Wenger is a genius, but won’t win the league.

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So says Steve Bruce. Not a lot to say about that but for someone who has had more players off us than Barcelona, he ought to be a bit more respectful to the Arsenal.

I’m not going to dwell too much on the Sunderland game, we didn’t deserve to win because we didn’t win, we had a player stupidly sent off, the referee allowed 17 seconds past the clock and we missed a penalty.

I’m not going to talk about the sending off save to say I think if a defensive player gets booked so early on, and hasn’t the intelligence to stay out of trouble for the rest of the game, then it’s time the management took them off at half time.

Wilshere got booked for a rash tackle in the first half when he was playing badly, the second half he used his brains and avoided confrontation, he also at the same time raised his game, enough said.

As for the referee adding on another 17 seconds, give me a break, we should have cleared the ball from the corner, don’t blame him, blame us, 4 minutes is the minimum not the maximum and the corner was good for at least another 30 seconds, yes Dowd wasn’t great, but tell me a time when we had a ref that was.

As for the penalty miss, yes he should have at least hit the target, but come on, he missed a penalty, he didn’t eat his grandmother. He missed and we drew, a point at the stadium of shite wasn’t bad, they did beat shitty didn’t they.

I’m  more concerned about this week, Tuesday to be more precise, I hope like hell he realises how much beating the scum means to us, it’s not an irrelavant fixture, it’s the league cup and it may be the only trophy we can win this season, Arsene, don’t disrespect the fans, play a strong team, not a youth team.

Years ago you used to mix it up, the last time we played them in this cup, you played Bendtner, Ade and Cesc and we still lost 5-1, they will be unbearable if they win and my month will be ruined, blimey, I still haven’t got over the last time they won in this cup.

So who should we play then?


Eboue Kozzer Djourou/Vermaelen Gibbs

Rosicky Nasri Eastmond

Vela Chamakh JET/Afobe

Chamakh is gagging to play boss, don’t disappoint him, I put Vermaelen in if he’s fit, if not the Djourou, I also put JET or Afobe in case one of those isn’t ready.

I think it’s time to drop Arshavin, Song and Denilson and try out a few new combo’s but not a youth team. I think this team would be good enough to beat the spuds, they won’t field a team of kids as they think we will, plus it’s at shitehartlane and they will have their home support, time to take this competition seriously and time to blend youth with experience.

I hope he does, because I would sooner win this than go out at the quarter finals in the champions league, how can it hurt? Our next game is against whipping boys WBA so we don’t have to worry about losing that game to fatigue, play a youth team against them if we have to, as we could still win that with our kids, give the babies a run out against them, at least we will still have 30 odd games left if it goes wrong, lose to the spuds and that’s one comp gone.

Time to practice what we preach and manage with intelligence, letting the kids lose to the scum will teach them nothing, safe how to lose bragging rights.

Come on Arsene, time to give something back.

Have a great day grovers, this could be a great week.

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  1. Jaguar reloaded

    No way,Wenger will field a strong team against the Spuds.Our club is the playground of the crazy philosophies of that nutty Professor Wenger.

    Sorry,we will lose 3-1.Dont blame me for being pessimistic.Blame that mug Wenger for playing his love children.

  2. DB10

    Morning yall,

    I watched Saturdays match again, and the second half was better, and JW came to the game more than the first. Have you noticed how long ball playing teams are targeting us in the direction of Clichy???? That was shockingly obvious in the Sunderland game. EVERY long ball they sent, they did it to our left!!!! I believe teams have identified him as the weakest link and targeting him.

  3. choy

    Wenger doesn’t care about the CC or Tottenham, he’ll play the kids.

    We can’t risk Chamakh, he’s the only fit striker we have at the moment!

  4. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Good Post Geoff

    I dont remember when was the last time,i felt confident about our backline,except clichy,our backline did well.

    I do agree,that it is easier for kids to play against WBrom,but “as we know” wenger wont listen,he will field his young kids in Carling cup for sure,

    If wenger fields a mixed up squad,i would not like to risk Chamakh in this competition till we get atleast one of RVP/Bendy back..

    Dont want injury to Chamakh,he is currently our most important attacking player after fabregas..

