Shocking discovery at the Emirates, PuyolIniesta to go on my new home shirt and why Arsenal will win the league and Carling Cup.

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So Pedro and I went to Members day at the Emirates, as shareholders we got taken to the new WM club and were given a free lunch with wine, very nice of them indeed, would I pay out £10k to join it, no, it was like eating in the works canteen, lovely staff and reasonable food, but £10k, not a chance.

Not to mention the club level fans in that area have lost probably 10,000sq ft. of lounge area, shame on you Arsenal, you have tried to find another way of skinning the same fans and that’s not right. If it was a restaurant that you could pay at on the day, I would have applauded it, but it isn’t and that’s just greedy, there is only so much money the fans will keep on paying and Arsenal may have just found the tipping point. And they package it up like they are giving the fans something extra. Shameful.

I expect it to turn into a restaurant in a season or two. Mark my words.

We sat in our seats and had an official for company, he wasn’t a steward, but he was a top bloke, and strangely, shared our views on recent events, non signings and all things Arsenal, we all agreed the stadium was a great move and Arsenal do some stuff better than anyone, anyway, we watched the team picture being taken and waited to see the players train.

They all went in and were announced as they came out, first out was world cup winner and captain, Cesc Fabregas, he came out to a roar and he ran out like my son did when he played for the cubs, excited, smiling and his kness were hitting his shoulders, he was excited, happy and seemed delighted to be there, what the hell has been going on this summer? He sure didn’t look like he didn’t want to be there, then the crowd burst into ‘we got Cesc Fabregas’ he loved it and clapped back and smiled like he had just won the pools, top, top man. He’s back and he’s back to stay!

Onto the team, I was looking at the players and in particular Denilson, you all know my views, but he’s bulked up, I said to Pedro, what if he has a Flamster season, I remember Flamini and apart from his stint at left back, I thought he was rubbish, then he had a wonder season, when Milan played us last weekend, I thought how much I wish we had him, then I looked at Denilson and something happened to me, I thought supposing he comes good? Hmmm, let’s see, it could happen.

So why do I think that? Frimpong, he has had a great pre-season and for the first time, Song and Denilson have competition and are on the timer, I hope so, I really want those two to be what we lack, an enforcer, a dirty pair of little gits that will show the other teams not to mess with our stars. Watch this space.

Chamakh came on to a huge cheer as did Robin the boy wonder, so I looked at the kids and thought, they don’t look so young anymore and when we play in the Carling cup, they will beat anyone, I really think this will be our year.

As for having Puyol and Iniesta on my new shirt, I think those two tossers have done more for Wenger’s resolve that £80mil could have, I also think they have disrespected us and Cesc knows it, so a big thank you to the pair of them!

Now the shocking news was we discovered Sagna can actually cross a decent ball, he made three crosses that went above knee height and found JET and Chamakh each time, a sign of good things to come.

No, it wasn’t the wine, this all took place before the two bottles that piggy Pedro and I polished off. The down side was Almunia was announced as number 1, and that surprised me, Pedro, the official from Arsenal and I all agreed we need to get a keeper we can rely on, Mannone looked better than our number 1.

So in all, I was very happy with what I saw, I didn’t expect to be, but I was. So why do I think we’ll win the league? Well the Chavs and Mancs have hardly bought, Rooney can’t have another season like the last and both teams are getting older, Terry was shocking at the world cup as was fat Frank, I would be surprised if either of them finish above us. Liverpool will improve and the spuds will tread water as will Villa. Man City have bought way too many players and can’t really play like a team.

So our kids will have had another year together and have bulked up, Nasri looks world class, Robin and Cesc are, Wilshere and Rosicky will give us trickery, Chamakh will be our Drogba and I expect Frimpong, Song and Denilson to provide what we have previously lacked, bottle and aggression.

I also think that Theo will finally prove why Wenger rates him so highly, I know many of you think he’s no good, but I think he will have a great year and JET gives us options at last, don’t loan him out boss.

