Flabbergasted, but not in the least surprised, at least his bonus is safe.

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Bargain Hunt - Starring Arsene Wenger

Even David Dickinson was shocked at the frugal one...

Before all the believers come on and start to bitch, read this, if after you have, you still think I’m being unfair, don’t bother to comment, read a blog that thinks what he’s done makes sense, you’ll be happier there, if of course you find one.

How can anybody be happy with our two keepers, even Wenger isn’t and he was the only person that could have made something happen, a good manager would have, but then Wenger isn’t, he’s a great coach, but managing isn’t his forte.

He knew in May that he wanted to get a new keeper, how do we know that? Peter Hill-Wood confirmed we had bid for Mark Schwarzer, Fulham wanted £4 million, we offered £2 million, why? Because our manager is very clever, Barca wanted Cesc for £29 million, we said you’ll need to pay £60 million. You can ask, but if what you offer is derisory then you’ll get nothing. Ask Barca!

So think about that then, we have a keeper crisis and our leader believes a keeper that is worth £58 million less (in his valuation not mine) than his captain, will do the job, hmmmm. Work that one out.

I have never been a big Schwarzer fan, but over the two we have, I would have him in a heartbeat.

So then we go back in August and bid the same paltry amount for him again, and guess what? Fulham said no, we want £4 million, if you can’t pay £4 million, then sod off, just like you told Barcelona. Fair enough in my book.

Then on the final day of the transfer window, Wenger goes back and says ‘okay, you win, here’s the £4million you wanted back in May.’ However by yesterday, their current keeper Stockdale (stand in) was injured, so Fulham said no, that’s not the fault of Mark Hughes, why would he sell Schwarzer when his other keeper is injured?

No that’s the fault of no one else other than Arsene Wenger.

If we had paid what they asked for in May instead of playing childish games of ‘look how clever I am’ we would have had a decent keeper in for pre season and would have been away. Much the same is had we offered a sensible amount last August for Chamakh, we may have won the league. We didn’t and the striker problems of last season cost us dearly, so what did we learn from that? Nothing, that’s what.

And please don’t tell me he was free, by the time you add salary to signing on bonus there is little difference, there is no such thing as a free lunch, unless of course they are over 30.

Dreadful brinkmanship that failed dismally, so for all the people that said back in June, that I should wait until the end of the window as he knows best, get back under your rock people, because here we go again, only this time, we not only have two useless keepers that regularly commit howlers, we have two keepers that know the manager wanted them out for a 37 year old who could hold the fort until prodigy Chezzers comes of age.

Still another season where the transfer budget has been well and truly saved, many more players have left or been sold so the books have been balanced, the bonus is safe and we have another season of promise that could have been to look forward to.

Arsene, the only sane thing you can do now is to get Shay Given on loan, that business can still be done, or make Chezzer the new number 1, I would sooner watch him making mistakes than the other two jokers, I’ve seen enough of their howlers in pre season. Real Madrid took a chance on a young keeper years ago, he lifted the world cup in July.

I have many mates that are AKB’s, not one of them can understand this, some of them even rate our two keepers, but none of them can understand the manager letting them know that he thinks they are crap.

If we win the league this season I will be delighted, of course I will, I love my team, we ought to eventually, the amount of games this team has played together, but think how much easier it could have been if he had signed a world class keeper, think of the games Cech and Van der Sar have won for their teams, and the worst bit is, Wenger knows it.

And just to add salt to the wound, Harry gets Van Der Vaart, great, and for £2mill less than we spent on Koscielny.

Poor old Cesc, he must have known. Have a great day Grovers, how many times have we said groundhog day before eh?

Ground Hog Day

September 1st 2009

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

August 31st 2009

Almunia: Having a shocking opener to the season. If he were a pupil at school and I was his headmaster, I’d be on my second parent meeting of the term. I think it’s gone beyond the last chance saloon and he should be dropped. 4

September 1st 2008

I feel very let down by Arsene because once again I was lured in by his lies. That is why I have created a new term…

A Wengerism: A Wengerism is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others.

Do you feel deceived? Wenger has lured us in all summer with the promise of signings, the promise of players staying and the promise of being satisfied as fans. He only said this a couple of days ago,

“We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed,”

“This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go.

It doesn’t matter though, because you’ve made you bed… now you must lie in it.

You will have no excuses come the end of this season because,

  1. You had the money, despite trying your best to deny it.
  2. You knew about the crocks (RvP, Denilson, Theo, Eduardo, Diaby, Song, JD…etc).
  3. You’ve had time .
  4. You knew the players were young .
  5. You publicly stated you needed experience.

September 27th 2007

I was a big advocate of signing two wingers and a centre back pre-season, still am a bit, but I tried thinking who I would buy come January? Apart from Goofy, there really isn’t anyone and we have £70mil to spend.

Being an Arsenal fan can sometimes be a bummer.

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  1. Wonderboy

    Here’s a priority…get a life. Sitting on here day after day moaning, have an occasional visit, you’ll feel better. Try sex, it’s brilliant!

  2. DeiseGooner

    we concede ALL our goals from the centre – cause thats there the goal is located!!


    I can feel the anger in you. The hate is swelling in you now. Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.


  3. Arse&Nose©

    Big Dave , you prove my point.

    I didn’t want to bring up the obvious ones so I started from the first game of last season(09/10). Already I have 14 goals with Clichy mistakes next to them!

  4. gambon

    Look at clichy this season;

    – Liverpool took him apart
    – He let a Blackpool attacker in for a free header
    – He was at fault for the bburn goal

    Just cos he plays for us doesnt mean hes a great player.

  5. Keyser

    A&N – You’ve picked up 14 goals and balmed Clichy for all of them ?! The Tottenham one is what you should have gone to first.

    The goal against Liverpool is one of the poorest examples anyone could have brought up ever on this site.

  6. DeiseGooner

    hey hey wardo – been scanning the posts – by Crom its a bit of a downer in here today – at least we have international football to look forward too this weekend eh …

  7. Keyser

    Big Dave – I’m not saying he’s been perfect I just think the criticism is ridiculous, Liverpool created almost fuck all against us, the goal they scored was because Arshavin played a poor pass to Wilshire, and Wilshire fluffed it.

