Flabbergasted, but not in the least surprised, at least his bonus is safe.

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Bargain Hunt - Starring Arsene Wenger

Even David Dickinson was shocked at the frugal one...

Before all the believers come on and start to bitch, read this, if after you have, you still think I’m being unfair, don’t bother to comment, read a blog that thinks what he’s done makes sense, you’ll be happier there, if of course you find one.

How can anybody be happy with our two keepers, even Wenger isn’t and he was the only person that could have made something happen, a good manager would have, but then Wenger isn’t, he’s a great coach, but managing isn’t his forte.

He knew in May that he wanted to get a new keeper, how do we know that? Peter Hill-Wood confirmed we had bid for Mark Schwarzer, Fulham wanted £4 million, we offered £2 million, why? Because our manager is very clever, Barca wanted Cesc for £29 million, we said you’ll need to pay £60 million. You can ask, but if what you offer is derisory then you’ll get nothing. Ask Barca!

So think about that then, we have a keeper crisis and our leader believes a keeper that is worth £58 million less (in his valuation not mine) than his captain, will do the job, hmmmm. Work that one out.

I have never been a big Schwarzer fan, but over the two we have, I would have him in a heartbeat.

So then we go back in August and bid the same paltry amount for him again, and guess what? Fulham said no, we want £4 million, if you can’t pay £4 million, then sod off, just like you told Barcelona. Fair enough in my book.

Then on the final day of the transfer window, Wenger goes back and says ‘okay, you win, here’s the £4million you wanted back in May.’ However by yesterday, their current keeper Stockdale (stand in) was injured, so Fulham said no, that’s not the fault of Mark Hughes, why would he sell Schwarzer when his other keeper is injured?

No that’s the fault of no one else other than Arsene Wenger.

If we had paid what they asked for in May instead of playing childish games of ‘look how clever I am’ we would have had a decent keeper in for pre season and would have been away. Much the same is had we offered a sensible amount last August for Chamakh, we may have won the league. We didn’t and the striker problems of last season cost us dearly, so what did we learn from that? Nothing, that’s what.

And please don’t tell me he was free, by the time you add salary to signing on bonus there is little difference, there is no such thing as a free lunch, unless of course they are over 30.

Dreadful brinkmanship that failed dismally, so for all the people that said back in June, that I should wait until the end of the window as he knows best, get back under your rock people, because here we go again, only this time, we not only have two useless keepers that regularly commit howlers, we have two keepers that know the manager wanted them out for a 37 year old who could hold the fort until prodigy Chezzers comes of age.

Still another season where the transfer budget has been well and truly saved, many more players have left or been sold so the books have been balanced, the bonus is safe and we have another season of promise that could have been to look forward to.

Arsene, the only sane thing you can do now is to get Shay Given on loan, that business can still be done, or make Chezzer the new number 1, I would sooner watch him making mistakes than the other two jokers, I’ve seen enough of their howlers in pre season. Real Madrid took a chance on a young keeper years ago, he lifted the world cup in July.

I have many mates that are AKB’s, not one of them can understand this, some of them even rate our two keepers, but none of them can understand the manager letting them know that he thinks they are crap.

If we win the league this season I will be delighted, of course I will, I love my team, we ought to eventually, the amount of games this team has played together, but think how much easier it could have been if he had signed a world class keeper, think of the games Cech and Van der Sar have won for their teams, and the worst bit is, Wenger knows it.

And just to add salt to the wound, Harry gets Van Der Vaart, great, and for £2mill less than we spent on Koscielny.

Poor old Cesc, he must have known. Have a great day Grovers, how many times have we said groundhog day before eh?

Ground Hog Day

September 1st 2009

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

August 31st 2009

Almunia: Having a shocking opener to the season. If he were a pupil at school and I was his headmaster, I’d be on my second parent meeting of the term. I think it’s gone beyond the last chance saloon and he should be dropped. 4

September 1st 2008

I feel very let down by Arsene because once again I was lured in by his lies. That is why I have created a new term…

A Wengerism: A Wengerism is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others.

Do you feel deceived? Wenger has lured us in all summer with the promise of signings, the promise of players staying and the promise of being satisfied as fans. He only said this a couple of days ago,

“We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed,”

“This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go.

It doesn’t matter though, because you’ve made you bed… now you must lie in it.

You will have no excuses come the end of this season because,

  1. You had the money, despite trying your best to deny it.
  2. You knew about the crocks (RvP, Denilson, Theo, Eduardo, Diaby, Song, JD…etc).
  3. You’ve had time .
  4. You knew the players were young .
  5. You publicly stated you needed experience.

