Is Ciani the next big signing? Sebastien Squillaci on his way and Schwarzer set to be confirmed we are putting our defensive woes behind us at last.

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If we get Squillaci and then Ciani I will be delighted, it’s what we needed, experience and talent, and that would also mean defensive midfielder options as Koscielny and Vermaelen could slot in there if needed. I still worry about the French contingent and when I read in the Guardian that Arsenal are referred to in France as the 21st club in their league, it sends a shiver down my spine.

I would still rather we signed Cahill or Taylor as the other centre back, but hey-ho, I’ll have Ciani and Squillaci all day long, bring in Given, Stekelenburg or Schhwarzer and we’re all set.

I watched the Northern chavs turn Liverpool over last night minus Mascharano, boy does that show the difference between having a great DM and having a great forward (Torres). It also showed how destructive a team can be when it employs width, in Johnson and Milner and it shows the difference a good keeper makes as well.

City were good, but not as good as us, what was great though was watching them without Adebayor and Shaun Wright Philips, two greedy boys that knew best and put money before football, good luck you two, I hope you are pleased with your mercenary decisions. It seems to be paying off! Ha, ha!

If we get our new signings in today, we could be watching them at the weekend, I’d like them in my team at Blackburn.

If we could play with two wide men we would roll teams over, right now we use our full backs as wingers and that doesn’t work because we lose the ability to defend if they counter and those same defenders can’t cross, we deploy Theo out wide so maybe we should use one of our full backs as a winger, like Gibbs, just a thought, or get Rosicky out wide instead.

What do you all think? Will today be the day we remember? Keep ’em crossed.

Have a great day grovers, see you in the comments!

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  1. BillikenGooner

    If we sign Ciani also, can we get some compensation from the French National Team for basically training their whole defense?
    Maybe they will force Lyon to give us Lloris to make it official.

  2. Queen of suburbia

    You know when you order a new car let’s say a silver mondeo, and within a day or so the roads appear to be crawling with them?

    Think about that next time you read pedro on Theo or Geoff on song or paulinho on nasri or me on or gambon on all arsenal players!

    It’s called subjective validation

  3. Big Dave

    ANB. Not much altho whispers poss about 2 signings, not sure tho. Did hear that we will produce record finance figures, was even told that the stadium is debt free, but being kept under wraps from people

  4. peter

    per mertsker or wat do they call him is shit.. they are two down already…..both from crosses…thank God we did not sign him

  5. Ray in SF

    I watched the whole Blackpool game on ATV last night…they weren’t shite, they weren’t a drunken pub team, yes, they weren’t the Chavs, but it was still a good effort to beat them by that margin…

    besides the goals, obviously, my favorite moment was Sagna running 70-80 yards diagonally across the pitch to cut out an attack

    and Theo had many more good moments than bad, by about three-to-one

  6. Keyser

    Ray In SF – I loved that Sagna bit to, that’s what you’d call lung busting, well I dunno for a professional footballer but for me at least.

    Even after getting the nick away from the Blackpool player, he tries to chase the ball again from going out for a corner, can’t remember if he succeeded.

    Also liked Theo’s deft header to Rosicky, or anything Rosicky did in the game, his pass for Sagna before the Diaby goal was quality.

  7. Keyser

    Big Dave – Coule be a trivia question in that, when was the last time we had a player with a Q in his name ?!

  8. Kushagra India

    The Reason behind Robin Van Persie’s injuries


  9. sixx pac

    Joined Left Starts Sub Tot Apps Goals
    1. Quayle, James 1907 – 1911 1 0 1 0

    2. Quinn, Niall 1983 – 1990 81 13 94 20

  10. zeus

    No squuillaci stil? hehe. Any good feelings one would’ve gotten from this t/r will be sucked up when its finally announced, its like with the Nasri buy in a sense.

    More worried about the lack of a keeper rumours so fsar this week.

  11. young guns!!!!!

    @KM stop talking shit,i said if chamackh gets a knock,and van persie blows out,can bendtner and theo,arshavin or JET win us da league? we needed a whole new spine GK, 2xCB’s 1DM and 1 striker!!!!i dnt understand how every1 is havin a wank over dis 30year old centre bk who only has 20 caps 4 france!!!! i’ve heard of thuram,lebouf blanc desially,abidal etc never dis “ToTo” i hope we dnt sign dis guy,i want Mexes or Cahill,…..wenger’s a tight wanker 6mil 4 a 30 year old,why not spend the money we got frm kolo or adebayor

  12. gliners

    So Jack Wilshere has been named in England’s U21 squad for the next 2 European Championship qualifying games in September. Capello and Pearce are complete pricks.

  13. young guns!!!!!

    @THIS IS ENGLAND,……why ask if something is wrong wiv my keyboard? can’t u fuckin read? or is ur monitor fussy

  14. sixx pac

    haha younguns. You say u dont want Sqillaci cause he only has 20 caps for France yet u want Cahill and Mexes? If you’ve never heard of Sqillaci u prob need to watch more games outside of the epl

  15. arsenal4ever

    it is said squillaci drags on cause we are on the verge of Ben Arfa signing. Of course just rumour but I wanted to tell you.

