Emirates Airlines guarantee to renew the best deal in football, doesn’t that tell you something Ivan!

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So the deal we did with the Emirates was the biggest deal in football at the time, I said it was the dumbest deal in football, I still think it’s the dumbest deal in football and I’m convinced the ‘short termist’ nature of the deal is what cost Edelman his job.

So much at our great club isn’t thought through and is done for short term gain. We sold them the naming rights for 15 years and the shirts for 8 I believe, the whopping $157mil deal seemed good at the time but of course only works out to $8mil a year, which for a brand like ours, is frankly laughable.

And by the time we get to 2019 when the deal ends, many of the board will have gone by then and the deal will be worthless. It’s a bit far off for me to say ‘I told you so’ but it’s a good indicator as to why Arsenal should be calling time on long term deals (Cesc’s contract, project youth) and concentrating on the present. Otherwise they may end up with no fan base to fill their fabulous stadium and some other poor sod will inherit the problem.

Take Club level, that brings in more revenue than the whole of Highbury did, that’s what from 8,000 people, so what do Arsenal do, reward them? No they cut their space down even further which will make their match day experience worse, not better, then they sell their new WM and Foundry clubs like they are enhancing their experience, oh and then they ask them to stump up an extra £10k a season for it, way to treat your fans Arsenal!

Me I would sooner see a few world class players coming in. But then I’m a football fan, if I want a dining experience I’ll go to a restaurant, I go to Arsenal to see a game, strange that.

When someone realises that football, football support and success are not long term projects, they are for now, today then maybe then we will start to win things again.

You see, all this investment in project youth is fine, but then a Man City come along and its for sh*t, because they can just buy their success, like the Mancs always have and the chavs have been recently.

There is no judgement day either, the chavs were 2 weeks away from going tits up and along came Abramovich, Liverpool were in the sh*tter then along come big investors and they will soon have millions to spend, the Mancs are £800mil in debt, but someone will wipe the slate clean because without big name teams, football will be gone, and that will never happen, so financial prudence is one thing, stingyness is something else. It’s short-termism and that will end up killing the club.

Arsenal should act before it’s too late, we can really move on this season, but we only just kept our captain, the warning signs are there, the crazy thing is we really are 2 players short of  a fantastic team, to ignore it again would just be dumb, as dumb as the deal we did with Emirates.

Getting it wrong once is careless, getting it wrong twice is just insane, if we win nothing again this season, Cesc will go, Wenger will walk away and we will have an exodus of players, that will then be seven seasons before we can win a trophy and the crowds will dwindle, the writing is on the wall Arsenal, act now whilst we still can and don’t blow another season of promise for another bag of cash.

Have a great day Grovers only two days till kick off and only today left to get some new faces in, I know the window is still a few weeks away, but what a lift it will be to get a few in before the big game on Sunday.

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  1. A

    True gambon re the signing foreigners thing, and I was thinking that the prem wasn’t then what it is now – back then it was the second level of league, a level below serie a and la liga

  2. chippy

    See my post @ 13.37 to see exactly why DB10 was was a bigger signing, That didnt even include goals scored or where we were as at club at that time,

  3. gambon

    It was the same when any foreigner arrived A, everyone thought they MUST be unbelievable because they came from this magical place called Serie A.

    I remember thinking DB would have some kind of magic powers like them 3 guys from Big Trouble In Little China.

  4. henry14

    Dennis Bergkamp by the way was not only the 3 best footballers Arsenal have ever had, he was also one of the most loyal players we have had that truly loved the club.

    Arshavin doesn’t even come fucking close.

  5. Honest Bill

    since you mentioned it.. Didn’t you think that the electric one was a bit gay in comparison to the other two?

  6. TW

    if i see the lineup on sunday and it reads
    i will go hang myself, i have nightmares just thinking of the man

  7. chippy

    To add tho it wasnt about who was the better player it was all to do with what signing was seen as bigger,

    A, didnt say Arshavins better than Bergkamp

    but Wyatts a MUG

  8. henry14

    You have to remember how much football has evolved in the media since 97. If Berkgamp had signed in 2010 in this Sky/football enviroment – it would have been a far, far bigger signing than Arshavin.

