Another England game, another Arsenal injury. Happy days.

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Theo Walcott gets injured again whilst playing for injury feeder club England, great! What is it about our players that they keep picking up injuries? Theo is supposed to be out for 2 weeks, but that will no doubt end up as four, just when he was starting to look the business.

The reserves beat Blackburn 4-3 and Squillaci made his debut alongside Djourou, the first goal was a Djourou mistake but the fact that we won 4-3 is a little worrying as we still seem to leak goals, but a win is a win and it’s that what we should celebrate, Denilson also made his comeback.

Theo not playing the next few games is not so bad as it gives others the chance to put a marker down and it’s still early doors, so hopefully the others can step up to the plate, the under 21’s won handsomely and Jack played a massive part, so we’ll give him man of the match, well done Jack. This is what Pearce had to say – ‘Jack gave us a lift when he came on and credit to him. He had a real impact in this game’

Yesterday another Arsenal blog ‘the armchair gooner’ wrote a piece on us, this time it was in defence, this time I broke my golden rule and read it. I have to say it was well written and offered a balanced view, I will be adding them to our blog roll and you can read it here, so thanks for offering the other side, I also read the comments, I will say again, we only moderate people that start trouble, and a number of your commenters were people I have thrown off for abuse, disaffected grovers, but well done to our regulars that told the truth, we value you.

So finally we can look forward to seeing our heroes perform this weekend, we get to see Bolton and whilst they are no pushovers, we should get three points from this one, I wonder who will replace Theo, he has a choice, Wilshere, Eboue, Rosicky, Vela, Nasri, Denilson or maybe even JET.

I would like to see Squillaci start with Koscielny of Vermaelen to see if we have a promising centre back partnership beginning to take shape, Fabianski was in goal yesterday so let’s hope we don’t see him this weekend, anyone who concedes 4 at home has to be suspect.

With Robin, Theo and Bendtner all missing we are already in danger of having few options up front, maybe we will see vela getting a chance to impress, I hope so, I like Carlos and think if he’s given the chance he may turn into a big and important player, so who would I have against bolton? Try this and let me know what you think.


Sagna Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs

Song Cesc Wilshere

Arshavin Chamakh Vela

I would have put Rosicky in but I think I would like to see how this lot do first. I would also like to see Nasri but as he’s been out for a while I think he’ll feature as a sub, though something tells me he’ll have a midfield that includes his favourite Denilson, or Diaby because of his size.

As I said in earlier posts I have a feeling this could be Denilson’s season, but if it’s not, then he has to move on, 4 years of trying is enough, but he may just do a Flamini so I’m prepared to wait.

I put Clichy on the bench because I think he has made a few errors this season, and with Gibbs playing well and in the England set up, I think he deserves a shot, he may fit in better with the new look centre pairing as well.

On a lighter note that Wellington Silva looks a prospect doesn’t he? Maybe we now have the worlds best prospect, like Barca had Messi, he is going straight into the first team in January, so we’ll not have long to wait.

The Bolton game is followed by the spuds one, don’t expect to see a weakened team there, so Arsene, don’t field one yourself as there will only be one outcome, this may be our only chance of silverware this season, so please don’t throw it away, escpecially to them.

Something to ponder Grovers, have a great day.

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  1. Marko

    Is this Wellington fella gonna be so good that he’ll be apart of the first team in Jan? I’ve never seen him play what’s he like? I’d like to see Squillaci play sat or wed cause he’s gonna be a key player this season so we should be bedding him in quite quick. Also Diaby has to start sat and I’d like to see Rosicky start in place of Walcott cause he’s got great delivery and has looked good so far this season.

  2. Honest Bill


    yeah but imagine we’d signed him and he’d made those howlers for us?

    I can just see it now..

    “why the fuck did Wenger sign a second rate keeper who can’t even make the Spain team, we should have signed Buffon”

  3. Marko

    I’d like Rocky to play on the right, him and Arshavin would get in some dangerous balls for Chamakh for sure. Also it’s great now they’re doing the internationals on fridays and tuesdays as their can’t be an excuse for Vela or Fabregas getting back from international duty.

    A who’s he similar to? Wellington. Is it likely that he’ll save us a few bob on not signing Hazard?

  4. A

    Yeah choy, after he turns 18 next two games are league cup and fa cup, could feature in both.

    Marko to me he looks like a young Robinho, skills, very nippy, and such good close control, although very slight. Looks so nippy though that he can get away with that, and will get fouled ALOT

  5. zeus



    On Wellington, I know he has potential but he doesn’t give me the same feelings as i had when I first saw Messi or Pato.