    Over the past two season’s we’ve been pretty poor as a team compared to the year before in 07/08, we had Rosicky in front of Clichy, Flamini who was quick enough to cover both sides.

    What’s the difference now ? Diaby who regularly gets slated for being poor defensively covers that side and Arshavinb who regularly fails to track back.

  8. wardo

    it has been another frustrating transwer window. Knew this would happen……..

    Everyday without fail (including weekends) i have trailed through all the press in the hope that our 1 major signing would actually happen.

    All i have actually found is that;

    *) Tony Blair was on the piss whilst in office.
    *) a middled aged old hag put a cat in the bin and at the same time managed to unite the entire nation with anger.
    *) some Russian b1tch throwing puppies into a river for a “laugh”
    *) ….and the identity of the STIG !!!

    its not fcuking good enough Arsenal FFS !! I’ll still support all the players and manager tho……

  9. Big Dave

    Gambon says:
    September 1, 2010 at 16:35
    Look at clichy this season;

    – Liverpool took him apart- True
    – He let a Blackpool attacker in for a free header- We got with that one.
    – He was at fault for the bburn goal- So was Kos

  10. wardo

    hey DG…..i know mate !!

    On a positive note, i have a feeling that if Theo gets another 4 goals in the next 6 games (for Arsenal) he will continue to find a more consistent level of football for the entire season.

    Think his game is balanced on a knife edge at the moment. He’ll either struggle to get 11/12 goals or easily get 15-20 goals this season.

    Here’s hoping…….c’mon Theo !! you can be our brand new super striker signing. Its there for the taking

  11. A.F.C Lambo

    gambon 16.35
    Fucking true that.
    Been on the sauce since 18.00 last night. What the fuck has that french cunt got to play with.
    Not his 6 million ,oh no, thats safe my fellow gooners .
    Let the blind lead the blind . We dont matter. So gutted .

  12. Big Dave

    With our current situation with lack of strikers I expect Theo to play more down the middle during the match and hope that his current form continues as we need him big time now

  13. arsenal4ever

    one question, wtf is not only WEnker still in charge also his brillant understudy Pat Rice? We need a big money fan who takes over. I mean a real british magnat or something who knows Arsenal for years and support them all his live. Something like Manure was trying to do with the Glazers!!!

  14. Arse&Nose©

    Clichy is the Weakest Link – an analysis by Arse&Nose

    I have removed the Liverpool goal fromt he list to appease Keyser.

    Here are a list of Clichy’s defensive mistakes since the 09/10 season. Video to back it up where available.

    15-08-09 didn’t track Saha’s run who was behind him. (1-6)

    Man City 4 Arsenal 2

    *beaten in the air by Richards for 1st goal (1-0)
    *caught out of position, as Richards crossed for Bellamy to score 2nd City goal (2-1)
    *allows SWP to cross for Adebayor to head 3rd goal (3-1)
    *Clichy out of position, Bellamy plays in SWP to score 4th (4-1)

    Arsenal 6 Blackburn 2

    * Clichy caught up field as Emerton is free on the left to set up Dunn for Blackburns 2nd goal

    Arsenal 4 Bolton 2

    *Clichy kicks ball in box up in the air, it falls to cahil who beats clichy and scores (0-1)

    Arsenal 1 Man utd 3

    *Clichy out skilled by nani who runs into box and scores (0-1)
    *Clichy caught up field, nani runs into vacant space and sets up rooney (0-2)
    *Clichy stands off Park and watches him score past Almunia. Clichy was criticised by pundits for not going

    to the man.

    Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0


    *Clichy gives away free-kick in lead up to goal. for the goal he moves off the post he was guarding and

    leaves Drogba to stab it in.
    *Clichy caught out of position by lampards ball, catches up to Drogba who turns him inside out and scores

    FC Porto 2 Arsenal 1

    *clichy beaten by man, who shoots at fabianski who fumbles it in

    Arsenal 3 Burnley 1


    *clichy caught ball watching loses his man Nugent who ghosts in behind him and scores

    Arsenal 2 Barcelona 2

    *Ibrahimavic sneaks behind clichy who is out of position, runs into box and lobs almunia

    Barcelona 4 Arsenal 1
    *Clichy caught ball watching for 2nd goal as messi sneaks behind him to score

    Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1
    *Clichy ball watching as Bale runs past him and taps in from the left side

    Wigan 3 Arsenal 2

    *Rodallega turns clichy inside out and sets up N’zogbia for the winner

    28-08-10 didn’t track run of M.B.Diouf vs Blackburn (1-1)

  15. DeiseGooner

    Yeah wardo its delicately poised is Theos season. He could as easily slip back to his confidence lacking self as really go on to light up the league. He sounds well fired up though. Wenger must have got the sports head shrinker to work on him over the summer!

  16. Keyser

    A&N – Now do the same for every other players, then discuss how much of a part they played in each of the goals you’ve posted.

    You’ve put in that much effort, you should go all the way through all the goals we conceded last year now.

  17. Geoff

    the other thing is how many of these young stars we give such big contracts to make it?

    Most of them end up out on loan, then gone. We should concentrate of older players.

  18. gooner

    LOL arse&nose in depth examples of clichy lack of awareness

    In 2008 he was the best LB in the league, better even than Evra and cole

    He has been poor for 2 seasons. Although I wouldnt make gibbs first choice, I would definitely start blooding him in the prem. Maybe play him in the home games against easier opposition, like we did with walcott/eboue down the right last season

  19. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser, you do it.

    Its easy to sit back and pick holes in things but you have done nothing to put your case forward.

    I am not your optician.

  20. A.F.C Lambo

    @ Arse&nose
    Fuckin spot the dog bruv. Wenger must know . What a total fuck up . Push a player up who can make us commmand their area with a decent cross or run .Not lose the ball again and again or put it out of play

  21. arsenesabemejor

    A&N what about looking at why clichy was caught out of position ie the ball given away upfield by someone else, although I dont know what you expect to happen now that you have done this list

  22. Arse&Nose©


    I am trying to prove that Almunia is not the only one to blame. Clichy makes a lot of errors and never gets criticised for it.