September 27th 2007

I was a big advocate of signing two wingers and a centre back pre-season, still am a bit, but I tried thinking who I would buy come January? Apart from Goofy, there really isn’t anyone and we have £70mil to spend.

Being an Arsenal fan can sometimes be a bummer.

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  1. Honest Bill


    yes that’s true that he has shown indiscipline at times, however last season he made vast improvements in this regard. And it shouldn’t be necessary for him to have to join the attack so often. We should be able to keep possession up there but also provide penetration.

  2. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser , I’m not going to spend hours digging out stats to prove clichy is shite…fact is that stats on left-backs are impossible to find!

    Just accept that I have watched 95% of Arsenals games in the last 10 years and I believe Clichy is a weak link. I am not the only one.

  3. Geoff

    Kenya I hear you, but make no mistake, Wenger is in charge of everything, Gazidas is just a boy that was put their to humour Kroenke.

    That is why the whole thing is so unhealthy, the money is clearly there, even Wenger can’t hide that anymore, he is the all powerful one and until he decides to move on, we’ll never get the signing we crave.

    And he alone will decide that.

    They make out they are prudent, but they charge us the fans crazy money to go, so they don’t mind screwing their own.

  4. dennisdamenace

    I refuse to waste oxygen on the time wasters on here who masquerade as Arsenal supporters, when in fact all they really are, are apologists and excuse makers for a manager who is obviously on the decline and a board who indulge him because he makes them money at the expensive of true glory in the form ot titles….

  5. gambon

    H Bill

    The thing is a high line game completely relies on exceptional pressing in the opponents half.

    If you cant do the latter you shouldnt do the former. This is where Wenger has really got it wrong.

  6. Walking Wounded


    Looking at the Blackburn game, I think you are being harsh on Song, as Fabregas was about 50% effective, so it was good to see with Cesc struggling, Song was adding impetus to moving the ball forward, as Diaby was as hesitant as always.

    Afternoon H14, is my debt to you settled? I think my tirade caused a bit of a storm.

  7. Geoff

    We sold the worlds best left back for Gallas, who turned out to be a nutter and is now at Spurs, you know what? I didn’t sell him, Wenger did.

  8. critic

    u never stop to amaze me with ur awesome articles…. He was waiting for last day when fulham cudn’t increase their demands, it was just pure bad luck that stockdale got injured….if only i cud spell, i am fucking ignorant.

    i want is player i want that player…. i want a brain.

  9. arsenal4ever

    why the hell BennyBoy and Arseneassdivingbayor coming to your blog ( Pedro and Geoff ) if both cant stand our oppinions? Does they have no life and wanna tell the “real” fans AKB? I dont get. If I cant stand people who are against WEngers antics and policy I wont visit such blogs. Simple as that!! Bad times ahead but of course want to see this team winning. No question about that.

  10. gambon


    Absolutely agree, been saying it for a long time. Clichy is a real weak link, along with the keepers & Denilson when he plays.

  11. Walking Wounded


    lay your cards on the table, who are you and who do you follow.

    This is a site for debate and opinion, so to be fair, we need to know more about you

  12. Honest Bill


    That’s true, but i think if we take the first half of last season as an example. We did this extremely well with players like RVP, who as you said is a workhorse.

    It was only when we got major injuries that things fell apart. One could say that we should have changed things up to suit the change in personnel. But in that case our attackers game plan gets thrown off and there is widespread confusion. hence why we look like a bunch of lost puppies against the likes of Barcelona who are exceptional at pressuring.

    I think that Chamakh will help us greatly in this regard. and also we seem to be emphasising discipline in our midfield. We have been playing more of a 4,2,3,1 with the two midfielders being a bit more cautious.

    Ordinarily one would think that leaves a problem linking the midfield with the forward line. But with RVP, Chamakh, NB’s abilities to drop deep and link up play allowing the WFs to come inside, i think we’ll be a lot better off

  13. arsenal4ever

    go home critic as you truly have no life!!! Fukk all AKB idiots!!! TRue fans are here cause care on this club and dont follow dictator Wenker!!

  14. arsenal4ever

    great point Geoff. WE also sold Flamini cause fukking Wenker wasnt prepared to offer him 5 or 10 k more p year!!!!

