Jack Wilshere to save Arsenal a shedload next season.

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Jack Wilshere has been practising his photography this weekend at a London nightclub, he apparently he is getting so good now that next season he is going to take the team picture.

So now the press are having a go at our Jack for shoving his mobile up a birds frock, well correct me if I’m wrong but he is 18 and from what I know about photography you’d only get a picture if the person’s frock you were clipping was a micro one and had they been sensibly dressed and not attention seeking in a Kensington night club next to footballers on a night out, it wouldn’t have happened.

And suddenly this bird’s name is all over the press, I bet she made sure they spelt her name right didn’t she, I’ve seen these types at clubs, and they only go there to snare a footballer, most of the are just predators, they don’t take their eyes of their target, shame on them.

Look at people like Peter Crouch, would he have a bird like that if he wasn’t a footballer, he looks like Lurch and Rooney’s wife gets masses of money just because she married him, it’s disgraceful, involvement with premiership footballers to some women is now a career.

So Jack should be hailed as a hero and gets a sex pest one instead, very unfair in my book.

Not to mention that Jack can’t give his side of the story either, my goodness the press really hate us don’t they?

We also tried to get Lloris, Given and Begovic on the last day of the window as well, so if those stories are to be believed, then that makes 4 keepers, not sure I do believe it but it’s my job to report.

In the Mail yesterday they reported on the winners and losers in the window, Almunia got a ‘winners’ tag for keeping his job and the Arsenal fans got the ‘losers’ tag because we failed to get a keeper, go figure!

I was thinking about the 56 or so under 21’s we put forward, if you add the loanees to that, it would take it past 60, add the new boys who aren’t even on there, that makes 63, plus the 20 grown ups that makes some 83 footballers at our club, now is that really necessary? And how much does that cost us? It’s like we are trying to stop everyone else buying youth.

Considering how many actually graduate, our percentages aren’t that impressive are they.

I heard that Chezzer is now going out on loan, so it looks like Almunia is it then, I’ll get behind him, of course I will, but you would think that Bob Wilson as an ex-coach would tell him what he does wrong and help him put it right, Gerry Peyton, if he’s the keeper coach, ought to be replaced, as he hasn’t done it.

Spare a thought for Cashley who will be divorced today, he really has no luck in life does he? I feel for him, I also feel for Ade, poor sod went up to Manchester to be loved and all that happens is he gets dropped.

I fancy Jack to play against Bolton, show Coyle what he learned in his time up there, I was also wondering how Jack would fare as a DM, he has vision, a ripper of a tackle, speed and intelligence, why shouldn’t a skilful player be a DM?

Just a thought. Have a great day Grovers, it’s the weekend tomorrow!

P.S. If you want read something different, check out Pedro’s article over at Tatty nut nut.

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  1. incesc

    just saying


    so where are you from?

    how long you been a gooner?

    are you drunk?

    who will our top scorer be this season?

    answer me that

  2. Stu

    Kwikfit, you are so fucking weird.. and not in a good way.

    Im sure you are good friends with Jay…or maybe one of his other personalities.

  3. incesc


    im watching the highlights of the libertines at Reading festival

    Starting to think its going to be one of the biggest regrets of my life not going for the first year in about 5!

  4. Honest Bill


    well to be fair, the Libertines barely keep it together in the studio let alone live, so i think it’s best to just enjoy the music

  5. incesc

    well stu

    have you sucked his cock?


    i was hoping while i was chatting to him earlier there was some translation problems…

    probably too forgiving


  6. Stu

    I sure have not Incesc.

    I think you were too forgiving. His english is ok…its just what he’s saying is questionable at best.

    He does love you though…just like Jay did if i remember right.

  7. incesc

    what can i say

    i attract weirdo’s

    KWICKFIT isnt Jay, id put money on it.

    Jay is just a straight up piss head, no funny business

  8. Stu

    I dunno Incesc. Jay wanted to meet up with you if i remember right and was always saying weird gay shit all the time. Just like Kwikfit is now… i would bet that they are either 2 close “friends” or different personalities of the same person.

    Either way he’s an oddball..