    I have put together examples to show that he makes the odd error, I never anticipated finding that his mistakes have lead to 18 goals being conceeded in 1 year.

    I accept that he is not the only one to blame, and that others make mistakes but you will find it hard to compile a list of Sagna’s errors.

  23. Wenger the liar

    We sold the best left back in the world over £5k a week.

    If ever you want to see a master class in defending watch Ashley Cole against Portugal in Euro 2004.

    Arsene Knows.

  24. gooner

    Id love Theo to maintain this form, he has talent, people just say he has pace, but he has v good control, and good control of the ball running at pace

    its one thing to have pace, but another to keep hold of the ball whilst running at top speed.

    Lets just hope he can keep scoring, keep confidence high, and above all keep fit!

    Now that we will be keeping Almuia in goal, we are going to need to find an extra 10 points (that he will cost us with errors) from somewhere else, lets just hope theo can get the 15-20 goals to help do that

  25. Keyser

    A&N – I know it’s easy you plum, I told you that right at the start of the conversation.

    You’ve put together a list of goals we’ve conceded and just blamed Clichy for them, you don’t seem to be getting the point here, how do you blame one player when it’s a series of collective mistakes.

    What’s weird is that you’re criticising others for doing it.

    “I am trying to prove that Almunia is not the only one to blame”

    You’ve done this by blaming someone else entirely. You’re a bit of a nuttah.

  26. gambon

    Can ANYONE really say we wouldnt be the best team in the country with Reina, Vidic, Cole and Essien in the team?

    So is the answer to hope and pray with our fingers crossed that our weaklinks get that good?

    Or shall we go all out to sign players of a similar calibre?

    99.9% of teams since football began would do the latter, Arsene with his Midas complex thinks he can transform average players into world beaters.

  27. Wenger the liar

    I wont mention any names but I had someone arguing with me over wether RVP was injury prone or not this summer:

    “they are impact injuries”

    The world of the AKB LOL


  28. gambon

    Totally agree WTL, AKBs are the biggest danger to the free world.

    They are to football what Al Quaeda are to fundamental terrorism.

  29. Geoff

    He wouldn’t lose Cesc though would he??? I bet even though he has a 5 year contract, some obscene amount went his way for one more year.

  30. Keyser

    That was a pretty pathetic attempt at a retort, but I’m losing the will to live here.

    A&N – You could comply a list like that for almost every player, half of those goals and people were blaming Almunia.

  31. Wenger the liar

    Gambon –

    It is a cult. Its blind faith and belief in something despite the constant evidence to the contrary.

    its the same old answers about youth and this player coming through, that player coming through. I 100% promise you mate that when the figures are published you will still get fucking monkeys saying “but what have the board given arsene to spend”

    They are total cunts.

  32. BillikenGooner

    I had an argument with an AKB once, he trotted out the old religious standbys of “He is wiser than you.”, “One can never truly understand the mind of God (errr… Wenger)”, “All that He does has meaning greater than you can understand.” etc, etc.

    You can’t debate someone who drops that card on you.

  33. DaleDaGooner

    So Wenger has reduced your focuses to Clichy’s errors….good job, we forgot we have shit for keepers. Good plan.

  34. Baafuor from Ghana

    Its official, Arsene Wenger is stupid!!I now understand why Jaguar and co say the things they say about him.We will NEVER win anything again with Arsene in charge, NEVER!!I think he should be booed when next he steps onto the pitch at the Emirates!Useless cunt!

  35. cesc rule

    a4ever@15:02..agreed..arshavin transfer was an excitement..i cant remeber any famous signings after tht

    a4ever@15:06..1k post in a day wht an achieevement,.other blogs esp akb sites envy at pedro n geoff..the hits alone are termendous..guess a lot of blogs just copy n paste news and intervies of arsenal n short of disscussing important n vital issues to the club..

  36. leon

    to be totally honest i dont think almunia is bad keeper at all and its qyite shocking reading comments how some fans can him as skape goat dont get more he made some mistakes but i remember some thebig games last season against totnham chelsea manu barc and for all these games there little or no organisation,there defending was shocking and were far to easy to break through almunia had little or no protection this icludes the the whole backline were extremly poor.this team has got to get alot more organized as a unit and not be so nieve until this happens nothing will change no matter who the bring in as number 1 keeper

  37. DaleDaGooner

    If only the stinking Board offered Cashley what he asked, we would not be arguing about Clichy’s errors here, we’d just argue about Almunia, Effing cunts, wenger and the board!

  38. A.F.C Lambo

    WAKE UP SON . Honest about Almunia ?? He is a freak show with no bottle . He cant come off his line . Give him all the protection in the world and he would be sadly piss poor.

  39. ritesh

    was MS the only available keeper on this planet?

    I am not pissed off that we did not sign him,

    But surely there was sm1 available out there

  40. DaleDaGooner

    I agree that Almunia is not all bad, manageable as long as the defense can stay focused (winking at Clichy bashers), it’s Effing Fabianski i don’t want near the goal post. We should just start seeing what Szczesny has to offer, but again, that won’t happen. Wenger has definitely lost his thought process, or he just hates the fans for booing his love children.

  41. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser , I’m only messing about specsavers don’t take it to heart.

    Please understand that I like Clichy, this is not a witch-hunt, all I am trying to do is prove to everyone that Clichy is a weakness in our defence.

    I have posted links to videos, its up to you all to make your own minds up but I didn’t shoot the video or superimpose Clichys gaffs into them!

  42. Baafuor from Ghana

    Gambon, I was never an AKB!I just wasn’t at the extreme end like Jaguar.But now I am fully behind Jag.I hope Wenger dies.

  43. Arse&Nose©

    David Dien was around, he was the idiot who verbally mentioned a certain figure to Ashley then the board offered another figure 5k less.

    You could say Dien made a booboo

  44. ritesh

    bring DD back…. I dont mind having Fat Usmanov in the background, surely his money does not smell any worse than the money Kronke’s not given us.

