Another England game, another Arsenal injury. Happy days.

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Theo Walcott gets injured again whilst playing for injury feeder club England, great! What is it about our players that they keep picking up injuries? Theo is supposed to be out for 2 weeks, but that will no doubt end up as four, just when he was starting to look the business.

The reserves beat Blackburn 4-3 and Squillaci made his debut alongside Djourou, the first goal was a Djourou mistake but the fact that we won 4-3 is a little worrying as we still seem to leak goals, but a win is a win and it’s that what we should celebrate, Denilson also made his comeback.

Theo not playing the next few games is not so bad as it gives others the chance to put a marker down and it’s still early doors, so hopefully the others can step up to the plate, the under 21’s won handsomely and Jack played a massive part, so we’ll give him man of the match, well done Jack. This is what Pearce had to say – ‘Jack gave us a lift when he came on and credit to him. He had a real impact in this game’

Yesterday another Arsenal blog ‘the armchair gooner’ wrote a piece on us, this time it was in defence, this time I broke my golden rule and read it. I have to say it was well written and offered a balanced view, I will be adding them to our blog roll and you can read it here, so thanks for offering the other side, I also read the comments, I will say again, we only moderate people that start trouble, and a number of your commenters were people I have thrown off for abuse, disaffected grovers, but well done to our regulars that told the truth, we value you.

So finally we can look forward to seeing our heroes perform this weekend, we get to see Bolton and whilst they are no pushovers, we should get three points from this one, I wonder who will replace Theo, he has a choice, Wilshere, Eboue, Rosicky, Vela, Nasri, Denilson or maybe even JET.

I would like to see Squillaci start with Koscielny of Vermaelen to see if we have a promising centre back partnership beginning to take shape, Fabianski was in goal yesterday so let’s hope we don’t see him this weekend, anyone who concedes 4 at home has to be suspect.

With Robin, Theo and Bendtner all missing we are already in danger of having few options up front, maybe we will see vela getting a chance to impress, I hope so, I like Carlos and think if he’s given the chance he may turn into a big and important player, so who would I have against bolton? Try this and let me know what you think.


Sagna Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs

Song Cesc Wilshere

Arshavin Chamakh Vela

I would have put Rosicky in but I think I would like to see how this lot do first. I would also like to see Nasri but as he’s been out for a while I think he’ll feature as a sub, though something tells me he’ll have a midfield that includes his favourite Denilson, or Diaby because of his size.

As I said in earlier posts I have a feeling this could be Denilson’s season, but if it’s not, then he has to move on, 4 years of trying is enough, but he may just do a Flamini so I’m prepared to wait.

I put Clichy on the bench because I think he has made a few errors this season, and with Gibbs playing well and in the England set up, I think he deserves a shot, he may fit in better with the new look centre pairing as well.

On a lighter note that Wellington Silva looks a prospect doesn’t he? Maybe we now have the worlds best prospect, like Barca had Messi, he is going straight into the first team in January, so we’ll not have long to wait.

The Bolton game is followed by the spuds one, don’t expect to see a weakened team there, so Arsene, don’t field one yourself as there will only be one outcome, this may be our only chance of silverware this season, so please don’t throw it away, escpecially to them.

Something to ponder Grovers, have a great day.

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  1. Sam

    Chamakh – RVP – Bendy

    Looks on paper we have enough upfront. But with the 4-3-3 we play with Chamakh and Bendy playing RF now and then and more importantly with our injury record with RVP and Bendy, I think we can have another striker for depth who may not be world class.

  2. Sam

    QoS, Is he on loan or transferred?

    I am not sure we can get very good strikers who are ready to play 4th choice. So its a tough one.

  3. Sam

    QoS, is CL qualification more important because it means we have finished in the top 4? or is it because of the money it brings ?

  4. A

    Simpson is at Hull permanently and would never be good enough to be our fourth choice! JET is twice the player he is at filling that central role certainly

  5. A

    Sam I’d say it’s more important because it ensures that we play in the Champions League the following season, giving you the opportunity to compete with the top teams in Europe.

    A season where we weren’t even in the competition would be very embarrassing

  6. A

    Yep QOS, withough a doubt.

