Another missed target \ Who’s back in training \ Why Cesc to Madrid makes sense

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I speak to lots of different people I’ve met through the site who do various roles at different organisations related to with football. Mainly because of Le Exchange.

I was speaking to one such person who has quite a lot of involvement at lower league level and he told me yesterday that when Joe Hart was at Shrewsbury Town, Arsenal were offered him, he was interested, but after scouting him a few times we decided he wasn’t good enough to join!

Amazing eh? Another one that got away!

On the keeping front, there were some rather naughty comments from our Polish number 4 keeper in the media yesterday. Apparently the reason he hasn’t gone out on loan this season is becuase he is entering the last year of his contract (at least he was in the summer). He’s now keen to get some first team football and he’s trying to hold the club to ransom and is a little upset someone who makes an error a game is the number two ahead of him.

Apparently he’s not the sharpist tool in the box and if he wants my opinion, he should sign on with us, go out on loan and stop being such a David Bentley. I appreciate he’s a major talent, but I don’t think he’s going to right way about winning a place in the side. He’s is only 20… he could do with a year at West Ham if you ask me. I’m thinking this is going to end one way… it has Merida written all over it. Project youth and it’s pitfalls eh?!

The Cesc quotes he made to a Spanish radio station may surprise some, talk of him going to Madrid would seem crazy for someone with Barca DNA, but I’ve said many times in the comments that’s a distinct possibility becuase I was informed a few months ago that Real Madrid told Arsenal in the summer they were prepared to outbid Barcelona for Cesc whatever the cost… and if Barca are still skint next summer and Cesc still wants to leave us, he’ll have to go to the highest bidder which will be City (who also enquired) or Madrid.

If the comments are true, they are calculated… that’s a message to Barca to up their bid and to Madrid to watch this space. Which is poor form from Cesc… He should be focused on Arsenal and he shouldn’t be talking to radio stations that he knows are looking for quotes like that.

In other news, apparently Vermaelen and RvP started running yesterday. The Belgian should be back for Drogba. Robin? Well, that’s anyone’s guess! Cesc’s injury isn’t major and it’s iffy if he’ll be back for the Chav game. One thing is for certain, he will not be risked…

Anyway… tune in at 0900 for the match report!

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  1. dennisdamenace

    gnarleygeorge9 says:
    September 22, 2010 at 08:02

    I watched the game with a spud who didn’t know the spuds double winners that were lined up pre game. I had to turn my tele from colour to black & white for him to recognise who they were

    Fuck me! I almost spat my coffee out just then gnarley, comedy gold fella….

  2. MickyDidIt89

    Most disturbing news about Robin starting to run again. That can only end in tears. Running is dangerous. You can trip up over a grass or run full speed into things. Not good.

  3. Surferosa

    Totally agree with your thoughts on Chez Pedro. I haven’t got a scooby why AW persists with Flappy; but then again- trashing the club & manager does himself no favours in my eyes. If we wants to walk, adios!

  4. YJ

    not sure if wilshere and/or ramsey cam really do the same as Fab in games — 10+ goals & 20+ assists at minimum a season

    Fab is really a special player, the VERY best in the world in his position

  5. pantsR2long

    Good post.

    Schezney should know better than to whinge about not getting first team experience, I understand that being behind Fabianski in the pecking order must be torture but one impressive loan spell at a lower league club does not make him an instant starter.

  6. Surferosa

    Geoff- regards your CC comment- you know what, it was awesome beating the spuds last night- so, yep- it kind of proves your point.

    However, the (possible) injury to Gibbs kind of proves mine too. If it had been Kos, Chakh or AA- we wouldnt be quite so happy this fine morning. Still, that didn’t happen, so who cares, eh?

  7. dennisdamenace

    So, Barca scratch their collective arses think Fab4 is a done deal for tuppence. Well Real offer the asking price of say £60m cash, we give them permission to talk to the player…….win win win, let the two gypsy clubs battle for him, and when Barca finally give up because they can’t compete with RM financially what will our little captain do then eh?

  8. Geoff

    Rico, I know exactly how you feel, me too!

    Surfer I just hope he’s Ok, but why is it always our players???

    Dennis, I like Cesc, but if he doesn’t shut the fuck up, he will take Ade’s mantle.

    What’s all this someone else owns me shit, what is he a slave? Perhaps he should give all the money we gave him back and stick him in the reserves for a year, Jack and Aaron will be better anyway.

  9. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    problem is unless we SEE ramsey/wilshere doing a 10goals & 20+ assists,we are going to have our doubts..

    and i dont think when we got young fabregas,we could say that of him without any doubt…

    good thing is we HAVE 2 TOP OUTSTANDING choices in wilshere/ramsey…than NOT having one…we can be happy,as we cant do anything we will never spend a lot on a player

  10. Sam

    Vela suspended 6 months. That ll make him available for the whole season almost. No more long flights.

    It is difficult for a small fellow to play alone upfront. Get off his back guys.

  11. wan

    maybe it’s a ploy by arsenal. Tell cesc to speak about other clubs so there’s a price war and barca will have to cough up his real valuation. Just imagine the stick barca fans would give the club if they let cesc (their dna golden boy) transfer to madrid

  12. dennisdamenace

    Geoff – TBH i can’t and don’t sign his name anymore. We should accept the highest bid, and leave it to him to move on to that club be it RM or Barca, and if he doesn’t want to accept the RM offer (for instance) then he should lose the captaincy……

    How can we (as a club) be held to ransom by a single player, we end up looking like Barca’s bitch in all this.

    It needs to be made crystal clear to Fabregas that unless Barca meet OUR price he goes nowhere, end of!

