Is Ciani the next big signing? Sebastien Squillaci on his way and Schwarzer set to be confirmed we are putting our defensive woes behind us at last.

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If we get Squillaci and then Ciani I will be delighted, it’s what we needed, experience and talent, and that would also mean defensive midfielder options as Koscielny and Vermaelen could slot in there if needed. I still worry about the French contingent and when I read in the Guardian that Arsenal are referred to in France as the 21st club in their league, it sends a shiver down my spine.

I would still rather we signed Cahill or Taylor as the other centre back, but hey-ho, I’ll have Ciani and Squillaci all day long, bring in Given, Stekelenburg or Schhwarzer and we’re all set.

I watched the Northern chavs turn Liverpool over last night minus Mascharano, boy does that show the difference between having a great DM and having a great forward (Torres). It also showed how destructive a team can be when it employs width, in Johnson and Milner and it shows the difference a good keeper makes as well.

City were good, but not as good as us, what was great though was watching them without Adebayor and Shaun Wright Philips, two greedy boys that knew best and put money before football, good luck you two, I hope you are pleased with your mercenary decisions. It seems to be paying off! Ha, ha!

If we get our new signings in today, we could be watching them at the weekend, I’d like them in my team at Blackburn.

If we could play with two wide men we would roll teams over, right now we use our full backs as wingers and that doesn’t work because we lose the ability to defend if they counter and those same defenders can’t cross, we deploy Theo out wide so maybe we should use one of our full backs as a winger, like Gibbs, just a thought, or get Rosicky out wide instead.

What do you all think? Will today be the day we remember? Keep ’em crossed.

Have a great day grovers, see you in the comments!

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  1. Mayank

    Nani is 2 years Theo’s senior, has played similar games and scored similar goals. He’s had many consistent runs in the team and didn’t prove himself.

    He’s good enough to start for Utd who are “miles ahead of us” but Theo should be loaned out.

    I wonder why people over-react.

  2. Pedro

    Keyser, he wasn’t taken because he didn’t pay attention to Capello in training and wasn’t taking his advice on board.

    Not to mention his piss poor form…

    I doubt Capello regrets his inclusion… maybe Adam Johnsons…

  3. Honest Bill


    Expectation is to blame i think. Admittedly the media haven’t helped Theo at all. Hansen would love to do just the opposite. He would love for Arsenal and England to miss out on a great player

  4. Pedro

    Goonerman, I can always find you buyers for your spares. I’ve got a load of people chomping at the bit for them.

  5. Honest Bill


    Yeah but didn’t Capello pick him for the friendly. Perhaps Capello does regret his decision, who knows?

    Could Theo have done any worse than the rest of them?

  6. Mayank

    Pedro for the Goal/shot ratio thing it just proves that Theo scores more often than not when given the chance. Proving he’s a good finisher.

    Henry went for the spectacular very often and took a lot of pot shots. If Theo’s confidence goes up he will do this too. Reducing his ratio and proving to you he’s a good finisher.

  7. goonermichael

    If you’re still there I was joking. I think he’s going to Leeds but that’s off the top of my (attractive) head

  8. Keyser

    Pedro – Like I said we’ve had this discussion, I’m happy he wasn’t taken, because the players that were, were abysmal, and I’d say Capello probably regrets a lot more than just not taking Theo.

  9. gambon


    Nani was basically on his last chance at UTD and had a pretty good season….much better than Theo.

    Theo has a shit season, and everyones still saying hes gonna be world class.

    If wwenger signed Nani as our super super class player, everyone would be up in arms, yet hes significantly better than Theo.

  10. Goonerman

    Milner would not have been an England international years ago, when men were men and Colin Bell and Francis Lee and Peter Stoey played for England.

  11. Honest Bill


    I agree absolutely on that one. Not only has he had the opportunity to have a full preseason and gain some momentum. but he also will want to shut a lot of mouths, particularly dour scots ones.

  12. Mayank

    Much better than Theo??
    Theo despite his injury problems appeared in 23 games scoring 3 and assisting 2.
    Nani 23 Games 4 scored.

    Nani had more starts.

  13. Queen of Suburbia

    Lol classic blogging just. Paulinho comes on makes a point about Nasri. Basically because he’s trying to tee up a wankfest over Hleb again.

