Arsene, see what this means? / Demote Fabianski immediately / Spurs HUMILIATED!

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Arsene, well played last night. We’ve been calling for you to take the Cups more seriously for three years, last night you did and you delivered stunning victory to fans all over the world. Pride has been restored since our defeat last year and we own the bragging rights in the office today.

Our own kid! Jacky boy!

Did you hear the fans singing the whole game? Did you see the Spurs supporters exodus after the third goal? Can you now see what it means for us to win games like these? Forget what people call the Carling Cup, it’s a trophy and we all love trophies! I hope you take the rest of the competition this seriously because we want a Cup this year and a day out at Wembley!


Eboue Kozzer JD Gibbs

Rosicky    Wilshire    Denilson

Lansbury                     Nasri


Ekkoto shoving over Lansbury just outside the box was the first big talking point. It wasn’t a penalty, but it was a perplexing decision as to why the ref didn’t give a freekick?

The game wasn’t being played at a high tempo which was unusual for a derby. The fans looked more charged than the players!

Things spiced up after Eboue played a super low cross field ball to Rosicky who waited for the Jack Wilshere run,  rolled the ball into his path, the Englishman looked up, slide a defence splitting ball into Lansbury who drop it into the empty net! Sublime.

Englishman to Englishman… it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that… in fact, I can’t remember ever saying that?!

Wilshere was crunched by Livermore who received a yellow card, moment later, Sandro crashed into him clumsily. You sensed Spurs frustration at not being able to get near us.

Denilson smashed a freekick from about 40 yards. Normally I’d moan as it was a pretty silly place to strike from, but it’s not the scoring, it’s the shooting that counts!

Jack Wilshere was running the show in the middle of the park despite Spurs crass tactics. The thing I like about Jack is his fight. The more he gets bullied, the more he wants the ball. A superb character trait.

JD was looking a bit rusty. I suppose you would after a whole career out injured. Lansbury was doing all the basics right, it was a promising half from another player who has suffered in the physio room.

Jack Wilshere threaded a sublime through ball to Gibbs who is judged offside incorrectly.

The first half finished with us leading. It was too easy, far too easy. Surely Spurs wouldn’t be this flat in the second half?

The second half started, Keane and Ratboy came on and immediately shook things up. Keane was played in and adjudged to have been played onside by Gibbs, he looked to the lino, bounded into the box and tamely struck a shot at Fabianski’s near post, the Pole spilt the ball into his net embarrassingly.

Has there ever been a worse Premiership goalkeeper?

My Spurs sparring pal Dave took time out to text me..

‘This could be a DVD game in the making….’

The ref allowed another brutal challenge on Jack Wilshere go unpunished. When it’s clear a team is rotating fouls on a key opposition player, the cards should come out instantly to stop it.

Arsenal managed to get on top of their game again. Eboue had the chance to slide Nasri in but went for a ridiculous shot. Rosicky crossed a beautiful ball into the path of Vela who could only head over. Shame Chamakh wasn’t on the end of it.

Vela didn’t seem to be making the right runs. He was either too deep or in the way. He’s got a long way to go before he can play that central position on his own. I can’t imagine what we’ll do if Chamakh gets injured…

Arsene was struggling to communicate with the bench. Every time Sky focused on Pat Rice and the gang, they looked like a bunch of lemons. Arsene’s technological naivety exposed…  you never get reception in a stadium during a game Arsene!

Samir Nasri continued to cause Spurs problems with his intricate running and his nack for popping up in the right places. Eboue was now finding his feet and a lot of the good play was coming through his daring runs.

Kieron Gibbs fluffed the offside trap for real this time allowing Ratboy in, Kozzer slid in to deny him a shooting opportunity with a superb last gasp tackle!

Our boys always seemed half a second off the pace when pulling the trigger. A goal was coming, which way it was going was still very much up in the air!

Wenger brought on Chamkah and Arshavin and the threat was instant, Chamakh grazing a header just wide.

The Scum were tiring… their fitness nowhere near our level!

Eboue won a freekick in the last minute, the cross was flapped at by the keeper but no one could turn it in!