    It would have been like Kaka signing!

  9. chippy

    Thats a very good point it would have been relayed for 24hrs on fucking sky sports News!

    The other thing i dont think people now take into account was that for a long time it was the Heebs that signed all the flair players and for once we had !!!

  10. henry14

    Sixx – cool sorry mate i didn’t realise what i had wrote! lol

    I thought you were questioning the icemans ability 🙂

  11. chippy

    Jaguar has just jumped of London Bridge after reading that article 🙂

    See hes been to busy sorting his own future to worry about our back 5 😉

  12. TOM TOM

    Just heard Wenger is goona make a big signing,then i heard its gonna be his own. What a load of bollox,all he cares vabout is the clubs financial results

  13. zeus


    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. On espnsoccer I saw wenger ‘is close to making a new signing,’ but it turns out I was just mis-reading it.

  14. mcmellish

    Seem’s like he is more worried about his own future then ensuring a successful one for the club, but then that’s always been the case has it not?

  15. henry14

    You have to laugh at Wenger saying that we don’t need to worry if the club have a bad season he won’t walk away – his commitment and how bad the season go do not go hand in hand……


    Like he’s doing us a favour!

    What the fuck? how have we let it get like this.

    How about if you don’t perform you get sacked.

  16. namibian gooner

    can somebody please give me postal address and details that i can use to sign up for the fantasy league. Pedro hook me up.

  17. chippy

    Zeus, 🙂

    Pedro, Hope you held the phone along way from your ear when you told Geoff 🙂

    Gotta say im not surprised hes staying always thought he would, am surprised with the timing tbh,

  18. A

    huh henry14? The way I read it was that if things didn’t go well then the contract doesn’t matter as he’d be gone anyways

  19. gambon

    I really cant bear 4 more years of;

    – Not competing
    – Shit goalies
    – No defence
    – No transfers
    – Pathetic press conferences

  20. henry14

    A – oh maybe i was reading it the wrong way then? I thought he was almost saying it as if to say fans don’t have to worry – if the team doesn’t perform i will still be here.

  21. Spectrum

    McMellish – Oh no ! I think I’ll emigrate. But the signs were there all along.All the talk of world class players that never materialised. He ALWAYS intended to stick with the kids.If you read between the lines in his media statements, that was plainly evident.He wants to be proven right.And he’s sucked the board into his grand neurosis.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  22. BillikenGooner

    Someone should look for the clause in his new contract that says he gets a £12mil retirement bonus if the stadium is paid off and the club is out of debt when it is done.

  23. arsenal4ever

    “One arsene wenger,
    Theres only on arsene wenger”

    yes exaclty a more stubborn manager was never seen!!!! Fukk he will try with youth more and more. I cant believe it!!!

  24. arsenesabemejor

    He obviously doing the job the board want, this is good news lets hope he can now get Cesc to stay for a few more years as well

  25. mcmellish

    The fact that the board has put Wenger’s contract negotiations in front of the needs to fix up the defense and sign a reliable keeper speak loud and clear about where the boards and Wenger’s priorities are. Surely his contract talks could have waited until all transfers were taken care of, that’s hoping of course that the club still intends to bring in some players.

  26. Spectrum

    In many companies nowdays, managers have what’s known as “key performance indicators” written into their contract.They set certain targets and standards that should or must, be met.If they aren’t reached within a certain timeframe, then the manager can be dismissed.
    Wonder if Arsene has any ? And if so, what targets/standards should WE set,if WE were the board ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  27. arsenesabemejor

    mcmellish the board needed to see how much cash would be left over after Wengers new contract, apparently he now has a clause thats gets him 20% of all profits on players sales

  28. incesc

    top 4 on the cheap spectrum

    i dont think its right, dont get me wrong, but its clearly the boards target for wenger.

