Wenger is a genius, but won’t win the league.

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So says Steve Bruce. Not a lot to say about that but for someone who has had more players off us than Barcelona, he ought to be a bit more respectful to the Arsenal.

I’m not going to dwell too much on the Sunderland game, we didn’t deserve to win because we didn’t win, we had a player stupidly sent off, the referee allowed 17 seconds past the clock and we missed a penalty.

I’m not going to talk about the sending off save to say I think if a defensive player gets booked so early on, and hasn’t the intelligence to stay out of trouble for the rest of the game, then it’s time the management took them off at half time.

Wilshere got booked for a rash tackle in the first half when he was playing badly, the second half he used his brains and avoided confrontation, he also at the same time raised his game, enough said.

As for the referee adding on another 17 seconds, give me a break, we should have cleared the ball from the corner, don’t blame him, blame us, 4 minutes is the minimum not the maximum and the corner was good for at least another 30 seconds, yes Dowd wasn’t great, but tell me a time when we had a ref that was.

As for the penalty miss, yes he should have at least hit the target, but come on, he missed a penalty, he didn’t eat his grandmother. He missed and we drew, a point at the stadium of shite wasn’t bad, they did beat shitty didn’t they.

I’m  more concerned about this week, Tuesday to be more precise, I hope like hell he realises how much beating the scum means to us, it’s not an irrelavant fixture, it’s the league cup and it may be the only trophy we can win this season, Arsene, don’t disrespect the fans, play a strong team, not a youth team.

Years ago you used to mix it up, the last time we played them in this cup, you played Bendtner, Ade and Cesc and we still lost 5-1, they will be unbearable if they win and my month will be ruined, blimey, I still haven’t got over the last time they won in this cup.

So who should we play then?


Eboue Kozzer Djourou/Vermaelen Gibbs

Rosicky Nasri Eastmond

Vela Chamakh JET/Afobe

Chamakh is gagging to play boss, don’t disappoint him, I put Vermaelen in if he’s fit, if not the Djourou, I also put JET or Afobe in case one of those isn’t ready.

I think it’s time to drop Arshavin, Song and Denilson and try out a few new combo’s but not a youth team. I think this team would be good enough to beat the spuds, they won’t field a team of kids as they think we will, plus it’s at shitehartlane and they will have their home support, time to take this competition seriously and time to blend youth with experience.

I hope he does, because I would sooner win this than go out at the quarter finals in the champions league, how can it hurt? Our next game is against whipping boys WBA so we don’t have to worry about losing that game to fatigue, play a youth team against them if we have to, as we could still win that with our kids, give the babies a run out against them, at least we will still have 30 odd games left if it goes wrong, lose to the spuds and that’s one comp gone.

Time to practice what we preach and manage with intelligence, letting the kids lose to the scum will teach them nothing, safe how to lose bragging rights.

Come on Arsene, time to give something back.

Have a great day grovers, this could be a great week.

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  1. Arsenal Tom

    ped, as long as he’s back for the chavs, that games gonna be hard enough especially the way drogba and malouda are playing.

  2. Baafuor from Ghana

    Song is really starting to piss me off.He is becoming complacent and arrogant by the day and I think its high time he was benched

  3. Pedro

    AT, that’s going to be a very hard game… I’m looking forward to seeing how the new boys deal with their beastly attack.

    Hopefully it won’t be too brutal!

  4. Arsenal Tom

    ped, i think it depends how they play as well, if they revert to soaking it up and hitting it to drogba they’ll murder us, if they pass it around i reckon we’ve got the mobility-player wise to handle it. tracking the late runs by people like malouda will be key

  5. zeus


    Eboue Kozzer Djourou/Vermaelen Gibbs

    Rosicky Nasri Eastmond

    Vela Chamakh JET/Afobe
    That team won’t make it out on the pitch IMO.
    Backline minus Djourou is good enough, JD is gonna get playing time unfortunately.

    Midfield, how about a triio of Rosicky (better passing range than Nasri), Chuks and Denilson.

    Forwards – Vela, Afobe, Chamakh.

  6. gambon

    I was just driving down the road, and i ran into someone and broke his legs cos I wasn’t paying attention.

