Song… Dowd … Clichy … Rosicky … Ohhhh bugger. Report and Ratings

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Where to start, where to start?

Ultimately, in the immediate aftermath I felt a lot of rage. I sat there and watched last week in amazement as the ref for the United vs Everton game blew up just as it looked liked Everton might score on a counter attack. Yesterday, I watched Sunderland take a corner in 94th minute, have it cleared… only to be allowed to have another crack at scoring, which they did.

I hate to blame the referee. I find it incredibly dull reading headlines from bloggers all over the web talking about this big underground conspiracy against Arsenal because we have foreigners playing for us, but on this occasion, I’m absolutely livid about the performance of Dowd who was so incredibly inept all game, I wondered if he was on the take?

We’ll take this back to the start… because though the result was stolen from us, we can’t pin all of this on Phil.

The team shaped up the same as it did for the previous game. Chamakh led the line up top with Jack retaining his place in the middle of the park with Cesc and Song.

Arsenal were immediately on the back foot with Sunderland pressing well and playing at a much higher tempo than us. Cesc chased after a lost cause down the other end, Anton Ferdinand larruped it, Cesc flew a speculative foot out to block the shot, the ball connected and sailed towards goal, over the keepers head, into the top corner! What a goal! Even Chelsea, the kings of the deflection must have looked on with envy at that little beauty! Steve Bruce’s face, taut through mass over eating looked close to bursting on the sidelines.

The bitter-sweet of that goal was that our Captain damaged himself in the process and had to come off ten minutes later with a suspected hamstring strain. I spoke to my pal in the know and without any concrete news, he suspects the substitution was precautionary.

Sunderland were undeterred and continued to pressure us. They went close with a missed header in the 6 yard box. Marlbranque tried to win a penalty by running into Kozzer and a little later, Bent tried to con the referee in the same way.

Jack Wilshere was guilty of losing the ball in a sloppy manner on 3-4 occasions. He needs to keep it simple when things aren’t going well, not try to do ever more daring things and lose possession.

Almunia was having a solid game in goal coming for crosses and generally proving to be safe pair of hands. Song was showing careless disregard for playing within the rules.  He was powering around making needless fouls and needed to be careful after picking up a booking for his third or fourth stupid challenge. Clichy was having another bad game, I tweeted that he was due his customary ‘Senderos’ moment

The second half started and we needed to improve on what was mainly,  just a solid defensive display. Almost immediately Jack was played in but fluffed his lines. Then Rosicky did well to dance through the Sunderland midfield passing to Song in space who slipped Arshavin in who misfired wide.

That was Song’s last contribution to the game. He body checked a Sunderland player and gained a second yellow. Some say it was harsh, I’d say it was deserved when you consider the previous he’d had in the game.

Now we really were on the back foot, and for 30 minutes.

What really did rankle with me was the unpunished challenge Bramble made on Jack Wilshere. That didn’t even receive a yellow card? There were countless other worse fouls from Sunderland players that also went unpunished. Shocking inconsistency.

Bent blazed over after a well worked corner, Clichy had to make a goal line headed clearance, we were struggling. The Frenchman was continuing to expose his poor form by getting caught out of position, making sloppy passes, getting the wrong side of his man and slipping over. It was worrying how much the Mackems were getting from corners.

We were fighting though and looking dangerous going forward. All our players were working tirelessly and the centre back pairing were looking very solid.

We went up the other end, Nasri tried to work his into the Sunderland box and he was tripped. Penalty. Surely game over?

Interestingly, Rosicky stepped up to take the spot kick. He took a long run up and smashed it Alan Shearer-esque… over the bar. Terrible for a player of his calibre. A miss that you felt really fired up the home crowd. I’d hope Chamakh takes them in future…

Gyan came on from the bench and immediately had Almunia off his line making a clearance. Up the other end Denilson’s strike just went wide. In the last minute, they won a corner, we cleared it… the ref surely had to blow, he didn’t, Zenden puts the ball in the box, Clichy tries to clear with his right foot, makes a hash… Sunderland fire home.

Deflated… disgusted with the referee. Gutted…

I can’t sit here and pretend we deserved our 3 points for being the dominant side. However, I thought we showed bundles of fight and character today. Key players who needed to show their mettle more than did so and we battled hard for 30minutes against a good team with only ten men.

To lose a goal in 95th minute was a real deflating moment. I think it was so unjust, that it will have the reverse effect on our players. We’ll come back against WBA (I doubt many first teamers will be out for Spurs) on a mission! Us against the world!

Still, the fact is, we shouldn’t have needed a referee to win the match today. Song should have been more professional in the middle of the park. Getting yourself sent off for silly unnecessary challenges is very immature. Rosicky should have placed that penalty and Clichy really shouldn’t be making elementary mistakes like that at his age.

Still, there are loads of positives to take from today and like someone pointed out yesterday, we’ve taken 4 points from Blackburn and Sunderland away… last season, we took a total of zero. I think it’s also pertinent to point out that by the final whistle, we were missing RvP, Cesc, Ramsey, Vermaelen, Walcott and Bendtner. Tell me anyone in the top 4 who could have the equivalent of half their first team out and play as well as we have been?