  45. arsenal4ever

    @ Baafuor from Ghana says:
    September 1, 2010 at 17:37

    to much AKB in stadium :-(. Even at away games say are singing “one A. W.”. But this blog has the most posts like any other blog so i think there are a lot fans out there who doesnt want wenger still in charge.

  46. Queen of Suburbia

    gambon – on several occasions today you’ve called people who have a different idea than you what it is to support Arsenal football club – cunts.

    Do you get a badge from Spurs HQ if you hit a certain quota or something?

  47. arsenal4ever

    come on Baafuor from Ghana says:
    September 1, 2010 at 17:57 no one wants him to die thats not nice even as Gambon already said he “killed” someone through this suicide chapter

  48. Mayank

    Ashley had no honour, doesn’t matter if he’s the best. If he didn’t respect the fans I don’t understand why the fans should reminisce.

    BTW, A&N work has made me second guess about the LB position. But I still think Gael’s better than Gibbs for the moment, it’ll be better for Gibbs’ career to take it slow.

  49. ritesh

    Wenger has 2 much control and fucks up in the team selection. Not playing Rosicky and Wilshere was absurd

    Not selling Glasspersie is crazy….he only ever played 1 season for us in all those years hes spent here.

    He has Scescny, a bright GK but he wont play him.

    Geoff, thanks 4 conveying our thoughts to the club in ur post! please also mention Signor Gazidis because he is supposed to handle the transfers…if wenger is oenny pinching, its the job of Gazidis to step in and take the decision!

  50. ardentgooner

    too much attention on Theo Walcott again…its better for him if he stays out of the limelight….. Arse.com is full with articles on Theo….let him play…Idiots….seriously think Arse.com is joke of a site..

  51. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon you proved nothing other than showing your true colours, Hitler killed millions wheres the comparison then?

  52. Mayank

    Baafour you should stop watching football till these violent urges of your subside. And perhaps consult a better shrink than Gambon.

    Who knows we might even win something in that time.

  53. Keyser

    A&N – Don’t worry about the specsavers thing.

    Thing is what do those videos prove exactly ? Clichy played a part in the goal we conceded and that’s it ? It doesn’t show there’s a weakness in Clichy or down that side, it just shows we conceded goals down that side.

    The only way you learn anything is looking into those goals in more depth.

    Look at the Barca goals at home, Ibrahimovic had two balls played to him over Vermaelen, people blamed Vermaelen not Clichy.

    Why did it happen ? Because Gallas had gone off before half time and Song had to drop back to cover, taht’s why they picked that side. They know Song’s not quick and if Ibrahimovic gets behind Vermaelen it’s going to be difficult to cover him.

    You mentioned Clichy at the Nou Camp aswell, don’t you remember Messi getting in from the other side ?!

    All those clips show is Clichy’s part in goals, it doesn’t mean he stands out and it doesn’t tell you why.

  54. DaleDaGooner

    Checking several other blogs, and apparently, people want to give Almunia a chance and think he can actually regain his 07/08 form, and now that the defense looks different from the Gallas\Toure add that he is now aware he is expendable, he’ll come good. All that’s good, as long as Flappyhandski is not tending our goal, ffs! Can’t we just start Mannone or Szczesny for some games to access their true quality???

  55. Queen of suburbia

    Gambon you indeed very lucky you are so faaaaaaaarrrr up Geoff and pedros arses that you can get away with hateful nonsense like that.

    Hope you enjoyed your lift to school by bennyboy earlier btw. I read the posts earlier, he made a bunch of you look really quite simple, most amusing.

  56. ritesh

    on a seperate note, Walcott has been saying that he is now practising his crosses and dribbling along with Sagna and Chamakh.

    That explains it. Also explains why Clichy is still poor at crossing.

    Crazy these guys…they get paid loads and were doing nothing last year…how many times we were desperate of their crossing last year!!! crazy

  57. arsenesabemejor

    gambon you are not worth it, your jealousy about Wenger has eaten away at your brain, his contribution will be remembered long after you are in your box

  58. Baafuor from Ghana

    Mayank I am always like this but it’s quite stupid and childish the way Wenger and co went about this whole MS thing.If they thought he was the only one they were after like Kos, they should have paid the 4 mill Fulham wanted when they went with the second bid other waiting till the last day.Its really crazy.

  59. Jon

    It’s going to be a long season. But since it’s already been done, I’d like to get behind the team. I know Almunia really messed up in many instances, but why not give him 3 games and see how he does. I personally believe that as fans, we should always get behind the team.

    I’ll cheer my team and goalkeeper as best as I can. If Almunia does poorly, then at least the blame cannot be attributed to the fans. Besides, I can clearly see that all he needs is improvement in positional awareness, command in the box and intelligent decision-making. He’s an excellent shot stopper and if he really does improve on those grounds (with the addition of Squilacci), our defense would look quite impressive.

  60. tom


  61. gambon

    QoS translation;

    Gambon you are soooooo clever, its a damn shame you are right yet again.

    Tis a shame BennyBoy had nothing of value to say, as im hoping you are taught a lesson one day, but agree this is unlikely.

    Arsenesgaybrother translation;

    Gambon you frustrate me with your awesomeness, im gonna go and find a man that resembles Arsene and suck him off.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    There is no way one can back Arsene, he has to be a cunt, the way the last 5 years have gone. So stubborn about the obvious, has nothing to do with economics, but yet he wants to wrap it all in “FINANCIAL KWOLITEE” He signes a player, he states how it was financially good. Put in offers in January for Sorenson, offered peanuts and popcorn, got turned down. He made offers for Marchetti, the lad put in a transfer request, Arsene offered a mars candy bar in exchange. Made a bid for Reina (knowing Liverpool will never sell him to us, just so he looks good to us) He bid for Schwarzer offered 2 million, turned down, MS put in a transfer request, Wenker went back witht he same retarded 2million and a pack of Rolos, Hughes laughs in his face and spreads the news on how the retard came back with the same offer, so he wauts to see if the same 2 million will surfice on transfer deadline, and at 1 min to end, he offers the full 4 million….ALL THESE was just to show he “TRIED” and it was hard to get the man needed for the job. He had Fabianksi as number one all along folks!

