Rosicky was surprised with team selection, Wenger means business at last and Gibbs is on the mend.

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Tomas Rosicky said the boss took everyone by surprise by picking a team from the first team squad, it shows he wants to try and win it, the fact he has not bothered for all these years is beyond me, but with the chavs, scousers and shitty all out now, we stand a real chance of winning if we can avoid the mancs, well it is the Chinese year of the trophy isn’t it?

I was thinking when I watched Chris Smalling score for the mancs last night how Arsene has never had a home growner make the first team at centre back, Djourou doesn’t count as he’s always injured and used to be a DM, like Song, who really isn’t a CB, after 13 years, I find that a bit strange, but after my initial caution with Kozzer, I’m pleased to see we have finally got 3 centrebacks that I would call world class, and aside from our keepers, we for first the first time since the invincibles, look solid at the back.

Yes I know we had Senderos and Upson, but they were never in the class of what we have now, so they don’t count.

Well done Arsene, for finding some decent CB’s and for trying to win the league cup at last, you saw how much that meant to the fans, beating the scum away was the perfect lift for the coming weeks, as much of a downer as it was for the chavs to lose, magic.

I thought Gibbs and Eboue worked better than Clichy and Sagna, I hope that makes those two buck their ideas up, now they have some real competition.

And to think we did all that with 8 players out, and that’s what I find so amusing about Van der Vaart’s comments that the spuds are bigger than Arsenal, mate you may have had some youngsters out there, but you didn’t play our first team, ha, ha how funny was that to see Harry’s face at the end, priceless!

I’m not quite sure what Lansbury’s position is but the more he plays, the better he’ll become, so if he is in line for DM, that gives us quiet a few options, Denilson, who I thought played well, Song, Eastmond, Lansbury (he can play there) and even Vermaelen, so for the first time I can remember, we have cover all over the pitch, we have Bendtner coming back very soon, Robin, JET, Chamakh, Vela, Walcott and Arshavin up top, we are well equipped, now we have to go out and win something.

Jack Wilshere starred against Braga, played a cracking composed second half against Sunderland and bossed the spuds, proving we don’t need to rest players as much as we thought we did, if he stays clear of injury, he may get player of the year, never mind young player of the year.n

Watching us beat the spuds on Tuesday gave me as much pleasure as winning the FA cup, I was beside myself and spent the whole evening racking my brains for a spud I could text, but who has spud friends eh?

Have a great day Grovers, we finally have a season to look forward to, and the players who can deliver, and don’t forget, we still have Ramsey to come back, as Pedro would say, Happy Days!


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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Oh Mayank FFS!!! Mannone was afforded a run of games, including a CL group match, and he has proven he is better than Flappy….please stop it, Szczesny is miles better than Falppy, I don’t care what your argument for Wenger not playing him against the Spuds is.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    According to Jaguar’s beliefs, Fabianski can secretly speak french, that’s why he starts ahead of Mannone and Szczesny.

  3. chozzer

    Strange day on le grove
    Advertising on lg……never
    thank fuck we’ve signed a six year old
    gambon admits Wenger may have done something right
    jagwar talks spud agent francophonic retard nonsense as usual and gets called out about it
    the joy of beating the spuds at shite hart lane lasts for days and days and days

  4. Iceman10

    Mannone desrves the CC games more than Szczesny…whats with the love of this egotistical kid? if another player in the team had come out and said this everybody would call him a cunt and rightly so…if wenger wants to start a young keeper he shud buy David de Gea…no one is above The Arsenal

  5. OxfordGooner

    Hi, haven’t posted for a while – been very ill but have read every day. Great work as always Geoff & Pedro!

    On the question of Flappy being given loads of chances, I reasly don’t see what AW is trying to prove?! Flappy will never be world class because even in nothing games his arse gives out and he turns to shit! I really liked Manninger a few years ago but he was never given the same chances as Flappy!!

    Bin the fucker & make someone more deserving the number 2, I reckon my granny could do a better job than him, at least her wrists are stronger than his ;o)

    On that note I will bid you all good night!

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Iceman, Szczesny is better than Fabianski, END OFF! I don’t care if Mannone is second choice, but as long as he let Szczesny play the odd CC games to prove he is that good.

  7. David

    “You can’t blame him for that goal because he touched it and when a goalkeeper touches the ball you always think he should stop it.

