Rosicky was surprised with team selection, Wenger means business at last and Gibbs is on the mend.

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Tomas Rosicky said the boss took everyone by surprise by picking a team from the first team squad, it shows he wants to try and win it, the fact he has not bothered for all these years is beyond me, but with the chavs, scousers and shitty all out now, we stand a real chance of winning if we can avoid the mancs, well it is the Chinese year of the trophy isn’t it?

I was thinking when I watched Chris Smalling score for the mancs last night how Arsene has never had a home growner make the first team at centre back, Djourou doesn’t count as he’s always injured and used to be a DM, like Song, who really isn’t a CB, after 13 years, I find that a bit strange, but after my initial caution with Kozzer, I’m pleased to see we have finally got 3 centrebacks that I would call world class, and aside from our keepers, we for first the first time since the invincibles, look solid at the back.

Yes I know we had Senderos and Upson, but they were never in the class of what we have now, so they don’t count.

Well done Arsene, for finding some decent CB’s and for trying to win the league cup at last, you saw how much that meant to the fans, beating the scum away was the perfect lift for the coming weeks, as much of a downer as it was for the chavs to lose, magic.

I thought Gibbs and Eboue worked better than Clichy and Sagna, I hope that makes those two buck their ideas up, now they have some real competition.

And to think we did all that with 8 players out, and that’s what I find so amusing about Van der Vaart’s comments that the spuds are bigger than Arsenal, mate you may have had some youngsters out there, but you didn’t play our first team, ha, ha how funny was that to see Harry’s face at the end, priceless!

I’m not quite sure what Lansbury’s position is but the more he plays, the better he’ll become, so if he is in line for DM, that gives us quiet a few options, Denilson, who I thought played well, Song, Eastmond, Lansbury (he can play there) and even Vermaelen, so for the first time I can remember, we have cover all over the pitch, we have Bendtner coming back very soon, Robin, JET, Chamakh, Vela, Walcott and Arshavin up top, we are well equipped, now we have to go out and win something.

Jack Wilshere starred against Braga, played a cracking composed second half against Sunderland and bossed the spuds, proving we don’t need to rest players as much as we thought we did, if he stays clear of injury, he may get player of the year, never mind young player of the year.n

Watching us beat the spuds on Tuesday gave me as much pleasure as winning the FA cup, I was beside myself and spent the whole evening racking my brains for a spud I could text, but who has spud friends eh?

Have a great day Grovers, we finally have a season to look forward to, and the players who can deliver, and don’t forget, we still have Ramsey to come back, as Pedro would say, Happy Days!


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  1. Chris G

    What Good grovers.

    Jaguar, who would you say has been our best signing this summer? and would you take back calling koscielny shit?

  2. Master P

    Jag, you must be seething what with all the positives at Arsenal at the moment!

    Trust you to try and add some doom and gloom about Chesney signing for Milan…..

    Chamakh, Kozzer and Squills not the pieces of shit you made them out to be.
    Oh and Almunia is playing out of his skin.

    UP THE GUNNERS!!!!!!

  3. RockyPires

    Rosick,Vermie,Diab’s and Ebouwayyyy are ment to be missing this weekend so what about playing;
    Nasri_____Chamach___Andrei the Giant

  4. Steve Biko

    Master P

    Yeah Jag although a decent chap sometimes lacks balance. He sometimes reminds me of antiwar Americans who wish failure of a US mission and its associated fatalities of US soldiers. The right thing to do is to oppose a war but not those who fight it. Likewise it is okay to criticise Wenger without however wishing his signings fail to sparkle just so that wecan proudly say we were right.

  5. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    afternoon all,

    any updates on verm and diaby’s injuries? I have to say thus far koscielny is looking an sbolsute steal at both or even 1m at current. Very impressed thus far.