  5. John A

    Spot on Geoff. I also think this is our best hope of a trophy this year and Wenger should respect the fans that pay his effing wages and play a team that can win. He always puts all his eggs in one basket and come crunch time when we are challenging at the top of the league, the latter stages of the CL and the FA Cup, we always, always come unstuck and get knocked out of everything in the space of a few days.

    Sort it out Arsene and play to effing win or don’t play at all !

  6. Doublegooner

    Tuesday is massive. Not becuase of the actual cup, but beating them puts them in place & will put a question mark in their heads when we visit in the league.

    If Wenger plays a side thats gets thumped then it give that rabble a whole lift – as it did when Wenger let them destroy us 2 seasons ago.

  7. Steve Biko


    I read somewhere that Asharvin said that he is skeptical that Arsenal can grind out a one nil win. I think our problem on Satudray was not in defence but in attack. Our defence worked its socks off. Asharvin in attack was poor. Song made a mistake fair enough, but Rosicky penalty was crap and he cost us bif time. Come to think of it last year when we lost to Sunderland it was Rosicky who was at fault again as he let Frazier campbell free.

  8. Geoff

    The lack of respect bit is he shouldn’t be saying we’ll win fuck all given the players we’ve given him.

    Kreshnik, good call!

  9. Doublegooner

    Song is a very average at best player.

    Lets not forgot…

    For those of you with short memories we had better players than him 5 years ago that were nothing more than squad & utility players.

    Now Song is one of the 1st names on the team sheet…How shit is that !

  10. Big Dave

    Cesc out injured for a few weeks, we are never the same without him. The chavs will have this title wrapped up by xmas.

    Same old same old………….

  11. Doublegooner

    The recent stats show we are the lightest & shortest squad in the league..

    Any coincidence why we get bashed or outfought at set pieces – or injured the most !!

    Not rocket science..

  12. Surferosa

    Couldn’t give a stuff about the mickey mouse. Its a completely worthless competition- a second cup competition in modern football is simply not needed. I’d rather it was scrapped (or turned into an official ‘youth cup’- field at least 5 players 21 & under & 8 players 24 & under or something.

    The only reason I look forward to it is to see how the youngsters step up- so, no- I couldn’t give a shit if we lose to the spuds.

    My Team

    AW Team

  13. namibian gooner

    kids getting a thrashing teaches them nothing. Play a fuckin good team that can win i say. Losing will destabilise the team.

  14. Geoff

    Surferosa I hear you, but I want to win everything we go in for, if I wanted to see the kids, I’d go to Underhill and pay a shilling to get in.

    I also always want to be the spuds, if it were so bad, they should refuse to go in it.

  15. Steve Biko


    did any of you guys watch the Fulham vs Blackburn game? All I did was read the match report. Apparently Schwazer had a poor game. He handled outside the penalty area but was not sent off. Also he conceded a goal to Samba after being pushed by El Hadji Diouf.

    After the game Sam Allardyce admitted that they had fouled the keeper because they knew he had a weakness in the air! but that it did not matter because
    a) Schawzer should have been sent off for handling outside the penalty area, and
    b) Blackburn were denied two penalties.

    This guy is really full of crap.

  16. AziaGuner

    Bench clichy, song, arshavin. Clichy an international with WC experiences but plays like a schoolboy at times. Song was stupid, and yes, over-rated, slow, always will get booked (dont think refs dont know his game. Arshavin not at the top of his shooting game at the moment.

    van der fart now says the tots are bigger than arsenal. what does he knows about us….

  17. Surferosa

    Why refuse? Surely its better to be in it and play the kids- even if its only for 1 round.

    I hear you on the spuds- but I simply cant get myself excited about the worthless. If we were playing them in a youth fixture Id be more worked up.

    If ever proof was needed that you dont need any more midweek games- this weds/sat was it. So I wouldnt risk anyone that is important for the league campaign.

    The only reason Ive got the squid in there is because I would like to see him captain a side. He looks so calm and assured- I think Djourou would benefit from playing alongside him.

    Posted sometime ago that I mentioned the game to a spud mate of mine. Told him that I was looking forward to the game- seeing the kids etc. He told me he couldnt give a shit and hoped they’d lose so they can concentrate on the proper thing- CL!!! Made me lol.

