Harry, you are such a dipstick, you remind me of Del boy.

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Redknapp said  that getting Gallas was a great piece of business, ha, ha, he’s 33 Harry, injured half the season, disrupts the dressing room, sulks and is only at Tottenham because we didn’t want him, not to mention how many goals he shipped last season.

Now Chamakh on a free, that’s a great piece of business, signing Gallas was as good a move as signing Woodgate, allowing your fans to cheers on our ex and discarded captain is as stupid as thinking you have got one over us, Harry I would throw your shovel away you plonker and keep your gob shut.

Lets hope that Young Boys knock you out of the Champions league tonight, you aren’t good enough to be in there, best you leave before the competition begins.

Still no signings but Maureen has been having a dig at Arsene, saying things like he has been saying this team is young and it’s always next year, he can’t leave the Premier league alone can he? How would you feel if your manager was always looking at being in another league? He’s the managerial version of Adebayor isn’t he!

Still what do you think, has he a point? Or is this our year, I think if we get the players we are being linked with, we will have a real chance, we do need a keeper and a centre back though and I think that will happen soon, I just wish it will happen in time for the Blackburn game.

We owe fat Sam a beating for what his dirty teams have done to us over the years, our boys are getting bigger and stronger, this weekend will be a big test.

A final word for Maureen, Maureen, it’s time to stop the jealousy, time to stop being a voyeur, you will never get the Arsenal job, the board don’t want you and nor do the fans, Arsene, get his comments blown up and paste them on the wall of the changing rooms, then play like you are going to shove it down his throat, get a copy to take to away games too.

Have a great day Grovers, oh and for the couple of knobbers on here yesterday trying to cause trouble, you won’t get on again so please don’t try, this blog is a fun one and in two weeks time school starts again so get your books out and start revising, you’re not welcome here.

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  1. denis

    Gambon… Luis Fabiano scored 15 goals in la liga last season. (I’m positive)

    “Chamakh has got a dodgy record in an easier league. Fabiano has afantastic record, and is much better than 1 in 2 for Brazil.”
    Its largely easier to score in spain league than in french league. Thats why french league can be so boring… as serie A. You ll never see a score of 6 0. When Fabiano played in France he scored 0 goals in 2 years !

    And actually Fabiano has a really average record !

  2. Keyser

    Actually gambon’s right, basically we’re fucked if Tottenham sign Fabiano, far better striker then we’ve had in the past few years, even if he doesn’t quite match his goal tally in La Liga, he’ll still easily outscore whatever we put out on the pitch.

    Top quality player, I don’t normally agree with gambon because I think he’s a bit of an idiot, but he’s spot on here.

  3. Keyser

    Pedro – Pretty wide of the mark there, the doom and gloom merchants are more the goth of the world, or Satanists maybe.

  4. Marko

    Are you nuts. Are Spurs gonna win the league or finish above us if they signed Fabiano? Just answer that please.

  5. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    we could do with a top class midfield general.. I’d love “13” De Rossi.. I’m still hoping!!!

  6. gambon


    Dont think anyone said that.

    However if Spurs signed Messi you and Keyser would make out that its a joke of a signing, and it wont help them at all.

    Keyser, youre a proper weird voyeur, always talking about me. Ive told you, im not gonna dress up like Arsene and come to your bedsit.

  7. incesc

    well marko

    with fabiano theyd have a better striker unless (haha) rvp can bloody stay fit.

    good teams need a decent striker

  8. Pat

    hahahaa, whoever said Bale is world class is a clueless twat. He’s anything but. He’s had a good end to the season last year and a DECENT start this season, though nothing spectacular. Not that good against Young Boys in either game. Not good against Stoke and a goal doesn’t mean he’s good because chances are he’d miss that 99/100 times.

    Fabiano is a tad bit overrated. No big clubs have ever been in for him.

  9. Marko

    IF they signed Messi they’d probably win the league. Seriously Gambon I’m not a fuck wit Fabiano is good but he may very well struggle in this league with the way he plays, he loves the ball to his feet. I don’t see him being better than Van Persie and thats just an opinion. Also I think Dzeko is much much better. Pato pisses on him too. Forlan is better, Aguero is gonna be better. Villa is better. The thing about him is before his 3 or 4 years super years at Sevilla I can’t for the life of me remember noticing him. He’s a late bloomer too for Brazil. And I’d score goals in a Brazil team.

  10. Keyser

    incesc – Exactly, dunno why people are criticising Fabiano before he’s even played in the Premiership, generally strikers do very well coming over from La Liga, he could be the next Torres.