    One onlooker said id made a mistake, but i said “no way pal, it wasn’t my fault, I had no protection from Arshavin”.

  7. Baafuor from Ghana

    I must say I was really impressed with the defense and and Al’s performance.They were solid to say the least bar Clichy.I think Al feels comfortable with these guys.I would love Wenger to maintain the Center back pairing of Toto and Kos and shift TV5 to Song’s position.

  8. Keyser

    The onlooker turned around and said ‘You Dick, you just RAN over Arshavin’..

    ‘He might be five foot four, but your shit driving knocked him to the floor’

  9. zeus

    Song just needs to stop thinking that he is Cesc. If he is gonna play like that V Chelsea we are gonna get raped.

    We need one of CBs to give him a bollocking and tell him to sit his ass down in midfield and shield them, we don’t have problems for goals.

    If he wants to drive forward with reckless abandon fuck off and go to Spurs.

  10. Baafuor from Ghana

    We should all forget about tomorrow if Flappy ends up in goal.He is so shit.This would be my team for tomorrow

  11. Baafuor from Ghana

    It really pisses me that Wenger can’t just tell to release the ball as soon as he wins it back.It pisses me soo much.

  12. Pedro

    Gambon, I reckon Clichy is attracted to Arshavin… when I’m sitting opposite a fit bird at work my formulas go off kilter big style…

  13. Baafuor from Ghana

    Tomas Rosicky-“Ahead of the kick I communicated with Nasri and Chamakh but nobody wanted to take responsibility, so I did.
    These players should grow up.I was quite surprised to see Rosicky stepping up cos like Rosicky I thought one of Nasri or Chamack should have taken the penalty.

  14. Gunnernet

    good afternoon mates! Any news on Cesk front. Denilson will start against Spuds and maybe Nordveit. Chamakh will be rested and used only as a subtitute.

  15. arsenal4ever

    will really flapianski play? Mirror said Chezzer is in front of him to play the carling cup games!!! I want Falpianski out asap!!!! But no one would pay us anything for him :-(. Best business Arsene!!!

  16. vfabre

    Guys, I can’t what I’ve read about Song. First of all, I’m not afraid sayin’ He’s just about to be one of the best DM in Europe. Next, I think it’s a mistake blaming him “thinking He’s Cesc”. I don’t hear anybody blame him when he made is wonderful goal against Bolton. Last game, He was booked twice because He was doing his DEFENSIVE job, as he always do. I prefer that than Denilson who runs right in front of him like a duck, and was catch by defense on Sunderland box’s line. We were so lucky Dowd decide of a free kick. If not, the counter attack may has been very dammagable. Song is strong to defend his ball and made secure passes
    Nevertheless, I follow Baafuor : It may be interesting to see Vermaelen in an MD postion. I think he’s got skills to do it

  17. HendonGooner

    So much for Wenger’s claim about mental strength!

    We still have the same bunch of mental capitulation specialists.

    Apart from Cesc and Clichy – none of them have won anything. There are no battlers in the squad and no one with the necessary experience to show leadership and ruthlessness. FFS – With a penalty to take – why didn’t Nasri or Chamakh take it? Why leave it to TR7 – whom Wenger claimed had not taken a penalty before for Arsenal?
    We will win nothing with this lot. Groundhog season is well underway……

  18. Ricky

    I wouldnt say bruce is showing a lack of respect with he’s views on us winning the legaue.

    How many gooners on here actually believe were going to win the premiership? I doubt there’s many… bruce has a valid point.

  19. zeus

    So the fuckers didn’t want tto take the pen. NO BOTTLE. Geese. Cesc would’ve, RVP would’ve, FFS even Big balls Bendtner would’ve.

    Surprised at Nasri there. Chamakh not so much, maybe a bit too much pressure from him.

  20. zeus

    Can’t for the life of me understand why you all are putting Chamakh forward as a penalty taker.

    How many penalties has any of you seen him take? And maybe its too early in his Arsenal career to take on that pressure to do it.

    Suprised at Nasri though. New Zidane/Cesc replacement my arse.

