Emirates Airlines guarantee to renew the best deal in football, doesn’t that tell you something Ivan!

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So the deal we did with the Emirates was the biggest deal in football at the time, I said it was the dumbest deal in football, I still think it’s the dumbest deal in football and I’m convinced the ‘short termist’ nature of the deal is what cost Edelman his job.

So much at our great club isn’t thought through and is done for short term gain. We sold them the naming rights for 15 years and the shirts for 8 I believe, the whopping $157mil deal seemed good at the time but of course only works out to $8mil a year, which for a brand like ours, is frankly laughable.

And by the time we get to 2019 when the deal ends, many of the board will have gone by then and the deal will be worthless. It’s a bit far off for me to say ‘I told you so’ but it’s a good indicator as to why Arsenal should be calling time on long term deals (Cesc’s contract, project youth) and concentrating on the present. Otherwise they may end up with no fan base to fill their fabulous stadium and some other poor sod will inherit the problem.

Take Club level, that brings in more revenue than the whole of Highbury did, that’s what from 8,000 people, so what do Arsenal do, reward them? No they cut their space down even further which will make their match day experience worse, not better, then they sell their new WM and Foundry clubs like they are enhancing their experience, oh and then they ask them to stump up an extra £10k a season for it, way to treat your fans Arsenal!

Me I would sooner see a few world class players coming in. But then I’m a football fan, if I want a dining experience I’ll go to a restaurant, I go to Arsenal to see a game, strange that.

When someone realises that football, football support and success are not long term projects, they are for now, today then maybe then we will start to win things again.

You see, all this investment in project youth is fine, but then a Man City come along and its for sh*t, because they can just buy their success, like the Mancs always have and the chavs have been recently.

There is no judgement day either, the chavs were 2 weeks away from going tits up and along came Abramovich, Liverpool were in the sh*tter then along come big investors and they will soon have millions to spend, the Mancs are £800mil in debt, but someone will wipe the slate clean because without big name teams, football will be gone, and that will never happen, so financial prudence is one thing, stingyness is something else. It’s short-termism and that will end up killing the club.

Arsenal should act before it’s too late, we can really move on this season, but we only just kept our captain, the warning signs are there, the crazy thing is we really are 2 players short of  a fantastic team, to ignore it again would just be dumb, as dumb as the deal we did with Emirates.

Getting it wrong once is careless, getting it wrong twice is just insane, if we win nothing again this season, Cesc will go, Wenger will walk away and we will have an exodus of players, that will then be seven seasons before we can win a trophy and the crowds will dwindle, the writing is on the wall Arsenal, act now whilst we still can and don’t blow another season of promise for another bag of cash.

Have a great day Grovers only two days till kick off and only today left to get some new faces in, I know the window is still a few weeks away, but what a lift it will be to get a few in before the big game on Sunday.

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  1. wattsy65

    Evening All, been to do the legends tour today took my 12 year old and his mate, plus my missis who is a manc.
    Perry Groves did the patter and he’s like a stick of arsenal rock, when we came out must admit to being quite uplifted, hopeful even, but now it’s worn off.
    Perry had no good news, and whilst he thinks Wenger is a god in many respects, he echoes all the grovers comments about transfer inactivity, and how Wenger thinks all the loose change is his. Perry is closer to the action than I’ll ever be, and his verdict was 3rd / 4th at best UNLESS we get a GK / CB / and a monster in midfield.

    So tomorrow it all begins, Sunday for us, will continue to hope until the transfer window closes, if the cavalry arrives great if not it’s going to be a bloody long and miserable winter.

    Smile grovers until Sunday at around 6pm at least

  2. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    I have yet to hear a Wenger fan lay out a decent argument for what AW brings to us on the pitch… It’s always Money, debt free, new stadium… Surely no AKB can have the front to say his tactics and player choice are correct??
    Interesting reader feedback on skysports. Com on AW contract extension… 75% are not happy and want him out!