It all bodes well… Rambo is kicking a ball in training, Nik B is close to a return and shortly after that we’ll see Theo and Robin… all in time for Christmas rush!


Almunia: He did everything well today. He looked a safe pair of hands at the back and delivered every time he was called upon to make a decision. Too many people are going overboard about his performance, much in the same way fans of Song do when he makes a 12 yard pass (SLA’s: Song Lovers Association). If Seaman had played like that, you’d call it standard. Al plays like that, people are talking about him as the next Spanish number 1. Take one game at a time. Draw some perspective. He’s doing no more than what is expected. 8

Clichy: The criticism of Clichy has been here for the best part of two years, however, I feel it’s all of a sudden gone mainstream and people are going overboard. According to people in the know, Clichy is well aware he’s been playing badly, so he’s not in a Fabianski world of denial. His mistakes seem to be getting more and more frequent. His positional sense is way off kilter and he’s making fundamental errors he shouldn’t be. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water though. The guy tries his heart out for Arsenal and he’s never looked for a move when he easily could have. He needs to be rested, Gibbs needs to come in for a bit. His mistake cost us 2 points today… however, he’s not solely to blame. 4

Sagna: A solid performance from our right back. He’s looking very powerful at the back these days and his delivery is getting better. 7

Squillaci: Slipped in the back door and into the team virtually unnoticed. His positional sense is excellent, he reads the game incredibly well and he never finds himself on the end of skinning. His integration has been seamless and I prefer him to Gallas. His partnership with Kozzer was excellent today as was his battling performance. 8

Kozzer: I’m really taking a shine to this chap. He’s made two high profile errors so far but he hasn’t let them phase him in the slightest. Today he was putting his foot in at every chance, he’ll place his head on anything he can get close to and again, he reads the game far better than Willy G or Kolo ever did. He’s an incredibly hard worker in training as well. We’ve got a class act on our hands here. 8

Song: I’m not his biggest fan and today he demonstrated perfectly why. He isn’t agile enough or quick enough to play against speedy opposition. All his fouls were unnecessary and a result of poor positioning. His passing wasn’t great and he needs to get it into his head that he’s supposed to sit in front of the defence, not be our creative force up the other end. 4

Nasri: He helped win us a penalty but was largely anonymous in the first half. He improved with the second and he has plenty about his game. I just wish he’d impose his character on the team a little more when the chips are down. 6.5

Cesc: Great goal. Gutted he went off injured. Hoping it’s not serious! 7

Wilshere: Needs to cut out that sloppy play when things aren’t going well for him. He improved with  the game, he just has a tendency to go a little Hollywood when he’s not playing well. He’s improving though and I like seeing his name on the team sheet. He definitely gives us an edge. 6

Arshavin: When you’re receiving poor service it’s pretty difficult to make an impact on a game. I thought he threw his weight around well, trying to involve himself in the game. Ultimately, not his day. 6

Chamakh: A hard fought performance from everyone’s favourite Moroccan. He battled, he defended, he chased lost causes, he involved himself when it would have been easier not to. He is everything Nik B should want to become. 7.5


Rosicky: Came on and played really well. He looked sharp until he stepped up and blazed and ugly penalty over the bar. Costly. 7

Denilson: I thought he looked good when he game on. He was more direct than usual and very attack minded. He’ll be fresh for the Spurs game next week. 6.5

P.S. I heard that Carlos Vela was hammered in training on Friday by the players regarding the tranny story in the Sun. Everyone was ripping into him, led by Sagna. The story was a load of rubbish apparently (There weren’t 15 hookers) and Wenger won’t be taking any action against the Mexican. The spirit within the Arsenal camp is apparently fantastic and everyone is getting on!

Good to hear!

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  1. Queen of suburbia

    A pretty fair assessment of the game pedro. Think you are harsh on Song seeing as the first yellow he didn’t even touch the guy.

    That said if refs are starting to award cards for persistent fouling then that’s a positive trend. Just as long as the rule isn’t only being applied to us.

    You’re right to draw the united everton parallel. My first thought was somebody should check the betting patterns in the dowd household.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    Only joking 🙂 I saw the goal. Got to say, I counted down the 4 minutes as nervous as an English batsmen arriving to the crease this summer.

  3. Geoff

    How many times have I said Song is slow, can’t read a game and obstructs players when he gets mugged, well yesterday he cost us the game by doing it.

    How anyone can compare him to Essien is beyond me. He is hopeless.

    Good post Pedro but what did he do to deserve a 4, he cost us the game with his ineptness.

  4. Geoff

    QoS are you blind? He should have been booked two minutes before he was booked, he is a booking waiting to happen, putting your arms in the air like a naughty boy doesn’t cut it.

  5. finestcuts

    I agree with Song’s assesment, but would give him 2, because he made quite a few reckless challenges, he only deserves a little credit for his misfired shot, apart from that his sending off completely took the tempo out of our game.

