£20mill Reina bid revealed + the move they didn’t tell you about!

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Well after weeks of keeping my mouth shut, finally I can reveal the names of goalkeeper and defensive midfielder I was told we were in for.

The Sun has forced my hand by getting hold of the Reina story which was my first name, this isn’t new, the phone call actually happened weeks ago when we were telling Barca where to go (June). So I can confirm that despite the massive sums of money involved, the story is bang on. What the Sun failed to mention that we enquired after Javier Mascharano as well.

Geoff alluded to these players numerous times in his posts to give you clues, but to be honest, he, like me, had given up on the story going anywhere so we thought it’d be best to stay quiet.

That’s why generally I’ve kept calm this summer because I was sure we were going after top names.The Spahic rumour flew in the face of everything I’d heard. I thought, how can we be in for world class players one minute… this guy the next? I assumed we’d done the usual and bid £2million for the pair and offered a years subscription to ATVO to sweeten the deal.

My initial theory was that we’d buy Reina for a princely sum allowing Schwarzer to go to Liverpool which would in turn allow them to buy some defensive reinforcements. I didn’t quite realise we’d be lumping out that much money for him, I thought it’d be a £25mill for the Argentinian and £15mill for Reina.

I’m sure that we’d all forgive the joker Reina for his misgivings if he signed up for the Arse and if a signing ever was going to get the fans going, it would be this one. It would probably be the most effective signing of Wenger’s reign. I’d liken it to walking through the desert for 5 year, living off beetles and lizards… then turning the corner and finding a 3 course meal that Gordon Ramsay had just prepared! You’d pleased because it’s food first and foremost… but damn, that is a great way to end your starvation!

The Spaniard in an Arsenal shirt would be an amazing coup and would satisfy our need for a quality keeper ten fold!

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Javier, I know he wants to go to Inter, but last year he wanted to go to Barcelona and then Madrid last season. He wants to play in an attacking line up and he wants Champions League football. Remember that Wenger has been in for him before when £7.5million was the touted price. I think he’d be a superb signing for us and he’d give our midfield real strength in depth. The guy has that little bit of nasty in him I feel we sometimes miss. He’s also a bit mad… I like that.

This could be a superb week and if it’s all true, it proves that we’ve now got money, that world-class players can be the future and that we could be the big guns once again!

I told you the two players we were in for wouldn’t disappoint… let me know if I was right in the comments!

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Himpressive

    @Cesc and AA23 and all frustrated iPhone users!:

    What you need to do is to instal “Atomic Web Browser” from the app store and use it instead of Safari on the iPhone. When installed (Atomic Browser), go to settings > multitouch Options, select “two finger swipe down” and choose “go to bottom of page”
    That’s what I use and I only need to swipe downwards with 2 fingers, which takes me right to the last comment! No messing about scrolling down a dog scratching for buried bone 😉

  2. Arse&Nose

    Eboudinhio was superb today, he is a legend.
    He always acknowledges the arsenal fans no matter where we play. Cesc can learn a lot from Eboues attitude.

  3. Keyser

    There’s several key players to come back and then it’s down to how well we gel together through the season.

    It doesn’t matter who comes in, we were always going to see inconsistentcy because there was no way around it. We can’t suddenly turn all these players into seasoned verterans and a completely cohesive unit.

  4. Keyser

    patthegooner – Sorry in my head I was thinking something different. You had it right, I was just thinking something like the Kanu goal above.

  5. patthegooner

    Kanu was class in his day. Can you remember the goal against Spurs, where he flicked back over his head and the Spuds Defender and then rifled it in.

  6. Keyser

    Stu – It depends how we’ve trained over the week, to be a cohesive unit you need partnerships all over the field, I think there’s one there that’s been there for a season, Clichy-Vermaelen.

    Today was different in that individual mistakes cost us, but compare us to the Legia team and they actually looked like a team, we looked like we didn’t know quite how to handle it. Especially in midfield with Wilshire and Frimpong.

  7. Marko

    Who’d your defensive signing be Stu? you seem like a sensible chap and it has to be someone realistic. I myself am torn between who’d be best for us Mertesacker, Tasci or Zapata. All good defenders but what exactly do we need? OBviously in the goalkeeping area it’s gotta be someone big and commanding and thats not Joe Hart but rather someone like Reina or Given or Lloris.