  11. Marko

    Thing about Fabiano is that even if he were to score 20 goals for Spurs. We have Van Persie who can score has many and our midfield scores so much more than their midfield too. Who gives a toss if Bendy or Chamakh only get 20 goals between them. Between Nasri, Cesc, Rosicky, Arshavin, Walcott, Diaby and Wilshere who knows how many goals we’d score. A lot I’m betting.

  12. zeus


    The CL has truley lost a bit of sheen now that they are in, additionally its given voice to players of such mediocrity like Crouch where they feel as if its even appropriate to utter the words Real Madrid (cunts though they are).

    I’m gobsmacked.

  13. Marko

    Fabiano is no Torres either. I’m not being biased or any shit, I watch a lot of La Liga (infact when my sundays are back to watching some sunper sunday games, some La Liga games and an NFL game I’ll be much happier) and I know Fabiano is good but he’s not the messiah to Spurs. Could be another Robinho.

  14. gambon

    Thanks Keyser. I can feel a famous double act coming on.

    – Starsky & Hutch
    – Holmes & Watson
    – Maverick & Goose
    – Henry & Bergkamp
    – Gambon & Keyser

    Im glad youve released the inner ‘realist’.

  15. Pat

    Milan wanted Adebayor, Huntelaar as well.

    Doesn’t mean a thing. Their transfer have been shit in recent times, besides Pato of course.

  16. zeus

    Barcelona’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I want to play with Milan’s Ronaldinho, I haven’t spoken to Pep Guardiola for six months
    Its official, BARCA ARE CUNTS. Funny how 12 months ago, IBRA said barca made him ‘dream’. Fucking idiot.

    He was probably having a dream within a dream.

    Barca ruins careers. Riquelme, Saviola, Ronnie, Rivaldo etc etc etc.

  17. Pat

    Keyser, you’re so so wrong.

    -Maxi is not a forward and lost his place in Spain and isn’t much better for Liverpool

    -Forlan was shit in the PL

    -Vela is not a good forward, at least not yet.

    -Fabiano isn’t in England yet so don’t know why you even including him

  18. Marko

    Forlan didn’t do well in England. Vela was playing on the wing in Sapin and it’s too early to judge how good he’ll be. Maxi Rodrigues was a midfielder for heavens sake. Torres is the tops. But other than that I’m not sure you know your arse from your elbow

  19. Keyser

    Pat – take the Arsenal tinted bi-focals off, be realistic, they were all better than our present strikers, apart from Vela obviously but the senile frenchman doesn’t even play him.

    Back me up gambon.

  20. denis

    Forlan with manu was better than VPersie ?
    And even if he was…
    It is Torres and Forlan (who obviously failed in england).
    It clearly means that the EPL is as easy as la liga regarding forwards !

  21. Marko

    Check the teletex comments from Harry on Spurs going through. Basically says he doesn’t like to keep signing players, he won’t be pushing the chairman to buy cause he thinks his squad is good enough. We’ve been arguing for an hour for nothing. They really do need to buy if they want to go far in the comp and the league. Shite team shite fans

  22. Marko

    I don’t believe you Keyser. MAxi isn’t a striker you noob. Forlan I really do rate but not his time in England I don’t. Van Persie is 26, if he keeps fit and kicks on by the time he’s 30 he’ll have a better goal record than Forlan and Fabiano. Hopefully.

  23. zeus


    Whats with the Keyser and Gambon love in. For the record our strike force is not that great. Its a good thing that we aren’t dependent on any 1 of them for the bulk of our goals.

    AA23 – Most scored in one season is 15 I think.

    Chamakh – 13. 2 seasons ago.

    RVP – 20. two seasons ago, not to mention injury

    TH14 – Enough said.

    Big Balls Bendtner – I would say about 12, can’t bother checking.

  24. Marko

    I don’t get you Gambon at all son. Yeah we’re 5 points better than shite. I dunno what you want me to say SPurs are a nice club? Nice fans? They don’t have a manager who fucked up Portsmouth and takes back handers? I suppose it’s a fluke that he manages Portsmouth then they get relegated and he done something to Southampton too to get them relegated too you can be sure of that.

  25. Keyser

    Exactly, Fabiano might not have scored a single goal in the premiership, but Fabianos record speaks for itself he’d fit right in, be realistic.

