvP
    vermaelen,frimpong, all out and we have a good team without them, why do we always have so much injuries, the biggest problem from arsenal are the facking injuries, how can it be, that all our best players are always injured!!??

  34. jay4741

    it pisses me right fucking off every time we play Chelsea/Man Utd we never have our full team or our big players why are we the only team that suffers like this? our little pussies never heard of painkilling injections.

  35. Kushagra India

    I will play Nasri on the wings and Rosicky in the middle because sometimes Nasri dwells on the ball too long his decision making is too slow

  36. Kushagra India

    or why not Arshavin in the middle and Rosicky and Nasri in the wings Arshavin plays his best there his quick passing and shooting can be devastating for lumberjacks at the Chelsea back because they lack pace as was exposed by Tevez

  37. gambon

    We’re saved…..yet another 17 year old on the payroll!!

    Correct me i im wrong, but the other night didnt Flappy basically save 1 poor penalty and make one fairly easy save?

    And suddenly hes world class?!

  38. Dutchman

    Oh and wilshere is my favourite arsenal player.
    Love him !!! What a talent! Arsenal is the future in all things, they are one of the most valuable clubs in the world and it will all be positive for us. The likes of barca,united,chelsea,city and real m are going to have some really difficult periodes and we can spend! And we have the most propects of any other football-club. I’am excited to see wellington play for arsenal! Great future!!

  39. jay4741


    does not matter about the future if wenger is at the helm, cause u no he will never spend & even if likes of barca,united,chelsea,citeh are all in the red by millions they will still spend more than us.

  40. zeus

    Can one of you give me the link to the Arsenal online store that has Wilshere’s kit for sale.

    On the Arsenal America store, they still have Sylvestre FFS.

  41. David

    I had a bet with Rohan that Bendy will not score more than 15 goals this season.

    Seems like im very much on coarse to win it. πŸ˜€

  42. David


    Naa. Stoke is numero uno knee deep in scum…what a joke and shite club.

    I especially did not like how my stomach churned when pulis opened his mouth to have the nerve to say diving should be banned in the game and cite Nasri.

    What the fook.

    At least Bolton have a manager that is still sucking up to Wenger!

  43. David


    Gambon 4 goals in 2 games.

    I especially found it Hilarious that you werent on the cite when we were all here celebrating Walcott score his hatrick.

    Its okay tho.

    I know you know Theo is Class and will be Legend on the down low πŸ˜€

  44. David

    Top 10 Wenger-bullshitisms.

    1. “Goal Keepers are Class”

    2. We dont need a leader on the pitch. Leadership should be shared between players.

    3. Rosicky is like a new signing.

    4. JD is like a new signing.

    5. I didnt buy a DM because i dont want to “kill”

    (sorry i really meant to say Jack but i will later if Frimpong gets injured. And if Jack gets injured i will say J.E.T and if he gets injured i will say Eastmond)

    6. Forgetting the fact that he said the same thing about not buying a DM a year ago because he didnt want to kill Song, Denilson.

    7. Touring the U.S. for an extra 10-15 is disruptive to the preasons preperation of playing the likes of midtable teams from the Belguim league

    8. Its all about the football (money)

    9. 3rd Place is a trophy, you mugs are just too stupid to zee eet.

    10. Technology in football, not the kind that shows that I didnt actually make a bid for Lloris for 20m on deadline day like i said I did. Or that I made a bid for Xabi Alonso that was really around 50p and that my bid for David Villa was strong but he wasnt “available” despite somehow being magically available to transfer to barcelona.

    Its a crazy Wenger World.

  45. Kreshnik

    So Cesc not playing ? Let’s see maybe that actually works for better … weird but u never know …

    The thing I like most about Nasri is, he’s mean, he basically came out and said, fuck ya’ll, that was a clean penalty. That’s what we fucking miss, Wenger pampering em like babies doesn’t do them any favors. Gotta man up and start delivering now.

  46. gambon


    I think youll find I was, i dont only come on to further my own agenda.

    I do question the merit of a hattrick against a 10 man team, who are the most gung ho relegation fodder in history.

  47. David

    Well you see,

    If it was against 10 men it was even more impressive.

    They parked the boss all night long.

    And if it was against relegation fodder we couldve certainly used abit of that theo gung ho magic against West Brom no?

