Rosicky was surprised with team selection, Wenger means business at last and Gibbs is on the mend.

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Tomas Rosicky said the boss took everyone by surprise by picking a team from the first team squad, it shows he wants to try and win it, the fact he has not bothered for all these years is beyond me, but with the chavs, scousers and shitty all out now, we stand a real chance of winning if we can avoid the mancs, well it is the Chinese year of the trophy isn’t it?

I was thinking when I watched Chris Smalling score for the mancs last night how Arsene has never had a home growner make the first team at centre back, Djourou doesn’t count as he’s always injured and used to be a DM, like Song, who really isn’t a CB, after 13 years, I find that a bit strange, but after my initial caution with Kozzer, I’m pleased to see we have finally got 3 centrebacks that I would call world class, and aside from our keepers, we for first the first time since the invincibles, look solid at the back.

Yes I know we had Senderos and Upson, but they were never in the class of what we have now, so they don’t count.

Well done Arsene, for finding some decent CB’s and for trying to win the league cup at last, you saw how much that meant to the fans, beating the scum away was the perfect lift for the coming weeks, as much of a downer as it was for the chavs to lose, magic.

I thought Gibbs and Eboue worked better than Clichy and Sagna, I hope that makes those two buck their ideas up, now they have some real competition.

And to think we did all that with 8 players out, and that’s what I find so amusing about Van der Vaart’s comments that the spuds are bigger than Arsenal, mate you may have had some youngsters out there, but you didn’t play our first team, ha, ha how funny was that to see Harry’s face at the end, priceless!

I’m not quite sure what Lansbury’s position is but the more he plays, the better he’ll become, so if he is in line for DM, that gives us quiet a few options, Denilson, who I thought played well, Song, Eastmond, Lansbury (he can play there) and even Vermaelen, so for the first time I can remember, we have cover all over the pitch, we have Bendtner coming back very soon, Robin, JET, Chamakh, Vela, Walcott and Arshavin up top, we are well equipped, now we have to go out and win something.

Jack Wilshere starred against Braga, played a cracking composed second half against Sunderland and bossed the spuds, proving we don’t need to rest players as much as we thought we did, if he stays clear of injury, he may get player of the year, never mind young player of the year.n

Watching us beat the spuds on Tuesday gave me as much pleasure as winning the FA cup, I was beside myself and spent the whole evening racking my brains for a spud I could text, but who has spud friends eh?

Have a great day Grovers, we finally have a season to look forward to, and the players who can deliver, and don’t forget, we still have Ramsey to come back, as Pedro would say, Happy Days!


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  1. gambon

    Could it be that Wenger has pulled back from the brink of insanity?

    He has got a lot of things right these last few months.

    Particularly Koscielny, Squillaci, throwing Wilshere in & playing a proper team in the CC.

  2. TOM TOM

    I think Lansbury lacks the passing ability to be a good defensive midfielder but he is young so maybe his passing will improve

  3. pantsR2long

    Top post Geoff.

    I got one mate who follows the Spuds, haven’t heard from him since the game 😉

    I like the looks of Lansbury, seems like a player who is left gifted technically but makes up for it with his hard work and enthusiasm. Hope he gets a good run in the CC, same goes for JET, I was disappointed not to see JET play but in the end it didn’t really matter.

  4. Brian

    I remember being called Almunia’s lawyer or something. But I had argued that it was the defence that made him look worse than he actually was. He is not the best there is but he is not half as worse as he is made out to be.

    I loved yesterday’s debate about who our first choice centre back pairing is and i dont remember us having those options before in a long time and i mean a long time.

    As long as Fabianski is not played, one can relax whatever the opposition.

  5. Mark C

    Bartley could be the home grown CB you want.

    Not next year but in a couple of years when SS has had enough.

    Our squad does look good. In fact I think we need a couple of injured players to improve competition.

    What is our best XI if all fit?


    Sagna Squillini TV Gibbs

    Wilshire Fabregas Song

    Walcott RVP Chamak

    I have probably got it wrong but that means

    Clichy, Arshavin, Kozzer, Nasri, Rosicky all on the bench.

    Pretty strong

  6. finestcuts

    Word is Harry went mental in the dressing room when he heard the line up, he expected Arsene to blood some youngsters hence the team he selected. So much for taunting Wenger about having a talented team of young players but not winning anything, that ploy completely backfired.