  8. Stu

    lol Keyser. The funny thing about that comment is that Liega has 6 new players starting in the first half. How many new ones did we have? 1 new defender and 1 new striker, plus frimpong who is new to the team but even so, we should have been more cohesive.

  9. louis

    i see stu and i agree it was a bad defensive performance but the reaction has just been ridiculous here and all top teams has lost preason games this season
    negative a new center back and goalkepper
    possitive offensively we are very dangerous

  10. A

    Marko did you just say that Given is big and commanding?!

    He’s tiny and as uncommanding as you can get!

    I agree with that above though, I’m torn too. Mertesacker fits the bill in some ways, height and experience, but very slow and in our high line that could be troublesome. Tasci I’ve not seen much of, but less experienced. Zapata would be coming from serie a, and that’s always more of a risk than other places, but he has the pace that mertesacker lacks.

    I wouldn’t mind us going back in for hangeland now, would just be similar to mertesacker but prem experience. Was always against him before, but we need someone desperately, and I’d be ok overlooking the high line thing just to get in a fourth player.

  11. Keyser

    Stu – Think about it though, how many different things could affect how a team plays, we still scored 6 in the end and could have scored more as well as probably conceding more.

    How the hell would you make an objective comparison ? Where are they in their pre-season, they’re at home, unveiling a new stadium, how many veterans do they have in the team ? How many years have they spent playing together and so on.

    How many of our players have played regularly together ? It’s why I thought the reaction was funny, because all of a sudden you’re making sweeping statements, when previously all it was, was a crappy pre-season game.

  12. Marko

    A Given has been consistently a great keeper for many years and I meant commanding in terms of players being in and around him not necessarily his height. Fabianski problem it seems is players around him and disrupting him. Maybe a mad German would be the trick like Rene Adler or Weidenfeiller of Dortmund.

  13. Stu

    I dont know anymore Marko. I have named so many over the summer but we dont make a lot of signings so whoever we buy has to be spot on and worth every penny.

    Ciani, Tasci is another, Mexes, Westermann, Alex of chelsea although thats highly unlikely.

  14. A

    Ah ok Marko.

    Yeah in terms of the type of player imo we need someone commanding though, someone who will help up deal with set pieces and long balls, both in terms of size wise and dealing with them personally, and organising.

    Given is average at best in both of those regards, and although an exceptional shot stopper really not what we would need imo.

    Fabianski is a bit different to Given in that he tries to deal with balls at times, and fails to get there, whereas Given never moves off his line, and just leaves it to the defence

  15. Stu

    Sorry Keyser, im not really focused, what sewwping statement did i make?

    They started half a new team. All our players aside from 3 have been together for at least a season.

    As you said, we could have scored and conceded more. We never seem to lack cohesiveness in attack, the defence never seems to be cohesive, even though today we started our first choice defence and 3 of them played together all last season.

  16. Dan,The Gooner.

    you just have to hope this will be wengers final season,then we can bring in a manager with fresh ideas.

  17. Marko

    What was it a while back that Ivan was in Germany? Was it to be told Mertesacker wasn’t available or was it for someone else? By all accounts though the big commanding goalkeeper isn’t Joe Hart either he’s too small and has the same attributes as Given minus the experience and consistency but Reina is the type of fella to push people out the way to get to the ball. Weidenfeller is 30 and 6ft 2 and Adler is 25 and 6ft 3 so I’d pick one of them buggers.

  18. A

    Marko Joe Hart is a relatively big keeper…. 6’3, not a giant but not small

    I agree though not what we need, far from proven, never played at a big club and dealt with those pressures, and still learning the game, not experienced and not someone who would help organise the defence, he’d be someone who’d need instruction from the defence.

  19. Keyser

    Stu – I was speaking in general, yeah and how old were those players, how experienced, and where are they in their pre-season.

    You don’t have to answer those questions, but how many people watch them regualarly enough to know whether they just played exceptionally well, or we were that poor.

    You’re making the same mistake some of the other people on here make, the defence and the attack aren’t too seperate entities. If we concede 5 but still win because we scored 6, it means something.

    Especially when you consider we were down by 3. It means little to nothing, especially when you consider we’ve got half a team to come back anyway.

  20. Marko

    Anyway I’m sure there’ll be some surprises coming to Arsenal. Probably gonna bring Maldini and Shilton out of retirement. That get the fans going. Anyway night all

  21. incesc


    stop judging given on fabiankis standards

    hes not a beast ok, but he is 50 times the keeper fannyanshit is.

    he would be a huge improvement, you act like fabshittyanskis only problem is commanding his area.

