Arsenal cruise, Partizan bruise and Fabianski at last has a decent game

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We went to a tough country to play football, the stadium had a power cut because that’s what happens in these places, I expect it was done on purpose, however after an early predictable onslaught we soon settled into our stride, Jack and Arshavin combined sublimely to get our first, top drawer back heel from our little maestro and a great finish from Arshavin. One nil to the Arsenal.

Arshavin was unlucky not to claim a second shortly after but an overhead scissor type kick from their defender put paid to that so it remained one nil, until dopey handballed it for no reason from a 20 yard pass going nowhere, the dimwitted look on his face said it all, 1-1.

The second half started well and when Chamakh was brought down and the player was sent off, there was only ever going to be one winner, up steps the Russian hit man and dribbles it straight down the middle into the keepers grateful feet, still 1-1!

Soon after after two great headers from Chamakh we are 2-1 up. Not wishing to miss out on the aerial stuff, up pops Squillaci to make the score 3-1, so much for the stupid Belgrade banner that said in English that we were going to be steam rollered!

Gibbs took down their forward to give them another penalty but this time Fabianski went the right way. Shortly after that he pulled of a fabulous save, one of his trademark acrobatic ones that had Wenger gloating that ‘that was the Lukas I see every day in training’ Predictable Arsene, predictable.

Yes Fabianski had a good game, but that should be the norm, whatever he did last night, he should remember and try that in his next game, which I’m guessing will be Chelsea on Sunday.

A good all round performance from the team, after the shambles of Saturday it was heartening to see, I won’t do any individual assessment of the players save to say they all deserved an 8, well apart from two of them, I won’t say what two but one should get a 6 as he at least tried, the other a 3 because his kit looked good.

If you couldn’t see the two I’m talking about you couldn’t have been watching.

Fabianski had a good game so credit to him, but don’t forget, even a blind Squirrel occassionally gets an acorn, put a decent run together and maybe I’ll change my mind, we’ll see, but Arsene, if I were you I would save the ‘I told you so grin’ until after the next game.

To sum up, well done the Arsenal, great game, great play and Jack, you just keep getting better, keep it up son, we’ll soon have Theo back, Bendtner back, Robin back and Cesc back, then think what we could achieve! I’m licking my lips in anticipation.

Have a great day Grovers, I know I will.

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  1. Baafuor from Ghana

    Sixx, haven’t u been reading ma post?Read my post @ 17:40.I said he is no Drogba, Tevez or Torres.
    we shouldn’t put all the blame on Song for trying to play as if he was Cecs.It is Wenger’s fault!It is obvious Song has gone crazy and its up to Arsene to tell him to sit deep and protect the back four.For all u know, that is the role Arsene has given him.

  2. zeus


    Barca minus Messi = Us. Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass Pass and pass……………

  3. zeus


    Its like he has no brain at all. Why would you make a statement like that? Just shut the fuck up and get on with it w/out even a slight commotion. Dick.

  4. Pharo9ja

    Six, Igboe means blunt,smoke,grass, or if u prefer, indian hemp. That what its called in Nigeria. Igbo without the e is a tribe in the same ccountry that speak ibo.

  5. zeus


    I’d rather not hear him speak, EVER. Its like when Walcott was playing shite for 6/7 games in a row and the would plaster him all over the pasge saying ‘I’ll show what I can do.’

    Get on with it.

  6. Stu

    Every single Barca player is a cunt. All they do is fucking dive and then have a laugh when they get away with it. Especially Alves and Biscuits! I hope they get a serious injury the next time they feign an injury, noone goes over to see if they are alright and it gets worse. It would serve them right.

  7. Honest Bill


    i think that’s a gross exaggeration. He’s had a couple of bad games but for the most part he’s fairly solid

  8. zeus

    I so badly want Madrid to beat these cunts into submission, but whats the chances of that happening if Higuain is in such poor form in front of goal, Ronaldo is back to being a petualant whinny kid (a consequence of his baby son perhaps) and Mourinho insists on playing what seems like only DMs in midfield?

