Q&A reveals our new Defensive midfielder and Vela’s goal didn’t make the top eight.

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I didn’t go to the Q&A last night because I saw it as pointless, how can you have a Q&A if all the Q’s have to be approved and thought of beforehand, Jeez, even politicians throw open the floor.

What was interesting though was the bit where Arsene talked about developing young players, and how difficult it was, this is what he said.

‘I believe that I always wanted to develop the players I have. For example we have Diaby, we have Song, we have Denilson in this position, we have bought Aaron Ramsey – 18 years old – in this position, and nowJack Wilshere develops in this position’

So what he appears to be saying is all the above are defensive midfielders, well I thought Wilshere and Ramsey were going to be the long term Cesc replacements? If he sees them as DM’s then why do we need to keep Song, Denilson and Diaby? We need at least 2 world class players in each position, but 5? And before anyone starts to tell me I know not what I say (biblical I know) remember, I didn’t say it, he did and the above quote was straight off Arsenal.com.

Someone also needed to point out that of those players only Wilshere was what he had, the other 4 were bought, he seems to be suggesting only Ramsey was, minor point I know, but I thought I would mention it nonetheless.

Talking of biblical, I was watching the news yesterday at the gym and saw the Pope and his entourage speeding through Scotland with all the roads shut down, I was appalled that with all the cuts to services etc we are using tax payers money to fund a state visit of someone that was a member of the Hitler Youth, oh I forgot, he was forced.

This blog is non political and non religious, but why are we having to fund this visit at a time when we are cutting the sh*t out of services, it’s beyond me, we have 6 million Catholics in the UK, send them the bill, or better still, send the bill to the Pope.

I should keep quiet though, the Archbishop of Canterbury may well be doing a state visit to Italy next and no doubt their taxpayers will happily fund that little trip.

Onto Carlos Vela, I watched Sky Sports News this morning and they showed the best 8 goals of the week, Chamakh’s goal against Braga made it, but the 24 pass goal Carlos got against Bolton didn’t, how can that be? It’s the best goal I’ve seen in years, at least the best one since Robin’s against Charlton or Henry’s against the spuds or Dennis’s against Leicester, and he didn’t even make it.

At least he scored with one of the 14 hookers he hired this week, and before anyone says that one of them was a bloke, don’t, because he looked like a bird and in my book, that’s fair play, it’s not his fault.

A final word to Owen Coyle, now he has attacked Wenger as well as fat bung taking Sam, I hope we never send a player out on loan to him again, the nasty little odious ungrateful maggot sack.

Talking of fat Sam, can you imagine England if he got the job? Someone needs to send him to finishing school where he can be taught eating manners the dirt bag, he makes me physically sick when I watch him chewing with his big fat mouth open, he reminds me of John Prescott.

Have a great day grovers one more day until we get to see the Arsenal do Sunderland away, it’s time and we owe them.

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  1. Rohan

    I’m off to grab some Latino ass tonight so I’m off. Ciao, keep the faith, and don’t forget, if in doubt, we do have Nicklas Bendtner.

  2. AA23

    Why the fuck are that jock twat Moyes and the twitching thief getting involved?
    I’m loving the hate and fear that’s being shown towards Arsene and Arsenal.
    The league is fucking shitting itself.

  3. AA23

    Have to say I’m DISGUSTED by some of the “jokes” on here today. What the fuck is happening?
    Jewish jokes from 1952 wheeled out as good honest fun?
    We take the piss out of everyone though right!
    I’m no angel but even I can see that today’s “humor” just is not on.
    Something has to be done about this. Le grove is becoming the BNP of Arsenal blogs.
    I come here every day but enough is enough.

    P.s what do you call a black man in court? My spic maid just asked me and I’m fucked if I can remember
    Is the punchline “guilty!”?
    ” your honour, you racist cunt!”
    I forget which is ” cool” this week.

    Seriously though le grove, calm down on the racist shit, some of my best friends are black…

    …burn rovers fans and they just don’t get the subtlety of the humor.
    Give it a rest.

  4. DB10


    Allardyce: I’m more suited to Real or Inter
    He said: “I would be more suited to Inter Milan or Real Madrid. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time.

    “Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem.

    “It’s not a problem to take me into the higher reaches of the Champions League or Premier League and would make my job a lot easier in winning it.”

    Seriously U can’t make this shit up!!!

  5. MickyDidIt89

    In fairness to Fat Sam, you have to admit that the Spanish, as well as the Italians, both like the more sophisticated, well groomed, cultured type. So naturally I can see an overweight, gum chewing northern yob going down very well indeed.

  6. Mayank

    Will miss the first half today so I hope to be 1 up at least when I come back home

    Sagna – Sqil – Kos – Gael
    Cesc – Song – JW
    Nasri – Chamakh – Arshhh

    this team is capable of winning at the Stadium of Light.

    Actually put Verm in there for one of the defenders, and I feel this team would not do itself justice if it lost at Stamford.

  7. LeProf

    Harry Redknap trying to justify mindless thuggery and branded Wenger as hypocrite by pointing the likes of Adams, Keown, Winterburn, Viera as rough tacklers too. PFFFTT!

    Well they were hard men but surely no leg breakers.

    Pray hard that Karl Henry gonna break Modric leg in THREE so bite your own bitter pill Spuds!