    Cesc is hamstrung meaning so he’ll be back around the middle of October. In the meantime we should play 4-4-2 with Arshavin as Central attacking midfielder.







  6. Queen of suburbia

    GG he couldn’t not give the peno

    Anything marginal went sunderlands way though and the extra extra time was shocking he should have blown up when the corner was cleared.

    He had a profound but subtle impact on the game and it does make me wonder how honest the guy is…

  7. Supergunner07

    So frustrating, so close yet so far, the only benefit of keeping clichy in the team is communication of all french back 4 when Verm is not fit BUT surely Gibbs can do better than this, yes Clichy is trier but he just make errors so frequently.

  8. kingsley

    who do you guys think will partner djourou against the spuds? do you think it will be e real youth team or will he play denilson, eboue…rosicky?

  9. patthegooner

    That is harsh on Song.

    His first booking was for frustration. Frustration in that Dowd was blowing up for every niggly tackle on a Sunderland player but playing on when we were being fouled.

    Yep, Dowd’s incompetent performance got Song sent off.

    There were lots of positives though, notably an improvement from Almunia and a growing understanding between the CB’s.

    I hope Gibbs gets the nod next week. Clichy cant continue to be rewarded by keeping his place. I honestly think he is getting his run due to the french or french speaking influence in the back four.

  10. patthegooner

    In fact Dowd’s performance looked like one of a Ref that had been reading too many of the cuntish english managers thoughts about Wenger in the press all week,

  11. Queen of suburbia

    Yes I use a braille keyboard Geoff. I’m quite sensitive about it actually and would really rather you didn’t mention it.

    You don’t appear have read my post properly though. I’m happy to see players carded for persistent fouling just that the first yellow card, no foul had actually taken place.

  12. namibian gooner

    Clichy really needs to be rested. Gibbs or TV5 need to be played at left back. I counted at least 2 times he lost the ball in the penalty area to their winger. His clearance are pathetic.

  13. finestcuts

    Song’s double yellow was more than warranted, you could say the first yellow was harsh, but it’s only because the ref let him off on previous clumsy challenges awarding only a free kick when a yellow was deserved.

    but yes the ref had a poor performance, I hate blaming refs as well, but if they cost us it needs to be pointed out. They’re always let off the hook when they far too often make incorrect game changing decisions with minimal or no repercussions.

    How can you respect a referee who is supposed to enforce the rules but doesn’t, either through incompetency or bias?

  14. chozzer

    I’m still unclear on the injury time guidelines.

    When they say a minimum of 4 minutes, I thought that meant that it could be anywhere between 4 minutes and 4 minutes 59 seconds, with the possibility of more if time needs to be added on during the injury time period.

    Does it mean 4 minutes exactly unless something happens during those 4 minutes to increase it?

  15. Queen of suburbia

    I agree patt, if you were going to influence games unfairly, you’d referee them exactly like dowd did yesterday.

  16. Gunnernet

    At least it was 2 points dropped and not 1 point earned. That was the story last year. We are by far better deffensevely and with Chamakh up front alongside the emergence of little Jack we hould be more optimistic.

  17. TH14's Right Foot

    I tried telling u all that everybody hates the arsenal, esp media, pundits and the REFS. Say what u like about me but this is wat i truely believe. btw absolutely gutted but last nites game. 2 points thrown away, fucking dowd the fat fuck

  18. reggie 57

    If rosisky had not blazed his first pen for us over the bar the game would have been wrapped up!! why didn’t Nasri step up to the plate!!

  19. Gunnernet

    Did u see Wenger’s reaction at Denilson chance at 92? He seemed frustrated like wtf are u doing?? Go to the corner and wait. Although he had a Kanu glance and went for glory..And of course we sold the ball too easily. This is a mistake Chelsea would never do. If we are going to challenge this year we shoulb be more discipline..

  20. MickyDidIt89

    I totally understand the criticism of Song, Clichy and the ref (love the “Fergie Time” comment, Finest), but as I have said its damn hard to expect an away win scoring only one. I simply don’t think its enough from AA and Nasri to be just busy and involved. Can’t help to think back to my comments during the summer about the likes of Bellamy.

  21. alex

    Yeah Wengers face was a picture, Denilson took the wrong option. Should have held onto the ball and ran the clock down. Goalkick got them straight back up the field.

  22. TOM TOM

    No excuse for Rosicky blasting that penalty over,surely any pro player can just pick his spot in the corner and not just blast it like a fucking retard

  23. woody

    Agree entirely regarding the extra time,watching the Stoke game previously there was 3 minutes of XT, -3 minutes dead was played,nothing was added on by the ref for Delape cleaning the ball every throw on throughout the game.
    Dowd is so inept he probably missed time out perhaps he needs a big bell in his ear???????
    Song had to go,he has got away with his petty fouling to long,actually shows his complete lack of pace,this goes for Arshavin as well absolutely pace less
    The worrying thing still is our complete dwarfness and although we controlled the game well for long periods,when the big games come up, it will again hurt.
    The midfield reminds me of SNOW WHITE and the dwarfs,you could put names to all our players Wiltshere could be GRUMPY as he rarely cracks a smile.-Arshavin-perhaps SLEEPY.Nasri could be Bashful.Eboue could be HAPPY because,well he’s always grinning[TWAT]—And obviously Song could be Snow White with that stupid hairstyle,talk about bring NOTICE to yourself.
    Finally on a more serious note KONCH was immense.

