Another England game, another Arsenal injury. Happy days.

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Theo Walcott gets injured again whilst playing for injury feeder club England, great! What is it about our players that they keep picking up injuries? Theo is supposed to be out for 2 weeks, but that will no doubt end up as four, just when he was starting to look the business.

The reserves beat Blackburn 4-3 and Squillaci made his debut alongside Djourou, the first goal was a Djourou mistake but the fact that we won 4-3 is a little worrying as we still seem to leak goals, but a win is a win and it’s that what we should celebrate, Denilson also made his comeback.

Theo not playing the next few games is not so bad as it gives others the chance to put a marker down and it’s still early doors, so hopefully the others can step up to the plate, the under 21’s won handsomely and Jack played a massive part, so we’ll give him man of the match, well done Jack. This is what Pearce had to say – ‘Jack gave us a lift when he came on and credit to him. He had a real impact in this game’

Yesterday another Arsenal blog ‘the armchair gooner’ wrote a piece on us, this time it was in defence, this time I broke my golden rule and read it. I have to say it was well written and offered a balanced view, I will be adding them to our blog roll and you can read it here, so thanks for offering the other side, I also read the comments, I will say again, we only moderate people that start trouble, and a number of your commenters were people I have thrown off for abuse, disaffected grovers, but well done to our regulars that told the truth, we value you.

So finally we can look forward to seeing our heroes perform this weekend, we get to see Bolton and whilst they are no pushovers, we should get three points from this one, I wonder who will replace Theo, he has a choice, Wilshere, Eboue, Rosicky, Vela, Nasri, Denilson or maybe even JET.

I would like to see Squillaci start with Koscielny of Vermaelen to see if we have a promising centre back partnership beginning to take shape, Fabianski was in goal yesterday so let’s hope we don’t see him this weekend, anyone who concedes 4 at home has to be suspect.

With Robin, Theo and Bendtner all missing we are already in danger of having few options up front, maybe we will see vela getting a chance to impress, I hope so, I like Carlos and think if he’s given the chance he may turn into a big and important player, so who would I have against bolton? Try this and let me know what you think.


Sagna Squillaci Vermaelen Gibbs

Song Cesc Wilshere

Arshavin Chamakh Vela

I would have put Rosicky in but I think I would like to see how this lot do first. I would also like to see Nasri but as he’s been out for a while I think he’ll feature as a sub, though something tells me he’ll have a midfield that includes his favourite Denilson, or Diaby because of his size.

As I said in earlier posts I have a feeling this could be Denilson’s season, but if it’s not, then he has to move on, 4 years of trying is enough, but he may just do a Flamini so I’m prepared to wait.

I put Clichy on the bench because I think he has made a few errors this season, and with Gibbs playing well and in the England set up, I think he deserves a shot, he may fit in better with the new look centre pairing as well.

On a lighter note that Wellington Silva looks a prospect doesn’t he? Maybe we now have the worlds best prospect, like Barca had Messi, he is going straight into the first team in January, so we’ll not have long to wait.

The Bolton game is followed by the spuds one, don’t expect to see a weakened team there, so Arsene, don’t field one yourself as there will only be one outcome, this may be our only chance of silverware this season, so please don’t throw it away, escpecially to them.

Something to ponder Grovers, have a great day.

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  1. Geoff

    What the fuck is Robin made of? I would love to know how many sick days he has had in his Arsenal career, then they have the cheek to hold us to ransom at contract renewal time.

  2. Geoff

    Chozzer, I don’t count Europe, we’ll get knocked out of that at some point, I’m just talking of the trophies we can win!

  3. Chipo

    I would go Rosicky over Vela (and i think Wenger will too) but apart from that it’s spot on.

    Can’t wait to see Aneke, JET and Afobe in the Carling Cup

  4. Socrates

    Giving me hope with the options to replace Theo there Geoff thanks…

    AW may field this team to rest the first team squad

    James Shea
    Ignasi Miquel-Dan Boateng-Nick Yennaris-Cedric Evina

    Chuks Aneke-Conor Henderson-Jernade Meade

    Rhys Murphy-Roarie Deacon-Giles Sunu

    Bad joke eh?