Extra time it was…

After one minute, Nasri was played in by a first time Arshavin ball, his pace was enough to force Bassong into a clumsy challenge. The ref had no option, penalty. The superstition of French players not taking penalties if they win them was clearly lost on Nasri who stepped up and buried it. After the game, Wenger told Sky that superstition was based on fear and that he’d told the Frenchman to get over it.

The goal pleased me for two reasons. First it was a goal. Secondly the last thing we needed was Fabianski winning us a penalty shoot out and all the AKB’s telling us that he should stay and be our keeper for 15 years.

Moments later, another penalty was won after Chamakh was felled chasing another Arshavin through ball… Nasri stepped up and struck an even better penalty for his second!

3-1 up! No chance of a penalty shoot out. The editors for Spurs DVD suppliers could go to bed now, there was going to be no miracle tonight.

The home fans had a cheek sarcastically applauding a free-kick. They wouldn’t even be in extra time if it weren’t for a crap decision.

A quick word for the away fans… exceptional, a credit to the club. If only you were allowed to make that much noise at home!

The game got even better as Bentley headed wide from about 4 yards.

Gibbs went off injured without his boot in hand…  It’s rumoured it might be another metatarsal injury.

Arshavin popped up with a superb final goal latching onto Wilshere through ball and buried it into the bottom corner.

This was a spanking. Worthy of a DVD? Not likely… we’ve got proper aspirations!

Keane had a shot cleared off the line by Nasri. It looked like it crossed the line, I hope it did,  it’d make the victory even sweeter!

Ratings (Tracker):

Fabianski: Had nothing to do all game bar save a tame Robbie Keane near post shot… and he let it slip through his wrists. Awful goalkeeping but not surprising. How many more chances does he get? Has a keeper ever made so many mistakes? He’s almost on an error a game and that is unforgivable at this level. Promote Chesney if he’s good enough or buy someone who can cope with the mental pressure. 3

Eboue: I thought he played like a headless chicken in the first half, not sure whether he was right back or right midfield. He grew with the game though and his attacking presence and superior fitness shone through in the second half. 7.5

JD: Shaky start from the Swissman (?). He was caught out of position a number of times and he made a few clumsy challenges. He grew with the game though. His calmness is reassuring and I think he’ll be a much more able deputy than Senderos. 7

Kozzer: A very solid game considering it was his first north London derby. He won everything in the air, he didn’t cave to the physical challenge and he made a few vital tackles. A great performance. 8

Gibbs: Unlucky that the lino missed the blatant offside for the Spurs goal. He was the last man and he wasn’t in line with the rest of the defence. I thought he was sloppy at times tonight, mainly in a positional sense, I put that down to youth. His second half was much better, he had Ratboy in his pocket, so much so, the Spurs man ended up swapping wings! I think he’s got a big career ahead of him for us, lets hope this injury isn’t serious. On that point, why is he still wearing those flimsy boots? Can’t Nike provide him a leather model? 7.5

Rosicky: I thought he was superb in the first half. He didn’t let that penalty miss bother him linking the midfield and attack nicely with some clever passes and tireless effort. He looked like he may have picked up an ankle knock after being crunched by someone from the scum (Sandro I think). 7.5

Nasri: Great listening to Nasri articulate his thoughts on Jack Wilshere after the game. He was solid in the first half without really impressing, the second half he came into his own popping up all over the park, playing the ball into space, running at defenders and generally causing a nuisance. He took responsibility for both penalties and did well to convert under pressure. I feel like his game is about to explode on us… I’m looking forward to seeing that happen! 8.5

Vela: I think he struggled to play in up top on his own. He’s only young and not really suited to playing the loan striker role. He needs to learn the position and develop this year. He’s better out wide or as an impact sub. 6

Denilson: We saw the best and worst of Denilson. His decision making is bad at times and sometimes his positional play is poor. Overall though, I thought he did well, playing slightly more advanced that Jack most of the time but mucking in to help out with the defensive duties.7

Wilshere: Reckons that getting kicked is part of playing for Arsenal. It doesn’t bother him. What a champ. Great response, superb performance! His vision and maturity in the middle of the park was exceptional today and he was a dream to watch. Superstar in the making? I think so! 9