  29. wb

    so we are all set to into new season with only 2 cb’s, what a f**king joke!!
    Vermaelen is the only recognised and with premier league experience cb, hence the only reliable cb we have got at our club, others I think are a bit of gamble.
    This would extra pressure and responsibility on TV, and I guess like last year will again be overplayed.
    Injuries would happen as a result, and like every year will again be blamed for downfall.
    How unfair is this for us fans.

  30. arsenal4ever

    from a german news portal:

    15.04 Uhr: Ohne Serdar Tasci wird der VfB Stuttgart im DFB-Pokal nach Babelsberg reisen. “Ein paar Trainingseinheiten tun ihm gut”, behauptete VfB-Trainer Christian Groß und lässt den deutschen Nationalspieler zuhause. Auch die Verteidiger Matthieu Delpierre und Stefano Celozzi werden den Stuttgartern fehlen. Neuzugang Philipp Degen und Stürmer Cacau dagegen stehen wieder zur Verfügung.

    translated means Tasci will not be used in their cup game. Could this mean we are in for him?

  31. arsenal4ever

    Without Serdar Tasci will travel VfB Stuttgart in the Champions League to Babelsberg. “A couple of workouts do him good,” declared VfB coach Christian Gross, leaving the German national team at home. The defender Matthieu Delpierre and Stefano Celozzi will be missing the Stuttgart. New signing Philipp Degen and striker Cacau however are available again

  32. wardo

    is it me or have so many bloggers come on here today thinking that A has said that D Bergkamp was not a good player !!!!

    FFS – all he said was that there was a difference on the impact of the signing when compared to AA23’s signing………he hasn’t said once that DB was not a good player or that AA23 is better……..

    Anyway, sort of pleased that AW has signed a new contract (or is about too………) just not sure why i am pleased……..wish he would spend just a little bit more on players tho. Say a cheeky £50mil budget being spent !!

  33. arsenal4ever

    @ arsenesabemejor: You are so deluded to think Cesc will stay at our non ambitious club for even longer!!!!!

  34. Ricky

    Ahhhhhhh, Im confused!! Wengers been offerd a new contract even though he insists on sticking to he’s useless policy & the end of the transfer window is looming.

    We go into sundays game with just about enough defenders, whats going on….? 🙁

  35. Spectrum

    Four more years. A reward for mediocrity and underachievement.Sort of like the banks during the global financial crisis – the bigger the risks and failures, the more they got.It’s an upside down world, alright.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  36. incesc

    we cant sign anyone before liverpool arsene wenger is never going to get sacked, lets just be happy the season is starting and look forward to beating liverpool.

  37. arsenesabemejor

    arsenal4ever its actually optimism something you dont understand, if he has a fantastic season whats to say they will be able to afford him?His value is only likely to increase, with cesc and nasri we will have two of the best playmakers around we can win the league this year. I will leave you to your misery

  38. zeus

    But the Frenchman said he does not expect continuing speculation over his position to deter from the Gunners’ quest for a first trophy in five years – and he said he is targetting the Premier League despite Arsenal’s relatively inexperienced squad.

    “I believe my commitment to the club has nothing do with the speculation of how the season would go, because that would be unfair,” said Wenger.

    “If I do not do well, and one day the club is not happy with me I can completely understand that I do not stay here any more.

    “But I believe we will do well.”

    He continued: “Success is to improve from last year, which is to win the league – that is the only benchmark.

    “You cannot finish third and then say for the season after, you want to finish behind that.

    “We are a young side and the improvement is natural – the ambition is there, we are hungry for success.

    “We know people want more from us and we are ready to give more, but success is to win the league.”

    Its funny how he always moves the goal post. Its from ‘3rd is a trophy’ to ‘we go for first place’ and what we think will happen, happens, its back to ‘we are young and 3rd is a big achievement.’