Koscielny and Vermaelen are great tacklers and read the game well but struggled with the high balls and Almunia doesn’t instill confidence, if Wenger can bring in a big world class (big) defender and a keeper that can catch a ball at set pieces, then I think we’ll clean up. And Arsenal legend Frank McLintock who was a special guest, agreed.

For some of you, me saying that will be the real shocking discovery and not the crossing ability of Sagna.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, we need to play Liverpool with our best team, and that means Cesc and Robin have to play. Finally I didn’t see Diaby, I hear he pulled a muscle getting out of his Ferrari on his way to the team photo shoot. Get well soon Apu, sorry I meant Abu. (not the owner of the quicki-mart in the Simpson’s)

Have a great day Grovers, I have a funny feeling this year.

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  1. Thierry Henry is god

    The slogan should be:

    “Arsenal.. An experience like you won’t see anywhere else.”

    That way I could say:

    Fair enough, since there’s no other football club spending so little on ———football——–

  2. dennisdamenace

    Oh I’m sorry did I hurt your feelings there, I do apologise for having no interest whatsoever in your personal commitments etc etc etc blah blah blah….

  3. KM

    I dnt believe this Mexes rumour. hell – none of the ‘insider info’ rumours have materialised – it was all BULLSHIT! 😉

  4. Adam

    I can’t believe I just had to read a statement from the captain of our club saying “I wish I was a Barcelona, but they can’t afford me yet”.

    Fuck you, you CUNT. van Persie for captain, at least he loves the club.

  5. arsenesabemejor

    Had a quick look at a couple of sites in spain and many barca fans are very unhappy with cesc and now say they dont want him and are calling for Barca to sign Ozil!!

  6. Thierry Henry is god

    We should be happy at least that our club does know still how to say “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on” to clubs trying to bully us. All respect to Gazidis on that part of the summer dealings.

    As for the whole thing with Old Bird;

    I think it’s great that Pedro/Geoff let her post what she felt. Football is fast becoming entertainment for those few who can afford it, I myself am a student and can only dream of buying a ticket for a game, much less a season ticket. The game used to be for everyone, and Arsenal with their ticket prices is one of the clubs that have gone the furthest from that.

    So all respect to Old Bird for writing what she felt and for Geoff/Pedro for letting her on Le Grove, and those of you who think her post was a waste of space. Well fuck you too.

  7. Ohmooniaaaaahhahhah!

    SAck COCO or be damned to a SEason of what if’s n might ave Beens and saYing a ADios to our FrEnch GerMan buDDy the ARSEne….

    These are important days for a knowledgable life-long GOONER like me and not a Jonathan-Come-Lately like you knob jockeys

  8. peter

    I will be happy if we can go for Gourcuff now that we are sure that fab will stay for one more year…..I’m sure he will definitely move on next summer. I want him(gourcuff) to be part of the team so that when fab leaves, he will step in immediately…..I’m not fully convinced with that his statement

  9. KM

    i was thinking abt Ozil as a transfer target but i just can’t see where he would fit in. He just does not fit into our plans. Short term or future.

    Ozil plays AM/LW.

    LW: At present we have Arshavin, his deputy is Vela. In 2years when Arshavin goes back to Russia, Wellington will step in as Vela’s deputy.

    AM: WE have Cesc, who we know is on his way out nxt year. After that we have Nasri, who will be totally ready imo at the end of this season to play as AM. We also have Rosicky who can play there. Ramsey is out of the equation this year. We also have Wilshere who can play AM & RW

  10. Jet1970

    KM – I was going to comment on Denilson but as he is getting so much praise here today I didn’t think it would go down well!!! I thought he looked like a bit of a South American Ladyboy…I can see him at Rio Carnival fully made up with his manhood strapped between his legs. So much for him bulking up…

  11. Wenger the liar

    KM –

    Thats good, they should invent a word for that sort of promotion from within……

    Internal solutions perhaps.