  15. Walking Wounded

    Though I would love Song to develop into an Essien, who does both jobs! He has got better every season, so for what it is worth I like Song and I think we should allow him to evolve, rather than stagnate

  16. Big Dave


    Thought Diaby did not have a bad match v Blackeye.

    Just chill lads, stop the bickering, we have had 2 hard away games got 7 points, what you lot going to be like come November when have are usual blip

  17. arsenal4ever

    @ Big Dave says:
    September 1, 2010 at 11:23

    sorry missunderstood. Yes they hate me on Goonertalk for example I think. I like the work from Gooner Chris but on this blog to much AKB idiots. Sorry bid dave!!!

  18. Walking Wounded

    Big Dave

    It is £20 as an intial sign up and either monthly payment of £10 or more or a lump sump of £100 minimum or both.

    It is run (maybe not the best word) by the Supporters Trust and the way they explain it suggests that it is a kind of syndicate and that the money we all invest will be pooled into buying shares in the club.

    Strikes me as a good way of keeping the fans involved in the running of the club and maybe having an ability to influence any future takeovers etc. It will be as good as the fans want to make it, the more money invested, the more power the fans have

  19. Kreshnik

    Hell has broken loose I see … I was always saying that getting Schwartzi wouldn’t impress me at all and only Given or someone in that level would actually improve our GK issues. If this also proves to be the crucial step to throw Chezzers in the mix then it’s a good day rather then a horrible one.
    Now also some ppl are talking about unsettling and such bs, fuck that, enough of showing mercy and other nonsense, Munia played good enough when he had to prove something. Let him do the same until Chezzers is thrown in. It’ll work much better in my opinion.
    And to the ppl that say we were doing the same for putting in only 2M as what Barca did with Cesc then I call absolute bullshit to that, Cesc’s real value is north of 55M, Schwarzi’s south of 3M who decides that? Well how bout this … would any other team pay more then 55M for Cesc ? the answer is yes, City, Real etc would. Would any other team pay more then 3M for Schwartzi ? the answer is NO … so there goes that as well.

    All in all exactly what I was expecting, and not upset at all. Ah, in fact quite pissed that we didn’t get Stelke, now that is a great addition, not a 38 year old

  20. Kreshnik

    And whoever says VDV is not a great addition is deluded. Was playing much better then Kaka last year in one of the most competitive teams in the world.
    If that deal goes through I would be pissed off, it seems like it won’t tho

  21. Geoff

    Some blog says Almunia’s dignity deserves our support, what???

    What fucking dignity, he has no pride, is happy to earn his huge salary, knows the fans and the pundits don’t rate him, he’s a crap keeper who can’t deal with crosses and he’s happy to stay after his boss has humiliated him.

    He has no dignity, he’s keeping his head down. And he has cost us trophies, he deserves nothing but a P45.

  22. timao

    geoff – thought van der vaart had his meniscus removed, that’s a bit more serious. It was a career threatening injury

  23. Walking Wounded

    I don’t rightly know whose shares we are buying with the fan share thing, but I can see plenty of fans money going into it, and maybe in a few years we will have a denet percentage of shares to have a bit of power.

  24. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser for your benefit I am conducting a painstaking analysis of all of Arsenals conceeded goals since the 2009 season.

    Here is what I have so far…

    28-08-10 didn’t track run of M.B.Diouf vs Blackburn (1-1)

    15-08-10 nutmegged by Kuyt in the corner, lead to ball being regained by Liverpool vs Liverpool (1-0)

    15-08-09 didn’t track Saha’s run who was behind him. (1-6)

    Man City 4 Arsenal 2 (all goals conceeded from Clichys side of pitch)

    * beaten in the air by Richards for 1st goal (1-0)
    * caught out of position, as Richards crossed for Bellamy to score 2nd City goal (2-1)
    * allows SWP to cross for Adebayor to head 3rd goal (3-1)
    * Clichy out of position, Bellamy plays in SWP to score 4th (4-1)

  25. Walking Wounded


    If Almunia is going to be our custodian for the next 4 months or so, whether he deserves it or not (definitely not) then he has to be supported.

    FFS he is our last line of defence, and we need him, now, more than he needs us.

    (sorry about the last bit)

  26. gambon


    I would disagree with that.

    87% of shares in the company are not really available as they are held by Kroenke (30%) Usmanov (27%) Nina B-S (15%) Fiszman (16%).

    Whoever buys Ninas probably wont want to stop at 15%, and the 2 main sharholders wont be selling any.

    This fanshare has a small target market for buying shares, and will be down the queue for any potential seller.