  3. CanGunn444

    As some of you may know, I tend to be of the more hopeful and positive sort when it comes to supporting my beloved Gunners, however, this eternal hope thing at the beginning of every year has gradually faded to this years near anger…
    How can you go into one of the most important seasons ever at the Club without a ‘keeper and with two CBs, I’m not even counting JD anymore because he makes Ledley “no knees” King look like a man of steel…
    Now instead of doing everything he can to address these issues, he’s negotiating an extension on his own deal and speaking to the press about “backing Capello”?

    At the end of the day, the responsibility also falls on the Arsenal FC board and president Ivan Gazidis to tell the manager, here’s money, don’t come back until it’s spent… At this point any ‘keeper is better than what we have because no one on the team trusts the two clowns vying for the no.1 position…

    I’m a huge fan of what Wenger has done but I don’t want him to re-sign for 5 more years if nothing changes…

  4. DaleDaGooner

    So lets do a recap, Chavs have signed Yossi Benayoun to replace Joe Cole, Ramirez to replace Ballack, Northan Chavs, lets not even go there, but recently signed Balotteli, ManUre had signed Smalling, Chicharito and Bebe to replace no one really, and we signed Chamakh to replace Adebayor 2 years later and Koscielny to replace Gallas\Silvestre….meanwhile we aren’t solid at goalie and all the aformentioned clubs have goalies to brag about, we are short in defense, but i guess Nordtveit is a new signing and Djourou’s injury is minor and he wil return like a new signing. Also Wilshere will play actively this season, so he is a new signing, Frimpong is also a new signing.

  5. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    I dont think,we can call Gazidis and arsenalFC board responsible people,becos
    1. They are always the “yes men” of wenger
    2. They dont have the guts to put pressure on wenger to buy,as u said a GK and 2 CB asap..

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Good news is Cocks can’t sign anyone decent, they’ve been blowing hot air in the transfer market just causing comotions, rattling bins yelling me, me

  7. arsenal4ever

    @ CanGunn444. totally agree with u!! His time is up!! But what can we do if the fat idiots on the board think he still is good enough to bring us in top4? It is unbelieveable Wenger and the players are speaking about trophies with this squad!!! I am also sorry for Cesc as he said he wants to play for trophies but ARSENAL FC is now only a business role model! No club with big ambitions anymore!! It is said to say but best thing what could happen is a takeover. I really dont want it but I cant see any change if no takeover is done soon!!!

  8. Mr B

    Three women are about to be executed for crimes. One’s a brunette, one’s a redhead, and one’s a blonde.

    Two guards brings the brunette forward, and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, “Ready . . . Aim . . .”

    Suddenly the brunette yells, “earthquake!!” Everyone is startled and looks around. She manages to escape.

    The angry guards then bring the redhead forward, and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, “Ready . . . Aim . . .”

    The redhead then screams, “tornado!!” Yet again, everyone is startled and looks around. She too escapes execution.

    By this point, the blonde had figured out what the others did. The guards bring her forward, and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She also says no, and the executioner shouts, Ready . . . Aim . . .”

    The blonde shouts, “fire!!”

  9. DaleDaGooner

    LOL,those who didn’t want Spahic, I’m sure at this point if it were announced we secured a deal for Schwarzer and Spahic, a lot would signal a sigh of relief, that’s what Wenger has for us…….just sign the numbers, at this point i pray for no injuries and enough people to cover, i’d hate to see Sagna as our last result CB playing against Barca.

  10. David


    I always rated Ade. Im one of the few ones that was championing for him with the whole AC Milan Saga. And was very gutted when we let him go because i knew Arsene wasnt going to replace and we would had to rely on Nikki Pink boots.

    Its weird how everything panned out like i predicted but the c8nt had to step on RVP and now i hate him. He is a good footballer though.

    But i think he will become a super sub.

    Tevez will start ahead of him, Along with Balloteli on the right and Johnson on the left.

  11. David

    City have a 40 player squad.

    They need to bring it down to 25 obviously so they have to let 15 players go.

