Song… Dowd … Clichy … Rosicky … Ohhhh bugger. Report and Ratings

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Where to start, where to start?

Ultimately, in the immediate aftermath I felt a lot of rage. I sat there and watched last week in amazement as the ref for the United vs Everton game blew up just as it looked liked Everton might score on a counter attack. Yesterday, I watched Sunderland take a corner in 94th minute, have it cleared… only to be allowed to have another crack at scoring, which they did.

I hate to blame the referee. I find it incredibly dull reading headlines from bloggers all over the web talking about this big underground conspiracy against Arsenal because we have foreigners playing for us, but on this occasion, I’m absolutely livid about the performance of Dowd who was so incredibly inept all game, I wondered if he was on the take?

We’ll take this back to the start… because though the result was stolen from us, we can’t pin all of this on Phil.

The team shaped up the same as it did for the previous game. Chamakh led the line up top with Jack retaining his place in the middle of the park with Cesc and Song.

Arsenal were immediately on the back foot with Sunderland pressing well and playing at a much higher tempo than us. Cesc chased after a lost cause down the other end, Anton Ferdinand larruped it, Cesc flew a speculative foot out to block the shot, the ball connected and sailed towards goal, over the keepers head, into the top corner! What a goal! Even Chelsea, the kings of the deflection must have looked on with envy at that little beauty! Steve Bruce’s face, taut through mass over eating looked close to bursting on the sidelines.

The bitter-sweet of that goal was that our Captain damaged himself in the process and had to come off ten minutes later with a suspected hamstring strain. I spoke to my pal in the know and without any concrete news, he suspects the substitution was precautionary.

Sunderland were undeterred and continued to pressure us. They went close with a missed header in the 6 yard box. Marlbranque tried to win a penalty by running into Kozzer and a little later, Bent tried to con the referee in the same way.

Jack Wilshere was guilty of losing the ball in a sloppy manner on 3-4 occasions. He needs to keep it simple when things aren’t going well, not try to do ever more daring things and lose possession.

Almunia was having a solid game in goal coming for crosses and generally proving to be safe pair of hands. Song was showing careless disregard for playing within the rules.  He was powering around making needless fouls and needed to be careful after picking up a booking for his third or fourth stupid challenge. Clichy was having another bad game, I tweeted that he was due his customary ‘Senderos’ moment

The second half started and we needed to improve on what was mainly,  just a solid defensive display. Almost immediately Jack was played in but fluffed his lines. Then Rosicky did well to dance through the Sunderland midfield passing to Song in space who slipped Arshavin in who misfired wide.

That was Song’s last contribution to the game. He body checked a Sunderland player and gained a second yellow. Some say it was harsh, I’d say it was deserved when you consider the previous he’d had in the game.

Now we really were on the back foot, and for 30 minutes.

What really did rankle with me was the unpunished challenge Bramble made on Jack Wilshere. That didn’t even receive a yellow card? There were countless other worse fouls from Sunderland players that also went unpunished. Shocking inconsistency.

Bent blazed over after a well worked corner, Clichy had to make a goal line headed clearance, we were struggling. The Frenchman was continuing to expose his poor form by getting caught out of position, making sloppy passes, getting the wrong side of his man and slipping over. It was worrying how much the Mackems were getting from corners.

We were fighting though and looking dangerous going forward. All our players were working tirelessly and the centre back pairing were looking very solid.

We went up the other end, Nasri tried to work his into the Sunderland box and he was tripped. Penalty. Surely game over?

Interestingly, Rosicky stepped up to take the spot kick. He took a long run up and smashed it Alan Shearer-esque… over the bar. Terrible for a player of his calibre. A miss that you felt really fired up the home crowd. I’d hope Chamakh takes them in future…

Gyan came on from the bench and immediately had Almunia off his line making a clearance. Up the other end Denilson’s strike just went wide. In the last minute, they won a corner, we cleared it… the ref surely had to blow, he didn’t, Zenden puts the ball in the box, Clichy tries to clear with his right foot, makes a hash… Sunderland fire home.

