Harry, you are such a dipstick, you remind me of Del boy.

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Redknapp said  that getting Gallas was a great piece of business, ha, ha, he’s 33 Harry, injured half the season, disrupts the dressing room, sulks and is only at Tottenham because we didn’t want him, not to mention how many goals he shipped last season.

Now Chamakh on a free, that’s a great piece of business, signing Gallas was as good a move as signing Woodgate, allowing your fans to cheers on our ex and discarded captain is as stupid as thinking you have got one over us, Harry I would throw your shovel away you plonker and keep your gob shut.

Lets hope that Young Boys knock you out of the Champions league tonight, you aren’t good enough to be in there, best you leave before the competition begins.

Still no signings but Maureen has been having a dig at Arsene, saying things like he has been saying this team is young and it’s always next year, he can’t leave the Premier league alone can he? How would you feel if your manager was always looking at being in another league? He’s the managerial version of Adebayor isn’t he!

Still what do you think, has he a point? Or is this our year, I think if we get the players we are being linked with, we will have a real chance, we do need a keeper and a centre back though and I think that will happen soon, I just wish it will happen in time for the Blackburn game.

We owe fat Sam a beating for what his dirty teams have done to us over the years, our boys are getting bigger and stronger, this weekend will be a big test.

A final word for Maureen, Maureen, it’s time to stop the jealousy, time to stop being a voyeur, you will never get the Arsenal job, the board don’t want you and nor do the fans, Arsene, get his comments blown up and paste them on the wall of the changing rooms, then play like you are going to shove it down his throat, get a copy to take to away games too.

Have a great day Grovers, oh and for the couple of knobbers on here yesterday trying to cause trouble, you won’t get on again so please don’t try, this blog is a fun one and in two weeks time school starts again so get your books out and start revising, you’re not welcome here.

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  1. tonyadamsisgod

    Lets just stop fucking about and sign Stekelenberg and Cahill. Get a big, strong DM too and we’ll really be looking at glory this season!!

  2. Ooby

    Sabeel hopefully he’s waiting to confirm 2 (or 3!) signings all together. How about that for positive and yet insane thinking!

  3. dennisdamenace

    On the plus side – Redknapp is a actually a Gooner and Gallas is actually a very good defender.

    On the negative side – Redknapp is a cunt and Gallas is a cunt.

  4. chippy

    Nice post Geoff, Yep Mourinho defo has a complex about The Arsenal its almost like we turned his advances down and he ended up having to go with the slapper up the road 🙂

    Anyone else thinking or hoping the delay in announcing Totos deal may be because more players will be announced with him?

  5. dennisdamenace

    The whoooooooooooooooooooooooole fucking summer to buy a ‘keeper……..

    Remind me what AFC pay AW for?? Oh yeh, fuck me i almost forgot, not to spend money, but to make it….

  6. Doublegooner

    Moaninho ‘Le Voyeur’ does have a point.

    Time to play like men now & not as Arsene describes us, a young team.

  7. gambon

    If Wenger is only willing to pay £2m of the clubs money for MS, will he throw £2m from his own £6m salary to get the deal done?

    Or maybe the money TF1 & Castrol paid him in the summer?

    Will he fuck!!

    Or will he walk away and let a competent man run the club?


  8. Mark Schwarzer

    G’day I’m having a medical this morning and then signing. I’m going to have a presentation with new signing seb.

  9. Jaguar reloaded

    Maureen is right.Its time,Wenger grew up and behaved like a winner than using the youth card yet again.

  10. Jaguar reloaded

    Imagine the likes of the retards Diaby and Denilson playing under Maureen or the Scot Scum Fuckerson.They wouldnt last five minutes.

  11. ZARgooner

    you know what would be funny….

    We buy a new GK… le grove rejoices with hard ons all round… Almunia is sold… all is well… new GK gets injured… Flappy takes the helm


  12. wardo

    Good post Geoff…..

    i actually like the fact that jose has been shouting his mouth off……..AW will hate those comments. Perhaps AW will do something about them or at least think that failure this year will be that much harder to take cause that jumped up little shit’s comments etc

    P.s. you banned le invince and ismaeel ??? it was so funny with those two. They wanted to fight the world…..hahahha

  13. gambon

    Thats the problem Jaguar, Arsene has no balls and isnt ruthless anymore.