  27. Man

    gambon seriously I wouldn’t…we don’t need a player like van der faart anyway. Kaka had several injury problems last year and didn’t play that well.
    van der faart is one player hasn’t really lived up to the early promise he showed. There are far better alternatives if we were after a player in a similar ilk. I don’t rate him. I’ve watched often enough to reach that conclusion too. If Spurs got Banega then I’d be concerned. I think Spurs are his level, he’ll do well there.

  28. gambon


    No we dont need VDV but thats not the point.

    He will improve them, no doubt, and they werent exactly that far away from us, were they.

  29. Walking Wounded

    But Gambon, that still leaves 13% to be purchased and although that is a massive amount of money

    If 60,000 fans went with the both option and invested £100 up front and £10 per month, that will be 13.2 million invested in 1 year which, not knowing how much the club is currently worth will be over 1% of shares owned.

    I know this is massively simplified, but the sums we are talking about could add up.

    I may not be a major shareholder, but the fans can be.

    Anyway I am no expert on this, but that is how I understand it

  30. arsenal4ever

    @ cesc rule: I dont know when I was excited about our transfers in the past. Ok Arshavin was good but the only ones. Jsut 1 GK needed or put in Chezzer. I still cant believe it.

    also cesc rule says:
    September 1, 2010 at 14:46

    brillant mate

  31. arsenal4ever

    pedro and geoff did you know all others blogs far from away from your comment numbers? Didnt see 1k comments on 1 blog yet :-). And you have it almost each day. BRillant work from both of you!! Keep it up. Best Gooner blog ever!!!

  32. Paulinho

    Clichy is a complete spaz.

    Not once in his entire career has he made run into the box and taken a shot at the goalkeeper. Ashley Cole gets into a scoring position every game.

    That’s the sort of spaz you’re dealing with when it comes to gormless Gael.

  33. timao

    according to wiki VDV made 132 appearances in the last 5 years for hamburg and RM

    van persie has made 156 premier league appearances in the same period

  34. Matt

    Lets not be harsh on Clichy. He has been quality for us up until last season. I think Gibbs should get a run in the team and who knows what a bit of competition might do for him. Plus you can nver fault him for his work rate.

  35. Man

    gambon, he gives them another option. I’m not sure by how much he’ll improve them if at all he does. He’s a poor man’s Cesc. I wish them all the bad luck.

    We should’ve got a ‘back-up’ DM. Wenger said the form of Frimpong persuaded him not get another midfielder but now that Frimpong is, effectively, out for the season it would have made sense to get cover.

    I was never fussed over this Schwarzer signing, there are far better goalies we should have gone for if we were serious about solving the goalkeeping problem. The difference between Almunia and Schwarzer is marginal.

  36. timao

    i think this fanshare business is interesting – but how about if they offered a “fanplayershare”, so fans could invest in a fund which wenger could spend on players. like if we targeted raising £20m quid to be spent on Hazard or Dzeko, or better still £6m on a young prospect. 5year contract and we sell after 3 years. I’d put some money into that!

  37. wardo

    i see even clichy is getting a blog bashing then !!!!

    he doesn’t deserve any stick imo !! he has an Arsenal heart and works his nuts off……..he has made mistakes but that’s modern day Arsenal

  38. Paulinho

    Keyser – Sagna is hardly Cafu but at least he doesn’t play like the box is guarded by an electric fence.

    Gibbs is ropey defensively but he breathes fresh life into our attack by actually having an idea how to construct moves from that flank. Piercing diagonals into the box open up other avenues even if he doesn’t get the return ball.

  39. David


    Couldnt disagree more

    The difference between Almunia and Schwarz is Astronaumical.

    They wider than the indian ocean.

    How bout we start with the keeper who took his team to a European final vs the one that lost his team one.

  40. BillikenGooner


    I drank enough last night to make me think yesterday was just a bad joke of a dream…

    but, in the cold light of a new day, we still have no new goalie and Spuds got a bargain in Van der Vaart… the same guy who was saying this spring that he would love to play with RvP.


  41. Keyser

    A&N – Thanks fo taking the time, it’s easy to pick holes in things and I know I should put in more effort back, but that’s my point.

    Look at what you’ve highlighted as his mistakes, Sagna was caught high up field, because someone let the ball go cheaply, then no-one tracked back with Samba, Walcott put in a halfassed challenge, Samba was allowed time to pick a pass and it caught Koscilen a few yards off Diouf, he made them up but got outmuscled as he’s off balance.