    Good to see we agree on our centre backs, they are very good. I’d also say Sagna is a good right back, his form understandably dipped after his brother died, we’ve all had situations in life when events beyond our control happen and it affects our day to day lives. I’d say he’s getting back to his best.

    Clichy has dipped a little recently but I also have faith in him because when he’s on his game he’s a quality full back whizzing up and down the left flank, contributing to both attack and defence.

    Wilshere is top class for his age, the best is yet to come and as with all young players, we have to remember that he will have a few bad performances, even dips in form. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  7. Gooneroo

    Van der Faart was just trying to convince himself that he made a good decision in going to the spuds. He’ll realise his mistake sooner or later.

    Up the Gunners!!!!!!!

  8. Brian

    Mark C

    IMO Kozzer and Squid should be our first choice pairing. Kozzer is on fire right now. He can burn any forward at the moment!

    I have his last ditch tackle on lennon etched in my mind.

  9. Geoff

    Mark, I wouldn’t put Song in there, I think we play better and are far more mobile without him.

    I really fail to see what some do in him, look at how good we were on Tuesday and all pre season and of course the Emirates Cup.

  10. Steve Biko


    Good post full of optimism. What really excites me is our defence this season. Gone are the days when every time Vermallen or Gallas went down in the pitch our hearts beat a little faster as we knew Silvestre was coming on. A definite improvement.

  11. afrogoon

    anyone think we have a bigger squad right now because project youth is starting to bare fruits?jack,lansbury,frimpong,coquellin,ramsey,wellington,aneke,afobe….the list goes on…granted we have been starved of success but if the man pulls it off……..anyway it’s early days yet…lets not get aheadof ourselves……

  12. Brian


    Yeah. I dont deny it. But its from what I have seen so far. Hope they keep it up and give me reason to continue being over the top.

  13. TOM TOM

    Song and Denilson seem to slow down our quick passing game.I think Song is ok but lacks vision and can be exposed against better teams

  14. Geoff

    Listen, yesterday we signed a 6 year old for fucks sake, supposed to be the new Beckham, fuck I hate the current one.

    What on earth can you see in a 6 year old, it’s beyond obsession.

  15. Brian


    Song should be played depending on the opposition. If we play teams which are full of thugs and are very physical ( like stoke) then he is definitely the guy to play. But when playing other teams, I think we should also leave him on the bench until late in the second half and when we have a lead to protect.

  16. Mark C

    Geoff – signing a 6 year old !!!

    Great headline for a paper but what does it actually mean?

    He will train with a group of selected boys twice a week.

    No money, no kit, just the oppurtunity to play with other great kids and be well coached.

    My son is 6 play under 7 football, and a few of the boys are linked to clubs. Nothing more, nothing less.

    My son – is not linked to a club and wont be.

  17. choy

    Morning All,

    What I don’t like in Song these last few games is that he thinks he’s an Attacking Mid. Someone needs to remind him that he needs to do his defensive duties first!

  18. Mayank

    lol Why did Smalling remind you of home growns? They bought him.

    But priceless win, the atmosphere seemed brilliant. The commentator was a right dick though.

  19. finestcuts

    Geoff, Song has some good points, he is definitely an intimidating presence in midfield, very athletic, and generally breaks ups a hell of a lot of attacking play. On the negative side, he is prone to making unnecessary fouls, the nature of a Dm means it’s unavoidable, he needs to brush up on his technique.

    Overall he’s a very useful player, defnitely a rough diamond, but we really could use another DM (better than Denilson) as competition for him. He has vastly improved from the Song of old that you couldn’t stand, he is a tad inconsistent, but on a good day he does put in a really good shift.

    The issue is, we should have another DM because Diaby will always be injury prone and Denilson is not a big game player however he is useful as a squad player though.

    I don’t see Jack ending up as a DM, although he can play there. I don’t know if Rambo’s a DM type, Wenger says he is…..we also have Coquelin out on loan which is a good thing, and Eastmond looks promising, he should go out on loan for a season imo so hopefully this issue will be sorted out soon.

  20. Brian

    AT least we are not the only ones with injuries at the moment. Chelsea have injuries to their super subs and it will affect them and also manure have a player injured for like a season. I dont know who is injured from shitty but their manager was saying that he doesnt have many options, when he was defending their defeat in the CC.

    Like Allan in Two and A half men – Yeah, these are the good times.