Deflated… disgusted with the referee. Gutted…

I can’t sit here and pretend we deserved our 3 points for being the dominant side. However, I thought we showed bundles of fight and character today. Key players who needed to show their mettle more than did so and we battled hard for 30minutes against a good team with only ten men.

To lose a goal in 95th minute was a real deflating moment. I think it was so unjust, that it will have the reverse effect on our players. We’ll come back against WBA (I doubt many first teamers will be out for Spurs) on a mission! Us against the world!

Still, the fact is, we shouldn’t have needed a referee to win the match today. Song should have been more professional in the middle of the park. Getting yourself sent off for silly unnecessary challenges is very immature. Rosicky should have placed that penalty and Clichy really shouldn’t be making elementary mistakes like that at his age.

Still, there are loads of positives to take from today and like someone pointed out yesterday, we’ve taken 4 points from Blackburn and Sunderland away… last season, we took a total of zero. I think it’s also pertinent to point out that by the final whistle, we were missing RvP, Cesc, Ramsey, Vermaelen, Walcott and Bendtner. Tell me anyone in the top 4 who could have the equivalent of half their first team out and play as well as we have been?

It all bodes well… Rambo is kicking a ball in training, Nik B is close to a return and shortly after that we’ll see Theo and Robin… all in time for Christmas rush!


Almunia: He did everything well today. He looked a safe pair of hands at the back and delivered every time he was called upon to make a decision. Too many people are going overboard about his performance, much in the same way fans of Song do when he makes a 12 yard pass (SLA’s: Song Lovers Association). If Seaman had played like that, you’d call it standard. Al plays like that, people are talking about him as the next Spanish number 1. Take one game at a time. Draw some perspective. He’s doing no more than what is expected. 8

Clichy: The criticism of Clichy has been here for the best part of two years, however, I feel it’s all of a sudden gone mainstream and people are going overboard. According to people in the know, Clichy is well aware he’s been playing badly, so he’s not in a Fabianski world of denial. His mistakes seem to be getting more and more frequent. His positional sense is way off kilter and he’s making fundamental errors he shouldn’t be. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water though. The guy tries his heart out for Arsenal and he’s never looked for a move when he easily could have. He needs to be rested, Gibbs needs to come in for a bit. His mistake cost us 2 points today… however, he’s not solely to blame. 4

Sagna: A solid performance from our right back. He’s looking very powerful at the back these days and his delivery is getting better. 7

Squillaci: Slipped in the back door and into the team virtually unnoticed. His positional sense is excellent, he reads the game incredibly well and he never finds himself on the end of skinning. His integration has been seamless and I prefer him to Gallas. His partnership with Kozzer was excellent today as was his battling performance. 8

Kozzer: I’m really taking a shine to this chap. He’s made two high profile errors so far but he hasn’t let them phase him in the slightest. Today he was putting his foot in at every chance, he’ll place his head on anything he can get close to and again, he reads the game far better than Willy G or Kolo ever did. He’s an incredibly hard worker in training as well. We’ve got a class act on our hands here. 8

Song: I’m not his biggest fan and today he demonstrated perfectly why. He isn’t agile enough or quick enough to play against speedy opposition. All his fouls were unnecessary and a result of poor positioning. His passing wasn’t great and he needs to get it into his head that he’s supposed to sit in front of the defence, not be our creative force up the other end. 4

Nasri: He helped win us a penalty but was largely anonymous in the first half. He improved with the second and he has plenty about his game. I just wish he’d impose his character on the team a little more when the chips are down. 6.5

Cesc: Great goal. Gutted he went off injured. Hoping it’s not serious! 7

Wilshere: Needs to cut out that sloppy play when things aren’t going well for him. He improved with  the game, he just has a tendency to go a little Hollywood when he’s not playing well. He’s improving though and I like seeing his name on the team sheet. He definitely gives us an edge. 6