  26. Marko

    I’ve always maintained that if Van Persie stays fit he’s a 20-30 goal a season striker. 2 seasons ago he hit 20. Last season he was on course to do the same he had something like 8 goals and 8 assists in 10 or 13 games. Then he goes and plays for Holland and gets injured in a fucking friendly. And is he injury prone? Well is Chiellini going through your ankle make you injury prone? Was his injury last season the result of all his other injuries? No they weren’t. It was the result of Chiellini

  27. incesc

    well marko

    you paint a rosy picture of arsenal, but you have to admit spuds were close to us last year.

    be more realistic.

  28. incesc


    getting injured every season of your career makes you injury prone.

    im sorry, i now the itialian tackled him but it doenst change the cold hard facts

  29. Marko

    sixxpac says:
    August 25, 2010 at 23:46
    Damn Marko. U take AKBism to another dimension

    What the fuck dude cause I don’t agree with Gambon and Keyser on Fabiano? Don’t label me. I just don’t think I’ll be wanking over Fabiano anytime soon. He’s a super player but in Spain there’s at least 4 better than him. Dzeko is better than him too.

  30. Marko

    Van Persie admitted the season before last that his injuries were a problem and that he took it upon himself to play differently and train differently to minimise it and it was working until Chielini took him out. They were close to us last season (cause of injuries and form we finished poorly) Where were they the previous season though? I don’t get whats happening here are some of you trying to say there’s nothing between Arsenal and Spurs?

  31. incesc

    well wasnt it decided on the last day who was 3rd and 4th between us?

    we beat them once they beat us once.

    it was fairly close marko.

    injuries are art and parcel of the game, woodgate and king are always injured for them.

    rvp can change his training methods all he likes, untill he can stay fit for a couple of seasons he will be injury prone.

  32. Marko

    Again 2 seasons ago he was injury free for the season and last season he was looking good until he got an injury which can not be attributed to being injury prone. One good season they had and fair play to them. They beat us for the first time in the league for like 10 years. Fair play to them again.

  33. Marko

    Also it’s amazing how I’m called an AKB and yet I’ve not mentioned him at all today and all I’m guilty of is sticking up for Van Persie and slagging off Spurs chances. If anything I’m a VPKB.

  34. Keyser

    Marko – I was kidding around, I don’t have the heart to carry that shit through, it’s fucking depressing, it’s like banging your head against a wall, no sane person does it, no sane person will enjoy it, yet read the blog for long enough and you’ll just learn to not care what people write.

    You have to realise what sort of blog this is and the people that reside here, how long have you been on here ?!

    You’re not an AKB, people who call you that on here do it because either they’re a bit thick and can’t respond to your comments or because they’re a bit of a nuttah.

    It’s not like talking to people in real life, most people don’t give a shit what they write on here.

  35. incesc

    i dont think spuds are good, i just think we are bad of late.

    that was spuds best year as you say in donkeys years and they are miles off the invicibles.

    they are closing the gap which is very small on the current team, that cant be denied.

    we cant hold the champions league over them any more, the unbeaten league record got done in last year.

    if wenger made us as good as we can be and bought a top class striker and keeper then ok we wouldnt even be mentioning the spuds. Sad thing is we are forced to acknowledge their breath on the back of our necks at the moment.

  36. Keyser

    Van Persie pisses over any of Spurs strikers, and most likely Fabiano to, Van Persie’s actually scored in the premiership.

  37. Marko

    Ah Keyser there you are. I’ve been on here bit now. It’s gets a bit much sometimes but I’ve been able to get a judge on most who frequent here. But not you but now I do and you’re alright. IF I could hug you I would. Alright I’m off

  38. Stu

    Defoe – always seems to score but is never one of the top scorers
    Keane – shovelface
    Crouch – how the fuck has he not died from lack of muscle, fat etc. He makes a flagpole feel fat
    Pav – their best forward and rarely starts. He’s got a shit haircut

    Van Persie – a little injury prone but one of the best forwards in the world.

  39. Keyser

    incesc – I can’t, I need money, I’ve got mortgages and stuff to pay, in 23 years time when I’ve payed off my bedsit and saved up a bit of money I’m going to become a Shrimp fisherman in the Carribean.

    This blot is my life.

  40. Dan,The Gooner.

    now the spuds are through lets see what they are made of,they keep giving it the big i am,lets see if they can back up there talk.

  41. incesc

    lets hope with chamakh on board wenger wont overplay rvp this season and we can have him fit when it counts.

    also with better options at centre back and not just silvester waiting in the wings and thus gallas playing every single minute of every game at 32 then shock horror not lasting all season, we can challenege a little better.