  21. Mayank

    I hope people don’t get their hoes to high about the team we pick for the CC. If we’re drawn a good game we’ll see lesser first teamers. This was like City and Utd playing their first team in the CC last season. It means too much to the fans for the manager to ignore. Though in the past Arsene has.

  22. finestcuts

    re: Brian, yes and no, Song needs to learn to control his aggression, he’s a bit of a wild stallion at the mo so it could backfire in physical games but….he’s got the balls to take on the physicality of the game, so if
    a sports psychologist could help improve this aspect of his game, he could be achieve the potential Wenger and a lot of fans see in him.

  23. lennie g

    Geoff football is all about opinions, Song does a great job for us, I feel you need a good DM to get among them and I think Song is that man he plays in a position that never gets the recognition it deserves he even as time now and again to get the odd goal, I know he gets carded on a regular basis but that comes with the territory of niggling and kicking people, he’ll do for me.

  24. Brian

    Big dave – its bad news but unlike last yeah, we are not too worried. Last yeah I would have cried in the office.

    Finestcuts – it is that stallion that should be unleashed in physical games to show the opponents that we are not push overs but he definitely needs to do it more clinically. I also hate how he is moving more upfront. He should forget about goals and be more concerned with clean sheets.

  25. Kushagra India

    Mark C
    I would put Arshavin there instead of Chamakh..who can come later if we ant to change tactics that team has no width

  26. finestcuts

    Big Dave, I agree, and I think Wenger will have got the message loud and clear from the Tottenham game, he’s not for us, we need Szczesny.

  27. patthegooner


    I have never been Beckhams biggest fan either, but to give him some credit, he went out to Afghanistan to meet the troops a few months ago and unlike some other Celebs that go out there and demand the world, he ducked in with the troops, lived and ate with them and signed anything for everyone. Talking to the lads there, they said he was completely different to what they expected.

    Agree with you on the CB’s now although the crunch test is Chavski in a couple of weeks. we certainly look stronger than last season though.

    I also wonder if the squad is a happier place to be now that Gallas has gone.

  28. patthegooner

    Mark Fleming that wrote this… What a cock.

    You tell me a team that do not exagerate going down to ensure there is a penalty. At the end of the day if it is a foul it is a foul, and any exageration simply ensures that the incompetent Ref (That let the Lansbury Pen go) will give it.

    They never mention it when Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard etc go over (and often dive without contact) do it though do they.


  29. gnarleygeorge9

    Nice post Geoff

    I will be catching up with my Hotshit mate, whom I’ve known since ’72, on Grand Final day this Saturday. He votes Labor as well 😆

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    This is what its all about for me. Sinking the slipper into smart arses. Knowing how much they are hurting but giving some more coz you can, chamoneski 😈

  31. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is confident he will shake off a hamstring injury in time to face Chelsea in an eagerly awaited London derby on October 3.

  32. Geoff

    Mayank, we pay for all our home growns one way or the other, Ramsey was 5mil, Senderos cost £500k from memory and we had to pay Bolton for Bartley.

    Even that twit we got from Notts County cost us £2mil (Pennant)

    Pat, that was all about his image, he doesn’t do anything unless there’s something in it for him.

  33. Arsenal Tom

    morning all… 2 days on im still enjoying doing the yids!

    i reckon lansbury will be the diaby type player of his age group… as in the box to box player not the dopey 3 good games 3 bad one player.

    gnarley… give him hell mate, i had footy training with 8 spuds last night! very very fun

  34. Big Dave

    He probarbly sees that clown in front of him and thinks why ffs . He has every right to be angry.

    Wenger and keepers don’t go together

  35. Grimandi

    Another wonderful post and a great day for gooners mader ever better by chelsea injuries!

    Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti was more concerned with injuries to Gael Kakuta, Yossi Benayoun and Salomon Kalou than he was by their Carling Cup exit to Newcastle at Stamford Bridge.

  36. gazzap

    I dont want to see Song scoring more goals, it means he is pushing up. The fact he is playing higher up led to his sending off because he felt he had to make those fouls to stop the counter. He should be sitting and mopping up like last season. I bet wenger has told him he can get forward more this season.

  37. gazzap

    Lansbury isn’t a wide player he is a central player, most like Ramsey. Wenger often starts young players on the wing to bed them in. To start in the middle in a London derby would be very much in at the deep end.