  39. arsenesabemejor

    only in spectrum world is it mediocrity, I get the impression that many dont want Wenger to succeed as they will look stupid

  40. Danny

    I read and understood A’s point… The hype and excitement was ten-fold that of Arshavin’s. I was about 20 when DB signed, the buzz was mental at Highbury. My point is I was around for both. Anyway, wait till Shwartzer & Spastic sign and watch the middle class fans at The Emirates rattle their jewellery…

  41. arsenal4ever

    @ arsenesabemejor: Exactly as we are done with him!!! 5 years he had time but nothing happened. We are even weaker then last year in defence!!!! Cant believe the clowns gave him a new contract. This shows us all no ambitions anymore. Just to be in top4 is the target!! No champions league cup in next 4 years!!!

  42. arsenesabemejor

    arsenal4ever thats your opinion and I dont agree, would you be happy if we won the league with this squad?

  43. zee

    “Marouane Chamakh can give us something which is very important in England – he is good in the air.”
    very important arsene isn’t it. So why aren’t any of our keepers good in the air, and why don’t we have a defender who’ll dominate in the air?

  44. arsenal4ever

    @ arsenesabemejor: I am realist and cant see us in top 4 with these bunch of kiddies!!!! 90 % here are the same oppinion like me. Wenger will come out again and say he tried but he couldnt find the right player (s). fukking joke is Arsenal or better Arsene FC becoming!!! Only looking for making profit!!!

  45. arsenal4ever

    @ incesc: It is said Wenger signed a 4 years contract extension therefore I think we wont win anything until this greedy, stubborn ugly idiot is leaving!!!

  46. zeus

    I honestly see us getting 4th TBH. We are 2 weeks away from Balotelli knocking Adebayor the fuck out over who has the bigger ego.

  47. arsenesabemejor

    arsenal4ever fortunately most of the so called experts and pundits dont agree with you and some are even tipping us to win the league, maybe they are better qualified to judge, you dont have a clue whats going on behind the scenes about new players so the throwing of toys is a bit premature. You still didnt answer as to whether or not you would be happy if Arsene won the league with this squad

  48. zeus

    I honestly see us getting 4th TBH. We are 2 weeks away from Balotelli knocking Adebayor the fuck out over who has the bigger ego. So that effectively rules out City.

    Pool I honestly don’t see as a threat.
    Villa and Everton ditto.

  49. Spectrum

    zee – We’ve got a good header in Chamakh, which we didn’t really have before.But we don’t have a really good crosser to supply him with the ammunition.It’s like having a gun without bullets. Pointless.
    Afellay might have fit the bill, but Wenger dithers and changes his mind so often.I don’t think he knows what he wants for the team.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  50. Wenger the liar

    Pedro / Geoff

    Can I enter all my teams, I see that others have entered 5.

    I would like to take all four Champions League places.

  51. arsenesabemejor

    Spectrum we have many players who can cross a ball, hasnt Chamakh already scored with headers, Bendtner scored headers last year , did you watch any of the games?

  52. Pat

    Since Nasri is playing so well in the middle, I think a midfield trio of nasri, Cesc, and Song might be good for us.

  53. Wenger the liar

    Pedro –

    Is it worth keeping up the pretence of competition?

    Il email you my address and you can send me the Ipad now.

  54. arsenesabemejor

    Pat Rosicky has also looked good preseason I really hope we see him back to his old self as he was one of the best plus he gives some bite as well

  55. Spectrum

    arsensbemejor – I said a GOOD crosser of the ball.Not average.Sure we’ll score from some, but we’d get a lot MORE if we had a proper one. Afellay, Ardar Turan and others have been looked at at times, so Wenger must have thought we could do with one – Wenger does get the occasional flash of insight.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  56. Wenger the liar

    A –

    Im with you mate, it would at least give someone else the chance of finishing top 3.

    For you guys 6th will be like winning a trophy!


  57. arsenesabemejor

    Spectrum wehave good crossers, do you think cesc, nasri,rosicky,vp cant cross a ball or are you referring to the fullbacks and generalising

  58. Danny

    Think I said I was 20 when DB signed, I wish… I was actually 30… I actually think there’s a link between doomers(>40 years old) and AKBs(<35ish)… I'd give anything to be back at Highbury

  59. incesc


    you realise everyones password is arsenal, so if you have their email addresses you could seriously hack into some teams.

    wanna do it together split the ipad?