Arshavin: When you’re receiving poor service it’s pretty difficult to make an impact on a game. I thought he threw his weight around well, trying to involve himself in the game. Ultimately, not his day. 6

Chamakh: A hard fought performance from everyone’s favourite Moroccan. He battled, he defended, he chased lost causes, he involved himself when it would have been easier not to. He is everything Nik B should want to become. 7.5


Rosicky: Came on and played really well. He looked sharp until he stepped up and blazed and ugly penalty over the bar. Costly. 7

Denilson: I thought he looked good when he game on. He was more direct than usual and very attack minded. He’ll be fresh for the Spurs game next week. 6.5

P.S. I heard that Carlos Vela was hammered in training on Friday by the players regarding the tranny story in the Sun. Everyone was ripping into him, led by Sagna. The story was a load of rubbish apparently (There weren’t 15 hookers) and Wenger won’t be taking any action against the Mexican. The spirit within the Arsenal camp is apparently fantastic and everyone is getting on!

Good to hear!

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  1. Keyser

    Suga3 – The only reason it didn’t look as bad as it could of is because Chamakh was too busy making a mug of him and was in the air.

  2. Swedish Gun

    Squillaci and Koscielny have been imense the last two games

    Squill has not put one foot wrong and due to his expierience i would put him down as our first choice CB

    Now i would like to see Vermaelen at leftback against the better teams for stability and Gibbs vs the lesser ones

    Give Clichy a long, long rest

  3. Ja_Gunner

    Why do teams keep letting Manure cross the ball….its all they feed off….

    I mean fuck…John Oshea crossed that one….

    If its one thing you must stop Manure crosing the ball, they only have one passer in midfield and that is Scoles….evrything else is from the wings…How the fuk the defender did not get tighter….

    Liverpool are crap….they cant even raise their game for Manure anymore..

    Th good thing is Manure are conceding goals….7 so far surley that is not Championsip winning material.

    Evans is fucking them up….Rio didnt play today suggesting he may have aggrevated something when he played against Rangers, I am sure the Rangers game was meant to be a tune up for Rio….but it seems to have back fired, I hope Rio remains out…

    If I were a coach I would instruct my players to attack Evans at every opportunity…the guy is crap…he usually get away with a lot because he plays for them but he is being exposed now

  4. Ja_Gunner

    Berbatov is top scorer with 6 goals I think…

    Rooney still has not scored lol….but surprisingly Berba is picking up the slack…

  5. kev

    doesnt matter how much they concede if they win games. united nearly always are slow to get going – as the season progresses theyll get better. we just have to concentrate on our own games

  6. Pedro

    Kreshnik, if he’s talking about technology, he’s right.

    We’re Luddite when it comes to all that and way behind the curve compared to what he does.

    He might be a fat oaf, but he’s a trailblazer with the tech he employs apparently.

    We’re catching though…

  7. Ja_Gunner

    Guys I just saw something that cheers me up a bit…I think Manure play Sunderland and the STadium of Shite on Saturday Oct 2…thats after they play Valencia away on Wednesday…Hopefully the black Cats will maul them as well…..Hopefully….

  8. sixxpac

    “Arsene is a very clever guy. He uses his profile in London to get messages out which are aimed at putting pressure on referees.
    “We can get fined by the FA for directing remarks at referees before games – but he did it in a very clever and subtle way

    Thanks for telling the world ur dumb

  9. Limestonegunner

    I think Keyser was right last night and today to suspect that the ref might be influenced to even things up in the cards and sendings off. Almost every game we’ve played in the league we have benefited from a sending off and now we’ve had two of our own. It is very weird. I think the way we play and the style many teams use against us is going to result in opposition players getting more yellows and, thus, reds, if the ref calls it properly. But against the big clubs we aren’t going to cause the same fouls or get the benefit of the calls.

