Emirates Airlines guarantee to renew the best deal in football, doesn’t that tell you something Ivan!

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So the deal we did with the Emirates was the biggest deal in football at the time, I said it was the dumbest deal in football, I still think it’s the dumbest deal in football and I’m convinced the ‘short termist’ nature of the deal is what cost Edelman his job.

So much at our great club isn’t thought through and is done for short term gain. We sold them the naming rights for 15 years and the shirts for 8 I believe, the whopping $157mil deal seemed good at the time but of course only works out to $8mil a year, which for a brand like ours, is frankly laughable.

And by the time we get to 2019 when the deal ends, many of the board will have gone by then and the deal will be worthless. It’s a bit far off for me to say ‘I told you so’ but it’s a good indicator as to why Arsenal should be calling time on long term deals (Cesc’s contract, project youth) and concentrating on the present. Otherwise they may end up with no fan base to fill their fabulous stadium and some other poor sod will inherit the problem.

Take Club level, that brings in more revenue than the whole of Highbury did, that’s what from 8,000 people, so what do Arsenal do, reward them? No they cut their space down even further which will make their match day experience worse, not better, then they sell their new WM and Foundry clubs like they are enhancing their experience, oh and then they ask them to stump up an extra £10k a season for it, way to treat your fans Arsenal!

Me I would sooner see a few world class players coming in. But then I’m a football fan, if I want a dining experience I’ll go to a restaurant, I go to Arsenal to see a game, strange that.

When someone realises that football, football support and success are not long term projects, they are for now, today then maybe then we will start to win things again.

You see, all this investment in project youth is fine, but then a Man City come along and its for sh*t, because they can just buy their success, like the Mancs always have and the chavs have been recently.

There is no judgement day either, the chavs were 2 weeks away from going tits up and along came Abramovich, Liverpool were in the sh*tter then along come big investors and they will soon have millions to spend, the Mancs are £800mil in debt, but someone will wipe the slate clean because without big name teams, football will be gone, and that will never happen, so financial prudence is one thing, stingyness is something else. It’s short-termism and that will end up killing the club.

Arsenal should act before it’s too late, we can really move on this season, but we only just kept our captain, the warning signs are there, the crazy thing is we really are 2 players short of  a fantastic team, to ignore it again would just be dumb, as dumb as the deal we did with Emirates.

Getting it wrong once is careless, getting it wrong twice is just insane, if we win nothing again this season, Cesc will go, Wenger will walk away and we will have an exodus of players, that will then be seven seasons before we can win a trophy and the crowds will dwindle, the writing is on the wall Arsenal, act now whilst we still can and don’t blow another season of promise for another bag of cash.

Have a great day Grovers only two days till kick off and only today left to get some new faces in, I know the window is still a few weeks away, but what a lift it will be to get a few in before the big game on Sunday.

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  1. Pedro

    Wellington, the big fear is that if we win on Sunday, Wenger won’t sign anyone.

    We’re looking at players… but to me, it sounds like we’re looking at players who we might have a 50% chance of getting.

  2. Taxi for Wenger

    Afternoon gooners just been sent a Facebook link called sofanatics.com become a fan of the Arsenal at the moment we are second place in members behind the Yids …. Come on gooners!!!knock them off top spot!

  3. A

    Pedro there’s no way Wenger won’t sign anyone at all.

    Worst case scenario is that he gets in a Silvestre type just to top up the numbers, and that’s it

  4. incesc

    samir masri

    cesc staying is more important than anything else that has happened in the premier league transfer market this summer.

    its huge and one thing we can actually thank wenger for this summer.

  5. Pedro

    A, I hope it’s not true… but there don’t appear to be any concrete plans and what are the chances that Almunia doesn’t have a world class game at Liverpool?

  6. incesc

    wikidpedia on hillier!

    Despite this, Hillier’s form had clearly declined since his early days at the club, and he was a marginal player under Bruce Rioch. Additionally, Hillier’s behaviour off the pitch had started to concern the management. In March 1995, a drugs test at the Arsenal training ground revealed that Hillier had taken cannabis,[1] but he avoided punishment after explaining that traces of the drug had entered his bloodstream after smoking a spiked cigarette.[citation needed] A bizarre incident at Gatwick Airport, where he was caught stealing £3,000 of another passenger’s luggage, further damaged his Arsenal career; he was later fined and ordered to pay costs by magistrates.[2] When Arsène Wenger succeeded Rioch in autumn 1996, Hillier was already on the transfer list and did not feature in Wenger’s future plans for the side. Having played 142 matches for Arsenal (scoring two goals), Hillier was sold to Portsmouth for £250,000.

    spiked cigarette my arse 🙂

  7. arsenal4ever

    so this is the great news??? I really hope WEnger got it wrong again. Sorry, but cant stand him anymore. He gets rewarded for doing nothing? What is wrong with these idiots on the board???