  18. davegooner

    Popular opinion is that Arsenal desperately need a goalkeeper but for me the greatest need is for a DM and quality left back. Song is an average player who never anticipates danger, is always out of position too far up the pitch and doesn’t have the pace to recover. He needs to sit deep and protect the back 4, we have enough creative capability in midfield and up front. A world class DM and replacing Clichy with Gibbs would transform that team into premiership champs. Gokhan Inler is the man.

  19. Geoff

    Surfer I heard the opposite, the spud said he didn’t care who we fielded as beating us was fab regardless, all he wanted was to win.

    In golf we say there are no pictures on a scorecard.

  20. Patthegooner

    It will be interesting to see what kind of a side the Spuds put out.

    They now have CL football and want to keep it that way. I doubt their squad is strong enough to play a 1st team tomorrow night.

    Personally I would not play Chamakh tomorrow. With Theo, Bendtner and RVP already out, it is too much of a risk.

  21. emiratesstroller

    I agree with most of what you write, but I do think that Arsenal will be the most
    likely team to challenge Chelsea this year. Our central defensive cover is much
    improved and I think that Almunia is actually beginning to look more comfortable in goal.

    The one area of our game which is a problem is actually the left side. Arshavin
    does not tackle back and frankly Clichy in defence is a liability. His decision
    making at critical points of game are exceedingly poor. He cost us a victory in final minutes of game against Spurs 2 years ago and he did precisely the same on saturday. Any other defender would have booted the ball into touch.

    In most departments Gibbs and Clichy are probably on par, but if Clichy’s decision making is suspect then we should replace him particularly since a lot
    of the opposition appear to be focussing on the left side of our team as a potential area of vulnerability.

  22. ZARgooner

    I love football…. and this blog proves it. It is such an emotional sport to spectate on and after family is the next biggest love. We win and the whole week comments are “how good we are”, “we’ll win the treble” etc then we draw away to sunderland in dramatic form and the comments the very next week is “we are weak in this front”, “we will lose to the spuds”, “we need to change line up” etc

    While none of these comments are right or wrong, its just proof why this is the worlds greatest sport as emotions attached are on “another level”.

    Im just glad my emotions are attached to the legendary Gunners!!!! (rather than those filthy f@cks the spuds)

  23. Surferosa

    Its funny how many people blame Song for going up the pitch. Its quite clear that this is what AW wants him to do- if you want to blame anyone- blame AW.

    The formation we currently play sees one of the 2 more attacking MC’s drop very deep to get the ball. As soon as this happens, he (AW) wants Song to move forward as the continuity midfielder- a person that he can lay the ball off to pass & move. When this happens- if the MC gets the ball in space- he wants them to move into it; again looking to pass / move.

    In this formation- AW doesnt see a traditional ‘DM’ role. He sees them having a core competency (so Song defensive, Wilshere continuity, Cesc attacking)- but the key is being able to perform in all 3 of those disciplines is key. Songs post-match comments after the Bolton game (I think) illustrated that. He said that he needs to be more involved in attacking play this year, and contribute a few more goals. Those words were clearly coming from AW; not him.

    Geoff- something struck me this weekend. You said you wanted Melo (in a clichy swap deal) if I remember correctly. Now Melo isnt exactly great at staying on the pitch for a full 90 minutes. If Song frustrates you- how would you cope with him?

  24. DB10

    Geoff I have one question for ya: You see managers making substitutions on last seconds of the game to eat up some time, we saw it yesterday with the Mancs. But why does Wenger not do this??? Last season I felt the same thing in the Birmingham game. You know what the other team is going to do with the end getting closer, they will throw everything at you. So why not make those cynical subs at those times???

  25. pantsR2long

    Morning/Evening Grovers.

    Still feel shit from the Sunderland game but we gots to get past that, Spuds next and we all know there gonna field there best team possible. I pray we get the win but I’m not optimistic about Wenger’s squad selection. Hope he get’s it right and we smash em but it’s highly unlikely, I’ll have a punt anyhow and say we’ll win 0-2 with JET getting both goals.