  38. Chris beef

    Geoff – Chinese year of the trophy – huh? What’s that all about? lol

    Great post – made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside again. Beating the scum is the best medicine you can get 😉

  39. herbert

    For those of you who speek French 🙂 I copied a portion of Arsene´s interview in yesterdays “Equipe”

    He says he likes the idea of somebody paying 50 quid to go and see a good match on saturday and that if a boring team wins the championship the fan has one great day but a whole season of boredom. But AW is also saying we did not have the financial situation to compete with Chelsea&ManU in the transfer market these last 5 years but that his team is coming of age now and does not have the excuse of youth any more.And he wants to win now and for the Arsenal to show the football world how it´s done.

    (Equipe): – Une nouvelle année sans trophée passerait mal quand même…

    – Ça passe toujours mal. Dans la vie d’Arsenal, personne n’a jamais été aussi proche que nous de gagner la Ligue des champions, en 2006 (1-2 contre le FC Barcelone en finale). Il y a de la frustration. Mais nous n’avons pas été absents cinq ans du haut niveau. Combien de clubs signeraient pour vivre les cinq ans qu’on vient de vivre ?

    – Qu’est-ce qui vous a manqué ?

    – Qui a gagné le Championnat ces dernières années ? C’est Chelsea (2005, 2006, 2010) et Manchester United (2007, 2008, 2009). Qu’est-ce qu’on va dire à Manchester City s’il ne gagne pas le titre cette année après avoir investi 200 millions de livres ? Nous, nous dégageons tous les ans un gros bénéfice (environ 37 millions).

    – Admettez-vous des erreurs ?

    – Seul un fou furieux dirait qu’il n’a pas fait d’erreurs. J’en fais tous les jours. Je ne dis pas que j’en suis fier. Mais j’ai de l’amour propre et la fierté pour ne pas les répéter le lendemain. Pour moi, la raison majeure, c’est qu’on joue dans le meilleur Championnat au monde avec des clubs qui ont des fonds inépuisables.

    – La mise en place du fair-play financier en Europe annoncée pour 2012 est donc une bonne nouvelle…

    – Arsenal sera en position de force. Chez nous, on respecte les équilibres budgétaires. À côté, on nous reproche de ne pas gagner. C’est quand même paradoxal ! On fait les choses différemment des autres. On n’est pas là à dépenser 250 millions en disant : “Vous allez voir ce que vous allez voir.”

    – Cela vous suffit ?

    – Je ne dis pas que cela me suffit. Évidemment, je veux gagner des titres. D’un autre côté, on ne trompe pas non plus les gens. Arsenal est l’un des clubs les plus populaires au monde. Les gens respectent cette façon de faire. Ils apprécient la façon dont joue l’équipe. Je voyage beaucoup et je suis toujours sidéré de voir comme Arsenal est aimé. C’est la raison pour laquelle il est important que l’on gagne. C’est même important pour le football.

    – À ce point ?

    – Quand tu te lances dans une politique de jeunes, il faut aller au bout de ton idée, tout en sachant qu’on risque de te le reprocher. Le degré de réussite que nous avons dans la formation est unique au monde. J’ai hyper envie de réussir ce challenge.

    – Pour avoir raison contre tout le monde ?

    – Il y a dix ans, cela aurait été pour montrer à tous que j’étais le plus fort, que j’avais raison. Aujourd’hui, ce n’est plus pour des motifs égocentriques. C’est d’abord important pour le foot de prouver qu’on peut réussir sans injecter des centaines de millions d’euros.

    – Ce qui manque à votre philosophie, c’est la validation par la performance…

    – Ce qui me plaît, c’est l’idée du mec qui se lève le samedi matin et dépense 50 livres pour voir un bon match de football. Si tu te fais chier toute la saison au stade et que ton club gagne un titre, oui, c’est vrai, tu as un jour de grand bonheur. Mais tu t’es quand même emmerdé toute l’année. Cela dit, je préfère donner du plaisir et gagner le titre. Il est important que ça arrive pour qu’on se souvienne de cette équipe d’Arsenal. Tant que nous n’arriverons pas à gagner, nous n’aurons pas la reconnaissance qu’on mérite.

    – C’est pour ça que conserver Fabregas était si important ?

    – Oui, parce que le laisser partir aurait détruit une partie de la cohérence de ma politique. Perdre le meilleur joueur au milieu aurait été un vrai constat d’échec.