  5. Chipo

    There’s no way Wenger will play a totally senior team. I’m guessing he will go something like:


    Eboue Squillaci Djourou Gibbs

    Denilson Eastmond Aneke

    JET Afobe Vela

  6. A

    Socrates Yennaris is a right back or dm, Deacon isn’t a central forward, and miquel is a left footed centre back or left back

  7. Steve Biko


    Please address the following. I read somewhere Arsenal fans were making the point that Robin has two weaknesses that reinforce each other. Yes he is injury prone but some also argue that he is careless and that he needlessly dives into tackles thus getting himself injured. For an injury prone player he sometimes overcommits himself going for 50-50’s high up on the pitch. I kinda agree with this. What do you think?

  8. A

    That would surprise me a bit Chipo, don’t see Afobe or aneke starting.

    I’d go for same defence but fabianski in goal, then midfield three of

    rosicky/nasri denilson wilshere

    Arshavin JET Vela

    Something like that

  9. Geoff

    An interesting point Steve but I just still think he’s a crock, I love him, but hell, he has been injured since we bought him.

    I would have thought that Wenger would have those stats given that he’s a stats man.

    Nice comment on the other blog by the way, I did see it, thanks!

  10. Jaguar reloaded

    Another pathetic article praising Wenger from the sycophant Atwood.Does he actually love Arsenal?I think he is in some sort of gay love with Wenger.

  11. Geoff

    A point I made in a previous post Jag, it does seem odd, but then there are those that will say he had 3 months off after the Chelleini tackle playing for Holland.

  12. stonroy

    I’m putting it out there, I think Almunia is going to have a blinder of a season…Yes I know that’s a massive statement but I’m putting it out there.

  13. GoonerT1m

    great post as usual..i also think rvp should think more about his body positioning epsecially in challenges, he needs to start thinking like DB10…..what will the team be for the spuds game any views??

  14. DB10

    When was the last time Lampard and Terry got injured and missed a PL game?? I think they sat out England’s qualification deliberately, taking in to account South Africa. Mark my word they will be ready for Westham.

  15. charybdis1966

    Morning all – Geoff, I have a sinking feeling we’ll see Flappy in goal against the Spuds, Wenger will want to prove a point so he’ll stick our worst goalie in for a game which means so much for local pride.
    Someone once said here that we should give Flappy a hi-visibility vest and dump him on a building site in Cleethorpes, where he’ll never be able to crush our hopes of winning anything ever again.
    And, of course, “Boom….boom….1st? I win in the..blah blah blueergghh”

  16. Socrates

    How do the Dutch FA always get accurate news on RVP’s injury,do we hand him over to the Dutch every time he pick up a knock?

    Stonroy, just picked up names that I could remember.. have only ever watched a handful of reserve games and dont really follow their news

  17. Jaguar reloaded

    a) We have five flexible squads (the 25, the cup teams, the loanees, the reserves, the youth team) and below them a whole production line of 9 to 16 year olds playing the Arsenal way.

    Our youth squad is one of the best if not the best in the world,but once they get into the first team,most of them are just like headless chicken.Purely hypocritical as our senior team hasnt won anything in the last five years

    b) We found players who could score goals all over the pitch as a way of handling the negative tactics developed by Blackburn and Bolton.
    Another blatant lie.We havent got enough players who can stand up against the thugs from Lancashire?Wenger failing to win a single match against Sam Allardyce for the past eight years(before the last Blackburn match) vouch for his tactical ineptitude
    c) Young players like Theo, Ramsey, Vela and Cesc are brought in very early on from other clubs.

    Theo has regressed from his Southampton days.Vela doesnt get chances because he doesnt speak French.Cesc,we all know,he wants to go back home,because he knows we wont win anything anymore under the loser Wenger.Ramsey was a great talent at Cardiff City and Wenger cant take any credit for developing him.

    d) Arsenal moved from fluid 4-4-2 to 4-3-3 and amazingly even 4-2-4 in some games this season.
    No,the hypocrite Wenger tried out a 4-3-3 formation to copy Barcelona,and we failed miserably against any half decent teams.

    e) The loan system was expanded and expanded again. 15 loanees at any one time is not unusual in the second half of the season.
    The loan system could be scrapped by the FA

    These are copied from that article on Wenger by the sycophant.Dont want to increase the number of comments on that shite site by posting there.

  18. kc

    A good post and an even better line-up selection for the Bolton game. I too hope to see Vela and Wilshire both in the starting eleven this weekend. Bolton is down to their 2nd keeper for this one so I expect another blow-out at the Emirates. Thank God the Inter break is over so we can get back to proper footy.