    – If you play badly under Mourinho/Fergie you get dropped.

    – If you continually play badly under Mourinho/Fergie you get sold

    – If you play badly under Wenger you get told youre awesome and get a noe long term contract.

    – If you continually play badly under wenger you get another contract and get made captain (see Almunia)

    Where is the incentive to play well?

  14. dennisdamenace

    Wenger spends all pre-season and early season bigging up his losers as being ‘one year older’, being good enough to not require buying, having the desire to win etc etc etc blah blah blah……

    Then, when it’s crunch time and they inevitably fail again, we’re a young team and lacked maturity!!!!

    Holy fucking shit, can no one else see the complete bollocks irony there??

    Well done Arsene, what a con artist you are.

  15. Cloggs

    Moaninho is a brilliant fekking nutcase.
    Would love to have him around for a season, just for shits ‘n giggles. 😉

  16. wattsy65

    Morning , usual good piece, have to say I agree with Maureen on evidence so far, we will have to prove him wrong. Blackburn will be all over us like a rash this weekend, if we stand up like men and beat them it will be a big step forward, but we know in our hearts we won’t…?

    On the funny side see Chelsea are going on tour to Thailand, John and Ashley must be really disappointed with that one.

  17. Jaguar reloaded

    Well put,Gambon.

    Shows how Wenger is keen on only his own love children and not the benefit of the club.The retard Diaby wouldnt be dropped even if he is the worst player on the pitch for ten matches running.

  18. Sue

    Maureen is just sh1t stirring as you’d expect. However its interesting to note that the players he lists as 25/6 are actually 21-23 so still young. However they have experience and need ot be putting in a serious challenge this year. I agree with many posters that a DM, CB and Keeper are needed.
    If Ajax go out tonight I think Stek is only cup tied until Xmas. If he plays in the group stage thats it for the season.
    Please somehow just buy a forking keeper.
    I like Cahill /Jagielka too we need someone who is going to stick it to Stoke / Thugburn and Drogba.

  19. Teerex

    Zargooner, the same old people moaning all the time. I wonder if they’ve ever been happy with anything Wenger has done. It’s boring!

  20. dennisdamenace

    A lead lined dustbib would have more presence in midfield than either Diaby (who flatters to deceive) and Denilson, who is basically a Championship level player…..

    Fab4 and the fans deserve better.

    The sooner Ramsey recovers and Wilshere becomes more consistent the better, then hopefully those two mugs will be used less and less…..

  21. gambon


    I wonder if youve got a brain, or if you just stare at pictures of Wenger all day while playing with your crayons & colouring in book.

  22. jules

    Has the squid actually had a medical !!??

    What is the problem now ! what is it with this club and transfers , why does everything take so long .

  23. chippy

    Is a full length Dvd of Tottenhams greatest ever draws Featuring such classics as the 0-0 home draw in the Zenith data cup and the incredible 1-1 in the makita 4 team championship of the world against stoke,

    And as an added bonus feature it shows you every match on there way to winning the Norwich Hospital Charity cup competition !

  24. RGG

    I thought you said those couple of ‘knobbers’ wouldn’t get on today but I see Gambon & Jag are still able to post.

  25. Craig

    Great Post Geoff,

    Maureen will he ever stop his moaning he is turning into AW.

    I think we will see a double transfer announcement today, but lets wait and see.

    Fingers crossed people

  26. dennisdamenace

    Almost as boring as going on and on about how great a job he’s doing currently.

    At least we offer up an argument for discussion, rather than just dissing people for having a fucking opinion.

  27. bops

    cahill sucks.. check out the goal carew scored last year against bolton.. he walked all over cahill.. Jagielka is a much better option.. if you want to look at only the english options..

  28. Gunnernet

    Morning to all. I heard today about Londro and Hazard package from Lille. But i dont see it hapenning. The Squillaci transfer is yet to confirm, because he wanted number 18 but Arsenal are standing firm. They dont want him to get it!! Rumour says the gunners decided to retire No 18 due to respect to the legend Silvestre..

  29. emiratesstroller

    Mourinho is as usual a WUM. He is also a mercenary who moves to clubs where he knows that they will provide him with the financial resources to ‘buy’ success.

    I accept that he is a motivator, with good instincts but he is not and never has been a team builder.

    Wenger may not have achieved the same international success, but he has been
    working the last 5 years at a club which has imposed financial constraints.