    – On vous a reproché de ne pas recruter un attaquant après le départ d’Adebayor en 2009…

    – Il y avait Van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela, Archavine, Walcott. À un moment donné, vous avez une masse salariale, vous devez la respecter. Eduardo devait revenir au top niveau l’an passé. Vela, tu ne le prends pas à l’âge de seize ans pour le barrer par quelqu’un d’autre quand il en a vingt. Bendtner avait flambé l’année précédente. Manque de pot, il s’est blessé en même temps que Van Persie.

    – Cette saison encore, il y a de nombreux blessés…

    – Si vous voulez, je vous montre le DVD du match contre Bolton (4-1, le 11 septembre) et vous comprendrez pourquoi on a autant de blessures. Quand on voit l’assassinat de Robinson sur Diaby ! Van Persie et Walcott ne se sont pas blessés avec nous, mais en sélection. Il n’y a pas de dénominateur commun. La santé fait partie du capital du joueur. Il y a des joueurs qui sont plus souvent blessés que d’autres.

    – C’est une volonté, de votre part, de construire l’équipe avec beaucoup de petits gabarits ?

    – Est-ce que l’Espagne a été championne du monde avec des grands gabarits ? Cela dit, je n’ai pas un préjugé favorable pour les petits. Mais il se trouve que les petits, souvent, sont bons. Maradona n’était pas un géant. Pelé non plus. On n’a pas gagné avec Vieira parce qu’il était grand, mais parce qu’il était bon.

  40. Pedro


    (Team): – A new year without a trophy goes wrong anyway …

    – It’s always wrong. In the life of Arsenal, nobody has ever been as close as we win the Champions League in 2006 (1-2 against FC Barcelona in the final). There was frustration. But we have not been absent five-year high. How many clubs would sign to live five years we just live?

    – What did you miss?

    – Who won the Championship in recent years? It’s Chelsea (2005, 2006, 2010) and Manchester United (2007, 2008, 2009). What will we say to Manchester City if he does not win the title this year after investing 200 million pounds? We, we draw every year a big profit (about 37 million).

    – Do you admit mistakes?

    – Only a madman would say he made no mistakes. I do every day. I’m not saying I am proud. But I have self-esteem and pride not to repeat the next day. For me, the major reason is that plays in the best championship in the world with clubs that have inexhaustible funds.

    – The establishment of financial fair play in Europe announced for 2012 is good news …

    – Arsenal will be in a position of strength. Here, we meet the budget requirements. In addition, we were accused of not winning. It’s quite ironic! We do things differently. We’re not here to spend $ 250 million in saying: “You see what you see.”

    – Is that enough?

    – I do not say it enough. Obviously, I want to win titles. On the other hand, it does not wrong people. Arsenal is one of the most popular clubs in the world. People respect this approach. They appreciate the way the team plays. I travel a lot and I am always amazed to see how Arsenal are loved. That is why it is important that we win. It is even important for football.

    – At this point?

    – When you launch a youth policy, we must go through with your idea, knowing they may reproach you. The degree of success we have in training is unique. I have hyper drive to succeed in this challenge.

    – To be right against everybody?

    – Ten years ago, it was to show everyone that I was stronger, I was right. Today, it is more for selfish reasons. It is first important for football to prove they can succeed without injecting hundreds of millions of euros.

    – What is missing in your philosophy, is the validation performance …

    – What pleases me is the idea of the guy who gets up on Saturday morning and spent 50 pounds to see a good game of football. If you get crap all season in the stadium and that your club wins a title, yes, yes, you have a day of great happiness. But you’re still bored all year. That said, I prefer to give pleasure and win the title. It is important that it happens to be remembered this Arsenal team. While we will not win, we will not have the recognition we deserve.

    – That’s what was so important to keep Fabregas?

    – Yes, because letting him go would have destroyed part of the consistency of my policy. Losing the best player in the middle would have been a true admission of failure.

    – You have been criticized for not recruiting a striker following the departure of Adebayor in 2009 …

    – There was Van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela, Arshavin, Walcott. At some point, you have a payroll, you must comply. Eduardo was back in top form last year. Vela, you do not take it at the age of sixteen years to cross it by someone else when he’s twenty. Bendtner had blazed the previous year. Bad luck, he was injured at the same time as Van Persie.

    – This season, there are many wounded …

    – If you want, I’ll watch the DVD of the match against Bolton (4-1, 11 September) and you will understand why we have so many injuries. When we see the murder of Robinson Diaby! Van Persie and Walcott did not hurt us, but selection. There is no common denominator. Health is part of the capital of the player. There are players who are injured more often than others.