    On the schznesy issue. Personally the interview looks like he’s in a huff because he didn’t go out on loan, therefore leaving him stranded as 4th choice after inital indications that he’d be battling the no. 1 spot…

    Surely him and mannone have to be battling it out for the no. 2 spot now, given fabianski’s latest blunder…

    best arsenal X1 imo on form:


    sagna koscielny squillaci gibbs

    wilshire diaby


    nasri/walcott chamackh arshavin

  6. ArsenalKenya

    Wojcieh Szczesny WILL NOT LEAVE ARSENAL…Its just that he sees so much shit in Fabianski and does not understand why Wenger sees the same shit as royal jelly.


  7. DaleDaGooner

    The Guardian described it as a “derby destruction”, The Sun used the word “thumped” while the haggard Daily Mail merely reinforced the accepted thinking with a fairly fizzing headline. “Samir Nasri at the double as Gunners rip sloppy Spurs to shreds in extra-time rout..”


  8. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    v west brom


    sagna koscielny squillaci clichy

    song wilshire


    rosicky/eboue chamackh arshavin

    bench: fabianski, eboue/rosicky, djourou, denilson, lansbury, jet, vela

    v belgrade


    eboue koscielny vermaelen clichy

    song diaby/denilson rosicky

    nasri chamakch vela

    bench: fabianski, sagna, squillaci, djourou, denilson/diaby, wilshire, arshavin

    v chelsea


    sagna koscielny vermaelen/squillaci clichy

    song diaby


    nasri chamackh arshavin

    bench: fabianski, eboue, djourou, vermaelen/squillaci, denilson, wilshire, vela

  9. DaleDaGooner

    hAHahaha I will post a video of Rivalries, there is this President of the cocks supporters club…this dude is so bitter that he is making shit up…enjoy

  10. Mayank

    He put the whole thing in google translator Sixx… It was a funny interview though.

    Wenger seems to have a very cocky tone.

  11. gazzap

    Diaby may return but Rosicky and Eboue are also both doubts now too. Squillaci has picked up a muscle problem and will be ‘rested’.
    Injuries must be catching at Colney.
    My guess:

    Sagna JD Koz Clichy
    Wilshere Song Diaby
    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

  12. DaleDaGooner

    “When you educate the player like we do with Szczesny for example, who arrives at the age of 16, he is a long-term investment. That costs a lot of money so you want to keep the players.
    “Impatience is a characteristic of youth. You can only play one goalkeeper and what goalkeepers forget when they are 20 is that they can play until 40, while normal football players plays until 32 or 34 if he goes well. They gain what they lose at the start at the end of their career.”

    This is when Wenger becomes a wanker!..Toss Fabianski and let Mannone and Szczesny take their rightful place. We will loose a good goalie cause this man wants to “educate” a talented player instead of playing him i the Carling Cup and possibly FA cups.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    When a player is oozing with that much confidence, you play him! I wonder if a young Casillas was at Arsenal, would Fabianski be ahead of him? Gosh, Time to tlak some sense into Wenger’s head Pat, He will loose Wojciech cause he decided to believe Fabianski is “World class” what a joke.

  14. Mayank

    Dale if the coaching staff believe that Szczesney’s not ready we might as well trust them, after all we’re not shy at giving opportunities when the time is right. Ramsey, JW and Cesc can testify to that.

    My guess is he’s still got some things he needs to work at and putting him in the spotlight could ruin his confidence if he fucks up.

  15. zeus

    Morning everyone.

    Fabianski is not to be blamed apparently.


    Been trying to find the time to watch those, I’m just at work so can’t.

  16. Kushagra India

    the way you are talking it seems “You” are the coach of Szczezny involved with day2day stuff ,bollocks I believe Wenger is much more better in judging talent,u didn’t find koscielny or Tv for that matter.Seaman said Fabianski was world class in training .One cant blame Wenger for ignoring talent or not giving them chances

  17. Kushagra India

    Before Tuesday many were saying Vela should be ahead of Arshavin, well I think you are all good looking and loveable, having a difference of opinion is what makes the world go round.