    Yesterday, it was a soft sending off, but Song really didn’t play with the intelligence needed. Wilshere was a bit reckless and careless in the first half but he played smart with his yellow and had a very good second half. Song also has been going forward too much recently. He scored a really lovely and skillful goal recently but he has been in the penalty box an awful lot–yesterday he had a decent header for example. But it isn’t the best use of his strengths and it pulls others back to cover for him–Rosicky wasn’t able to play make as freely, for example.

    I don’t like Denilson as his first backup, since he doesn’t strike me as a strong enough DM, but he can keep possession for us in the midfield, which was a problem for us in the first half. I was surprised he didn’t come on earlier for Song or Wilshere. Especially when we were so flat and lethargic the first half, couldn’t keep possession, and the midfield was leaving the defense exposed. So while it is hindsight to suggest that Wenger should have rotated the squad more after the CL, it isn’t unwarranted to say that some adjustments could have been made at the half.

    We are going to need to figure out how to rotate properly since away fixtures after CL games (and against even tougher opposition than Sunderland) will be coming in the next two months.

    I think we missed Theo a lot yesterday. The attacking players weren’t on form and we needed to play quick counterattack since our midfield wasn’t dominating in the first half and especially after Fabregas came off.

    Finally, on defense, I think Squillaci partners well with either Vermaelen or Koscielny since he stays at home and is no nonsense. Kosc and Vermaelen both like to move up a little further, it seems to me. Having said that I was so impressed by Koscielny yesterday.

    Whether we blame Clichy or not for the goal (unfair, I think) the main attacking threat from Sunderland seemed to come from al-Mohammady streaking in and crossing from Clichy’s side. I think he played well generally, but very often that side is a problem and it is down, I think, to both Clichy and Arshavin and the fact that our midfielders are often playing through the center when we lose possession.

  10. Pat

    Surprised no one is complaining that the man who got the assist for Berba’s 3rd shouldn’t have even been on the field. Thats as clear a red card offense you will see this season go unpunished.

  11. Kushagra India

    Arshavin went off and denilson was covering that side,against Barca we didn’t have Arshavin so that’s bollocks .He always looks nervous and one gets a feeling he has a Senderos moment coming!!

  12. zeus

    So Liverfool are dickheads, we know that.

    And less than a minute in and Chelsea score.

    How is it possible that they are better than last year? Ancelotti has this annoying knack of getting the best out of ageing teams. Bastard did with Milan for so long.

  13. Kushagra India

    Song is a very average player and I hate him playing in oppo’s half trying CESCY passes we need a donkey who closes people down harries them an keeps our game ticking which I am afraid he is not capable of doing,
    even a poor version of Makelele will do!!

  14. Kushagra India

    Ancelotti was saying the key is in giving players time to recover which I believe our players are not allowed to. We train so heavily, I am just guessing as Chelsea always look fresh

  15. Kushagra India

    Chelsea are much more direct than us which I believe is the difference between us and them so many of their goals come from midfield their forward line is much better than us ,so I am expecting them to pip us to the title.Its better for my heart

  16. Gunnernet

    The way Chelsea play at the moment is just fabulous. Experienced, physical, full of pace, commitment and discipline. They are simply out of reach at the moment..

  17. Limestonegunner

    Denilson is a central midfielder, which is part of the point I was making. Also, it isn’t just one game where Clichy’s side seems week and generally Clichy has been better, I think, when someone other than Arshavin plays ahead of him.

    But that isn’t to absolve Clichy entirely. I think it is fair to say that Gibbs is competing for the spot, but he needs more games.

    One thing I’d like Wenger to do is to play a strong side against the Spuds in the CC: I’d like to see Chesney play along with Djourou, Gibbs, Denilson, Wilshere, Vela, and Eboue. A core of first team squad players and not just a set of kids. Gibbs needs games, as does Djourou, and Vela. We may need them to step up in the second half this year either because of injuries ahead of them or because the current first eleven holder of the position isn’t playing well enough.


