Emirates Airlines guarantee to renew the best deal in football, doesn’t that tell you something Ivan!

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So the deal we did with the Emirates was the biggest deal in football at the time, I said it was the dumbest deal in football, I still think it’s the dumbest deal in football and I’m convinced the ‘short termist’ nature of the deal is what cost Edelman his job.

So much at our great club isn’t thought through and is done for short term gain. We sold them the naming rights for 15 years and the shirts for 8 I believe, the whopping $157mil deal seemed good at the time but of course only works out to $8mil a year, which for a brand like ours, is frankly laughable.

And by the time we get to 2019 when the deal ends, many of the board will have gone by then and the deal will be worthless. It’s a bit far off for me to say ‘I told you so’ but it’s a good indicator as to why Arsenal should be calling time on long term deals (Cesc’s contract, project youth) and concentrating on the present. Otherwise they may end up with no fan base to fill their fabulous stadium and some other poor sod will inherit the problem.

Take Club level, that brings in more revenue than the whole of Highbury did, that’s what from 8,000 people, so what do Arsenal do, reward them? No they cut their space down even further which will make their match day experience worse, not better, then they sell their new WM and Foundry clubs like they are enhancing their experience, oh and then they ask them to stump up an extra £10k a season for it, way to treat your fans Arsenal!

Me I would sooner see a few world class players coming in. But then I’m a football fan, if I want a dining experience I’ll go to a restaurant, I go to Arsenal to see a game, strange that.

When someone realises that football, football support and success are not long term projects, they are for now, today then maybe then we will start to win things again.

You see, all this investment in project youth is fine, but then a Man City come along and its for sh*t, because they can just buy their success, like the Mancs always have and the chavs have been recently.

There is no judgement day either, the chavs were 2 weeks away from going tits up and along came Abramovich, Liverpool were in the sh*tter then along come big investors and they will soon have millions to spend, the Mancs are £800mil in debt, but someone will wipe the slate clean because without big name teams, football will be gone, and that will never happen, so financial prudence is one thing, stingyness is something else. It’s short-termism and that will end up killing the club.

Arsenal should act before it’s too late, we can really move on this season, but we only just kept our captain, the warning signs are there, the crazy thing is we really are 2 players short of  a fantastic team, to ignore it again would just be dumb, as dumb as the deal we did with Emirates.

Getting it wrong once is careless, getting it wrong twice is just insane, if we win nothing again this season, Cesc will go, Wenger will walk away and we will have an exodus of players, that will then be seven seasons before we can win a trophy and the crowds will dwindle, the writing is on the wall Arsenal, act now whilst we still can and don’t blow another season of promise for another bag of cash.

Have a great day Grovers only two days till kick off and only today left to get some new faces in, I know the window is still a few weeks away, but what a lift it will be to get a few in before the big game on Sunday.

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  1. TinTin

    dale i think i’m right when say they’ve all been out on loan at championship level and below and haven’t really cut it

  2. Stu

    City have beaten us once. I dont remember the exact team but when they beat us in the CC they had Tevez starting and a near full strength team while typically we played our kids.

    Also, Walcott, Denilson Bendtner etc that are in the first team are ahead of Barazite obviously because they are better than him. I know thats not what you said but my point is that if Barazite was as good as them he would be getting as many chances as them. He isnt so he isnt as good.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    ..and my point is, if we aren’t buying, and we have this injury bug, certain players should be used, instead of making Arshavin play as a lone striker! or putting players out of position. Didn’t see a reason why Barazite, JET or any of the young strikers didn’t play in January, instead of shipping them out on loan, or the shit defense we used when Gallas and Vermaelen could not play. He harps about the quality of the youth program, but he never showcases them when he has to, and he won’t buy.

  4. Stu

    Yes you are right TinTin. Played right wing for a whole championship season at Derby after they went down and got hardly any goals or assists.

  5. TinTin

    ramires for 18 million no thanks, goalkeeper and centre half frist then maybe a DM but not a box to box player!!

  6. David


    City beat us twice.

    We all remember Ade nutmegging our whole defense and running the length of the pitch.

  7. DaleDaGooner

    TinTin, before Chelsea shed 18m for him, how much did he cost Benefica? And he is a box-to-box utility player, he plays centrally and on the wings.

  8. David


    City beat us 3-0 away didnt they? When Robinho scored that crazy chip over Almunia.

