Arsenal win valuable point with excellent result + Transfer update

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I honestly believe we’ve pulled a very good result out of the bag. I think Liverpool will improve vastly on last years league position and I’m sure they’ll take points off the others in the top 4 scrum. You have to remember that we were missing Cesc, Robin and Song and we had players like Diaby who have hardly trained this preseason. We fielded the inexperienced Jack Wilshere, two Premier League debutants and a keeper not fit for purpose.

When you add all that up, it’s surprising we came away with anything!

I was also pleased with the goal we conceded and the overall sloppy performance from Almunia. He was given the captains armband in a weak attempt to instill a bit of confidence… the plan clearly didn’t work and he was typically diabolical all game. He flapped at 3 crosses and he didn’t react quick enough to the N’gog finish. A sad way to end a below average career at Arsenal. I hadn’t heard much about Schwarzer from the people I talk to regarding Arsenal but yesterday I was told we’ll secure his signature within the next ten days.

Not one to spread rumours, but him not being fit for Fulham’s first game has about as much credibility as my jokes. I heard we’re looking at 1-2 centre backs and the preference is British. Here’s hoping! When Wenger says that people aren’t selling, he’s not lying. Apparently there is a lot of truth in the Mertesacker, Jones and Jagielka stories.

We want good players but we’re not after them for silly money. If we bought Jagielka for £17million off the back of that serious injury and he broke down Robin style I think people would be calling for Wenger’s head. I guess it’s a similar story with Mertesacker, his height and presence is appealing, but the guy is error prone. If we bought him for £20million and he flopped, it’d be embarrassing.

The interesting thing about all this is that the only clubs in Europe with any money are City, Arsenal and the German clubs. Why aren’t teams selling? It should be a buyers market. Or is it like the stagnating housing market in the UK at the moment? People can’t buy because sellers have unrealistic price expectations?

I feel like I’m making excuses for Wenger here. The one thing I find incredibly incompetent is that we’ve taken so long to secure a new keeper. There is no excuse on that front and in a league that could be decided by a point, I find it maddening that we’ve already dropped two because of a keeping error.

Anyway, Arsenal dominated the first half possession statistics in embarrassing fashion.

Eboue was marauding through the Liverpool midfield taking any opportunity he could to plunge to the floor and feign injury. The guy is still an embarrassment to the club with his behaviour. Still, the resulting freekicks gave us a few chances, Thomas Vermaelen going closest with a rasping 30 yard striker.

Johnson was the first to test Almunia with a high central shot that was tipped over. The following corner found Ngog who was denied by Clichy on the near post.

Joe Cole was sent off for a very silly challenge on Kozzer. A tackle that saw our French boy stretchered off.  Chamakh was being offered no service whatsoever and our key players were given very little chance to express themselves. Liverpool were woeful.

The second saw the Koz come back on with and egg sized lump on his shin for his troubles. People have told me one of the Frenchman’s best attributes is that he’s a fighter and he has the right attitude. He was going to need that with the introduction of Torres. One area of his game he’ll need to work on is his ability to deal with aerial balls. He was beaten by N’gog early in the second half when perhaps he should have done better. All part of the steep learning curve. He looks sharp on the ground and he’s fast.

Our first goal was conceded after a catalogue of errors, N’gog was threaded through and he beat our captain at the near post. At least 5 mistakes were made in the build up to the goal.

1) Clichy had the ball passed through his legs

2) Arshavin made a poor pass

3) Jack fluffed his touch

4) There was no holding midfielder clearing up at the edge of the box

5) Almunia was beaten at his near post by a soft shot in my opinion

Arsenal brought on Theo and Rosicky and we lost Eboue and Jack. I’ve read some criticism of the young Englishman and I think that’s bang out of order. He’s 18, hugely talented and he just started against some of the worlds best midfielders. He deserves patience.