    Knowing Wenger going on the cheap…we’ll prob do some last minute deals with City to ‘get rid of’ their players on deadline day.

    I’d take SWP, De Jong/Barry, Santa Cruz, Kompany and Given.


  12. Stu

    I’d have De Jong and Kompany off that kist David. Given only if there is noone else. He’s a flashy keeper, we need a reliable world class one…which given isnt imo.

  13. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    mate,i personally have reached a stage,of saturation as far as moaning is concerned..

    thanks to wenger,moaning has become a habit for few of us like me…

    it will STOP whenever the obvious shortcoming in the squad are eliminated…

  14. DaleDaGooner

    Didn’t Wenger want Gareth Bary if he could not have Xabi Alonso? well, now is the time to get him, but i suppose Mancini rates Barry for his home grown rule. I think he likes Kompany as well, and I think he will hold onto De Jong

  15. sixx pac

    Sabeel I dont mind moaning if the situation warrants it. And our squad at the moment does warrant some moaning

  16. Gooby

    sixx pac says:
    August 13, 2010 at 15:53

    henry14 I’m 21 and Bergkamp brought me to football and Arsenal.

    same here, he made me love the game.

  17. BillikenGooner

    I’d have Bellamy to play with some of the young guys (Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey when he’s healthy, etc for the FA Cup matches and Carling Cup) plus use him to both rest RVP and get a bit of his grit in there for the hack’em teams.
    Plus, he’d be a bundle of mean spirited energy to make sure we don’t have any of those West Ham, Wigan type fiasco’s at the end of matches.
    Won’t happen though.

  18. Goonerman

    Rather than moan about AW; why don’t you guys moan about Pat Rice and his contribution.

    AW does have a strategy whether you like the strategy or not!

  19. David

    SWP will challenge walcott for his place…Duh!

    Shay Given has been World Class for so long its a joke.

    Youve been listening to A too much Stu

  20. Stu

    Thats not it David. I just dont think Given is in the top class in terms of keepers and i want a world class one. If he was world class he wouldnt have been with Newcastle basically his whole career and conceding 4 or 5 goals every couple of weeks (whatever about their defence being shit).

    Garreth Barry is shite…he just is. Painfulls slow, too one footed imo and not that good on the ball..definately not good enough for us anyway.

    SWP/Theo, they are both shite. SWP was very good at one time but he rarely even plays for City. DOnt see why we should play someone who doesnt get on for a club worse than us..(which is what city were last season, this season it might change but i doubt it).

  21. gambon

    Im not a wright phillips fan, but hes better than Walcott. Just think about how they compare and its obvious.

    Goals – Wright Phillips
    Assists – Wright Phillips
    Crossing – Wright Phillips
    Tracking Back – Wright Phillips
    Pace – Theo

    Theo only wins on pace, and thats marginal as SWP is quick himself.

  22. Gooby


    i don’t know how shitty will manage but i think they’ll send a few on loan. did milner and balotelli sign?

  23. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    6pac, cescrule

    thats right,
    i dont even realise i am moaning nowadays,its like feeling of “helplessness”

    we r in a state where,we r planning to poach on those extra 15 players of Manshitty ->a team used to be/or still is a shit team

  24. DaleDaGooner

    Stu, delusional, Man City wasn’t worse than us, they bet us proper, and they drew us at home. They beat Chelsea 2ce. That being said, SWP is more technical than our Theo. Given, not world class??? Guy, your opinion…but too many, he’s god1 to some he is up there and one of the very best. Gareth Barry or Denilson?? Hmmmm Barry thank you.

  25. cesc rule

    choy – im waiting for swarchzer un the shite list..but i’m afraid its not going to happen..bcoz we just signed.u know who..

  26. Stu

    Fuck sake! If it wasnt for Casillas Bayern would be 3-0 up already. Thats the calibre of keeper we should be after…not cunts like Schwarzer and Given. Proved top class keepers!!