    Even Walcott would have jumped at the chance.

  21. Ricky

    Zeus, Thats the difference between the team of today & the previous arsenal teams.

    To many of these boys getting there chests waxed & nails done.

    We need some more vermaelen types.. Im sure he would’nt have thought twice about taking that pen.

  22. Pedro

    vFabre, what do you mean blame him when he made a goal?

    He’s not one of the best defensive midfielders in Europe either.

    He’s good, that’s about as far as it goes… nowhere near world class for me.

  23. Rohan

    Don’t French players have some sort of superstition against taking penalties that they themselves won? That would explain Nasri not taking it.
    Very nice to see everyone jump on the bandwagon and call it groundhog day, no bottle no gooders and what not. jeez.

  24. zeus


    Can’t accept that logic Pedro. High profile or not doesn’t mean you are good at pens. And I think its enough pressure on him to be our main striker less than than 6 months into his first season here.

    Some of our other pussies……I mean players should have jumped at the chance to take it.

    Even so, Rosicky should have at least worked the keeper.

  25. zeus


    I actually hope we don’t play Chamakh V Spurs. We need him. I can bet my bottom dollar that when RVP and Bendtner comes back, Chamakh will get injured. Such is our luck.

  26. zeus

    And the game is at Shite hart lane too….Pffffft.


    Chamakh’s 27? I see what your trying to say, but he wasn’t even takibg pens at Bourdeaux to my knowledge. Wasn’t it mainly Gourcuff, who looked shit against Bordeaux yesterday.

  27. vfabre

    Pedro, I said that because it seems lot o f people blame him to be too offensive (“thinks he’s Cesc”). But when he’s scoring a goal, no one blame him for that
    And Rohan, you’re right : In France, it’s tradition not to kick a penalty when you won it by yourself.

  28. useroz

    wenger charged with improper conduct, ffs… so other english managers never swore at the refs??

    the tv broadcast only saw wenger getting animated but not what he’s saying… anyone recalls SAF got charged with insulting and/or abusive languages towards refs?

  29. Hitman

    What’s Arshvin got to do with Clichy’s mistakes.
    Clichy was making errors well before Arsh joined us.

    Clichy has been badly out of sorts for last 2.5 years and needs a rest/dropped for his own good.

  30. Pedro

    Vfabre, if you were to ask people what they’d prefer to see Song doing… it’d be playing in a diciplined way. Goals are a nice touch, but not as important as being in the right position all the time.

  31. finestcuts

    Tottenham Away tomorrow, I must admit I am a little more anxious than usual about a North London derby, Spurs have the best team they’ve had in living memory and it’s extremely uncertain who Wenger will pick.

    It’s a big dilemma for him because if he does select first team players and they do get injured (and in such a game, there is a high chance) that will affect our league form and he’ll get lambasted for it. If he doesn’t he’ll be accused of disrespecting the fixture.
    Also, if we get knocked out of the Carling Cup, what chances will the youths have to play competitive games?
    Arguably the new reserve league format is more competitive, but the games are now played behind closed doors which is a shame because having some fans there adds to the occasion.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Arguable all those who were on the bench against Sunderland should play.

    # 1 Fabianski,
    # 20 Djourou,
    # 27 Eboue,
    # 28 Gibbs,
    # 07 Rosicky,
    # 15 Denilson,
    # 11 Vela

    (Yup I copied and pasted of the BBC website)

    Chamakh is desperate to start, just what I want to hear from our super duper new striker.

    Jack Wilshere should start, so altogether if the above start against Tottenham I make that 9 players.

    Arguably Nordveit will play and maybe Thomas Vermaelen will captain the side. If so we should go 4-4-2 with this team.

    Arsene are you reading? Here is a team to face Tottenham.