Lansbury: Popped up with the first goal which was a great moment for a boy who has been with the club since he was a kid. His passing for the most was crisp and he didn’t really make too many mistakes. I like him, he doesn’t set the world alight, but he’s a very capable player and hopefully his confidence will grow as the season goes on. 7


Arshavin: He came on to change the game and he certainly did. He might look lazy at times, probably because he is, but his two through balls won us two penalties in the space of 5 minutes. He justified his salary tonight. 7.5

Chamakh: He made the run for the second ball and his hard work tired the Spurs defence even more so than they were already. A few sloppy touches and dodgy passes, but nothing to worry about. He came out of the game unscathed which is the important thing! 7

Clichy: Didn’t really have a lot to do! 6

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  1. DaleDaGooner

    Pool are just weak, I try to back them when the Manure tossers are shredding them on the blogs, but….hopeless. Lets hope ManUre goes out next round, winning this is like a bandage, it stops the bleeding of “annual also rans” “what have you won in 5 years?” Friggin Manure won this cup last season, so we should win this and at least save face.

  2. Gunnernet

    5 minutes remaining. Still 1-2. I just feel sorry for Liverpool..Losing at Anfield from a team ranked at 17 in league 2 is simply embarassing.

  3. Ja_Gunner

    Ok so now we only have to worry about Villa and Manure in the Carling Cup…

    Liverpool just equalized….

    So its

    Aston Villa….possibly Liverpool
    And any other supposed giant killer..

    Surely we can win the Carling Cup this year so that the guys can learn what its like to win…

  4. Ja_Gunner

    So we only have to worry about…

    New castle(giant killers)

    Now at least 2 of these will drop out soon.

    So if we are in it after next round…Wenger should go all out and win the damn thing….its there for the taking….

  5. Gunnernet

    Rohan maybe Oneill is smiling right now. He quits Villa and after one month he has the best opportunity for him to manage a team with potential.

  6. Stu

    O neill at City? No fucking chance. Mancini is a bigger manager than him and even he is about to get the sack. City, with all their money, will surely be after a bigger name than what they already have. If he hadnt just joined Madrid i wouldnt have thought they would get Mourinho.

    They shouldnt have gotten rid of Sven in the first place.

  7. Lou

    Just had the misfortune to pass through You’re On Sky Sports where Brain Of Britain Jason Cundy was defending tackling. It seems as though every time someone says they want to ban career-threatening tackles like Ramsay, Eduardo and that Fulham player last night who became the latest victim of the assassination squad that is Stoke City there are no end of imbecilic cretins like Cundy who immediately assume that means a call for tackling of any sort to be eradicated from the game. The well-worn cliches like “Get in their faces” and You can’t play Arsenal at football, cause you’ll loose so you have to let them know you’re there” which is another way of saying you have to brutally foul them were rolled out again and again an that ugly Northern peroxide creature named Everton was giving it some as well. Oh for someone intelligent to have a bit of control at Sky. The Ginger Tosser called Graham someone or other who I believe may have played for Chelsea and possibly Everton is so unbelievably thick that he misses every point callers try to make and makes Cundy seem like a genius. No mean feat. He did say that he hadn’t seem the Stoke/Fulham incident which got me thinking that if it had been Arsenal involved it would have been shown at least 500 times by now.

  8. zeus

    ahahaha. Just got n and saw Liverfool. Hehe.

    We and united and villa are favourites. We HAVE to take this shit seriously now.

  9. Rohan

    Hell no, Squillaci and Koscielny MUST play. Koscielny and Vermaelen isn’t a very solid CB partnership.
    Either way, Koscielny has to play. He’s been our most impressive player so far this season. Yes, he’s made a couple of mistakes but otherwise he’s been as solid as solid can be.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Morning all

    Whats the latest news on the face of Tottenham Hotshit, the Milky Bar Yid? 😆

    Spuds were like furry little animals what got cought in car headlights………& ended up road kill.

  11. Honest Bill


    I don’t think Squillaci will play if the other two are fit.

    Kosser was the early target and a big part of Wenger’s plans.

    Squillaci was a reactionary buy following all our experienced defenders leaving.

    I think TV and LK will be a great partnership, and you couldn’t really ask for better bacjup than Squillaci. He slotted straight in, was committed and calm.