  63. Mayank

    Isn’t it stupid and childish wishing him to die? Or comparing him to Hitler for that matter.

    If supporting Arsenal has this sort of effect on you perhaps it’s best to take a break. Perhaps hope he gets fired in the process and then when we get a new manager and a barrage of trophies it’ll be easier.

  64. Arse&Nose©

    I agree keyser, my analysis does not go any deeper than showing the mistake that leads to a goal.

    I agree that many factors play a part in conceding goals, but it would take me months to analyse every goal in the way you suggest, and in the end it would only serve to give an opinion. I posted video clips because I want you all to watch and make your own minds up, I am not afraid of being proved wrong.

    For a couple of seasons now people have questioned Clichys form and there have been things said on various blogs about us conceding a lot of goals from Clichys side.

    The quick analysis above was as much for my benefit as yours, because I wanted to see if my gut feeling (that clichy is poor) is justified. To my surprise it seems Clichy is even worse than I thought because not even I as a Clichy critic expected so many goals to be conceded from his side!

  65. Queen of suburbia

    Seriously gambon he made you look like the fabianski of bloggers.

    It was lucky Geoff and pedro rescued you when they did, although I’m sure your mental strength would have helped drag your carcass off the canvas!

  66. DaleDaGooner

    Though, Gambon has cute comebacks….this is warming up…QoS and her well written response, Gambon and his translations….lol….i love this 🙂

  67. arsenal4ever

    still looking for excuses arsenesabemejor says:
    September 1, 2010 at 18:05 ?

    FFS he had time since May and as reported had 70 mill to spend. Wenger completely at fault. Out with him!!

  68. RayGooner


    How about all the missed “Golden opportunities” our attacking players make during the seasons…?
    That is as much a fault as anything for not getting enough points…

    It’s useless trying to put the finger on 1 or 2 players, it’s the team that loses points and it’s no point arguing about it!
    We haven’t had a good enough team to win since 2004 and that’s a fact, and i mean good enough “TEAM”, not pointing out some single players…

    We can just be honest and say, we haven’t been good enough as a team, FACT!

    The jury is still out on this season’s squad, but as a team, i think we are a notch better than last season, but is it good enough, i’m not so sure, only time will tell…

    Last time we won the league back in 2004 we had a complete team with no really flaws:
    Good experienced keeper (Lehmann)
    A solid defence (Lauren, Campbell, Touré, Cole), with decent back-up.
    A world class midfield (Freddie, Vieira, Gilberto, Pirés), with good back-up.
    A world class attacking line (Henry, Dennis, Reyes, Wiltord, Kanu)

    In 2004-2005 we still had pretty much the same squad and were still competitive, but the results of Abramovic’s Chelsea was proving to be too strong, in the league, but we did win the FA Cup….

    The problem started the next season…

    We lost our captain and didn’t really replace him, we slotted in Cesc nicely, though, with Edu also leaving we were a bit short in the middle…
    Then our defensive line started to get injured a lot, and i mean a lot! 7 out of 9 defenders in the squad was at one point all out at the same time!!!!
    This led to us playing Flamini as left back for example…which led to us being short in the midfield instead…
    In my mind, here was the 1st big mistake Wenger made, not replacing Vieira…
    Of course you couldn’t have anticipated all the defensive injuries we had, but still, we were short to begin with…

    In 2006/2007 we lost another important part of the “Invincible’s” when we lost Pirès, but here Wenger bought in Rosický and that was (before we knew about his injury problems) a good replacement.
    What was more of a problem was we lost some massive part of our defence…
    Cole, Campbell and Lauren, all gone…
    And did Wenger buy replacements for them?
    Well, he did get Gallas as cover for Campbell (fair enough)
    And we all thought Clichy was ready to take over for Cole (fair enough)
    And also Eboué was ready to fill in for Lauren (also fair enough), but what did we have as cover?
    Let me remind you that also Cygan had left, so there were not that many defenders left…instead Wenger was starting his “Project Youth” by now, and the back-up’s were the likes of Djourou, Senderos & Hoyte…
    Add to that, the keeper (Lehmann) was starting to make more and more costful mistakes by now and our back-up (Almunia) was not really making us jumping of joy…
    The only part of the team that was clearly still TOP quality was the Forwards, we still had Henry (though he were to be injured a lot this, his last season with Arsenal), van Persie, Adebayor, Baptista & Aliadière.

    Before the 2007/2008 season, we were all very nervous on how we’d cope without Henry (cause there were no chance of replacing a player like that), we tried by buying Eduardo but, come on, to put that kind of pressure on a player to be replacing Henry, it’s just not fair, right?
    Strangely enough we did cope without Henry and we were blessed with not having as many injuries as the 2 seasons before and we were actually leading the race for the title until February, when the BIG blow came (Eduardo’s injury)…We nearly collapsed in the next 4-5 games and for example got only 4 draws in a row after the Eduardo incident..and Gallas made a fool of himself and was being stripped of the captaincy…
    This season was not Wenger’s fault, but still, he needed to adress the problems with Gallas disrupting the teams spirits, and he didn’t do that (he should have sent Gallas packing after that season)…
    He didn’t and come next season (2008-2009) Gallas was still there, and Touré for one, was not pleased, you could see that others weren’t too, and the defence looked shakey from the start…We never really got into the title race this season and i for one think the problems with Gallas was a big part of that, and also we should have bought a “GOOD” keeper in at this point so that Almunia would have some competition, instead we let it slide…This was the biggest mistake regarding the keeper situation, we should have bought a competitor for Almunia then, cause as it turned out, he was so sure on playing that he didn’t bother to improve his game, it was instead the opposite, he became worse, and he wasn’t ever that great to begin with…
    This keeper problem, and the Gallas disruption was the major part of things going bad from the get go…only little brightness was the arrival of Arshavin and the fact that we did go all the way through to the Semi-finals of the CL, which in my mind was Incredible if you look at it, really…