  27. leon

    i know swatzer wants to come to arsenalbut i think the the big subling block will be tranfer fee i just cant see wenger payout more 3-4 mill for 37/38 old it clearly would not be long term signing maybe 1-2 seasons.but after seeing wengers interviws and press conference there is no dought wenger is looking for keeper

  28. Stu

    Fuck that Dale? It shouldnt be Denilson or Barry. Neither of those pricks are good enough for us. Of course most people would chose Barry because Denilson is fucking shit.

    And how am i delusional? Did we not finish above City? Therefore we are better than them, simple as that!

  29. arsenal4ever

    Theo will have a great season!!! FFS he is 21 years of age and can only be better!!! I have big trusts in him!!

  30. Martin Hayes Never Missed

    Spanish super cup final tomorrow… What’s the betting most of the world cup winners from the Barca team play…
    Cesc should start Sunday. No excuses. But RVP should be captain.

  31. gambon

    The players that will definately leave City are;

    – Given (poss loan)
    – Onuoha
    – M Johnson
    – Ireland
    – Wright Phillips
    – Robinho
    – Caciedo
    – Jo
    – Etuhu
    – Bellamy

  32. Stu

    A4E, thats the theory alright, that Theo will improve. But then again he hasnt improved much since he was 17. Whos to say he will improve that much in the next 4 years?

  33. gambon


    We finished above them last season so we WERE better than them.

    They have done some awesome strengthening, we havent.

  34. Stu

    Oops, looks like i just thought it and didnt type it.

    Gambon, we finished above them last season so for now we ARE better than them. Depending on how the league finished next season will determine who is better imo…chances are it will be City but we’ll have to wait and see.

  35. zeus


    your pushing it. Even Zidane said that Maradona did shit with the ball that he couldn’t even dream of doing.

  36. mike__

    whoops was watching the video didnt see arsenal4ever.

    seems to be the same old story distancing us from the need to spend big or even competitively.

  37. mike__

    around the 8 min mark is when the bbc guy asks about the profits and fans asking about spending it. gazidis answer makes me depressed…..

    seems nothing is changing no matter how much profit the club is making.

  38. gambon

    Fucking hell, Gazidis is a proper cunt.

    When asked why we wont spend our profits he says we arent prepared to pay £30-40m.

    No one fucking asked you to you bald cunt, how about £4m on Schwartzer?

    And fizsman, uncle festers employer, said £30m players were fine 3 years ago.

    Im surprised he didnt tell the interviewer to support spurs.

  39. arsenal4ever

    @ mike: its a joke really to say we the fans are heard about our desires. We want cups now not in a few years when all our players has grown!! Our model is good but we have just 3 CB and still no GK. Oh wait Tech9 but Wenger wont rely on him as number 1. I cant believe it. They all lying to us!!

  40. Kreshnik

    i’m getting convinced more and more that this is the fucking board that is fucking it all up and Wenger not having the bollocks to say fuck off to them
    Board Knows Best (BKB)

  41. mike__

    kreshnik i thinks its 50/50 wenger doesnt want to spend and the board are more than happy to make the money they are making without spending.

  42. Kreshnik

    mike … i really don’t know anymore … i really doubt Wenger not knowing how fucked our defense is. It’s too fucking clear to see. I really think the board has tied his hands up and told him to shut the fuck up.

  43. zeus

    No one TELLS wenger to do shit. The board are partly at fault because they are happy to let Wenger do as he does. Why bother, they still make money and the stadium is still full every game.

  44. leon

    kres i think that wenger is only on a look out for a real top class keeper and cb well i hope,in terms of squad i count 25 but adding jet,landsbury fringpong and eastmond that would make 30 and plus another defender so i have np idea hwo that will work in 25 man squad

  45. TinTin

    leon we’ve loads of room for new signing all those players you’ve mentioned are u21 and home grown so don’t count towards the 25, i think we can add up to 5 players if we want

  46. arsenal4ever

    @ stu bayern would never sell him!!! Lets get excited about sunday and stand behind the team!! A GK snd CB needs to follow!! What if Koz will be injured or any other? Why is Wenger that relying on youth? The Mix like we had with the Invincibles is the key!!!