    It’s like saying that for England qualifying for the European Championships or World Cup is more important than winning the Home Championship if it was reinstated. It’s a given, goes without saying.

  7. Nick

    Did any one else notice lewin when defo was injured last night he just stood there looking with no urgency to help him,you could tell he was thinking tottenham scum

  8. rooster

    Arsenal Tom….. that’s a very negative view…. we need the CL more than the CC…. end of. We cannot even compete to sign top players on a regular basis without it.

  9. Arsenal Tom

    rooster… negative but true mate!

    i mean god forbid we ever stop signing “top players” on a regular basis!! that’d be a nightmare!!

    imagine not being able to get the likes of silvestre and koscienly!

  10. Queen of Suburbia

    I finally got round to reading that Untold article and comments section earlier.

    Its pretty strong and inflammatory stuff and I can understand why Pedro in particular was so insulted.

    The accusation of amending peoples posts was unfair. I’ve never felt my posts were changed, and lets face it, if anyone is a prime target to (in the writers opinion) get dissenting views moderated then its myself or A.

    Jaguars and BBK’s sometimes are; but on every occasion Geoff or Pedro have been justified in doing so.

    The overriding sense was to paraphrase Aaron Sorkin who wrote in the West Wing that “decisions are made by those that show up”. –

    – Opinions are changed by those that show up.

    If somebody is so offended by the views expressed here they need to man the hell up and take part in the debate rather than take potshots from the sidelines.

  11. Fatboy

    So much talk of getting rid of RVP today?! It’s f*cking ludicrous – particularly as it only seems to have come about because his injury is worse than first thought (a month rather than a couple of weeks) – fucking shocking eh?

    Yes he has a bad injury record but no, as was suggested earlier, is he our worst player for injuries – ijn fact that comment is so ludicrous and badly thought through it barely deserves correcting – (Rosicky & Jeffers for a start).

    But if you bother to look at stats for the last 6 seasons in all competitions, RVP has made 32.83 appearances per season. Is that so terrible we should get rid of arguably our best player??? Anyone?

    Okay so how about the injuries?

    In 2005 he had 8 goals from 8 starts and then had his toe stamped on and broken.
    2006 a broken metatarsal – again hardly his fault just a freak injury.
    The other injuries, I recall are the international one last season – a disgusting challenge from behind which broke his ankle and before that a knee injury also not his fault and picked up on international duty.

    Now the latest injury IS a worry as it is a recurrence of the ankle injury and, having had a very bad one of these myself, ankle injuries can be very hard to shake off.

    But lets show a little perspective shall we – he is not a perma-crock like Jeffers, he has been EXTREMELY unfortunate and each time suffered a lot of pain and rehabilitation. He has been our best player for several of the last seasons and has always battled his way back to play 30+ games.

    If you don’t think he is worth the wages for those 30 games then respectfully you don’t know much about football.

    Some of you would throw the baby out with the bathwater!

  12. A

    AT you can’t class Koscielny in the same breath as Silvestre!

    We wouldn’t be able to get the likes of Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri, VP, Cesc

  13. LeProf

    Too much sex will dry up the fluids in joints ie. ankle, knee etc. thus lower the stress resistance on legs and lower abdoment areas (and partly cause the leg injuries for our team…)

  14. KimKit

    against bolton, we need size, so i would use diaby and rosicky WILL play he is on top form

    i think this will be our line up

    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy

    Fabregas Song Diaby

    Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin

    I am tempted to put Squillaci there but i ( and AW) think he is not ready

  15. Confidentgoner

    Geoff, Pedro,

    Are there any spare tickets for the match against Bolton this weekend? Would love to have 2, one for me and my son, who has Arenal DNA

  16. A

    Yeah Stu you can still get into the Europa Cup via cup competitions, but I’d rather not play in Europe than compete in that pointless thing.

    So much irony in so many of your posts/insults Jaguar

  17. Arsenal Tom

    A… you can because we’d have been able to get both players without CL football.

    same goes for everyone else on that list as they all would have been moving to a bigger club in arsenal.

    arshavin was almost at spurs 6 months earlier. RVP were kids when we got them so would have come regardless of CL footy.

    nasri is a maybe, but chances are he’d have still come cos we a much bigger club.

    berbatov and modric both went to spurs without them having CL footy and they and were top players.