  32. DaleDaGooner

    Rosicky is a fine player, but he doesn’t score finesse tap ins or walk ins, he shoots, and that was what he did with the penalty, I just knew he would not score, it’s not his style. Nasri should have taken it, no one else, the penalty takers on the team from top to bottom:

    1. Van Persie – always injured
    2. Fabregas – has been taking it in RvP’s absence and scoring them.
    4. Eboue- wasn’t on, he would jump at it
    5. Denilson- was on at that time? he would def had taken it
    6. Walcott- was injured
    7. Diaby – was injured
    8. Sagna – he has good technic to play them, SHOULD HAVE IF NASRI CHICKEN OUT
    9. Bendtner – for his misses, he seems to be very confident taking em, but he wasn’t even on the team sheet.
    10. Chamakh – He is a striker, should be fighting for these opportunities, but he seems to shy away from being the hero.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    No matter how desperate you guys want us to play 4-4-2, we won’t, it’s either 4-5-1 or str8 4-3-3, they only time we play 4-4-2 diamond formation is if players drift in and out of positions.

  34. Mayank

    Penalty has fuck all to do with technique, I’m sure half of us would score against a class Gk if there’s no pressure. Of course if you have Henry or Zidane type technique you can always back yourself.

    But more than anything else penalties are about balls, pick a corner and shoot.

  35. DaleDaGooner

    I keep reading this Jesus Navas thing, and I’m asking, why do we need him? He is another “diminutive” midfielder, as if we don’t have enough, the only shorty we need on the wings is Eden Hazard.

  36. DaleDaGooner

    Mayank, I disagree with you, you have strikers that are good shooting the ball, Rosicky is a shooter, the technique of Peno taking is picking the angle and caressing the ball to that side of the net, if you shoot it, you may score or the ball may fly over the bar, There is a technique to playing the penalty, it is in addition to nerves and having the balls to playing it.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    you can almost tell if the player is going to miss, his body language and his look, Rosicky looked nervous, you could tell he wasn’t confident in taking it. It’s not his kind of game, he is a pass and shoot kind of player

  38. Mayank

    Disagree Dale, very few actually try to place a pen perfectly, generally Ronaldinho types who trust their technique completely. For you average pen taker it’s a matter of picking a side not a spot and getting the right power on it. If the pressure gets to you then by the end of it you just blast it, which is what Rosicky did.

  39. Mayank

    Pedro did you see A Gyan during the WC or the Paraguayan guy against Spain, did they ever look like scoring.

    It’s not a an indictment on Rosicky or his personality. Footballers are trained to make split-second decisions, when they have so much time to think about the consequences they’re in uncharted territory.

    If you’ve ever taken a Pen at an important time(not during a shoot out) for your team the physical reaction of your body is tremendous.

  40. DaleDaGooner

    Well we can agree to disagree, there is a reason why some teams have penalty takers, they have the technique along with the experience to play it. If you looked at the last time Arsenal had to play penalties (versus Roma) certain players were left out while players like Sagna were on the list.

  41. Pedro

    Mayank, I doubt he was even that nervous… it was just bad luck. 5 inches lower and it’s Alan Shearer-esque. He missed, others will do too… it doesn’t mean he’s a bad penalty taker.

  42. Mayank

    It was bad luck, it’s just that the image of him missing it is gut-wrenching. Shoulders dropped across the field.

    RvP is a great pen taker I always know where he’s going to put it but also that no GK gonna catch that bullet.

    Cesc is an average penalty taker, just that he’s always confident while taking it.

  43. DaleDaGooner

    Rosicky had the keeper beat, the right technique would have seen the ball rest in the bottom corner of the side he chose, he played that penalty as if it was run of play.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    You’ll never see RvP or even Cesc blast it…they choose a side and send it there, when you blast it, it means you aren’t usually a penalty taker, you may have all the confidence in the world (anyone remember Roberto Baggio??) but when you decide you will send a blinder of a shoot, you run the risk of hitting it to the stands.

  45. zeus


    Didn’t he get homesick when they were playing in the Euros? Swear I remember a story like that on here.

  46. DaleDaGooner

    The 50 million kitty for January is rubbish and the Jesus Navas “verbal agreement” is rubbish, these are true news, it bothers me not, as i know we won’t spend 50 m in Jan and if we buy Navas for 20+, i’d think..what a waste of money
    If we are signing come January it has to be either a Goal keeper or a striker or a defender that can play in the midfield as well.