    Diouf’s allowed a free run on goal, and they’ve got 3 attackers to 2 defenders, Clichy can see Kalinic and he knows Diouf’s behind him, if he goes for one Diouf can just pick out the other. Vermaelen didn’t react to either and there’s poor communication between the two.

    By then Blackburn have scored, but you blame Clichy for that out of all those people ? It’s the same with the Kuyt one, there’s soo many different things people could have done to stop that goal.

    We blame individuals far too quickly and overstate how their mistakes have affected our game, as a collective we need to be more thoughtful towards how we can improve our game.

    It’s like comparing the two halves against Blackburn and that tells you almost you need to know.

  42. wardo

    David @ 15:14 ???????????

    I am a huge Arsenal fan and I would love it if Almunia lifts the ECL, EPL and FA cup !!!!! cause that would mean Arsenal have won something

    Wish we had a better keeper i really do but, not so much that I would say what you said mate

  43. LeProf

    Yeah rite great left back is hard to find! But very easy for us to lose it huh! Well Cashley let off by Wenger for Gallas, go figure punk the worst decision made ever. Instead of Cashley, what Gibbs can learn from crappy Clichy? Remember Wenger said to coach a player he must play alongside with great players. When half of our team are shit what can you expect the young guns to learn then? Right now only one year or less for Wilshere, Theo to snatch any tricks from Cesc and Arshavin. Shame for our team with salaries £100m like Manure or Chelsea yet no winnings. Keep on feeding donkeys hoping to turn it into fast racehorses? Bravo Wenger, BRAVO!

  44. timao

    geoff – fair enough, but what no-one can deny is that he has not played a lot of football since a sequence of bad injuries. and his role requires a high degree of mobility in a physically demanding league in a team that might play upwards of 50 or 60 games. to me it’s a risky investment.

  45. gambon


    The club are minted, the last thing most fans would want to do is pay them more.

    It would be disgusting, and couldnt work until the manager is sacked.

  46. Keyser

    Paulinho – Might not be Cafu, but he’s not brainless either. To be fair, not even Maicon or Alvez with their goals and assists can be Cafu.

  47. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser, watch the Man city highlights


    tell me which side of the pitch all their goals came from. try and spot the player running back to get back into position…

    I agree that one off mistakes happen, but what I am trying to highlight here is that Clichy’s mistakes are not ‘one off’s’, he is consistently poor.

  48. BillikenGooner

    I can expect Money City to splash ridiculous cash around for transfers, but when the Spuds are more ambitious in the market *and* get friggin deals, it makes me want to take a loooong loooong nap.

    or start drinking again.

  49. arsenal4ever

    Did we really have 70 mill to spend? FFS our transfer cost us with sells about 10 mill or so? Even Birmingham used more money than us!! Unbelieveable!! Of course youth is needed but it is the mixture which makes a great team. Wenger so obsessed with his kindergarten project unbelieveable. But if we had really such a lot money to spend this shows Wenger and GAzidis gets profits for not buying, fact!!!

  50. Keyser

    A&N – I’ve watched the game, and compare that to the Blackburn one, or any of the other games where teams have scored down the other side, or how much of an impact Arshavin’s had, or the change of formation or that Diaby covers that side.

    There’s been soo many different changes to the team and the quality of play we’ve had since the year Clichy got into the FA team of the year thing.

    Clichy’s had good games aswell as made mistakes, if you’re saying he hasn’t then I think you’re wrong.

  51. DaleDaGooner

    I refuse to let Wenger depress me. He wasn’t serious about fixing the defensive errors, he is only interested in financial kwolitee. How Mark Schwarzer is the only solution outside of installing Mannone or Szczesny as number 1 and relegating Almunia as backup(which is what he always was), shipping Fabianksi out so he does not have to ruin our season again, still amazes me. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO START SZCZESNY AS STARTER! But alas, if the fans settle for that and call for it, it’ll never happen. Instead Fabianski will start, Wenger loves to take joy away from the fans, anything that will bring joy to the Arsenal fans, Arsene will look for the opposite. Arsene means ANTI-ARSENAL, set them up to drop them hard on their arses. It’s a shame. And we let Eduardo go to sign no striker, knowing Bendtner is hurt and may not fully recover to prime, RvP brittle as a broom stick, will not complete a whole season, so we will ride Chamakh till he breaks down and be left with midgets as front men. JET will soon be loaned out, or hasn’t he been loaned? Some people said Nacer Barazite isn’t good enough, at least he scores the odd few goals in pre-season and with a lot of confidence instilled we could use his height and technique up front when all the big boys are out hurt.