  18. Dutchman

    Two things, first if wenger let szescney go then he can fuck himself!! Why would you let your best GK go??
    It realli says it al about wenger and keepers, he is just playing his most loved players! Szesny is such a great keeper, He is so stubborn that he keeps playing almunia. Hate it!
    And two, it is a joke that wenger said about vermaelen that he was only one match injured but now he is out for 3 weeks. Really a joke!

  19. Dutchman

    Kushagra, i think that vela is awesome at the wing, but again wenger is too stubborn to understand that. I really love vela as winger and think that he can be better then arshavin there.But wenger sees vela as a striker so…

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Kushagra…..FOR FUCK SAKE, no one is saying they “coach” Szczesny, the boy has 1 year left on his contract and can very well leave if he pleases! The excuse that he isn’t ready is bollocks! Fabianski isn’t ready, but he keeps getting played, WTF are you on about? He played the Carling cup last season, so why not this season? Don’t piss me off, ok?

  21. DaleDaGooner

    zeus, when you get a chance, check the rivalries out on Youtube, it’s funny as hell how the Spud cunt talks like we copy them..LOL

  22. Arsenal Tom

    “Thomas Vermaelen will be out for the next two games. Cesc Fabregas is out 100 per cent for the next two games. We have a small hope he could be back against Chelsea.

    “Song is back after suspension. I rested Squillaci because he had a small muscle problem but he should be back.

    “We have some problems about Rosicky with his ankle and with Eboue’s knee. They will both have a fitness test tomorrow.”

  23. DaleDaGooner

    Mayank, you too, don’t piss me off! Coaching staff that buys up all the youths just for the sake of it. Szczesny has 1 year left, if he isn’t played in the Carling Cup or FA cup, he will sod off and you will be left with Arsene’s darling Fabianski.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    We are not talking about outfield players here, JW, Cesc and co, please add Merida, and co to your list and come up with a better argument. Clearly Szczesny has the better edge out of all 4 goalies we have, Frankly, I’d have him backing Almunia up, sell of FABIANSKI and Loan out Mannone. Mannone deserve more chances than Fabianski, at least he hasn’t lost us a game or several.

  25. TOM TOM

    Szczesny wont leave,he is just making it known that its time for his chance and that Flappy is a joke. Wenger will make him number 2 and he will sign a new contract

  26. DaleDaGooner

    Yeah TOM TOM, but when you have people like Kushagra and Mayank watching Fabianski weekly making an arse of himself and they tell me i’m not the coach, they see things and know more than we the fans…at the end of the day, their analysis is failing, time to showcase Szczesny, cause with school boy goal keeping from Flappy, I can’t understand what they are seeing in Training to justify Fabianski starting in Cup games. Mannone played briefly and was better showing than Flappy, and Mannone isn’t great either.

  27. TOM TOM

    I think we should play 5 in midfield against Chelsea. Song infront of the back four with Wilshire and cesc in centre and Arshavin and Nasri on the wing and Chamakh upfront on his own.

  28. TOM TOM

    I really cant understand how people can say Flappy is a decent keeper. How many more mistakes will it take until he is asked to leave the club? I was a goalkeeper for 5 years and if I made that many mistakes I’d give up and spare my team the embarrassment

  29. TOM TOM

    Maybe Flappy is blackmailing Wenger? Does he know something that could destroy Wenger? Perhaps Flappy seen Wenger stealing from the club safe or caught him having an affair with Stephen Gerrard’s wife???????

  30. DaleDaGooner

    A lot of us were happy the Spuds made Flappy look bad again, even though it wasn’t a goal, but e needed Arsene to see that so he can tell Fabianski not to ever come to London Colney , ever ever again, but the Boss is sounding like he will likely install him as number 1, that’s scary. The other day I made a joke about Wjociech marching into Wengers office, grabbing his tie and asking him “Why, ?? why??” why is he playing ahead of me…seems that did really happen. 🙂

  31. TOM TOM

    Its like Wenger is trying to win something then say look at me,I won a cup despite having a retard as goalkeeper so that makes me great

  32. TOM TOM

    Dale I still think in months to come we will still be talking about Flappy and how bad he is. If it was sunday league and his father was manager and they had no other goalkeeper i would say ok fair enough but this is the highest level of football and the cunt is still starting games

  33. Kreshnik

    So Vermy out for 2 games … ??? I swear this is fucking crazy. Is there anyway to do a ground check at the emirates, to make sure there is no problem with the training ground as there was some rumor back then. It makes no fuckin sense …

  34. DaleDaGooner

    Kreshnik, i think they train at another ground, and these players pick up injuries all over the place. Vermy picked this one up playing for Belgium.