    Just what the doctor ordered. I still don’t trust JD though.

  12. ardentgooner

    I think ManCity vs Chelsea could be the last game for Mancini… if he doesnt get a point or more out of it he’s out……

  13. zeus


    Spot on. Squillaci can’t be dropped. Tv5 and Kozzer are far too similar. You need a beeter balance round the back and that is Squillaci, doing the Rio Ferdinand role (cough, vomit, spit) and TV5/Kozzer doing the Vidic role.

    TV5 has lost his bearings in all big games played last season and despite his strong leap, Kozzer may very well be better in the air.

    Either way, its Squillaci plus 1 for me.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Pathetic showings from Liverpool, Scums, Scums from West London and Manc scums. How can Liverpool loose to Div 3 opp at home?

  15. DaleDaGooner

    gnarleygeorge9 says:
    September 22, 2010 at 23:31
    Morning all

    Whats the latest news on the face of Tottenham Hotshit, the Milky Bar Yid?

    Spuds were like furry little animals what got cought in car headlights………& ended up road kill.=—–gnarley…LOL…..YOU EFFING CLOWN..made me spit out my hot cocoa

  16. Rohan

    Both TV and LK like to attack the ball. I don’t think they’ll work too great in tandem. Squillaci gives us added presence in the air, experience and mops up well. He is the mainstay in the defence as far as I’m concerned. Kozzer and Vermy will have to fight it out I think.
    Either way, it’s a great dilemma to have. Koscielny and Vermalen aren’t the biggest units. Squillaci gives us more a physical presence I feel. It should be interesting to see what Wenger does.

  17. Stu

    The CB pairing surely has to be picked based on merit. Thats how you keep the players motivated. If Vermaelen gets straight back into the team after returning from injury then whoever gets dropped will probably be fuming, and rightly so.

    LK and Squillaci until either is unavailable, then Vermaelen can win his place back.

  18. zeus

    Say what you will, but Rafa is twice the coach that Hodgson is.

    I bet Squillaci starts every game over one of the other two.

  19. Rohan

    I wouldn’t be so sure gambon. Vermaelen’s a great player but I feel Kosicelny is more of a natural defender and has a better reading of the game. A defensive combo of Vermy and Koscielny also isn’t very big or tall.
    It’s Squillaci plus one for me definitely. Given Kozzer’s recent form, I’d make Vermaelen wait a bit.

  20. Rohan

    I doubt Koscielny or Squillaci came here expecting to be playing week in week out Stu. I’d rotate around for a bit to see what’s the best duo.

  21. DaleDaGooner

    As long as we don’t go play the thugs in their back yard, I fancy playing the Manure, me thinks we can flog them proper.

  22. Rohan

    I feel like that every season. But for some reason, they seem to up their game and we seem to drop down a level or 2 whenver we play them.

  23. zeus

    We got a hard test so we should get an ‘easy’ draw this round. Plus with so many PL teams out, let the match fixing/ tie-fixing begin.

    Squillaci + Kozzer for me. It hard on TV5 but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

  24. Stu

    Why not though Rohan? Koscielny at least, knew that Wenger was looking for a first choice defender, so when he was bought first and given 6 he probably rightly assumed he would be first choice.

    And regardless of why they were bought in the first place both Kos and SS are most definitely our form defenders and thus should expect to start.

    There shouldnt be any such thing as undisputed starter. The form players play and right now Vermaelen isnt one of them.

  25. DaleDaGooner

    Hmmmmmm, It’s a rotation between 5 and 6, they are too similar, but we all know Vermaelen will always play, Arsene will almost def play him and worry about who partners him depending on opponent, form and competition. But this is great! when was the last time we had a dilemma like this?

  26. DaleDaGooner

    Seriously thoug, If TV5 is healthy v KGB Fulham, I would start TV5 and SS18, it’s what makes sense experience wise.