  19. Steve Biko


    Thanks. I think Wenger might have erred in selling Eduardo without replacing him (Chamakh being Ade’s replacement). I look at cash strapped AC-milan and I amazed. They have managed to get on loan Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robinho and Kevin Prince Boateng. On top of that they have Ronaldinho and Pato. I think Wenger’s mistake is that he does not learn. Before the season Bendtner was already injured and he did not have a definite prognosis on his return. Robin is concerned he is injury prone. Even if Wenger did not want to sign then why didnt he at least loan a striker? I remember how the loan deal of Baptista a few seasons back took usto the Carling cup.

  20. Big Dave

    Dutch medical team oct 2009

    “Rvp will be out for 6-9 month”

    Arsenal mediacl team

    “Robin should be out for 2-3 month” !!

    Sept 2010


    “Robin will be out for 6-7 weeks”


    “Robin will be for around 10 days”

    The club still noe fuck all about injuries, sack them all

  21. Jaguar reloaded

    True Geoff,but those AKBs convenienty ignore the number of games he had played for Holland before that,and how Wenger’s mad methods ruin the fitness of any player.

  22. Steve Biko


    Robin Van persie is expected to miss our game against Chelsea.


    In both our games against Chelsea last season Van Persie was missing with injury. His absence was particularly felt at the Bridge where we created numerous chances.

    Guys lets face it. Maybe the time for letting RVP go has come. I absolutely love the guy he is the embodiment of our club. But his continued stay may mean more heartbreak for our beloved team. Right now I would take a goal machine like Louis Suarez and move on. It would hurt but at least we would have established agood foundation for our future.

  23. GoonerT1m

    steve B, how can an intelligent man not learn?, he’s stubborn and thats it…its kids only to replace the established players we have…if we get injuries, its tough luck.

  24. samir masri

    Arsenal’s medical team are bunch of cunt.and what the fuck happened to that treatment thing thats supposed to cure our players?

  25. Arse&Nose©

    No one cares about theos injury. No one wants to merit him for helping make the first goal, its all about Rooney.

  26. Steve Biko


    The Dutch FA has also offended Bayern Munich. I heard that Arjen Robben faces long term injury lay off because suprise suprise the Dutch FA misdiagnosed his injury at the World Cup! What rubbish is this? FIFA should allow clubs compensation for this kind of crap.

  27. gazzap

    Diaby played 90 last night so I wouldn’t start him on saturday – keep him for Braga. Clichy I would rest too same as Geoff.
    I noticed that Matuidi played for France last night – he is a player we should have bought – he virtaully begged wenger to buy him.

    wonder whether wenger will rest Cesc likes he rests Vela having played in South America. The extra days rest might be crucial this time.

  28. dennisdamenace

    What good will it really do to field a weakend team, particularyly of younger players, against a full strength Spudz team in their own backyard? Really, what good will it do the younger players to get battered once again…..

  29. stonroy

    If we were to bring in another striker as we do need one I would want Antonio Cassano, he has that special something and he’s not afraid to take a shot from outside the box…Plus the man screams passion and we sorely miss that.

  30. charybdis1966

    DDM – it’d be like playing the kids against Man Shitty in last years Carling Cup. Fat lot of good that did us then, eh ?

  31. Steve Biko


    Cassano would be interesting. If not for his on the pitch activities then maybe his off the field drama. He once confessed to have bedded a total of a thousand women. My guess is that he will be exchanging ‘war stories’ with a certain Wayne Rooney.

  32. SongtheGreat

    mornin all ..

    great read Geoff….what to do about our injuries….well for one.get rid of the crocks….sell RvP…havin him like some sort of a free passenger doesnt feckin help..and dont jump the gun..i know injuries are part of the game…but some players are just crocks…so RvP stand up be a man…leave please and make way for others who isnt a medical disaster…

    and have a close look at Theo…get him back on his feets and just cash in….

    as far as Arsenal’s medical team goes..hang em high…

  33. Big Dave

    Time to cut our losses with Rvp we can’t class him as a 1st team player and therefore he should fight for his place when/if he is fit.

    Either in Jan or the summer break the bank and find a top class striker who stays fit .

