Another England game, another Arsenal injury. Happy days.

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Theo Walcott gets injured again whilst playing for injury feeder club England, great! What is it about our players that they keep picking up injuries? Theo is supposed to be out for 2 weeks, but that will no doubt end up as four, just when he was starting to look the business.

The reserves beat Blackburn 4-3 and Squillaci made his debut alongside Djourou, the first goal was a Djourou mistake but the fact that we won 4-3 is a little worrying as we still seem to leak goals, but a win is a win and it’s that what we should celebrate, Denilson also made his comeback.

Theo not playing the next few games is not so bad as it gives others the chance to put a marker down and it’s still early doors, so hopefully the others can step up to the plate, the under 21’s won handsomely and Jack played a massive part, so we’ll give him man of the match, well done Jack. This is what Pearce had to say – ‘Jack gave us a lift when he came on and credit to him. He had a real impact in this game’

Yesterday another Arsenal blog ‘the armchair gooner’ wrote a piece on us, this time it was in defence, this time I broke my golden rule and read it. I have to say it was well written and offered a balanced view, I will be adding them to our blog roll and you can read it here, so thanks for offering the other side, I also read the comments, I will say again, we only moderate people that start trouble, and a number of your commenters were people I have thrown off for abuse, disaffected grovers, but well done to our regulars that told the truth, we value you.

So finally we can look forward to seeing our heroes perform this weekend, we get to see Bolton and whilst they are no pushovers, we should get three points from this one, I wonder who will replace Theo, he has a choice, Wilshere, Eboue, Rosicky, Vela, Nasri, Denilson or maybe even JET.

I would like to see Squillaci start with Koscielny of Vermaelen to see if we have a promising centre back partnership beginning to take shape, Fabianski was in goal yesterday so let’s hope we don’t see him this weekend, anyone who concedes 4 at home has to be suspect.

With Robin, Theo and Bendtner all missing we are already in danger of having few options up front, maybe we will see vela getting a chance to impress, I hope so, I like Carlos and think if he’s given the chance he may turn into a big and important player, so who would I have against bolton? Try this and let me know what you think.


Sagna Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs

Song Cesc Wilshere

Arshavin Chamakh Vela

I would have put Rosicky in but I think I would like to see how this lot do first. I would also like to see Nasri but as he’s been out for a while I think he’ll feature as a sub, though something tells me he’ll have a midfield that includes his favourite Denilson, or Diaby because of his size.

As I said in earlier posts I have a feeling this could be Denilson’s season, but if it’s not, then he has to move on, 4 years of trying is enough, but he may just do a Flamini so I’m prepared to wait.

I put Clichy on the bench because I think he has made a few errors this season, and with Gibbs playing well and in the England set up, I think he deserves a shot, he may fit in better with the new look centre pairing as well.

On a lighter note that Wellington Silva looks a prospect doesn’t he? Maybe we now have the worlds best prospect, like Barca had Messi, he is going straight into the first team in January, so we’ll not have long to wait.

The Bolton game is followed by the spuds one, don’t expect to see a weakened team there, so Arsene, don’t field one yourself as there will only be one outcome, this may be our only chance of silverware this season, so please don’t throw it away, escpecially to them.

Something to ponder Grovers, have a great day.

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  1. dennisdamenace

    QoS – Should our kids get the (quite possible) stonking at Shite Hart Lane i think they will, and say it’s of the 5-0 or 6-0 variety, will that still count as one of your highlights of the season?

  2. arsenesabemejor

    DDM thats a gross exaggeration, I certainly dont think Arsene is never wrong do you? In fact I have never met anyone who would think like that, this AKB is a made up phrase just to disparage anyone who doesnt agree with the view he should go

  3. Arsenal Tom

    thats the best argument ive ever read. classic stuff boys!

    just waiting for the “i know you are, but what am i?” line!

  4. Honest Bill

    Oh for fuck’s sake let’s face it, if we won the CC, you’d all just be saying that it’s a worthless cup and doesn’t change the fact that we’re shit and Wenger should go

  5. Dan,The Gooner.

    i think these akb’s won’t mind a bashing up by the,you know who’s,as long as they can defend wenger is all good for them.

  6. Honest Bill

    Arsenal Tom..

    Funny you should say that, as every time i go into there, there are usually about 15 blokes looking agitated and staring at the door.

    One of them asked me if i post on Le Grove and when i said yes they all proceeded to beat the shit out of me..

  7. Swedish Gun

    A and QoS

    u wonder why the AKBs gets banned permanently or within 25 min??? lol

    they abuse legrove, geoff or/and pedro!

    but I do wonder why Jag is still here spouting the same shit day out and day in. He should have been banned a long, long time ago

  8. dennisdamenace

    I think you’ll find that the term ‘AKB’ has nothing to do with people who don’t want Arsene out, and more to do with people who seem to have in incapacity to even comprehend why people should even be allowed to question the great one!

    For the record, i believe Arsene used to know….

  9. insidealbania


    Do they allow PCs and internet access in youth offender ‘prisons’ and secured psychiatric hospitals??

  10. Keyser

    Honest Bill – Was that the point where you took every hit they could muster, cupped your hand to your ear and ran from one side of the ring to the other.