  26. namibian gooner

    Chamack should not be risked against spurs. He our only fit striker. With our medical team we’ll never know if our injured forwards will return anytime within this decade:-)

  27. charybdis1966

    Boom..boom……I fear Wenger will paly the kids against the scum tomorrow night and we’ll have to stomach the commemorative DVD and mug they’ll no doubt put out.
    Well put though Geoffers – it’s no use trying to blame the ref, had we put our penalty away this whole notion of blaming the ref for our loss of two points.

  28. N21 TONE

    Morning all – after the initial impact of that goal going in and the disappointment, I think we would have taken a draw prior to the game. Also it is an improvement on last season. Lastly will Manure or Chavski get more than a point there? Don’t get me wrong, I am still critical of Wenger with tactics ect and like most on here I would like to see a semi-strong line up at the Spuds. 🙂

  29. Surferosa

    @Geoff. I can completely understand the desire to beat the spuds. However, I dont share it- not in the worthless anyhow.

    The 5-1 didnt bother me for the fact we went out of the cup; nor for the fact that we got hammered by the spuds. What bothered me was seeing us play so naively. Its been a recurring them of the past 2 years unfortunately…

  30. Steve Biko


    blaming Song is all the rage here and it is not likely to stop soon. Fair enough he made a mistake but some guys here are too harsh on him. The argument you are making about Wenger’s tactics being responsible for Song bombing foward is a technical one that has made before in several other blogs. However some posters in this place have no grasp of basic football tactic. Calling Song or Clichy stupid is the closest they will get toa discussion.

  31. HendonGooner

    Wenger won’t put out a strong team.
    Spuds will really go for it as they need to shift some DVDs…if they win…..

    ; – )

    I stand by my comment at the start of the season.
    We will win NOTHING with this present team.
    Cesc’s face on Saturday evening summed it up. He had the look of a man wishing he was at Barcelona….and not watching us struggle against Sunderland..

  32. Sam

    Geoff, fully agree we should stop blaming the referee for the draw.

    Firstly we were lucky to score that goal. We defended very well and were little unlucky in the end. Our attack was not good enough and the sending off did not help.

  33. Sam

    Hendon, Barca lost to hercules at home last week.

    Cesc was unhappy to be off the pitch. He wanted to be on it trying to win it for Arsenal.

  34. Geoff

    Steve, I don’t want to bring up the Song thing but you just did, he has no pace, so if he’s up the pitch he can’t get back.

    He is slow, watch him at a live game, he walks around instead of running.

    When he gets mugged, he turns into them for obstruction and that’s why he got sent off.

    It’s not fashionable to dig him out, he gets dug out because he does all the above.

    I know you don’t go to games, but if you did, you would see what I do.

    I got really excited when Frimpong was playing, he is strong and has pace and movement.

  35. davegooner

    Biko & Suferosa,
    Song has shown a dramatic improvement to become no more than an average player. The DM position is all about reading the game and anticipating danger. Pace can partially compensate for not being a good reader of the play but I’m afraid Song possesses neither these qualities.

  36. gambon

    Steve Biko

    Can I ask, are you from Africa?

    It seems Africans refuse to ever criticise Africans, defend them like crazy, and pull out the racism card if all else fails.

  37. Surferosa

    Incidentely Geoff. If I could have one wish for the game on Tuesday- it wouldnt be a win for us. it wouldnt even be ‘dont get hammered again’. It would be for Clichy to have an absolute blinder; to play so well that AW just wont be able to drop him for the WBA game.

    Gibbs could have 3 games here that he can play in with relatively low-risk before Chelski- spuds, WBA & Belgrade. What a great opportunity to say to him ‘OK- your in for the next 3. Show us what you can do’. Same time, he can say to Clichy ‘your form is poor, your positioning is off. Go work on it in the reserves & come back a better player’.

    He can review how its worked prior to Chelski and revert back to Clichy / TV if he feels Gibbs hasnt worked. I dont see it as being much of a gamble- I really hope he does.

  38. Big Dave

    It don’t matter who we are playing be it Spuds or Scuni, we will allways play the “kids”.