  48. rtist

    David.. regarding The Arsenal touring the States (not while Wenger is around, by the way): according to A..Arsenal would never do that because they aren’t interested in turning The Arsenal into a commercialized, profit-making entity..seriously, you couldn’t make it foot on the gas, one on the brake..

  49. BillikenGooner


    especially since we’ve seen how United and Chelsea touring Asia and the States have ruined their seasons over the years…

    …oh wait.

  50. David

    yeah rtist

    God forbid Arsenal FC become a commercialized “everything is about making profit” entity as its just funny how Wenger himself has confessed that he is under pressure from the board to travel to the states.

    To be fair to A,

    He does truly want to believe in the goodness of Wenger and Arsenal.

    Its just that sort of blind faith that “real” fans are all about.

    Certainly leaves you with one or two blushes after being slapped in the face with reality though.

    I cant even begin to count the amount of AKB’s, BKA’s, Wenger Apologists, Skeptics, Skin heads, and ACLF bloggers in disguise who came swore by their mother that Wenger would buy a GK this transfer window.

    Not that A, is anyone of those things of course πŸ˜‰

  51. rtist

    Exactly!..The reception (and turn-out) in the States to The Arsenal would surely cause the chin strap on Geoff’s pith helmet to slip..or not.

  52. David


    Come on! Dont be silly! What sense does it make that we should make 10m on a tour on the states and pass off the chance to play the 7th midtable team in Belguim?

    Your aving a laff arent you! πŸ˜€

    Oh I cant wait to see how Class Fabianski is on Sunday.

    Surely he’s going to prove himself just like he did in the Semifinals of the FA cup

  53. Gooby

    want money?

    buy honda, invest Β£13m gain triple in shirt sale and arsenal products sale in japan, get fans who would travel to see us. not real fans i know but it’s business.

    is mayigi good?

  54. JJ

    I like the team Geoff suggested but Wenger wont drop Song. I suspect that if Cesc is fit to start then Rosicky will be on the bench and Nasri will start in the front 3.

    Rosicky wasn’t great in Belgrade but did give a good cross for Chamakh’s goal.

  55. ardentgooner

    and where the hell is RVP… Nick B will be back after intl break…what about RVP….fuck i just hate the lack of info on

  56. Stu

    Touring the states would be a great idea if our club was actually in favour of spending money. Like someone said earlier, if we did tour the US, the money we make wouldnt be spent on improving the team.

  57. Stu

    Jaguanker, do you ever get sick of being a twat and always having a go at the same targets? How will you cope if we ever win a trophy or Diaby/Wenger leaves? I suppose you’ll have to follow them to their next club to give yourself something to do.


    Come on guys if we have no cesc, no robin, no verminator it will mean next to no chance. Fabianski cock up -drogba tap in 21st minute 3-1 Chelski and Trust me im an Gooner. CHANGE is all I hope for bring me back the real Arsenal not Arsenal the corporate enterprise.

  59. SFOGooner

    We paid x million for Vela and spent 3 or 4 years with him..
    But still manU pay 7 million and buy a better mexican striker in Javier hernandez.

    This shows the youth policy can be pretty expensive and pointless..

  60. Gooby


    that’s what wenger would pick, he may play diaby instead of wilshere.

    i’d go for:


  61. gambon

    Yeah, youth policies dont work, they just dont.

    The basic problem is that the best 16 year olds rarely are the best 26 year olds.

  62. Gooby


    yes i would.
    i’d defend with a 4 man midfield vs those dirty chavs. and let arshavin run between the lines. block the wing play

    since when 442 is stupid tactics?

  63. Rohan

    When the fuck did we have the bet?
    But yeah, I’m down for that. I would’ve bet 20 goals if you’d offered.. πŸ˜€

    Does anyone know when he’s back though?? Is he in light training now atleast..

  64. Rohan

    50-50 means he’ll play. Whatever, he rarely plays well against the Chavs anyway. RvP’s the man we’ll miss..he hates them with a passion…Nasri’s the man to watch out for imo..i’m going for a 2-1 smash and grab with a Nasri goal and MOM performance and the second goal being an extra-time winner with an overhead kick from the half-way line by Eboue. On that note, I’m off to lock myself in the library.