  18. Ja_Gunner

    Look Ancelloti rotated…

    He rested Anelka….and it seems Terry as well…

    Also he took out Benayoun and put in Ramires…

    Wenger should have taken out 2-3 players so that there would be fresh legs to deal with Sunderland…

    I would have swapped Wilshere for Denilson, Nasri for Rosicky at least…..

    Denilson has got used to moping up and he would have helped us i the first half for sure…but I dont get why Song has now developed the urge to attack…

    Why doesnt he concentrate and master his rol first…

    He should only bob forward when either we really need a goal or we are at least 3 up…..2 up is nt enough for him to start galivanting forward,…

  19. Kushagra India

    mate,blaming Arshavin for Clichy’s frailties i.e ,he is doing it before Arsha signed for us and I am not justifying AA’s lack of workrate but I believe everytime whether Arsha is playing or not opposition seems more threatening from that side

  20. Keyser

    Kushagra India – What’s Barca got to do with it ?!

    Arshavin’s a big part of it, he’s in the side because he’s explosive and he can score goals, if he’s busy down the other end of the pitch he just isn’t going to track back all the time.

    Arshavin either takes his chances or we’re better off with someone far harder working down that side, even Walcott gets back to help out Sagna.

  21. Kushagra India

    agreed even if our team is fully fit throughout the year we will struggle because this is BPL not La liga
    .I think we will have a better chance in UCL

  22. Gunnernet

    Ramires looks a very good player too. I don’t want even to imagine little Jack, Cesk, Rosick, Nasri against Essien, Mikel, Ramires and Drogba.. It may be painful.

  23. Kushagra India

    against Barca Arshavin was subbed and goal came from Clichy’s channel just citing an example. There is some sort of mental problem with Clichy he looks nervous.

  24. Walking Wounded

    Anyone fancy rewatching MotD from last night and look at Blackburn’s treatment of Mark Schwarzer, with El-Hadji Djouf running into the keeper with disregard for the ball. The Lineker, Shearer, Lawrenson (Holy Trinity) were making a big thing of it and how Schwarzer was repeatedly fouled.

    Go back 6 months or so when Fabianski was at the receiving end of the same treatment from David Dunn etc, and according to those three (or their clones), the keeper has to be stronger and yadda yadda yadda.

    I hate those hypocritical, anti-Arsenal BBC left whingers

  25. Limestonegunner

    Zeus, I think that is an astute point about Ancelotti who has a history of winning with an old AC Milan team. But also, Chelsea might be better this year because Essien is back and he is perhaps their most important/influential player. Drogba would be the other candidate.

    But they have played nobody before today. Although I have to say West Brom are looking better than I would have thought and we’ll have to be careful next weekend not to overlook them ourselves.

  26. Dutchman

    I know for a fact that people are going to say that arsenal is not a good team etc. when they lose against chelsea, but chelsea really is a good team now and i think better than barca or inter too! They are not from this world at the moment!

  27. Gunnernet

    I just hate Cashley. He should have stayed with us. Imagine our current team and Cole at left.. Fucking cunt, cheap mercenary..

  28. Keyser

    Kushagra India – It didn’t come from his channel, that’s ridiculous, Ibrahimovic made runs in front of Song and along the line behind Vermaelen.

    They knew Gallas had gone off and that Ibrahimovic could probably get a yard on Song that he wasn’t ever going to get with Gallas.

    They had nothing to do with Clichy, but that’s the sort of criticism players get when you just get people getting on their backs. Clichy’s form has been poor, he hasn’t been at fault for every goal we’ve conceded.

  29. CedarBayDave

    Chelsea are the best team, but they have a knack of dropping points in mid season against poor teams. Last year they should have won by at least 10 as well, and they had to squeak it out. The difference this year, i think, is that Man U. will not be that team in 2nd.

  30. Dutchman

    Gunnernet, you are talking bullshit!
    It will be:


    Oh, and we have to play with real wingers against chelsea! Because if you play nasri right wing then we will be fucked, that’s because the way chelsea is playing! We need real wingers agianst chelsea!