  24. Surferosa


    great write-up Pedro. I agree with 95% of everything you put up there. Even the ratings are almost bang on;

    Almunia 8
    Sagna 7.5
    Kos 8
    Squid 8
    Clichy 5
    Cesc 7.5
    Song 7
    Wilshere 6
    Nasri 6
    AA 4
    Chamakh 7
    Denilson 7.5
    Rosicky 5.5

    Only areas we disagree?

    After Geoff’s prematch comments, I was watching him closely the whole game. His movement was good, his contrubtions to attacking play good; positionally he only got caught once (in the first 2 couple of minutes against malbranque)- he was the best player in the first half (Cesc aside). He would of scored higher than 7 for me- but Id conceed that he was naive to pick up the 2 bookings in the way he did (however, if yellows were handed out for every tackle like that people made- no team would finish with more than 6/7 on the pitch every gane). First was a dive, second was obstruction that he couldnt do much about.

    AA was the worst player on the pitch for me. Dreadful. His contribution to buildup play was terrible, he was equally culpable (as clichy) in the failing to prevent the stream of attacks that came down our left flank, he missed a couple of chances that he should of put away. We only really started playing better in the 2nd half once he came off. The guy is a liability when we are not playing well- a show pony that we can not afford to carry. Id rather see Nasri start on the left in his place- at least the tracking back would help Clichy out.

    Denilson & Rosicky. I didnt think Rosicky looked good today- his touch was off from the start- and almost dissapeared entirely after the penalty miss. Denilson was excellent after he came on; both defensively and offensively (he was fairly central to the way we were knocking it around with 10 men- coupled with the improvemnts by JW & SN- who were scoring 4 for the 1st half from me).

    However, my first prediction was 1-1 before mt gooner optimism spread to 2-1. This isnt an easy place to win- in recent years we have been struggling to get a point (failing last year). Yesterday? We didnt look like conceeded- largely thanks to Kos, Squid & Al. And that, even when playing the worst 45 minutes of attacking football Ive seen from AFC for as long as I can remember. 35% possession 1st half? WTF?

    So- on a different day it would of been 3 points- not 0. That’s progress for me (although the feeling persists that this is one of those games champions win).

  25. Surferosa

    alex says:
    September 19, 2010 at 10:11

    Yeah Wengers face was a picture, Denilson took the wrong option. Should have held onto the ball and ran the clock down. Goalkick got them straight back up the field.
    Agreed- its not the 1st time he’s done it either.

  26. patthegooner

    It is not an excuse Pedro

    But Song did not even foul when he got the 1st yellow. Dowd blew (Again) and Song showed his frustration as everything was going in Sunderlands favour.

    And Songs fouls were just that, fouls. The only thing he did that warranted a yellow was the block.

    Brambles was the worst tackle in the whole 90mins and he gets nothing.

  27. Gooneroo

    Didn’t we have 2 players less than them??? I couldve sworn Arshavin was playing for Sunderland.

    And the clichy clearance, although amateur-ish, was blocked by Kozzer and resulted in Bent having an easy shot. If Kozzer was marking-up on Bent, Clichy’s clearance would’ve been enough. Although the game shouldve been decided by Rosicky’s penalty.

    Also, bottom line is we’ve improved since last season.

  28. SUGA3

    great post, that, I think AW got it wrong with fielding the same players he did against SB…

    should have started Rosicky against Nasri – playing tired Wilshere ahead of him did not do his confidence any good IMO…

  29. LadyGooner

    Morning all. Bitterly dissapointed about yesterday. But now that Ive had a chance to sleep on it, I realise that it wasn’t the worst result in the world. Look at our 5 fixtures so far this season:

    Liverpool (away) 1-1 (D)
    Blackpool (home) 6-0 (W)
    Blackburn (away) 2-1 (W)
    Bolton (home) 4-1 (W)
    Sunderland (home) 1-1 (D)

    11pts out of 15, 5pts out of 9 AWAY from home form 3 pretty tough fixtures, still UNBEATEN, and all this while missing 4-5 regular starters.
    It’s not that bad is it…

    Biggest positive about yesterday: The performance by the CBs. Koscielny and Squillaci were simply stunning. Was as good a performance by an Arsenal CB pairinf Ive seen in a long time. Good competition for places with TV5 and the 2 French boys.

  30. Tunde

    Dowd is a troll with no refereeing sense, wonder how he got the job in the first place. Despite the setback I must say I’ve been impressed by our center-halfs this season,given time I think they will get much better

  31. patthegooner

    Thats fine Pedro, but the Ref did not give him the card then.

