Howlmunia puts £56million profit into perspective. Ratings and match report

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You can patch up the defence, you can brag about millions in the bank, but top class football always comes down to the same thing.

Top players.

We’ve known for the best part of 2  years that Almunia isn’t top class. Jens Lehmann said this in December 2007.

‘I am a football player every day and don’t like watching if someone is playing who has not got my class. And if nothing is changing, I grow angry’

Almunia doesn’t have half the class of Lehmann and today demonstrated why he isn’t good enough to sport the number 1 jersey of Arsenal. His first calamity was when he came bounding out of his area and smashed the forward over. He saved the penalty, but that wasn’t the point. The point was he gave away the penalty in the first place!

His second mistake came when he dropped his knee a full yard and half away from the boy and allowed the shot to slip into his inside post.

His third error arrived when once again he launched out of his area, realised he wasn’t making it unless he clattered the player, tried to make his way back into the area and allowed WBA to pass into the net. Worst thing, it was one of our English youth team players, Jerome Thomas.

That my friends is the fault of a manager who believes in the P&L over the Premier League, that for me is negligent. As I’ve said in previous match reports, Almunia isn’t good enough, as fans we over praise him when he does the basics right like he’s doing us a favour… and we support him. Today, the home crowd jeered him. Is that right? Probably not. Do I sympathise? Totally. We shouldn’t be watching a player who has never proved anything dropping clanger after clanger in the Premiership.

That was a message to Wenger. We don’t care about record profits. Spend £20million on a keeper and we still have £36million profit. So Where is our keeper? Even if we’d signed who we were after, why is Schwarzer our number one target? We’re better than that…

We were told by Wenger he has cured the defensive issues, we shipped 3 goals to a very average team, Arsene, you’ve cured nothing.

On the performance, well, it was flat, it contained very little urgency and if anything, it was complacent. The team selection was odd. Jack Wilshere had just played the game of his life and he was dropped, Eboue slipped in hopelessly in midfield and Song came back from suspension and performed like crap, again.

Chamakh had a very average game,  his control was off and he barely had a shot. His work rate was high as always, but nothing else clicked. In fact, it’s difficult to praise anyone other than Nasri who performed extremely well with a driving performace.

The defensive mistakes were school boy. Watching Eboue get mugged by a West Brom player was pitiful viewing. Watching our team of technicians make bad pass after bad pass was painful.

Arsenal are like the London Philharmonic Orchestra. When everyone turns up to to work sober and in the mood, no one can match the music we make on the pitch. However, if the triangle player turns up in his pink boots after a night out on the orange juice, his mistimed chimes can ruin the whole sound and put others in the group off. We’re a finely tuned machine that can’t work if a few of the cogs are broken. Chelsea, despite losing to City are like the Libertines or the Clash. A string could break, the lead guitarist could fall off the stage, the drummer could snap a stick… but somehow, you still wouldn’t notice if you were listening.

Don’t forget the chavs lost to a highly rated City, both lost in the Carling Cup, so don’t blame the Carling cup on our performance, it didn’t stop City winning, and don’t forget WBA got stuffed six nil by the chavs, and we have to play them next, oh boy, God forbid.

Player Ratings by Geoff

Manuel Almunia 1

Bacary Sagna 3

Sebastien Squillaci 3

Laurent Koscielny 3

Gael Clichy 3

Emmanuel Eboue 3

Andrey Arshavin 6

Samir Nasri 10

Abou Diaby 3

Alex Song 3

Marouane Chamakh 5

Tomas Rosicky 6

Carlos Vela 3

Jack Wilshere 6

I gave Nasri a 10 because he played 120 minutes in midweek, hit the bar and scored 2 goals, I said before playing Song weakens our team, playing him with Eboue and Diaby is taking the mick, it’s a disaster.

I’m sorry if I upset anyone with Almunia’s 1, I know I was giving him too much but I couldn’t bring myself to give an Arsenal player a zero. The manager refuses to blame him, are you blind Arsene? Time to get rid of our two shocking keepers, time to promote Chezzer and Mannone, I don’t care how great our number 1 and 2 perform in training, on matchdays, they are shite, simple.

Today I’m marking the manager, he spent all week telling the press how great he is, he forgot to manage his team though, so I’ll give him a 1, same as Almunia, get over yourself Arsene, you are our manager, get back to managing.

Have a great day grovers, you work out how to, I can’t!

