Flabbergasted, but not in the least surprised, at least his bonus is safe.

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Bargain Hunt - Starring Arsene Wenger

Even David Dickinson was shocked at the frugal one...

Before all the believers come on and start to bitch, read this, if after you have, you still think I’m being unfair, don’t bother to comment, read a blog that thinks what he’s done makes sense, you’ll be happier there, if of course you find one.

How can anybody be happy with our two keepers, even Wenger isn’t and he was the only person that could have made something happen, a good manager would have, but then Wenger isn’t, he’s a great coach, but managing isn’t his forte.

He knew in May that he wanted to get a new keeper, how do we know that? Peter Hill-Wood confirmed we had bid for Mark Schwarzer, Fulham wanted £4 million, we offered £2 million, why? Because our manager is very clever, Barca wanted Cesc for £29 million, we said you’ll need to pay £60 million. You can ask, but if what you offer is derisory then you’ll get nothing. Ask Barca!

So think about that then, we have a keeper crisis and our leader believes a keeper that is worth £58 million less (in his valuation not mine) than his captain, will do the job, hmmmm. Work that one out.

I have never been a big Schwarzer fan, but over the two we have, I would have him in a heartbeat.

So then we go back in August and bid the same paltry amount for him again, and guess what? Fulham said no, we want £4 million, if you can’t pay £4 million, then sod off, just like you told Barcelona. Fair enough in my book.

Then on the final day of the transfer window, Wenger goes back and says ‘okay, you win, here’s the £4million you wanted back in May.’ However by yesterday, their current keeper Stockdale (stand in) was injured, so Fulham said no, that’s not the fault of Mark Hughes, why would he sell Schwarzer when his other keeper is injured?

No that’s the fault of no one else other than Arsene Wenger.

If we had paid what they asked for in May instead of playing childish games of ‘look how clever I am’ we would have had a decent keeper in for pre season and would have been away. Much the same is had we offered a sensible amount last August for Chamakh, we may have won the league. We didn’t and the striker problems of last season cost us dearly, so what did we learn from that? Nothing, that’s what.

And please don’t tell me he was free, by the time you add salary to signing on bonus there is little difference, there is no such thing as a free lunch, unless of course they are over 30.

Dreadful brinkmanship that failed dismally, so for all the people that said back in June, that I should wait until the end of the window as he knows best, get back under your rock people, because here we go again, only this time, we not only have two useless keepers that regularly commit howlers, we have two keepers that know the manager wanted them out for a 37 year old who could hold the fort until prodigy Chezzers comes of age.

Still another season where the transfer budget has been well and truly saved, many more players have left or been sold so the books have been balanced, the bonus is safe and we have another season of promise that could have been to look forward to.

Arsene, the only sane thing you can do now is to get Shay Given on loan, that business can still be done, or make Chezzer the new number 1, I would sooner watch him making mistakes than the other two jokers, I’ve seen enough of their howlers in pre season. Real Madrid took a chance on a young keeper years ago, he lifted the world cup in July.

I have many mates that are AKB’s, not one of them can understand this, some of them even rate our two keepers, but none of them can understand the manager letting them know that he thinks they are crap.

If we win the league this season I will be delighted, of course I will, I love my team, we ought to eventually, the amount of games this team has played together, but think how much easier it could have been if he had signed a world class keeper, think of the games Cech and Van der Sar have won for their teams, and the worst bit is, Wenger knows it.

And just to add salt to the wound, Harry gets Van Der Vaart, great, and for £2mill less than we spent on Koscielny.

Poor old Cesc, he must have known. Have a great day Grovers, how many times have we said groundhog day before eh?

Ground Hog Day

September 1st 2009

Last year I stayed up late with the Grovers to see if we were going to sign anyone… and we didn’t. This year, I don’t know whether I’ll bother. I still think Wenger is putting the season on the line with a bare bones squad again… I think he needs a defensive midfielder and a centre back… but if he has the confidence to roll with it, we’ll just have to bite our bottom lip and hope the performances continue as they have been.

August 31st 2009

Almunia: Having a shocking opener to the season. If he were a pupil at school and I was his headmaster, I’d be on my second parent meeting of the term. I think it’s gone beyond the last chance saloon and he should be dropped. 4

September 1st 2008

I feel very let down by Arsene because once again I was lured in by his lies. That is why I have created a new term…

A Wengerism: A Wengerism is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement, especially with the intention to deceive others.