Theo, surprisingly changed up the game. He moved up top and his speed created a bit of a fear factor. He didn’t really do anything too spectacular but the fact we can bring two players of their calibre off the bench is very encouraging. Theo bent a freekick around the wall only to be denied by a tidy Reina save. Wenger should take note of how well other players took freekicks today.

Rosicky swept into the box off the back off the back of a lovely one two move with Arshavin, his shot impressively tipped over by Reina.

RvP managed to keep an Arshavin back post cross in, but Theo couldn’t capitalise on some Reina indecisiveness.

In the 89th minute, Rosicky floated an average cross into the box, Reina squinting in the sun didn’t come for the ball allowing Chamakh to nip in front of him and get a touch that hit the post, the ball came straight back at Reina who could do nothing other than bundle the ball into his own net.

What is it with Spanish keepers?

The game could have been killed off when Theo broke into the box with three players on hand to slot the ball home, instead of playing the ball to feet, he decided to go back post with a floated chip. Typical poor decision making from Theo. The ball went up the other end and Kuyt was dispossessed with a kick to the nuts by Kozzer. He picked up a his first yellow. Gerrard had a freekick 25 yards out that was saved by Almunia.

Koz still had time to make his mark on the game when he handled the ball and received a debut red card. Am I upset? No way! He’s one of the boys now!

After 5 painful minutes of injury time, 20 players finished the game and a point was shared.

Now we have a whole bunch of easy games coming up, we’ve got a full squad of players to choose from (Bar Rambo who is now running) and we’ll hopefully have a new goalkeeper and a centre back to get excited about.

Today wasn’t perfect, but remember, we’re not 100% fit, we’re missing key players and we don’t have a proper keeper.

Arsenal know what they have to do to make the league their own this year and I truly believe we’re going to bolster. Keep the faith for two more weeks Gooners. I’m pre-empting a great squad and I have no doubt we’ll be up there come this end of the season.

Could this be our year?

Let us know in the comments section!

Update: Track this seasons players ratings through google!

Player Liverpool (A)
Manuel Almunia 5
Abou Diaby 5
Bacary Sagna 6
Thomas Vermaelen 7
Laurent Koscielny 7
Tomas Rosicky 6.5
Samir Nasri 7
Robin van Persie 6
Theo Walcott 6
Jack Wilshere 6
Gael Clichy 6.5
Andrey Arshavin 5
Emmanuel Eboue 6
Marouane Chamakh 6

P.S. Check out the new site from the boys over at the Gunning Hawk, it’s taken them all summer and it launched over the weekend..

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  1. Danny

    Sorry Brian,

    If the Nazi’s held a garden party for the local OAPs, you wouldn’t say “what a jolly nice bunch of chaps”.. No, you would judge em on thier previous. That’s all people are doing with Almunia… He is consistenly useless

  2. incesc

    this is his last season, no one should kid themselves of anything else.

    unless wenger pulls it out of the hat again the stubborn old git


  3. gambon


    He wants to leave, hes told wenger he wants to leave.

    How long exactly do you think we can keep hold of him for?

    Or are you just so terrified of losing him that youre in crazy denial?

  4. timao

    the doommongrels have been saying for season after season that cesc will go this year or next year and every year i got shot down for being naive and optimistic – but guess what? he’s STILL HERE!

  5. cesc rule

    incesc – yeah i know…he’s one in a million..even yesterday nasri cant fill in the fabregas killer passes

  6. BillikenGooner

    I don’t even think it is just a case of having to win something this season to keep Cesc. (which I don’t think we will be able to do)

    About the only thing I can see making him stay is someone or someones just have disgustingly great breakout seasons so he feels he has another or a couple other superstars to play with.

    Nasri, Wilshere, someone to give him promise since Wenger obviously isn’t going to go out and buy anyone to give him hope.

  7. A

    gambon he WANTED to leave in the summer, next summer he may want to leave again, but he may not, and barca MAY want to sign him again, they may not.

