Harry, you are such a dipstick, you remind me of Del boy.

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Redknapp said  that getting Gallas was a great piece of business, ha, ha, he’s 33 Harry, injured half the season, disrupts the dressing room, sulks and is only at Tottenham because we didn’t want him, not to mention how many goals he shipped last season.

Now Chamakh on a free, that’s a great piece of business, signing Gallas was as good a move as signing Woodgate, allowing your fans to cheers on our ex and discarded captain is as stupid as thinking you have got one over us, Harry I would throw your shovel away you plonker and keep your gob shut.

Lets hope that Young Boys knock you out of the Champions league tonight, you aren’t good enough to be in there, best you leave before the competition begins.

Still no signings but Maureen has been having a dig at Arsene, saying things like he has been saying this team is young and it’s always next year, he can’t leave the Premier league alone can he? How would you feel if your manager was always looking at being in another league? He’s the managerial version of Adebayor isn’t he!

Still what do you think, has he a point? Or is this our year, I think if we get the players we are being linked with, we will have a real chance, we do need a keeper and a centre back though and I think that will happen soon, I just wish it will happen in time for the Blackburn game.

We owe fat Sam a beating for what his dirty teams have done to us over the years, our boys are getting bigger and stronger, this weekend will be a big test.

A final word for Maureen, Maureen, it’s time to stop the jealousy, time to stop being a voyeur, you will never get the Arsenal job, the board don’t want you and nor do the fans, Arsene, get his comments blown up and paste them on the wall of the changing rooms, then play like you are going to shove it down his throat, get a copy to take to away games too.

Have a great day Grovers, oh and for the couple of knobbers on here yesterday trying to cause trouble, you won’t get on again so please don’t try, this blog is a fun one and in two weeks time school starts again so get your books out and start revising, you’re not welcome here.

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  1. Jaguar reloaded

    This is going to be the same old season.We will scrap a fluke win against Blackburn and the retard will hail the character of the mugs like Clownmunia,Diabolical and Denilshite.

    Mark my words,we are not going to get a new goal keeper.

    Sorry for rightly predicting it.

  2. Jaguar reloaded

    DDM,Neuer is a right nutter who would embarass Mad Jens and would be an awesome signing.Stekelenburg is better than Schwarzer

  3. dennisdamenace

    Why not?

    What’s Schwartzer gonna do at 38?

    He has the chance to ‘fight’ for a starting role at a title chasing, Champions League chasing club.

    Alright, he might not get as many games as he would at Fulham, but quality over quantity surely????

  4. dennisdamenace

    Besides, surely AFC’s No.2 choice Goalkeeper has got to be seriously better than Fulham’s first choice goalkeeper…..

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Fellas, I’ll leave you all to your grey clouds & retards. I don’t know why I bother Bye have a nice moan 🙂

  6. Goonerman

    Jaguar – you are dangerous, you go on every day about how useless Wenger and Diaby are that weak people start to believe. You also give this BB a ‘moaning’ BB tag.

  7. young guns!!!!!

    @jaguar,… i think it seriously is time for wnger to go,…i understand that he done well in his time,i think he’s taken us as far as he can,every season is the same,..we are a bit short…..i honestly can’t see the big deal with chamackh,(average….i know he’s not gonna spend 30mil on a striker,but surely there are better strikers out there,i thought we needed 5 signings this year,and i would have offloaded bendtner, alumnia,aswell as the 1’s we let go already,…i don’t think any1 else will come in after squillaci(if we get him),

  8. MickyDidIt89

    I really cannot see AW signing more than one GK. Mind you, I would be very happy with any of the above mentioned.