    My main concern with Wenger is that he reacts sometimes too slowly to situations ie failing to to close weaknesses in our defence and goalkeeping position. If he does so this year then we will have as good a chance as Chelsea,
    Man Utd and Man City.

  30. dennisdamenace

    Actually chippy you can shove it, i’d rather eat my own foot than own a dvd of that shower of shite!

  31. gambon


    I think it was proved the other day that there were very few financial constraints.

    Wenger chooses not to spend his budget year in year out.

  32. Trennon

    You just feel we could really do with Squillaci for the game against Blackburn this weekend. He looks like a psychopath and I would love to watch Fat Sam’s boys try to push him around! Come on, announce the signing already. Did you see what Seville did with him out the team? Conceded 4 goals that were funny to watch.

    Twichy has to make those comments about Gallas because his own fans are in an uproar over it. Spurs are a joke. Come on young boys. Do it for the good of football!

  33. Pedro

    Morning everyone!

    Top posting Geoff, Harry really is a piece of work. It’s a shame Spurs will trounce the Young Boys tonight, but we can all laugh when they don’t make the group stages.

  34. gambon

    Of course there are loopholes.

    Sheikin Stevens buys a small company in UAE, said company sign huge sponsorship deal with city worth £40m pa, even though the company turn over less than that pa, City have £40m extra per year of legit money.

    Do that with as many small companies as you like.

  35. Pedro

    QoS, there are always loop holes and ways of interpreting rules.

    With regulation, the smartest clubs who can afford the smartest people, always find a way round obstacles.

  36. choy

    Morning all..

    The more I think about it.. Mourinho’s jealous… he’s never going to belong to one club, and Arsene’s never going to get fired even if he doesn’t win anything!

    Thats sure pissed him right off!

  37. Pedro

    Odub sir, I believe you have found the right place for exactly that.

    Please don’t say twunt or bugger unless in relation to a spurs player.

  38. jules


    maybe the quiet will result in the announcement of two players !! I remember when david dean signed Bergkamp and Platt and its was annonced on the same day ! dream on huh !

  39. The Gooner Ambassador to Oz

    Twitchy ‘arry is jsut beginning to learn what a bitter and twisted crew the spud fans are. They are obessessed with their inherent inferiority to Arsenal. And how do they deserve Gallas?!!

    As for Maureen, I doubt we’ll hear much from him after Barca have rogered his over priced bunch of prima donnas.

  40. Big Dave


    Am hearing that our results which we may see in Sept are meant to be the best ever for years.

    Even heard a rumour about us being debt free from the stadium. If we wanted to spend £40mill in the window would not be a problem. AW new contract £6 mill a yr ?

  41. choy


    This is just for you…

    The Frenchman’s freshly-signed three-year deal included a 20 per cent pay-rise and is said to be worth £6m a year. It also makes him, rather than any of his players, the best paid person at the Emirates Stadium – an unusual situation at a Premier League club.

  42. Queen of Suburbia

    Ah as I suspected. The loopholes line was generally ill-informed non-fact based speculation.

    Nothing wrong with that i suppose, there may well be loopholes but clearly no-one knows what they are and how teams will exploit them at this point.

  43. Pedro

    Big Dave, Geoff said a couple of years ago that we’d be debt free by the end of 2010 with £30mill in the coffers.

  44. gambon

    Big Dave

    They will be very good results, prob £55m+ pre tax profits.

    All highbury debt gone, and some property profits, but still the Emirates debt, but that’ll be around til 2031 so doesnt matter.

    We arent spending much though.

  45. DeiseGooner

    who gives a fuck what harry thinks – hes not taken long to catch the “we are better than Arsenal, honestly we are” bug the totts all have has he ? 😉

    as for maureen – why even listen to him he aint in this league – if we meet him in champs league then use those comments. otherwise let him wattle on lookin good mmmmm yeah in high definitiom – the egotistical twat

  46. choy


    Gambon.. I’m sure Mourinho wants to belong to a club too.

    Constant pressure all the frikkin time is surely a nightmare!

  47. Odub

    Cheers P.


    I wouldnt post on there if you paid me! Their world’s far too happy a place for an old goat like me!

    So what’s all this about a punch-up in the rocket then?!

  48. gambon


    Its pretty easy to see what the loopholes are.