    Nothing is certain when talking about the future, and how people feel about clubs/players, especially in football.

  8. Pedro

    Timao, I think it’s great you have that much faith in him, but there is very little chance of us keeping him for 3 years.

  9. Pedro

    A, it’ll be even worse next summer becuase there will be no tournament to distract…

    There is absolutely no question that Barca will want him next year.

    It’s expected by the fans… and he will be pursued until they have him.

  10. Marko

    Completely disagree about Eboue diving all over the place and about him being an embarressment to the club. I didn’t notice him going to ground easy at all yesterday. In fact Gerrard you could argue should of seen a card for threading on his toe in the first half. Everything else in the post though is spot on.

  11. iamgooner

    the only reason cesc didnt leave is because barca didnt put a high enough bid for him…

    the only reason i say gourcuff over ozil is because he is more of what we need

    gourcuff has the experiance size and strength, he plays well with chamack and is french, which shouldnt come in to it but it does, hes played with half the team already.. nasri sagna clichy diaby etc..

    ozil hasnt got the size or strength the experiance.. no doubt about it though he’s quality, just think gourcuff is better for what we need.

    NO one can replace cesc! the only one who comes close is kaka

  12. gambon

    Eboue is an embarassment the way he rolls around.


    Yeah, i agree. £50m or you dont get him should be our stance. Imagine how much debt £50m could pay off? Well £50m 🙂

  13. timao

    gambon you will really say any old boolox that comes into your head to support your weak arguments won’t you. reminds me a bit of my little brother when he was ten eyars old! quite funny i suppose… anyway fabregas transfer speculation has been going for years, believe it!




  14. BillikenGooner

    Maybe Barca will have to ditch UNICEF and get a sponsor to pay for Cesc.

    They can get money and be humanitarian by getting some Child Abduction benefit to pay them to save their long lost DNA from indentured servitude.

  15. JJ

    Pedro – Great post. Spot on in every aspect!

    I still think we are vulnerable to high balls, crosses and set pieces. TV is the only one who attacks the ball in the air and that is not good enough. Pool got free headers time and time again…

  16. Kreshnik

    Marko … the problem with him is … he opens his arms like falling from a fuckin plane, even when stomped by Gerrard, that was actually painful, but no need to act up, let the ref do his job.

  17. timao

    pedro – like i said before, lots of peope have been saying exactly what you are saying now for a long time. they’ve been telling me i’m in denial for a long time. i’ve heard it before so often. so whose really in denial here?

  18. gambon


    Yep, that proves that grovers were saying Cesc was off, unequivocal proof.

    Have you considered a career in law?

  19. JJ

    C’mon Marko – Eboue was rolling around and appealing every time he was touched. He is due to have a clear cut penalty turned down in the future with his reputation.

    I hate Ronaldo and Gerrard for doing the same thing so I can’t accept Eboue for doing it just because he is a gunner.

  20. RayGooner

    Player Ratings (A bit different):

    Manuel Almunia – 1st half (5), 2nd half (4)
    (Had an ok 1st half but didn’t have much to do in it, started the 2nd by being beaten by the near post, then looked shaky for the rest of the half)

    Bacary Sagna – 1st half (5), 2nd half (5)
    (Was ok in defence as usual but struggled to get good crosses in when he attacked, also as usual)

    Laurent Koscielny – 1st half (7), 2nd half (6)
    (Had a very good 1st half which ended in him getting tackled by Joe Cole and carried out on a stretcher, he came back in the 2nd half and did ok)

    Thomas Vermaelen – 1st half (7), 2nd half (6)
    (Had a good game overall, he never seems to do a bad game, though he could have done better with the scoring chances he got with his head…)

    Gaël Clichy – 1st half (5), 2nd half (4)
    (Didn’t have his best game…)