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  1. Rohan

    It really is a pity with RvP. When fit, he is easily one of the best strikers in the world. That pass for Theo against Blackburn can only be executed by a few..RvP is a top top class player…
    I would keep him even if he’s constantly injury prone. Vela is the one who needs to show up. Once Bendtner’s back, we’ll be loaded. Yes, RvP is probably a luxury player, but what a fucking player he is. One of te few players in our squad who can create something about absolutely fucking nothing. Also a proper gooner and leader. When Cesc leaves, there should be no two ways about it: RvP captain. Vermaelen vice captain.

  2. reggie 57

    Suarez is just another kezman! overated striker in a piss poor dutch league and we all know what happened to him……..

  3. choy

    Nikki B thrives in situations like the one we had on Saturday.

    Last minute equalizer or winner needed!

    Only one striker at arsenal capable of delivering that!

  4. Rohan

    Hell fucking yes, choy. He has saved us so many fucking times. If ever there was a player who has penchant of scoring hugely important goals, it’s His Royal Pinkiness.

  5. Rohan

    Bendtner may not have the dynamism of Chamakh or the poise of RvP, but he’ll score goals for you, he has the knack of being in the right position at the right time. When all our attacking players are fit, we have a forward line to rival anyone really.

  6. Keyser

    I dunno if he thrives on situations like that, but he’s popped up with some key goals, he’s more accustomed to the Premier League than Chamakh, and he’s more adventurous in his play even if it doesn’t always come off.

    With all these injuries it’s not that the players we have coming in aren’t up to it at all, it’s that they’re not always going to be able to break down teams that set up to hit us on the counter with pace.

    Walcott got contiually slated last year, but the simple fact is that his pace is frightening for defenders to the point where they think twice just because it’s him.

    Likewise Van Persie or Fabregas, all Van Persie has to do is turn onto his left and they know that they’re going to have to put in a block.

    We’re playing 3 games a week, we’re stretched at the moment, we’ve got defenders who’ve played a handful of games for us, we’re just going to have to tough it out.

    It’s why Nasri and Arshavin need to step it up for me, Song’s pushing forward because we’re struggling where as it should be Nasri and Arshavin taking centre-stage because their completely capable of doing so.

  7. arsenal4ever

    six you cant compare the loss from barca against hercules like ours. they had a lot more chances like hercules. we dont!! we were simply shit!! gutted if alm or flapy will start on tuesday but this will be the case :-(.

  8. choy

    I don’t keyser, we talk about our attacking players all the time but its really our defence that lets us down all the time.

    We just can’t keep it tight at the back! We were down 3-0 yesterday and it’s almost impossible to come back from that.

    We really need to sort out our defending starting with Almunia.

  9. Rohan

    Nasri’s doing so and doing it well. He isn’t the sort of player to thread balls day in day out but he’s putting in a shift and its yielding results so much so that he’s probably our most important attacking player w/o Cesc and RvP.
    Arshavin’s the one who needs to step it up. If he’s not going to put in a shift defensively he’s needs to step it up when we attack. I know his stats are good but a lot of them were when we’re already winning. He hasn’t really made a defining influence in a game so far.
    As far as Bendtner goes, I’d say he does thrive on situations like that. In those times, you need to take risks and be confident in your ability and have unshakeable self-belief…it’s more about grit than anything else really-As far as confidence goes, Bendtner wins the Ballon D’Or

  10. Keyser

    choy – It’s both sides, look at how much pressure our defence soaked up before it cracked against Sunderland, we’re an attacking team, so our defence should start from the front.

    At the end of the day our attack matters as much as our defence, look at who’s missing, it comes down heavily on the attack.

  11. choy

    I think that’s where Wenger is wrong.

    He’s built this team on attack. Maybe we need to rethink that if we really want to win something!

  12. Keyser

    Rohan he score the second against Blackburn, he did almost nothing apart from that in the game, that’s what he gives you, he’s someone you either give complete freedom to, or you give him help so that he can pick and choose when to do what.

  13. Keyser

    Choy – It’s not wrong, you just have to be able to adapt to different situations, it’s like Rosicky, he’s not the same player he was two years ago, but watch him against Tottenham and he made sure the younger players always had an outlet someone to pass to, he knew when to slow the ball down and when to push on.

    Every team has key players, 3-4 that lead the team on, who’ll do the right thing when the team needs them to in any given situation. You either keep them fit or you’ll struggle.