  18. A

    Oh yeah that’s true AT re would’ve been able to get Kos.

    Berbatov and Modric weren’t top players before they went to Spuds, Modric had a bit more interest than everyone else. The only way we could’ve competed for the likes of Modric is if we’d paid silly money, as they did.

  19. Arsenal Tom

    modric was hot property though A… and berbatov was already established…

    apart from 2006 (obviously) and 07-08 we’ve never looked like real contenders for the CL anyway, i know the idea of playing in it helps attract players but its not the be-all and end-all

  20. Mayank

    I can’t believe our luck. Hopefully the injuries early on would mean we’ll be fit later.
    I needed a massive gulp of the positivity potion to say that.

  21. Queen of Suburbia

    I seem to recall Wenger casting doubt on Modric’s ability to handle the premiership.

    It might have been Paddy Barclay on Sunday Supplement. He asked Wenger at an airport “if Modric is too small then what about Fabregas” to which Wenger replied that Fab is a little napoleon and puffed out his chest to illustrate the point.

  22. Arsenal Tom

    QoS… i remember that, i think he also said that modric weighed about a stone less than fabregas when he joined, think modric is 2 years older than fab is aswell

  23. Honest Bill

    Who fucking cares about the carling cup anyway?

    Our players get injured playing in training, why would we wanna risk the first teamers to win a cup that is literally meaningless?

  24. GoonerT1m

    surely by now what ever team we put forward, (we have a huge squad) , they should be good enough, otherwise why bother with the yoof?..hes been bringing these kids in before we left highbury, how long is this project supposed to take before it shows results?

  25. GoonerT1m

    my expectation is to be honest towards the competition and respect the fans who pay to watch the team, i appreciate you have no given right to win anything, what you can do though is ensure the strongest available play, either with or withou previous experience.

  26. Arsenal Tom

    if we’re charing £10 a ticket for the CC i haven’t no problem with playing the kids.

    although against the yids we need to bulk it up a little bit, especially after the 5-1 and loosing at their place in the league last year.

  27. Honest Bill


    The teams we put forward are normally full of 18 year olds, Why would we expect them to beat first team professionals?

    If you judged every player at 18 then you wouldn’t have any youth system.. or is that what you’re suggesting should happen?

  28. Queen of Suburbia

    I think with regards to the CC all Arsenal fans know that its going to used as a chance to play younger players, so I don’t think its fair to accuse the club of dishonesty.

    Its one of the season highlights in my book!

  29. Honest Bill

    I don’t believe Tottenham will put out a full strength side either. Just wait and see where their priorities lie.

  30. GoonerT1m

    i agree, the early rounds are fun and cheap, however i dont remember paying £10 for the trip to cardif to get beaten by chelsea.

  31. Dan,The Gooner.

    Queen of Suburbia says:
    September 8, 2010 at 12:48
    I think our kids could beat their full strength side anyway!

    take those specs off q.o.s.

  32. Paulinho

    I don’t think RVP helps himself when it comes to injuries. I mean what did he think was going to happen when he dangled his foot out like that in such limp fashion? It’s asking for trouble. Can’t think of any other footballer that would do that.

    A good percentage of his injuries occur because of the awkward nature of his movement.

  33. Queen of Suburbia

    T1m we can all think of games, where we’ve felt like we’ve wasted our money.

    We still fork out next time though don’t we?

    I just think the club is what it is, its not perfect nothing ever is, but overall I get enough out in terms of enjoyment that I keep renewing my season ticket.

    Life is short, its within my power to stop going to games if it was making me miserable.

  34. GoonerT1m

    we do indeed, does that mean we also lower our expectations in life? why do you think because something is questioned it means misery, i have no issue with playing kids, i do have an issue with certain players, mainly the GK tbh who keeps getting picked, doesn’t mean i dont get maximum from my season tickets. i am sure i am not the only one who doesnt want to see the team get beaten at whl, especially as it has the potential of becoming habit

  35. goonergerry

    You make it sound like you run a fair dinkum site- but you don’t. I like a lot of your comments Geoff but I think you are fooling yourself.
    You allow people to abuse the manager and players-like calling the manager and players cunts. Tell me what other site allows punters to call their own players and managers a cunt? To be honest I think you should moderate that shit out. How about a bit of respect for the club?