  22. cgander

    same old same old more players out less in,i really do think wenger reads untold arsenal everyday it really deludes him!!! why wont we replace the poor players we have its so avoidable,negligence at work gets you the sack!

  23. A

    No incesc, he’d be a slight improvement, but literally no improvement in terms of being flappy, playing against stokes etc, and conceding from corners.

    he’d be an improvement in terms of shot stopping, because he’s one of the best around, but he wouldn’t have made a difference with any of the goals we conceded today!

  24. Stu

    I dont think im making that mistake Keyser. I realise defending is very much a team thing and we need everyone to do their part, which certainly didnt happen today.

    I know i said about attack gelling but the defence not and i sort of stick by that. I think its a problem overall in the team that there isnt enough emphasis put on defending and the importance of it.

    We attack as a team, often having a CB or fullback in the final third but we dont defend (well) as a team (i know we do defend well sometimesbut when something goes wrong we nearly always concede).

  25. incesc

    also on another note, why the fuck has capello called up wilshere and gibbs, what a weak manager.

    it reaks of a poor PR stunt after a shit world cup. Neither has played at all for us, how can they play for england.

  26. ethangunner

    sixx pac says:
    August 8, 2010 at 00:31

    what a week I had at youth camp. Today we exorcised a demon. It was scary as hell
    does your momma know your calling her a demon?

  27. Doublegooner

    Wenger says this is his only club & he’s not looking for a new challenge.

    Well if doesnt make drastic surgery by the end of this month the club will be plummeting.

    If some of you think I’m being over dramtaic then all I can say is you must be happy watching the worse Arsenal defence for in nearly half a century, and I include our midfield as defensive unit too.

    Wenger must be start raving mad if he is satisfied with this squad.

    Let us prey that they have targetted & buy proper players in the next 3 weeks,

  28. Stu

    Not as such A. SOme said he should have saved it but didnt say it was his fault we conceded (i think).

    I blame the midfield for us conceding the first. Both Wilshere and Frimpong were over on our right wing closing down their left back(?) and there was noone in the middle to cover the space.

    In fact i think Frimpong does that far too often. He goes to close someone down and leaves lots of space to be expolited. He was closer to the forwards than he was the defenders too often today imo.

  29. A

    if given was targeted by stoke and blackburn with little protection from the defence he’d “cost us” points in exactly the same way, every time

  30. A

    Yeah I agree Stu, although those who said he should have saved it were obviously desperately looking to blame him!

    It was ridiculous the amount of space in the middle of the park

  31. incesc

    seriously Given is won of the best in the league, fannyshitcuntwankeranski is hands down the worst keeper.

    given might not be the most commanding but he is a very good keeper

  32. incesc

    stoke and blackburn didnt target him as they respect him, hes not an easy target with cunt written on his forehead.

  33. A

    given is not just not one of the most commanding, he’s below average in terms of dealing with crosses, and commanding his area.

    He’s one of if not the best shot stopper, but shot stopping isn’t where we’re lacking. he’s very good in the right team, but is the exact opposite of what we need

  34. Kreshnik

    what a shambolic defense display today
    offesively we’re set, but we really need 2 more CB’s and either a new goalie or leave the Shnez in net and get done with it Arsene. And sort your defensive shit out. And we really need a defensive restructuring, a whole mentality change, not only new players.

    The polish commentator kept saying Osama bin Laden for some reason, are we signing him to sort out our defense ? That might be a more proper way of fixing it, then Arsene fixing it

  35. Keyser

    Stu – What made you think our attack gelled ? We were 3-0 down before we got a proper shot in on there goal.

    Last season we played 19 games, conceded 20 odd goals, scored 50, that’s with a new centre-half partnership, a young midfield, and with a new formation. So you’d expect that to improve in the second half of the season as the team settles.

    We never got the chance, we played the next 19 games, conceded 20 odd goals, but scored 30, I’m guessing us not having Bendtner and Van Persie played quite a big part in that, then there were numerous other players out to.

    It starts from the front, the set-piece thing is another matter and I think we’ll dfenietly get another centre-back in and with the height with the other players coming back we should improve on that to.

  36. Doublegooner

    Fans nievely have been raving about Frimpong suggesting he;s the answer to our midfield blah blah.