    Before the 2009/2010 season Touré was fed up, he told Wenger it was either him or Gallas, and here comes yet another BIG mistake from Wenger, he kept Gallas, and Touré was let go, and to City of all Teams…
    Also Adebayor went there, but him i didn’t regret losing, though, we should have replaced him, and we didn’t, and that cost us probably the league, as van Persie were injured more than half the season…
    We did replace Touré with Vermaelen, a bit of a gamble, but it turned out good…

    As many of these last seasons we had way too many injuries to our squad, and this season it was to our TOP players too..like Cesc, van Persie, Nasri a.s.o….
    By this time Wenger should at least aknowledge that we are crocks when it comes to fitness, so he shouldn’t have been surprised, but instead should have been prepared for it…in other words, he should have bought in a few more players to back-up the team…

    On to this season then…

    We all knew where we needed improvements, a new keeper, a more solid defence, at least one new striker, and maybe a winger, and most definitly a defensive midfielder to back-up Song…

    What happened then?

    We got a new striker in straight away (Chamakh) and that was pleasing, one thing sorted out and we weren’t past May yet…
    But then it didn’t happen anything more until after the World Cup in late July, we got a CD in Koscielny, noone ever heard of him, and he played in Ligue 2 only 1 year ago…was he the answer for our defensive problems? not likely…and the problem was we had by this time also lost 4!!! CD’s (Gallas, Campbell, Silvestre & Senderos)…
    Of course you can say that only Gallas was a 1st choice CB but still, we had to have at least 1 or 2 more to fill the gaps…
    We did however get 1 more in Squillaci, and i have seen him many times and he looks solid, and he has experience that we so much need…
    But then it was finished, no more signings…
    You can say we have a good defence with Vermaelen, Squillaci, Koscielny & Djourou and with Sagna, Eboué, Clichy & Gibbs we also have our fullbacks in order to compete, so one area sorted (perhaps), the jury is still out on the 2 new signings…
    The strikers and attacking midfielders are very good (though the fitness is still NOT good, van Persie and Bendtner is a worry), though with Walcott looking promising and Chamakh, Arshavin & Vela there too, i still think it looks good up front!

    So, 2 out of 4 areas good then!

    The midfield, and i am talking about the defensive part of it, we still only have Song that’s any good, Diaby could play there and could do ok, but he is too unreliable, he can be very good one game and awful the next…, and then we have Denìlson, well, you all know what we get there…
    It was looking possitive in pre-season seeing Frimpong, he looked the real deal, but sadly he got injured and will be out for 9 months or so…

    If Song stays fit (and that’s a BIG if) then we stand a good chance, Diaby & Denìlson could play the couple of odd games there and we’ll be fine with that…

    But the biggest problem this season (as the 2 season’s before) is the keeper issue, and we didn’t do shit to improve that…that could (and probably will cost us alot…

    Overall, i think the TEAM looks a bit stronger, but the key area (the keepers) is still the same…

    The pre-season game against Legia Warszawa when we won 6-5 will maybe be the key this season…We will likely conceade lots of goals this season due to our keepers, but our attacking players will need to score more of their created chances than they usually do…
    I’m not saying i’d like us to win every game with 6-5, but we definitly need to score more…some 80+ goals isn’t enough, we need to score as many as Chelsea did last season, or at least close to it…
    That’s our only chance of winning anything this season if you ask me…

  69. Keyser

    A&N – It shouldn’t surprise you, it shouldn’t give you any credence towards any theory you have until you’ve delved deeper.

    You blamed Clichy for the Ibrahimovic goal, I mean have you actually watched the video where does Ibrahimovic run from ? He’s one Song’s side, what was Vermaelen doing because he’s already behind him and Song’s nowhere.

    I don’t even get how you’ve blamed Clichy for that one, but that’s the level of your analysis.

    Actually watching the replay of the goal and it becomes even more ridiculous, Vermaelens stepped up, Song knows he’s playing him on side anyway he should track his run.

    How the hell did you blame Clichy for that ?!

  70. arsenesabemejor

    Gambon your translations say a lot more about you, we have had Hitler from you and now gay references about Wenger, have you lowered the medication today or something?

  71. arsenesabemejor

    Raygooner I like your thinking everyone is quick to criticise defenders and keepers for errors but missed chances never seem to figure, we should have killed of the games against utd and citeh early last season but the chances werent put away

  72. Lou

    Hate is an ugly thing indeed. Coupled with stupidity it is positively dangerous and it’s never too long before the Nazi comparisons rear their ugly heads. QOS. Right on.

  73. Bobo1

    Pedro, don’t know if this has already been suggested, but how about keeping a ‘howlerwatch’ on Almunia and Fabianski. Posters can judge whether howlers were actually commited. That way we’ll have objective evidence at the end of the season as to how many points they have or haven’t cost us.

  74. arsenesabemejor

    Lou the amount of hatred towards Wenger is unnatural, most of the anti Wenger posters have never met the man and certainly dont know the real Wenger all we get are glimpses of interviews, dont suppose any of them have ever seen the man at work, one thing remains constant the players old and new all respect him, cant say I have ever read or heard a bad word said towards him even by the likes of Ade so that must mean something

  75. Jon

    Excellent compilation and elaboration on the chronology of the unfolding of events over the years in the Arsenal. And I fully concur that results come from the overall team effort.

    However, more often than not, our team performances will always be marred by the weakest link. 90% of Gooners around the globe seem to think our goalkeeping department is at fault here. Can’t disagree with that though; if Almunia does improve though, I truly believe that we can have a go this season.

    If our goalkeeper gives reason for our holding line to be confident, I’m positively sure that we’d be a force to be reckoned with, even against the likes of Chelsea.

  76. sooper gunner


    I am not an AKB. Nor am I grover.

    but this, “So Wenger has reduced your focuses to Clichy’s errors….good job, we forgot we have shit for keepers. Good plan.”

    makes all of us look a little retarded. ur almost making it look like wenger signed on under a fake id, slagged himself off for sticking to clichy and then signed on as someone else and slagged the slagger and then signed on proper and so on till everyone forgot abt the keepers.

    for crissake….get hold of yourselves. before we write this team off let us all support them for the next couple of games. then when almunia lets one in through his knees and fabianski catches the ball, nutmegs vermaelen and taps it into his own goal….we can start the booing. but now. more than ever. our team needs us.

    ok i think i should lay off the anti depressants.