    What I am saying is that Dowd’s performance was inept and inconsistent.

  32. SUGA3


    great to see these positives and they certainly don’t go amiss…

    but there is something fundamentally wrong if you have five (and counting) regular starters missing after just five games played – surely, you can’t blame it all on Spud shirt in the stadium’s foundations or Adebayor’s voodoo, can you?

    besides, our midfield was lazy, Sunderland were all over us like a rash and once again, we lacked maturity in front of the goal or even ability to retain possession to run down the clock…

    yes, our new CBs’ performance is really a ray of sunshine here!

    but we should not let that happen – once again, the usual suspects were at fault…

  33. cashmoe

    wow 50 mill but i am quite sure we all heard dat b4 we have the money when the right player becomes available we wud buy !!! we told dat till the end of the transfer !!!

  34. LadyGooner

    And how the fuck did bramble not get carded for mowing down JW??????? Dowd is worst cuntish referee, next to H(c)oward webb of course.

    Lets all hope and pray that Blackpool pull off the shock of the century against the chavs and Liverpool pull a trick against united

  35. Bennyboy

    Absolutely brilliant post today pedro thought it was fair and honest when u could be giving it the “I told u so!”. For what it’s worth My faith in le grove is restored. Also why were the sunderland fans so happy at the end? they out played us, we had 10men, they were at home and they got a point, fucking muppets! I’d be well pissed off!

  36. samir masri

    I could’nt be botherd reading the post. cos I did watched the full match.but I missed the goal that sunderland scored.cos what I did was that I changed the damn channnel.and ater I changed back to the game then I saw sunderland celebrating with darrent bent’s goal. and maybe if I did’nt change the channel then things might had been different.but rosicky’s penalty did cost abit.

  37. SUGA3


    so, you would agree that we got more than we deserved, is it?


    we can’t really blame Dowd (who is a twunt of the highest order) for TR missing the peno, can we?

  38. cashmoe

    off track 🙁 ! we gotta move forward and yes dis is a game that champions usually win !!!! be outplyed but jxt win ! we didnt do dat ???? or did we ?

  39. Henristic

    I’m not a Song fan (I feel he is too slow, and can’t tackle cleanly) but how can anyone say he cost us the game yesterday?

    Love your blog, but I think you’re way to quick to condemn Song, and it just shows your deep bias against the guy. You reluctantly admitted he was playing well during the first half but it just seemed you couldn’t wait to get on his back for mistakes he made, conveniently forgetting that our whole midfield was making stray passes for much of the game.

    So what if he committed a few fouls. Would some other DM like Cana (whom i think you rate?) have committed less fouls in such a game where we were being dominated?

    Just about everyone else knows Rosicky, Arshavin and Clichy cost us the game. I haven’t noticed where you’ve blamed them, yet you blame Song?

  40. Pharo9ja

    Best post match analysis and player ratings pedro. Like u said, against the same northern cunts last year we came back with zilch but this time we came back with 4. Im a huge Song fan but yesterdays performance bordered on sheer ineptitude. Wenger will find it pretty difficult to change that center back pairing I thought they were outstanding i hope the boys will examine their perfomance, learn from it and raise their game for west brom. And erm… fUCK PHILL DOWD

  41. alex

    Whos gonna partner Djorou against Spuds?? Kozzer and Squillaci have played last 3/4 games and will get a rest I think? And Verm is still injured

    Eboue Djourou ??? Gibbs
    Lansbury Denilson Rosicky
    JET Vela ???

  42. LadyGooner

    @SUGA- Of course there were plenty of negatives. I was cursing like a sailor at the team during the match yesterday. Clichy needs to be dropped and Gibbs given an opportunity. IMO he can’t do any worse. I actually think Gael now has a mental block that he needs to get over. Wenger has let him try and play himself back into form for a while now and it hasn’t worked. Sometimes the player needs a spell out of the side to re-evaluate themselves.

    Midfield was poor yesterday, I agree. We lacked Cesc’s ability to keep possession and just keep the ball moving around. Rosicky played well, but looked like he was trying to hard to always create something.

    Ive given up trying to understand our perennial injury crisis…

  43. Pedro

    Henristic, we probably wouldn’t have conceded if we’d had 11 men on the pitch and I reckon we’d have increased out lead.

    He’s not solely to blame, but he has to take a proportions.

  44. SUGA3


    problem is that Song is a vital cog in the midfield where you have Cesc and LJW who are not the biggest or strongest and by getting himself sent off, he ruined the very little MF balance we had…

    good job Denilson should be enough to contain WBA at home, but what if we played a big team next?

    maybe TV could deputise in DM if Song is out, but I cannot see this happening if he is fit, do you?

