The best competition is the one we are in, that could help us to win all of them, so which one am I talking about???

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The biggest problem Arsenal have faced over the years in all the competitions is we are never really competitive, we crash out of the Carling cup because we are too young, we crash out of the FA cup because we experiment with players out of position and we limp out of the other two because our squads lack depth, so what am I talking about and what has changed this year?

Internal competition, we never have enough players playing at the right level to compete with those that are regulars, we never have enough players playing in their natural positions, and when we get the inevitable injuries, we can’t cope and play as a team, so what’s changed this year?

Our kids aren’t kids anymore, they all know each others games, they are all beginning to peak, and there are at least 2 players vying for each position, now keepers aside, and we all now need to get behind them, we are looking solid and tough.

Take the Bolton game, we have 5 first teamers out and injured, at the back, we had Clichy and Sagna out, Gibbs aand Eboue stepped in and gave a seamless performance, Vermaelen was injured, in stepped a proper centre back in Squallaci, Nasri was missing so in stepped Wilshere, what an exciting player he is, and fearless, Theo who has at last hit form made way for Rosicky, and Robin went missing and in stepped Chamakh. We even had spares like Denilson and Vela, now that is the competition I’ve been waiting for us to have and that sort of competition will yield the much awaited trophies.

Wenger can change the team around on Wednesday, Saturday and if next Tuesday he puts a half decent team in against the injury hit spuds, we can progress in that comp as well.

He has to use the nucleus of the first team squad there, I’m going to have a punt on our next three teams, let me know what you all think.



Sagna Kozzer Vermaelen Clichy

Song Cesc Nasri

Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin



Eboue Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs

Wilshere Cesc Denilson

Nasri Chamakh Arshavin



Nordtveit Squillaci Djourou Gibbs

Wilshere Eastmond Lansbury

Vela JET Afobe

Now know doubt I’ve left out a few and no doubt you’ll all tell me, but let’s at least offer the boss some options, for the first time since the invincibles, we are getting options, it’s beginning to get exciting. Out of all those games the one I want to win most is the one against the spuds, but he won’t put a first team out, however if he at least keeps it tight at the back we have a chance.

I would sooner he played Mannone or Chezzer, but we all know he won’t, so if Fabianski does play, I will cheer him aloud.

Have a great day Grovers, Pedro is on tomorrow so you get a day off from me!

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  1. ardentgooner

    we need to sign that guy from valencia….cracker of a goal..and then a cracking free kick which lead to the second goal… 🙂

  2. ardentgooner

    Is wenger using some kind of reverse psychology thingy…he seems to be purposely stating that our players are out for a longer time and then come bk early….

    nasri was supp to be out for a month- bk in 2 wks
    theo- normal scans not more thn 2 weeks but he says 6 weeks
    diaby – also he says vague..m sure he’ll b bak in 2
    rvp- well reverse pscyh doesnt apply to him..

  3. Surferosa

    Morning Grovers.

    Good to see AW had opened up the tackling debate (does he read Le Grove? Maybe tomorrow we’ll about football financing? Maybe gambon is AW?)

  4. pantsR2long

    @ Surferosa- Interesting piece in that article about Arsenal placing ads in newspapers about the match, hmm… maybe attendance isn’t as high as we are led to believe.

  5. pantsR2long

    @ Lurch- I don’t think I can compete because I’m using my phone and it’s web browser is really slow, another day maybe 😉