    Rvp out of 6 seasons with us, he has only played 3

  34. Steve Biko

    Song the Great

    Agreed except on the Walcott bit. But yeah we need a new medical team. Apparently lowly Birmingham have one the best medical teams in the country!

  35. samir masri

    Arsenal Tom

    thanks for Answering my question mate.but six months is a fucking long I think its better if our players do return as quick as possible.

  36. Socrates

    Dont know much about Arsenal’s history going back 20 years, but could RVP be the biggest crock the club has ever had?

  37. Matt

    If RVP is going to be out for 6-8 weeks from a ‘challenge’ like that then how can we ever expect him to play a big part in a season? I would still keep him because when he is fit he is different class. Plus, who is going to pay good money for him knowing his injury record?

    But, we should sign someone else as a replacement otherwise we are always going to be short of options.

  38. Steve Biko

    RVP reminds me of Torres. World class? Yes. But how many times does these players absence affect their teams. Right now I would snap up an average Rodallega if he stays fit than a RVP who is not dependable.

  39. Queen of Suburbia

    Geoff – you asked me to point out when i found some comments offensive rather than address the poster personally.

    Can i therefore point out that calling AKB’s; retards contreves the sites philisophy related to calling other Arsenal fans names?

  40. SongtheGreat

    Steve Biko mate..

    Our medical team should really stand up and take the responsibility and walk…

    Theo is lookin better when he is playin agreed,but it doesnt look like he will play very much now does it ? 😉

    we all knew Edu was ruined as a player when he got injured….same goes for Ramsey..he will never be the same(and that is a tragedy)Rosicky..well we waited 3 years for him to be back at normal…RvP just sell that crock…Diaby ?? big question mark..Denilson’s stomach is slowly turnin into a nightmare…Djourou …oh dont feckin go there he is a walking injury….and now Frimpong…??…and lets not forget Bendtner who’s out for how long…

    we do sometimes seem to have a better team on the sicklist than on the pitch…

    wenger wake the feck up…get it sorted and dont be a such a sissy…if players cant play…get rid of them…asap…

  41. makenzi

    clichy plays better than Gibbs. Gibbs should be introduced into the team gradually. Gibbs is not yet experienced. dont you remember the slip against Man Utd

  42. dennisdamenace

    Chary – I really struggle to understand the logic.

    Does AW really truly believe these kids can beat a decent team in their own back yard, of does he truly not give a fuck for that competition or the fans collective feelings for being embarrassed again….

    Not acceptable, i mean what is he saving his so called senior players for, the ECL? Ha fucking ha, joke of the year. Save his senior players so that they can then be embarrassed by ManUre or Barca or any of serious club.

  43. SongtheGreat

    The Arsenal have become by far the most exclusive hospital in the world…and feck you even get paid while recovering…..a step up from normal health care i would dare to say 😉

  44. Steve Biko

    Song the Great

    you said

    ‘…wenger wake the feck up…get it sorted and dont be a such a sissy…if players cant play…get rid of them…asap…’

    I agree. I have always been amazed by Wenger’s idealism. He lets the best leave while retaining the most mediocre because they are younger! In other words if Wenger acted as Trump in the Apprentice then those who excelled per episode would in a strange twist be fired! Those who failed assuming they are young would be retained and even rewarded with leadership positions!
    Needless the show would be cancelled as the competitors would compete to feck things up.

  45. Queen of Suburbia

    Dennis – I think the logic is that it gives the younger players a chance to show that they can mix it with big teams (beating Liverpool last year springs to mind).

    I have to be honest the Carling Cup as long as it lasts is one of my highlights of the season for that reason.

    Regarding the Champs League – it would be nice to see us play the likes of Man U and Barca with our senior team rather than a makeshift one, usually by the time the Champs League later stages come around we are struggling to put a side out!

  46. Steve Biko


    LOL. Are you serious? Gibbs slipped in the CL game against manure because he was inexperienced? Yeah I suppose terry also lacks experience after slipping in the process of taking a penalty in the UEFA Champion’s league final.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    samir… its a prevention mate, it can tell from their movements how tired and more likely to get injuries they are. they need to collect data for 6 months to make the analysis though.

  48. LeProf

    So that GPS a toss as far as the injury goes. Anyway would love to see Eboue finally as striker with Chamakh! Happy days eh!