    He may turn out in a couple of years a real player but no way is he the answer for what is an exceptionally important position,

  37. incesc

    fabianski is shit in every respect.

    shot stopping he gets beaten near post in a fa cup semi

    crosses – i sont even have to mention

    positioning – horrific, caught out on a cross vs porto pushes it into his own net.

    decision making – porto again

    temperament – well it obbiously effects him he gets worse and worse and clearly cant handle it, ie wigan.

    now Given…

    not the most commanding, everything else excellent.

  38. Stu

    Gelled in that we scored 6 with good movement. And i meant overall in pre season.

    Not that its suprising because we probably do a lot of attacking training so they are aware of eachothers styles. Wish the same could be said of defence.

  39. A

    second goal was pretty ridiculous today, was very weird situation, having half the players on the pitch in about 2 square metres. guess fabianski in that situation should’ve just stayed on his line rather than tried to deal with it, as with that many people there was always a risk of getting tripped up or obstructed

  40. incesc

    and fabianski hasnt even played much, his mistakes to time played makes him onn average atrocious.

    given is a god compared to him

  41. incesc


    second goal fabianski should have organised his defence so he wasnt so exposed

    stop making excuses.

    thats hes penalty box

  42. A

    incesc the only thing given is excellent at is shot stopping, that’s all he is, hence his never having played for a big team despite being available a good few times.

    Given is VERY overrated because being a good shot stopper means that you look amazing on highlights reels, spectacular etc.

  43. Keyser

    Stu – Good movement ? we were 3-0 down, we came back into it because we completely upped the intensity after the break, we pressed hard and tried to push on, luckily we didn’t concede at the back on the break. Which just as easily we could’ve, either that or we would’ve faded as we got tired.

  44. A

    what incesc?!

    organised the defence how?!

    if their attackers decide to stand 2m from goal, the defenders are.

    NOTHING to do with organising, it was a Fab mistake in that it was a misjudgement to go for it, he should’ve stayed on his line.

  45. Stu

    Fabianski tripped over Vermaelens leg, which was right in front of him. He should have either stayed on his line or looked where he was walking. Frimping jumped under the cross too, another sort of mistake by him.

    Liega obviously got some advice from Fat Sam because they completely surrounded Fabianski on that corner and it payed off.

  46. Doublegooner


    Legia looked a 1st divison side so as bad as it was concedding 5, it was nothing spevisl to score 6.

    Its a travesty how far we’ve gone backwards with our defence, especially as we have legends working for the club or could come in yet Wenger ignores making the coaching changes.

  47. incesc

    given is a decent keeper and a great shot stopper as you keep on banging on about

    fabianski cost us 6 points in 4 games

    given = huge improvement

    are you blind?

  48. A

    Should’ve stayed on his line imo Stu – with that many bodies there it would be impossible to guarantee that you could get something on it, so you just have to stay there and rely on the defence to deal with it. Unless you’re an absolute beast….

  49. incesc

    its not like given is awful on crosses, positioning, temperament, decision making. Hes good at it all.

    fabianski is shit at everything.

  50. A

    incesc i’m assuming that three of the points you’re talking about fabianski costing us were against stoke?

    in which case sticking given in the same situation would’ve made precisely fuck all difference.

  51. Stu

    Fine Keyser, we were shit going forward as well as at the back. You win.

    Re:Given. He is better than Fabianski, no doubt. He is like a better version of Fab but with confidence. He is better but wouldnt solve out problem of poor organisation.

  52. incesc


    more importantly why does A love fabianski and always say given is shit?

    evey keeper anyone ever mentions A just says is shit apart from schwarzer as if fabianski is some amazing player who just cant catch a cross

  53. A

    yes he is incesc, he is awful on crosses, set pieces, and long balls – he never moves an inch off his line.

    There was a good article about the way that he always looks amazing, because he makes so many amazing and spectacular saves, but defenders who play in front of him always look much worse than they really are, because of his total lack of organisational ability, or commanding his area.

  54. Stu

    Yeah he should have stayed on his line A but since he made the decision to go for the ball he should have at least made sure he could get there. In fact, he usually goes for the ball and misses it far too often. Its almost the opposite to Almunia, who rarely comes off his line.

  55. A

    I don’t save given is shit incesc – in the right team he’s very good, but he’s the exact opposite keeper we need, and we’re the exact opposite team that would suit him.

    I never say fabianski is an amazing player either in the slightest, just not as bad as people make out desperately trying to blame him for everything

  56. Keyser

    Stu – I win ? Don’t be a child. It’s not rocket science you plum, if you score 6 and concede 5 In the same game, the chances are they had an effect on each other.