  47. mike__

    Kresnik – the man utd champs league game was a terrible night for everyone concerned with arsenal players, fans and manager it was devastating , embarrassing you name it. and that was followed up by the chavs doing the same in the league. the following season (last season) what changed?…..NOTHING!
    drogba destroys us every game he plays us and yet it was ONLY because certain players asked for tapes of oppo players that they were given them.

    the attitude towards defending from the management at arsenal is a joke. and that ultimately is down to wenger.

    i wouldnt be surprised that if they did a study of the top 4 clubs in england, spain, france, germany, russia and holland that arsenal would most likely spend the least amount of time during training with the back 5 plus song on set pieces, marking, positioning, pressing, organisation and and watching the oppo to learn their tenancies, habits or strengths & weaknesses…..all things people tend to improve the teams ability to defend.

    defending is something you mostly do without the ball so i honestly dont understand why they dont work on it more because once they get the ball back they can keep doing the flowing football everybody loves. and clubs who now know all they have to do is let us have the ball & not let us pass through them then hit us on a counter or set piece will find that that tactic no longer works and they will have to be more attacking to open us up and in doing so be more open for our players to pass through them.


  48. Kreshnik

    zeus … it will be interesting to see if they win nothing again this season … i don’t think that will happen … but if it does it’ll be interesting to see the result of that

  49. Kreshnik

    mike … i just don’t get why the fuck don’t we separate duties and let a proper defensive trainer do all the defensive training. And I mean all of it. And not just train the guys at the back, but the whole team. It’s like me at work, I’m the lead developer at my place and everytime I run into complicated graphical issues I get one of the graphics guys and let him handle it with part of my team. I don’t feel like I’m not capable of doing it, it’s just not my area of expertise. What’s the fucking shame in that.
    So what … better we get fucking hammered then just separate concerns ????

  50. TinTin

    Schwarzer really thats what we’re getting excited about now!! this summer we’ve been linked to buffon, frey, given, hart, loris, renia and lots more and who do we end up going for a geriatric who has no top end experience, goalkeeper is prob the most important pos on the pitch go and spend some money FFS

  51. Stu

    Kreshnik, i didnt ruin your counting, you were about 4 off.

    A4e, i know Bayern would never sell Schweinstiger. The dont have to or want to.

  52. sixx pac


    your pushing it. Even Zidane said that Maradona did shit with the ball that he couldn’t even dream of doing.

    We’ve had this argument before zeus. Zidane was just being magnanimous

  53. Swedish Gun

    are we going to register a squad of 19 players?

    we have 12 players over 21 and not homegrown and 7 players over 21 and homegrown

    the rest are under-21

    how weak is that?

  54. DaleDaGooner

    Stu, ON PAPER, we finished above them, but head to head? They slapped us around 2ce and we barely stayed alive at home. So, I don’t know if we are better then them.

    And yup, every one would take Barry over Denilson, at least fucking Barry can defend if he has to.

  55. Stu

    Well on paper is all thats remembered Dale. On paper we are the third best team in england because we finished 3rd. Are wigan better than us because they beat us? No. Blackburn, Olympiacos, sunderland, spuds? Fuck no. None of them are better than us yet they beat us.

    City might be better than us this season but as things stand, we’re going on last season and the league table. We are better than city.

  56. DaleDaGooner

    You ARE right, but if our team depended on beating City to achieve a goal, HELL NO, and that’s the sad truth.

  57. zeus


    Thats why I posted the video. He wasn’t being complimentary because you come across like an asshole when you say your thest, he was truley in awe of the man.