  49. SongtheGreat


    im sorry but im just a poor worker,then again if had been home from work as often as RVP is injured i wouldnt have a job….

    when a car breaks down time and time again you at one point question the mechanic ?…or at least gets another opinion..??

    wenger needs to wake up…he is runnin The Arsenal like a elderly home…keepin everyone nice and happy….its a joke….really….it seems to me like wenger is livin the easy life…just surfin….so lets get someone in who at least will try to win and be competitive ??

  50. Jonny M

    Worried… Not
    Lets assume Walcott is out until the Chelsea match (which is more than likely)

    The only match we’ll miss him for is Sunderland away. In fact I prefer to play bigger stronger players in that match anyway.
    We can manage against WBA and Bolton at home without him, and I don’t care about the Carling Cup as Wenger has no intention of making an effort to win it anyway.

    Nasri is back which is ace. I see alot of Gooner Bloggers claiming Nasri isn’t world class. I disagree. I think he has that potential.

    I think we should get shot of RVP. He’s a waste of time. I particular dislike him as he played every game for Holland without any problem at all. His heart isn’t in Arsenal and he’s less reliable than Darren Anderton.

  51. talia helena

    Your lineup seems a bit out-of-whack.

    Almunia: Obviously. In the form of his life.

    Sagna: Another given.

    Squillaci: Doubtful. He played last night during our 4-3 drubbing of Blackburn reserves. And although two of the conceded goals were Djourou’s I think we’ll play Koscielny again.

    Vermaelen: Yup.

    Gibbs: Another doubtful. My preference too perhaps, but it’ll still be Clichy.

    Song: Of course, he’s magic.

    Cesc: If he’s in the mood.

    Wilshere: Probably not. If Nasri’s fit it’ll be Nasri. But it’ll be either Diaby or Rosicky.

    Arshavin: On the right. Cripes. After Russia’s 1-0 loss to Slovakia last night it’ll be difficult to even get him out of bed for Bolton. But if he plays it’ll be on the left with Vela on the bench as his understudy. On the right he could play Eboue, he could play JET, and there’s a small possibility he’ll play Wilshere. Again, if Nasri’s fit he could play there with Diaby in midfield.

    Chamakh: Leads the line.

    Arshavin: As previously stated.

    The CC is a bit easier. Szczesny, Nordtveit, Squillaci, Djourou, Gibbs, Denilson, Wilshere, Rosicky (capt), JET, Afobe/Aneke, Vela.

    The only doubtful’s are Rosicky and who out of Afobe/Aneke starts. Eastmond doesn’t start because Denilson needs the minutes. Lansbury would be out of his depth, and Randall simply isn’t good enough. Henderson may be on the bench, but I doubt it as the bench will be packed with ‘just in case’ experience. Chamakh, AA23, Diaby etc.

    But all of this is pie-in-the-sky conjecture as the CC tie isn’t until 21st and two weeks is an eternity in the treatment room.

  52. gambon


    Its a fucking joke.

    Wenger throws the cups we can win, to prioritise the ones we cant.

    Kinda like a tramp turning down a night in a hostel cos hes waiting for an invite to the ritz.

  53. deephenry

    I too read the armchair gooner blog. Le Grove you guys are the best arsenal blog and i eagerly wait for your post everyday. Thats a fact that you guys provide constructive criticism of wenger and everything arsenal. Some of the comments in the other site’s comments section about you guys are absolutely ludicrous. Don’t mind about them and keep up the good work. BTW i am from Mumbai India.

  54. SongtheGreat


    regarding Ramsey…please think back and give me one example of a player who after that sort of njury have recovered fully…..he will no doubt be playing again..but the killer instinct will be gone…

    i can think of one player who sort of made it Henrik Larsson (celtic)he had the same sort of injury and did well later…

    unsubstantiated pessimisn…..well carrying a hatfull of crocks may be abit optimistic wouldnt you say ?

    and QoS we are a world class football Club…not a nursing home…we cant all be Nightingales ?;)

  55. Arsenal Tom

    samir… yeah basically… it measures the players movement and the weight they put down when running and they gauge how tried and susceptible to injuries they are through that so when they are knackered the management will be able to tell without asking the player… i think!? lol

    allot of other clubs are already using it

  56. A

    talia Fabianski will play in the league cup, and I’d be surprised if either Afobe or Aneke start, as well as the fact they play in different positions…. I forgot about Nordveit, in actual fact i’m doing for


    Nordveit Squillaci JD Gibbs

    Denilson Song/Diaby Wilshere

    Eboue JET Vela

  57. Sam

    If you guys have seen the movie Unbreakable , RVP is definitely very close to Samuel Jackson’s end of the spectrum.