    – It’s a willingness on your part, build the team with lots of small templates?

    – Is that Spain was the world champion with great templates? That said, I do not have a bias for small. But it turns out that small, often are good. Maradona was not a giant. Pele either. We did not win with Vieira because he was tall, but because he was good.

  41. Pedro

    Top posting Geoff, very much enjoyed that!

    Things are looking very rosey, can’t wait for us to smash the chavs! 🙂

    WBA should be good this weekend, reckon we need to be careful of them after last night though! Mind you, at the fortress, it shouldn’t be too hard!

  42. patthegooner


    That is what I said, but apparently far from it. There was not a lot of publicity for him on that trip, and it does not take away from him going out of his way to do stuff with the troops out there.

    Honestly I was out with them a few years back when Geri Halliwell went out to see them, and she demanded the world and was a complete pain, and a lot of other celebs have done the same.

    As mentioned, I am no real Beckham fan, but he went up in my estimations as did Flintoff who did the same

  43. Big Dave

    Arsene Wenger is always searching for a striker , able to encourage the competition with Manuel Almunia. According to Spanish rumors, the manager of Arsenal are thinking about Claudio Bravo (27) of Real Sociedad and Maarten Stekelenburg (28) of Ajax property.

  44. Steve Biko


    When Arsenal are winning Jaguar is rarely present here. He is as useful as a womb in a nun or a Chimney in summer. Failure draws him out.

  45. Big Dave

    It would be good to get a weaker team in the next round, and maybe we could have some players coming back from injury by then and give them a run out

  46. Cloggs

    I wouldn’t call the League Cup a trophy that matters but I’m pleased Wenger finally recognizes knocking out the spuds, in whatever the occasion, as being a “Noblesse Oblige” to the fans.

  47. Steve Biko


    Agreed fully. We should not underestimate West Brom. I have watched higlights of their games this season. In Nigeria foward Odemwingie they have a good finisher who has impressed not only in major European leagues but also in Africaduring the ACN.

  48. arsenal4ever

    if chezzer goes I am pretty sure WEnger will do everything to get De Gea. I think he rates him more highly but I dont want Chezzer to go.

  49. Pedro

    Alfie, we’re open to advertising as long as it benefits the Grovers.

    2 club level tickets seems like a pretty cool prize… we’re not making anything out of it.

  50. LeProf

    Wilshere better wear shirt bearing ‘FART WHO?’ each time he scored against spuds up next! So really Wenger read the blogs opinion to pick a strong team instead? Hmmm! Anyway Titi Henry should succeed Wenger circa 2014, Happy days!!

  51. Walking Wounded

    With Szcesney talking about leaving and apparently having his contract expire in 2011 – is it necessarily a bad thing if he did go?

    I would love him to be given a starting place and to take this opportunity and become our number one, and I do think he has the ability to do so, but if he did go, we wouldn’t need to sign Schwarzer, we could go out and sign any keeper out there. There would no longer be that argument of inhibiting his future chances.

    I only hope that he can be persuaded to wait, with being made our number 2 for now

  52. Geoff

    Alfie, it’s not an ad, I’ve been in advertising my whole career, show me how that’s an ad and I’ll strip naked and go for a drink in Amsterdam’s busiest gay bar. With a blow up boy doll for company.

  53. moray

    From Arsenal Action. Is this bullshit?…

    After losing highly rated Fran Medira this summer, Arsenal are now in danger of losing young keeper Wojciech Szczesny in Jan on a FREE.
    The young keeper now feels “unwanted” at Arsenal after a bust up with Arsene Wenger and said
    “I know Arsenal are fighting for trophies, but if you want to win anything you must play your best players, not the oldest ones.
    “It would be helpful if the best goalkeeper was playing.
    “I am ready to play at a high level and I need a club who will not be afraid to rely on a 20-year-old. At Arsenal, nobody is brave enough to do so.
    “When I get the chance, I’ll show I should have got in earlier.
    “I would love to play for Arsenal, but I really expect something more than a few words at a press conference saying, ‘One day Szczesny will be the No1’.
    “I was trying to fight for the No1 shirt, but nobody noticed that. I am not interested in being the No3 at any club in the world.”
    Szczesny’s contract is due to expire at the end of the season and he has revealed that, despite having met with Arsenal three times, he is not sure where his future lies.
    “I will be able to sign with any other club on January 1,” he said.
    “I had three meetings about extending my contract but the club don’t seem to be interested at the moment. It won’t be difficult to find a new club. I would like to stay but not in the reserve team. It will be hard to stay when I feel unwanted

  54. brian gooner

    Loved every minute the other night{apart from their off-side goal}but coming down to earth a bit we must not forget how bad we were at Sunderland.To squander a win by conceding in the last minute is one thing if we have dominated but to be second best for most of the game to a team like that is worrying.I still think we believe we just have to turn up to win in lots of games and although this has some truth in it for a few home games it definitely does not apply to Sunderland away.The players took the demolition of the Braga Boys Brigade team as an indication that they were better than they are and yet again approached a game with the wrong mental attitude.