    Silky skills like Robinho but a bit quicker I’d say.

  6. ardentgooner

    Seeing photos of the reserve game… Our reserve team is quite tall…. Everyone in the pics seem 6ft 2/3 except denilson ofcourse

  7. A

    zeus to me he reminded me of seeing a young diego and robinho, looks like he’s on fast forward compared to every other player on the pitch, not just his speed across the turf, but everything he does, every turn, control, touch seems to just happen at double time

  8. zeus


    You seen him play in games then? I’ve only seen him in youtube clips and like I said he looks good, but not Messi or Pato good.

    The comps look a bit choppy too, I need to see a proper comp of him.

  9. A

    only in the two pre season reserve friendlies zeus, and obviously the standard of opposition is questionable, but i felt like there was something special there.

    youtube?! you can’t judge anyone from youtube!

    owusu-abeyie > messi and certainly pato on youtube!

  10. A

    miyachi was quick and skillfull, although final ball was pretty poor at times, looked incredibly nervous.

    wellington silva just came deep to pick up the ball then skinned half their team and keeper made few quality saves to stop him scoring wonder goals

  11. Honest Bill

    Oh well, i suppose we can’t fault the lad for being nervous. If it’s only the final ball which was missing then at least it’s something which can be developed

  12. Marko

    Whether he turns out to be another Messi or Pato or Robinho or Diego it doesn’t matter too much they’re all top players. In fact I’d say if he was another Robinho or Diego the fact that we got him young and he’ll be playing in a foreign country and working harder that he’ll end up better than those 2. Robinho’s problem is application. He doesn’t work hard enough.

  13. A.F.C Lambo

    Fuck all the SCUM.
    Just been reading through blogs . Fuck me ! JAG makes me laugh when i read .All you AKB FUCKING SENILE RETARDS GET A FUCKING LIFE. He (jag) is sometimes strong but what he says wont fucking kill you or ur family ,will it? The bollocks of a blog but some sad wankers on here sometimes. (wenger can do no wrong lovers)
    I love ARSENAL..I love Le grove .

  14. ardentgooner

    I want JET to play if walcott is injured..atleast in a home game..the guy is quick tall and can score too (on the pitch important quality for England players) ….

  15. Dan,The Gooner.

    just watched the highlights from the resi’s game last night,djourou really is shit,and as for squillaci he’s already in the arsenal mode of things,getting beaten in the air by jason roberts already,not a good sign whatsoever.

  16. alex

    both had poor games but its only squillaci’s first match and djourous been out for a year, hopefully they will prove to be good backup

    judge squillaci after few games, both will probably start against spuds

  17. Keyser

    Nah he’s pretty much played fuckall games, will take him a while to get back to full match fitness.

    Him and Song made a good partnership in the Carling Cup last year or the year before, hopefully he’ll get games.

  18. Keyser

    Dan,The Gooner – Did you see anything that might be remotely positive in the highlights ?!

    Aneke was supposed to have scored a good goal ?!

  19. Dan,The Gooner.

    THE BALL GOT Layed into him,(BACK TO GOAL)he then proceeded to chip it over the players head and slotted it into the corner,as i said BANGHAA!!!!

  20. ritesh

    In all those years with us, I think GlassPersie completed only 1 full season available /playing.

    Walcott is almost the same.

    We nearly have a stricker crisis

  21. zeus


    RVP was in the 2008/2009 season where he scored 20 goals. And he did miss a few wekks of the season, just not in one huge lump.

    How ironic is it that the one season where he was more or less available throughout is the one season where we were never really in the race especially as Fabregas missed 3 months after the collision with Xabi Alonso.

  22. ritesh

    Its a curse… we need to sign more solid African players 😉

    But what about those Chinese players. I went to see a match between the Chinese second team against France before the World cup and the Chinese run them ragged from start to finish. They never give up a challenge and run for 90 mins non stop…incredible stuff!

  23. chozzer

    Just watched the reserves highlights on ATVO.
    Chuks Aneke is a feckin beast. Hope he can make the step up.
    The Squid didn’t really feature in the 10 minute highlights to be able to say anything about him at all.