    It frustrating when Wenger does nothing about signing the needed players to win a trophy, and he loans out the useful youth players, leaving the squad bare thin by final stretch of the season.

  52. timao

    we don’t need any more left backs, clichy and gibbs for this season then pedro botelho will be in the frame next year. he looks like an amazing player – tho a bit of a nutter

  53. Chris Beef

    Clichy wasn’t too bad when he first started. It did seem that even though Cashley went we would be ok with Clichy taken over. It seems like that his confidence went once the defence/central midfield protection has gotten gradually worse? Now he seems prone to errors but he does try very hard.

    Do you think if it is a confidence thing he can recover his old form or that he just generally isn’t good enough now?

  54. arsenal4ever

    I dont give a little fukk on VDV!!! He is a crock. More than RVP!! Good business for you spuds :-). But they did something we not.

    OMG GAmbon you are probably right with it :-(!!

  55. patthegooner

    So the spuds got clearance for VDV.

    Keyser was on the nose earlier, he is the type of player that the PL would love to have in their ranks. Someone else to help market the league globally.

    And whilst I would agree that number wise we dont need VDV, I would argue that quality wise he is exactly the kind of player we should have. Cesc and VDV playing alongside each other with a tough DM would be the dream ticket. He would also have been a marketing dream and at a club like Arsenal would sell enough shirts worldwide to pay for the paltry bargain 8m transfer fee. But hey in Wengerlogic it would kill Denilson or Diaby. In my world they kill themselves as they are either average or fucking shit.

    I dont think the Spuds will finish top 4 this season. They will struggle with trying to fight on all fronts and it will cost them dearly, but they are showing ambition and they are getting closer to an Arsenal side that imo are still underachieving and doing fuck all about it despite having a lot of cash available to strengthen.

    What really fucking annoys me is that Wenger is not accountable. How can he be? he is numero uno and I am sure he would rename the Club Arsene FC if he could. How can he be accountable to himself?? He is more interested in developing players that delivering silverware, that much is obvious. We could finish potless and outside the top four this season and he would still spend fuck all next summer and still keep his job. But he will still spout the same shit at renewal time.

    And I bet he does not have the balls to do a Q and A now, and even if he does it will pre-approved questions. Definately no repeat of last years.

  56. arsenal4ever

    yeah gambon. botelho more of a winger than LB!!! But must agree looks great!! But we could have botelho and Di Maria but I think deal didnt work out for di maria cause Wenker wasnt prepare to offer more 5 pounds for him!!!

  57. Walking Wounded

    It will be interesting to hear from Wenger once the squad is announced.

    I am disappointed he hasn’t spoken to the fans already

  58. DaleDaGooner

    Re: arsenal4ever says:
    September 1, 2010 at 15:29
    Did we really have 70 mill to spend? FFS our transfer cost us with sells about 10 mill or so? Even Birmingham used more money than us!! Unbelieveable!! Of course youth is needed but it is the mixture which makes a great team. Wenger so obsessed with his kindergarten project


    He is so clever with deceiving the fans that no one notices that he doesn’t even use the so called youths when we are down to the bare minimum as a result of not adding quality player en mass to the first team. SO sad, he is ruining our ambitions and we cannot be considered a big club, we have not won the Champions League, won the EPL last in 2004 and we don’t even compete properly in the domestic cups. Did the cocks really sign Van Der Vaart for cheap??? I thought he said he wantd to stay and repay Real for taking care of his wife and i thought Maureen said he was part of his plans….anyway i hate that the cocks got a quality player we should have gotten.

  59. Keyser

    A&N – I did watch it, but you’re going to blame him regardless, it was 1-1 at some point, and we were going for the win, we got caught out on the break for I think all of their goals after that ? And that’s pretty much basis for my point that we need to defend far better from the front.

    You just dislike him and thats fine, others feel they have to pinpoint people to pick on, if you think the Liverpool goal we conceded was Clichy’s fault then I think it sums it up.

    Clichy hasn’t lived up to the form he had two years ago, but neither has the team and that should be considered.

  60. LAzer

    I wonder how the players feel. All the senior players in some form or another have asked for signings at some point. Fabregas will want to leave, Wenger will replace him with Nasri. Arshavin will want to win something, Wenger will say it is Vela’s time. Will we ever win anything? Not with the current mindset. No ambition shown at all.