    Poor old gallas and rvp, they just need a break eveey now and then

  42. denis

    Vp > Defoe
    Chamakh > Crouch
    Arshavin > Lennon
    Nasri/Rosicky > Bale
    Cesc > Modric
    Diaby > Palacios
    Song > Huddlestone
    Clichy > Assou ekoto
    Vermaelen > Dawson
    Squillaci > King
    Sagna > Corluka

  43. Yon

    JUST realized Real Madrid are in the 2nd pot for qualifications. Imagine a draw of Arsenal-Real Madrid-Tottenham (if that is possible… they are in the 3rd pot).

  44. Keyser

    Can’t have Tottenham in the same group as us. We had a pretty easy group last year, in hindsight anyway, so we might have a tougher time this time around.

    There’s lots of teams that you wouldn’t really call regulars in there, dunno what to expect.

  45. incesc

    my dream draw would be

    marseille, rangers, and twente

    or possibly

    panaithaniakos, rangers and auxerre

    not much travelling apart from the greeks and they are shite anyway

  46. Keyser

    Not really depressed, more tired of being stuck in a rut, you can only read someone discuss the merits of Tottenhams strikers over Van Persie soo many times.

    Pretty happy with Arsenal at the moment.

    Stu – Heh, was going to correct the mistake, then thought I’d go for my own Mourinho nickname, like people say Maureenho.

  47. incesc

    “Werder Bremen have confirmed they are close to signing former Manchester United and Arsenal defender Mikael Silvestre.”

    if this happens and we get them i would love to see the homecoming he gets.

  48. incesc

    or was that from that kenyan hoax interview thingy?


    anyway good night

    im not going to expect any news on a keeper signing tommorrow, no disapointment that way.

    Almunia vs blackburn wahey!! its not fabianski at least.

  49. Keyser

    Stu – You just give off this dark, brooding, cybical beyond your years, goth like view of the world, vibe sometimes.

    Have you looked into it, could be your calling.

  50. sixxpac

    Dos Santos is all style and no substance. I’ve never really been a fan of the flashy football the South and Central Americans play because I find it very instinctive.
    I prefer the more cultured game of the Europeans. The Dutch ( Bergkamp, Davids) the french( Zidane), the English?( Scholes)

  51. Stu

    Gee thanks Keyser. Your so kind.

    Honestly though i like to be happy sometimes. I dont think i have the committment to be a goth and i dont really like the makeup thing either. And wearing black all day and big capes or whatever they wear…it would be way too hot in those. I hate sweating so basically its a no all round.

    Plus worshipping the devil seems like it would be very time consuming…they do support the devil dont they…or is it monsters? hmmmm…..

  52. Keyser

    Stu – I honestly don’t know, I was just watching South Park and the goth’s or emo-kids on it just reminded me a bit of some of the people on here.

    I have no idea what goths do, I remember walking through the Student Union one day, when they had a Grunge night on, it’s only a 20-25 metre walk, but pretty much freaked me out.

    Is Grunge their sort of music ?!

  53. Keyser

    Also there was a point last season where I noticed you were a bit more optimistic or at least tired of being as miserable as some of the others, but then you went back to old Stu.

  54. Stu

    Grunge? I dont think i’ve ever heard grunge before. Chances are, if its not on the radio then i havent heard it. 😆

    It is freaky though…goths that it. I dont know how people can be so depressed all the time. Oh well….

  55. Stu

    lol yeah i remember that too. I dont think i was optimistic as such. More that i was sick of all the moaners on here and just had to try balance it out as best i could. Dont think it worked though…they were too strong.

  56. Keyser

    I think it’s stuff like Cradile of Filth, or Sepulchra, search for it, you might enjoy it.

    Also I don’t think wearing black affects how hot you are, think of all those people in the Mummy Returns, the protectors of the tomb of the mummy or whatever.

  57. el tel

    Thought I tuned in to a Spud site by mistake. Where are the Cyber cops when you need them. Pedders and Geoffry are throwing zzzzzzzz I guess.

    I saw the line up for them morons up the road tonight on TV before switching over and thought to myself what a pile of shit.

    There was not one of their players suitable for The Arsenal. The only player of theirs who would be considered wasn’t playing and that is Modric.

    lets end talking about those cunts for now after all they only beat a bunch of Swiss kids.

    As for them being close well thats a fucking hillarious joke.

    For one the EPl is total shit outside the top 3 anyway since the demise of Liverpool and we played all season without a Keeper.