  8. samir masri


    but the cunt wanted to leave.but I do understand that cesc staying is very Important news for us.but I would have still like to wave goodbye to him.but now he is staying put.

  9. Gunnernet

    @ Sim : Almunia, Clichy, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Sagna, Wilshere, Diaby, Nasri, Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh, Fabianski, Gibbs, Eboue, Frimpong, Rosicky, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, van Persie, Fabregas, Denilson, Song

    Song, Denilson, Diaby, Cesk and RVP face late fitness tests.

  10. gambon


    All 3 of them midfielders get caught upfield way too often, and none of them can defend.

    With Stevie G on form no way id want that.

  11. A

    Pedro why do you think Almunia will definitely start ahead of Fabianski? I really expect(ed) Fabianski to start…


    Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Clichy

    Nasri Frimpong Diaby

    Theo/Rosicky Chamakh Arshavin

    That’ll do me

  12. RockyPires


  13. JJ

    Inesc – Do you really think Cesc will start? Has that been made known already? … and there is no defensive cover in midfield… or is that supposed to be Nasri?

  14. incesc

    frimpong aint gonna stop gerrard but diaby might have a bit of luck with a few tackles and flailing limbs flying in on him.

    they have no torres anyway so im not that worried about them scoring.

  15. herbert

    and now for the same old december/january routine:

    – key players get injured in november/december
    – arsene doesn´t sign proper replacements in the january transfer window
    – we play the last 10 games of the season with half the team injured and scrap to make 3rd or 4th place
    – before season tickets are up for renewal, wenger says that he will adress the problems in the squad and bring in reinforcements before preseason training starts
    – nothing happens, also not in preseason (bar one odd signing and some “old” players leaving)
    – the new season starts and we have been taken for a ride again

  16. Gunnernet

    Arshavin — Chamakh — Nasri/Rosisky

    Diaby/Wilshere — Song/Frimpong — Cesk/Nasri

    Clichy — Vermaelen — Koss — Sagna

    Almunia or/and Flappy


  17. incesc


    song is injured we dont have a dm.

    lets not pretend frimpong can make his debut vs liverpool

    nasri, cesc and diaby all fighting in midfield is fairly strong if they can all put in a shift and close down quickly

  18. Dan,The Gooner.

    we can’t defend,koscielny is shit,almunia is shit,we will get hammered,all because that cunt wenger doesn’t want to sign anyone.

  19. A

    incesc even if Cesc is fit, which is very doubtful, there’s no way he’ll be fit to really fight, close down etc….

  20. incesc


    red nose said Bebe had a few clubs in for him so they got the deal done quickly to make sure he didnt get away.


  21. incesc

    i think cesc is fit A

    he has had 3 weeks off, trained for 1 week.

    If he was injured in the middle of a season for 3 weeks, he would train for a week and come back in the side…

  22. incesc



    kuyt, maybe get one as he likes to score vs us,


    has been rubbish for 2 years and needs playing time to get back to his best.



  23. Honest Bill

    I seem to remember everyone predicting we would get a hammering at Goodison this time last year.

    I know we need new signings and i know we currently don’t have the defensive depth required, but let’s not all lose our minds. Our squad is capable of winning at Anfield. They are missing a key player, and also were even weaker than us last season

    Have a little perspective, how are some people so sure that we’re gonna get thumped?

  24. Paulinho

    Can’t predict for sure the score-line on Sunday, but I will be very surprised if we don’t see a repeat of first half at Anfield last season.

  25. John A

    I’ve had enough of this tight fisted old C*NT !

    I can’t believe the twats in charge of our beloved club are giving the git a new contract.

    Get rid of the lot of them, the short sighted, tight fisted bunch of faggots !!!

  26. A

    It’s different incesc, although it depends on how much he’s trained whilst he was on holiday.

    That’s true in terms of if he was injured mid season, but if that was the case he’d be in on a daily basis doing light training and other exercises to keep himself fit. Depends whether he’s just slobbed out for the three weeks and eaten and drunk crap!

  27. Arse&Nose©

    fucking red nose, he has contacts everywhere
    and despite being named after a 8 year old girl from south park this bebe looks a player!

    what did our very own big nose have to say about new signings?

  28. JJ

    Do we really think that Cesc and RVP will start? I wouldn’t have thought so.

    Pool does not have the best attack but they do have home field (i.e. referee bias) and Gerrard’s diving tactics…

    If we say that both our defenses are equally crap, Pool has the “new manager” effect and we have a better strike force… I am predicting a 2-2 draw.