    But if he dives and doesn’t touch it nobody speaks about it.

    First of all, the goal was offside and apart from that I think he had a sound game.”

    Comedy Gold

  8. sixxpac

    Reading through the archives and I found this gem. Day before Arsh signed

    Yesterday was mad on here. 2,251 comments overall, made by 161 seperate people. Stu made 151 comments. The average person left 14 comments.
    The full list for those who care!

    Name… # Comments
    Stu 151
    irishgunner 117
    goonerpress 94
    Geoff 93
    Dave 76
    goonermichael 70
    benno 68
    gnarleygeorge9 67
    raif 65
    Pedro 61
    Wrighty7 52
    Brighty 40
    Bud 40
    Angry Loner 39
    Maqitlarge 37
    ethangunner 36
    PDT 30
    rico01 30
    Franchise 29
    Jules 29
    wolski 29
    Paul88 26
    kirby 24
    Odub 23
    peachesgooner 23
    Iqwoo 21
    chris 19
    kelsey 19
    AJ 17
    David 17
    James Bartram 17
    rob 17
    Angelos 16
    dennisdamenace 16
    iceman 16
    kenny smith 16
    Rob From Aus 16
    tonyadamsisgod 16
    Big Raddy 15
    choy 15
    Evo in Oz 15
    Paulinho 15
    gambon 13
    ikon 13
    Sparrow 13
    vandejie 13
    Patthegooner 12
    big dave 11
    finestcuts 11
    Jay 11
    gooner-pak 10
    Magnus 10
    Paul 10
    redallover 10
    stevie 10
    Alex 9
    Iceland 9
    kevin 9
    Keyser 9
    MM 9
    Rasputin 9
    Ali Saljuk 8
    GunnerShabz 8
    nasridane 8
    Pierre 8
    TJ 8
    treze13 8
    ArsenalKenya 7
    Dobbi 7
    insidealbania 7
    Lewyd24 7
    metronome 7
    Truth 7
    Wonderboy 7
    abnet 6
    Femster 6
    GMR 6
    Jan 6
    kingsley 6
    London 6
    Maciek 6
    MarkB 6
    mwt 6
    reggie57 6
    Rhyle 6
    arsenalised 5
    charybdis1966 5
    chozzer 5
    Duke 5
    gunnerfever 5
    jraynor 5
    Metal Gear 5
    MorrowsBrokenArm 5
    Seb 5
    timzy 5
    arcastic 4
    Davoody 4
    Harry 4
    jlp 4
    lambo. 4
    leon 4
    Matt 4
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    ThaatArsenalGuy 4
    thanks god 4
    Bren 3
    Colonel Mustard 3
    Darren 3
    gazzap 3
    Lou 3
    skandibird 3
    t-buzz 3
    Zinedine Eboue 3
    zorr0 3
    Arsenesabemejor 2
    brendon gunner 2
    djalmina 2
    incesc 2
    Myy 2
    Nigel’s Winterburn 2
    Paulie 2
    Punt 2
    STONE 2
    timao 2
    77777777 1
    algerian-gooner 1
    Archway Gooner 1
    Arsene Wenger 1
    Axman 1
    Big Johan 1
    Bone8 1
    charlies barber 1
    Chippy 1
    christhegooner14 1
    Corkgoon 1
    Dannn 1
    E4 Paul 1
    Emmanuel Eboue 1
    Fab4 1
    georgian1gunner 1
    Gooner07 1
    Goonerman 1
    Helsinki Gooner 1
    Henrythe14th 1
    littleriver 1
    Mandanda 1
    Mint AFC 1
    MJ 1
    MombasaGooner 1
    Nick T 1
    Nil 1
    PinkyDinkyDo 1
    Rich from the North Bank 1
    Rohan 1
    ron 1
    rustum 1
    Ryan L 1
    Sharky 1
    The Arsenal 1
    wardo 1

    By gazzap on February 3, 2009 at 11:37

  9. sixxpac

    Wonder if anyone said what Wenger just said about Fabianski…whether theyd be labelled a spurs fan.

    No David. The Spuds on here cant articulate a comment like that

  10. Surferosa

    Im not sure I like the new gambon tho. I find it unnerving. gambon = AKB? WTF????

    gambon says:
    September 23, 2010 at 09:07

    Could it be that Wenger has pulled back from the brink of insanity?