    JD is another one who could probably get in there, as he is pants playing CB and a bit less pressure in DM could do his game a world of good, IMO…

  45. Mackemchris

    The referee was poor, but not with match changing decisions. Song had to go. Like cattermole last week, a weak first yellow card( though songs was for persistant fouling) and a deserved second. The injury time is a MINIMUM of 4 minutes, and we had a corner where the ball was out of play for 30 seconds plus.
    I was a bit dissapointed with Arsenals persistent fouling, stopping the momentum of play, in a game when Sunderland were on top for vast periods, along with Chamakhs cheating, but I suppose we have to get used to that when we play at home!

  46. SUGA3

    ‘maybe TV could deputise in DM if Song is out, but I cannot see this happening if he is fit’

    what I meant is if TV is fit, he will always play CB 😉

  47. Paul King

    I love Clichy but he has become a defensive liability.
    Ever since his shocker against Birmingham (the Eduardo injury game) he’s developed into a consistent “choker” in injury time particularly away from home.
    My guess is that he probably thinks he’s better than he really is, and subsequently fucks up the defensive basics that he should be prioritising… Gibbs in and let Clichy play understudy while he works on his game.

  48. LadyGooner

    @SUGA- I don’t blame dowd for the penalty miss. I just wish there wasn’t always questionable refereeing decisions that influenced our matches. Of course if TR7 had scored we would have won, but that should not take away the spotlight on an appalling performance by that fat inconsistent attention seeking cunt!

  49. Bennyboy

    I think if we’d come away with three points than we would of had something that I haven’t seen us get in years- a lucky win! So actually I’m not to down about the draw, as the result is not bad considering the performance it’s just the manner of the equaliser that makes it taste bitter.

  50. Doublegooner


    Maybe if more of the posters here spent more time in the garden with fresh air theyd also see what we both do,,,Song is no more an average player. In fact he offers no more than Grimandi & he was just a our utility player in the good old days.

    Wengers inability to tighten the CM with a quality player will ensure another Deja Vu season.

  51. Geoff

    Henristic, I am an Arsenal fan, I don’t want to say a player is shit.

    He cost us this game, last week he could have cost us the game, he needlessly fouled a Bolton player on the edge of the box, got clean away with it and straight from that Cahill got sent off.

    He costs us goals time and again from giving away needless free kicks.

    He cost us last year against Sunderland when the ball went over his head and Bent headed in, he cost us against City, fuck me the list is endless.

    I keep saying it, some of you keep defending him. It’s beyond me what you are looking at.

    If he has a good 10 minutes he’s man of the match. No wonder Cesc wanted out having to play with him every week.

  52. choy

    But the CB’s were immense, I haven’t seen the recent Arsenal CB’s deal with things that way Kozzer and Squi did.

    Fantastic defending!

  53. choy

    I thought we played better after Song went off!

    Song’s job is to commit petty fouls, he should just walk away after committing a foul though, the first yellow he received was for talking back to the ref!

  54. SUGA3


    but we have been through this not once or twice – refs are a part of the old boys network, we are not their favourites and the only way you can be on top of this is to form a team which will plough through all this by hook or by crook…

    what we have is a brilliant starting XI (theoretically, given the chronic inability to stay fit), at last some depth in certain positions we were not a season ago, but we are still missing things here and there…

    Sunderland worked hard, we were tired, and thought we could win this one without getting out of the second gear – wrong, Bruce assembled quite a team over there!

  55. Cloggs

    Let’s be honest, the first goal was a freak one, then we got a deserved penalty because Chamakh used his brains and he can read the match (something Song can learn from him) To take it like that, for a technical player like Rosicky, only draws the conclusion that his nerves played up so he wasn’t up to it.

    We expected Sunderland to play the northern shitkick and rush style, which they did pretty well and yes, if Song’s was red then the Bramble foul on Wilshere should have bin an instant red. Ref’s got the blame there.

    Overall conclusion: We still don’t have an adequate answer to the physical kick ‘n rush style of play, long balls in or near the box create instant havoc for us and it’s only a matter of TIME the ball eventually bounces into the net.

    There’s 2 ways, or even better a combination of these, to handle this when you’re in the lead, one is the Wenger philosophy that we are superior in the attacking game thus producing enough goals to create a save margin against the inevitable conceding(Rosicky Fail in this case), the other is to use tactics to disturb and frustrate your opponents play (which Wenger imho categorically rejects, by just sticking to the first option all the way)

    I have seen more then once Almunia snatching the ball to bring it back in 3 seconds later?? Why not consume more TIME everytime we have possesion? Almunia could have eaten that 17 precious seconds before extra time. On of Johan Cruijffs favorite one liners is: If you have ball possesion, your opponent can’t score.

  56. Gooby

    i am still frustrated but tht stat pedro gave cheered me up!

    4 point from backburn and sunderland away, while 0 last season.

    i hope those two put the same performance against the rest of the top teams.

    those things can happen, now we should not lose vs chavski.

  57. Doublegooner

    Our lazy Russian had another day off yesterday. No wonder he loves London so much.

    Rosicky ineefective. The team was wrong yesterday.

  58. Surferosa

    10 things I learnt from yesterday:

    1. Playing away after a CL is too much for some: the worst culprits being AA, Nasri & Wilshere. The ‘unchanged team’ thing didnt work. It’ll only be worse after an Away CL tie.