Do you feel deceived? Wenger has lured us in all summer with the promise of signings, the promise of players staying and the promise of being satisfied as fans. He only said this a couple of days ago,

“We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed,”

“This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go.

It doesn’t matter though, because you’ve made you bed… now you must lie in it.

You will have no excuses come the end of this season because,

  1. You had the money, despite trying your best to deny it.
  2. You knew about the crocks (RvP, Denilson, Theo, Eduardo, Diaby, Song, JD…etc).
  3. You’ve had time .
  4. You knew the players were young .
  5. You publicly stated you needed experience.

September 27th 2007

I was a big advocate of signing two wingers and a centre back pre-season, still am a bit, but I tried thinking who I would buy come January? Apart from Goofy, there really isn’t anyone and we have £70mil to spend.

Being an Arsenal fan can sometimes be a bummer.

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  1. DeiseGooner

    Sorry TOM TOM but coming on a blog saying you got laughed at by your friends – what are you thinkin’ boy!!


  2. DeiseGooner

    na he didnt get called up lad, the training was at our gaff and all the other england keepers apart from Hart pulled out due to ‘ladies pains’ so our boy Jimmy helped out so they could all have a kickabout!

  3. DeiseGooner

    no TOM they were laughing at YOU ……. 😉

    most likely to hide their tears cause they couldnt get shot of Babel

  4. Sooper gunner

    everyone has that one crock season man. Look at Theo himself!
    And Squillaci doesn’t just border on quality. He is quality.

    Another thing, Honestly, I do not think that I am very pissed about the GK situation. Just a little sad.
    But I believe that we’re stronger than last season. MS would have probably been nothing more than a cherry on the top. Plus we would have all seen Almunia as back up. Not Flappy.

    I am seriously pissed about letting Sol go though. It felt nice to have an invincible in your team once again. Even if he was supposed to be only back up. It was really nice. I think Squillaci will provide a little more cover than Gallas. And Koscielny is DEFINITELY better than Silvestre. Senderos and Djouru are equally good and both were equally useles last season. We’ve not let ourselves down in this department. If only Eboue could play GK….

  5. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    The Only positive of this badly managed new summer is that we dont have Shitvestre present

    arsenal vs barca..and it was messi vs shitvestre….this time around,we may not have to face dat…

    Bottomline to AKBs–> the trophy cabinet is empty..FACT

  6. Sooper gunner

    Clichy was never and invincible according to me. All said and done. That spot was nailed down by Cashley that year.

    And I dont think a single AKB visits this blog any more 🙂

  7. TOM TOM

    I’m going to the Braga game,got a package for 170 euro. Demand must be way down as that would have cost me 300 euro lastyear

  8. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    After the farce that wenger did his risky mangement of keeper crisis has made a few daily AKBs on this blog vanish..

    Those AKBs who have vanished from this blog are Reading this Right NOW…YES..its true..and i know…
    They will be back on the blog,when Almunia has a good game

  9. afcpaul

    I normally agree with most of your posts here and can understand frustration, i feel it too. But Wenger has been a fantasic manager for our great club and if we had signed a goalkeeper i think we would have been in with a great shout. the squad is nicely balanced other than the keeper situation obviosly.

  10. BillikenGooner

    Don’t worry, there are still enough sites out there calling this non-signing of Schwarzer (or any new goalie) a stroke of genius by Wenger for the AKB’s to revel in.

  11. Sooper gunner


    I completely agree with you mate. Plus I still haven’t understoond how we can get GIVEN!!!!

    Assuming Mancini agrees and moreover, Wenger agrees….isn’t the window closed?!

  12. BillikenGooner

    Maybe we can pull a Man City and submit a plea to the FA for a special dispensation to sign an emergency goalie.

    We have more than enough evidence to prove we don’t have one on our squad at the moment.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Still can’t believe Van Der Vaart signed for the cocks. I guess van Persie couldn’t “wheel and deal” Wenger enough to make him consider replacing Eduardo with RvDV.

  14. Sooper gunner

    Chamakh has a better work rate than VDV and he is less of a crock. Mark my words, Gallas and VDV will not have started more than 5 games each by January.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Manuel Almunia, Andrey Arshavin, Nicklas Bendtner, Marouane Chamakh, Gael Clichy, Denilson, Neves Pereka, Abou Diaby, Johan Djourou, Emmanuel Eboue, Lukasz Fabianski, Cesc Fabregas, Laurent Koscielny, Vito Mannone, Samir Nasri, Tomas Rosicky, Bacary Sagna, Alex Song, Robin van Persie, Thomas Vermaelen, Sebastien Squillaci.