  29. incesc


    do you really think cesc has sat around getting pissed, smoking and eating Maccy D’s for 3 weeks?

    he’s not ricky hatton

  30. John A

    I can’t believe the level we have stooped to if we are all celebrating someone like Schwarzer signing.

    It’s a fucking disgrace that the twats in charge are squandering our money on fucking restaurants and shit !

  31. Paulinho

    Apparently that Portugese striker was being shown his seat in the changing room yesterday when Fergie objected and said: “Nobody put Bebe in the corner”.

  32. DaleDaGooner

    Robin’s Choco LS , and others, at this point, WHAT TEAM IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SELL US A CAPABLE PREMIER LEAGUE CB????? Go on tell me?

  33. incesc


    the only thing we have to worry about is how many dunkin donuts he’s eaten but im not sure if they have them in spain so we might be ok.

  34. Dan,The Gooner.

    Honest bill,be honest with yourself and stop all the deluded shit,we have a shit keeper,a weak defence and midfield,and weak strike force,all sign’s lead to us getting smashed this sunday.

  35. Gunnernet

    Let’s hope that Shcwarzer is going to be at least constant. I dont expect him to be spectacular just solid. Lets sign a CB now and we will be ok. I heard Sakkho and Mbia are top of the list.Lets wait and see.

  36. A

    I wouldn’t say it’s a case of that incesc- it’s whether he’s fit now, and if he is then he’d be fine to play against Blackpool, though maybe give Wilshere a go just for the hell of it!

  37. Pedro

    A… on the keeping thing. I absolutely that even a manager as stubborn as Wenger wouldn’t risk fielding a keeper who has been targeted from corners by everyone since last year.

    It’ll unsettle the defence and could dent their confidence in an important game.

  38. Dan,The Gooner.

    RockyPires says:
    August 13, 2010 at 14:40
    This is what I think Kosser brings to the team and complements Verm quiet well..

    why don’t you find the videos from the celtic and legia games.

  39. incesc


    no matter who we play arsenal are going to batter liverpool.

    i have 100 quid monopoly money if anyone wants a bet?

  40. Honest Bill

    Dan The Gooner

    Even if that were all true, which it isn’t, it wouldn’t change the fact that Liverpool suffer from all those weaknesses too.

    Or is Cole Actually better than Messi?

  41. Big Dave

    “I believe that we have goalkeepers who have quality and class – they have a good opportunity to show that on Sunday.”

    The Gunners boss added: “We do not need to buy to play well on Sunday.

    “When everyone is fit and available, we have quite a strong squad.”

  42. BillikenGooner

    It looks like the Man City clearance house is about ready to open:

    Mancini was non-committal about Robinho’s chances of remaining at Eastlands, but there is no place in his plans for Craig Bellamy, who is attracting interest from Fulham, Tottenham, Sunderland and Celtic. “I have to choose 25,” Mancini said. “The rest must find another team. Craig is out of the list.”

  43. incesc

    oh and dan

    i put a tenner on us winning by three goals earlier in the summer, great odds surprisingly.

    thought we would have signed some players by now…

    it was a kind of dare from a liverpool supporting mate.


  44. incesc

    is milner going to add something more to the squad that bellamy couldnt?

    i know they are slightly different players but personally id adapt a team to fit in bellamy over milner.

    madness from macinini

  45. Honest Bill

    Perhaps Mancini is making a statement to the rest of his players that being a cock will get you dropped from the team

  46. henry14

    Just got back from a boozy client lunch to read wenger is re-signing…………..i literally could not have had worse news.

    Even being slightly pissed – it’s still like someone has kicked me in the balls.

  47. DaleDaGooner

    Dan,The Gooner. says:
    August 13, 2010 at 14:45
    RockyPires says:
    August 13, 2010 at 14:40
    This is what I think Kosser brings to the team and complements Verm quiet well..

    why don’t you find the videos from the celtic and legia games.

    1. He did not start the Celtic game and he did not cost us the 2 goals, Djourou did squat in defensive midfield and where was the collective defending? Once we removed Chamakh and a couple of threats upfront, what happened?

    2. Legia?? Again collective defending, We’ve had Sagna and Clichy for years, where were their Experience and where was Vermaelen in that game?

    Drop it fellas, lets not moan about everything, yes Wenger is nuts, but Koscielny is a fine player. I’d take him over overrated Gary Cahill and I’d replace Silvestre with him 2 life times over.

  48. RockyPires

    In my opinion Kosc is a new version of Gallas with the ability to be better than the mental one.