    Put Swezzneeyyy in goal instead of Flapsi

    Might as well write this one off. Do not risk MC29 or JW we are down to bare bones

  39. alan

    11 points from 2 home and 3 away games , those 3 being sunderland blackburn and liverpool….2nd behind chelsea who have had 5 easy games, 3 of them at home. we dominated with 10 men on saturday, the new centre backs look like they been there for years. this is the best squad weve had since 2005. some people are so negative, i think we ll have a great season, and finish at least second, if chelsea keep winning we cant do much about it but the next few weeks will make things clearer. still, im very pleased with the start, dont think even chelsea can cope with the injuries weve got. as for Tomorrows game, i dont care, just hope its completely second string so we dont pick up anymore injuries

  40. gazzap

    Clichy panicked massively when that ball fell to him. I dont think Koz or Squillaci would have pasnicked or even Sagna. They all seem to have a far calmer head. So clicky smashed it against Kozzers legs who was standing 2 yards from him. Stupid thing to do and he has been doing silly things more and more. Gibbs might be worth a run now.

  41. caiden_ceaser

    Im tired of this club having a “not worthy” notion for these “minor” cups, ffs it’s silverware!,when last have we had any?!, every team fields strong players even for the 1st round, youth & exp….

  42. Steve Biko


    Okay no problem I get your point but I feel that Wenger must in view opf Song’s weakneses tell him not to needlessly go foward. Although I get your overall point so thanks.


    Yes I am from Africa but you are making a strange argument there. The fact that I am African does not mean I overlook the weakneses of African players. For the record I cant stand Eboue much! I was just making the argument that I felt the criticism of Song sometimes goes overboard. In terms of favouritism we all do it. When Song blunders Africans are more inclined to let him off. Believe me when Jack Wilshere or Walcott gets sent off you and a few posters here will be busy making excuses. In the final analysis none of us is fully objective but in all it is good to respect one another and that is what i love about this place.

  43. Queen of Suburbia

    I see the Real Madrid Glamorean Guard (Fat Sam) got away with cheating again on Saturday.

    That is his one and only “tactic” foul the goalkeeper. Although to be fair, he does pick different players to do the fouling from time to time. Sometimes Diouf, sometimes Samba, sometimes Dunn.

  44. alan

    I dont understand the clichy criticism, i thought he was brilliant on saturday, when song went off, arshavin was subbed for a central midfielder in denilson, so clichy was up against 2 players down his side, and still dominated them and went on some excellent runs, wasnt on his game first half but that goes for the whole team. he ll be rested tomorrow for gibbs,

  45. alan

    tomorrows team will be something like,

    fabianski (thats a 2 goal start for scum)

    eboue squillacci djourou gibbs

    denilson eastmond wilshere

    rosicky vela emanuelthomas (if hes not on loan)

  46. davegooner

    The problem with Clichy is that even when he plays well he seems to always have a goal conceding blunder in him.

  47. Queen of Suburbia

    I think the club would be delighted to win it Sam…but i understand what you are saying.

    I think we’ll win. Spurs will rest players because of injuries and extra CL committments this season.

    Our depth of squad is much much deeper.

  48. gambon


    He has no end product at either end of the pitch, it doesn’t matter how well you play for 89 minutes if you make a costly error, and have literally no end product from an attacking POV.

  49. Steve Biko


    Did you read the story somewhere that Sam Allardyce rates himself as being as good a manager as Wenger? Seriously when he admits he told his players to rough up the Fulham goalie then how can he compare himself with Wenger. Disgraceful

  50. goonerNigeria

    Has anyone noticed how we drop points when we play with the yellow kit. I’m not being superstitious but we could make do with the alternative away. Blows my mind how Tom Rose scores screamers and can’t convert from less than six yards. Just blabbin though. I care less about the carling Wenger’s never made me luv it so….

  51. Queen of Suburbia

    Must agree with gambon to an extent on Clichy. Certainly in an attacking sense. Clichy works the overlap well and can beat a man for pace but not very much end product when he gets himself in a good position.

  52. Sam

    Steve , I read that. Even though I am certainly disappointed with Wenger and his tactics/transfer policies last few years, Fat Walrus doesnt even deserve to be mentioned in the same line as AW.

  53. Sam

    yeah even against sunderland Clichy was almost 1 v 1 with the GK. He did a cross/shot which was pretty decent. No arsenal player was there to tap in.

    Everyone agrees Clichy is on an extended bad patch. Why not give Gibbs a long run and see if he is better? Then we ll surely know if really Clichy is not getting support from the MFs

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    first time i have read the blog, liked it, although i think you give spurs to much credit, i’m not phased by tomorrows game saturday is more important, if citeh beat chelsea, and fingers crossed united drop points against Bolton, we are back on track.

    i agree AA23 should be rested he is a bit ogf a luxury we cannot afford at present.