    I know Barazite is very good, as is Jay Simpson and i have high hopes for Sanchez Watt.

  9. Stu

    Yeah, they beat us twice David but one was the CC. We all know we dont play our first team in that and City did.

    Dale, i thought we were talking about last season. 4-2 away and 0-0 at home. Thats only once they beat us.

  10. Stu

    Yeah David, that 3-0 was fucking awful to watch. The goals we conceded with fucking ridiculously bad from a defensive point of view if i remember right.

  11. A

    Barazite always had talent, but has gone backwards since he first broke through, and has been leapfrogged by the next generation now. He could do relatively well in Scotland though.

    Simpson was never ever gonna be good enough for us sadly, though he could do ok at Hull or whichever championship team he ends up at this season, and might even make an ok lower half of the prem type player in time.

    Hoyte was never going to be good enough either

  12. David

    Yeah City have a deep enough squad to play world class in the CC.

    Now that the likes of JET and Jack are in the first team who gets to play there?

  13. TinTin

    but dale his type of player is not our priority at the moment and if your using that logic then we should have signed messi before barca got him he cost them nothing!! its all a bit of luck signing young players, and who knows ramires mightn’t cut it in the EPL!!

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Thank you David! Stu, I’m talking about pre-money and post money….worrying sign was City flexed their muscles towards us before they got the steroids, and we are still i the same position when we go toe-to-toe with them again.

    I still think Barazite is better than Walcott, and I think Jay Simpson just scores! He scores when he gets a chance, Eduardo off, Simpson should be in.

  15. A

    yeah he is dale. i swear he’s under 6′ but that’s what wiki claims. he’ll be championship standard at best imo

  16. David

    Simpson reminds me of Andy Cole,

    Big, fast, and Powerful.

    They said they both would not make it at a top team. And look what happnd to Andy.

  17. David


    That was typical Arsenal.

    WE had all the possession…city did all the scoring…3 fast break counter attack goals…

    SWP shooting and beating Almunia at his near post.


  18. A

    yeah perhaps david, have to wait and see, i’d be surprised if he ever scores more than 10 goals in the premiership

  19. Stu

    They didnt use their squad David. It was their strongest team. Hughes had to play his best or risk being fired, all he did was delay the inevitable.

    Shay Given
    Micah Richards
    Kolo Toure
    Joleon Lescott
    Wayne Bridge
    Shaun Wright-Phillips
    Gareth Barry
    Stephen Ireland
    Carlos Tevez
    Emmanuel Adebayor
    Craig Bellamy

  20. leon

    i have never been big on this thoery of project youth thing i feel realy once you reach a certain age your either good enough or your not case in my point giggs schols both started out when they were 17-18, messi.the fact is we have some realy good young players in the team like wilshire ramsey ect but others like delinson barasize hoyte randall simpson will never make it that has nothing to with age

  21. DaleDaGooner

    If Wenger’s bonus depended on that game, he’d field a better team than the kids + crocked players+JustPlain Suck

  22. A

    i’m sure at borehamwood the scouts i was standing next to, either watford or brighton, said he was really short for a centre back, but that it was his best position

  23. DaleDaGooner

    A, you should know Wenger by now, Bartley isn’t getting the looks, typically he’d have tried him over Miquel for the pre-season

  24. David

    wow…i didnt realize that Stu!

    Very unfair to our kids then!

    Hughes will get sacked again no doubt. Cant wait for it.

    Its funny that looks like City’s second team now though!

    Scary stuff!

  25. A

    huh dale?! wenger rates bartley very highly, hence his playing last year. he was injured until the end of pre season though unfortunately. his loan to sheffield utd could be what bendtner’s loan to brum was, next season he could join the first team squad

  26. David

    Oh and Stu

    re:Shay Given

    I’ll take your word for it as you are an Irishman yourself…but surely he’s miles better than what we have?

    And Schwarzer putting in a transfer request is doing us no favors…we are all assuming that Chezzy is going to make it 100% for sure.

  27. A

    he’s a bit away from the team just yet dale, maybe league cup this year then loan next year i reckon, and maybe second half of this season too

  28. DaleDaGooner

    I know this would never happen, but I’d rather start Szczesny v Liverpool if Almunia is not given the nod, I just can’t stand seeing Fabianski in goal for us, he needs to go away.