  9. Tariq

    Fuck! Bejrami off for Twente. I just put it on the spuds game so I don’t know know how he was performing in this game. But I saw him play live twice in the summer and he was tearing teams apart and got the pleasure of meeting him. Hopefully Twente can still slap those twats all over the field! BTW…what’s up with that camera angle??

  10. zeus

    Anyone know why future great Ever Banega is not playing for Valencia? Didn’t see him at the weekend either, is he injured?

  11. Honest Bill


    Anything which would have gone in if the keeper didn’t touch it, i think.

    I don’t have the actual rule

  12. zeus


    Maybe too early to tell, but they seem liberated and less dependent on a talisman….much like the Henry sale did for us.

  13. Erichero

    Just a small comment…

    I think the away kit looks pretty good. Definitely better than with the yellow shorts. It’s got a certain rustic, classic charm about it.

  14. Zorr0

    Song was poor last night. He has no footballing brain and he is starting to undo all the good work of the last 18 months by thinking he is Essien all of a sudden!

    One point near the dugouts, you could see he was going to lose the ball and then the whole world could see he was then going to pull the guy down! He is a twat and needs to remember he is only there to break up the oppo attacks and then give the ball to a decent footballer and get back in his position!

    Maybe that goal he scored has gone to his head!

  15. DaleDaGooner

    So the cocks get lucky peno, Fan That Fart sent off, ManUre scums get a win despite wack football. Should we have gotten Chicharito instead of Vela? The guy delivers, Vela, only when we are winning. Anyway, WE’VE GOT WELLINGTON SILVA!!!

  16. DaleDaGooner

    vINCENT eNYEAMA SCORED FOR hAPOEL…NICE, HE WAS Available to Arsene for a mere 3m Euros and he didn’t even wink at him back. A goalie that stopped Messi several times, good reflex and even scores ( we could have used him when Rosicky and Arshavin cocked theirs)

  17. David

    Actually i thought Song tried to do too much because he’s been watching Cesc too much. It shows he’s trying to learn and become a better player.

    Thats positive for you.

    Flappy however is still shyte.

  18. peter

    peeps, how many weeks is still left b4 van persie plays? I really need him back. @Dale, i’m a Nigeria n I share ur sentiment, but as far as i’m concerned, Enyema wont improve or solve our goal keeping situation, we dont need a penalty converting goal keeper nor a goal scoring DM. We need a short stopper and some one who is good at set piece, we should spend big on Sketelenburg, that Ajax keeeper is really wat we need in January

  19. peter

    @Stu, i said short stopper because most of the goals we have conceded are really disgraceful to us as a club. The Danny Rose strike at the lane, the keane’s goal still at the lane in CC, Drogba’s freekicks and strikes last season and many others…..our problem now is not central defenders rather a confident and reliable keeper to steady the ship….take chelsea and United as case study, i know how many times their defence has been bridged but for the heroics of Cech and van der sar, they still manage to keep clean sheets. but ours, once our central defenders are beaten, we pick the ball from our net..its really painful ad demoralizing…i must confess

  20. paul mc daid

    PETER,relax,we will get Maarten to be the short stopper then,STU,we will just have to continue our search for a shot stopper then,thats all.

  21. Rohan

    I really love the notion of this bet. In shaming Jaguar and resulting in him not coming on, we have basically rid ourselves and this board of him. HAHA..Pure genius.

  22. Ja_Gunner

    I hate Manure….go to Spain..park the bus and nick a 1-0…

    I hope Sunderland are well rested and are up for tearing them apart up there….

  23. Ja_Gunner

    “It was good to get back to winning ways and, hopefully, we can continue that against Arsenal It was important that we had a Champions League game on Tuesday and that we didn’t get a whole week to think about the City defeat. Now for Sunday, there isn’t really a lot of training. It’s the rest and recovery that’s important.”

    John Terry said this…..I wonder if Wenger is letting the players rest?

    Everyone has said he overtrains them……I wonder if this is the problem? When others a resting…Arsene has the guys playing one touch football still….