Emirates Airlines guarantee to renew the best deal in football, doesn’t that tell you something Ivan!

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So the deal we did with the Emirates was the biggest deal in football at the time, I said it was the dumbest deal in football, I still think it’s the dumbest deal in football and I’m convinced the ‘short termist’ nature of the deal is what cost Edelman his job.

So much at our great club isn’t thought through and is done for short term gain. We sold them the naming rights for 15 years and the shirts for 8 I believe, the whopping $157mil deal seemed good at the time but of course only works out to $8mil a year, which for a brand like ours, is frankly laughable.

And by the time we get to 2019 when the deal ends, many of the board will have gone by then and the deal will be worthless. It’s a bit far off for me to say ‘I told you so’ but it’s a good indicator as to why Arsenal should be calling time on long term deals (Cesc’s contract, project youth) and concentrating on the present. Otherwise they may end up with no fan base to fill their fabulous stadium and some other poor sod will inherit the problem.

Take Club level, that brings in more revenue than the whole of Highbury did, that’s what from 8,000 people, so what do Arsenal do, reward them? No they cut their space down even further which will make their match day experience worse, not better, then they sell their new WM and Foundry clubs like they are enhancing their experience, oh and then they ask them to stump up an extra £10k a season for it, way to treat your fans Arsenal!

Me I would sooner see a few world class players coming in. But then I’m a football fan, if I want a dining experience I’ll go to a restaurant, I go to Arsenal to see a game, strange that.

When someone realises that football, football support and success are not long term projects, they are for now, today then maybe then we will start to win things again.

You see, all this investment in project youth is fine, but then a Man City come along and its for sh*t, because they can just buy their success, like the Mancs always have and the chavs have been recently.

There is no judgement day either, the chavs were 2 weeks away from going tits up and along came Abramovich, Liverpool were in the sh*tter then along come big investors and they will soon have millions to spend, the Mancs are £800mil in debt, but someone will wipe the slate clean because without big name teams, football will be gone, and that will never happen, so financial prudence is one thing, stingyness is something else. It’s short-termism and that will end up killing the club.

Arsenal should act before it’s too late, we can really move on this season, but we only just kept our captain, the warning signs are there, the crazy thing is we really are 2 players short of  a fantastic team, to ignore it again would just be dumb, as dumb as the deal we did with Emirates.

Getting it wrong once is careless, getting it wrong twice is just insane, if we win nothing again this season, Cesc will go, Wenger will walk away and we will have an exodus of players, that will then be seven seasons before we can win a trophy and the crowds will dwindle, the writing is on the wall Arsenal, act now whilst we still can and don’t blow another season of promise for another bag of cash.

Have a great day Grovers only two days till kick off and only today left to get some new faces in, I know the window is still a few weeks away, but what a lift it will be to get a few in before the big game on Sunday.

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  1. Jaguar reloaded

    Suga3,hold on to your horses mate,its on the way,and they will be unveiled as our new signings in the first week of September.

  2. Jaguar reloaded

    Gooby,Balotelli,if he can keep his temper in check,would be the most lethal striker in the league,after Drogba.

  3. SUGA3


    no, he won’t – with the racist Italian cunts off his back he’ll show his true worth…

    amazing player and he will help Shitty to finish above us, it’s as simple as that…

  4. Gooby


    i think diaby will hold the midfield, he’s done it before in few games where he was clearly instructed to stay beside song and we don’t have much of a choice.

    hope cesc makes it

  5. SUGA3

    and funnily enough, our game against Dippers is the only game played tomorrow – we will have everyone’s full attention, no pressure then, eh Arsene?

    fuck me, I still can’t believe we are going to play one of the stronger teams in the league on their turf with one and a half CB and no fucking GK!

    Almunia is rumoured to be on his way out, so it’s Fabianski in goal – you can bet your fucking house on us finishing outside of the top four if this is the case…

  6. Gooby

    balotelli may start on the wing, i think that ade will still be in the team(if he stays) and tevez is the best forward in their team

  7. SUGA3

    Diaby in the holding role? fuckin’ hell, the fella does not know what defending is, his preferred role is behind the striker, the more aback he goes, the shittier he gets…

  8. SUGA3

    what pisses me off is that OGL spent a month commentating for some poxy French TV channel and Gazidis has done fuck all…

    useless twats, sack the lot of them…

  9. reggie 57

    Can see a big defeat tomorrow? hope that wakes wenger from his self induced coma and makes him realise this isnt good enough!!!

  10. SUGA3

    Jag, to be fair, when he plays in the more forward role, he can be excellent, he also plays better if the midfield is balanced to suit him more…

    he just somehow can’t play with Cesc, he looked allright when the latter was out injured – this is all down to AW to see these things, simple as…

    Diaby and Cesc in the midfield is like trying to accommodate Stevie Me and Fat Frank at once, it just doesn’t work…

  11. SUGA3


    no, he’s not that bad, come on – like I said, it’s all about playing him in the right position and with the right partners…

    maybe playing him against the bottom 10 teams in Cesc’s role could be the answer?

  12. SUGA3


    I am not sure about playing TR and SN at the same time, but I guess we don’t have much choice, do we?

    I would perhaps play TR in SN’s place and vice versa, I am more or less OK with the selection tho…

  13. A

    Diaby tore Villa to shreds, it isn’t about the quality of the side. He was effective against Barca too, before they/Messi turned it on.

    Song and Denilson have supposedly travelled as well havn’t they? I say one of them with Diaby and Nasri could well happen, or Frimpong and Diaby

  14. Jaguar reloaded

    Suga3,I have always maintained that he is clearly not Arsenal standard,and he wont definitely find himself a space in the 15 member squad of any other club in the top five.Just because of this nepotist senile loser Wenger,we are having the misery to watch that retard lose posession time and again.

    However,I agree with you that playing him in the central midfield in Cesc’s role wouldnt be as disastrous as he is now.But that means we might scrape through matches against some lower end teams,which we would normally win 5-0(if we play without him)

  15. Gooby

    we have walcott who can play on the wing or wilshere in the AM role nasri holding with diaby(gives us vision and technique from the back) and ebouwie the legend on the wing

  16. Gooby


    honestly, diaby is not as shite as you are trying to make him. i like his style and he has those skills that big players usually don’t have plus he can score. He reach maturity this season i believe.

  17. SUGA3


    it’s not like we win games 5-0 these days very often, is it? I reckon Diaby could play against the likes of Stoke or Blackpool (no disrespect), allowing Cesc much needed rest…

    which brings me to another reason why the players are leaving Arse – no depth in the squad quality wise means or first XI being run into the ground every season: why would you risk your career for the sake of somebody’s delusions?

  18. charliegeorge

    The trouble, folks, is that neither Eboue or Diaby are good enough. Talking about them isn’t going to make them better. They never were, and never will be, good enough for a club ranked amongst the richest in all of Europe – and for that matter, the world. When oh when will that self-consuming control freak get it through his head that players of that ilk have not merited and therefore have no right in wearing our famous shirt? Let me answer that: because it’s no longer our club, nor has it been our club for years. It’s been misappropriated by him, for him, and for all his Wengerphile cronies.

  19. A

    suga i don’t see him playing in cesc’s role – he plays the box to box role. Nasri/Rosicky/Wilshere to give Cesc a rest from time to time. The problem is that we’ve not really got anyone to give Diaby a rest! Nor Song, though I guess Lansbury and Frimpong may be capable of that in time.