  65. pharo9ja

    Y’know, it’s quite amusing really. Every day Jaguar,gambon,BBK/Arsene Nose Best,Jimbo etc actually come on here and spout the same dribble. EVERY FUCKING DAY!!!
    Fuck! Wenger never reads legrove and if he did he’d still do the same fucking shyte he’s doing right now. YOU CANT CHANGE ANYTHING!! Every day these muppets do the same retarded shit and nothing’s changed with the club. Now if that is’nt being retarded(just like trying to walk thru a brick wall),then the word doesn’t exist.
    Wenger managerial style after 06/07 and he’s transfer activity(s)since the same period hasn’t impressed me but no matter how much I loathe him,I don’t get obsessed with the hatered as some of the muppets on here.
    Geoff for instance, criticizes wenger and the board and just like him, true grovers are here to celebrate a win right after a game like WBA. Some of them don’t come on when we win! How do u call urself a fan when all u want is to see ur team loose so u can say u were right? My question to these muppets is this-what do u say when a spud,chav or manc gets on your case regarding the team u claim to support? Do you defend the Arsenal or do respond with the same dribble you pour out here every fucking day? Now are you so obsessed with wenger that you fail to realise what is truly important-which is to support THE ARSENAL?

  66. Gooby

    Rohan, that would be a dream, eboue smashing it half way line and doing the frog dance to celebrate it.
    i want to be optimistic about cesc but wenger says it is more likely that he won’t play.
    it’s 48-52 then i guess πŸ™

  67. afcpaul

    cant agree with the midfield. Song is not there for his muscle he is cover for the defence and we are gonna need him at his best. it looks like cesc wont make it, so i would go with jack and nasri in the centre. agree with gibbsy instead of clichy, about time he got a good run in the side.

  68. hitman

    So leaving out all the thicko’s without a brain cell betwen them: Song, Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Clichy may do the trick.

    Brave selection G, dont out fight them , out play them.

    Can’t believe an AKB hasnt played the racism card against you with that selection. Not that your racist or anything like that.

  69. hitman

    Pharo. We support the Arsenal alright.
    We dont like being taken for a ride.

    Dont confuse supporting Arsenal with supporting the decision of the board/management. They are not the same thing. Just ask the fans of LFC.
    I will supporting the latter when they start making the right decisions. 6.5 years without a league title suggests they are not making the right calls hence our criticisms on this blog

  70. zeus

    DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP FOR THIS ONE. If things go well vs Chelsea it will be a pleasant surprise.

    No Cesc (less than 50% chance means he is out, Wenger just playing with emotions)

    No RVP.
    No TV5
    No Almunia (hehe, I know, I know)

    Thats a tall order as it is.

  71. hitman

    Chelsea will have to have an off day and our boys play out of their skins for us to win.
    A draw is possible as we have improved slightly from last season imo (but not enough to be competing for trophies)

  72. zeus

    Glad to see that at least some of us have a realistic of how this fixture is likely to go.

    Does that mean that if we lose by 2 goals or more we will be spitting blood come the end of the game?

  73. pharo9ja

    hitman,if u read my post I stated that I don’t agree with wenger’s decisions and I’m not happy with him nor the board. I’m on record of being on here and letting the board have some. So ur point looses merit right there.
    I totally agree with you regarding the trophy drought but my grouse is that some pepole actually wish the club failure. Now I don’t think that’s ‘supporting’. If we have issues(I know we do), as intelligent pepole don’t you think there’d be a better way to channel our grievance? There should be a way(intelligent and strong way at that) to let the management and board know how we feel. Surely that would work better than to be retarded. spouting the same crap everyday brings down the tone of the site.

  74. Honest Bill


    Haha no worries mate, we all are. I’m normally able to convince myself that we will win these sorts of ties, but i find myself unable to.

    That WBA defeat really took the wind out of my sails. I just can’t see us getting a win. They have a huge psychological advantage to us and we are playing tired players

  75. SUGA3

    evening all πŸ˜‰ blogging from my mobile, having just moved to Essex and waiting for the broadband to be installed – proper stone age shit πŸ˜† once again, I am not looking forward to the short trip to SB – whatever OGL and his acolytes may want to say, Chavs are the team to beat this term and with our customary injury plague, we have slim chance… thanks Wenger!

  76. hitman

    I didnt get chance to read ur earlier posts. Soz.
    You are right. We must always want the team to win on match day regardless whether we like the manager, board, players etc.
    But just cos some Grovers predict we will mess up doesnt mean we want them to mess up.

    PS I was referring to Geoff actually but its just a joke.