  14. Honest Bill

    Arshavin looked like one of the only players who could be bothered.

    He clearly just struggles with fitness. He never gets rested

  15. Keyser

    People weren’t too impressed with Lansbury, and it might just be a one-off, but the way he just took Sandro out because he knew the team was stretched is something like that.

  16. Rohan

    True, Keyser. I quite like Lansbury. Not outrageously talented but keeps it simple and is pretty clever and as long as he works hard, he’ll become a fine player

  17. redgooner

    You seriously need to take your head of out the sand and that is putting it politely.
    With no defence in front of you its imposssible to survive what went on the other day he made about 6 good saves and saved a penalty that he had to come out and commit to because the 4 muppets infront of him left him wide open. They done the same on the third goal. I have seen lehman and seaman make plenty of mistakes in their time also and that was with the best defence ever.

  18. Rohan

    I’m tempted to drop Arshavin against Chelsea and play Rosicky there. You atleast know what you’ll get with him. However, Arshavin is a match-winner and he just might pop up with something special. It’s a dangerous game. If only he had could be arsed to put in a shift defensively…………..

  19. Keyser

    Lansbury’s got good technique, but he’s more the energiser type midfielder I’d say, like Wilshire pulling the strings, Frimpong sitting, Lansubry and Coqeulin running around endlessly, challenging, mopping up making runs forward.

  20. Keyser

    I don’t think we can drop anyone, Diaby looked completely off the pace on Saturday, but the way we’re going we’re not going to be left with much options either way.

  21. Maksud90

    Would Reina be eligible to play for us in the CL if we get him in January? Or will his participation in the Europa League make him cup-tied?

  22. arsenal4ever

    I ve meant your comment before sixx pac. Anyway we need to sort out this bullshit asap. Who can tell Wenger to do that? I dont believe he is the right man anymore. Fresh blood is needed who has real hunger to win something. Wenger already to long in charge so he is settled. No preasure no desire.

  23. Gooby


    he performed in a “low league” and didn’t need transition, if a player is good enough he’ll succeed anywhere.

  24. Keyser

    Gooby – You mean in comparison to the Dutch League and Suarez ? I think in recent years the French League has fas been far stronger, but at the same time it’s also a lot closer to the sort of physical challenge you get in the Premiership.

    Drogba was still pretty raw when he came over, he developed late I think and I think he’s improved quite a bit since he first started out here.

  25. Gooby

    Maksud90 says:
    September 27, 2010 at 00:27
    Would Reina be eligible to play for us in the CL if we get him in January? Or will his participation in the Europa League make him cup-tied?

    he’ll be cup tied

  26. Keyser

    I think Pulis has grown some balls and is trying to use the media to his advantage, he’s probably had a crash course conducted by Fat Sam.

    Also would love to hear what Mourinho has to say about Fat Sam’s comments.

  27. Gooby

    mmm Higuain is scoring 1 every 134 567 shots.

    out of the lot, i’d get aguero like somebody mentioned it. but i reckon he’ll end up at barca or inter

  28. Stu

    Apparently Higuain is very clinical. A few months ago when we were discussing strikers clinicality i remember Messi and Higuain were the best 2. Bendtner was also above VP. Dont remember who posted it though…i assume it was Ray Gooner.

  29. Limestonegunner

    I couldn’t stomach having a player like Suarez on our team–cynical cheater really robbed Ghana. Higuain, fantasy!, would be fantastic. But coming back to reality for a minute, what should we expect for Partizan.

    I say start Denilson. I know, heresy, which I can’t believe I am adhering to. But we need some organization, accurate passing, and possession. Denilson can provide that. Pair him with Wilshere and Nasri in midfield for creativity. I am concerned about Song wandering forward too much and giving the ball away. Diaby looks out of his depth without Cesc there, so that would be my midfield. And frankly in the last few games, I think our weaknesses have come in our midfield.

  30. zeus

    We have so many players injured the team basically picks itself. So much for the GPS system. We hardly ever have injuries due to fatigue.

    Its broken bones and ruptured this and that. Pffffft.

    Massive Higuain fan, but currently he is going through some shite form. Madrid can barely get a goal. I suppose its not just him, its Ronaldo as well.
    If the Madristas get on his back too much, which they apparently are, he can come to us.

  31. Limestonegunner

    Zeus, it is Mourinho’s malign influence. He can turn any team into a binary machine of 0-0 or 1-0 results. Higuain is quality.