  31. Ja_Gunner

    Chelsea hae not yet played a tough opponent..but they seem like they wil win the league…

    I am hoping that we can win the Carling Cup and Champions league double..

    I thin we have an excellent shot at the UCL as long as we avoid certain teams…. I would take on any one from La liga maybe except Real because of Mourinho….but if we avoid Chelsea and one or 2 others then we can win it..I dont fear Manure they are crap…they are gonna come third in the league this year….

    So as I say if we can win the Carling and UCL I will be happy..also FA cup…the league may have to wait till next year…

  32. Kushagra India

    We need a bit of pace and power with wizardy in the middle to handle Chelsea to win BPL these attributes are essential,Song is not their as yet. Ancelotti developed some scientific schema to prolong the careers of players at the highest level.But he was also culpable of not injecting fresh blood at the right team thats why Milan are still struggling,this may be our chance sooner or later they will age and Roman is not going to bankroll them this time.

  33. gambon


    as far as i remember he left cos we went back on our word with his contract & there was a french clique at the club.

  34. Gunnernet

    @ Dutchman, what are u talking about? What is the bullshit? They are going to hammer us with our current squad. And Clichy sucks. We haven’t a decent LB since As.hole left..

  35. Limestonegunner

    Kushagra, who would you play in midfield then? I agree, I wish we had bought a real DM as cover or competition for Song. Wenger thinks Jack is his cover, which is a real risk since although he is learning to play deep, he isn’t a DM.

    I think we need to seize the chance this year. I am still not ready to crown Chelsea. Let’s see how we do against them and other big sides and if we are able to avoid further major injuries to our most important players in the second half of the season.

  36. Kushagra India

    But blaming Arshavin for Clichy’s faults is also wrong
    do you ever see Nani Or Ronaldo et al tracking back,but do Manu always seems porous on that side I don’t think so,the problem is with Clichy and our CDM,who tries to make some audacious “CESCY” passes without mastering his own art.Look at the match btw Chelsea and Barca in Moureen times and look at Makelele in that match breathtaking.These are two of our three weak points still.Third one is we miss more chances than anyone.

  37. Gunnernet

    @ Gambon. And went to Chelsea, even though Madrid were after him. He is a fucking cunt and u are not going to change my mind. He had a choice to pick a foreign team at least.

  38. zeus

    They are in that ‘Invincibles’ form. Clearly the Invincibles were much more easy on the eye, but this Chelsea team so far has that aura around them that the Invincibles had.

    Goals are coming from all over as well. I hope they lose a game soon, if the finish the season undefeated football will die a second death. The will be right up there CL wise though.

  39. Mayank

    Lets hope the way Chelsea are winning they forget what it feels like to on the backfoot and get flustered while playing us.

  40. Kushagra India

    I am saying this is what’s required to compete with Chelsea at the moment they are playing like invincibles .They are much more clinical than us.I hope in Jan fatigue stops them and we need to be almost perfect.By the way Manc always troubles them.Hoping for the best mate..
    Peace 🙂

  41. Keyser

    Kushagra India – It’s a team game, Ronaldo never used to track back, but then Tevez and Rooney used to work their asses off

    United play in a different way to us, but you’re right in that our players have to do more from the front and especially to defend the flanks.

    Right now we’ve got several players out, some who are in their first season with us and the premiership and players who are young and making their first footsteps in top level football.

    You can’t compare Makalele to us when he was in that Chelsea team, look at who else he had around him and how Chelsea played under Mourinho, it’s completely different.

  42. zeus

    Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce insists that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is no more ‘advanced’ in coaching than he is.

    Wenger has criticised Allardyce’s style of play but the latter will not back down in the pair’s public spat.

    Allardyce blames the way he is perceived on what he views as an illusory edge that Wenger has over him.

    “There is a problem with perception. Arsene is seen as a sophisticated Frenchman while I’m just a rugged English centre-half from the Midlands with an accent to match, but is Arsene more advanced than me in terms of coaching? Not a chance,” said Allardyce.