  47. Ja_Gunner

    My team for Spuds….we have too many injuries to risk certain players….Suid and Kos must not be risked because Vermaelen is not fully recovered… He is pencilled in for WBA but Achilles injuries are very funny, we could end up hearing that he has been pushed back 2 more weeks….Having these things in mind…

    I would play


    Rosicky needs to redeem himself….Vela needs to continue being a CF…..JET is excellent cutting in from the right side with his left….he is like an suupersized Robben on that flank…Denilson needs a full game…

    The left side can be filled by any speedy skillful player if SUnu is not available…

    Djuru plays on the left of defense so that he develops into a guy that can play both sides…

    We have two specialists….Squid(Right side) Verm(Left)
    Kosser can play any side…so djurou should strive to the same so we have a good balance….and we can play many combinations so that we dont run our defenders into the ground like last season

  48. Ja_Gunner

    For WBA I would play…..(If Song is available)




  49. Cannon Man

    davegooner says:
    September 20, 2010 at 09:37

    “Popular opinion is that Arsenal desperately need a goalkeeper but for me the greatest need is for a DM and quality left back. Song is an average player who never anticipates danger, is always out of position too far up the pitch and doesn’t have the pace to recover. He needs to sit deep and protect the back 4, we have enough creative capability in midfield and up front. A world class DM and replacing Clichy with Gibbs would transform that team into premiership champs. Gokhan Inler is the man.”


    Frimpong allayed my fears somewhat before his injury. If he develops at the rate you’d expect him to, he’ll be ahead of Song in two season’s time. Song’s not shit. He’s simply not good enough to be the number one DM at Arsenal IMO. Gibbs isn’t quite ready yet but a good run in the team could see Wenger convinced that he’s ready to take over sooner rather than later. Clichy’s been poor for two and a half seasons. Whoever said he shows no composure (like Kolo) is spot on. I don’t mean to be too negative but he’s beaten so often by the diagonal ball. How did we miss out on Evra? He’s French FFS! I’m still relatively confident we can win something if injuries don’t do us over again. The CBs look solid, Nasri looks like he’s got a bit more drive this year and some of the English youngsters are on the verge of breaking through. On the whole, we’re moving forward it must be said.

  50. Ja_Gunner

    Th reason I play Verm + Djuru in Belgrade is because I would want to make sure Squid + Kos are fit and firing for Chelsea…

    I dont think we should rush Vermaelen back against Chelsea..

    He will be rusty….

    Belgrade cant be that hard of a game….Djuru + Verm flanked by Sagna and Clichy should be enough for the (Serbians????)

  51. alex

    Good news on CESC, says he hopes to be back in 2 weeks

    From official twitter page

    and YoungGunsBlog:
    “I’ve got the squad for the Tottenham game. Very interesting reading. Will post up the details shortly.”

  52. TransylvanianGunner

    Hey Geoff, well done man, great and true post. I have the same ideas and opinion in my head.
    What we need to compete with this factors, if we loss points we must forgive them, everybody have mistakes. Look forward for the next game.
    Maybe u are right, and the CC is the only thing what we can win, but don’t be so pessimistic. If we don’t win an FA and PL/CL, W should go.

  53. pharo9ja

    Pedro Eboue’s been played in dm. It was right after flamini left. He was woeful. I think it was a couple of pre season games or early season games. U can look it up.

  54. Pedro

    So I’ve just read on twitter that there will only be 3 players youth players in the squad tomorrow.

    A very strong team will be put out against Spurs! Happy days! DDM told me that yesterday.

  55. alex

    don’t think it’ll be strongest, something like this with bigguns on the bench

    Eboue – Djourou – Squillaci – Gibbs
    Lansbury – Denilson – Wilshere
    JET – Vela – Rosicky

    Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Clichy, Eastmond, Nasri, Arshavin, Chamakh.

  56. TOM TOM

    Heard on sky sports yesterday that chelsea have the biggest and heaviest squad in the league,Arsenal have the smallest and lightest. Reminds me of a saying they use in aussie rules that when the small men get tired the big men dont get small. We really need some big physical players in our team if we want to challenge for the title

  57. HendonGooner

    I can’t get excited about tomorrows CC game against the Spuds.
    Wenger does not give 2 fcuks about the CC.