    Abou Diaby – 1st half (6), 2nd half (4)
    (Looked ok in the 1st half, but in the 2nd he started holding on to the ball too long and slowed our attacks down…you could see the longer the game went on that he is not fully fit yet)

    Jack Wilshere – 1st half (6), 2nd half (4)
    (Little Jack had a good 1st half, but the error before “Pools” goal turns down the ratings for the 2nd half)

    Samir Nasri – 1st half (7), 2nd half (5)
    (Was our best player in the 1st half, strangely he somehow disappeared partly in the 2nd half, he didn’t have the ball as much as i would have expected)

    Emmanuel Eboué – 1st half (5), 2nd half (5)
    (A typical Eboué performance, ok but nothing more)

    Andrei Arshavin – 1st half (4), 2nd half (4)
    (Where was he? He looked slow, un-interested and had very poor passing through out the game…)

    Marouane Chamakh – 1st half (4), 2nd half (6)
    (Was almost invicible in the 1st half, but slowly got better and better and he gave us the equalizer)

    Tomás Rosický – 1st half (-), 2nd half (7)
    (Came on with 30 minutes left and he created more in those 30 minutes than Arshavin did in 90…Tomás looked really sharp, i would be very surprised if he didn’t start against Blackpool next weekend)

    Theo Walcott – 1st half (-), 2nd half (5)
    (Theo came on at the same time as Rosický, but other than worrying the Liverpool defence he didn’t create much…the free-kick was all i can remember from him)

    Robin van Persie – 1st half (-), 2nd half (4)
    (Came on with 15 minutes to go, and i honestly didn’t notice him doing anything really, but considering he’s not fully fit and only had 15 minutes to do anything, i forgive him…)

    ARSENAL AS A TEAM – 1st half (6), 2nd half (6)
    (They owned the posession in the 1st half but created very few chances but an ok 1st half of the season considering the opponents, the 2nd half started with a massiv error from several players allowing Liverpool to score with 10 men after just 1 minute, after that they were paralized for about 15 or 20 minutes before starting to greate some chances and beginning to take over posession again and finally scoring at least an equalizer at the end. Overall an ok 1st game of the season considering we were without some very important players and some that played obviously were not really fit to begin with).

  21. BillikenGooner

    I don’t mind Eboue rolling around, I just get frustrated that he has 1 move:

    Get the ball, try to get to full speed, get opponent to touch you, go down like you are shot at close range.

  22. A

    Pedro I’d say it’ll be better next year rather than worse, because the lack of a tournament means if it’s gonna happen it’ll probably go through very quickly, and with little distraction….

  23. timao

    bloody hell gambon, anywhere else I would say that’s the last resort of a desperate loser – accuse ofme being a lawyer… come you don’t need to sink so low. come back with something fresh, convincing and worthy of your sparkling wit.

  24. Pedro

    Timao, not meaning to champ Gambon, but he’s pretty witty.

    A once said he was the wittiest person on Le Grove.

  25. Marko

    I don’t really see him leaving next year though to be honest not unless they suddenly get 50-60 million from somewhere. No doubt they’ll try to offer players in the deal since they’re broke but I don’t see us wanting any of the players they’d want rid of. And all this about Arsenal agreeing to sell him next year I don’t believe clubs work that way.

  26. Pedro

    A, if Rambo, Nasri and Wilshere develop as we hope they will, it won’t be too bad at all if he leaves.

    A BIG if though.

  27. timao

    pedro – no two summers are alike (i’m sure wordswrorth will back me up on this) so of course the last 4 summers have all been different. the one CONSISTENT factor is that each season Fabregas turns out in the red and white of Arsenal. and he has 5 years left on his contract. so I say he will continue to turn out for us for another 3 years minimum. what is so hard to accept?

  28. Doo Woop

    AW will buy nobody and will come with the same old shit talk of previous seasons.. “We were really close to sign the whole Real Madrid team but they didnt accept our bid of 3 euros and a bubble gum”

  29. Pedro

    Timao, Cesc has never wanted or been tempted to leave before.