  57. A

    Yeah I agree Stu, and it’s that mentality which is good and bad.

    He wants to take responsibility for dealing with things, rather than leave them to the defence, but he does it when there’s too great a risk. Had Vermaelen not stuck his leg out then he may have gotten to it, but it was just too big a risk because that sort of thing can happen.

  58. A

    Yeah Stu I agree with that re Given and Fabianski.

    Although Fabianski WANTS to be the right type of keeper for us, he WANTS to be commanding etc and come out and command his 6 yard box, deal with the ball, but that isn’t the type of keeper he SHOULD be.

    He should be a Given, primarily a shot stopper

  59. Keyser

    incesc – So you and A have both got weird goalkeeper fetishes.

    Honestly Fabianski’s got some huge problems, but Given’s hardly the Gianluigi Buffon, actually he’s not even fucking close.

    For most of his career, he’d get shitty little commentators saying,’ooh lucky Given was in goal, or they could’ve got a 6th there.’

  60. incesc

    look sorry to argue.

    fabianski is as bad as people make out, he played 4 league games and cost us six points.

    he caught the balls then bounced it off brambles head into the goal.

    i just get exasperated knowing we go into the season next week and he is our number one.

    its suicide and it means we have no chance at all, ever of winning the league.

    no chance in hell.

  61. Stu

    Whats with the insults Keyser? Meanie.

    Obviously they have an effect on eachother because we have everyone wanting to help score but noone wanting too help defend. Thats the problem.

  62. Keyser

    Stu – That wasn’t insulting, you were just being childish.

    It just annoys me when people go on like we’ve never been good defensively, if we’re one of the best teams around it’s because we like to attack, I’d say it’s even harder to be great at the back aswell, because like you say soo many of our players want to score.

    Thing is if we’re better in possession up front and creating chances instead of giving the ball away aimlessly then chances are we’re not going to have to much defending.

    Last season everyone blamed the defence, but when Bendtner and Van Persie were out we were left with no outlet to release the pressure and it told in the amount of goals we ended up with.

  63. incesc

    caught offside saying we are in for chielini and viviano.

    i do think football journalism must be a fun job.

  64. incesc


    if wenger knows we have this attacking philosophy, and he knows we are weak at the back, why havent we signed a good keeper and a good cb. Surely you buy experience for your most weak and exposed areas.

  65. A

    lol incesc, i had a bit of time making up rumours for one of the british papers, just such a waste of time the whole thing – pretty annoying too!

  66. Stu

    Im not being childish. I just didnt want to argue that we had done well in attack. We scored 6 but you denied/wouldnt accept that we gelled reasonably well.

    Had i said we didnt gell in attack you probably would have pointed to the 6 goals saying we did. I got the feeling you were just looking to disagree with something.

    I agree that we were shit at the back last season because we couldnt relieve the pressure as we lacked a proper CF though.

  67. Keyser

    incesc – I think we’ll buy a centre-back, as a goalie I didn’t want one of your average goalies like Schwarzer or Given, though Schwarzers more commanding of his area, I wanted top class or nothing.

    If you look at who was out yesterday, it was Bendtner, Van Persie, Fabregas, Song, Diaby and Arshavin, midfield or strikers.

    It doesn’t matter who or when we get people in I think we’ll start off the season slow and build into it.

  68. incesc

    its fairly obvious when people start talking about players on here and on other blogs they end up being potential transfers.

    I bet if we spend all next week saying we want milner and a one of us says we have a source whose heard we are in for him, it will get in a paper!

  69. incesc

    “I wanted top class or nothing.”

    i want top class too, but failing that premiership experience is better than nothing(fabianksi)

  70. Keyser

    Stu – I think I need a break from the blog, I told my brother to get me a book, the plum got me one by the same author but the wrong title.

    It’s tedious watching people post, regurgitate and repost the same things, when half the time they don’t make sense, and no I don’t mean you.

    You get people saying it’s only pre-season, then when we make a mistake they cream themselves and start whining.

    The defence needs improvement, but look at the players we had out, they might all be midfielders and strikers, but they would all help.

    That’s my point with the attack, it goes hand in hand with the defence, if we’re 3-0 down, then the attack needs to improve aswell as the defence because there’s a big fat zero next to their names.

  71. A

    Haha never Arsenal rumours though Stu! And yeah, I did trawl blogs to come up with potential rumours….