  55. afc53

    Morning All,

    Is anyone interested in Arsenal videos free of charge I have cleared my loft as the insulation is being changed today and I dont have a video player anymore

    The vids are Bergkamp a perfect ten,AW magic hat,Boring boring arsenal & Arsenal wenger if you want them drop your address to Craig.warwick53@yahoo.co.uk and ill send them to you


  56. alan


    when arshavin left, nasri had to tuck inside so we dont get outnumbered in the middle


    clichy stretches defences with his overlapping runs, it creates space in the middle for the likes of cesc to pick the passes.

    in general what he did on saturday was the right thing to clear the ball, just bad luck that it hit a defender. there was a handball in the build up anyway, and 5 minutes of injury time, after we missed a penalty. i think there is a general push for gibbs to be in the team because hes english, but clichy is a far better player at the moment

  57. gambon


    I wouldn’t agree that Clichy is better at all.

    Gibbs is quicker, bigger, much better technically, much better passer, better crosser and much more of an attacking threat.

    Therefore the only thing Clichy could possible do better is defend, however he has been shown time & again to be very poor in this respect.

    I do agree that throwing Gibbs in maybe isn’t the answer, but its not like he can be any worse. Clichy is making mistakes every time he plays.

  58. Steve Biko


    Spot on. Clichy despitesome mistakes has a big problem because Asharvin does not track back. I eagerly await Gibbs being given a chance and not being given protection from Asharvin then I would like to see the comments then.

  59. Jaguar reloaded

    Sam and Wenger are similar.Both are overpaid moaners,waste of space,and have won nothing in the recent history.Except that Wenger is a bit classy.

  60. gambon

    Lol, i love how people are sooooo quick to point to lack of protection from Arshavin.

    Clichys hashed clearance on Saturday had NOTHING to do with protection from Arshavin.

    The 2 times he gave the ball to the opposition on Wednesday (once in his own box) had NOTHING to do with protection from Arshavin.

    The awful lack of tracking against Diouf at Ewood had NOTHING to do with protection from Arshavin.

  61. Big Dave

    It doesn’t help that our manager brings attention to the club by going on about tackling/fouls against us all the time. We should keep our mouth shut, their were bad tackles against us in the match, Bramble for one was lucky to stay on. Just stop bringing attention to ourselves and let us get on and play our own game, it may come back to haunt us in the end

  62. Surferosa

    gambon says:
    September 20, 2010 at 10:51

    “Gibbs is quicker”- no chance mate. Clichy is lightening quick. Sadly, whenever he gets to wherever it is he is going- thats where the problems start.

    As for throwing Gibbs in mate- worthless cup, WBA (H), Belgrade (A). Whatever better 3 games for him to play? Then AW can take stock and see how his form has been before Chelski, don’t you think?

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    he concern with AA@3 is that he gives the impression that he don’t really care, and that aint a good trait!

    he needs a reality check! make him play tomorrow and play vela on saturday!

  64. Surferosa

    gambon says:
    September 20, 2010 at 10:55

    Lol, i love how people are sooooo quick to point to lack of protection from Arshavin.
    No- but when you have a suspect player defensively (either through form or just talent) the last person you want to put in front of him is AA. Its an open invitation to attack us down the left flank (which every team has done so far this season).

  65. namibian gooner

    this team without cesc is like a headless chicken. There is just little directness and creativity. I but would not mind facing chavs without him, maybe then we can play defensive football and hopefully get a draw. Cesc hasn’t exactly helped us much in that fixture in previous seasons.

  66. gambon


    I agree that AA is a nightmare in terms of cover, however Clichy seems to make individual errors, its not like hes constantly got 2 up against him.

    Also i don’t think Clichy is particularly pacy with all his injury problems over the years. Gibbs is very quick.