  16. Pat

    Demichelis got fucking worked by MILITO!!!

    Milito is a very great goalscorer, but he is not that good a dribbler and in terms of technnique. Demichelis made him look like Maradona ffs

  17. Dan,The Gooner.


  18. denis

    Ben arfa’s manager told french press he is close to sign in a big english club.
    It’s either Manu or Arsenal !!
    He could be a good add… but where ll he play ?

  19. Pat

    Ben ARfa is a very talented player imo. I always wanted him more than Nasri. His faults lie with his mentality, but if a manager can fix that he would really be something special.

    And we want a player who actually takes others on down the wing, so he’d be something new.

  20. gambon

    Ben Arfa was in the ’87 group at clarefontaine with Benzema, Nasri & Menez….apparantly he was by far the biggest talent.

    I think hes too fucked up in the head though. Wenger wont touch him.

  21. kev

    ben arfa needs to be given a wide berth. wasnt the reason he left lyon because he had a bust up with squillachi? not worth the hassle

  22. Pat

    Ben Arfa’s bust up was with Benzema, not Squilacci.

    Its probably United who are in for him and I fucking hate it. He is immensely talented.

  23. GoonerJohn

    I’m watching real madrid playing a friendly game, ronaldo looks so shit.. he can’t get past his man 😀

  24. denis

    If he go to Newcastle you can be sure… you ll hear about a Barton / Ben Arfa fight !

    He s really fragile psychologicaly ! But ive heard Wenger talk on French TV about him… and he was saying that Ben Arfa just needs a good team and good teamates to play with… maybe he was thinking about arsenal !

  25. Gunnernet

    Ozil who? Great game from 3-0 down to 3-2 and Werder at CL stages. Marin is a very good player. I am against signing Ben Arfa. We dont need him he is a chemistry disaster.. All we need is just a good experienced gk. period.

  26. ritesh

    Ben Arfa is trouble, just like Benzema and many french players of North African origin…even Nasri has a bad reputation in France. They are spoilt and lazy.. and overrate themselves

  27. ritesh

    Choy, definitely. Koz will be back up. Not bad.

    If wenger gets the tactics right, we will last long…very long

  28. Stu

    It’ll be nice having experience in defence. Not that we havent had experience before but those players were either too old, too shit or too injury prone to be effective experience.

    If Squillaci stays fit for the season (while rotating with Koscielny?) then we should have a great chance of winning something…hopefully the prem.

    Now we just need a fucking quality keeper and we’re more or less sorted…injuries premitting.

  29. incesc

    is squillaci and koz an improvement on gallas and sol from the end of last season?


    fuck knows hey but a change might do us good.

    either that or we are all desperate for anything…

  30. incesc


    reading some of the comments from earlier, hilarious.

    some guy in cumbria pretending he was jamaican and offering out gambon in the rocket.


  31. incesc

    silvestre was 4th choice after xmas so djourou is his repacement i guess.

    Even an permanantly injured player is better than silvestre


  32. incesc

    looking at the blackburn teamsheet tonight i think we will smash them on saturday.

    We played em last year with loads of injuries and after the barce spanking, this time will be easy.

    4 – 1

  33. young guns!!!!!

    @sixx pac and Gambon…. gambon how is squillaci better than mexes??????,and sixx pac,im sure there r better defenders availble,y do we have to spend 6mil,for a club of our ambitions? lets face it he’s hardly a Carvalho,….i do watch da spanish league,he hasn’t caught my eye last season,…cahill=EPL experince,and mexes=well known,has been groomed in italy,he’s got better and better for roma,dats y i would think,(if they had a chance) most clubs will rather sign mexes,and im sure he’s 2 years younger

  34. young guns!!!!!

    @stu, how is cahill shit?…..i really wanted us to sign that fulham CB BH,he’s quality,we was meant 2 keep him,but guess wot? dat tight bastard didn’t wanna pay 15mil

  35. ismaeel

    wtf still n o announcement dis is takin da piss what wenger waiting for his balls to drop off. maybe he won’t announce it untill the blackburn game. hell think we all don’t know about him lol
    come on u gooners. cnt w8 for the blkburn game im going

  36. el tel

    Who cares if Mexes is better than Squillaci or Cahill is better than Squillaci.

    Squillaci wants to play for us and I bet he wouldn’t mind being part of a squad.

    Cahill, Mexes and whoever would want to play every week IMO.

    We are not Citeh who can pay £100 grand a week for substitutes so this is a good deal.

    The Kos looked good at Pool and I hope he keeps his place in the side.

    We are suddenly looking far better already and with the imminent Keeper transfer happening this week we will be ok.

    Ben Arfa will hold up Theo and Jack and Vela and Nasri and Eboue and on and on.