    Although obviously proper sports journos have genuine contacts, they do need to fill pages from time to time so need rumours for certain teams especially, the less rumoured ones

  72. Keyser

    incesc – No, because Fabianski, I’d still have Almunia over him, got bullied in the air on set pieces, Given is shit in the air or on set-pieces.

    There’s loads of other things we can improve to help the goalie out, Fabianski and Almunia are decent with a good team in front of them, or at least Almunia is.

    I want a physical centre-back that’s quick enough to keep pace with most strikers and then I just want us to have a reasonable start to the season which we can build on.

  73. Stu

    lol I think we could all do with a break from here Keyser. Some days the amount of negaitivity sways me and makes me mervous about the forthcoming season and then i get all negative too. Other days (like the post yesterday) fills me with confidence and im ready to go.

    Sixx Pac, i’ve applied for membership to the D&G club. Not sure if i’ll get in though because im not consistent enough.

  74. Keyser

    I think we should get a 5-a-side team for the blog, I swear Arseblog have one or something that plays in a tounament at the Emirates.

    I think I’d be pretty decent, though I am incredibly fat.

  75. incesc

    last thing i’ll say about fabianski

    im sure he is a decent enough player, wenger is no idiot and im sure he knows a lot more about keepers than any idiot like me on a blog.

    i just think hes not ready, he should go to a team like charlton or norwich on loan.

    he needs to learn the game, and know when a cross comes in hes good enough to go for it. have experience of catching the ball and be relaxed in his decision making through experience.

    when lehmann came into the team i remember being at the ground and he got loads of stick and he came good.

  76. Keyser

    incesc – With Lehman, watch games from the continent, and in most of the leagues I think, you’re barely allowed to touch the goalie, only here can you stick 2-3 players on him and just barge him around.

    I think it’s confidence, but that starts with the team in front of him. We need to put out a regular team and play them consistently to the point where we can rotate through choice and keep players fit.

  77. Keyser

    You seen the World of Warcraft episode of South Park ? I think we’re all pretty much like that in real life.

  78. Keyser

    A – I think I mis-read it, it’s around Herts somewhere, heh, but it’s got Arseblog represented and they hold it before the Emirates Cup.

  79. incesc

    le grove world of war craft haha



  80. Stu

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! That can not be serial!!!!

    He looks like he’s possessed by an animal devil and is squeeling like a pig.

    Get Al Gore in. Its the early stages of ManBearPig.

  81. Stu

    Im sorry, that guy has got to be retarded in one way or another. Ungrateful little cunt!! All the cunt has to do is get it painted or something.

  82. bob

    Wenger may moan about the daily bombardment of stories about Cesc Fabregas leaving to rejoin Barcelona. But the Fabregas saga has provided a bit of a smokescreen for a manager who said he would do his transfer business before the World Cup.

  83. Stu

    I dunno Keyser, they said he could take his anger out on the truck but it is his, so its not like he is gonna smash his own windows.

  84. terry

    a def mid, a def and a new gk or else we are screwed….

    def mid is a must…..
    we were exploitd in the middle of the park….

  85. moray

    From the Guardian….

    “Although his preference is to finish his day-to-day managerial career with Arsenal, he is aware that the years are passing and expects to step down from the rigours of commanding a top‑level club at 65. Wenger will be 61 in October and, unless his health and energy levels surprise him in the years to come, a less stressful position is on the cards in four years’ time. “I’ve set myself a target until 65 and then I will certainly make a move to some different job, unless I still feel like I feel today.”

  86. Jaguar reloaded

    Wenger will stay here till 65,until he makes the maximum money and fuck off to some other club,after leaving us in the mid table.

  87. Spectrum

    Wenger should be charged with criminal negligence.To be persisting with the two fools who pass as goalkeepers, and not sign two more c.b.’s and a DM, is shameful. His inflated ego won’t allow him to swallow his pride, and admit that his faith in certain players is misplaced. He is trying desperately to prove that HIS judgment is right, and EVERYONE ELSE is wrong.
    He is gambling everything this season on one last throw of the dice so that his obsessive belief in this team can be vindicated. It’s the last year of his contract. Let’s hope he leaves.Thanks for the memories, Arsene, but you’ve outstayed your welcome.
    “In Arsene we rust”.

  88. Ketch

    would liverpool really want to sell one of there top players? Never mind both and to one of their biggest rivals in the league. I believe that might have but it wont happen