    2. Clichy rmeinas terribly out of form. The ‘play yourself back into form’ gambit isnt working (for about 2 years now). Its time to try the ‘go into the reserves and work on your game’ policy. Gibbs needs a run. Im hoping he has a blinding game against the spuds, can continue against WBA home (should be an easy 3 points), then into the harder away v Belgrade. After those, we can review where he is and see if his form is good enough for Chelski (otherwise Im liking the TV option).

    3. AW has had his best summer spending spree for quite a while. Kos, Squid & Chamakh in- Gallas, Silvestre & Eduardo out. Brilliant business.

    4. Al continues to rebuild his confidence. He’ll never be ‘world-class’; but in the form he is in so far this season, neither is he something we need to worry about (though I still do). Flappy IS something to worry about- Im preying Shez gets the nod (wont happen tho)

    5. For difficult away games, AA needs to come on from the bench. If we are not possession dominant- with AA in the side we are down to 10 men.

    6. Phil Dowd is a cunt.

    7. Defnsively, we can now compete even when we dont play well. This is hugely important- but will somewhat be undone by the Clichy issue (while it remains).

    8. Wilshere is still learning. Games like yesterday should show Jack how NOT to try and play when he is not on game. He is 18 and learning- how good he will be will (in part) be decided by how quickly he learns from yesterday. After being exceptional all season- he was due a stinker and got it yesterday. I now see him being rested for the spuds- which he should take as a huge confidence boost.

    9. Denilson remains professionally naive. I dont know what it takes to get him to be more aware of what to do in certain situations (goal up, injury time- RETAIN POSSESSION YOU MUG!)

    10. Rosicky shouldnt take a penalty for a while. It wasnt the miss (they happen) it was the manner of the miss- a huge blast. Not something youd expect from one of the senior and more technically capable players.

  59. Pedro

    DG, a player like Arshavin needs service, there was none yesterday…

    The team didn’t really gel all day… just one of those days.

  60. LadyGooner

    My team for the CC v spuds:

    Fabianski(I want Vito or Ches to play)
    Nordtveit JD Squillaci Gibbs
    Denilson Eastmond
    Eboue JET Vela

    SUBS: Mannone/Chesney
    Chamakh (he said he wants to play in a derby)

  61. SUGA3


    if the CB partnership between LK and SS is developing nicely, I would not be against that, however, I really can’t see that happening and I would not want to do a Gallas on Squillaci and run him into the ground 😉

  62. freduardo

    on a positive note, i am chuffed with how our new signings are settling in. Kozzer, Squillaci and Chamakh are an improvement on last season it would seem.
    the ref yesterday had a shocker.

  63. afrogoon

    nerve wracking game..shld have wrapped it up when we got the pen..arshavin was wasteful and pretty anonymous both offensively and defensively…maybe AW should have given vela a game or played eboue on the right and nas on the left…hindsight i guess…he should have also ate up some of th ET by introducing a sub before they took their corner..a bit of naivety on his part methinks..anyway our defence has never looked as strong as this under the constant bombardment as this in ages…kos and squill are monsters…where are the doubters now..i think there are more positives to take from this game….lest i 4get..dowd is a cunt..persistent fouling by song?i thought them prem reffs loved the physical game, non?sunderland shld have had at least 3 players on yellows in the first half.anyways..water under the bridge..ovastand..COYG

  64. Doublegooner

    The season is barely 5 weeks old & look at the A&E list;

    Wenger went some way in replacing the CB’s – but it was bloody obvious we have needed an experienced tall, strong DCM.

    Our midfield with Song or Diaby is way below par in it’s defensive duties.

  65. SUGA3


    I want Szczesny to play Spuds, Fabianski will be an absolute nervous wreck there after this 5:1 disaster…

    the quicker he is out of here, the better…

  66. LadyGooner

    Song is not the sole reason we drew the match!! Some people just want to lay the boot in because you don’t like him! We get it ok! But to lay the blame squarely on him is not fair and plain stupid

  67. Keyser

    Paulinho – I’m taking your word for it, because I don’t really want to watch it again.

    Another one for you or anyone else, how bad was Wenger’s push on the 4th official ?!

  68. Geoff

    Suga, we wouldn’t have to, we have 5 centre backs so could mix it up, if Song can play DM and is a centre back, why can’t TV or Djourou, who is a DM?

  69. terry

    After the high`s of wedensday`s night game,the team were a bit flat ,maybe LJW should have been rested and brought on later in the game, but it`s hard to change a winning team

  70. realex99

    Really spot on with Song’s rating, He’s very over rated, and what even pisses me off is he thinks he’s more creative than Cesc; scampering forward at every opportunity when he’s supposed to be shielding the Back Four. Denilson to replace him, IMO

  71. Doublegooner

    Lady / Geoff:

    Lets also blame Wenger as he refused to strengthen what was bleeding obvious, Song &/or Diaby are not good enough. We need a new player in that position.