    This summer he asked for a move and Wenger said no.

    He’s here as a second choice.

    How do you expect us to keep him for 3 years?

  30. woody

    How about Steven Taylor-ex Greenich boy.-Liverpool had a look at possible transfer,he has said he wants a move as Newcastle lack ambition,ok i no he’s been injured but he is just the sort of player we need not frightened to open his mouth,tough as you could want,age on his side,6’1″and a winner,regular England player at all levels up to a full cap,although he has been called into the full squad before i believe,correct me if im wrong.The sort of player who won’t let you down,sometimes gives to much???

  31. JJ

    I don’t understand why Cesc renewed his contract last year if he wants to go back to Barca so bad. The only thing I can think of is that he got a big pay raise and the club wanted to make sure that he didn’t walk away for free…

  32. Marko

    In an ideal world we’ll win the league or champions league this season and Cesc will be delighted and say he’ll see out his contract with Arsenal. Forget the 50-60 million we’d get for him the best situation for us would be him finishing his contract and us getting the best years of an amazing player.

  33. gambon


    Maybe he decided he wanted to go towards the end of the season.

    We struggled to keep up in the PL, we were crushed in the CL by the very team he wants to join.

    If you look at it objectively its very hard to see why he would stay.

  34. timao

    woody – taylor would alreet definitely, he’s the guy that did a ‘saurez’ once to stop a goal. i liked him

  35. zee

    i dont think wenger rates given. watch this goal. a media mate of mine who asked wenger about how good this goal was, reacted by questioning the keeper..

  36. gambon

    Barca have a strategy to reduce debt, but also spend €50m per year on transfers.

    Assuming they opt to only buy Cesc that would possibly be enough to get him next year. I think we’ll hold out for £50m.

  37. Marko

    Thing of it is most players (especially spanish) wouldn’t mind a move to Barcelona. I don’t though for a second think Cesc is or has every been unhappy playing for us. Would he mind going to Barca? No. Would he mind staying at Arsenal? No.

  38. Pedro

    I reckon we’d sell for £50million as well… maybe a player plus deal.

    That’d be good business if we could nab Ozil on a free.

    I’d prefer to send him Real’s way…

  39. gambon

    I really dont see us getting Ozil.

    He will have some crazy offers if he runs his contract down, and i just dont see Wenger buying such an in demand player.

  40. A

    I dunno Pedro, if Cesc steps it up this year and moves on to another level they might have to pay a bit more than £50 mil! Not sure about a player coming our way, certainly not a new signing like Ozil, maybe a Bojan

  41. JJ

    Pedro – Agreed on all 3 points. However, I feel that we already have enough trouble attracting top talent. If we lose Cesc (which may be inevitable) then that problem gets worse.

  42. Pedro

    A, it’d be a struggle for Cesc to take his game further than 20 goals and 20 assists.

    Though I’d obviously welcome those stats!

  43. timao

    buying Ozil seems like a no-brainer as his value will shoot depending on the length of hsi contract. like when pompey bought diarra off of us for £5m or whatever – it was so obvious his price was going to shoot up I couldn’t believe what a bargain they got there. i’m sure werder must be angling for some sort of sell-on clause which is why he probably hasn’t gone yet.

  44. A

    gambon I reckon Ozil will go somewhere now, and we won’t be involved, but IF he leaves on a free next year Wenger generally is happy to push the boat out for freebies.

  45. Pedro

    Timao, Werder aren’t selling… they are probably weighing up two things

    1) Could they get a replacement anywhere near his level at such short notice?
    2) What is more important, having a club in the Champions League next year or that £9mill?

  46. A

    Although when Cesc goes Wilshere, Nasri, and Ramsey will be up there anyways so there wouldn’t be any need for a replacement….