    We didn’t have two players injured like Woodgate and King we had half the fucking side out for long spells.

    Cesc, RVP, Song, Sicky, Gallas, Walcott (yes him) Bendtner,Eduardo, Denilson, Ramsey. AA23 was playing with an injury until it gave in , Gibbs injured. There was more but nobody in the League had that many out and a lot of them at the same time too.

    Get real fellas and stop mentioning those over hyped pricks and talk sense about The Arsenal.

    we have complained to the death about our injury problems and we almost to a man said we could have even won it if RVP was fit.

  58. Stu

    Ok so black clothes isnt the problem but wearing capes and big black platform boots must be shit.

    I’ll give those bands a pass too. Anything with Filth in the name doesnt sound too appealing.

  59. zeus

    sixxpac says:
    August 26, 2010 at 01:22
    Dos Santos is all style and no substance. I’ve never really been a fan of the flashy football the South and Central Americans play because I find it very instinctive.
    I prefer the more cultured game of the Europeans. The Dutch ( Bergkamp, Davids) the french( Zidane), the English?( Scholes)

    6 pac

    What are you talking about. ‘Cultured’ is a tag usually (more times than not) to South American players, and I have to disagree about Sponanaeity; I could watch Messi and Maradona over the gr8 Bergkamp everyday.

    I just choose to enjoy them all though. Zizou was VERY spontaneous as well.

  60. dennisdamenace

    Aaaah, another day dawns for all Goons to pray at the alter that is Arsenal Football Club transfer activity!

    Good morning, and good luck Gooners, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride……

  61. yon

    sixxpac says:
    August 26, 2010 at 01:22

    I couldn’t agree more. The only S. American player I’ve admired is Ronaldo (the real one). I prefer the Zidanes and the Bergkamps.

  62. dennisdamenace

    I want AW to prove me wrong, go on Arsene make me eat my nasteh words, go out buy that GK & CB that’ll make us bash up the top opposition, you know we need those two purchases, right?

    Aaaand make that marqueeee signing, that surprise signing that’ll make us wet our pants in amazement, fill the ever increasing empty seats at the Emirates and make Fab4 burn his Barca shirt, go on i dare yas!

  63. MickyDidIt89

    Morning DDM,
    This time of day can be a time for quiet contemplation. Perhaps some sneaky name calling.
    5 days to go. Don’t make me join the doomers Wenger!

  64. dennisdamenace

    I’m not a fan of sneaky name calling, i like it to be out in the open, big ‘n’ loud……mutha fucka!!

  65. dennisdamenace

    Wouldn’t it be ‘tree’mendous (sorry) if AW was pursuing Mark S as a number two ‘keeper, and in fact has lined up a proper GK as his ‘marquee’ signing!!!!

    That would obviously mean selling Clown No.1 on, and probably sending Clown No.2 out on loan.

    I’d follow that up with also selling on Don Vito, and promoting Chezzer to No.3 ‘keeper………..simples!!

  66. MickyDidIt89

    Ok DDM,
    Lets get down and dirty, in our little wet fantasy world, who would that GK be?
    Realistically, someone not already dup tied. Does that rule out the russian geezer?

  67. MickyDidIt89

    Bit harsh. We are second in the league and still in all the cup competitions. We are having a fantastic season by anyone’s standards.

  68. Jaguar reloaded

    MDI89,We are just two games into the season .You,me and everyone(Apart from the retards aka AKBs) know that we will run out of steam,with out further additions,and the greedy senile mug Wenger,who had all the time in the world to commentate for a fucking french tv station,hasnt even recruited a GK,FFS

  69. dennisdamenace

    I would take any of the following to improve where we are right now, and if Chozzer can oust any of the below he will truly be a quality ‘keeper;


    These for me are attainable targets, regardless of whether or not they are cup-tied, well they’re not cup-tied for the league, and that’s what REALLY counts. Also, transfer fee & wages? So what, big deal, if we can afford to give a manager who’s not won the league in six years £115,000 a week, we can afford to give one of the above £60-£90,000 a week.

    Like i said, for a club of our standing these targets ARE attainable, but i doubt whether our management has the balls, desire or ambition to make such a purchase.

  70. MickyDidIt89

    I shall ignore that, or rather put it down to the time of day down there, and assume you have had the regulation two thimbles of alcohol light Fosters.

  71. dennisdamenace

    So for me, my order of Arsenal Goalkeepers for the 2010/11 season would be as follows;

    No.1 Neuer
    No.2 Schwarzer
    No.3 Chozzer