    Not saying it won’t happen but a few will be very unhappy if it does. I saw that Eden Hazard got a shout again the other day so as I have no idea on what either him or Arfa play like for those who do please enlighten me and give an opinion.

    I think if we were going to go crazy this season and sign 5 more players then a DM and shit hot striker would do it for me.

  37. alex


    looks like a no no nonsence defender, would be sensible if he does start over Kos with all his experience.

  38. A

    lol yeah ismaeel, diouf is a quality player, i’m sure we’re shaking in our boots….

    cahill wouldn’t get close to the french national team, so there’s no way he’s close to squillaci, simple!

  39. A

    squllaci will have to come in and be pretty special to displace koscielny.

    koscielny was the number one target, went to alot of effort to get him after identifying him very early, and he’s been integrated into the side and trained as vermy’s partner since the start of pre season.

  40. A

    True HB, and I wouldn’t say that he’s automatically better than Squillaci then….

    Not proved it yet anyways if he is….

  41. Honest Bill

    So you’re saying Koscielny is better than Bergkamp?

    You really talk some crap mate.

    But seriously. I’m hoping that both Koscielny and Squillaci, are pretty special, and the three of them have to play out of their skins just to try and keep their place.

  42. A

    Koscielny is better than Bergkamp?!

    where on earth did that come from – I literally don’t see any way whatsoever that the link to Bergkamp could be made?!

  43. sixx pac

    younguns wat a load of nonsense. In which universe is Mexes better than Squillaci. And I doubt he’s more known than Squillaci. Maybe to the casual fan like u

  44. young guns!!!!!

    sixx pac,

    you really think squillachi is better than mexes?…why would he leave for 5-6m in this modern day transfer market if he was such a great defender,i’m sure carvalho went for dat and he’s older,….

    El tel thinks we are looking stronger,and we struggled against 10man liverpool,then we beat blackpool 6-0,….u can slate me off and tell me i’m not a true gunner,..but i’m gettin sick of our lack in transfers,and the targets,..for a club like ours we should be goin for bigger names,..its lyk ulot r happy finishin 3rd wiv with da league cup or da fa,…he’s even holding out on paying the 4m 4 MS,i mean wtf?…bendtner needs 2 go,we need a quality striker as well,…..we might have gone forward when it comes to,stadium fiance blah blah blah,but regards to trophies and squads we’ve got worse

  45. young guns!!!!!

    every1’s wankin about kosser,….wen he comes up agaist rooney,tevez defoe, afit torres and da drog,we’ll see how good he is aswell just like squillachi

  46. young guns!!!!!

    squillaci is ssoooooo good,dat eric abidal,(who i swear is a Left Back)plays centre half for france loool,

  47. Ray in SF

    Thanks for the ad…

    Kushagra India

    (August 24, 2010 at 20:50)

    I looked around and some of the other choices at the end of the video are also very funny

  48. sixx pac

    thats ur argument? Really? So I guess Milner is better than Ozil cause he went for 16mil + Stephen Ireland. Ozil only went for 12 mil.

    U talk about Abidal but lets not forget who the coach was. And where was Mexes in the setup. Or cahill in the english setup? Ur getting nowhere with this because ur argument is laughable and juvenile

  49. sixx pac

    And its not my fault uve never heard of Squillaci. He’s been around for ages and has been a terrific defender. Just because he’ss not in ur Football manager team doesnt mean he’s not good. U know what,ur pissing me off

  50. sixx pac

    And u talk about a fit Torres. I’ll suppose u say he wasnt fit when we played pool. Lets not forget that Koscielny was stretchered off in that match and still outpaced him

  51. Ray in SF

    you know, somebody said it quite well earlier (and, sorry I can’t find it, or more truthfully, can’t be bothered to find it) something like…

    if the CB we bring in stops the attacks and then passes the ball to someone in our colored shirt, I’ll be happy

    so I’m not fussed by who is the best out there at CB, just as long as we get someone in who’s safe, strong, reliable, robust and lets the creative guys do their job without the pressure of having to compensate for ‘soft’ goals

  52. Ray in SF

    what I think is nice, if we do get squillaci, is that we will have options – in the sense of choosing a pairing at CB that works best against the upcoming opponents

    between Vermaelen, Squillaci, Kosielny and Djourou we have strength, speed, anticipation, aerial skill, and passing and should be able to conjure up the balance we need

    my most optimistic hope is that Squillaci is up to dealing with the Drogbas of this world, tall order I know, but if that’s his job and he’s supported…well maybe?

    Arshavin, who has an opinion on everything and feels the need to share every opinion he has, was correct when he said we need to fight better against Chelsea and Manu, maybe we are now better equipped to do that

  53. AA23

    there’s no dealing with the Drogbas of the world the cunt is sadly world class.
    Someone should just break the fuckers leg, give him something to actually be on the ground for.
    Obviously I’m joking.
    I’m not
    fuck him