For Fabianski, it is another big chance – but you want a goalkeeper or any player to grab the chance when you get it

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That’s what Arsene Wenger said about our keeper yesterday so Fabianski will play tonight, funny, he said the same thing before the Spurs game, the one where Fabianski screwed up with the one shot he had to deal with.

I wish I was an Arsenal keeper, doesn’t matter how many times you screw up, or how bad you are, you still get paid, and you still get played, unless of course, your are Chezzer, still at least he gets to sit on the bench tonight.

The problem is, we all know Fabianski will eventually have a good game, then the manager will say, ‘see, I told you so’ and he’ll be our new number one for another season.

Ok onto tonight, a tough game against hard opposition, I understand Lansbury will step in for the injured Diaby, I would love to see his record, he just comes back from injury, and then he’s injured again, it’s time to get rid of him, his record is beyond a joke. Good luck Henri, I hope you impress tonight. Gibbs is back in the squad but it may be Clichy gets the nod, maybe Gibbs will get put out wide left, I won’t be upset with that, but I hope he plays one of the youngsters, like JET or Afobe, if for nothing else other than to put his toe up the arses of others.

I would also prefer to see Denilson over Song, but not both of them and if he plays Eboue, then play him at right back and not on the wing. Though having seen Song as the Arsenal player being interviewed in Serbia, it’s obvious who’s going to be playing.

We need to go back to our slick pass and move game tonight, Belgrade will be tough, but no tougher than the spuds were last week, this team are no West Brom!!! Play around them and jump the tackles.

Win this one and we’ll gain some confidence for the big one on Sunday. I may go for something different tonight, what do you think of this team.

Fabianski (cos he said, not my choice)

Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

Wilshere Nasri Lansbury/Eastmond/Denilson but I’ll have money it’s Song

Rosicky JET Afobe

It will be interesting, but he won’t play that team, he may however pick from that team and I would be happy if that was the squad and Chezzer came on at half time.

Either way I’ll be cheering the boys on, either way I’ll be screaming my heart out whoever he picks, have a great day Grovers, but hopefully a better night!

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  1. Keyser

    I’ve worked out the reason our goalies are shit, it’s because we’ve got such shit finishers at the club, we need to send them out training with other clubs before they come back to us.

  2. useroz

    We won but… what i wrote at half time, unfortunately, remained the same in the 2nd half…

    RUBBISH – Song…fucking poor as a DM…lost the ball in own half trying to be MESSi again, and led to the counter and, well, penalty (sure denilson couldve avoided it)… and other than that 1 pass to arshavin, almost all his passes went to thin air/ nowhere…is Song really screwed up after scoring that one goal??? He’s worse than denilson… at least denilson keeps thing simple and does his DM role okay… LAstly, Song is now resorting to blocking as soon as he;s losing the ball or the player and he bloody never learned from the red card!!

    ROSICKY has lost it.. couldn’t pass worth a damn or helping to injure our own players with crappy passes; couldn’t dribble, and couldn’t score 1-on-1…frankly i didn’t expect him to when he’s played thru… really lost whatever he;s lost – spark? finesse? pace? touch? i rather have JET there …at least he seems able to hold his ground, and shoot properly!!

    FRankly, DJ is not on… blame it on form,come -back whatever, but he’s not good CB…

    Others played okay; gibbs’s fine, wilshere a moment of brillance; arshaving should have shot instead of trying to find chamakh right in front of 6 yard box… couldve made it 2 nil before we missed the barrage of goal (gold!) opportunities …should have been 3 up…

    Have to add Sagna to the list of poor performers… nothing in attack nor solid in defence…so what’s happening??

    Watching Rosicky was painful… he really has lost it…lost the ball easily in own half, their half so what’s he doing on the pitch? yes, people would say he crossed the ball for chamakh… so okay, rosicky did one cross right the whole night!

    VEla is just as poor since he’s on… received the ball and almost always played it back, aka the-adebayorrrr way!! if Vela wanted to impress he failed miserably… towards the end, he lost the ball and we nearly conceded if not the reaction save from fabianski…who obviously played quite well but then, as pedro/ geoff said, if wenger keeps playing him despite the screwups sooner or later he plays one game well!!

    if we played like this on saturday, we’d be screwed!

  3. Arse&Nose©

    great atmosphere, but were they even watching the game? they cheered at the same level and tempo throughout, no dips or rises for major incidents…strange. Was it a tape loop? 😛

  4. Kingman5

    Good Result,Alot Of Positives To Take From The Game But The Usual Sloppiness At The Back And Mid Still A Massive Concern.If We Were Playing Against A Top Top Side,I’m Sure The Result Would Have Been Different.