    And I am willing to bet 100s of bills Wenger will start the kids for the most part vs. a full strength Spuds side. You all KNOW he will.

  61. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser, facts are there.

    I have dates, scores, video links to back up my thoughts. What have you got to back your views up?

    I like clichy as a person, but he is our weak link and my evidence shows it.

  62. Keyser

    A&N – Yeah the United game was all Clichy’s fault ?!

    *What was Nasri doing ?! Almunia still messed up for the goal.

    After that it was like the Citeh game, we had zero penetration up front, so we pushed players forward, got caught on the break.

    Watch the Park goal, Clichy waited as long as he could for support, because Park’s got players in support, in the end there was none.

    You can’t leave players exposed like that.

  63. Kevin

    Did’t we win the league in 01/02 with 3 goalkeepers who won winners medals? There was seaman, and then the I forgot the names of the other two but they were definitely sub par.

  64. Keyser

    A&N – What have I got to back up my view ? The exact same videos yu’ve posted, you’ve got dates and figures where we’ve conceded goals and blamed ONE player.

    What were the other 11 doing ?! You brought up the N’Gog goal, we’d won the ball back, Arshavin plays it behind Wilshire, Wilshire loses possession yet you blame Clichy ?!

  65. wardo

    it feels like a witch hunt on here today !!

    Clichy is the one who is taking the flak !!

    I just wonder who will get it tomorrow……and the day after that……..and the day after that etc etc etc etc

  66. gambon


    Does make me laugh how people cant accept any criticsm of anything Arsenal.

    Clichy has underperformed for 2 years, oh no he hasnt, its a witch hunt!

    No Arsenal player could ever be anything other than unbelievable, yet somehow we dont win anything season after season.

    But wait, we all know thats due to injuries and poor refereeing.

  67. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser, Wardo

    I was asked to present my evidence against clichy

    Yes those videos show collective errors and mistakes by others but…clichy is the one who is mainly at fault for each of the goals in the videos i have posted.

    Keyser I never said he was the only one at fault, yes there are others I am mearely stick to the topic of Clichy because that is what we were talking about!!

  68. Arse&Nose©

    gambon,thank you!

    Am I the only one who went to specsavers?

    Jeez..people are arguing against plain to see evidence on video!!

  69. BillikenGooner

    When one notices that Clichy usually has Arshavin and Diaby on his side to help him, and an overworked yet not so speedy Song as the man trying to cover loads of space, it makes me cut Clichy some slack because we don’t have many players that put in a full match of effort getting back to help our defenders.
    Especially when we end up facing a speedy or skillful one.
    It becomes worse when Vermaelen or Gallas (last season) have to move over to help leaving more space in the middle for a pass or cross because (yet again) someone from the midfield (Diaby, Denilson, Cesc, etc) haven’t filled that space.

  70. wardo

    ….just to sum up todays feeling then;

    *) Arsene is a tight sod who WONT spend !
    *) Almunia is a mid to lower table keeper.
    *) Fabianski is a porr back up for Almunia
    *) Clichy is complete shite (in some peoples opinion)
    *) Eboue – same as above
    *) Sagna cant cross
    *) Vermalen is good but not enough experience
    *) Kozzer is not good enough.
    *) squilacci is too old and has not played at the highest level (except in the ECL final)
    *) Song is too slow as a DM.
    *) Diaby is clueless
    *) Cesc isn’t interested any more
    *) Rosicky – is he still fit to play ??
    *) Arshavin is lazy
    *) Theo has no football brain
    *) RVP is made of a very fine crystal that shatters upon impact
    *) Chamack is complete shite cause we got him for free
    *) Bentner couldn’t hit a donkey with a banjo
    *) Vela can’t remember to bring his passport to away games in Europe

    Think I am going to stick a bet on Arsenal cleaning up in every comp this year then !!!

    P.s.. at least we have LJW !!!!!!

  71. Keyser

    A&N – Exactly, Collective errors and mistakes, Clichy was mainly at fault ? Why ? Because you want him to be ?!

    You’re not merely sticking to the topic, you’re making the videos fit your agenda we concede a goal against Chelsea, it’s not because Arshavin lost the ball on the edge of the box, or because no-one else tracked back, but because Clichy’s left 2-1 down the right on the break.

    Not because Vermaelen messes up or Gallas overruns the ball, but because of Clichy ?!

    It’s typical of people that want/ need someone to blame and completely skew things to suit their argument.