  35. Marko

    It’d be nice to win it this year but if any tough league games are up before or after the odd player getting a rest would be good. But it is a competition that we genuinely have a chance of winning now. Us and United are favourites.

  36. Baafuor Osei Akoto Kwame

    What is wrong with Wenger and his obsession with Flappy?I am really shocked he is defending that clown.Since TV5 has also started his Arsenal injury career, my team against WBA will be
    LJW and Kos will be rested for that busy week ahead with the trip to Partizan and to Chavs.

  37. Kushagra India

    I was trying to suggest he may also become like Fabianski if he is played too soon or may be not,thats why I believe Wenger is not playing him ,trying to protect him.There’s a big difference in
    performing at training ground and on pressure cooker
    atmosphere against premier league sides where each and every mistake is dissected .Look at flappy and Al .I am just giving Wenger a benefit of doubt on this..

  38. Kushagra India

    Wilshere is a prime example when he thinks a player is ready he plays them no matter what’s their age.One can never accuse Wenger of not giving young ones chance to impress if deems that they are good enough to play infact he sometimes overdoes it

  39. Baafuor Osei Akoto Kwame

    Hey SIG and the Indian grovers, what is happening to u guys?Your leaders are really fucked up big time and they have disgraced the whole of India and some of us who like u guys.

  40. Mayank

    How much of Szczesny has anyone here seen, I know we’ve all heard he’s a great prospect and we’ve seen the odd game but none of us has followed him.

    What was the big debate during the summer? It was why Wenger was trying to buy a 37yo keeper.
    It is obvious Wenger expects big things from Szczesny and will play him when he feels the time is right.

    He might be wrong about it but if Szczesny doesn’t think it’s an honour to be in contention to be a Keeper for us then its his problem.

    Sure, he can go to a smaller club and get first team football but how many years will it take him to work his way as the No.1 for a club of our stature. It will be best for both parties if he stays and fights for his place and keep sight of the bigger picture. It isn’t about keeping in the CC but about the biggest stage.

  41. Jaguar reloaded

    Mayank,it doesnt make any sense.Casillas made his debut at 19(at Real Madrid,where they give no margin for error).

    If Szczesny was French,he would have been selected.No two ways.

  42. Mayank

    Nah, it’s not about exaggerating, he might be good and he might not, the only way we’ll know is by playing him so they’re right in that respect, I just think he’s too young.

    If Wenger played Szczesny in the CC and Al gets injured then he’ll have no option but to play Szczesny. Him playing in the PL could set him back a few years. Goalkeeping is a zero error job, as much as JW has been great he’s also made some elementary mistakes. Those would cost you in the GK spot. then there’s the physical aspect.

    Fabianksi was also supposed to be a good keeper, but now his confidence is totally shot and it would be stupid to risk it with Szczesny.

    Nonetheless I think he’ll get a few games for us and if he sticks around he’ll be first team in 2 years.

  43. Honest Bill

    Well one thing is for sure. Fabianski must be sent out on loan or something. He can’t be allowed to play for us again while his confidence is still in tatters. There is too much at stake.

    Wenger would be crazy to put him in for the next round.

  44. Mayank

    Jag you’re being childish, do you just want all Frenchies out of the team? What about Diaby?? If Wenger picks Rosicky ahead of Nasri is he favouring the Czech rep.?

    Normally the ones who see a race angle in everything are people with similar ideas in their head.

    We have French players in the squad because Wenger is French and knows about French football. Just like Rafa had a good few Spaniards and Mourinho has a few Portugese.