    “Does he use live fitness data on his players during games? Does he study sports psychology every day? Does he use sports science to the extent that I do? I doubt it.

    “None of all this affects my view of Wenger. I have total respect for the way he changed his philosophy in recent years when the £400 million move to the Emirates Stadium reduced his spending power in the transfer market.

    “He hasn’t won trophies yet with his current crop but he has stuck to his guns by insisting that nothing will prevent the development of his young players. Arsenal play some wonderful football but what makes the Premier League interesting is the difference in styles between teams.”

    Allardyce admits that he does not understand Wenger, regarding the Arsenal boss as a distant individual.

    “The truth is that nobody really knows Arsene Wenger. There certainly aren’t too many people who actually get close to him,” he continued in his News of the World column.

    “If that’s Arsene’s way, though, then I respect that. Maybe he doesn’t like me. Maybe he is keen to get on the coach or the plane after fulfilling 45 minutes of post-match media duties.

    “He loves the psychological warfare of the Premier League, the world’s most watched and talked about sporting competition. It goes with the theatre of the game and without it football would be less interesting.

    “Arsene is a very clever guy. He uses his profile in London to get messages out which are aimed at putting pressure on referees.

    “We can get fined by the FA for directing remarks at referees before games – but he did it in a very clever and subtle way.

    “However, if Arsene is allowed his opinion, then I am entitled to mine. I speak to about six press people on a Friday afternoon and he probably speaks to about 60.

    “What goes on between managers doesn’t bother me, in fact, I find it very entertaining.

    “But if I have an opinion nobody will stop me expressing it. How we go about our business as bosses is different from each other.”

    Allardyce also admitted that he would miss beating former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez.

    “I am gutted that Rafa Benitez has gone. He hated me and I used to love winding him up,” he said.

    “For years he came to Bolton and never got a result and used to accuse us of cheating.”
    What is it with assholes today?


    No disipline and naivity cost us again rosicky bottled it big will be 7 years since we won the league title come 2011, and 6 years since a cup in general. Football is a SPORT FIRST,SECOND A BUSINESS its about the people ,the fans ,The passion,achievements,records. I think producing record profits on the stock markets mean more to arsenal now and filling the big fat cat pockets of shareholders,execs,MANAGER??? should we wait until it hits 10years of nothing before complaining and protesting and dnt give me top 4 is an achievement i want silverware. o yeh i forgot u cant complain, Q & A with shareholders must of been a joke! With questions requested before meeting, to me sounds like a dictatorship with the board acting as greedy bankers.also red action with their poster at the fulham game last year that mysteriously vanished during the game after stewards and ‘security’ went over for a quiet word. THIS SEASON has to be wengers last chance. I say we go for guardiola show him a new challenge,this man can do everything wenger can but will spend money on players that guarantee success.

  44. zeus


    If we play Rosicky at LF then we have to play TW14 / Eboue at RF or it will take away from our attack.

    We play better with a varied attack. The pace and directness of Walcott, the dribbling talents of AA23 with the big man of Chamakh/ link play of RVP.

    Nothing more annoying than having the sameness that is Fab4, Nasri and Rosicky all on the pitch at the same time.

  45. Kushagra India

    This is a never ending debate bro I am just saying Clichy needs some time off from the game(I have nothing against him) and Song,we are stuck with him we need a Flamster season from any of of our midfielders to compete with Chelsea on a day to day basis
    .Peace 🙂

  46. Mayank

    Keyser, I think Arsh is to take part of the blame for our troubles on the left flank but part of it does rest with Gael.
    Quite simply Gael is the only one in our back 4 who doesn’t emanate calmness. A bit like Toure in his last year.
    He doesn’t make the kind or the amount of mistake people think he does but you have to agree that the reason people notice him is because he looks a bit unassertive.

  47. Kushagra India

    Signing off guyes after a terrible weekend just for laughs

    A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They seat themselves, and engage in animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores their conversation at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following:

    ”Emma come first. I come. Dennis come and Dennis come again. I come again. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come once-a-more.”