    Who the F is Neves Pereka?? Some Afro-Brazilian Arsene secretely signed to tend the net? I don’t see Flappyhandski onthis list, good! I know wishful thinking.

  16. alex

    All our U21s who can play

    Arsenal – Under 21 players (Contract and Scholars)

    Afobe, Benik
    Aneke, Chukwuemeka Ademola Amachi
    Angha, Martin Yves
    Ansah, Zak Andy
    Barazite, Nacer
    Bartley, Kyle
    Bihmoutine, Samir
    Boateng, Daniel
    Botelho, Pedro Roberto Silva
    Brislen-Hall, George
    Bunjaku, Alban
    Campbell, James Andrew
    Charles-Cook, Reice Jordan
    Coquelin, Francis
    Cruise, Thomas Daniel
    Deacon, Roarie
    Eastmond, Craig Leon
    Ebecilio, Kyle Stephen Joel
    Edge, James Michael
    Emmanuel-Thomas, Jay-Aston
    Evina, Cedric David
    Freeman, Luke Anthony
    Frimpong, Emmanuel Yan
    Galindo, Samuel
    Gibbs, Kieran James Ricardo
    Glasgow, Benjamin Luke
    Hajrovic, Sead
    Henderson, Conor Alan
    Hoyte, Gavin Andrew
    Lansbury, Henri George
    Martinez, Damain Emiliano
    McDermott, Sean
    Meade, Jernade Ronnel
    Miquel-Pons, Ignasi
    Monakana, Jeffrey
    Monteiro, Elton Almada
    Murphy, Rhys Philip Elliot
    Nordtveit, Havard
    Oldfield Spence-Neita, Nigel Paul
    Ozyakup, Oguzhan
    Ramsey, Aaron James
    Randall, Mark
    Rees, Joshua David
    Roberts, Philip James
    Shea, James
    Smith, Steven Robert
    Sunu, Gilles
    Szczesny, Wojciech Tomasz
    Traore, Armand
    Vela Garrido, Carlos Alberto
    Walcott, Theo James
    Watt, Herschel Oulio Sanchez
    Webb, Callum Taylor
    Wilshere, Jack Andrew
    Wynter, Jordan James Cecil
    Yennaris, Nicholas

  17. Sooper gunner

    small question though : quick vote everyone. I would like Cessna or Chezzny or that guy to keep in the Carling cup. Like proper. And I would like Fabianski to be our new Centre forward for games against Stoke so that he can go break Shawcross’ legs.

    So the vote is, will that make Fabianski popular with the fans? say aye or naye…

  18. Pierre

    Groundhog day, nail on the head that one! I didnt play the game this year, Wenger has had me for a fool too many times, I didn’t watch any of the closing days in the transfer market, knew it wouldn’t happen. First genuine Le Chump of the new season, surely it has to be our gloriois manager, the twat.

  19. hitman

    Wenger is a tramp.
    Seriously how unprofessional can you get. 3 years / 3 month (take your pick) to sign a goalie and he still can’t achieve it.
    He gets paid £6m plus bonuses to be able to co-ordinate transfers and he cant do it.
    If I made such a huge mistake at work I’d get a disciplinary.

  20. hitman

    We dont actually need 8 home grown players. But the maximum non homegrown players you can have is 17.

    Our squad is only 20 players. So the rules make no difference to us.

  21. Sooper gunner

    heh, if only. ok people i have finally cooled down and accepted that I will be cheering Almunia on this season. Time for me to sleep. it’s 1:30 AM here!!!

    goodnight everyone. UP the arsenal!!!

  22. hitman

    You cant blame Hughes. Wenger left it too late. He should have sorted this out before world cup or pre season at the latest.

    We got overtaken by events – Rafa leaving, Hodgson moving, Hughes coming in, Injuries to Fulham keepers, Mancity not releasing Given, etc.
    Wenger run out of time. The goal keeper issue was too important to Arsenal leave to the last minute.
    He should have spent big on one of the german or italian keepers.
    Wenger and Gazidis have reduced AFC to a joke club in the transfer market.

  23. Chris beef

    Excellent post by RayGooner at 18.32. One of the most insightful comments i’ve ever read on here. Very much agree with your comment.

  24. DaleDaGooner

    Re: hitman says:
    September 1, 2010 at 21:04
    We dont actually need 8 home grown players. But the maximum non homegrown players you can have is 17.

    Our squad is only 20 players. So the rules make no difference to us.