  47. Marko

    Ozil as well will be looking for top dollar too. He ran down his contract at Schalke to get a move elsewhere too. He’s a dangerous player to sign I think. Speaking of Him going to Madrid it makes me sick to my stomach what they do. They’ve so many players and already had an amazing squad and still Mourinho’s accumilates players he doesn’t need, it’s almost to stop other teams having them. They have Granero, Alonso, Lass, Gago, Diarra and then buy Khedira. They’ve Kaka, Van Der Vaart and Ronaldo and then they buy Canales, Pedro Leon and now Ozil. He’s a cunt. If Mourinho wins the league this season does it mean he’s amazing? keep in mind the squad he had and then the players he bought.

  48. gambon


    But theres a difference between paying Chamakh £60k pw, and Ozil the £200k pw that Real/Inter/Chelsea/Bayern would likely offer.

  49. JJ

    Price is obviously an issue but what top class/experienced player wants to come to Arsenal only to be offered a 1 year contract when they turn 30? That together with the lack of ambition we have shown recently does not incentivise people to come to us.

  50. timao

    thought eboue played well first half on sunday. i really don’t mind if players roll around and play act a bit when fouled – well put it this way i don’t actua;;y like it – but if that’s the onloy way to get protection from the ref then so be it. it might have prompted the red fopr cole when he jumped in. happy to see lunges punished and no broken legs if the price is a bit of simulation when players are fouled. and the real enemy are the shawcross-taylors, not eboue.

  51. A

    oh yeah gambon, we wouldn’t pay City/Madrid wages, but I’m not sure that Inter/Chelsea/Bayern would pay him THAT much, because whilst he’s good, that would make him the highest paid player at those clubs, and upset the established and higher profile stars already there.

    If it’s just an auction then we wouldn’t be in with a chance though, although same goes for Utd and Barca

  52. Pedro

    JJ, I don’t think there are many players in Europe who’d turn us down given the chance.

    Villa wanted to join us a couple of years ago, as did Ribery and Alonso.

    We’ve still got massive appeal… just not the bottle to pay big.

  53. A

    Ribery didn’t want to, he joined Bayern by choice, he could’ve chosen us…. and Villa didn’t REALLY want to, was just throwaway comments taken WAY out of context and exagerated, but I do agree – most players would want to join us. Having said that we could never unsettle players from other big teams as Barca/Madrid can to our players, or Utd’s, but that’s just one of those things….

  54. gambon

    The problem is we have a huge wage bill, but i think we spend it very badly.

    Too many kids on the wagebill, too many scouts (that seemingly cant find a decent GK or CB), too much being paid to too many people.

    I would imagine that we pay the lowest % of our wage bill to the first team of pretty much any club out there.

  55. Marko

    Pedro you mention in the post that we’re looking british for the new defender does that mean they’re british or playing in Britain? Cause if it’s british then that just about leaves Cahill but if it’s playing in britain then it could be Kompany (yes) or Hangeland or someone.

  56. JJ

    Pedro – That maybe the case a few years ago but we had the stadium excuse then. Do you think those players would want to come to us now if offered the chance? Transfer fee aside, we won’t compete in wages either.

    We are more likely to attract players lost in lower leagues ala Chamakh (who loved us anyway) and Koz.

  57. BillikenGooner

    I wouldn’t be surprised if big players around Europe are hesitant at this point to come to Arsenal (other than pay) because it is no secret Wenger has favorites and dotes on his project kids, so it might not be appealing to step in knowing your boss already feels you are ‘upsetting his boat’.

    Especially, since Wenger talks about not wanting to upset anyone’s ‘progression’ every month or so when it comes to transfers.

  58. gambon

    I dont get why people are talking about Kompany, he is surely part of Mancinis plans?

    Doesnt it make sense that Toure, Kompany, Boateng & Lescott are Citehs 4 CBs?