  45. Rohan

    Squillaci is shit, yes Jaguar? If we’re going to club Chamakh in there too, all your shit about you having followed him in Ligue 1 and you not rating him don’t hold up now do they.

  46. Stu

    So you think Squillaci and Koscielny are shit too Jaguar? Strong opinion seeing as they have arguably been our best performers in recent weeks, along with Chamakh who was born and raised in france, only choosing to play for Morocco very late.

  47. Mayank

    Clichy was the best LB in the PL 2 years ago. Not much to gloat about now but he’s still ahead of Gibbs for most high pressure matches.
    Kos and Squill have been anything but shit upto now and many wouldn’t be averse to them being first choice.
    Chamakh has won everyone’s heart even if his finishing isn’t world class.
    We’ve all seen what Diaby can do when on form and fully fit.

    So I don’t know what you’re on about besides your daily anti-French agenda.

  48. Jaguar reloaded

    Squillaci and Kolsieny have played a couple of games,and I will rate them if Drogba doesnt rape them at the bridge.Both of them are unproven players in the premier league.

  49. Mayank

    Jaguar follows Ligue 1 what a joke!
    I’d be surprised if his head didn’t burst of hate within 30mins of watching so many ‘shit French players’…

  50. Rohan

    Don’t know about Koscielny, but Squillaci is a proven international player who has played at big clubs.
    And since Drogba rapes absolutely every defender in the prem, you don’t rate any defender in the premiership then?

  51. Kreshnik

    DaleDaGooner, was thinking more of the overall effect on the muscles and joints, maybe the training ground (Emirates or not) has got to do something with it, or maybe diet. Yes, we do get kicked all over the park often, but I refuse to believe these injury records year after year are just because of that.

  52. Mayank

    Vidic apart from the last game against an off the pace Torres has been repeatedly raped by him. He’s also repeatedly been one of the best CBs in the country.

    Also, if you haven’t rated them yet why did you assume they’re shit? Even if you’re proven to be right it shows you judged them on the basis of their passport more than anything else.

  53. Rohan

    Here we fucking go:

    Their reign ended when Malta was captured by Napoleon en route to his expedition of Egypt during the French Revolutionary Wars in 1798. As a ruse, Napoleon asked for safe harbour to resupply his ships, and then turned his guns against his hosts once safely inside Valetta. Grand Master Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim capitulated, and Napoleon stayed in Malta for a few days, during which he systematically looted the movable assets of the Order, and established an administration controlled by his nominees. He then sailed for Egypt, leaving a substantial garrison in Malta. The occupying French forces were unpopular, however, due particularly to their negative attitude towards religion. The Maltese rebelled against them, and the French were forced behind the fortifications. Great Britain, along with the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, sent munitions and aid to the rebels. Britain also sent her navy, which instigated a blockade of the islands. The isolated French forces, under General Claude-Henri Belgrand de Vaubois, surrendered in 1800, and the island became a British protectorate, being presented by several Maltese leaders to Sir Alexander Ball.

  54. Rohan

    Read: “occupying French forces were unpopular with the Maltese”

    Is this why you have something against the French? Pathetic if that’s your motive behind your hatred of Wenger.

  55. Jaguar reloaded

    Mayank,the only person,who looks for players after their passports is Wenger.

    The players should be either under-18,French or Francophonic.

  56. ardentgooner

    I have no doubt that Jaguar loves ARSENAL…probably got dumped/slapped/humilated by Wengers daughter at a pub..hence the hatred 🙂

  57. Jaguar reloaded

    Rohan,dont bring history into it.I have nothing against Wenger as a person.But I dont like him as the manager of my beloved club.

  58. Kreshnik

    Jag, da Koz is an absolute monster so far and he will only improve. That tackle on Lennon was not only sweet, it showed fucking intent. My favorite player so far this season. He has never missed a tackle, ever, and the way he tackles is straight out of Cannavaro 2006, one of the best defensive displays. I do agree there is still a whole season to go but as I said the day we were playing the Spuds, he’s already better then Gallas ever was.