    Ererybody ignores it, so he starts saying Theo is crap!

    I name that loss of blog temper in one!!

  14. timao

    there’s only ever an argument about a player’s potential because once he has stats there’s nothing to argue about. theo has lots of potential – but his development has been slowed by injuries. however at 21 with an international and epl hat-trick under his belt he’s still ahead of most. one day soon we’ll all be saying he’s better than Pele.

  15. A

    15 starts in all competitions is not quite a bit.

    That’s like saying Rosicky played quite a bit in 07/08, and last season he was practically ever present compared to Theo!

  16. gambon

    15 starts, 15 sub, 5 starts at international level.

    Thats 35 games, 4 goals.

    Is that really the quality we need?

  17. A

    Nani had a better season than Theo last season, but Theo barely played.

    I’d have theo over Nani every time, but that isn’t saying much

  18. woody

    Best winger ever over the Arsenal was Georgie Armstrong,Walcott could not tie his laces,please don’t tell me it was Thiery Henry because Wenger turned him from an errant winger to a striker supreme,if only he could do that with Walnut.

  19. Mayank

    It’s pretty important to hate at least a few first teamers. It helps you cope better with a disappointing season/match and also keeps people from calling you a sheep.

    That’s why I hate Tom Cruise.

  20. A

    15 starts in all comps and 4 goals, whilst never totally fit?

    just under a goal every three games whilst pretty much crocked, as a kid.

    yeah i’d say that’s very promising to be fair, and certainly the quality we need

  21. Honest Bill

    15 starts and 4 goals isn’t bad at all gambon. for a right winger without a decent consecutive run, it’s pretty good.. And what about assists and all the other things that go into football (because there are some you know?)

  22. gambon


    Nani is a midfielder…..we are led to believe Theo is a striker are we not?

    Were talking about a guy with an awful goal scoring record, few assists, looked completely out of his depth at the U21 champs despite being one of the most experienced players there, not played at WC2006, dropped from WC2010.

    Ive said it many times, but if Theo were playing for Southampton (where he should still be), no one would be happy about us signing him.

  23. A

    Come on Pedro, you’re twisting things now….

    Nani 41 games, you can’t include subs for Theo and not for Nani! 8 goals, 9 assists

    Nani last season did have a better season than he’s ever had before, and better than a crocked/barely fit theo, but you’d expect that from someone who was fully fit and playing/fit much more regularly, as well as being two years older

  24. A

    gambon if Theo was in league 1 he’d be scoring 40 goals a season, if he was in the championship he’d be the best player there (before bellamy) by some distance.

    Victor Moses was hyped as a young player from the championship, and he’s nowhere near theo level

  25. gambon


    See thats where your argument is a bit silly. I dont hate Theo, why would i hate him?

    I dont think he’s good enough, big difference.

    Does Wenger hate Armand Traore, or Kolo, or Jay Simpson?

    Does he put their face on a dart board and throw arrows at them?

  26. Pedro

    A, Theo had been consistently fit since about November last year… you’re making out he was recovering from something thought to be terminal.

    He didn’t get on the bench 17 times becuase he wasn’t fit…

    His form was shocking last year and he didn’t play becuase he wasn’t good enough to.

  27. TOM TOM

    Good post,we really do struggle on the wings and we all know Sagna and Clichy cant cross. Arshavin is a bit slow on the wing and I think he be better playing just behind Chamakh and RVP

  28. timao

    theo is pure class, you just have to watch him play. stats do not tell the whole story. this will be his first proper season without injury or summer internationals. he’ll win over all his critics before october is out. we have a sensational player on our hands there.

  29. Mayank

    Gambon, it’s not about what we’re led to believe it’s about what’s true.

    Would you judge Song as a DM or CB. Theo has played wide and so has Nani.

    Nani had a great season last time and Theo a shit one, yet both are comparable. Also Nani, when he was 20-21 had 4 goals in 41 games.

  30. Paulinho

    QOS – Scarily accurate assertion a couple of years ago but really, hand on heart, I didn’t mention Nasri with a view to sparking a debate about “he who shall not be named”.