  59. Marko

    Ribery only joined Bayern for the money let’s be honest. At the time too if I remember we were in for him for something like 15 million and then Bayern came in with 24 million. If he wanted to join us he would of held out for us but the wages Bayern probably offered him was what won the race. He’s a greedy cunt too.

  60. JJ

    Choy – RvP on the wing because Chamakh is a better target (better header of the ball)… until RvP gets injured, that is. Ouch! sorry… didn’t mean to junx the jinxed!

  61. Marko

    Well there’s always talk of City being interested in other defenders Gambon but I agree I don’t see him leaving City cause I think he’s their best defender. Just wishful thinking on us signing him.

  62. Mayank

    Thing about Cesc leaving is IMO we’ll only sell him if there’s an offer we can’t refuse.

    The thing in our favour is although barca want him they also think they have a right to him and won’t make such an offer.

    The deal could stay deadlocked for another season at least. Unless Cesc has a crap season or Barca have a windfall.

  63. timao

    ribery is a bit dodgy – after that underage prostitute thing i’m not sure he would not be welcome at arsenal – maybe more suited to chelsea

  64. mike__

    people seem to be forgetting the fact that ozil wouldnt want to sign for us and even if he did after 2 good seasons he will want to realise his dream of playing for a top spanish club.

    pedro – just an opinion but i think our ability to attract TOP players has lessened quite a bit. bar our stance on cesc this summer we are starting to get a reputation as a selling club who doesnt sign big players. and on top of that the the top foreign players who tune into the big premier league games for the past two seasons have seen us get ripped to shreds by utd the chav’s and barca. players who dont watch or keep up week in week out will check out those games just like players here tune into the bara/madrid games and what they see wont make them want to come to us. i know he is a bit of a mercenary now by taking the money at city and what happened with kolo might of also had an affect, but i couldnt help notice at how fast yaya toure distanced himself from his agents comments over the summer linking him to us saying he had no interest in us and he seen us as a selling club who’s big players all want to leave. now obviously the kolo facter would have something to do with that but that is quite a change from his usually very complimentary words about us and wenger.
    i cant help but think other players are starting to see it that way too……….cesc included.

  65. Marko

    Wasn’t it as well roughly a year after we paid for Walcott so we didn’t really need to pay close to 20 million on a winger when we had bought Walcott to be that winger. Obviously though we should of signed Ribery instead of Walcott but Ribery is still a bit of a prick.

  66. gambon


    No ones signing Ribery now, hes one of the best payed players in the world.

    But 3 years ago we shouldve signed him.

    We spent £9m on theo, but were unwilling to spend £17m on Ribery.

    Priorities are all wrong IMO

  67. zee

    we should forget all about ozil and any other offensive minded player for the next fortnight. It’s just not a priority. Wenger should instead focus on what he should have been looking at in mid-May (or earlier). Chelsea or United would have won at Anfield yesterday because they can defend properly.

  68. Mayank

    Dude you go on and on about Theo… Aren’t you allowed to be a true fan without detesting at least one of our players, preferably one who divides opinion.

  69. Marko

    Wasn’t it as well at a time when we were under pressure from the media for having feck all english players? I think somebody like Hazard at his current ability will be better than Ribery.

  70. gambon


    I go on about him cos hes useless. If he wasnt useless I wouldnt.

    Notice that i dont say anything negative about Sagna, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Szczesny, Mannone, Song, Ramsey, Wilshere, Nasri, Cesc, Van persie, Chamakh, Bendtner.

    The only players i feel should be replaced in the whole squad are Clichy, the 2 clowns and Theo.

  71. timao

    gambon – we don’t sign players who shag 14year old girls, no matter how good they are. i’m sure you’ve heard about doing things the ‘arsenal way’. yes, maybe that can seem like a millstone at times, but i’m happy to support a club with integrity.

  72. zee

    I think theo summarised himself in one passage of play immediately prior to bendtner’s goal at the nou camp. ie shat himself and we scored inspite of, not because of, his run.