  59. Jaguar reloaded

    Rohan,shut the fuck up you prick.Dont accuse me of things I havent said.It was Jimbo,who said that.

    Mayank,dont speak out of your arse.I’ve never said any such things,and wouldnt say that on a human being.If you prove it,I will quit posting here.

  60. irish gooner

    my grandfather of 78 is a spurs fan,i have watched every north london derby with him since 1993,last year in april was a disaster but i got my revenge tuesday night it was so sweet,i really think we have a very good chance with this cup,its only united left!!!!!!!!!!! ps jaguar reloaded is a clown,but u already knew that

  61. Mayank

    I don’t have the time Jag, but all the other things Stu mentioned still hold true.

    There are many here who don’t agree with Wenger but very few resort to the kind of name-calling on a daily basis. It really lowers the tone. I can understand the need for your posts to get a reaction but it’s a negative one and what’s the point.

    Many here like Franchise etc. make their point and rarely ever get hysterical and abusive like you. The point is lost anyway and all that remains is the kicking and screaming.

    Like they say if you’ve got nothing good to say…

    If you can’t get you point across without being over the top then it shows maybe the point doesn’t hold any water on its own.

  62. choy


    You spout the same stuff everyday! Every single day!

    He’s going to be at Arsenal for a long time!

    I really don’t know what you have against french players at the club. Our greatest goalscorer was french btw!

    I don’t even think that a french player is the worst player at the club!

  63. North Bank Lew

    Mayank at 19.03

    I saw a lot of Chesney last season at Griffin Park and the man is a monster: he shouts at his defenders; commands his area; distributes well; is decisive under high balls; and is a great shot stopper. At 20 he has everything in his locker except top flight experience.

    More to the point he has confidence in his own ability; a confidence that wouldn’t be undermined by the odd mistake under pressure. Play him or lose him Arsene…..and believe me, you don’t want to lose a talent like Chesney. He is EVERYTHING Fabianski is patently not !

  64. Mayank

    North Bank, I take your points, but as I said I wouldn’t be comfortable with a 20yo Keeper playing PL and CL matches if Al were to get injured.
    Fabianski might not be a lot of things, but at least we can’t fuck up his career any further.

    He’d be targeted and might not be able to handle the rough-housing that is part of the PL. I’m not saying that he’ll break if he makes a few mistakes but his development might get stalled a few years.

    I wouldn’t be too averse to playing him but still think there’s no need to rush things.

  65. kneelbeforewenger

    Chesny, could go on to be really good for us. I understand Arsene can get attached to his players hence him giving Flappyashit lots of “second” chances… but his job is to manage the club and deliver trophies.

    If Wojciech is as good as everyone makes him out to be, then Wenger should stop being stubborn and persisting with The jelly wristed Fabianski, and give Mannone and Sczezney their deserved chances.

    He may not want him to lose confidence over the mistakes he WILL make, seeing as he has so much confidence in himself, and as the saying goes… “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”… That is the only validity to Wenger’s decisions not to play him.

  66. North Bank Lew

    Granted I wouldn’t want to damage his future, but by the same token Arsene has to offer him some reassurance that he HAS a future at Arsenal. I know he’s come out and said as much today; but he’s also said Flappy wasn’t at fault for the Spuds goal ffs !!!

  67. CEL


    Just a short word today, but a valid question.

    Two Arsenal players on goal ready to shoot.
    Both brought down by the last spurs man in the area.


    Should this happen against us, in any of our crucial games against Man U or Johny come Chelsea, will this precedent go for us.

    Answers please


  68. DaleDaGooner

    You know this thing about Szczesny…yes we have seen him in action, he was on loan at Brentford, he played youth games and he kept a clean sheet versus Liverpool. Now saying that he should figth for his place is like saying Wilshere should fight for his place amongst Randall, Henderson and Lansbury…iknow, not exactly, but he has the reflexes and size the others don’t have, and if Real can put their trust in Casillas, why not? What happened to killing a young players career? I mean his killing his career by playing Fabianski constantly