  24. TOM TOM

    Kolo Toure reckons he should still be City captain and Tevez only got it to keep him happy,what bullshit. City will win nothing as long as they have Toure and Lescott at centre back

  25. TOM TOM

    I seen someone get there finger chopped off at 7 a side football tonight,got caught in the fence that surrounds the pitch. Very funny but he deserved it…

  26. TOM TOM

    Yeah just under the knuckle. looked painfull as fuck but he just picked it up and walked to his car and drove off,thats why it was funny

  27. dennisdamenace

    Jesus H Christ, someone actually asked for Denilshite to be banned, awwwwww wassamatta did the bad, nasty work upset your poor, fragile state of mind!!

    Fucking hell, get a grip, it’s fucking banter, besides which the cunt is shit, so truth hurts i suppose…….

    Anyhoo, ban the word i say we don’t want some suspect feelings hurt, i’ll go with Denilson Is Shit everytime i mention the fuckwits name…..

  28. dennisdamenace

    Anyhoo, good morning, just working my way through the comment from yesterday afternoon as i got dragged off to a fecking meeting, so i got a few responses to peoples questions, i know they’re not around, but hey what the fuck……

  29. dennisdamenace

    Arsenal Tom says:
    September 8, 2010 at 14:52
    DDM… come surely you know by now that wenger doesn’t care about the fans.
    if anything we’re a irritant to him.

    You i truly believe this to be fact, i believe Arsene believes that the only thing that can touch him now is fan power, and as such he treats the fanbase with utter contempt at times.

    I lost a hell of a lot of respect for him when he (quite rightly) took some flack in that Q&A. He threw his toys out of the pram, started bigging up Real Madrid. Talk is cheap Arsene, why didn’t you fucking leave then, fucking child.

    The bottome line, he’s quite happy to take the richly deserved praise he was given for his first half of his tenure, but doesn’t like the critism that comes with lack of success from the second half of his tenure. And, no amount of fucking spin will convince true fans that 3rd is a fucking trophy.

  30. dennisdamenace

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    September 8, 2010 at 15:01
    Don’t you enjoy watching our kids give some bunch of premier league players a hammering Dennis?
    I love that!

    Of course i do, buy temper that with the hammering they took away to the Spuds (for instance) last time.

    Bigger, older, more experienced players can shrug that experience off, but the young players AND fans can’t.

    I for one do not want to see a weakened team play at Spurs, i want us to batter those cunts, put out a full strength ffs, we’ve had three league games, it’s September the players don’t need protecting, make a statement, if not to take the trophy seriously, at least show the fans you take our daily rivalry serious, after all isn’t a football club about the fans?

  31. dennisdamenace

    Doublegooner says:
    September 8, 2010 at 15:05
    I have just given up my tickets for the spuds, I can’t find the enthusiasm to go or prepared to pay £35 to watch a 2nd string team in a competition that Wenger has no real desire to win.

    DG – I couldn’t agree more. Why should the fans take the game seriously if the management don’t!!

    The management would argue that you know the score in advance, that we will field a weakened side, Fair do’s, but how about reflecting that in what you charge your long suffering fans!

    And, once again i know that it is away to Spurs, and we don’t set the ticket prices, but that club could subsidise the tickets for us along the lines of what you would pay for a home game in the CC to show the away support the club’s appreciation of their commitment.

  32. MickyDidIt89

    Morning all,
    DDM, sorry I did see your comment after I last posted yesterday morning. My mistake, I forgot Bendy was injured as well. Oh well, we still have one striker, so silly me for suggesting in the summer we needed another twenty-a-season man. What was I thinking.

  33. MickyDidIt89

    As far as CC is concerned, I think we should go with our strongest line up as we effectively play a rotational system as a result of our injuries!

  34. LAzer

    I would not play Chamakh in the CC at all. Wrap him up in wool. Hes the only proper CF we have left for the next month and half maybe two. Walcott, RVP, Bendtner all out. Don’t you love being a gooner eh.

  35. LAzer

    The news this morning is that Capello was bullshitting about Theo’s injury not being serious. 6 weeks on the table meaning that is 8 for Arsenal standards minimum. Every time a player is in form he hits the treatment table, its the Arsenal way.

    Nasri from pre-season – same, RVP – from red hot form at start of season 2009- same with international break, Walcott this year – 3 goals and same.

  36. dennisdamenace

    MDI89 – I’m with you on the full strength team, regardless of the fact that AW should now be taking this trophy seriously, the fact remains that if his much vaunted juniors are any good they should step into the first team when needed not be used wholesale.

  37. GoonerT1m

    Injuries, shiite goalies, under strength sides, bullshit transfers, it’s enough to send a man over the edge!…morning all.

  38. MickyDidIt89

    A GPS system may well be able to tell our leaders where RVP is any moment of the day or night, just a shame it cannot see a long grass coming his way and viciously assaulting the poor dear.