    Does the team really pick itself though–Diaby, Song are more or less fit, but I wouldn’t start them. Arshavin or Rosicky? So there are some choices in the front three and back three. Sagna or Eboue at right back–both had bad games but Eboue was playing forward, so maybe he needs a spell back in defense.

  32. Almunia=nosilverware

    The heat should not be directed at Almunia, but rather Wenger. Everyone can see he is not top class, and yet Wenger keeps losing points/games with his pathteic goalie tandem. No silverware and you know Fabergad is gone. What then?

    I know thise may sound dumb, but I wish Wenger knew how to min ugly ala Morihno. Sometimes, you have to grind out a win, when Plan A is being snuffed, and I just don;’t see Weneger’s current cast of lightweights getting is done.

    Song, Diaby, Aknubia, Flapp, all need to be jettisoned.

    Getting sick of Wenger. Chelsea will destory us

  33. Rohan

    @Bill, that’s cause you’ve never hit a shot at top level. I guess that’s what you subtly intended anyway so I’ll stop now and get on with my all-nighter.

  34. AA23

    Van Ambulance is a terrible “pun”.
    Need to improve that.
    Van Paramedic at least includes the “p”.
    Still abysmal but for fucks sake at least make the effort.
    Rip van persie?
    Slept for 100 seasons?
    Even I’m struggling. But Van Ambulance is just shite.
    Fuck off with that.
    Sort of muggy shit that Faguar would come out with when he’s wearing the family fez that doesn’t fit his fat head anymore.
    Just kidding fatty!

  35. elz_gooner

    the ratings made me chuckle, although the result wasnt anything to smile over. shuda just thrown the zero at alamunia. and nasri 10 aswell loool

  36. Rohan

    I didn’t catch that part..I tend not to read negative posts. But then, yes that is quite preposterous.
    I don’t think he says that’s because Diaby is Wenger’s lovechild because he’s French or anything now does he.
    That’s what irked me.

  37. Rohan

    Fair enough, but Nasri was practically holding the team up by himself yesterday.
    As for Bendter, let’s not go into that just yet.

  38. LAzer

    You know I refrained from coming on here and it looks like quite a lot followed suit with only 300 responses or so. I am sure we are all in abject dismay and depression losing at home to the fuckin Baggies. That is such an embarrassing proposition it is almost hard to even fathom after the fact.

    Anyways still wanted to decompress and share my thoughts with everyone.

    First off after the week of nonsensical gloating by Arsene a very deep evil part of me felt almost some sort of sick satisfaction his team suffered at the hands of such an underwhelming opponent at home. And this is “his” team, the team he spent next to nothing to assemble only to short change us year after year by his frugality. Arsene you can talk big all you like after the financial results but it is a total lack of responsibility not finding us a keeper in two seasons now when everyone and their mother has known what we have is not adequate to win something.

    In Cricket they say form is temporary class is permanent. And so it is with a GK, they may get you through some games but sooner or later a classless muppet will be found out at a key moment. And that is what the PL is all about, a season always comes down to how your team dealt with those key moments, be it against the Baggies at home or Birmingham away.

    Arsene was right to say it was a team that let him/us down but we could have still scrapped through if Manuel doesn’t go chasing a ball and saves a routine shot at the near post. It was almost odd, like he wanted to commit hara kiri or something. He rushed a player when Koscielny was leading him away and gave up a penalty, bent down with angled knee to turn a shot in and than chased a player all over the penalty area to give up an obvious goal. Totally lost the plot in my book. If I was Arsene I would bench him and bring in Wojiech or Vito. The buck has to stop somewhere, we can’t just keep on dropping points forever, enough is enough Mr. Wenger.

  39. zeus


    Its never too early to start panicking. Though this isn’t early, its two years in the making. Lets see what the team is for the midweek CL game.

    Specifically, who is in goal. You just get the feeling th only language these people understand is that of money and until we get so pissed and stop turning out in numbers at the Emirates (I’m not advocating that BTW) then nothing will change.

    Still only 4 points behind, lets see what happens over the next 7 days. A big week ahead.

  40. LAzer

    Its not gonna change Zeus. We know Almunia in the long run is simply not good, we are the only team to give such a goalie a long enough run to know that for a fact. In the key moment, sooner or later he will falter and it will cost us again and again and again. We were panicked here since the day the window closed and we didn’t add a keeper, it is all just coming to fruition as per usual.