    As if counting injuries we aren’t thin enough! fuck! they gave us 25 max plus unlimited under 21s and we can’t sign enough senior players to fill the qouta!! Wenger you genius!

  25. jules



    Gazidies has signed a multi five pound notes shirt sponsorhip deal with Aldi . it was a close run thing as Lidls were in the running as were Stevenage boot fair which was Arsene Wengers choice but Aldi had the quality , mental strength and desire to close the deal .

  26. Rohan

    I’m sorry gambon, but that is completely out of fucking order. I expected much more from you.

    gambon says:
    September 1, 2010 at 09:49
    I would compare Wenger to Hitler.

    A racist cunt who assumed unprecedented power then fucked it up with his delusional ideas and refusal to listen to anyone but the voices inside his head.

  27. AA23

    Why did benny get a yellow today? Because he battered Gambon and DDM? He did it fairly, wasn’t picking fights and “giving an opinion…”.
    Unfair on him.
    I know Gambon thinks he’s funny and DDM struggles with his lies about knowing people inside the club but do they really need Pedro and Geoffs protection when they get a hiding?
    They dish it all day long, literally all day in gambons case, but as soon as benny slapped the fuck out of the pair of them Geoff had to step in and yellow him.
    Let’s keep it fair at least. If you dish it out and get a dig then take it on the chin like Ethan used to when I’d slaughter him every single night without fail.
    It’s what makes the site so good.
    Jaguar always took it on the chin when I would jokingly call him a fat, Maltese, fez wearing, benitez lookalike, senile mug. So why do gambon and dennisdagrass need so much backup?
    I know they are good for about 300 comments each a day but they will learn more from a beating than they will from being helped out of every situation they are on the wrong side of.
    So they will get a bloody nose and cry for a while but they will be better off in the long run. They will both meet many more “bennys” in their lives, especially when they start work.
    Set them free.

  28. Jaguar reloaded

    dennisdamenace says:
    September 1, 2010 at 14:19

    I refuse to waste oxygen on the time wasters on here who masquerade as Arsenal supporters, when in fact all they really are, are apologists and excuse makers for a manager who is obviously on the decline and a board who indulge him because he makes them money at the expensive of true glory in the form ot titles

    Post of the day.Brilliant DDM.

  29. AA23

    you know mine was the post of the day you fat, Maltese mug.
    Just kidding mate.
    Not about post of the day which I always own but about you looking like Rafa Benitez In a fez.
    That was harsh.
    But fair.

  30. dennisdamenace

    I know Gambon thinks he’s funny and DDM struggles with his lies about knowing people inside the club

    You’re a bitter little person aren’t you.

    Who the fuck are you to cal lanyone a liar, you don’t know anyone personally on here.

    Yet all you do is bad mouth people, you don’t offer ANYTHING by way of an opinion, all you do is ‘celebrate’ being able to get the ‘better’ of people like ethan, well whoopdedoo!

    Whether you choose to believe me or not, i do not someone very close to AW, but to call me a liar, based on what?

    For your information, we spoke last night, and even though it pains me to say it, the fault with not signing a goalkeeper, any goalkeeper, was NOT AW’s fault apparently. It was Gazidis’ yank mates/team, and i quote –

    “their negotiating skills were abysmul and they left it too late”

    So, much as i would prefer to believe that our manager is actually not bothered, and is losing it. It would appear ouor Dave=id Dein replacement(s) are the ones to blame.

    Now then take it or leave it, i’m not really bothered, but start dissing for what to ‘score points’ pathetic.

  31. dennisdamenace

    Anyhoo, for anyone who’s even remotely interested, i will be taking back a large slice of my anti-Arsene pie today, and redirecting my anger, dissapointment and frustration at the sceptic tanks at our club…..

  32. Mayank

    If indeed your source is correct that’s very frustrating. It means the coach wanted a replacement and the management couldn’t get it. It sends out a very bad message. I would’ve been happier to know the Arsene decided that MS wan’t worth the effort and decided to stick with Al.
    Right decision or wrong the squad would have to put their faith into it.

  33. geoff

    To answer your earlier comment AA23, when I dish out a yellow, it because people attack fellow Grovers, just like you did this morning when no one was around, to my knowledge DDM and Gambon only have a dig at people that dig at them first, that’s why I dish out yellows to the ones who start it.

    And that’s why you are getting a yellow now.

    If DDM and Gambon make a number of comments, it’s because they contribute, all you seem to have done is come on and have a pop, as for Ethan, he is away for a bit working, so he can’t comment.