    Before you ripped off your Hulk Hogan t-shirt ?!

  11. Honest Bill

    Arsenal Tom,

    I think it might have been Geoff. He kept calling me Alex and saying i was shit and give the ball away too much

  12. dennisdamenace

    Anyone here remember doing the Littlwoods (League) Cup and FA Cup double??

    Who amongst you were not proud of that achievement? I think it’s a fucking disgrace that AW bigs up his squad as big enough and talented enough to not have to buy big name players, but then throws the fucking domestic cups whilst stating how he needs to protect his players! Does no one else see the hypocrisy here????

  13. JJ

    DDM – I was not necessarilly agreeing or disagreeing with Wenger in writing that.

    I am neither and AKB nor an AAA (esp. given that I don’t even know what that stands for :)) My opinions vary depending on the circumstance/discussion.

    As far as the CC is concerned, IMO Wenger could give some of the young kids (that have earned it) a run but give them good support with more than just a few (often subs) experienced players. These kids will learn a lot from playing/training with the seasoned guys… and they might even win!

  14. freduardo

    i think it was foolish for wenger to comment on a stoke tottenham game. it has somehow made a big game of us vs stoke, fired up their players for a fixture that was already going to be difficult.
    if they hassle our keeper, fine, comment on it, but leave their style of football in a match that does not concern us alone.

  15. arsenesabemejor

    DDM during those days the CL wasnt really as big as it is now, its developed into a huge competition and a major cash cow for the clubs

  16. dennisdamenace

    abm – IF we turn those areswipes over in their back yard, AND it’s done by our kids against their full strength team, then yes it will be monstrous, and could have hilarious consequences for their season.

    However, let’s just see what level of team those mugs field. If they weren’t in the ECL then they would almost certainly filed their strongest team.

  17. dennisdamenace

    Jesus, you can belittle the CC, but then big up reserve trophies!! We also win a lot of trophies with the ladies team!

  18. JJ

    DDM – Good point about the Spuds being in the CL. They may not field a full-strength team but I think Harry knows the importance of getting one over us. I think he will take my advice (above) and go with a mix.

    Btw – I also think that Arsene used to know! Nice one 😉

  19. arsenesabemejor

    QOS love it and thats all I will think of from now on whenever its written!!Anyone got a smiley with a white flag?

  20. insidealbania

    If we beat there senior team with our kids then Harry wont stop twitching till xmas.
    But I would rather we dont risk it and field a strong team.

  21. Honest Bill


    No. the CC would be a massive cup for our reserves to win. Whereas we don’t play our first teamers in the reserves

  22. dennisdamenace

    JJ – Fair enough fella, apologies if i over reacted.

    However, do you not feel that AW should maybe pick his team according to the opposition, does he no longer care that our kids could take a serious beating away to Spurs, isn’t that bad enough and the damage that could cause their fragile confidences, but the fact that the fans have to live with that result day after day…….

    If we were away to fucking Bolton fair enough, but a ECL team away, fucking hell throw us a fucking bone here for God’s sake.

  23. woody

    Tottally agree Dennis .The FA cup should be a priority,and we should play our very best side in this cup,it’s the day out eveyone loves,and can hopefully afford,it’s our best domestic cup and has been undervalued by Wenger for to long.

  24. Arsenal Tom

    DDM… come surely you know by now that wenger doesn’t care about the fans.

    if anything we’re a irritant to him.

  25. Arsenal Tom

    QoS… at home yes but away i think it needs a sprinkling of 1st teamers…

    norviedt, JD, Squid, gibbs
    wilshire, eastmond, denilson
    eboue, vela, rosicky

  26. JJ

    DDM – It is difficult to pick the team based on the opposition because you don’t know who they are going to send out. Wenger loves “policies” and I prefer that his policy be that he bloods youngsters that have earned it and let them play with more seasoned pro’s.

    That said, I would give more/less of them places in the team based on the (anticipated) opposition.

  27. dennisdamenace

    QoS – I think it’s inexcusable to field a weakened team, for us that is as i don’t give a flying about anyone else, but particularly for us considering we’ve won fuck all for five years and counting, can we really afford to be that choosey now……..

  28. Arsenal Tom

    dan ill give you it now mate…

    “i think its important we focus on who we have available and only talk about the players we have at arsenal”

  29. JJ

    Tom – I think your team selection needs a little more “sprinkling” 🙂 It’s a little soft in the middle for me. Also, if JET is fit, he should play.

  30. Doublegooner


    I have just given up my tickets for the spuds, I can’t find the enthusiasm to go or prepared to pay £35 to watch a 2nd string team in a competition that Wenger has no real desire to win.

  31. JJ

    From Stammer’s article: “What he needs this season is the commodity that has eluded him in recent seasons – luck. Luck with decisions, luck with injuries, luck with the draw.”

    If history is any quide, we will be shite out of luck.

  32. A

    Wenger failed to bring in a keeper because he put all his eggs in the Schwarzer basket and Stockdale’s injury fucked us, along with Hughes generally being a dick

  33. JJ

    Tom – close, now find a way to replace Denilson 🙂 … but you’re right. Wenger will probably slot him in for first team fitness training.