  31. A

    No Pedro – Theo would’ve been the best player in the Championship before Bellamy went down there, who is now miles ahead of anyone else

  32. gambon


    Heres the thing…

    I wouldnt want Nani, I wouldnt want Babel. Comparing Theo to them is useless.

    If you want to finish 4th every year Theo is your man, no doubt. If you want to finish top and win the CL he isnt.

  33. Pedro

    Theo isn’t a Championship player, but as it stands, he hasn’t shown Arsenal quality yet.

    Timao, pure class? Their must be putting something in the sangria if you truly believe that!

  34. Doublegooner


    This via a Fulham senior official earlier.

    Now we must get another big CH or DCM..We need physical presence to play many teams. Its the only way we’ll defend, not get knocked about & let the small players flourish.

    Time to put last saturday behind us.

  35. Pedro

    A French guy on my twitter said they don’t love him in France.

    I was shocked by that… I though he’d be a national treasure.

  36. Mayank

    Well, Wenger doesn’t call them a cunt on public forums or consistently criticise them.

    You are one of the few banging on about football brains and what not. You’re manipulating stats to belittle your own player. That’s about as close as you can get to hating someone you’ve never met.

    I do the same thing with C. Ronaldo.

  37. TOM TOM

    Whats this about us signing Juan? He is a quality player and he looked very good at the world cup. I see Mourinho thinks we dont have a chance of winning the league and that we cant use the excuse that our team is very young anymore

  38. Pedro

    Mayank, it’s called counter argument.

    I love Nik B, but his finishing leaves a lot to be desired and he has at times been incredibly poor during games.

    Doesn’t mean I hate him.

  39. Honest Bill


    Exactly what we have always done and appear to be doing in this transfer window.

    Should we scrap youth all together?

  40. gooner

    Pedro, look where that got Owen, burnt out and finished before he was anywhere near the prime footballing years of 27-32.

    Just like robbie fowler

    Just like Torres could, as pointed out earlier

  41. Mayank

    I wouldn’t want Nani either, but the point is he plays regularly for Utd, who like you assert are miles ahead of us. But Theo should be loaned out?

    ATM he’s a squad player who offers us a lot. He’s not the first name on the team-sheet. Far from it. I don’t know why it kills you to show patience regarding him.

  42. Honest Bill


    By putting irrelevant things such as he didn’t get a game in WC2006 to reinforce your argument that he’s shit

  43. Mayank

    Pedro, is that the point?
    If after a shit game you criticise Nik or Theo it’s understood. But would you be here doing the same after Nik scored a hat-trick, I doubt it.

    Hate is a strong word, but in football blogging terms it simply means turning a blind eye towards a players good points and focussing on his weaknesses.

    I doubt Theo and Nik are on the same mantle as far as that is concerned.

  44. gambon


    It doesnt kill me. But Im just aware that one day you’ll all say i was right, just like i was right about Eduardo, and just like i was right about Traore…..even though everyone piped up when i said them things.

    If i was incharge of transfers i would replace the 2 clowns, Clichy, Theo & Denilson.

    No one else, i dont hate them 5, just dont think theyre Arsenal quality.

  45. JJ

    Let’s see if Theo can hold form over the course of a season before making judgments. Blackpool’s defense is not exactly the bar for the PL.

    Again, the odd blinder does not make a champion.

  46. gambon


    Useless argument as always.

    Are you really suggesting that scoring a mishit against Barca and a hatrick in 138 games is proof of a world class player?

    As i said….should we bid for Andy Carrol?

    Villa is a much tougher game than Blackpool, so he must be MUCH better than Theo?

  47. Keyser

    Go on gambon give us another one of your early season predictions then, you were awesomely spot on with last years one.

  48. Mayank

    If there was a way to shield Theo from the intense criticism he gets he’d be a more composed player already.
    He always plays like he has to prove something. At his age it simple shouldn’t be the case. But then again if you play for Arsenal and had a 10m price at age 16 it’s unavoidable.

  49. timao

    pedro – sangria? you mean Pimms i suppose. but you posted that Dos Santos reel earlier as an answer to the Theo one. But look at the two and there’s NO comparison. The dos santos vid is all padding with him running about with his arms in the air or loads of stills. theo’s is wall to wall excellent football.

    i understand there has been some past frsutrations, partly due to high expectations but i say – judge him at the end of this season!