    Enjoy your card, it’s my first of the day.

  34. Thierry Henry is god


    Good way to start the day!

    Myself, I woke up to see that VDV has signed for Spurs. Doesn’t change shit, he is ranked 500 something on castrol which is lower than anyone in our midfield.

    But still. It pisses me off on general principle.

  35. Thierry Henry is god

    Oh, and looking at the squads today I must say that Chelsea’s squad might look the best on the paper, but they have a big lack of depth. So lets hope for some injuries there.

    Otherwise it feels like we are on par with ManU tbh.

    Shitty are just bizarr, but that’s to be expected with some 260 mil spent the last transfer windows.

  36. dennisdamenace

    Mayank, it kinda puts into context the actual roles & responsibilities at the club. AW getting all the flack for HIS failure in signing a GK, when in fact these fucking Keystone Cops managed to fuck up on more than one attempted purchase, apparently…….

  37. dennisdamenace

    You know, whether we need a player like VDV or not, he will improve those inbreds, and that annoys me. The fact that they buy that level of player, they are continually striving to improve. While we seem to want to continually wait for players like Denilson, Bentner et al to hopefully come good……

    I think Arsene really does need to be more ruthless when dealing with players who have aspirations of being first team regulars at Arsenal.

  38. charliegeorge

    I’m still seething. When is this self-indulgent, tightfisted twat, going to change his ways?

    Answer: NEVER!

    That’s how long it will be before Arsenal ever wins anything again; not for as long as that prick is able to draw breath will Arsenal ever win anything again.

    Talk about instilling a culture of third-best, it’ll be alright on the night, questionable morals, in for a penny and not a penny more.


    I supported Arsenal long before you came on the scene and I will support Arsenal long after you’ve left the scene.

    You are a disgrace to the pursuit of winning, anathema to ambition, incredulous of constructive criticism, disingenuous in promising results (be it on the field and in the transfer market), a puppet of an avaricious regime who care nothing for fans but individual bank balances.

    A self-styled David Koresh, the line between the football world and the sectarian world are easily blurred. Once the Arsene Knows Best signs went up, you pounced, like a bitch on heat.

    You have annexed this football club for your own ends, just as you did with Monaco, undertaking a project doomed from the very beginning. But did you learn your lesson? Answer: does a leopard change its spots?

    You purported to be a friend of David Dein yet you were eerily silent and therefore implicit in his arbitrary execution. Like a politician desperate for power, you seized the day, just as you did when the hapless, pitiful, Arsene Knows Best brigade deified you.

    Well let me tell you a thing or two: you are not a God who walks amongst men, NOT NOW, NOT EVER.

    Let the record show that you are not the manager you or your cohorts believe you are. Truth be told, you are not in the same ballpark as Jose Mourinho, the man who softened you, toyed with you, and broke you.

    As history shows, and as your bloodlines suggest, you have been running away from that fight since then. Instead, you have sold your soul to the board, in turn selling out the fans, in turn insulating yourself from criticism.

    You cannot compete with the best, therefore you set yourself lower targets, therefore you spend less than every other club in the transfer market, therefore you have a ready-made excuse when it all goes tits up.

    It’s too late for you to grow a pair of balls, too late to act and rectify all the wrongs, too late to leave a true mark to remember you by So you slink off into mediocrity, into the abyss. As is their want, the lemmings obediently follow, dropping zombie-like over the cliff.

    All that’s left is for the true die-hards to pick up the pieces.

  39. Thierry Henry is god


    No matter how useless Gazidis and his team are, Wenger is the front man to the wages over transfer budget plan. So by extension it is he who is behind the fact that they have marginal resources to work with. So if they have failed I presume it’s as much because of the tight transfer kitty as anything else.

  40. AA23

    I can take a yellow Geoff. Fair play. But benny offered some good arguments and some of the old timers on here definitely get favours.
    No yellows for dennisdagrass for calling everyone a cunt every 2 minutes? Or gambon being a racist mug?
    Both good posters but you have to be honest and admit they break the rules.
    Still love the site though.

  41. dennisdamenace

    You know i just wish we would lfex our considreably financial muscle, and buy two seriously top class players. Players that would make the rest of the footballing world sit up and take notice, players that would make Ozil think he made a mistake by going to Real Madrid.

    Seriously, how can such players be detrimental to the growth of younger players. Was PV04, DB10, RP07 detrimental to Fab4. Real quality will rise to the top very quickly under such tutelage….