    He is very comfortable with the ball,reads the game well,is fast,nips in to intercept which will be vital against Torres/Ngogo, doesnt get turned easy and heading is quiet good, no doubt needs to bulk up but is a tough cookie all the same

  49. DaleDaGooner

    Our realistic and workable chances are
    1. Schwarzer
    2. Spahic
    3. Go to Man City with a shopping list, of course we will not be resigning prodigals like Ade, Toure and Vieira, I think Mancini likes Kompany, i doubt we’ll get him, i also think he rates De Jong, He clearly wants Bellamy and Ireland out, but i don’t see Wenger being interested in either, Fact is I don’t see Wenger going to City with a shopping list.

  50. Arse&Nose©

    This is the funniest thing i have seen in ages, a guy locked out of his house climbs up to try and get through his window. His mate records him on his camera when the most unexpected thing happens…

  51. Spectrum

    Sounds a bit crazy, but one way to test Wengers theory on backing project youth – Don’t give him ANY transfer budget at all for a couple of seasons.No money to spend on new players.Zilch. Just see if faith alone in project youth can win the Premier League and Champions League.See where we finish in the next two seasons.
    Advantage of this is it will save the board millions, and if it comes off, Wenger will be idolised as a genius.This will feed his ego and in addition he’ll sleep better knowing he won’t have to spend.It’s a win- win situation.
    Meanwhile, in the real world….
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  52. leon

    well wenger has stated is on the lookout cb and i suspect it will be a real experienced one and wenger will use nordviet as a utility player,as far as keeper goes,i am hoping fabianksi goes as almunia is good backup keeper i prefer almunia and the young polish keeper fight it out for number 2 and he brings top class keeper has there is no dought in my mind he is on the lookout for one

  53. sixx pac

    “I believe that we have goalkeepers who have quality and class – they have a good opportunity to show that on Sunday.”

  54. A

    Doesn’t mean much sixx pac – Nothing else he would say about them before a game! We’ll see what happens with Schwarzer

  55. Danny

    Sorry A,
    You’re obviously about 12 years old, you really shouldn’t argue about something you obviously know nothing about… DB, was the top young up and coming player in the world. Also, if you weren’t a Londoner then, then you aren’t a Londoner now…

  56. A

    I’d say he’s exagerating more than lying sixx pac! Talking up their abilities to give them confidence, in the hope they won’t fuck us up in that one game we’ll have to make do with them!

    Danny he was one of the top young players in the world when he signed for Inter, not when he joined us two years later for about half the price that they paid for him, and at the age of 26.

  57. tonyadamsisgod

    That’s the 1st time I’ve seen the Legia goals!! How many fucking times is that cunt of a keeper gonna fuck up coming for crosses! A fucking lorry couldn’t have got through those players so why the fuck is he trying to do it?? The blokes a fucking liability!!

  58. Spectrum

    “I believe that we have goalkeepers who have quality and class – they have a good opportunity to show that on Sunday.” Wenger has short term memory loss.Alzheimers is setting in. He can’t even remember back as far as last season.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  59. sixx pac

    haha. I think u guys are missing A’s point from earlier. He wasnt saying Arshavin was a better player than DB10. Just the hype surrounding Bergkamp wasnt as strong as Arshavin’s hype. I wasnt a footy fan back when Dennis signed so I have no idea what the hype was like

  60. gambon

    Fucking hell sixx pac, you as well.

    Just listen, this goes for A as well.

    Dennis was and always will be a much better player than AA, who has barely done anything for us. I cant believe youre trying to compare the 2.

  61. A

    I agre gambon, I said that earlier too – Arshavin isn’t fit to lace Bergkamp’s boots! Havn’t heard anyone trying to compare the two players….

  62. sixx pac

    Are people just now seeing the Leiga goals? I knew people were just looking at the scoreline and assuming that the Kozzer played badly. Vermaelen was shite that day

  63. tonyadamsisgod

    DB10 v AA23???? Talk about the biggest non-contest ever!! AA23 wouldn’t have been allowed to lace The Iceman’s boots!!

  64. DaleDaGooner

    Can we leave the past glories and face what is on hand now? Arshavin is what is on now, lets leave DB10’s legacy were it is, PAST!

  65. RockyPires

    In fairness lads Wenger is not going to say
    “oooh we got crock of shit keepers, one as bad as next, Mannone a glorified Bosnich,Almunia total tripe and depresant, Flapianski, hehe see what I did there, thats why they call me Le proffor you know”

    Think Chesney or Almunia will start.

  66. A

    I’ve got a feeling that despite this thing not being true, it’s going to come up again and again, like the Denilson Alonso thing….

    lol Rocky, imagine if he did just sit there and say that. Mick McCarthy style management

  67. gambon

    That said I think DB was a bigger name signing, for a few reasons.

    – Essentially they are in the same bracket of quality, ie top top class, not quite the best out there

    – Back then it was a huge deal when you signed a foreigner, now it isnt

    – £7.5m was relatively a huge sum, the £15m for Arshavin isnt.