    He has got a lot of things right these last few months.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    I will re-iterate my spazm at Wenger ignoring this kid for that muppet called Fabianski:

    “Despite our talks before the season, Arsene Wenger seems to forget he has a goalkeeper named Wojciech Szczesny in the team. He is avoiding me at every occasion,” Szczesny told Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

    “Wenger told me to fight for a first-team place, but then he didn’t include me in the squad for the Carling Cup game.

    “My friends told me not to worry, that it’s a marathon, and not a sprint. But a marathon isn’t about running in the same place for three years.

    “I’m ready to play at the highest level but I need a club that believes in a 20-year-old. In Arsenal there’s no such bravery. My main goal is to play for Arsenal, but if there’s a move option, we’ll have words.”

    IF WE LOOSE THIS BOY, WENGER IS A MUPPET! How can Fabianski still be getting chances after fuck ups?

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Fabiasnki has no business being in Arsenal team right now, he needs to be loaned back to Legia and Szczesny needs to be number 2 till Manuel fucks up.

  13. sixxpac

    Dale just for u
    Press reports are suggesting we have an option on French goalkeeper Johan Pele, I don’t think we need him, we have too many French players for one and Fabianski for me is the real deal, and I feel very comfortable with him between the sticks, so let’s hope that rumour is just that, a rumour.
    Geoff 2009.

    I agree with Mayank when he says not to rush the kid. Things can happen and his confidence will be shot. Same thing obviously happened with Fabianski.
    He is better than Fabianski,no doubt.

  14. Stu

    151 comments by me huh! Yeah, i am really that good. I actually remember that day, Half of it was spent on a library computer in college and the other half was me shitting myself thinking that the deadline had passed without AA signing.

    Was delighted when he signed though, as was everyone else.

  15. Stu

    Was out on the town tonight. I could swear women are getting more bitchy by the week. In fairness i was half pissed before i even left for town so i cant blame them for now interacting much with me. But to tell me to fuck off when i suggest a gangband is just rude!

  16. Stu

    I dont know where Cincinnati is. Thats why im asking.
    As i was walking home i found a load of identification cards on the ground. All for the same girl who is apparently a student at a college here in ireland but is from Cincinnati. Nicole Schupp is her name. I dont know whether to give the cards in somewhere so she might get them back or just throw them away.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    California is pants, come see the blond bimbos we have here in BIG OL’ Texas 🙂 Not that i care, I aint from Texas, but i love me some Cowgirl!

  18. DaleDaGooner

    sixx, i hear all of you, all i am asking is Fabianski should cut the queue short so Mannone ca get his turn, Szczesny is still stuck in 4th after 4 years, you can’t tell me he deserves to still be in 4th option for 4 years and obviously better than the person in 2nd choice.

  19. Stu

    Im not sure Dale. There is a pic on the 3 cards i found but they are all different. Her cuteness varies on all 3 cards. In one she looks like a loser, in the other she looks stoned or drunk and in the 3rd she looks a bit fat. Overall…..meh!

  20. DaleDaGooner

    And why wasn’t he played against the Spuds???? That was his competition last season tiLL Fabianski fucked it up against Man City.

  21. Rohan

    Wasn’t in India. In Dubai/Abu Dhabi which is filled to the brim with white chicks anyway. Don’t know what you’re on about.

  22. Stu

    Snow Patrol? I literally only know of one of their songs, Chasing Cars, or whatever its called. Either way they are shit too. Took them about 10 years to get even 1 popular record.

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    6 pac

    Now I know we always agree on things 🙂 but Nickleback are just a bunch of hairy back lumberjack looking rednecks.

    Try Wolfmother, who are Uriah Heep meets Jimi Hendrix Experience

  24. Ja_Gunner

    Ok based on the injuries….




  25. Rohan

    Well, not really I’m studying electrical engineering (might double major in applied math/financial economics) at uni of california berkeley. Not really software engineering.

  26. Rohan

    I did. What an absolute legend. I just wish he’d get his title…Baron Bendtner has a nice ring to it.
    Actually I’m off to go order a Baron52 shirt..:D

  27. chozzer

    Don’t be surprised if the post is late.
    From last night………
    Out getting cunted with Geoff… Ruined indeed! #arsenal

  28. Geoff

    I will post the financials when they email them to me today, the post won’t be late because I wrote it and am not tardy like Pedro!