  29. A

    David I really dont see schwarzer’s signing having anything to do with szczesny. it’s about getting in someone who will solve our immediate problems, and trying to win something this season, finally prioritising the immediate rather than looking to the future all the time

  30. David

    “I don’t know yet [who will start], we will have to wait until Sunday afternoon.

    What is important at the moment is for us to focus on players who are in the squad and not give too much room to any speculation.

    I believe that we have goalkeepers who have quality and class and they have a good opportunity to show that on Sunday.

    For the rest I cannot give you the team that will start for two reasons. One, I have not picked the team yet and two, I don’t see why I should give openly the team two days before the game starts.”

    Arsene is a very strange guy I tell you.

    Its very hard not to be negative with this guy,

    Why arent we doing tranfers…because transfers are his secondary priority…the primary one is getting ready for sunday.

    And yet he doesnt know who our keeper is…or which team he will pick.


    Wenger Knows.

  31. Stu

    Yeah David, he’s definately better than what we have, of that theres no question. I would just rather we go after proven world class rather than midtable “world class” if you know what i mean.

  32. TinTin

    shay given would be a great signing, still one of the best in the world, but don’t think city would sell to us coz they see us as rivals

  33. DaleDaGooner

    I see Hughes deliberately blocking Schwarzer, can anyone picture us buying Schwarzer, then Hughes goes to City to loan Given????

  34. A

    Given is not, and has never been one of the best in the world….

    One of the top shot stoppers around, but there have always been significant flaws in his game, hence his never being signed by a top club.

    He’d be an improvement on what we have currently, but would in no way address our significant problems goalkeeper/defending wise

  35. David

    well at this point Wenger said we’re getting another defender…and then Schwartz has handed in a transfer request.

    Honestly Id love a Jack Rodwell…even if its just for the new rule..

  36. Stu

    IMO if Schwarzer is being brought in as a stop gap for Szczesny, which imo he is because otherwise we wouldnt be after a 37 year old, then surely Szczesny should go out on loan until he is gonna be our first choice.

    Assuming Schwarzer is gonna be our no.1 for 2 seasons Szczensy sitting on the bench isnt gonna help him at all.

  37. TinTin

    jay defensivly we’re def weaker this year!! but then again 2 signings and we could be back in business so come on arsene get your chequebook out!!

  38. David

    Chezzy is going out on loan

    Wenger already said one of the keepers will be out on loan

    Personally id have Mannone out of all of them but Fabianski def needs to go out on loan as well as Chezzy.

    Im happy to keep Almunia and Mannone as back ups

  39. A

    stu we were after reina too. We’re then after the second best keeper in the league at the things that we need, who is potentially gettable. age doesn’t have much to do with it, apart from needing experience there. Reina would have the required experience though

  40. incesc

    arsene wenger is one of a kind, hugely frustrating but kept us in the champions league under huge restraints.

    i call for his head after disapointments but would any other manager kept us competitive under the pressure he has shouldered?

    i celebrate his new contract.

  41. A

    I don’t see the new contract as particularly relevant incesc in terms of how long he’ll be at the club.

    If things go tits up this season I think he’ll still be off.

    All it means is that we’ve avoided having problems with attracting players to the club, and general uncertainty/instability throughout the season

  42. David


    This is assuming that Wenger WILL keep us competitive with the resurgence of Spurs and Shitty and the ability of SAF to be a c8nt and have is way with the refs and Chelsea overtaking us.

    Sometimes you just have to spend some money

    Just last year we had the board and the muppet Gazidis saying that its okay if we finish 5th.

    We dont “need” Champions League money.

  43. A

    David Gazidis said anything other than the title isn’t good enough, and that just a Champs League place isn’t good enough.

    The fact that we don’t need the champs league money doesn’t have any relevance to what is considered footballing success….

  44. Jay

    Ofensive fine but defensive must improve. I Know p rice because i am from ni the word is p rice says kos is the new young thing!

  45. David

    So who said it was okay if we finished 5th?

    I forgot the exact quotes but we were saying it wouldnt be a disaster pre: Arshavin transfer…and we were struggling in the league

  46. A

    noone said it would be ok if we finished 5th david, noone at the club would say that, nor think it….

    It was that we would be ok financially if we finished 5th, not anything other than a massive failure in football terms….

  47. Jay

    Le grove guys can you not make a response this is not a fucking joke i am getting piss off!what the Fuck! Start

  48. Marko

    konnichiha bitches any news? Seems as though Schwarzer handing in a transfer request coupled with Wenger’s unwillingness to rule out a bid for him suggest he’s probably on his way this week or the next couple of days.

