Monty Python, Life of Brian – ‘let he who has never sinned cast the first stone’ thwack! Muuuum!

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Remember that everyone? It was one of cinemas greatest takes, and the message was that we have all sinned so don’t be so quick to judge others when they have.

Good call and so true, I know I have sinned, but my sinning never broke the law, my sinning never hurt anyone, unless of course they deserved it, but Englands footballers keep doing it, you’ll have to trawl the whole team to find the good boys these days.

What I find appalling is they keep doing it, once is a mistake, but to keep doing it and then say it’s a private matter when they are beacons to our youth is just plain wrong, when these guys have so much, the world at their feet, it really is ‘I can do what I want because I’m a footballer’ No wonder we have so many wrong ‘uns in the country today.

I don’t know if what Jack is accused of is true, he hasn’t said a word, but if the picture with his mobile is true, then it’s naughty, but more of a boyish prank, no one got hurt, and I hope he got a real bollocking from both his parents and his manager, but what he did wasn’t as bad as what his England team mates have done, the line is endless, Rooney, twice, Terry, Gerrard, Cole, no wonder the younger players think bad behaviour is acceptable, thank god that Jack has been outed early, now perhaps he can get on with the serious business of football.

How can the players learn when their own ex-manager Sven was a serial bad boy, when the FA boss Palios was sharing a bird with that same man, we need to add ethics to their training, to let them know that what they do is unacceptable. They need to add fidelity and good manners to their ‘kick racism out of football’ mantra.

Ok lesson in social behaviour over, Arsene, time to crack down, time to add manners, social acceptance, crossing, defending and goal keeping to the curriculum.

Ryo Miyaichi is the latest teen sensation to join our young 63 strong group of under 21’s, he could have joined us or Ajax, he said it was a tough decision, he chose to join us to play football, but he went to them for the broken leg. I hope this kid is good and it’s not a cynical ploy to gain interest and shirt sales in Japan. If he is a really good winger, then maybe he can be our very own Eden Hazard, time will tell.

You may or may not be surprised to hear I didn’t get any form of response to the questions I asked the management yesterday, ho hum, was I really expecting one? Maybe I should just arrive at the Q&A and blurt them out, they don’t know who I am, they sure would if I did though, wouldn’t they!

Well England play tonight, I wonder if Johan will be playing? That would be interesting, and if he plays, will he be a centre back or a defensive midfielder? We’ll find out soon enough and once that’s over, we can all look forward to welcoming Owen Coyle and we can set Jack Wilshere loose on them, I’m looking forward to that!

Reports suggest we are about to raid Barcelona’s youth ranks and snap up Oriol Romeu, the defensive midfielder that will struggle to get playing time now they signed Mascharano, what makes us think he’ll get playing time with us? He’ll be behind Denilson, Song and Diaby and bringing him in will kill Eastmond and Frimpong, when fit.

Whilst it would be justice, I think we ought to have learned that bringing in players with Barca DNA is not a smart move, bringing in players with Spanish DNA is not so smart either, look at Merida and Almunia, get my drift! No, I have nothing against Spanish players but we’re not having the greatest time with them are we.

I mentioned the amount of French players and how it worried me, not because they are french, but my fear of cliques, Koscielny said yesterday that because we had so many french players, he feels at home and settled in quickly, so the ying and the yang there.

Anyway, not to long to go now, so grit your teeth and watch England tonight, we could have a number of players on show, Walcott, Gibbs and Djourou, what a shame the boss didn’t listen to my plea of 2 years ago, we could have had Hart, for me the most improved player of the last 10 years, a proper improvement.

Hopefully Jack will be back to face Lithuania tomorrow, though why he’s not in the big boys side is beyond me.

Have a great day grovers, it’s getting closer!

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