  58. A

    cup competitions aren’t the same dale, as how far you get depends greatly on who you play. the league is the only true indicator, as everyone plays everyone the same number of times

  59. TinTin

    cup competions are about a little luck, the draw ect. the league table doesn’t lie best teams always finish in the rightful postions so of course we were the 3rd best team last year

  60. DaleDaGooner

    Why is Arsene afraid to stick in and fight to get a player? Oh i know, he knows he is to shit to persuade real quality to follow is dumb tactics. I was thinking Ramires vs Denilson, about the same age, why did Benefica get Ramires and we went for Denilson, a player not too many teams were clamoring for his signature?

  61. DaleDaGooner

    Ok, i see everyone has an answer, so a bunch of draws means you are shit, while more losses and some wins means you are better head-to-head than a team that turned you 2ce? I understand the luck of the draw, but, both depended on other teams playing you, Our league position depended on other teams, and cup place depends on other teams. I don’t think Lyon was lucky to beat Real Madrid, they fought hard and won that game out right. Had nothing to do with luck.

  62. A

    when we got denilson there was alot of competition for him, he was very highly rated, and captain of Brazil’s u20s….

    Ramires is absolute class, but was a bit of a late developer, only joined a big Brazilian club side two years ago!

  63. DaleDaGooner

    A, we signed Koscielny and a bunch of nobodies, why couldn’t we sign Ramires? I’ve folowed him for a while and knew he was good. Don’t get me wrong, Denilson could have turned out to be the real deal, but not too many “big” clubs gave a rat ass if he was captain of sevaral Brazilian youth side. At youth level, being captain means nothing.

  64. A

    This season you mean Dale?

    I’d say because he was a bit overpriced, and a bit dodgy with regards to the third party ownership.

    Also midfield isn’t one of our priorities, certainly not a Ramires type player. Would’ve been a very good addition but not what we need to concentrate on.

  65. Stu

    Theres no way of knowing whether Lyon are better than us because we play in different comps.

    Even in the CL we played different teams and have different tactics.

    The league position is the best way of comparing teams because they play against the same teams, both home and away so whoever ends up with more points were the more consistent team and therefore better.

  66. DaleDaGooner

    Problem is, Grimandi and Arsene are busy burying their faces in French lower leagues, when they should try to expand into South America more and Britain a little more, most of our youth players, who are English are from around London, why can’t we broaden the scouting? Makes me sick that they won’t spend, and the so called youth project is shedding players like a diseased sheep sheds wool. Barazite, not good enough, Hoyte, not good enough, Simpson, not good enough, buy top class, no, we make stars…..i know we aren’t signing anyone, i can feel it, and that’s fine, but watch the young players ship out on loan.

  67. leon

    i feel alot will rest on song this season he will be extremly important this season withought dought,i am not sure what the market i slike for dm players but i would prefer to see some experienced heads i that position.delinson is far from the worst player i ever seen but not arsenal standerd in my opinion,as for fringpong and eastmond both very raw realy should out on loan i dont think should be evon considerd until they at least 21-22,i think nasri will have help out there as well,i feel alot will depend on if wenger brings in a realy experienced player at the back that will helpout with the young players but will have to real vocal leader.for there are still no many players not up to the task

  68. A

    hoyte/jay simpson/barazite have nothing whatsoever to do with project youth, every side in the world has youth teams and recruit for it. project youth is buying the likes of cesc, vp, clichy, bendtner, diaby, denilson, jd, song, theo and bringing them through rather than buying ready made players, nothing to do with youth players who won’t make it….

  69. DaleDaGooner

    I’m not disputing our league position superiority, I am saying every time we had to play them since before Adebayor joined them, they turned us over easily, when they did..simples, and I’m referring to pre- Sheik, when they beat us 2-1 at their ground. I’m just pissed that we haven’t done anything to change our situation against certain teams, City included.

  70. DaleDaGooner

    A, missing the point, How do you know that Barazite and co can’t make it? Walcott, Denilson, Bendtner, JD, Fabianski, no matter how much of a caca they are, they get chances to show it.

  71. David

    Ramirez is absolute Class,

    Hes better than Ballack imo.

    He will improve Chelsea a great deal add that to the fact that Essien is looking an absolute monster.

    With this shyte defence id be happy if we finished 3rd.