  49. benj

    im seriously worried by the fact city, chelsea and manure are buyin all these badboi players and all weve
    got is chamakh who i rate highly watch for him (exclude kos see him as inexperienced) as weve also lost 4 cb’s and eddy!! can someone tell me sumfin reassuring plz

  50. Dan,The Gooner.

    we have to put up with 4 more years of wenger and his bullshit,the cunt needs to go,i can’t take it anymore.

  51. charliegeorge

    I’ll tell you in no uncertain manner what a DISASTER is, Basil: It’s you committing to Arsenal for another 3 years. 3 MORE FUCKING YEARS OF MISERY! For all those AKBs out there, you just got what you DESERVED!

    Just wait for his next excuse:

    “I cannot compete because of the new squad limitations. I cannot sign enough French or African nobodies on the cheap who nobody has ever heard of. I shall therefore continue to aim for third because third is now a trophy at Arsenal and we will use all our surplus money to pay down the debt.”

    Doublespeak for “I am not good enough or ambitious enough to compete with the rich clubs, even though we now have the money. I will continue with my philosophy of developing youth and strive to make superstars, rather than buy them, because even though I know the price of everything I know the value of nothing. And by striving to make surpluses in the transfer market, because remember we are a selling club, I will continue to earn bonuses over and beyond my generous salary.”

    This is the gospel according to Basil Fawlty.

  52. Stu

    Yeah probably Marko but he should have been signed back when we originally bid for him. Typical arsenal taking a fucking age to sign someone.

  53. Jay

    Today is historic Arsene Wneger will stay! This man is god to Arsenal FC He has built and empire . Now disbelievers think that its a short term job! the only people who wish that our boss was not there is fergie.

  54. Marko

    Better late than never stu and in fairness we did give Fabianski a chance in preseason to lay down a marker and in fairness he failed massively. I’m guessing the same way a defender hasn’t been bought is the same reason on Schwarzer that the opposite managers are digging in their heels.

  55. Ricky

    Schwarzer is deffo on the way guys but i still feel like were weaker then last season at the back.

    Djourou & nordviet out injured only leave’s us with one proven cb & one unproven.. Surley wenger cant expect nordviet to step up to the table so soon?? I have not seen as much of him as some of you guys maybe have but surley he cannot have this in mind??

  56. Stu

    Had we signed Schwarzer in time then chances are Fabianski wouldnt have had the opportunity to play and fail because schwarzer would have been playing.

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    Guess who

    “I have to show how much I believe in this team by showing my commitment. My situation will be sorted out very soon.

    I believe my commitment to the club has nothing do with the speculation of how the season would go, because that would be unfair.

    If I do not do well, and one day the club is not happy with me I can completely understand that I do not stay here any more. But I believe we will do well.”

    Love him or think he needs to go, Le Gaffer is Arsenal through & through. I actually admire him for his actions here. Now go & spend some money Le Scroogy 😈

  58. Marko

    I’d say what happened was he told Fabianski he’d have a chance to cement his place cause he played Almunia very little in preseason and after the Legia game he then decided he’d go back in for Schwarzer cause Wenger’s know he can’t take a chance on the goalkeeper situation this season. He knows as well he can’t go into the season with just Vermaelen, Koscielny and a battered Djourou it’d be suicide.

  59. Marko

    Anybody know how good David Luiz is? The chap from Benfica, he’s got a huge price on his head and some big clubs after him.

  60. Dan,The Gooner.

    marko you clown,wenger has left it far to late to sign schwarzer,we need him for sunday,big mistake playing almoonia or fabianski,in arsene we rust.

  61. Ricky

    Here’s what somebody wrote on the sky sports comments page.. Some ppl make me laugh! Wenger would still be right if they caught him in bed with there wives.

    “Simon Jones (Arsenal fan) says…
    I completely agree with Arsene. Here””s a simple word to all critics out there: a fruit tree always appear on the outside as being slow in growth but the interesting thing is – its fruit bearing days always take everyone as a suprise (outside the tree itself). Be warned – critics!!! Also some fruit trees do not bear fruit every year but when they do!”

    Posted 17:05 13th August 2010

  62. Dan,The Gooner.

    without arsene,bollocks without arsene,you do know we were a club before arsene came here don’t you.

    don’t come with that shit marko,are you an infant,you talk shit,end of.