  42. Thierry Henry is god


    Bear with me, I’m not a hundred procent into the economic structure of our club.

    But I think that in order to free the money from the wage bill we need to make two world class signings we need to lower certain wages, and that would mean changing contracts on a number of players.

    Our problem is that we need to considerably cut down that mountain of over paid younglings and have a considerably higher part of our budget aimed towards ‘short term and more risky investments’, like 15+ mil transfers. But those asses (including Wenger) won’t risk that in order for us to take the next logical step and outclass both ManU and the Chavs.

  43. dennisdamenace

    AA23 – In my defence i got into a ‘row’ with Bennyboy over his misinterpretation of me ‘trying to get people binned’ on here.

    I posted that Geoff & Pedders should bin all the fuckers sho are abusive to fellow Grovers. Geoff responded with wanting me to name names. I reposted (some time later) that the ones he should bin for being constantly abusive to fellow Grovers we Arsene Wenger, Gazidis and PHW!!

    However, in between time Bennyboy took that as i was having a pop at him, but i did rise to the bait, even though looking back he misunderstood where i was coming from.

    He got stroppy i got stroppy, but i don’t generally i don’t call everyone on here a cunt ffs.

    I hope you’re cool with that, if not fair enough….

  44. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Morning Guys

    Interesting and really shocking to know if it is NOT Wengers fault,that it is the Gazidis mates…

    IF ur source is true,hope arsenal Fix this problem ASAP,dont wanna repeat of this further..

  45. dennisdamenace

    THIG – I’m not overly certain of the intricacies of our finances. However, i was told by the same guy that we’re financially powerful enough to compete with ANYONE in World football now except The Chavs and the Northern Chavs. He said that everyone would be amazed if even if only one of the deals we were in for were to come off!! Well none did, so i got quite bemused by his information, and so started to doubt him.

    However, i digress, we may need to lower the wage bill by offloading a load of dead wood to be in a position to then push the wage bill up by purchasing two or so World class stars, i don’t know what the rulings on turnover v wages, but i do know we’re fucking loaded.

  46. dennisdamenace

    SAB – I wanna believe it’s true, i’m hoping that what i’m being told is correct, but with most of what i was told in the early summer not coming true i’m a little sceptical of the info to be honest….

  47. Thierry Henry is god

    Yeah, I’ve read that our avarage budget have been almost the same to ManU’s every season since the 05/06 season(I think ManU’s was roughly like 10 mil higher which would make it 97mil to 108 mil), so when comparing silverware it’s painful and humiliating to realize that it’s the financial planning and Wenger gone fundamentalist in his ideologies that really is the underlying problem.

  48. AA23

    I’m a wind up merchant and a cunt. But I love the Arsenal as much as you, Gambon, Geoff, Keyser, mangoonian, Pedro, A, SF Ray, QOS, BBK, Ethan, Chozzer (one of my favourites), Gnarly and all the other true grovers.
    I just fucking hate bullies. And if someone gets a caning for no reason I have to jump in. I’m like a young Bruce Wayne in that regard.
    Benny was a solid poster, he got a right hiding today and it was uncalled for. I had to try and help him.
    Le grove deserves good posters like him, like it needs good posters like “A”, who takes some fearful shit on here but maintains his own mind and very rarely rises to the constant shit he takes.
    He was being called out just today.
    on a day when Wenger was compared to Adolf Hitler I thought I’d use a bit of humor and some fighting spirit to call that shit out.
    Le grove is our favourite site, it’s why we come here every day.
    Surely Geoff of all people realised that some of this on here is getting out of control and ruining the board.
    Just be fair and don’t play favourites with ANYONE. If an old school poster breaks the rules card them, or ban them. But do it fairly.
    I’ve been straightened out by geoff a few times and it does make me think.
    Some get away with murder and that’s when I go on the attack.
    So I apologise to DDM and Gambon, who I secretly like.
    Jaguar is a useless cunt though.
    Ban that idiot, he really does ruin this place.
    Just kidding Jag.

  49. Jaguar reloaded

    Hard to digest any argument about it not being Wenger’s fault.Afterall,its that mug,who reward all the mediocre players with fat contracts,and try to buy all average Francophonic players.

  50. chozzer

    I thought BennyBoy was a really interesting poster, too……….mind you I thought the same about Faceman and Sharkeysure.

  51. Thierry Henry is god


    Fracophonic players are half, and maybe less, the price of English players of the same quality.

    I mean Milner, 30 mil? Come on.. That’s pathetic, even considering that Shitty was the buyer.