  67. alan


    i dont understand where you assume that gibbs is better going forward, crossing, and better technically. whenever hes had an extended run in the team, hes never been convincing. i think this season he has looked stronger, but against poor oppposition for arsenal and england.
    wenger sees them both daily on training, and hes not scared of giving youths a chance when theyre good enough to displace older players. obviously he thinks clichy is better and hes a good judge of left backs

  68. ArsenalKenya

    On Saturday i had the new yellow jersey on with Arshavin’s number and felt like hanging myself. Anyway personally i felt sorry for clichy – he is the weak link and at one time Koscielny came to his aid.

    I think we should from now on wards play a defence of

    Sagna Squid Verminator Koscielny

    We still have 33 games to go and Chelsea have had a smooth ride all through. We will know who holds the championship credentials starting this week.

    I was impressed by Koscielny and Squid patnership.

  69. Steve Biko


    I am sorry but your football knowledge is really low. Fair enough not every mistake Clichy makes is down to Asharvin but clearly unlike Sagna Clichy is very overworked and that leads to mistakes. Just the other day a former player wrote a piece in which he noted how in modern football the wingbacks face a lot of pressure from marking both the attacking winger and the overlapping defender. This issue has been tackled ad nauseem in technical football blogs but you come across as a guy who is not interested in serious analysis. Quick fix solutions appeal to you. Lets see how Gibbs will magically plug that left side then.

  70. DB10

    I wish this Arshavin dude shuts his mouth especially when he was rubbish!!! Ha he done is job we wouldn’t be talking about dropped points. You have to earn the right to be able to criticize anybody.

  71. Surferosa

    gambon says:
    September 20, 2010 at 11:04

    Well, complete;y agree with the 1st point. Its a goal-scroing opportunity per match on average (slightly higher so far this year). And they all come about through either lack of composure or positional sense. And I also agree with you views on his attacking abilities (he does contribute by creating an overlap- pretty key in this system. Unfortunately, when he gets it his crossing is poor and shooting dire.)

    With regard AA- home games or away games against weaker teams- no problem with picking him. But against the big teams; or difficult away games (like sat)- complete luxury we cant afford until we have a DL that is not so suspect defensively.

    Of course, the other way to deal with it is to put SN on the left; AA on the right. At least SN does his fair share defensively.

    On the pace argument- I think we’ll have to disagree. I think he’s probably the quickest player in the squad (bar Theo).

  72. Sam

    Steve, who provides great protection to Sagna on the right side ?

    Or do we feel that because opponents target our weaker side ? and we feel Clichy is overworked ?

  73. Pedro

    Steve, I think Arshavin puts a shift in when tracking back. I don’t buy this ‘it’s Clichy against the world’ down the left hand side.

    It’s the individual errors like not being able to clear with your right foot, or slipping over, or geting the wrong side of your man that are the problem.

    Nasri is hardly excellent cover on the other side, Sagna is just a better player.

  74. Queen of Suburbia

    Clichy is a lion though. If you can bear it, watch the Barca away game again.

    Only one man gave his all in the match Gael Clichy.

    PLayers have dips in form and if Gibbs can take his spot on merit then so be it, but only a fool would write Gael off.

  75. Pedro

    QoS, I think he needs to be taken out of the firing line for a bit though.

    Apparently he’s fully aware his form hasn’t been good enough… give him a rest.

  76. alan

    arshavin hasnt had a great start, but we need his experience, his positioning is excellent so the chances always seem to fall for him, even if hes missing them. he wouldve scored the pen on saturday. all in all, not much to criticise, we are still unbeaten, and have had some very tough games. if chelsea drop points at city and we will beat west brom, then its game on at the bridge. exciting times.
    why are you all so negative,

  77. Surferosa

    Thats why I deleted gambons comments in the end Pedro. Just forgot to edit his name/time. Feel free to edit it out (would if I could).

    And I dont think anyone is writing Clichy off (well, Im not anyhow). When we sold Cole, I honestly thought he could become as good. However, he has regressed over the past 2 years (whereas, unfortunately that cunt has gone on to become one of the best DL’s in the world).

    Like I keep saying- worthless cup, WBA (H), Belgrade (A). Couldnt ask for 3 better games to give Gibbs a chance. See how hes done prior to Chelski (plus- as Pedro says- takes Clichy out of the firing line).

  78. Pedro

    Surfer, we definitely shouldn’t be talking about booting him out… loyalty should work both ways.

