Is Ciani the next big signing? Sebastien Squillaci on his way and Schwarzer set to be confirmed we are putting our defensive woes behind us at last.

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If we get Squillaci and then Ciani I will be delighted, it’s what we needed, experience and talent, and that would also mean defensive midfielder options as Koscielny and Vermaelen could slot in there if needed. I still worry about the French contingent and when I read in the Guardian that Arsenal are referred to in France as the 21st club in their league, it sends a shiver down my spine.

I would still rather we signed Cahill or Taylor as the other centre back, but hey-ho, I’ll have Ciani and Squillaci all day long, bring in Given, Stekelenburg or Schhwarzer and we’re all set.

I watched the Northern chavs turn Liverpool over last night minus Mascharano, boy does that show the difference between having a great DM and having a great forward (Torres). It also showed how destructive a team can be when it employs width, in Johnson and Milner and it shows the difference a good keeper makes as well.

City were good, but not as good as us, what was great though was watching them without Adebayor and Shaun Wright Philips, two greedy boys that knew best and put money before football, good luck you two, I hope you are pleased with your mercenary decisions. It seems to be paying off! Ha, ha!

If we get our new signings in today, we could be watching them at the weekend, I’d like them in my team at Blackburn.

If we could play with two wide men we would roll teams over, right now we use our full backs as wingers and that doesn’t work because we lose the ability to defend if they counter and those same defenders can’t cross, we deploy Theo out wide so maybe we should use one of our full backs as a winger, like Gibbs, just a thought, or get Rosicky out wide instead.

What do you all think? Will today be the day we remember? Keep ’em crossed.

Have a great day grovers, see you in the comments!

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  1. Jaguar reloaded

    I’m alright.ta DDM.How about watching Clownmoonia fucking up our title chances yet again this season

  2. tonyadamsisgod

    Morning all!!

    I know this isn’t Arsenal talk but just how good does this fucking Begovic cunt think he is??

  3. dennisdamenace

    Looking forward to it, almost as much as AW bigging the clown up, and giving him the armband,

    And, he talks about the ‘Arsenal way’ and it’s history.

    Well Arsenal Football Club has had a long line of Club Captains who encapsulate everything that Arsenal stands for, so his comments are just a fucking wind up to old skool fans, and show a total disrespect for our heritage.

  4. tonyadamsisgod

    Geoff – That keeper who almost sent Portsmouth to their grave and is now refusing to play for Stoke because it seems Chelsea have turned his head! He’s even made it as a fucking No.1 anywhere for gods sake!!

  5. Jaguar reloaded

    Its a piss take,DDM.Wenger gives fuck all respect to the fans,and is gradually converting an English club into a team,with substandard Francophonic players.After four years,the mug will leave us,tottering in the midtable and fuck off to manage the French national team.Fucking mug.

  6. tonyadamsisgod

    The only way they could turn his head is by waving a nice bright pink baseball cap, dodgy jacket and a chihuahua in his face!!

  7. young guns!!!!!

    this sixx pac guy,…wot have u done,slept wiv squillaci? ur talking about ozil,…..thats how i know u dnt know wot da fuck ur talkin about,ozil only left bcoz he has 1year left on his contract,dats y he might of left for 12mil no?(just a thought)…wat can U tellme about squillaci,without readin other people’s quotes,….then ur gna tell me about he’s not in my football managin team????????….i dnt sit behind my screen chewin gum(thinkin im alex ferguson)..den u wanna tell me my argument is juvenile?….listen up buddy,.kosser will never b asquick as torres,just becoz he outpaced him once woooow,.

  8. dennisdamenace

    I’d still take the Begovic fella over our two fucking clowns, that’s how low we are on the ‘keeper front.

    So much so, that we’re chasing a 38 year old mutha fucker like he’ll be our title winning saviour….

    Hands up all those who remember us having a ‘keeper that made a difference to our season…..

    AW’s el cheapo productions rolls on and on….

  9. Geoff

    Jaguar, we will be his last team and this year, either now or by January he will buy, he won’t want his legacy to be defeat, this year we will win something.

    This team is no longer young and Cesc will be away if we don’t win something this season.

    If you don’t trust him, trust me!

  10. Jaguar reloaded

    I am not sure Geoff.If he wanted,he would have bought by now,than waiting for his cheap petty bargaining tricks on the deadline day.Does he think that managers like Hughes are mugs,to sell him on the cheap?

    The way he is bigging up the clowns in the goal,is an indicator that he wont probably buy a goal keeper.

    An ageing average goal keeper to drive us into the title.Get a life Wenger!

    Cesc,Arshavin,RVP will leave,if we dont win anything this season,the only players who will remain at the club,will be retards like Diaby and Denilson,who will be wanted by no top club.

    However,Wenger has six more days to save his legacy.January will be too late.

  11. gambon

    The risk Wengers taking on schwartzer is ridiculous & embarassing.

    What happens if we get to 11pm on deadline day, Wenger sayd “OK £4m it is” and Hughes says “fuck off he’s not for sale” just to spite him?

    Wenger did this before with Alonso and fucked our whole season up.

    If he cared at all about Arsenal he wouldve signed a keeper in May and bedded them in for the last 3 months.

  12. gambon

    Instead Wenger spent his summer earning extra money from TF1 & Castrol in SA.

    To think we paid him £500k while he was enjoying himself at the WC.

  13. young guns!!!!!

    sixx pacc,go and sit behind ur screen and play with squillaci(in more than 1 way)…we’ll c how good he really is,and kosser,….im still to b convinced over both, anyway my original argument is there are players at arsenal who are not worthy of wearin our shirt,i wouldn’t say kosser yet,but this squillaci guy,just bcoz we’re signin a player ur havin a wank,have we been ever linked to this guy in the past? at his age he’s hardly an up and coming CB,has any of the top european “elite” teams been linked with this guy? lyon yes but what happened?besides there not an elite club,……1 last question 4 dis sixx pac football managin pr..i mean guy,…if we had signed BH frm fulham 4 10mil,or PM from (werner B) or even PHIL Jag(frm everton) would u still be goin on about this squillaci guy? go on lie,…alot of arsenal fans have never heard of him,alot of people say they’ve neva seen him play. so go and play ur computer games (and makesure u win the league)