    All those games you’ve showed If I said it’s because Clichy doesn’t get the protection Rosicky used to provide or others like Hleb or Flamini, then how would you counter it you can’t, it’s just your opinion.

  72. DaleDaGooner

    Not all bad news: We are signing….

    Arsenal have offered a five-year contract to Japanese youth star Ryo Miyaichi despite the winger nursing a broken leg, according to Yomiuri Shimbun.

    Miyaichi, 17, shone in a trial match against Boreham Wood last month and the Gunners are understood to have beaten Ajax, Cologne and Milan to his signature. While on trial with Ajax, he picked up the injury which is expected to sideline him for several months but this has not put off Arsene Wenger.

    The Japan under-19 international is expected to tie up the deal on December 14 when he turns 18. At six feet tall and blessed with pace and technique, he has been likened to Cristiano Ronaldo by the media in his homeland.

    And Wellington Silva in January will be a new signing


  73. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser, answer one question for me

    what side of the pitch did we conceed those goals from?

    I am not saying clichy is the only one at fault, but it is no coincidence that he seems to be involved in the majority of goals that we conceed. I struggle to find as many for Sagna, or even EBOUE!!

  74. Arse&Nose©

    Billken are you saying Sagna is only solid because he has Walcott helping him out?

    Walcott gets back but I dont think it makes much of a difference, Sagna is just a better defender than clichy.

  75. sixx pac

    A&N – What have I got to back up my view ? The exact same videos yu’ve posted, you’ve got dates and figures where we’ve conceded goals and blamed ONE player.

    What were the other 11 doing ?! You brought up the N’Gog goal, we’d won the ball back, Arshavin plays it behind Wilshire, Wilshire loses possession yet you blame Clichy ?!

    By Keyser on September 1, 2010 at 16:05

    since when do we play with 12 men 😆

  76. Keyser

    A&N – Go watch the Blackburn game, or even the goal where Park scores for United, what side was that ?!

    How about when we played Chelsea at the Emirates last year ? Do you remember where we conceded those goals from ?!

    Think about it, what was our problem that day ? Chelsea just sat in their half, our small strikers bounced off their defence and they picked us off with two crosses from Ashley Cole ?!

  77. gambon

    Lol we refuse to up a £2m bid for a vital position, but we offer a 17 year old jap with a broken leg a 5 year deal!


    1- Making Profits
    2- Winning youth trophies
    3- Ladies football
    4- Giving the impression of competing at senior level

  78. wardo

    what are the odds on several Arsenal players really stepping up the grade this season ???

    I am going to support my team this season. One blogger on here hit the nail on the head earlier when he said that it will be a rollercoaster season….enjoy the highs and accept the lows !!

    tbh – that is what i am going to do…….i would love us to win something but, can’t see it happening in the EPL or ECL !! We would need an almight amount of lady luck……

  79. Big Dave

    Did anyone mention when Clichy fell asleep when we were 4-2 up v the spuds and he refused to pass and then slipped which let in jenas and the rest well they say is history.

    Brum away gives away a pen

  80. Arse&Nose©

    Keyser your diverging from the original argument.

    I was challenged on my thoughts about Clichy, I am now mearly presenting Clichy’s errors.

    I am not saying every goal was 100% his fault, just highlighting that he has a part to play in most of the goals conceeded.

  81. BillikenGooner

    Sagna is a better defender than Clichy and I am disappointed in the last 2 seasons with Clichy and his overall performances.

    2 years ago, I’d have said with all honesty that I thought we had near the best pair of FB’s around. It was one area of the squad I had confidence in.

    I just think that the mud thrown at our usual straw men (Diaby and Denilson) is deserved in that they have been lackluster in their efforts to play defense and that hurts our FBs, especially Clichy because with Arshavin being a regular starter, he isn’t the greatest at helping either.

    Sagna has often had Nasri or Eboue or someone young who wants to impress on his side putting in a bit more effort and (while being a better defender) has benefited from that.

  82. Keyser

    A&N – I’m not, you were asked to prevent evidence, but instead of pointing out mistakes like when Corluka I think got past him at Citeh 2-3 years ago, or games like Tottenham where he slipped over and they went on to score.

    You’ve pointed out poor team efforts instead and said Clichy was mainly at fault, if we lose the ball near a teams 18 yard box, like I think it was Arshavin against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and they go on to score.

    Are you seriously going to blame that on one person ? No because it’s a collective series of mistakes. All players have a part to play in the goals we concede.