    I Wish I Live To See The Day When Arsenal Are Losing 3-1 At The Emirates In Added Time And The Stadium Is Still Full And Funs Still Behind The Team As The Belgrade Funs Did,10/10 To The Belgrade Funs……..

  5. Gooby

    i am going to my first ever game on the 16th of october, but on TV i felt there was a lot more signing

    anyway i’ll see it for real in 2 weeks, can’ wait 🙂

  6. Keyser

    Who mentioned Amanda ? She’s like Arsenals PR person for the press conferences I think, maybe assistant, think she’s leaving or something.

  7. OPG

    Fabianski was solid, but had not much to do really till the latter part of the game where we got sloppy at the back. A very good penalty stop and a decent stop after poor defending.
    Credit to him but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Almunia has had good games and he’s still a liability.

  8. Keyser

    Ashley Cole doesn’t get the best press, but it impressed everyone at the leaving party for Arsenal media chief Amanda Docherty that Cole took the trouble to attend, four years after leaving the club. And the Chelsea left back can’t be too bad, judging by the great affection in which he is still held by Arsenal staff. Arsene Wenger was also there to pay tribute to Amanda, who had video messages from Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira and a telephone call from Thierry Henry.

    Read more:

  9. kneelbeforewenger

    You could tell what that meant to Flappy. Massive confidence boost for the lad.

    Hopefully like the commentator said, “he turns that one around, maybe turns his career around”

  10. Rohan

    Was it just me who thought Rosicky had a good game. His passing was spot on and he kept us ticking over. Nasri is turning into a great player for us and if we can somehow get Song to stay back and not think he’s Zinedine fucking Zidane, and get Cesc fit, we have a fair chance against Chavski.

  11. Keyser

    Denilson was sitting holding the midfield, Song was playing the Diaby role, or trying to, I think we’ll see him sit deeper against Chelsea though, depending on who plays.

  12. patthegooner

    Certainly not vintage,

    But happy with that result tonight.

    Good save by the flapper at the end too. I instantly thought he had palmed it in his own net at first given his form, but good save

  13. Rohan

    Against Chavski:


    Sagna Kosco Squid Clichy

    Wilshere Song Cesc

    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

    Very attacking, aggressive team. I just wish Walcott was fucking fit..he’d keep them on their toes if we were chasing the game if he came on as a sub ye know?

  14. Keyser

    QoS was wondering if he’s Jaguar, doubt it though, that’d take immense concentration and dedication, hope he’s ok though, aswell as Ethan.

  15. Rohan

    Mangoonian=Jaguar..hahaha, I’d bet Ethan’s house that weren’t true.
    mangoonian was pretty insightful in his comments, Jaguar’s just well,… Jaguar.

  16. Sahara

    Wenger has obviously instructed his more creative players to work the ball from deep positions. Explains why Song is almost always ahead of Cesc and Jack. Changes when Diaby is on the pitch with Cesc though

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Haha…gullible are ye….SO I SEE A LOT OF FABIANSKI PRAISE, Truf is, He’ll fuck up (hopefully not next Game) and ye all will resume lambasting him…funny are ye…LOL SONG HAS BEEN GIVEN THE LICENSE TO ROAM, Deal with it…LOL, He has also been given the license to make clumsy blocks like an NFL FULLBACK till he gets a whistle and screws his face like someone stole his lunch money. Lets hope Arsene drills it in his ears to STAY THE FUCK BACK. Sagna has resumed his awful and unnoticed play. Gibbs, well good going forward, still has to learn to defend. Wilshere over Diaby anyday, especially when Cesc is not available. Nasri is trying to take the realms, he just needs to know when to release and when to shoot. He needs to be a conductor and dictate how everyone else should play a la Cesc. Arshavin simply did not want to loose, he did what he always did, me a nuisance around the oppo box, good or bad. Chamakh hardest working CF, came all the way to the back to defend and collected the ball seamlessly before being hacked down, Song, watch and learn. Denilson, well, not bad, not great, but def better than Diaby and Eboue’s showing. Djourou is just making up the numbers, really…Squill, silent wall at the back, just doing, just enough to hold us in. Gallas couldn’t do that, bombs forward at the wrong moment. FABIANSKI, Well Wenger gets to say “I TOLD YOU SO”

  18. BillikenGooner

    I’ll be the first to hope this was the ‘turn around’ match for Fabianski.

    But I won’t hold my breath.
    It seems we have a couple of these types of ‘redemption’ matches for players every season only for them to reveal their shaky side again at a very inopportune time.

