Who to, who to, who would pick a gooner! Today that is.

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That is one of our songs by the way! A number of numbnuts suggested we all support the mancs or Madrid after Pedro’s post yesterday, so today I have decided to support the spuds, they are after all fielding an ex Arsenal man Gallas as their captain and Arsenal stink…

…No I can’t even joke about it, sorry!

Pedro tried to make the point yesterday that spending a lot of money shouldn’t lead to financial ruin if you are well managed, that point was lost on a few twats that think Arsenal football club only began somewhere between 1996 and when we moved into the new stadium, well to those few, the block of flats around the corner used to be a football stadium, and for 90 odd years, we played in it.

Onto today, I have gone over and over again what team to put out today, it’s a tough one, no Walcott, Van Persie or Vermaelen, plenty of opportunity though, we aren’t weak, far from it, with 63 under 21’s to choose from, we should have no problems. Right boss!

I think we could beat Bolton with our reserves 3 nil, so picking a team today is easy, my problem is, who would I let loose on them.

I think we have to let Vela and Arshavin play either side of Chamakh, Vela deserves a run and I think he’ll turn out to be a star, he has never been given the chances that say Song and Denilson have been, so I think a prolonged run will give him the confidence he needs to be a fixture, much the same as Walcott got, and is.

So my forward line would be Vela, Chamakh and Arshavin. The defence almost picks itself with Vermaelen injured, but I would pick Gibbs in front of Clichy, as I think Clichy needs some competition. So my line up at the back would be Almunia, Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Gibbs.

So now onto the midfield and the toughest one, obviously the captain has to be picked and Jack Wilshere for me given his time at Bolton, so who would be the third? Denilson and Song are fit again, Eboue is more than capable on the right, but Diaby is big and Wenger needs a big boy in there against Bolton, so I would pick Diaby over Song, for presence.

Both Song and Wilshere can play the defensive role and both can attack in spades, so my midfield for this game would be Diaby, Cesc, Wilshere.

To sum up, my team for the game against Bolton would be the following…


Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Gibbs

Diaby, Cesc, Wilshere

Vela, Chamakh, Arshavin

With that team, I can see another Blackpoolesque type cricket score, in the old days, when we played our football in the block of flats, Bolton was always a nailed on battering, we never thought about getting bullied because we always had big sods in there that would push back, well I think we have a few in the team now, I also believe this team could be on the brink, provided he plays the best team for the job and not just his favourites.

Also they are playing their reserve keeper today so unless he has a blinder, they are already at a disadvantage.

Arsene, Jacky boy and Vela are ready, and Vela has been patient, he spent 3 years in Spain for you, let him loose!

Have a great day Grovers, wish Everton well, but wish Arsenal weller!

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