  52. dennisdamenace

    AA23 – I winced when i saw the Hitler/Mugabe comments, i have my own opinions and doubts about AW, but would never sink as low as that. That’s not reasoned, educated debate…..

    We’re a fickle bunch, football supporters in general, and if AW delivers the EPL title at teh end of the season i will cry with joy and sing his name out loud, because when all is said an done i do want the best for my club, and if Arsene can deliver it that’s all i care about…..

  53. Jaguar reloaded

    THIG,I am not against quality Francophonic players like Ribery or Gourcouff,but the thing is Wenger cant manage the ego of English players.How long do you think the likes of Diaby and Eboue would figure for Manures or Chavs under the Scot Scum and Maureen?All Wenger cares is trying to convert his love children into decent players, at the expense of our club’s success.He doesnt give fuckall importance to the success of the club.

    All of this summer transfers-

    Either of unproven/cheap/francophonic

  54. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I know mate,u r trying to do a honest job,u work in IT field,for sure,in this business,u wouldnt ‘need’ to have the skill of winding up people…

    What i would like to make u realise is that,the problem is NOT YOU or YOUR SOURCE,it is the Frustration of fans,AKBs or Doomers,that there arent any signings,and u guys are just an outlet of this frustration,hence the accusation u being that etc….

    I also wanna add my this observation that, Jaguar,Gambon,DDM etc blame wenger,Arsenal FC management etc..but others have the FIRST POP on u guys,keyword is FIRST POP on u guys,and hence ur guys reaction to that POP…

    gambon has Pops at Arsenal FC,but QoS has pops at gambon…..

    I have told this earlier,there are people who blame Arsenal FC establishment,and others on here who blame those who blame the ArsenalFC for lack of our trophies…

  55. dennisdamenace

    30m for Milner!! Based on what?? Not even a regular for England ffs. Ozil and Khedira went for less to Real Madrid combined! No wonder AW doesn’t buy English, apart from the fact that virtually all English players are overrated, inbred, egotistical wankers……

  56. Jaguar reloaded

    Personally I wouldnt compare Wenger to those dictators,only because of their atrocities against humanity.But in reality,Wenger is no different,when it comes to them,when it comes to his greed and hunger for power

    Having said that Wenger is a deluded,senile,retarded Spuds agent.

  57. geoff

    AA23 and Dennis, glad to see you guys getting on, I can’t see every comment as I have to work sometimes, and of course play golf.

    I withdraw your yellow!

    If I see it, I’ll edit it and if needed bin it.

  58. Jaguar reloaded

    DDM,Rooney was worth every penny of that amount paid to Everton,same with Ferdinand.I am not even English.But I dont agree with your generalisation.

  59. eshlad

    does it occur to anyone how little we have spent on our squad!? even sunderland have spent more than us, not to mention the top 7 who have trumped us massively. im not saying you need to spend to win, but a successful squad does require investment even on the basis of bringing up the youth. just look at barca, after all, arent we modelling ourselves on them?

  60. dennisdamenace

    Cheers SAB, i see what you’re saying. And, to be honest it does go one. Some of us might not have a lot of positives to say about AW et al, but he’s not actually given us much to be positive about.

    Teasing us with ECL football, only to be found out/embarrassed by teams like ManUre, Barca at the later stages. But, ultimately not pushing the club on to the next level, by beating/embarrassing those very same teams.

    It does seem to be a case of just doing enough to ensure 3rd/4th place. It’s a dangerous game to play with Spurz and now Citeh building big, powerful squads.

  61. Goonerman

    Gazidis is not worthy; this GREAT club of ours should not be represented by an amateur.

    He knew the risk in leaving a deal late and took them with a GOALKEEPER.


  62. dennisdamenace

    Jag – I am English, and the likes of Rooney, Ferdinand etc make me embarrassed to be English, fucking inbred cunts, the toilets of society, and that’s basically why i can’t be doing with supporting England footie. I’m as passionate as the next man about my counrty, i support the cricket, the rugby, the fucking darts, fuck i even tried to sign up when we had a bit of a tear up with the Argies! But, those fucking retards are strangling everything good out of the game.

    I do agree that Rooney was worth every penny of his transfer to ManUre, but look at the bigger picture fella. Average players bigging themselves up like they are something special, and they are just fuckwits with money, a vert bad combo!

  63. Thierry Henry is god


    For every Rooney or Ferdinand among the English players you have ten Milner and Glen Johnsson who simply aren’t worth the trouble in my book.