  77. arsenesabemejor

    Dale for that to happen what Gambon says would have to be important as it is its just a silly wind up all the time, hes not worth it plus he never leaves his computer or havent you noticed?

  78. Queen of suburbia

    Interesting and thoughtful perspective Ray. Our consistent problem has been our repeated inability to deal with large scale injury problems.

    When our answer to Torres to drogba to Rooney is Silvestre than we have not got enough quality backup. When our answer to no bentdner or van persie or Eduardo is an out of position arshavin then we don’t have enough depth.

    Those situations are bad luck but also bad planning. It certainly isn’t solved by the simple addition of a 400 year old keeper.

    I think we are approaching this season a little stronger up front and perhaps slightly deeper at the back but the unshakeable feeling again is that we are relying to an unnecessary degree on pure dumb luck.

    We’ve improved a little the depth I think

  79. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser, it was down Clichys side.

    Watch the video and you see clichy near the half way line when the opponents have the ball. Yes Song and Verm are to blame as well,but as I have exhaustively stated above I am merely concentrating on Clichys part in goals conceeded.

    I would love to argue about every single point in my analysis, but I don’t have time. Take the analysis for what it is- a quick analysis of goals conceded from Clichys side of the pitch.

    If you still are in any doubts try to compile a list as long about Sagna, A.Cole, Evra, even Konchesky and you will struggle!

  80. DaleDaGooner

    sooper gunner, what have I said to upset you? I saw a thread a s long as anything about Clichy making errors or not and i just chimmed in stating, i’d rather focused on what the ef just happened? did we sign a goal keeper yet? So i’m not sure what your aim or angle is, everyone is just disappointed in how Wenger has conducted a make or break season were he himself has made statements acknowledging the weaknesses and did the bare minimum to correct those weaknesses. He is not asked to move Madrid to the United States, he is asked to get players to bolster the squad, and show some winning ambition.

  81. Keyser

    A&N – Down his side, it’s a ridiculous example, so basically he’s supposed to cover 50% off the pitch ?!

    Clichy had almost fuck all to do with that, he and Sagna should be more advanced of Vermaelen and Song, because they’re the fullbacks, Vermaelen pushes up Song sees Ibrahimovic make the run and isn’t quick enough to track it.

    You can’t have Clichy man marking Ibrahimovic, because thats just silly.

    The analysis on that goal, is stupid, if you want to watch it again and try again then fine.

    How about Evra getting done 1-1 by Duff the other week.

  82. Keyser

    A&N – Also Evra and Cole, they’re two of the best leftbacks in the World, I don’t even know what youre arguing now, that they don’t make mistakes ? Teams never score goals from that side ? Or that Clichy is a weakness because you think he’s not as good as them ?!

  83. arsenal4ever

    I dont care who Wenker is in real life. He has to do a job and gets 6 mill p year to do but he failed again. Injuries are coming already and I am usually not negative!! If you dont like our oppinions go away arsenesabemejor.

  84. IvoryGoonz

    Wait for some players out of the 25 man squad who’ll be happy to break their contract and join a team playing CL any time… There are still few very good deals to do due to injuries and others with all these players.
    But one thing for sure, there won’t be any EPL team letting their main keeper out of the squad even if injured.

  85. sooper gunner

    i never said that ur asking for wenger to be deported to the USA Neither did I saw that I am not depressed about the situation either.

    I was just saying that Wenger did not reduce anyone’s focus to Clichy’s errors. That was completely Clichy’s doing. And sometimes Arshavin’s also with all the non-running he does to track back. But Wenger definitely didn’t shift anyone’s focus.

    Before anyone says anything else, I am not saying Wenger was right. I am not saying that anyone’s an idiot for slagging Wenger off. I am just pointing out that Wenger did not reduce anyone’s focus to Clichy’s errors. I,too, am quite sad at what’s happened in this transfer window. Honestly, I felt that we’d splurge and finally bring this talented squad to the level required to make it unstoppable. Currently I will not say that we’re a bad squad. We’re definitely very good. But an injury crisis makes us average exposes our lack of depth severely. And the goalkeepers make us look like shit.

    Other than that, we should aim to win the Carling Cup this year 🙂

  86. arsenesabemejor

    arsenal4ever who made you the forum police, everyone is entitled to an opinion,its easy to be a whinger like you
    its a good job you are a minority or the world would be a dull place

  87. RayGooner

    I listened to a swedish commentator the other game against Blackburn and he said something that made a bit sense regarding Almunia…

    He said:
    “When facing a corner or a set piece, and you as a keeper don’t really trust your defence to deal with the high balls, you feel as a keeper that you must, under any circumstances go for the ball, even though it is dangerous to and risky to do it…
    I feel that Almunia is forced to try and deal with every high ball coming in and often fumble trying to get to it, and it looks clumpsy…
    If you have good defenders there, they should deal with the high balls and the keeper should stay on the line, he should only come out when he is 100% sure of getting the ball…
    Almunia feels he has to come out every time, cause he doesn’t trust the defenders to deal with it”

    Made some sense to me, of course it doesn’t excuse him for letting in goals in his near corner (Belletti/N’Gog), but it explains a bit why he looks so clumpsy when dealing with high balls…(the same might be said about Fabianski)…

  88. arsenesabemejor

    arsenal4ever the fact that the board have given the manager a new contract would indicate that he has done what they asked of him and more otherwise he wouldnt get another contract and a rise

  89. arsenesabemejor

    Raygooner quite right we have defended set pieces as a unit very badly and hopefully they have been working on it, we arent going to get more of a going over than we just had at Blackburn and I thought that there was an improvement, Squillachi will makes us even better against the bigger sides, we will suprise many this year

  90. arsenesabemejor

    sooper gunner do you really believe that? who are these most people? The board decide on the managers contract

  91. Keyser

    RayGooner – It is stuff like that, if you watch Basketball or other sports and how players interatc with each other you realise that understanding each others game is as important as having your own.