    Who is closer to the Bruce Willis’ side ?

  58. Queen of Suburbia

    its nothing like that at all gambon. He’s not “throwing” the cup. He’s using as an opportunity to field players outside of the first team, to assess them and give them a chance in a competitive game against stronger opposition.

  59. Fine

    I have a very serious question to ask. What exactly is Szczesny doing at our club? Honestly? If he can’t even get a game in the reserves what it he doing? Why WHY IS WENGER PLAYING THAT USELESS CUNT FABIANSKI IN THE RESERVES? You may say I’m being overdramatic but I honestly believe this kind of decision is the basis for why wenger should leave? HE HAS ZERO BOTTLE! NO OTHER MANAGER IN THE WORLD WOULD HAVE FABIANSKI AT THEIR CLUB AFTER WHAT HE HAS DONE.

    I beg those of you going to the Bolton game to bringsigns saying play Szczesny against spurs forget fabianski out- I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF IT HURTS HIS FEELINGS- he gets paid £25,000 a week for fuck sake- IT REALLY IS A DISGRACE- thoughts?

  60. A

    HPM it’ll be easy for him to get it, just not sure whether we can pre-apply, so that he turns 18 and that’s that, immediately available, or whether we need him to turn 18, then we sign him, then we apply for the work permit so it’d be a few days more

  61. choy

    Morning all..

    RVP out till Oct… pfft.. I doubt the PL is for him, he should try Spain or something.

    Our main striker is hardly ever fit, we really need to look into replacing him.

  62. Queen of Suburbia

    I’m a little bit more relaxed about RVP because we’ve got the excellent Chamakh attack ready to step in. Last season, we had an out of sorts Eddie and you never felt that he was going to menance opposition defences like our big Morrocan.

  63. Arsenal Tom

    not botherign with the FA cups has been one of wenger’s biggest mistakes, if we’d won 1 or 2 in the last 5 years it’d make his position allot less questionable.

    the chavs were there for the taking a few years ago but his non money spending ego took over and he played diaby on the left… that was an utter disgrace, no wonder arshavin’s not overly motivated when he sees that kind of pointless purely self indulgent decision being made

  64. dennisdamenace

    Well maybe some investment is some decent, proven players might help our ‘plight’ instead of continuing to rely on crocks and kids all the time….

  65. Queen of Suburbia

    Tom – didn’t we have a lot of injuries prior to that cup semi-final? And a CL semi against Man U coming up?

    I don’t think its fair to say that it was a self-indulgent decision. A wrong decision sure…but then everybody is a genius after the fact aren’t they?

  66. choy

    QOS… Like I said. I think RVP needs to be replaced.

    A top top player on his day but he commands high wages and he’s our no.1 striker.

    He’s always going to be first choice, but he’s almost never fit enough.

    Chamakh was doing ever so well, but he got dropped against BB.

  67. SongtheGreat


    i’ll just let u dangle around up there in wenger heaven…on the other hand you shouldnt be such a…relaxed about RvP…what??

  68. Queen of Suburbia

    Choy – its a brave man that sells arguably our best player.

    What i’d give for a Henry like indestructable beast up front again, sadly there are not many Thierry Henry’s about.

    WHo would you replace him with? If you sold RVP?

  69. Matt

    There are literally too many players to list as possible replacements for RVP. Very few will be as good as he can be on his day, but most will have better injury records and all in all would contribute more to the team over the course of a season.

  70. High Power Mutant

    Aren’t you suppose to play in 75% of your country’s internationals? or does this not apply to young players?

  71. samir masri

    arsenal tom

    its either that he is crazy or nuts.cos wenger just does’nt know when stop lying.cos we we’ve got shedloads of money inside the bank.but he choses to withdraw a lesser amount.and I do wonder if the money that he withdraw’s does comes out straight from his pockets.and maybe that could be the reason why he is so tight.

  72. Queen of Suburbia

    Song – can you not handle people asking you to justify your opinions?

    You were talking nonsense from an ill-informed perspective and when I quite simply asked you to provide some justification for that perspective. You could not, instead you get all defensive and hyperbolic again.