  55. RockyPires

    Imagine if France field our back four, would be class and very likely as Gallas is out of shape,Evra suspended,Albidal found out to be shit and wel Mexes is fine but Toto is more solid .

    France team

    Would make you feel like the old days when we fielded French Internationals – Wiltord,Pires,Henry,Vieira

  56. alfie

    I consider it an advertisment for a product/brand…..

    But hey, im not going to get worked up about it! you seem pretty tense Geoff!

  57. alfie

    •S: (n) ad, advertisement, advertizement, advertising, advertizing, advert (a public promotion of some product or service)

    Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services. It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target market to purchase or to consume that particular brand. These brands are usually paid for or identified through sponsors and viewed via various media. Advertising can also serve to communicate an idea to a large number of people in an attempt to convince them to take a certain action.

    When are you booking that trip Geoff????

  58. MickyDidIt89

    I’ve looked into this, and its bad news for you. An Ad it is, as it indirectly promotes a product/service. Doll up matey!

  59. MickyDidIt89

    Not wiki. I made it up, but whisper that. The great thing about Geoff is that he is always prepared to admit when he is wrong, and has always been a man of his word.
    I think Pedro has a spare in Club for saturday!

  60. Stu

    I wont mind advertising on here as long as its not an eyesore or there arent annoying pop ups.

    Jaguar, thats nonsense. He cant sign or talk with other clubs without arsenals permission until Jan 1st at the earliest.

  61. gambon

    If we let Szczesny go it will show that Wenger doesnt have a real plan, or see the bigger picture, hes just an erratic mentalist.

    The lad is right, he is our best GK, by some distance.

  62. Kushagra India

    I have friends in Kazakhstan,they are suggesting Szczeny has given them his word.
    Anyone can have friends anywhere 😉 and Sicily of all places 😆

  63. Brian


    I love him but if he doesnt watch it, he will not live to play in the first team coz he will have long been sold or let to go on a free. His attitude can upset the dressing room. We sure dont need another gallas.

    In as much as his concerns are genuine, there are better means of addressing them and showing his frustration other than what he did.

  64. Brian

    Plus if we have to talk about frustration, Mannone deserves to be more mad than him and he hasnt spoken a word. At least none I know of.

  65. MickyDidIt89

    Look, we know Arsenal made a move for Schwartzer, they just managed to screw things up. What it does mean, is that they recognize the need for a GK.

  66. gazzap

    He knows he is better than Clown and Flap though. He should be in the team now on merit. If wenger went and bought a proper keeper he wouldn’t be able to claim that and neither would I care if he upped and left, but I do rate him very highly.

  67. Hitman

    Chesney’s comments prove to me that Wenger should have been more concerned in winning things in the here and now rather than investing in young players who have no loyalty and may leave.
    Forget about not killing the younger players. Your first responsility is to AFC not the career of young players.
    I was against The signing of Schwarzer made no sense except to benefit Chesney. See how Chesney repaid you.

  68. Jaguar reloaded

    Gazzap,I dont know mate.But their goal keepers are aging,and hence I found it credible,and my mate is not the one,who gives wrong info.

  69. MickyDidIt89

    Hey Jag,
    Dont you think that with Wilshit and Koshitney looking the business and the spine of the team stronger, then at least Almunshit is less vulnerable. Hopefully until Jan, when I think, Givenshit becomes available?

  70. patthegooner

    I dont think we will ever see Chezzer as our number one.

    Wenger will not take kindly to this public blackmail of play me or lose me, and he will leave on a free.

    What it does do is to give Wenger no excuse to buy big on a keeper though. He cant live off the it will kill Scezney argument if he leaves.

  71. Jaguar reloaded

    Everyone knew Shitzer was shit.Wenger only wanted him because he was cheap and shit,so that he could save his bonuses.