    Real Madrid can spend all that money on building their team, but if they don’t get the requisite time needed to make them gel, they won’t win anything, what gets them so far is the individual talent they have in abundance.

    We’ve got problems like that all over the pitch, if say Van Persie is on the end of the ball that Wilshire slipped on, game over, but that’s not how it works out.

    If you look at how Chamakh was able to deal with Samba, and how we reduced the amount of headers they got in the second half it shows how much difference one player can make under different situations.

    If we’d had Eduardo for a game where we’re being bombarded aerially, with no Bendtner, Van Persie, Diaby or whoever else with height, we’re just naturaly going to suffer.

  92. arsenesabemejor

    A4E I am happy to read other peoples opinions but I dont have to agree with them or do you think that opinions should go unchallenged, whats the point of a forum where you have to have the same opinion as everyone?

  93. Keyser

    A&N – I’ve just watched the Burnley one aswell now, how the hell are you blaming Clichy for that aswell, the ball gets punched out and Clichy goes back to take his position, Silvestre has no idea where the player is and Sagna or whoever on the other side plays him onside.

    That was more of a fluke goal than anything.

  94. DaleDaGooner

    sooper gunner, it appears you don’t get that on this site\baord, we make jest and may come accross sarcastic. You are taking some of my sarcasm a bit serious. I just wanted to stop the Clichy error or no error and make lite that WE STILL DID NOT SIGN AN EFFING GOAL KEEPER!!

  95. Sooper gunner


    dunno….after going through the entire comments section here, just thought that it would be nice to slag Wenger off too.

    But honestly, let’s give this squad a chance. We’re writing squillaci off without even seeing him play in an Arsenal jersey. And he is exactly the kind of player we wanted. I agree that we’re all mighty pissed about the keeper situation. But only in the last post was it written that we’re just half a million away from a great squad.

    We’re not going to stop supporting our club over a single signing are we?! I agree that we’re all mighty pissed but give the rest of the squad a break. I do not agree with Wenger AT ALL on his decision regading the GK situation but I’d like to give Fabregas and so on a chance. If whatever is said on this forum about Wenger is true then I do not believe that Wenger himself managed to retain Fabregas. You can say whatever you may want about money and wages and contracts but at the end of the day Fabregas could have sulked and played like Viera in his final year. Instead his performance at Blackburn was not a bad first first team start. Give the rest of the team a chance. Like you all are in the fear of, dont make it Arsene-al. Keep it the Arsenal! 🙂

  96. Sooper gunner


    Dude, I live in India. I do not have most of the passion you guys do. Plus when George Graham was the manager I had just started getting interested in football. So I kinda started watching EPL when Wenger became coach. Four years ago, I loved Wenger more than my girlfriend. Today, I like the club more than Wenger.

    Point is, I find it very very hard to side with either the AKBs or the Grovers. So i generally just read all the posts everywhere and write for myself at BFZ. 🙂

    If you all are still a little pained, try this:

  97. DaleDaGooner

    No doubt Squillaci is an experienced head and borders on quality, but he was out for a lot of games since joinging Sevilla, we have signed another crock to add to our collections! sO HOPEFULLY him and Djourou won’t suffer “knocks” around the same time, and Vermaelen will hold up for the better part of the season, with Wenger working the centerbacks to the ground. An lets hope RvP AND Bendtner will return as “New Signings” and stay fit all season. After all that is all Wenger is relying on, Hope and Luck.

  98. TOM TOM

    Got laughed at by my friends today,thay all reckon Arsenal are tight cunts and fucked up Schwarzers career with Fulham. Its bad enough that we win nothing but behaviour like that just makes our club look really bad.

  99. arsenesabemejor

    Jon this will become a very quiet forum when that happens, large amount of humble pie would have to be eaten, sound great!!!!!!!!!!

  100. arsenal4ever

    od course not arsenesabemejor but you need also to see the facts. The board doesnt care for success. Oh wait money success is important. 1-2 years ago I was a big fan of Wenger and his philosophy but nothings changed so we need fresh blood. IMO of course.

  101. leon

    the key for arsenal this season will be being extremly well drilled and organised and defending extremly well as unit and something that just didnot happen last season this team was all to easily broken down on the break could not keep a lead and almunia was given little or no protection.almunia is not best keeper but he is far far far from the worst but fabianski concerns me alot anf there is very little competitiion for almunia both chezzer and manonne are not ready. i am one of very few was in favour of going for swatzer as i dont think he is better than almunia and the asking price was silly for a player of his age and injury record i always felt wenger should have gone for a younger top class keeper and dup fabianki not almunia as he is very good number 2

  102. arsenesabemejor

    TomTom how does it makes us look bad we bid on him they refused it, simples. Schwarzer will start the next Fulham game

  103. TOM TOM

    Yeah but they all support Liverpool so I constantly take the piss,they all say Arsenal will start the season strongly but fade away as the pressure comes on. Cant really argue with that as I think they are right

  104. Keyser

    TOMTOM – How are you not pissing yourself everytime you remember what Reina did ? Not to mention that a beachball beat him last season.

  105. arsenesabemejor

    arsenal4ever who on the board have you spoken to? I am very happy with the way the club is run , we are securing the long term future of the club, there are going to be some major casualties when clubs start to go out of business but due to the prudent financial planning at AFC we wont be one of them

  106. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser lets agree to disagree on clichy i dont see us resolving this one.

    RayGooner top comment! Those swedish comments back up what I have been thinking for a while, and what I have tried to say all day.

  107. arsenesabemejor

    TOM TOM just remind them that they are no longer in the CL, liverpool wont fade away as they wont be up there in the first place

  108. TOM TOM

    Liverpool are shit but the arrogant cunts still think they will win the league. I’m not really in a position to laugh at Reina when our keepers have the reactions of a dead rat

  109. TOM TOM

    When you look at united and chelsea they have spent fuck all,I think alot of clubs are afraid of going out of business as alot of fans now cant afford to go to games or pay the tv subscriptions