  50. Mayank

    Mishit against Barca??

    C’mon Gambon, you’ve always sidestepped the Messi and Pep quotes about them fearing Theo.

    I didn’t read them talking about Nani or Andy Carol in the same way?

  51. Keyser

    gambon – Go on, do it again, Theo won’t make it, Rmasey might not be the same, Wilshire will only mature with age, the sun will rise tomorrow.

  52. gambon


    I remember Stuart Pearce saying Stan Collymore was a better player than Dennis Bergkamp.

    Alex Ferguson said the Invincibles werent a very good team.

    People in the game do have poor opinions.

  53. JJ

    If a French player receives an offer from Arsene Wenger, it’s practically impossible to turn down. (Sebastien Squillaci – Skysports Quotes of the week)


  54. Mayank

    Alex Ferguson had a vested interest in saying that.

    Also is it the same thing?

    Pep and Co. feared Theo. Theo was our stand-out player. Pretty satisfying as far as an opinion goes.

    Messi had no vested interest in Theo. People do have poor opinions but generally if the opposition thinks a player is to be feared he is!

  55. This is England

    I’m struggling reading through the comments.Why would an Arsenal fan try so hard to prove that one of our players is shite.Sorry just don’t get it.

  56. gambon


    Yeah he would do well at Arsenal….if we were trying to finish in the Europa places.

    We are one of the best teams in the world, and we shouldnt be trying to become worse.

    You dont go from 8th in the world to 1/2/3 in the world signing players like Andy Carrol.

  57. timao

    he has all the attributes of a top centre-forward. as ever gambon you only seem to want to pick a horse after the race is finished.

  58. gambon


    I think we basically just have different ambitions.

    You want Arsenal to be a jolly nice team that put on a good show, and maybe spend a week or 2 at the top of the league.

    I want us to be the dominant force in european football, win 5 leagues in 8 years and the CL 3 times.

    Andy Carrol, for example, only fits one of them briefs.

  59. JJ

    ANB – How long does that usually take?
    Mayank – Not sure you got my point. Wenger never used sign (renew) 30+ players with more than a 1 year deal.

  60. Mayank

    I don’t think our over 30ers will get 3 years renewals, but if we’re looking to sign a new player, who’s turned 30 this month, you pretty much have to offer a 3 year deal. Also Wenger had referred to CBs having a bit of immunity from the rule.

  61. zeus

    Why do we need to have a Theo debate. He is a decent player with mesmerizing speed.

    The video posted of Theo is spanned over 4 years with us and people would be hardpressed to make another video showing other remarkable feats without repeating all we saw in that.

    In truth he has not improved that much in his time here and his great performances has been few and far between. He’s been living off one or two strong performances with the expectation of something more.

    I do hope he comes good though.

  62. Mayank

    Not until he takes a position and makes it his own BHN.
    Then and only then will Wenger be able to play him out of position.

  63. timao

    gambon – we’ll see. maybe only when a big club shells out for him will you change your mind. he’ll probably go to man utd next as he’ll fit in well there. but you are wrong about my hopes for the arsenal team, i’m sure they are equally as high as any fan. my ambitions are personal to me, nothing to do with AFC

  64. Ray in SF

    zee says:
    August 24, 2010 at 16:41

    yeh and lineker said something typically unfunny about going to a footballing brain shop

    yup, and he also countered Hansen with…

    “Here I am defending an Arsenal player?!?”

  65. Big Dave

    Club are gutted not to get 3 mill for Traore.

    As for Caroll I like the look of him and he would do well for us sometime in the future until cityyy come knocking that is

  66. Stu are really taking their fucking time unveiling Squillaci arent they. He flew in for the fucking medical yesterday morning. C’mon already!

  67. Black Hand Ninja

    LOL I could imagine Wenger doing that. I think that If JET focuses on being a forward, he could be deployed as a winger or a striker in our system. He has all the tools to be able to do it, I think he should go on loan again.

  68. Stu

    Theres no telling whether or not JET will make it here until he picks a position and sticks with it. Or we could keep him forever as a utility forward…he would never be first choice though and obviously wouldnt be happy with that.