  39. GoonerT1m

    A top team like Arsenal should have 2 strong players for each position, he pretends he plays kids in the cc, they ain’t kids anymore, that’s why we will struggle with the spuds

  40. dennisdamenace

    LAzer – The Chamakh thing is riduculous AGAIN!! Fucking three strikers out already, leaving us with one out and out striker, nice one Arsene.

    And, before any Arsene Wenger bleaters start moaning about being unlucky with injuries, fuck off, how many years have we been unlucky, and with the same fucking players, you reap what you sow, RvP is always one game away from missing 50% of the season, always!!

    How can ANY manager factor him into his season long plans. As i said yesterday, RvP is now the ultimate luxury player, and because of Arsene’s reluctance to address this problem we’re now going into the next x amount of fucking games with one recognised striker ffs!

    But, never fear we can all cry into our beers about being unlucky…..

  41. GoonerT1m

    Rvp should be used as a sub in big games, he should be kept away from week in an week out , he just can’t handle it

  42. dennisdamenace

    I’ll say this, with Theo’s injury you couldn’t really manage that situation. However, RvP was ALWAYS going to be a massive gamble to assume he’d stay fit for the season, couple that with the reports that Bentner will be out until the New Year and you have a situation that Arsene could’ve once again managed way back in the summer.

    Once again we’ll get the same old same old, “we’re so unlucky with injuries”……….well fucking plan for then, stop hoarding cash and spend it.

    AA23 must already be dreading having to play up front on his own this season again. So, once again arguably our most gifted player will be not used in the position he can best damage the opposition……

    I really hope that (even though he is really two bob) Bentner is not going to be out until the New Year as the Danish coach was reported as saying…..

  43. Mayank

    DDM, We have 3 strikers for one position with the 25 man squad rule don’t you think that’s enough. The only way out of the situation is to replace RvP, we can’t have 2 players of RvP’s quality plus Chamakh and Nik battling for one position. The problem with that is where do we find a striker of Van Persie’s quality who’s available.

    I’d say qualitywise

    David Villa

    None of whom are available…

  44. dennisdamenace

    Why three strikers for one position?

    Are we always gonna play 4-5-1??

    What about 4-3-3 or 4-4-2?

    Or, in fact what about having enough quality to make up for our constant crocks??

  45. gambon

    I love RVP, hes by far my favourote player since Cesc decided he had barca DNA.

    However i think we should sell him at the end of the season.

  46. Mayank

    DDM, With Arsh occupying the LW position we can’t really have and out and out striker on the RW. Perhaps Nik since he also puts in the yards but really there is only one position left for a proper CF.
    I’d say we have 3 proper CFs in the team already. To add any more would mean replacing one of them. Would any top quality striker want to join a club where he has to battle for one position with 2 other top players?

    Gambon, That’s increasingly looking like the only solution.

  47. dennisdamenace

    I would also say we pay our manager to manage, so part of that is ensuring we have a squad capable of challenging for honours and……………wtf am i talking about, that used to be Arsene, silly me his job is to make money now, sorry i recind that last comment.

  48. Jaguar reloaded

    Mayank,David Villa was available last summer.But the hypocrite as usual,didnt want to spend the money to save his bonuses,and bought a freebie Chamakh,whose misses would embarass the togolese whore.

  49. GoonerT1m

    knowing we have striker injuries why not play one of them this weekend at home against bolton, save the chamak for braga.

  50. Mayank

    Jag, Chamakh saved us the blushes against ‘Pool. I think he’s a great addition.
    His test will come soon enough against Chelsea.

  51. Jaguar reloaded

    Saved the blushes?How?We escaped only because of a hilarious bluder by Reina,and it had nothing to do with Chamakh.

  52. Mayank

    I think you’d find very few people who’d agree that the Reina blunder had nothing to do with Chamakh.
    Jag you’ve hated him since before you saw him play for us.
    He’s no David Villa, but most agree that he’s a good signing.

  53. charybdis1966

    Yeah Mayank, Chamkh won’t score 5 all season, that’s for sure.
    1 goal in 3 – no way, abso-fu**ing-lutely hopeless.

  54. LAzer

    Give Vela a run out. Put him on the right or Arsh on the right and Vela on the left. Rosicky to sub in on either side if needed.

    BTW goal-machine Eboue scored over the break from 25 yds out. Of course he will be playing on the right.

    Arsh Chamakh Eboue

    Diaby Cesc Song

    Gibbs Squiddle TV Bac