  19. Chris G

    Flappy got real emotional with that save. I do feel it for the lad though, you can tell the raw talent is there, but he really really is walking on thin ice. hope he puts his head down and work his ass off until he fulfils his potential.

    On the performance: Very very shaky at the start, but found our rythm, started stringing the passes together and causing them real problems.

    Wilshire was good, Arshavin was immense bar the missed penalty, chamakh worked hard- i do expect a bit more cutting edge infront of goal though, went down easily when he could have scored. Rosicky did his job well. A few bad passes but was good. Song wasn’t as badas you lot are making him sound, gotforward too much for my liking but passed well ad was our only physical presence in midfield.

  20. This is England

    Dale you sound dissapointed that Fabianski had a good game.No one is saying he is the answer but credit where its due.

  21. kneelbeforewenger

    On the difficulty of the game…
    Partizan gave us the game we expected – [they were] full of commitment, full of power on every break. We had a lot of the ball and created a lot of chances. However, we could not kill the game off and then we were always under threat. They came back with the penalty – afterwards we needed to keep the pace high and when we got the second goal I thought we looked comfortable.

    On Lukasz Fabianski’s performance…
    Fabianski had a good game, we have seen the player tonight who we see in training. He had a faultless game. I know it is in him. He got it out in the game tonight and hopefully that will give him the needed belief and confidence. I am confident he will come out as a great keeper, I have always said that. We have to keep confidence in him and he needs to gain experience from games like this. At the moment Almunia is injured, we will have to see how his injury goes but at the moment it is too early to say.

    On the atmosphere in Belgrade…
    The atmosphere is special here, but overall it was supportive and not aggressive – that is what we want in football. I respect that kind of support, it is fantastic for the home team.

    On the decision to substitute Jack Wilshere…
    He got a few knocks and I decided to be cautious with him. Especially in the first half Jack, Arshavin and Chamakh were a constant threat. I like what he did on the goal because it is quick, instant reaction.

    On bouncing back after Saturday’s defeat…
    For us it was important to win straight away after a big disappointment against West Brom. It puts us in a good position confidence wise. Sunday is a big, big game for us. I believe we will go there with a desire to do extremely well.

    On the power cut before the game…
    I thought it would be terrible to go home and not play. I encouraged UEFA when they asked if I wanted to play with one corner off, I said yes.

  22. Keyser

    They are both the answer until the January transfer window, unless people really want a gobby 20 year old who they all think has been exceptional in his youtube clips.

    I have nothing against Chesney, and I don’t know if it’s true, but when someone breaks both their arms lifting weights, there has to be questions asked.

    Fabianski isn’t going to turn it around on one game, nor is Almunia, especially when we’re giving away penalties left, right and centre.

    Our penalty save ratio is probably ridiculously high.

  23. gambon


    Is it any wonder that people are terrified that Fabianski had a good game?

    Having a good game tonight was good for tonight, but could be disastrous for us in the long term.

  24. incesc

    anyone got highlights?

    new job is killing my arsenal viewing.

    i did see a bit of jackie boy in snippets, the guy is basically maradona on peles drugs

  25. Sahara

    Good win. 6 points out of 6.
    Needless to add that we’d better be more clinical on Sunday. We probably will get no more than 1 or 2 good looks at goal. And much tighter at the back too.

    Hogging possesion in the middle third looking for the slide rule pass hasn’t worked much against big, quick and direct teams recently. Can Chamakh work Alex and Terry? Will Kozz/Squill break the apparent Drogba hoodoo?

    Here we go. A change is going to come soon. Sunday? Why not.

  26. Keyser

    I think he’s important to have when we don’t have the others fit, with everyone fit, he’s another quality option, you could play him like we play Bendtner and Van Persie together.

    I’ll just be happy to have them both fit.

  27. incesc

    i think he is first team every time we need him next to van persie

    we just have too many players now, if for once in 5 years they can all get fit at once.

  28. Keyser

    I dunno about first team every time, I know we get excited like this quite a lot and then we get about another 12 injuries, but if we had them fit we could just play who we need to for the team we’re playing that week.

    Against West Brom, it would have been good to have Van Persie in the middle because he’s not going to get crowded out and he can work himself space anywhere, or Walcott’s pace on the wing to keep players like Thomase busy dealing with our attacks.

  29. zeus

    On Lukasz Fabianski’s performance…
    Fabianski had a good game, we have seen the player tonight who we see in training. He had a faultless game. I know it is in him. He got it out in the game tonight and hopefully that will give him the needed belief and confidence. I am confident he will come out as a great keeper, I have always said that. We have to keep confidence in him and he needs to gain experience from games like this. At the moment Almunia is injured, we will have to see how his injury goes but at the moment it is too early to say.