    Hopefully Gibbs will come in and do a good job, if he doesn’t, Clichy might come back recharged and ready to go.

  79. Surferosa

    By the way- anyone know if there is a way of jumping to the last comment on an iphone / mobile device. Im prolly being thick- but Im buggered if I can find a way (apart from scrolling to the bottom).

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    he just seems bone idle,

    its affecting his all round game cant pass cant shoot, he seems a sukler AA.

    cant be good for the camp!

  81. Pedro

    I don’t think he’s bone idle… he needs good service, he didn’t get any at the weekend… the game before he was fantastic.

  82. Keyser

    It’s not really funny that Clichy’s been off form, but then the team as a whole hasnt exactly set the world alight, but we need someone to blame.

    What’s funny is that if Clichy is to be blamed Arshavin suddenly develops work-rate.

    It’s like the Blackburn goal, Clichy should’ve tracked Diouf’s run ? Why the fuck are we left 3 against 2 in the box anyway ?!

    Clichy’s stood there watching Kalinic free on the penalty spot, Vermaelen’s rooted to the ground and Almunia can’t stop El Hadji. Somehow Clichy’s to blame.

  83. Keyser

    Gyan fouls Clichy as he goes to clear as it is, I love Arshavin, but he missed key chances, Rosicky missed a penalty, our defence was left to fend for itself for the majority of the game and we place all the blame on one player.

  84. rico

    I just think AA’s fitness is not up to what it should be and on saturday he was tired – wenger should have made the change and bought on Vela, a player who is fit and on fire….

  85. Pedro

    Keyser, I’d have had Kozzer down for that one… he shouldn’t have been out muscled.

    I don’t agree about the team not setting the world alight… we’ve scored loads of goals so far and been pretty good all over the pitch.

    Clichy has been getting jip for the best part of 2 years now… it’s not a new thing is it?

  86. Jaguar reloaded

    Please type ‘#respond’ after the slash at the end of your address bar.It would take you directly to the last comment.

  87. Pedro

    … and no one is placing the whole blame on one player.

    You’ve got Song, the ref, Rosicky and a shit performance in there as well.

  88. alan

    the mame diouf goal was koscielnys fault for being outpaced by elhadji diouf. it left clichy marking 2 players.arshavin was worse than clichy on saturday, hes been calling for the team to improve for 2 years, now that it has, it seems to have left him behind, hes a winner and will step it up again. all bodes well for the team as a whole

  89. Surferosa

    Just watched the game again for the 1st time. Clichy is about 3 yards behind the defensive line- playing 3 Sunderland players onside. Not only was he culpable from a composure perspective- but it was his positional mistake that allowed the pressure anyway. Shocking.

    What I found funny- Shearers comment ‘Arsenal passed the ball around really well’. Apart from the last 30 minutes, it was the worst passing performance Ive seen by us from a long time. Muppet.

  90. gambon

    Lol, Clichy wasnt left marking 2 players, he wasnt marking anyone at all, thats the problem, he just did nothing, like he always does.

    If we had a left footed sagna in there we would be a much more stable team defensively. Teams target Clichy cos they know he’s poor.


    After Theo, Vela & Traore are the quickest. Clichy isnt particularly rapid.

  91. Keyser

    Pedro – Nah it’s all too easy that, we need someone to pick on we’ll pick on the most convenient player.
    Clichy’s form has dropped, but so has that of the team. He loses his composure at times and you could say he’s a confidence player.

    If the players are sitting in the dressing room and their glaring at Clichy, then we’re not winning anything, soo many different players could be blamed for us only managing a point against Sunderland.

    Of course we haven’t set the world alight, so what if we’re scoring goals, If Arhavin was only allowed one goal a week, would you have wanted that one against Braga or Sunderland.

  92. Stu

    Is no news good or bad though?

    Koscielny is to blame for being beaten by Diouf but Vermaelen and Clichy were both in the box when the cross came in. Clichy should have been aware of Mame Dioufs run and stopped him.

  93. Keyser

    gambon – Yeah, what you mean like Vermaelen ? Who stood routed. Or the whole of the midfield ? Walcott’s pathetic attempt at challenging Samba. Koscielny getting outpaced/ out muscled.

    If we had a left-footed Sagna we’d still be fucked because there’s just not the same amount of cover down that side.