Almunia’s out for a while so Fabianski takes over, who will he play?

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Well tomorrow the Ryder Cup begins and hopefully we’ll trash the USA, so it promises to be a hectic weekend, the singles on Sunday clash horribly with the chav game so I will have two TV’s on the go, and maybe I’ll watch the Grand Prix on my laptop.

We know that Fabianski is in goal, let’s hope he plays as well two games running, he’ll need too that’s for sure, they won’t be as easy as Partizan Belgrade were though.

Let take a look at our options and see who we should play as our first eleven.


Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Nasri

Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin

I’m not picking Denilson, Clichy, Song or Diaby, we can’t out muscle the chavs, that much we should have learned by now, we can outplay them though, so that’s why I would field a team of proper footballers.

Gibbs gets the nod over Clichy on form, that my friends is how the team should be picked, on who’s performing, Song and Diaby haven’t been, Denilson has put in a couple of good shifts, but Wilshere, Nasri and Cesc are our best, most mobile and most deadly combination and they are our best chance of beating the chavs.

Up front we have less options but Rosicky is looking good and Arshavin is starting to click again, but please leave the penalties to the midfield!

Chamakh picks himself and he owes the chavs from last season, he doesn’t need motivating. If we lose this game we will start to separate from the pack, whilst it’s not must win, it is must not lose, but with this team I believe we can win.

Jack, Samir or Cesc can all play the DM role, all are tenacious tacklers and all three have vision, I would love to see them let loose on an ageing chavs side, love it.

Have a great day grovers, think about your favourite combo, no choice with the keeper though, still if the Arsenal team all back him, he must have something, so come on Lukas, show us some consistency.

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  1. pharo9ja

    I didnt call u a racist Geoff. I saw ‘G’ on hitman’s post and I thought it was funny if he was reffering to u and not Gooby. read my earlier post(8:00pm) I was reffering to u as an example of a true grover /gooner…why would I think u judge on colour? is this the first time I posted on le grove and have I made any trouble?

  2. SUGA3

    WBA was just something OGL should have eradicated after the Hull game – fucking unmerited arrogance leading to complacency at it worst… ‘here’s the deal, boys, you are no superstars and to date you’ve done fuck all, now go out there and prove me wrong’ – sounds easy enough, eh?

  3. pharo9ja

    probably Geoff banned me hitman,so u may not get my post…I also thought it was funny. I ‘m a black man and I don’t get upset with racist jibes cos I’m pretty confident in my ability. rember the gambon-franchise “all Nigerians are scam artist” issue? I’m a Nigerian and I was on but I never posted a comment on the issue. I ignored it.
    PS: Geoff, u ban me on a misunderstanding? I didn’t believe it was u Geoff, I had to check ur avatar to be sure. Still, where is the man that I look foward to reading his blog every morning for the past 2 plus years?

  4. Dutchman

    I think that arsenal will lose against chelsea and it’s not really bad then. Losing to wba at home was much worst, if we had win that game we would have been one point behind the chavs and if we lose against the chavs four, now we are 7 points behind chelsea when we lose. I know that you can’t say something about that but it are a lot of points!

  5. SUGA3

    no one on here wants Arse to lose, it’s just being realistic – we have played no one of note yet and we dropped points we shouldn’t have, which indicates that we are not a solid team and, quite frankly, by the look of things, remaining in the top four will be a tall order this time around…

  6. pharo9ja

    “Geoff for instance, criticizes wenger and the board and just like him, true grovers are here to celebrate a win right after a game like WBA. Some of them don’t come on when we win!”
    Geoff, now english is not my first language but I believe I was making reference to you as a true gooner with that comment above and that wasn’t the first time I ‘ve done that.

  7. Geoff

    Ok lets put it down to translation then, but you need to know that Franchise is Nigerian, he’s 6’6″ tall and a good mate of mine, and yes, he’s a black Nigerian.

    A top bloke though.

  8. SUGA3

    Dutch, being 7 points behind the leaders at this stage and after playing some shit teams should be considered a disaster for a team that supposedly has ‘title ambitions’, ffs…

  9. Dutchman

    SUGA3, staying in the top four is easy. Only city, united and chelsea are good, the rest is shit, we can easily stay in the top four but the title is an other story! liverpool is shit,tottenham is shit,aston villa is not really good. With our team we can easily beat everyone but we have always injuries. I think that we have a much better squad then the last two years. Just wait, we will lose against chelsea and then come close to chelsea. And i have always hope for a wi against the chavs, it’s just waiting of squillaci and koscielny are up to it to beat drogba. It’s a pity that vermaelen is out. With him we had a lot more chance, we conceded three goals against wba, what about chelsea then??!!