    A club makes money from;

    – Matchday revenues
    – Broadcasting & prize money
    – Retail
    – Commercial partners

    There are hundreds of ways to get money into the club if the Sheikh wants to.

    By the time the rules come in however maybe City will be a legit, self sustained club.

  49. Odub

    I dont know, come on here for the first time since lst season, and I get nothing but abuse in return!!

    Fine, I’ll go back to the youporn site then!

  50. Pedro

    QoS, your comment about loop holes is ridiculously inflammatory… you know full well loop holes will be exploited.

    How many bullet proof tax laws are there in a system that’s been fine tuned over 100’s of years… and you think FIFA of all organisations can bullet proof a set of guidelines!

    No chance!

  51. Queen of Suburbia

    I’d be inclined to agree gambon if i thought for one second the full set of rules were accesible, you’d read and understood them and that you were are legal expert capable of discerning a legal loophole that the Football authorities highly paid legal teams somehow missed.

    But as those conditions are not in place, i’ll dismiss your statement with a simple “meh!”.

  52. Trennon

    What do you guys make of this from Arshavin’s official site?

    15. From Danilin
    Andrey, does Fabregas speak Russian?
    A.A.: So far he speaks English. But if I become a world champion, I guess he’ll talk with me in Russian.

  53. Odub

    I actually ”heard” that Tube 8 is the best of the lot. 😉


    I know, it’s been a while, we’ll grab a tinnie at the next home game if you’re about.

  54. Chris beef

    The amount of silverware Mourinho has won he’s entitled to his opinion and it’s probably worth alot more than other peoples.

    He is just saying what most people on here have been saying about Project Youth for along time – including Pedro and Geoff!

    Just because he slags us off doesn’t mean he is automatically wrong because he said it.

    We have been under-performing for the last few years. The youngsters can’t compete with the big strong teams. However, now they are maturing and along with the (hopefully) new buys, we have a better chance this year. Buy a keeper, another CB and a DM and we could be challenging for the title.

  55. Queen of Suburbia

    Yes that right Pedro. I’m sorry what was it? being ridicously inflammatory when suspecting that a couple of bloggers are attempting to pass off a bit of lay-knowledge as insurmoutable evidence that not only are there gaping holes in the new regs but you and gambon have already found them!

    Thats right, not mildly inflammatory but ridicously so!

    I’m being so inflammatory its a wonder there isn’t a fire extinguisher next to my posts!

  56. dennisdamenace

    Odub – I’m going AWOL for the next home game, but will be about for all t’others.

    I’m trying to get Russell Brand (!) to pop down to The Che for a few soon too……

  57. gambon


    Fifa/UEFA cant stop a club from generating money, and thats where the problem lies.

    Believe me, i dont need to read the details on the ruling, cos the ruling cant stop a club generating money.

    Under the benefactor model a club is loaned money every year to make up the shortfall.

    All these guys will have to do is route that money into the company legally, via commercial money, matchday money, broadcast money & retail money.

    Theres no law that says a football club cant agree sponsorship with a company that the owner has a financial interest in.

  58. Odub

    DDM ok no worries mate.


    Spot on.
    For once, it would be nice to have a fully set squad, no need to buy in January, and have a good sequence of results over the winter months! Got a good feeling about this season too tbh.

  59. islington gooner

    Glad to see all the doom and gloom brigade are out in force again.:)

    I’m now starting to feel,we have a massive chance of winning the league this season….Let maureen talk all he wants.He is turning out to be the real voyeur.

    Wenger,is getting players in we need…So come on some of you,show the man,the respect he deserves.

  60. Odub

    Anyone tried to buy tickets for the Chav game? it’s meant to be on sale today, but I cant get them via the site!!

  61. Pedro

    DDM, all the guys that I meet with have switched to the Holloway side. We were in the Rocket the other day, but the Che is a far better choice… it’s just so fucking rammed!

    Might be becuase I went there at the end of last season?

  62. Pedro

    Islington, we’ll all be here all season… chances are, you wont return if we go through a bad patch.

    You only comment when we’re winning… like so many of the AKB’s…

  63. Queen of Suburbia

    I’m glad you agree Pedro.

    Which is why i haven’t said there are no loopholes, i have asked to those people stating that there are loopholes to justify why they believe that to be so.

    As they have admitted that they haven’t even read the piece, its probably time for a double “meh”!