    Oh for fuck sake. The first time he fails to drop a clanger in his 3 year Arsenal career and all of a sudden Wenger thinks he has been proven right. Pffffffffft.

    I said before, Fabianski knows where Wenger buried the bodies. Its the only explanation.

  30. incesc

    ok van p and walcott imo are first teamers every time. (i have always backed theo)

    but chamakh is getting goals and assists at a very good rate for his first season without being spectacular. He is already 10 times more efficient than bendtner.

    i want him in the team with nasri, theo. rvp, arsh, wilshere, cesc.

    they are my definates now. can we play with 3 defenders???


  31. Keyser

    There’s room for them all, the amount of red cards that are shown in our games we could just get someone to play for the other team.

    Bendtner’s got his uses to and he’ll have someone to compete with now, like the Blackburn game, Van Persie plays in Walcott like only he can, goes off for Chamakh, who also played well doing all the dirty work including nullfiying Christpher Samba.

    I want us to go to Stoke, and put Bendtner, Chamakh and Van Persie up front, getting JET to launch long throws from 50 yards away.

  32. peter

    song is real shit=fact. he really dipped in form….cant even pass the ball or make good decision always lazy and commits a lot of free kicks

  33. incesc

    haha I love it, do we play stoke after xmas?

    maybe we should buy delap just for the stoke game. we have enough spare cash laying around

  34. paul mc daid

    Songs passing was a disgrace for a professional footballer,some off our players are so over rated its not funny,a few off them are championship players at best.

  35. Ray in SF

    Bill if you go slightly crossed eyed and when it starts to change, just keep looking long distance and don’t try to focus

    sounds like a few of our players?

  36. Ray in SF

    Song was playing Cesc’s role and playing it badly… just imagine what Cesc would have done with that amount of possession in those positions

    that being said, Song still adds a lot to the team when he stays back and provides coverage for the defense… hopefully AW will insist on this for Sunday

  37. Honest Bill


    I’ve heard all the techniques i just can’t see it. everyone around me is going wow that’s amazing and i’m there going all googly eyed like a muppet.

    I’m starting to think this is all a lie.. I can’t believe they got to you too…

  38. Honest Bill

    I also see things which aren’t even in there. I’m like oh my god I saw it, it was letters.. and then i see the picture which reveals what’s in it and it’s a fucking shark or something… This is an outrage

  39. Ray in SF

    look at an object in the room with both eyes through a ring made with your index finger and thumb (at arm’s length) if you then close one eye then the other you can see how dominant one eye is over the other… if you want to

  40. Keyser

    Don’t lisren to Ray he’s jst trying to make you look even more stupid.

    What you actually do is bend over and put your head between your legs and touch your toes, then look down your nose until your eyse start to water and you fall over.

  41. incesc

    do your eyes naturally look i different directions?

    a lot of people have it to different degrees.

    if they do you probably cant see it…

  42. Keyser

    Are you looking at them on paper or off the computer screen ? I usually can see them on paper, but I’m struggling this late on the computer screen.

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    Got up this morning, fresh from a good nights sleep, showered, dressed, cupa tea, etc. Sat down on the comfy couch, turned on the tele, & realised that CL footy was on overnight.

    Tried to get scores from Fox, but no go 😉 Turned on SBS who were showing chavs 2 minutes in. Turned on ESPN & low & behold, before my eyes its the Gooners 1 minute into the game 😛 I’d say it was delayed coverage, but I didn’t know the result, & didn’t need to be anywhere in particular till 9.00am.

    Now that is one of lifes little pleasures.

  44. goonergerry

    A great result-some good performances and some flaky. Make the most of it because we are going to get our usual drubbing on Sunday. No way is our midfield strong enough-Essien will thinks its christmas.

  45. LAzer

    I thought Denilson had a good game today. He should have taken his arm out of the way as the ball was in the air for a while it seemed but he had a goal saving tackle earlier to negate that. Thought he ran his socks off and made the simple passes to keep things ticking over he so often gets lambasted for.

  46. LAzer

    Song needs to shield the back four a lot better, that is what he is there for. If Cesc is fit we play Wilshere and Song with him in mid. Nasri on the right, Chamakh and Arshavin the other two. Has to be Sagna at the back, the RB is going to have to play against Malouda so it will be a very important position. I know we will go with Clichy but Gibbs has a better cross on him I think.

  47. LAzer

    If Cesc can’t make it than Denilson, Wilshere, Song with Wilshere playing up. Nasri still on the right. I think its best to have Rosicky off the bench. If Wilshere and Nasri are in midfield together we will get overrun I think.