    ”You foul-mouthed swine,” retorted the lady indignantly. ”In this country we don’t talk about our sex lives in public.”

    ”Hey, coola down lady,” said the man. ”Imma just tella my friend howa to spella Mississippi.”

  48. sixxpac

    Playing in the same side as guys like Fabregas, Andrey Arshavin and Alex Song has been the perfect opportunity for me to learn.

    Wilshere doesnt think Song is shite. In fact he learns from him

  49. Doo Woop

    Then again we didnt deserve to win… But hell, cant we have a lucky-playing-badly-win, like many times happens to manure or chelski?

  50. Dutchman

    Gunnernet, i think that chelsea will win against us but we won’t be hammered! Our Cb pairs are much better then last year with gallas! I have hopes for a win, chelsea hasn’t been tested yet.

  51. Dutchman

    Oh, i i think that i have seen enough of clichy.
    Give gibbs the chance he deserves! Clichy is the one where our conceded goals begin. He is so nervous when on the ball and his positioning is awful. Give him a long rest! Also give vela a chance ahead of arshavin.
    This guy can’t make a facking goal! He is missing so many chances! It’s so frustrating to watch! I want to see this team one time:

    sagna-koscielny(or squillaci)-vermaelen(or squillaci)-gibbs

  52. CedarBayDave

    How can anyone be a bad penalty taker and call themselves a professional? It is one of the easiest things to do in all of sport.

    step 1. Hit the ball on goal. (this is the most important step, and this one alone will lead to a goal over 60% of the time)

  53. Keyser

    Mayank – He does, but I think it’s more his demeanour than anything else. Watch Toure throughout his career, like Clichy, Toure could be absolutely phenomenal physically, he’d chase back the length of the field and get in a challenge on a player, but how many times can you do that before you make a mistake ?!

    Watch him play up against their winger and one-on-one he was calm, he blocked almost everything or at leats put pressure on him.

    Thing is quality teams don’t leave their left-back one-on-one with wingers because at some point someone’s going to make a mistake. How many times will you see Clichy waiting for cover because there’s two attackers down his side.

    I didn’t want to watch the goal, but Squillaci could’ve cleared better, it hits Gyans arm, Gyan even fouls Clichy as he clears, it rebounds off Koscieln, Bent just happens to be there.

    There’s soo many things that could change in a game to affect the outcome, Clichy just needs a few good games, it’s just a lot harder for defenders to gain the same amount of trust back. Where at the other end players can miss several chances a game.

    Look at how quickly Koscielny seemed to be dismissed by people.

  54. Keyser

    CedarBayDave – I’ve thought about that and I think it’s just that if you’ve got other attributes that are exceptional like Strength or Pace at the highest level that stand out, other things will be overlooked.

    Then there’s pressure and a whole host of other things.

  55. CedarBayDave

    Keyser, you are right. Just still not happy here about a PK being put over the bar. Rosicky, would probably bury it in the net 9 out of if he were to walk up and take 10 today.

  56. Keyser

    CedarBayDave – I know mate, I was thinking he’s been great this half, if he scores that surely he’ll get man of the match.

  57. Doo Woop


    we havent been tested and we lost 4 points already

    I dont consider that liverpool aways as a test, we should have finished them

  58. Jay2oh

    Anyone else see Frogba and clattenburg high 5 then?!?!!? Fills me with confidence that there is no bias within the refs. Fucking scummer.

  59. sixxpac

    Doo wop go back to the ’50s and stop talking crap. Liverpool away is not a test? Blackburn away is not a test? Sunderland away is not a test? Do me a favour

  60. Supergunner07

    Geoff says:
    September 19, 2010 at 10:45

    He cost us last year against Sunderland when the ball went over his head and Bent headed in, he cost us against City, fuck me the list is endless.


    It was Verm that lost his marker @ Sunderland last season