    However, if he’s truly desperate to leave then RM’s offer has been accepted, so goodbye.

  13. abnet

    Jack is a much better player than 18 year cesc he much composed strong and quick i think juck will be a better player than cesc in his 20 . what a performance from our little jack wow impressed i was not impressed with cesc this much in community shield in 2005 with manutd
    Morning all I happy toooooooooooooooooooooo

  14. dennisdamenace

    The ‘owns’ me comment is seriously disrespectful. ‘Owns’ ffs!!

    Basically, he’s stating that he’s being kept here, it’s no longer his wish to stay. Which is fair enough, but he should shut the fuck up before he runs his mouth off one too many times and alienates the fans, because regardless of who you are we are Arsenal Football Club supporters NOT Cesc Fabregas supporters…..

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    Jack Wilshire, will be on a rolla coaster of a trip from now till he ripens. A brilliant display against Arsenal’s bitch this morning; an error riddled 1st half v Sunderland. Its called a learning curve.

    Unlike Bentley, Jacky’s curve will be like the ski jump @ Lillehammer, whereas as Bentley’s curve is like a speed hump 😆

  16. Surferosa

    Just watching the full game back again. Loving the fact that the passing “Ole’s” started in the 17th minute- at THEIR ground. Its so one-sided, its funny.

  17. LeProf

    Similar team beaten the Spuds up next for West Brom match? Sadly Gibbs was injured though! Wenger should promote medium-rare beef steak as part of new diet regime!!!

    Sagna Kos Verm Clichy
    Nasri Wilshere Rosicky
    Arshavin Chamakh Vela

    Subs: Lansbury, JET, Eboue, Eastmond, Squeaky

  18. YJ

    Jack is top class at his ago but I believe he will be better Lampard and Gerrard for sure!!

    Hope when Rambo is back in action, he can find his form soon!

    Like Arshavin said, we need to be able to win 1:0 more to be able to win trophy this season.

  19. Jimmythegun

    ‘Shall we make a, shall we make a, shall we make a DVD…’

    Jack was outstanding, Gibbs, Henri and Nas were also great but I’m off to get a Kozzer tattoo!!

    Seriously, how good has he looked in the last couple of games?!!

  20. SecretArsenal

    Jack is the beans, and once Ramsey comes back full strength (fingers crossed he will), then he’s the beans too!!

    With all the Summer BS with Barca and Fab, I think I’ve had time to ‘get over’ Fab and the fact that it’s highly likely he’ll move on next season, which I still hope he doesn’t, but knowing that we have some very, very talented lads that are ready for first team action is comforting and IMHO, the void Fab will leave (should he move on of course) may be huge, but I’d rather Jack and Ramsey as the 2 to fill it than have one or the other or worse, neither!

    It must be a scary thought for Barca, should Fab end up at RM!! LOL… fuck em’ if it happens… tight arses!

    BUT I do agree, Fab shouldn’t be talking about anything else other than Arsenal and Arsenal related topics… so yes, he needs to STFU on everything else!

  21. ArsenalKenya

    Cesc can whine on how he likes Barcelona but finally if they dont have the cash to pay for him Wenger will sell him to madrid at 60 million pounds. Watching Wilshere yesterday i dont care what Fab 4 says and Wenger knows that Cesc was resigned to leaving but since he did not leave he has to groom his successor. When is Ramsey coming back. I thought he started running and jogging some time back in August.

    I knew Fabianski would let us down yesterday but what a GREAT WIN.


  22. Brian

    My core men of the match were wilshere and kos. without kos we would have leaked in a couple. he controlled and dealt with every challenge that was thrown his way.

  23. Pascal Cygan

    Morning all,

    for all the money they have spent, the tiny Totts are still learning to play football. Watching ‘arry’s face during the match was the biggest treat.

    If this is how Kozzer is going to play every match, he is our no.1 CB ( tied with verm) . His positioning, anticipation and timing were immaculate and he even picked the right spot to earn a yellow…how does he manage to win the ball in the air everytime ? amazing. Off to get a Koz tattoo.

  24. john adali

    wenger can be so amazing,giving the youths chances to prove themselves worthy of playing.All HAIL JACK WHILSERE for his contribution.with the likes of whilsere,rosicky,nasri,fabregas in our midfield,gunners will be unstopable………i hope fanbiaski pick up sooner…….

  25. Marek

    I read the Szczesny interview in Gazeta Wyborcza, and if what he says is true, then it’s really Arsene Wenger that is at fault here, not Szczesny. Wojtek said clearly that if he is given a fair chance to fight for the first choice keeper spot, there is no way he would even think about playing for another team. If that was impossible, he wanted to go out on loan again; however, Wenger told him that he can’t go out on loan because he now was part of the team’s plans. Szczesny is basically wondering what the hell it means to be a part of a team’s plans and yet not, for example, be given a chance to play in a fixture such as a Carling Cup game. Perfectly natural question, in my opinion. Another question asked by Szczesny was why the oldest, rather than the best, keeper gets to play – cheeky perhaps, but a valid question nevertheless.

    As for the contract situation, again, it is not Szczesny that his “holding the club to ranson” – rather, Arsenal have not discussed the contract with him. Both sides know it’s his last year; I’d expect the club to make the first move.

  26. cdn

    To the blog writer,
    you misunderstood Szczesny’s interview. He WAS very much willing to go on loan. However, Wenger told him to forget about it. He claimed Szczesny was needed at Arsenal. That is why Szczesny is upset. He’s not “holding the club to ransom”. This could have been avoided if Wenger had simply let him go on loan and not lied to him about being needed at Arsenal.