  60. Spectrum

    Szenecsy to play against Liverpool.If we’ve got no-one else, what have we got to lose ? May as well blood him.If he has a blinder, he could get us a point or three.
    If he has a howler, what does it matter – he can’t be worse than Laurel and Hardy.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  61. Pedro

    Spectrum, why don’t you change your name to In Arsene we rust?

    IAWR could be your name… it’d save you a lot of typing.

  62. Spectrum

    arsenesabemejor – If we’re playing 4-3-3- (with a winger), it would be wise to have a good crosser. RVP plays central usually, the full backs don’t cross well, and central midfielders should be sticking to midfield.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  63. simon mcmahon

    WELL my opionion for arguments sake is that DB 10 IS the greatest player i have ever seen at the Arsenal, trully world class, and he was signed by rioch every akb should rememeber that.
    any way it smacks of more incredible arrogance that that french bastard in charge of our club is now patting himself on the back and smiling, about getting ready to pen a new deal .
    fucking ridiculous five trophyless years and going into the saeson not having resolved an obvious crisis of our defence just two fit centre halfs, and three shit keepers to pick from (chezny wont play)

    Our Board and this arrogant prick treat the fans like twats, and the best part is they get away with it year after year.
    TIME FOR A CHANGE ARSENAL are bigger than any arrogant frenchman and a bunch of eatonian rich twats.
    Say what you like about madrid ,milan, barca, inter,none of them would let wenger get away with what he is doing to OUR ARSENAL.

  64. arsenesabemejor

    spectrum you started by saying there was no one to cross to chamakh then in your argument you say VP is central, make your mind up, we have crossers, as it happens I dont think scoring goals will be a problem , suprised you cant see that

  65. arsenesabemejor

    simon mcmahon fortunately you are not able to make any difference, Wenger is doing the job as required by the board otherwise they wouldnt give him a new contract

  66. Spectrum

    Pedro.About typing out my signature theme. Yes, I’d thought about doing that.But I prefer to make a statement at the end.Has a bigger impact.Especially when I’m on the A.K.B. blogsites !!! It really stirs ’em up.I love it !
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  67. patthegooner


    Not quite the signing I was hoping for today.

    The last time Wenger renewed his contract I was delighted.

    This time I am devastated. I just hope he can prove a lot of us wrong and turn around this underperforming and underchieving bunch of muppets.

    But with another summer of false promises and with no new keeper in sight two days before the PL kicks off, i just dont see it happening.

  68. simon mcmahon

    SO it’s about making money and not winning trophy’s then is it arseneabemejor, is that how you think sucess is measured ,obviously you are a akb, and dont remember watching like i did terry neil’s teams and george grahams teams winning trophy’s.
    this board are happy because all they care about is the money wenger makes them .
    I have supported Arsenal since 1971, arsensabemejor, like many on this site going to midweek games at highbury when we were awful with just over 20,000 in the crowd , please dont try and hoodwink me like you have obviosly have been with the shit doctorite from your french master.

  69. skandibird

    So, I go away for 1 week, and still no signings!!! Man City just confirmed Mario Balotelli; and we can’t even sign a goal keeper? Am I so stupid that every year Arsene promises new players, and every year I wait, and wait, and wait and wait…………….God how delusional I am. Oh, but no, I hear on SSN that Arsene is close to signing a new contract??? So that’s allright then!

  70. slickbanggoal

    My Team for Son

    Alumshit (Tech9 playing could kill him)

    Sagna Kozzer Verma Clichy


    Nasri LJW

    Walcott Chamakh Arshavin

    Bench: Tech9, Nordveit, Diaby, Denilson, Fabregas, Vela, RVP

    and guys, wish my son good luck tomorrow, he is playing against Cardiff City 😀

  71. Baafuor from Ghana

    Instead of the board telling Wenger to sign players, they are spending money renewing his contract.God save the Arsenal!