  63. Marko

    I think you’re arguing with yourself buddy. Well I’m only old enough to witness the end of George Graham (poor but with some sucess) at Arsenal and Bruce Rioch (just poor) and then have been lucky to witness Arsenal these last number of years with Wenger a new stadium and an invincible season, a couple of double seasons, a champions league final, players like Henry, Bergkamp, Overmars, Vieira, Petit, Lauren, Sol, Freddy, Bobby Pires, Kanu to name but a few and now Fabregas, Arshavin, Wilshere, Nasri and Van Persie. He’s not the be all and end all and the club will still stand when he leaves but a little respect for what he’s done for us.

  64. Jay

    I use to disbelieve ! he use to say we will buy ! Judge me in may ! etc! But now life for me is so easy by just believing! no more expectation of big signings no more trophies has made life nice and simple! a life without expectation.

  65. OPG

    The fact we still haven’t got a keeper means we aren’t desperate, Wenger probably feels we have enough Keepers to cover but the fact is we are lacking quality rather than quantity just like our midfield is lacking quality in depth. We’ll get one if the right deal comes up as usual, but that’s doesn’t guarantee we’ll get anyone.

    Denilson and Diaby really needed this preseason but it’s typical that had to be injured through out it.

  66. Ricky

    No arsenal fan can take away what wengers done from him. We have had our best years under wenger & he will be a massive part of the clubs history but you cant argue that if he continues to ignore the obvious then he will sadly leave on a sour note after being forced out which really shouldnt have to happen.

  67. Marko

    Oh without doubt he leaves you frustrated all the time but in fairness a lot of people go mental and it’s premature cause it’s obvious to anybody with sense that he’s looking at a goalkeeper and a defender is defo coming in too cause needs must. We’re not the only club who’s business is being done late. But better late than never.

  68. sixx pac

    nope his skill on the ball, his ball retention ability which is world class, his vision, his passing. If Denilson added some energy to his game he’d be among the best mids

  69. Honest Bill

    Denilson will be ok if he can get over his physical problems.

    I do agree though, that at the moment he doesn’t have enough about him physically. He will develop though and will be a very good player

  70. samir masri

    Honest bill

    denilson will never develop.and he will never be a good player.cos denilson had 3 years to improve as a talented player.but I just don’t think he will ever learn or even improve.

  71. Honest Bill


    He’s only 22 i think. he is learning quite well. As i said it’s only really his lack of power which let’s him down. If he improves his fitness, he’ll be a decent player

  72. charliegeorge

    Honest Bill

    I respect your opinion but name me one other big club which would have Denilson in their first eleven?

  73. Honest Bill


    I can’t, but he doesn’t count as first eleven for us either. He’s a good enough backup young player for any club

  74. charliegeorge

    Honest Bill

    He gets enough games to be considered a first teamer.

    Let me rephrase the question: which other big club would have Denilson in their first fifteen?

  75. Pat

    Apparently Given will be dropped for Joe Hart. Rather Schwarzer than Given. Neither are really commanding, but Given can win games single handedly and doesn’t actually drop crosses, he just doesn’t reach them sometimes.

  76. tunde

    Hi grovers, pedro I’ve been tryin to register for the grove’s fantasy league but it’s not really connecting, is it basically for people in U.K?

  77. MickyDidIt89

    Be fair Jaguar,
    The news must have been but a minor dent in another run of the mill miserable day!
    And Good Morning.

  78. chozzer

    Looking forward to spuds versus manc chavs this lunchtime.
    I suppose a high scoring draw would be the best result?

  79. Jaguar reloaded

    We are the weakest of all the top four teams,and its only because of the serial loser Wenger.Northern Chavs will be in the top 3 for sure,and FFS,even Everton looks better than us.

    And add to it,the senile serial loser Wenger has signed a new contract for destroying our club,FFS.

  80. Jaguar reloaded

    Chozzer,it wont make a difference as Pool will spank us tomorrow.Cant afford to be optimistic even for the first game of the season,because of the senile hypocrite.

  81. SUGA3

    to be honest, giving Wenger a new contract is a joke – it’s something like giving contract extensions and payrises to serial failures like Denilson, Diaby and Fabianski…

  82. SUGA3


    there is no point in chucking insults at him, it’s childish, however, I have to agree with you about the considerable risk of getting a hiding @ Anfield tomorrow…