    You also cut people off because you don’t agree with them-Is that what you want a whole heap of people saying Baaah yes you are right every time Geoff speaks. Isn’t thats whats wrong with the AKB?

  36. Queen of Suburbia

    I think its sensible to lower ones expectations in life if those expectations are to win the Champions League and Carling Cup every season…

    We all obviously hope to do that, but the word expectation carries with it some sense of entitlement.

    I just don’t feel as “entitled” I guess.

    Regarding the misery comment – I certainly don’t always equate questioning something with neccesarily being miserable…but i do equate unrealistic expectation and entitlement with ultimately ending up miserable, if that makes sense.

    Not that i’m accusing you of either, i hope you understand, i’m just putting my perspective on the Carling Cup specifically and perhaps our squad generally.

  37. Honest Bill

    The spuds will play their youth too, it would be highly embarrassing for their first team to be outplayed by our youth team, and they won’t want to risk their players which they will need for the CL.

    They have a pretty tough group, thy will rest their best players. Harry is stupid, but he isn’t that stupid…. surely?

  38. Queen of Suburbia

    gerry – why not just join in the conversation and point out the falsehoods and fallacy’s that the name callers arguments are built on?

    And to be fair, there isn’t a blogger or indeed person out there that wouldn’t want their opinions agreed with and mirrored back, there has to be a degree of ego in everybody. In my experience, if you are reasonable in your approach on this site, the majority of the time, the moderators are reasonable back with you.

  39. GoonerT1m

    the question was how come we are not fielding the strongest team?, not that i expect to win it !..i said i know no compettion is a given, i am fully aware we have no definite chance of winning anything , so i dont expect to, therefore preventing any kind of misery in the future!

  40. A

    I agree QOS – generally it is not reasonable comments that are moderated.

    My only qualm is when it comes to unreasonable comments/commenters those who are negative are treated with far more leniency than the positive unreasonable types.

    If certain people (who shall remain nameless) that are banned or moderated for the odd day, or have a few comments here and there deleted, were positive rather than negative, they would have been barred permanently from the site within about 25 minutes!

  41. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t really think that’s a question T1m. I think you already know the answer

    A) Because Wenger prefers to give youth a run out in that competition,
    b) Because its not viewed as important enough to risk injury and overplaying our CL and PL squad.

    What i think you really mean is that you disagree with that policy.

    Which is fair enough.

    As I stated before, i quite like that policy. In fact I derive more enjoyment generally from the policy than i would if our first team won it. But i completely understand if people have a different view.

  42. Honest Bill


    Ibelieve i can answer that. there are a few reasons.

    The Carling Cp, no matter how much anybody trries to dress it up, is not anywhere near as important as the Premiere league or UEFA CL. can’t you just hear the cries of “so what it’s only the mickey mouse cup”?

    And so the cup is not worth risking players fitness, players who could make a massive difference to those two competitions, therefore the Carling Cup, in that context represents valuable playing time for the youth team and allows them experience of playing against professional sides in a competitive game. That is key to their development and with a squad as big as today’s average squad, playing minutes are invaluable

  43. Honest Bill


    That is true. I don’t even think Pedro or Geoff could reasonably deny that. But i think it’s particularly when people criticize the blog that they get ants in their pants.

  44. JJ

    @Geoff – I like your starting 11 but I doubt that it will happen.

    Wenger will continue his lovefest with Diaby (at naughty Jack’s expense) and Clichy (despite Gibbs earning his chance). I think Kos will get the nod over the Squirrel and Vela, who must have run over the boss’s cat, will lose out Rosicky… just my opinion though :).

  45. Honest Bill


    Most of the ones who will play in the CC are around that age, it will of course be supplemented by our bench players who need game time too.

    At their age they are very, very young to be winning cups against the big boys. i mean they are still very young when they break into the first team

  46. Dan,The Gooner.

    And so the cup is not worth risking players fitness,they don’t risk getting injured playing in that cup it’s the international games and prem games they love getting injured in.

  47. GoonerT1m

    we should have 2 good enough players for each postion, right ?, so therefore we should have the squad to rest the real 1st teamers and still compete, be they kids or bench players.

