Nasri’s back for the Bolton game, good news at last! Squads are announced too.

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Well it’s nice to start the day with some good news for once, Nasri is back in training, good, he can take Cesc’s place, just kidding, but he was playing well until his injury, in fact he was the player we all saw on youtube clip at Marseille .

There were many sites berating Wenger yesterday for his inability to sign a keeper, but I hear from one of our regulars, it was in fact the negotiating skills of Ivan and his team that messed up that one, still it does prove we went back and tried again, which in turn means that Wenger wanted someone better that what we have.

Some sites unsurprisingly backed the boss, how anyone can think the options we have is good news is beyond me, they must have low, or no expectations in life.

Still we move on, of course I will get behind any player that wears the Arsenal shirt, it doesn’t mean I have to like it though does it.

Other good news is I read we have managed to sign that 17 old Japanese kid with the broken leg, phew, thought we’d lost him, nothing like planning long term.

So Barclays announced all the squads yesterday, here’s ours, have a look at the size of our under 21’s, now we can see why our wage bill is so high, I think it’s a bit unnecessary as 90% of that lot will never see the light of day. The yes and the no bits are home grown or not.

1 Almunia, Manuel No
2 Arshavin, Andrey No
3 Bendtner, Nicklas Yes
4 Chamakh, Maroune No
5 Clichy, Gael Yes
6 Denilson, Pereka Neves Yes
7 Diaby, Vassiriki Abou No
8 Djourou-Gbadjere, Johan Danon Yes
9 Eboue, Emmanuel No
10 Fabianski, Lukasz No
11 Fabregas Soler, Francesc Yes
12 Koscielny, Laurent No
13 Mannone, Vito Yes
14 Nasri, Samir No
15 Rosicky, Tomas No
16 Sagna, Bacary No
17 Song Bilong, Alexandre Dimitri Yes
18 Van Persie, Robin No
19 Vermaelen, Thomas No
20 Squillaci, Sebastien No

Arsenal – Under 21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Afobe, Benik
Aneke, Chukwuemeka Ademola Amachi
Angha, Martin Yves
Ansah, Zak Andy
Barazite, Nacer
Bartley, Kyle
Bihmoutine, Samir
Boateng, Daniel
Botelho, Pedro Roberto Silva
Brislen-Hall, George
Bunjaku, Alban
Campbell, James Andrew
Charles-Cook, Reice Jordan
Coquelin, Francis
Cruise, Thomas Daniel
Deacon, Roarie
Eastmond, Craig Leon
Ebecilio, Kyle Stephen Joel
Edge, James Michael
Emmanuel-Thomas, Jay-Aston
Evina, Cedric David
Freeman, Luke Anthony
Frimpong, Emmanuel Yan
Galindo, Samuel
Gibbs, Kieran James Ricardo
Glasgow, Benjamin Luke
Hajrovic, Sead
Henderson, Conor Alan
Hoyte, Gavin Andrew
Lansbury, Henri George
Martinez, Damain Emiliano
McDermott, Sean
Meade, Jernade Ronnel
Miquel-Pons, Ignasi
Monakana, Jeffrey
Monteiro, Elton Almada
Murphy, Rhys Philip Elliot
Nordtveit, Havard
Oldfield Spence-Neita, Nigel Paul
Ozyakup, Oguzhan
Ramsey, Aaron James
Randall, Mark
Rees, Joshua David
Roberts, Philip James
Shea, James
Smith, Steven Robert
Sunu, Gilles
Szczesny, Wojciech Tomasz
Traore, Armand
Vela Garrido, Carlos Alberto
Walcott, Theo James
Watt, Herschel Oulio Sanchez
Webb, Callum Taylor
Wilshere, Jack Andrew
Wynter, Jordan James Cecil
Yennaris, Nicholas

Well I think that’s 56 under 21 players, goodness me, I didn’t check on the rest, but I’m guessing we’ll probably have the biggest young squad in world football, and with the 17 year old Japanese kid coming and Wellington from Brazil, it’s set to get even bigger.

I would still try the Chezzer / Mannone combo instead of the Flappy duo, I really can’t see what we’d lose, I thought against Fulham last year Mannone had the game of the season for our keepers and Chezzer for Brentford looked a class act, in fact his first action for us against Legia was a double save that neither of our first choice boys could have got near, so all is not lost.

Perhaps we’ll have a new star coming from nowhere this season, perhaps we’ll have a youth team player come good, perhaps Wilshere and Chezzer or Mannone can join the long awaited rank of Ashley Cole. I say rank because he was the only one I can think of that came through the ranks apart from Wilshere, and talking of our little hero it seems to be apparent that he was indeed the peacemaker in his incident, I hope now he cuts out the late night clubbing though, he’ll always be a target.

Have a great day Grovers, at least the speculation will now stop until Christmas and by then we could be running away with it, because however much we haven’t done, the chavs and the mancs have not moved either, the spuds and shitty though hmmmm, we’ll find out soon enough, let’s just hope he doesn’t throw the Carling Cup against Tottenham though.

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    dunno Geoff

    the two ethangooners on this post have different avatars so that means different IP addresses, doesn’t it?

    was the last one from Thailand?

  2. dennisdamenace

    Chary – I’m chilled out now, still uber fucked off with the management at the club, and their Incompetence’s and/or personal agendas, but i need to take a step back and back the team, NOT the management.