    I also think TV could play in front of the defence. He’s an intelligent player, Song is not.

  72. Surferosa

    But Geoff- we were hardly pulling up daiseys. You yourself said:

    Geoff says:
    September 18, 2010 at 17:52

    Surferosa Song’s not having a bad game today!
    Song wasnt our problem in the 1st half- it was our woeful ability to string any passes together. He was booked for;

    1) a dive (by the opposition player)
    2) an obstruction

    Those 2 bookings are very soft- especially when put against some of the tackles that went unpunished yesterday. So, he didnt “get himself sent-off”; he was sent off an an inconsitent and poor referree.

    The goal came from a clichy panic attack. TR missed a penalty. Denilson could have wasted at least a minute in the corner flag. Yet Song is to blame for 2 points lost? Gimme a break- this is sounding less like a reasoned analysis of his game, and more like a vendetta.

  73. Bennyboy

    completely agree with all of those points. Arshavin is a true game changer on his day but he doesn’t ever track back usefully and against teams like sunderland who cross a lot I’d be much happier with nasri and rosicky on the wings as they’ll do their bit on the defensive end.

  74. Keyser

    Pedro – Have to give it to you today, I read your post for the first time in what seems like ages and I didn’t think you’d blame the ref.

    I always do because I think most of them are shit and self promoting twats, and yes I’m biased, but all week I couldn’t help but think we were going to pay for the 3 reds we’ve had this year.

    Even against Liverpool the ref had to even it up by sending Koscielny off and I think he was the 4th official yesterday.

    I think bar the defence and including Clichy, despite what people feel, the rest of the team should’ve got a far lower lower rating.

    It was like a training game yesterday where we were practising how to face the route 1 football northern teams supposedly play against us.

    The defence had no respite until mid-way through the second half and after Song got sent off ironically and the midfield kicked into gear.

    Missing chances and penalties is just as bad as a defensive error in my view, and the other players should take their fair share of the blame.

  75. Doublegooner

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I thought Denilson did very well when he came on.

    Maybe he should have started with Song in place of Rosicky or AA.

  76. Keyser

    I can’t remember it, when was it ? watching that Sunday Supplement thing and they were making a pretty big deal of it.

    The only time I can remember is when he tried to get Atkinsons’s attention and gave him a sarcastic clap ?!

  77. Cloggs

    Concur, You can blame and rate a player for his individual actions but there’s only one man responsible for the final result; Tha Manager.
    BTW when I was at the ClockEnd (Don’t we love it, the Arsenalisation) the saturday before , I witnessed only once “There’s only one AW” from the stand when we were 3-1 up against. :rolleyes: Things are slowly turning for the better.

  78. Keyser

    Doublegooner – Yeah he did well, should have run it into the corner late on when he took the shot instead though, I think he’s just getting back to fitness though.

  79. namibian gooner

    i still think we had more than enough chances to put the game to bed. MC29 missed a one on one. The penalty and AA23 missed a few. But i’m really happy with battling quality we showed.

  80. Mackemchris


    you expected Sunderland to play northern kickshit, which we did well??
    I was at the game, so don’t have the benefit of replays and commentry, but what I saw was a Sunderland team trying to pass the ball and play free flowing football, and an arsenal team persistently fouling to stop our increasing momentum. If there was any kickshit football it was unfortunately from the purists, Arsenal. The second half changed, with the sending off, where you had better chances after hitting us on the break.
    And Chamakh doesn’t dive? Tell that to Ferdinand who had to berate him a couple of times for pathetic attempts to con the referred in the box.
    We lost 3 home games last season, and I think you will see this as a good point at the end of the season, a ground where you haven’t won in 3 years now, and hopefully a minority of your bloggers will change their perception of our team, and not see Sunderland away as a must win. Titles aren’t won or lost at the SoL.
    I look forward to my visit to the magnificant emirates later in the season, and hope we can continue to play good football, like we did last season. Then hopefully you will see us as more than a ” kickshit” football team.

  81. Queen of suburbia

    I can’t lie keyser, the push was out of order but what really upset me was the bike chain wrapped round his fist.

  82. JamrockRover

    I thought Clichy was poor today but he was unlucky with the goal as he was fouled by Gyan just as he attempted to clear the ball. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t spotted by an inept refere.

  83. Keyser

    Can you lot be serious for once, I really don’t want to have to watch it back again, heh.

    Hopefully today’s games should be something to cheer us up, one of Liverpool and United have to drop points, maybe both.

    Blackpool are on form and I think they’ll win 2 maybe 3-0.

  84. wenger mother

    ohh come on, idiot ref is not somethings new , to be honest the team had do their best, stop bugging and move on with it. Personally i dun think arsenal will win the tittle , less hope less disappointment .

  85. A

    Pedro I agree- watching the Fulham highlights scared me a bit, although Blackburn’s fouling was ridiculous.

    I’ll put it down to his not being at all focussed or happy there though, if he’d come to us he would’ve been as commanding as he was last season and the one before!