  10. pharo9ja

    Geoff says:
    September 30, 2010 at 21:29

    Ok lets put it down to translation then,….lol Geoff!

    I don’t think ur racist and I also agree that fran is a top bloke.I’ve been reading your post for over two years and even though,I dnt post all the time,I contribute my quota of suggestions. I actually praised u for being the first guy to post a positive post right after a WBA kind of day unlike people that rather we dwell on the negativity.

  11. SUGA3

    if you think staying in the top four is easy, then you have another thing coming… Spuds will be up there, like in 2006 – I hate that lot, but to call them shit is unrealistic: try telling that to Twente 😆

  12. Dutchman

    SUGA, i know, but you can’t say that we are already out, who knows what happened, look at the easy matches chelsea had. I think we have a really good squad, it’s only the GK that is really bad. We have to defend as a team against chelsea, so maybe i would play denilson instead of rosicky. And your talking bullshit if you write us off for the top four place, that has to be easy with such a squad! If we don’t be in the top four then wenger has failed and there will be real pressure on him. CL is challenge number 1 by arsenal, so we need to be in the CL.

    P.S. I remember that arsenal was out of the title race in november we were 10 points behind chelsea. The next moth we were top of the table, so everything can happen!

  13. Dutchman

    SUGA, the spuds were facking lucky against twente, three facking penalties, two were not penalties.
    Spuds are losing to everyone, wigan etc. They are shit and just mark my words, we will easily be in the top four.

  14. pharo9ja

    I agree with you right there Dutch! But it has to be said that Wenger still hasn’t been able to develope a winning mentality within the ranks…that, I think is one of his major failures.It ranks right up there with our trophy drought.

  15. SUGA3

    Dutch, I did not write us off, but let’s face the facts, shall we? Our superb squad has fuck all presence and it’s full of crocks and crocks-to-be, yet OGL did not do zip to address that… I would elaborate, but typing on the phone annoys the fuck out of me 😉

  16. Dutchman

    Suga, they lose to WBA, that’s the only match we were really bad, against sunderland we were topclass defensivly. But we played with a shit team against WBA, with the likes of wilshere ,nasri and rosicky we are much better, it was just a big fault of wenger to play diaby and eboue! ALso fabregas,vermaelen,walcott,bendtner and rasmey will be back soon(oh and walcott).

  17. pharo9ja

    @ KBW thanks my bro
    @ suga, true. and regarding the phone thing,pheeew!!I know what u’re going thru. I was using me phone yesterday right before the screen decided to go blank on, it was crazy.

  18. SUGA3

    conceding a sucker punch goal in the last second is nowhere near ‘top class’, mate… and the players you mentioned can’t stay fit to save their lives!

  19. kneelbeforewenger

    I can imagine us with a complete squad… Sadly, I’m afraid I can only do just that : Imagine.

    We are due an injury free season, i cant see it happening though. Our players are made of lead… pencil lead.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed though

  20. Rohan

    Good thing we didn’t get Joe Cole. He really would have killed Wilshere. And he’s playing like shite right..real real shit.

  21. Rohan

    Look, I don’t expect us to win, but it’s beyond me to go into a match with no hope at all. Even if I was a Peterborough fan facing Barcelona. I think part of being a football fan is having hope, hope that your team will do well…If that weren’t the case, what would be the point of just resigning yourself to failure.

  22. Rohan

    Can’t wait for Nicklas Bendtner to get back. If he were fit, I bet we’d have got a last minute winner against West Brom. Absolutely no fucking doubt….

  23. Corkgoon

    Manuel Almunia

    Bacary Sagna William Gallas Johan Djourou Gael Clichy

    Denilson Alex Song Cesc Fabregas
    Samir Nasri Emmanuel Adebayor
    Robin van Persie
    won 2-1 at the bridge 2008

    change, Almunia for Flap
    change gallas and Djorou for Squill and Kosiel
    Change Adabayour for AA
    Change RVP for Chmack attack

    why shouldnt we win ? why wouldnt denilson and Song win the midfield?