    I like:
    Vito (prefer Shnoz but I think he got loaned)
    laSagna Squirrel TV Gibbs
    Wishere Rosicky
    Eboue JET Vela

  34. Dan,The Gooner.

    Thomas Vermaelen had a major impact in his first season,conceding 40 goals and Wenger can now choose between the two Frenchmen he signed in the summer to partner him – or indeed each other. Laurent Koscielny has looked impressive untill he got rapped by el- hajdi diouf while Sebastien Squillaci has immense experience at being a crock with both France and Seville. Johan Djourou continues to improve until he was at fault for the first blackburn goal last night,so Wenger should be able to mix and match with some confidence.

  35. A

    I agree AT, we should’ve forced them more rather than seemingly being patient waiting for them to sort out a replacement, then ending up fucked by the injury

  36. A

    Squillaci has experience of being a crock Dan?! Since when exactly – you mean because he had one lengthy injury last season?

    Is there a player on the planet who wouldn’t be called a crock if we signed him?!

  37. GoonerT1m

    ah ok so we are the only mugs charging a £10, surely if the team were believed to be competitive enough the club could charge a normal fee, to help pay off their huge debts!

  38. GoonerT1m

    i am expecting one or two in january QOS (saving a few million), then i see no reason why we cant be there or thereabouts in the top 1.

  39. A

    GoonerT1m I reckon Schwarzer could arrive, and then maybe if a Matuidi type DM is available, but can’t see any forwards coming in unless Bendtner and VP really are fucked. Wellington Silva will arrive and hopefully provide a bit of a boost.

  40. Man

    Geoff you should see Mad Men if you haven’t. I feel like being a 1960s New York Ad man now. Boy with that kinda of drinking you’ll be gone in 5 years

  41. Geoff

    Man I’m run an Ad agency and I can tell you, in the 80’s that’s exactly what it was like, absolutely spot on, and I so wanted to hate it. But it was all true!

    Smoking and drinking in meetings at 10am was the norm, going to lunch and not coming back was as well, before the licensing hours changed, we used to get locked in to restaurants, you had to know them though!

    I have to go now. Catch you all later.

  42. Mark

    Just read the post, but shirley you can’t be serious! Both Cesc and Carlo will be red eyed from flying first class across the pond.
    Has anyone dared to ponder the view that we seemed to have played better with no Cesc + RvP, As without the I pass to you then you pass to me love in, balls got played wide faster and we didn’t get to watch square ball across the 18 yard box?

  43. Dan,The Gooner.

    Denilson – We must treat Bolton like Chelsea,what you mean like pass it sideways then get caught on the counter attack and get rapped by drogba,but this week it will be davies,is that what you mean denilshit.

  44. A

    I don’t really care about after 2012 right now inside, I only care about winning things right now, we’ve spent more than long enough planning for the future!

    In 2012 Szczesny might be the bollocks, or Fabianski had a Gomes-like transformation, or Martinez come through as a wonder keeper, or we could sign a world class keeper.

    Really not gonna think about it now!

  45. insidealbania

    Okay A, then why dont we just buy a GK who is a class act rather than settling for a 37yr old who has never played for a top club in his career?

  46. A

    If there was a class act who was available and a better immediate option then I’m sure we would inside. Just like with Reina who we tried for already

  47. insidealbania

    I just hate the idea of the Great Arsenal Football Club looking around lidl and poundstrechers for bloody stop-gap solutions.
    Almunia was shit and mad Jens knew what he was talking about, the GK spot should have been sorted out 3 seasons ago.

  48. insidealbania

    A, seriously what has Schwarzer done at club level? if we were gonna go for an old keeper then surely Fridel was the one to go for.

  49. Dan,The Gooner.

    insidealbania says:
    September 8, 2010 at 16:32
    And AW has to admit to himself that there are turds that he will never be able to polish.

    Otherwise known as haemorrhoids

  50. rico

    Afternoon LG

    Nice one Geoff, like your team too…

    Stu, I think we will get him in January, the dutch keeper i mean who I can’t be bothered to try and spell right 😉

  51. A

    inside imo Schwarzer would be much better for us than Freidel.

    Schwarzer is one of the best in the league at commanding his area, and dealing with set pieces/crosses/high balls etc. That’s what his entire game is built round.

    Freidel is another shot stopper who has good reflexes, but isn’t that reliable, not to mention two years older the schwarzer

  52. Arse&Nose©

    We always play big 4 games with half a team. its ridiculous, even when we had Henry I remember he would miss most of our big 4 games !

  53. Big Dave

    Dan,The Gooner. says:
    September 8, 2010 at 16:37
    big dave,you making the trip to the swamp??????/


  54. A

    Keepers I’d have wanted would’ve been

    Reina – absolutely the best by some distance
    Buffon – prior to his back injury
    Schwarzer – knows all about the prem, and his strengths = our weaknesses.

    I would’ve taken Stekelenberg or Neuer but they would’ve been a risk, and would rather we kept what we had than Akinfeev or Given, with whom we would’ve almost certainly lost to Blackburn!