    Even if we get through against the Spuds (reserves or not) – Wenger will still persevere with the so called kids.

    But then again – since most of the team are a bunch of powder puffs with the tolerance of crystal glass – Wenger has no choice but to put out the reserves.
    Maybe spinach needs to be added to their diet.

    ; – )

  58. ThaatArsenalguy

    denilsons grasp of englishis imprving based on his tweets!

    “thank you all very much…we have a big game on twesday against spurs…and we re looking forward to win! regards…..abracos pessoal 😉 about 10 hours ago via web “

  59. zeus

    I doubt Wenger is gonna put out a strong team Pedro. Twitter is where the English Language and the truth went to die.


    Your team to face Spurs would get raped I think. Chamakh can’t get risked for Spurs and neithe Squillaci. Maybe Kozzer can be, but whats the point, with Djourou and Fabianski in there, we will be 9 vs 11 anyway.

  60. TOM TOM

    If Flappy starts then our club is a joke,where else would a player like Flappy be given so many chances despite the fact that he has constantly shown what a fucking retard he really is. Do we really have to put up with his incompetence for much longer?

  61. Rohan

    Koscielny is the messiah. The new Paolo Maldini.
    Sunderland was the best defensive performance by a pair of CB’s belonging to us in a long long long time. No heart in mouth moments.

  62. Patthegooner

    Tom Tom


    What is the point of risking the fitness of what seems to be a senior squad choice when you will monk it up anyway by playing that liability.

    We might as well field the Womens team if we are going to play Fabianski

  63. sixxpac

    Koscielny is the messiah. The new Paolo Maldini.
    Sunderland was the best defensive performance by a pair of CB’s belonging to us in a long long long time. No heart in mouth moments.

    By Rohan on September 20, 2010 at 20:56

    And the best part for me, Wenger found him. No matter how hard they try,they cant change that 😆

  64. TOM TOM

    I’d hate to take time off work and spend money on tickets and then see that cunt stand in goals. I really dont know how the man gets so many chances,he should pack his bags and go home instead of heaping shame on his family

  65. G STAR







  66. Pedro

    Hey Pedders, how you doing?

    My contact has told me that AW will be fielding a full strength team against the Spudz in the CC game……

    I said to him that seeing is believing!

  67. zeus

    Every time I go to a game in South America, I’m always hopeful of spotting some outstanding new talent, a youngster taking his first steps on the way to glory. To my surprise, the Emirates gives me this as well.

    With his passing, forward movement and combination play, teenage midfielder Jack Wilshere makes a huge impression. Not since the emergence of Ever Banega in 2007 have I laid eyes on such a teenage central midfielder of such promise.

    From that same article.

  68. zeus

    The domestic game in my adopted continent can come up with exciting prospects and some top class veterans. But no one quite like Cesc Fabregas.

    Football is about moving the ball with precision at pace – and Fabregas does that. His range of passing is superb, he has the calmness on the ball to select the right option and the physical dynamism to exert an influence on all phases of possession, from deep in his own half to deep in the opposing penalty area.

    I’ve seen some fine performances from Juan Sebastian Veron of Estudiantes over the past couple of years but nothing of this calibre. Fabregas tore Braga to pieces. Back in 1992, it was inconceivable that a player like this would be playing football like this in a stadium like this in North London.

    There may be fully justified gripes about ticket prices and lack of atmosphere. But – and I am not of the Arsenal persuasion – I left the Emirates more than a little jealous of those who are watching Arsene Wenger’s team on a regular basis.

  69. David

    Actually I think i like the Idea of Navas as back up for Walcott when he’s injured.

    Here’s the question.

    Would you rather Navas or Eboue/Bendtner on the right?

  70. HendonGooner

    Wenger will be a right cnut if he does put that flappy Pole in goal against the spuds…..

    He’ll do it to spite the Arsenal fans that dared to criticise flappy..
    Nothing to do with the fact that the Pole is a sh#t goalkeeper….

  71. Rohan

    Lansbury! Lansbury! Lansbury!