  69. Black Hand Ninja

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with his attacking versatility, it could prove to be a weapon rather than a hinderance. I would definitely utilize him this season if I was Wenger, but I think a loan would be an equally good option.

  70. Black Hand Ninja

    ismaeel says:
    August 24, 2010 at 18:55

    any1 else get the feeling that were going to unveil a double signing this week ?

    I think it is entirely possible, probably why squillaci deal is taking so long to be confirmed. Wenger could be pulling a double coup, or a triple if the Ciani/Juan rumours are to be believed

  71. ismaeel

    bayern munich’s Martin Demichelis coul dbe on the move
    would he be a good purchase ?
    #champions league proven
    #world cup proven
    #played with the best
    #played against the best
    #29 years old so he is experianced
    any1 else think this might be a ood signing?

  72. Black Hand Ninja


    I could see 2 centre backs coming in as well as a goalie. There could be some truth into the Ciani/Juan rumors. Obviously, pinch of salt and all that, but wouldn’t say its complete bullshit just yet.

  73. ismaeel

    several rumours are going round that mark shwarzzer has failed a medical?
    coul dit be true ?
    maybe wenger wanted to announce squalicci and shwarzer togther today but ecause shwarzer failed he’l do it tommorw

  74. Honest Bill

    Well of course i mean as well as Squillaci, which is all but official.

    I think he will opt to consider Song as cover, whether or not that leaves us needing a backup DM is another matter.

    But yeah i agree that i don’t really know for sure either way

  75. Arse&Nose©

    I remember Overmars being criticised by gooners when he was with us. The complaints were that he never challenged for aerial balls, he didn’t track back enough, he didn’t contribute to team play.

    Fact was he was one of our most important players. Even when he was invisible in games he took out 2 players from the opposition because they were so worried about his pace. Theo is beginning to do a similar thing for the team.

    It is narrow minded to look at what someone doesn’t do well and ignore what they do very well. Walcott does not get enough credit for the impact he has by just being on the pitch.

  76. ismaeel

    thierry henry best striker in the premier league ever

    So Enjoy. Or Hate. Or Share. Or Dispute

    1. Thierry Henry

    2. Alan Shearer

    3. Wayne Rooney

    4. Robbie Fowler

    5. Eric Cantona

    6. Didier Drogba

    7. Dennis Bergkamp

    8. Michael Owen

    9. Andy Cole

    10. Gianfranco Zola

  77. gazzap

    we are being linked with Ben Arfa again. I dont think we need another forward. He is a trouble maker too and had a bust up with Squillaci a few years back. we just got rid of Gallas and I dont think wenger likes trouble makers so I really hope we dont get him.

    I would still take another defensive player though and of course a keeper!

  78. sixx pac

    blasphemy ismaeel. Rooney above Bergkamp? Come off it. Wouldnt want DeMechelis either. Worst CH in the world

  79. Stu

    Demicheles is shit!

    Shit in the CL
    Shit in the WC
    Played with the best is true
    Played against the best and was shit.

    Bayern got to the CL final in spite of him. Im very much against his signing.

  80. Arsene Nose Best

    New spurs advert……. any
    any any any age,any price,from 50 pound to a hundred grand!

  81. Man

    Yeah those stewards have a big impact on the match as well by just standing there…I mean those flourescent tops they wear must be a nightmare for opposing players.

    Scruffy looking ball boys frighten the life out of opposing players by just standing there.

    Arsene’s wrinkles are a big source of fright for the opposing players…all he has to do is stand there…but he does more he jumps, shouts, occassionally gets into a fight…

    You see standing there isn’t just standing there or being there…matches are won by standing there

  82. Black Hand Ninja

    Man says:
    August 24, 2010 at 19:35

    Yeah those stewards have a big impact on the match as well by just standing there…I mean those flourescent tops they wear must be a nightmare for opposing players.

    Scruffy looking ball boys frighten the life out of opposing players by just standing there.

    Arsene’s wrinkles are a big source of fright for the opposing players…all he has to do is stand there…but he does more he jumps, shouts, occassionally gets into a fight…

    You see standing there isn’t just standing there or being there…matches are won by standing there


    LMAO, that was funny as fuck