    Admit it, you have no idea whether Ramsey will make a full recovery or not. You are not qualified to make such a statement but you just went ahead and did it anyway.

    It could that what you meant was that you are worried that he might not make a full recovery. No arguing with that, perhaps you just expressed yourself badly.

    I’m all for different opinions but don’t be suprised to be challenged if you present that opinion as an industable fact when its clearly nothing of the sort.

  73. timao

    walcott’s injury means hopefully Jay Emmanuel Thomas can get a game… would love to see him score and get a bit of confidence at the top level

  74. Arsenal Tom

    QoS… wenger said after that he played diaby to show the team they could win without arshavin and without big signings… that to me is indulging himself and his policy, he clearly played an inferior player, and he played him out of position.

    arshavin was cup tied for the CL that year as well so it would have actually made more sense to play him in the FA cup instead of diaby who was eligible for the CL

  75. Queen of Suburbia

    Choy – i reckon we have plenty of budget to be fair. I’m just not neccesarily seeing a raft of players willing and available (and good enough and strong enough) to replace RVP if we decided his injury record wasn’t up to it.

  76. Lurch LeRouge

    Top post Geoff.

    If RVP was a horse…. I’d change my chemistry!

    Time arsenal got a new blood cleaning machine like Chelsea and we started pumpin our glaziers with some human growth hormone! Or diamntium grafted to their bones.

    Grrrr. This in O’d to our fallen.


  77. Geoff

    QoS dealt with, go and look.

    A big welcome to all the new bloggers today, I’m sorry you were in moderation so long, Pedro’s out, I have been and now I’m off until at least 4pm, so please be patient if you are held.

    As I’m out, I can’t moderate, you are on your own, good luck but remember, this is the blog of love!

  78. A

    HPM it doesn’t really apply to young players, they aren’t automatically eligible without a hearing, as someone who’s played 75% for a team above whatever ranking it is, but anyone who plays regularly for the youth teams of a country like Brazil, as Wellington Silva does, will have no problem getting one at a hearing, as Denilson did, along with Rafael and Fabio at utd etc

  79. GoonerT1m

    its quite shocking to see “le flap” on the team sheet last night, the thought of him at whl sends shivers down my spine…RVP will not be sold, no way he is one of the best, why would you do that, just play him in the big games and keep him away from the stoke’s of this world.

  80. rooster

    I thought wellington would go down the ‘outstanding talent’ visa route that Song took a few years ago when we got him from Bastia?

  81. talia helena

    @A Disagree. Fabianski plays in the reserves this season, as he did last night. If Szczesny is to get any playing time it’ll be in the CC. Would Wenger risk Fabianski against Sp*rs? Not a chance. No, really not a chance. If Fabianski made another mistake when we have a 5-1 trauma to avenge it’ll be a career-ender pressure point. Besides even Wenger wants to see Szczesny step up.

    As for Aneke/Afobe? Yes Aneke often plays in midfield, but last night he played alongside JET and Afobe with Denilson, Eastmond, and Randall in midfield. For the CC game I can’t see Wenger starting with both – hence the either/or. One will be on the pitch, the other on the bench.

  82. A

    talia there’s an interview on the official site right now with fabianski and the headline is, and I quote “Carling Cup is my time to shine”

    I can’t see either of them starting….

    Eboue JET Vela as the attacking trio, or Chamakh may even start

  83. Jimmythegun

    It was heartening to see the concern on the other Eng-er-land players faces as Theo pounded the ground in agony in the aftermath of his injury…the boy really is the team leper which seems ridiculously childish and unecessary.

    I can’t decide what to make of the injury – a freak accident or another case of a player (Theo) putting his foot in for a ball he was never going to get/win (al a RVP)

    What do you guys reckon?

  84. samir masri

    arsenal tom

    for some reasons he just he hates spending the cash.cos deep down he even knows that he missed out on a valuable transfer window.cos he only signed chamack,kos and squal.but for some reasons he hesitated and decided not to splash the money on the neeeded keeper and also a that decisive Dm.

  85. kneelbeforewenger

    Anyone see the netherlands match last night, that Afellay really is something. also, VDV seems to be on the decline

  86. A

    Depends on the nature of the player Big Dave. Vela had to go there, Pedro Botelho has to, as does Galindo, Denilson and Song didn’t have to, and Wellington Silva won’t. Not sure what the situation will/would be with Miyachi