    I fancy him to have a stormer in the middle of the park. Screw JET, Henri’s the man. Mark my words.
    I’m going for a 2-0 win with a ROsicky thunderbolt from 30 yards and a Vela chip to finish the game off.

  72. zeus


    Your delusion is commendable. hehe. Lansbury….

    I’ll wait til I see the team to know how to feel. Wenger is more than mad enough to send out a team of 18 years olds if he wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

  73. gambon

    I dont get the whole lansbury love in.

    Dont get me wrong, he’s an absolute sex bomb, but i dont see him as a particularly good player.

  74. A

    very good all round player gambon, good footballing brain, good technique, athletic, determined etc.

    He should be a future england international.

    Don’t think he’ll start tomorrow though. Is Nordveit definitely not in the squad?

    I’m going for


    Sagna JD Koscielny Gibbs

    Rosicky Denilson Wilshere

    Eboue JET Vela

  75. gambon

    With us not playing many kids I wonder why we havent loaned a few out?

    Surely Szczesny, Eastmond, Lansbury, JET, Nordveit, Sunu would be better off on loan, and Randall shouldve been sold.

    Incidentally I think Lansbury will follow the Randall route, leaving the club in a year or 2 after never having made it.

  76. A

    You’re gonna be proved very wrong with Lansbury gambon, just wait and see.

    Regarding the kids I’d guess that they didn’t partly because the league cup draw hadn’t been made yet had it?

    Szczesny said he didn’t wanna go on loan, JET is gonna feature for the first team I’d imagine, as could lansbury.

    Didn’t Sunu go on loan in the end? Eastmond and Nordveit are squad players in case of injuries?

    Maybe the improved reserve league format means that the club feels it more worthwhile keeping them around?

  77. A

    Also – there isn’t any way for Lansbury to follow the Randall route. He’s two years younger, but has already proved himself at a higher level than Randall ever did….

  78. choy

    I really don’t know why we have so many kids.

    lansbury, randall, song, wilshere, cesc, nasri, ramsey, diaby, denilson, frimpong all fighting for 3 places.

  79. Rohan

    A lot will depend on how Ramsey recovers from his injury as far as Lansbury goes.
    A midfield 3 of Wilshere Ramsey and Frimpong does seem the way to go 5 years from now.

  80. A

    choy take randall out of that as he’s an irrelevance, and remember that nasri plays primarily as one of them three forwards and that’s just 8 players for three positions

    cesc, diaby, song as first teamers, wilshere, ramsey, denilson as backup/pushing for first team, and lansbury and frimpong as young players just being introduced into the first team squad.

    Bit of depth is a good thing, and that is far from too much imo….

  81. A

    i’d imagine you were with clichy, song, diaby, bendtner, vela though gambon?

    speaking of merida has he had any game time at athletico?

  82. choy

    A.. nasri’s a central player, he’s just being played on the wings as there is no place with cesc occupying the attacking role.

    He’s also just 23!

  83. Rohan

    Wilshere as far as I’m concerned has already made it. As had Ramsey. I still believe Denilson will turn out to be a top player for us. Diaby is the one I want to see claim a proper first team place because when on fire, Diaby is as close as you can get to being unplayable.
    There’s no one who can offer us what he does.

  84. A

    nasri’s a playmaker choy, same as rosicky. he can play in midfield but he isn’t just a midfielder. still you can add him to the mix if you want – again it’s a very good thing we’ve actually got some depth now imo.

  85. gambon

    A, none of them have gone on to be great players, or ever will, bar maybe Vela.

    Song I thought was awful & improved dramatically but will always be pretty limited, Clichy i used to say would be better than Cole but ive pretty much given up on him now, Diaby i was very excited about but he just cant perform at his best regularly, Bendtner & Vela ive liked since the first time i saw them & still do.

  86. Rohan

    Diaby was absolutely world fucking class for a 2 month period last season. If he can take that sort of form to the next level in terms of consistency, we’ll have some player on our hands.
    I’d like to see Wenger go with a mifield 3 of Denilson, Diaby and Cesc at times against teams that have pace in midfield or are quick and pass the ball around a lot.