    Therefore foreign players are prefered, and which foreign players are more suited than the Francophonics considering that Wenger is one of the best in the buisness when it comes to recognizing quality Francophonic players.

    Wouldn’t you agree that a failed Francophonic player for coffee money is a better bet than a failed English player for astronomical sums?

    I don’t want to start a two front war with DDM against you, so I’ll leave it by just saying that.

  64. Jaguar reloaded

    DDM,So would you rather have a bunch of mediocre,foreign players,who wouldnt win us anything than a bunch of gritty,English players who have the will to succeed(who cares about what they do off the pitch)

  65. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Just being english shouldnt be criteria to be admired by english people,they need to act Class and as a inspiration to young ones…but off/on field antics just dont draw that same respect to them,than the respect we give to some decent hard working footballing legends…

  66. Jaguar reloaded

    THIG,Its just a prejudice against English players,that they are bound to fail.Why dont you mention the likes of Rodwell,Gosling,Adam Johnson who have a bright future ahead.The thing is the retard Wenger wants to take credit,if any of our mediocre Francophonic players come good,and say ‘I told you so’

  67. paul mc daid

    Goonerman,because he is our history,and this club has been history without him,and will be as long as these amateurs are running it,DAVID DEIN is a winner.

  68. dennisdamenace

    Jag – I don’t want ANYONE who’s not good enough for us, French, English, Bolivian. I just want quality players in every position fella.

    For me Walcott is as big a waste or space as Diaby.

    He’s had a pretty good start to the season, but let’s wait a bit before we start hailing him as the next Messi.

  69. Goonerman

    I agree mate; but the man lost the Boardroom politics and his job cos he was two faced with his colleagues on the Board.

  70. Jaguar reloaded

    David Dein is a winner and so the retarded,senile loser in a manager’s attire called Wenger,decided to part ways.

  71. Jaguar reloaded

    Touche DDM.But the issue here is we have cheap,mediocre foreign players like Diaby,who dont even have the passion playing for an English club.Atleast,the English players have some passion for the club.

  72. chozzer

    To be fair, I’ve never seen DDM or Jaguar have a go unless attacked first (in fact Jaguar doesn’t respond to any attacks)….
    …but Gambon, ffs, his modus operandi is to have a pop at everyone and everything. He obviously loves it; that’s why he’s sat at his computer all day.

  73. dennisdamenace

    I personally think we need a balance.

    We need to go back to basics, the formula that AW fell upon with a hard-as-nails-gritty-never-say-die attitude of the defence with the speed-flair-techical brilliance of the attack…….

    I don’t care from what country these fuckers come from, so long as they can do this for me. But, it is more likely that the defensive side of things would probably mean more Anglo-Saxon style players, and the attacking flair would be more likely to be Gallic/Latin type players…..

  74. Jaguar reloaded

    No GoonerT1m,Clichy is not.There is only one Arsene Wenger,the senile retarded mug,who serves as a double agent for the Spuds.

  75. dennisdamenace

    TBH i’m with you on Diaby Jag, he infuriates me with his lacklustre ‘style’, he genuinely doesn’t seem bothered at times.

    I watched him a few times against Blackburn in the first half, and at corners he was obviously detailed to mark Samba. Now i know that’s not the easiest task, but at times he just stood there watching the big lump rumble past him, and in slow motion he looked absolutely clueless about what he had to do.

    He’s so painfully NOT a first team plauyer for us, just because he does the occassional piece of ooutrageous skill doesn’t equate to what is required to win the EPL, especially for the fact that for every piece of skill he displays there are dozens of times within one game he gives the ball away needlessly, gets caught in possession trying to be clever, doesn’t put effort etc etc etc……..

    He is either a bench player for us (at best) of he should be playing for Lyon.

  76. Jaguar reloaded

    Goonerman says:
    September 2, 2010 at 08:51

    Ian Wright, Wright, Wright.

    Lets sing a new song to the tune of this next match day


  77. dennisdamenace

    GT1m – Really?

    How long have they been playing in the first team? Two, three, four years? Time for a change fella, time for someone else to be given those amount of chances to come good.

    I guarantee you that if they are ever moved on from the club Diaby will end up at someone like Paris St Germain, and Denilson will end up at somewhere like Middlesboro………

  78. Jaguar reloaded

    DDM,thats the bitter truth mate.The retard Wenger,wont transfer them at any cost because there would be no top clubs interested in them,and the Spuds agent Wenger doesnt want to accept his failure.