  48. bade the gooner

    As I c it, AW will fieldneither the team i would like to see nor ur team. that is bad already.
    I would rather see Diaby in for Jack, as i think he is in good form & we should keep him worm. I believe building the team around our turned-off (temporarelly I hope) captain, suggest we should use a 4-2-1-2-1 formation, with Vela & Arshavin wingers, Cesc as an old no.10 playmaker & 4th striker, with Song & Diaby doing mainly the dirty job as they can also burst from behind with them covering each other. As we know Arshavin & Vela do less with defending (they should learn from mighty Chamakh) & Cesc having his mind on attacking (& still adjusting to life without Barca shit-shirt), you feel the need for two DM’s (albielt Diaby likes to attack more)

  49. SongtheGreat

    well A…comments can somtimes be both harsh and unfair on both sides….both negative and postive…but if one would like to keep this blog pulsating dynamic and interesting….one would have to accept this…
    besides it seems that the blog have got its own Nietsche rambling on and correcting every little mistake…..
    opinions should never be moderated…personal attacks is another cop of tea..
    one should also consider that many people on here are from different countries and may struggle abit with the language…

    me personally im just in here to get wenger out…the sooner the better…he is NOT a saint…he is a proven liar !!and furthermore he has lost the plot…we need a manager who wants to win more than making money and keeping house.-

  50. JJ

    re: CC – I think Wenger will stay stubborn and go with the kids… They are likely to get a real shallacking and that “experience” Wenger was looking for will be a bad one…

    No one at the club will be happy but sadly Wenger answers to no one and we will have to live with it.

  51. GoonerT1m

    the fact we dont is because the kids or bench are not good enough, certainly our second GK is not, so there lies the problem, the kids needs to step up now as they have had a few seasons to improve, imo. fabianski should be replaced by vito or chesney, that has to happen.

  52. arsenesabemejor

    The prize money for the CC is 100,000 if you win it, so in the big scheme of things its easy to see why its not that important to us

  53. Wenger the liar

    The Carling Cup is a great oppurtunity to give a kids a run out and get used to a feeling they will experience throughout their whole Arsenal career, the losing experience.

    A –

    When you have a chance tell me again about how we are 100% signing Swartzer and how he is the best goalie “right now” for us


  54. Arse&Nose©

    Yes Burnley, I remember that day. The ref was a Muppet and they had great support- claiming handball for everything! Our kids froze and Burnley could have beat us by more than 2-0.

  55. Honest Bill


    and thus bringing them down to Earth and realising they need to work harder because maybe they aren’t quite as awesome as they thought they were and that to play against the big boys you need to be on a higher level?

    Yeah what a horrible lesson to teach them..

  56. Jaguar reloaded

    arsenesabemejor says:
    September 8, 2010 at 13:29

    The prize money for the CC is 100,000 if you win it, so in the big scheme of things its easy to see why its not that important to us
    Typical example of a deluded post which smacks of a retarded AKB.The teams,dont compete in the CL only for monetary gains.Its to assert their supremacy in Europe.When will the retarded pieces of shit/wankers/deluded mugs a.k.a AKB understand it?

  57. Dan,The Gooner.

    harry knows what it means to the fans in these sort of games,make no mistake he will put out a stronger team then what wenger will put out,i feel another battering coming along.

    honest bill,a losers mentality is in full swing at arsenal,it will continue untill wenger is shown the exit.

  58. Wenger the liar

    I think the CC is bollocks and Arsene does the right thing by playing the kids however where I disagree with his policy is when we get to the later rounds and he includes first teamers to what he claims is a youth team who then get butt fucked.

    If we reach the semis of the CC we should either play kids or the first team not a mixture of the two.

  59. Jaguar reloaded

    The revolution has begun.It will continue until the greedy hypocrite Wenger is kicked out of Arsenal for good.

  60. Wenger the liar

    Having said that I dont think it is a coincidence that the two most succesful teams in this country in recent years are also teams that take the CC seriously.

    It could be argued that success breeds success and that especially in the case of a man who is on £6m a year, a trophy to balance against the £36m he has taken out the club without winning a pot might look good.

    Maybe, or then again maybe Arsene knows lol.