  73. Marko

    Van Persie for want of trying hasn’t scored a freekick for a while but he’s still the best one we have for them. Preseason Nasri scored one and last season Cesc scored one or two.

  74. Mayank

    Theo’s not even first team and at least he keeps the ref on our side.

    He’s a game changer much like Arsh. Although they have a different approach and quality level but both are players who can make something out of nothing. Pace or no pace after Theo came on their defence went back at least 2 steps, which caused confusion.

    You may hate him but so do defences.

    Funny you mentioned Nasri in that list.

  75. gambon

    A game changer?

    He doesnt score, rarely assists. How much can he really change a game?


    Yeah, RVP has an appaling record with free kicks, but i dont see anyone better in the squad really.

  76. Marko

    I’d say he the best in the world at hitting the bar at freekicks. It’s like he wants to break the post with the ball.

  77. Marko

    I’d say we’ll be signing a new goalkeeper before Blackpool and Almunia will be starting his probable final game for us.

  78. timao

    zee – were you at anfield, behind reina’s left upright in line with the ball, because otherwise i don’t see how you can be so sure. reina certainly wasn’t

  79. Mayank

    What about your favourite player Messi? He seemed to think he’s one of the most dangerous players the Barca defence played against.

    He specifically said it was a mistake to leave him out and that Puyol et al were wary of him.

    But what does he know about football…

  80. zee

    sorry – timao they showed a behind the goal angle on sunday night – was a good free kick but looked like hitting the post at best

  81. Mayank

    The freekick Zee, it was Henryesque. Also, he took it uncontested looks like he’s been doing well in training.

  82. zee

    mayank, yeh was interesting to see that no one tried to get it off him. theo prob wanted to take advantage of rvp not being there

  83. timao

    i watched live on sky and motd 2 and didn’t see an angle that showed if theo’s kiick was bending in or not, either looked possible

  84. Sion De Freitas

    Walcott’s freekicks aren’t actually bad at all, he just needs to get much more pace on them than he does.

    He needs to make the right decision more often, that will come with experience eventually, soon as he does, he will be an even more dangerous player.

    That said, he is rather infuriating at times, like Diaby. Diaby wasn’t doing too bad in tackling, but his passing was AWFUL, was not impressed at all. He will need to step it up, and as he gets more games, he should do (hasn’t played all pre-season).

  85. sixx pac

    I dont know what it is with Diaby. Incredibly skilful. He mopped the floor with Mascherano at one point yesterday. Made him look like a baby. But he didnt pass or shoot.

  86. Sion De Freitas

    Sixx pac:

    I don’t know either. I rate him very highly, he is so talented, but he doesn’t always apply it much to my chagrin (and probably Arsene aswell). I suspect that it was lack of sharpness, but that was no excuse for some of the wack passing that he was pulling off. A player of his kind should do better.

  87. Marko

    He can slow up play a bit but Diaby’s ball retention sometimes is quite brilliant. He is improving though and I know some people still don’t rate him but some people still don’t rate Song so think of that what you will. I think considering his lack of preseason Diaby played well yesterday very disciplined but as the game wore on he was knackered.

  88. Sion De Freitas


    There are just a lot of fans who are different from us. They like to call themselves realists, but they tend to focus on the negative a bit too much to call themselves that IMO. It is one thing to point out the negatives and criticize accordingly if you wish, but it is another to constantly dwell on the negative aspects all the time, it just gets fucking tedious to have to hear about it all the time. Just as I’m sure, it is tedious to listen to those who think that there is no flaws in the manager and the team, which we can see that there is.
    It’s also rather annoying to have to read about our manager and players in the team being called “cunts” and “shite” constantly and repetitively without even a rational argument to state why (credit to those who do, you know who you are).

  89. JJ

    Diaby has all the qualities but lacks focus at times. He just doesn’t concentrate for the full 90+ minutes. It is a real shame.