  72. arsenesabemejor

    simon tut tut, so its a stock reply to anyone who doesnt agree with you that they are an AKB, how very grown up, in fact I was watching when we played under Bertie Mee, we are going through a period of major change and Wenger is the best man to lead us through it, we play the best football I have seen at the Arsenal with him in charge, happily its going to continue for a few more years yet

  73. mcmellish

    Despite the fact that we are as active in the transfer market as John candy wass in the gym, I’m still confident we’ll get the win over Liverpool. I just can’t see them stopping us scoring more than two, and with Torres likely to be out (fingers crossed) i don’t see them scoring more than one. So I’ll tip a 1-2 win to us with Chamack and Arshavin chipping in, while Kuyt get’s one on us from a set piece or corner.

  74. WengersSweeties

    Seeing a interview with Wenger he denied making any offers for Given or Hart back when asked about Schwarzer he said “It’s not the right time to comment about transfers”

    Which pretty much says to me Schwarzer has been the only goalkeeper choice he’s been looking at.

    The Liverpool goalkeeper rumors….. as first thought are just a load of rubbish.

    So… I think you might see Schwarzer in depending on Fulham replacing him…and … if we’re very lucky a centre back before the end of the season. Who knows.

    All I can see at the minute is other teams getting stronger and we’ve got weaker if anything. It’s going to be a very difficult season with “Attack is the best defence” idea!

  75. DaleDaGooner

    Well Man City fans are laughing one more time, all we have to get excited about is Fucking Wenger “about to” sogn another deal. Who fucking cares if he signs a new deal or not, we should be talking about new players deal signed not old I am a stubborn goat signing a new deal. EVeryone has done something major in the window, we have done shit all. Koscileny only replaced Gallas and Chamakh finally replaced Adebayor after 2 seasons ago. In that time we’ve shed how many players? with no replacement. Fuck Arsene.

  76. zeus


    Yaya for sure (He does play the role for Ivory Coast) and lots of wing play with David Silva and link up play with Tevez.

    Fuck, if Hughes can get those egos in check they could seriously FUCK US UP!

  77. simon mcmahon

    so its ok with you if we dont win another trophy again until wenger has finished at the club could be lets say another four years ares!!!!!!!!
    wow if you have truly been a fan as long as i have remember the football that george played
    micky no 4,
    wasnt that bad was it in 1989 and all, and why i called you an akb is because if you think that going into a new season with the worst three keepers in all the years since 1971 is a mark of your masters genious.
    you are an obvious akb, and I guess its ok with YOU THAT OUR CLUB pays him a fortune to make that decision,
    he goes on the record every year saying the same thing about super top class players coming in at the end of the season HOW MANY CAPS HAS THE CENTRE HALF WE bought this year got, would you say that he is top super class, he went to the world cup alledgedly to scout players , HOW MANY HAVE WE SIGNED THEN !!

  78. denis

    Im not certain that Yaya is a real playmaker like cesc, iniesta, pirlo, scholes…
    Regarding wing plays… they ll be the best… but to me they still need a good playmaker and they ll finish 1st !!
    And… their defense sux !!
    They also have an issue with their subs… who ll be their starters and who ll be the subs ?!
    I m not sure Barry, Yaya or Bridge ll accept to stay on the bench !

  79. nishanth

    I never though we would go into the new season having to chose between flappy and and the other clown as our keeper.It is bloody embarrassing. We have become a laughing stock.I don’t expect wenger to come out and say they are rubbish but he really should stop calling them top class keepers because the whole fucking world knows they are crap

  80. zeus


    Yep. And no matter what you think of Adecunt, he is a top baller on his day, and as is the case with every past Arsenal cunt, they will be up for it when they play us.

    Hehe. Frimpong vs Yaya. hehehe. *Deep breaths, breathe easy*

  81. zeus

    What gets me is the lack of urgency on the matter. Okay Arsenal don’t conduct transfer business in the media, but FFS, when your keepers are flappy and the waiter, pinching pennies is certainly not the way to go.

    His obsession with youth is beyond me. I don’t care how much potential Schezny has shown, if he is good enough hhe will make it regardless of who is in front.