  61. JJ

    Bill – I don’t think the kids are big heads. I also don’t believe that sending out a team of inexperienced, ill-equipped, and outsized teenagers is ‘a good lesson’ for anyone…

    All that will happen is that morale will be lowered and that will creep through the club.

  62. arsenesabemejor

    Jaguarse what you dont realise is that the club is also a business so the money does come into it, only a retard would realise that but that is your field of expertise due to a lifetime of dealing with it

  63. Beezer No.8

    We need to put out a decent Team for the Spuds, it’s all well and good playing the kids, but after 5 years without a trophy I think we should be taking every comeptiton seriously.

    Even bring the Kids/Bench players into it after the spuds game, but for the spuds game we are due to give them a Cuffing

  64. gambon

    Lol at the typicalbrainwashed wengerite answer from arsenesbemejor.

    Stupid false dichotomy argument there, Man Utd have won the CC numerous times in recent years, its never stopped them qualifying for, and winning, the CL.

    And since when do we give a fuck about where the money is?…..its only going in Wengers pocket, we dont spend any on the team.

  65. arsenesabemejor


    Jaguarse what you dont realise is that the club is also a business so the money does come into it, only a retard would not realise that but that is your field of expertise due to a lifetime of dealing with it

  66. Jaguar reloaded

    Arsenesarselicker a.k.a arsenesabemejor.For a fan like me,a club symbolises,its winning attitude,not its business attitude.May be,your retarded mentor could give some insights into it.

  67. JJ

    A&N – One of the most poignant comments I heard from Wenger when asked if we had signed the Squirrel, Wenger responded “yes”. Then when asked about the Squirrel’s qualities, Wenger replied, ‘He is a good defender (I flippin’ hope so)… and he makes up the numbers…because we are a bit short’…

    What a glowing endorsement! I bet the team, let alone the Squirrel, loved hearing that!

  68. arsenesabemejor

    gambon its not your money and not up to you where its spent,if you think you know better why not try for the board yourself? the fact is the CC isnt worth as much to the club as the CL qualification and even one place higher in the league gains more cash

  69. Wenger the liar

    Yes Gambon you cunt, its not your money – ITS ARSENES MONEY!

    Now forget about winning trophies and signing players and be grateful Arsene even allows people into the stadium to watch.


  70. arsenesabemejor

    Jaguaarse retarded why do you ask , you shouldnt judge everyone by your own standards, you may switch teams on a whim but generally supporters dont do that, but then you dont know what its like to support a team , you only whinge

  71. Arse&Nose©

    JJ, those comments could even be taken to mean that we don’t have any good defenders so he had to sign squirrel

  72. Wenger the liar

    Arseneabemajor –

    Its funny how AKBs think they know fucking everything.

    Gotta get back to work now.


  73. arsenesabemejor

    Jag the shit eating may be a popular pass time where you are from but its not really the done thing in the educated world

  74. Jaguar reloaded


    I love everyone but Wenger(only because he is a greedy arrogant mug living in his own lunatic world),Diaby(Who plays for us only because he looks like the legend Paddy)

  75. Dan,The Gooner.

    Whatever way you look at it,it’s going to be an exit in the 3rd round of the c.cup this year,just what wenger wants.

  76. dennisdamenace

    Some people fucking amaze me, if Wenger was to come out and say that day is night, and night is day certain people on here would argue that is correct, purely based on the teachings of Chairman Wenger, God help us all.

    God help us that in a free democratic society the lowest of the low has a basic liberty to question his so called betters, it’s after all what really drives humanity on, the ability to question, without that ability and freedom we are just become sheep………funny that eh!

  77. Baafuor fron Ghana

    Our players are real crocks.i don’t know the kind of medicals they do at our club before signing players.
    this is how Wenger will line up his team against Bolton
    Sagna Koscielny TV5 Clichy
    I would start Eboue and Gibbs in the defence, resting Sagna and Clichy after their qualifiers and for the run of matches.Sagna especially needs to play in the tougher away games and in the Champions league.

  78. JJ

    Wenger already voiced his thoughts on the CC last year when he said that he ‘wouldn’t exactly throw a ticker-tape parade if they won it’.

    To him it is a way to give the kids some experience but more importantly due to our injury-prone team the extra games just cluster-f’s the schedule. He would rather that not happen with first-teamers.