  27. DaleDaGooner

    see people think about the 10m we paid for him, the lad happily agreed to 25k a week…so when you consider that his wage comapared to say, Jerome Boateng at the same cost, is still a better and cheaper option for us. I remember people (Jaguar) was slagging Koshitney and why we spent 10m on an unknown shit player, but all those who went for the same or slightly less or more are on inflated salary, Kjaer anyone? Kjaer would have been a welcome adittion though, now Kjaer TV5, SS18 and LK6 would have been awesome dilemma!

  28. sixxpac

    As Chesney says if u want to be the best u have to play the best players. Right now Kos is playing better than I’ve ever seen Vermaelen play. As Rohan said he is more a natural defender than Verm

  29. zeus

    You’ve got to love Ancelotti’s refreshing commentary. Apparently ‘he is not so disappointed’ Chelsea were knocked out.

    It was not our priority,” said Ancelotti in his post-match press conference. “I wanted to win but I’m not so disappointed. I was happy not with the result but for the performance, absolutely.

    “We had a fantastic reaction when we were 3-1 down. We had 10 against 11 and showed good spirit and good personality, which is the most important thing for us.”

  30. Ja_Gunner

    For me I would play Squid+Kosser for Chelsea….because Vermaelen will be rusty when he comes back…I dont think Wenger should just stick him against a big opponent….

    Remember when he dropped Senderos for Kolo….he should not have just shoved Kolo straight back in….

    I would probably play Djurou+Squid for WBA…….

    Then ease Vermaelen back in against Belgrade…

    So for me it would be

    1. WBA………….Squid+Djurou
    2. Belgrade……..Kosser+Vermaelen
    3. Chelsea………Squid+Kosser

    After that I would choose the CBs based on form and fitness

  31. nigerian gunner

    i think we can now…incec

    no shity
    co chelski
    no spuds
    no liverfools…never worried about them though
    no blacktugs
    no evertoned

  32. Rohan

    We’ll do Utd. no problem. Only the Chavs, Barca, and perhaps Real Madrid are the teams I wouldn’t be willing to put money on us beating.

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    Yes, Rohan what has become of Mangoonian, aka Lovedup gooner; aka angry loner.

    Come back MG your services r required. Where is ethan as well 😉

  34. zeus

    Fuck sake. There have been so many new people on here, that I’ve forgotten about Mangoonian. hehe

    Oh, and having seen all of Madrid’s games so far, I’m confident we would do them too.

  35. Simma_P

    I love the site first time posting been reading for a while…I will be in London in Dec, trying to get tickets for the Stoke on the 18th or Chelsea on the 26th.I will kill for any tickets ….please please please

  36. MickyDidIt89

    Our first piece of silverware in a while just got a whole lot closer last night. Life as a Gooner just gets better by the day.

  37. el tel

    I read an article on the internet this morning damning our Club again.

    Now we are the top divers in football and Wenger apparently last year even said so.

    I just saw on SSN Alex get a pen for the Chavs which WAS a dive, this guy is a beast of a man yet he fell to the ground as Drogba does regularly. The pen was vital too as the chavs were 3-2 down at the time.

    But never mind I am sure it will just get totally overlooked.

  38. Sam

    As we have the Centre Back debate, this might just allow Geoff’s long time idea of trying TV5 as DM materialise.

    Even I feel its worth a try.

  39. Pedro

    Arsenal fans have a real injustice complex don’t they?

    I’m sure it’s becuase they only read Arsenal stories.

    The press hate everyone… not just Arsenal.

  40. Geoff

    Morning all!

    I wish he would try Vermaelen at DM, I think he would be perfect there, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, we would also keep our trio of world class centrebacks happy.

  41. chippy

    Morning All,

    Nani hands down for me, He spends more time on his back than on his feet he could have a follow up career as a whore,

  42. abnet

    the English media – they hate us more than any other club in the world i think to be a sport journalist in England this days you have to bring I HATE Arsenal certificate

  43. Geoff

    He is a great tackler, has pace, reads the game well, lethal header of a ball and a fucking hard shot, we don’t have a current DM with those credentials.

  44. Jaguar reloaded

    Yeah Pedro,I think so.He doesnt have the passing range to cut it as a DM.Having said that,he might do a better job than Song

  45. Pedro

    Alfie, we’re open to advertising as long as it benefits the Grovers.

    2 club level tickets seems like a pretty cool prize… we’re not making anything out of it.