  12. Honest Bill

    All we really know about the Cesc situation, is that Barcelona have not offered enough for us to sell him. That is not to say they won’t be making an improved offer before the window closes.

    I’ll believe he’ll be here for this season when the transfer window has closed and he’s still on our books. Until then, his future is, in my opinion, still up for debate.

    I know Barcelona can’t really afford to pay his value, but they wouldn’t be the first club to buy what they couldn’t afford.

  13. chippy

    Do you really think it would be Much different if Barca Or Madrid were In for VP or Tommy V theyd do exactly what cesc has done,

    They have a short carear and want to win things at the biggest clubs thats life,

  14. KM

    the RW

    At present we have Nasri who is 1st choice imo

    2nd choice Walcott

    Rosicky 3rd choice.

    Wilshere/Eboue/Bendtner can also play there.

    I dnt think Walcott is good enough…yes he has pace but he lacks the decision making intelligence. quality players have that by 21. He may be a late bloomer and might develop later on but can we afford to keep him there because it means talents like Wilshere/JET dnt get those opportunities

  15. Adam

    Chippy, I didn’t care that he wanted to go, I’m just disgusted by how pathetic and grudging his statement was. is that weird?

    Yesterday i’d be quite happy to keep him against his will if he handed in a transfer request, today I don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

  16. Jet1970

    Honest Bill – good point but remember that Barca and Cesc will have been in close contact all summer and Cesc would not have come out with teh statement he did unless he knew that it was dead an buried for this season. There is much mention of these private conversations between AW and Cesc and I can only assume AW told Cesc he didn’t want him to leave but if he did want to go Barca would have to make a big offer. Ie Cesc knew that if the right offer didn’t come in he would stay for another year. It’s great to have him back but I am fed up with having this nail bitter every summer with certain players – we had 3 or 4 seasons of it with Paddy V and a couple with TH14. I suppose it means we have world class players but when Cesc was always so clear that he would not be leaving it is sad that his head has finally been turned. I just hope he gives 110%…

  17. A

    Chippy yes it would be absolutely totally and utterly different.

    Cesc’s situation is pretty unique.

    David Ozil is nowhere near as good as Cesc….

    Nasri and Ozil are similar imo

  18. David

    Walcott is our no 1 RW.

    All this “lack of intelligence” thing is rubbish.

    Theo does all the hard things well..makes intelligent runs all the time.

  19. David

    Ozil is clearly the better player than Nasri.

    Dont see any similarities at all…except for the fact that Nasri is direct for being indirect.

  20. A

    Although neither Nasri nor Theo, nor Bendtner/Chamakh/Rosicky are our number one right winger, we won’t have a number one right winger, it’ll rotate depending on form/fitness and the situation and opposition

  21. KM

    Random thoughts

    Will Nasri be shifted to AM after Cesc leaves?

    If yes will Wilshere play as RW?

    Will Ramsey play as backup AM to Nasri or will he play as the BTB midfielder?

  22. KM

    Cesc Fábregas admits Barcelona interest but pledges future to Arsenal
    • ‘I cannot deny that joining Barcelona was attractive for me’
    • ‘I will respect Arsenal’s decision and be 100% focused’

    Cesc Fábregas has finally ended this summer’s most protracted transfer saga by committing himself to Arsenal for at least another season and apologising to the club’s fans for not offering assurances earlier that he would not move to Barcelona.

    Fábregas said: “Firstly, I would like to apologise to all the Arsenal fans for not speaking sooner about my future but I have not known what I was going to do until this moment. I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was an attractive move for me. This was the club where I learnt my football, it is my home town where my friends and family are and a club where I have always dreamed of playing. There are not many players in the world who would not want to play for Barcelona.”

    The 23-year-old midfielder, who won this summer’s World Cup with Spain, revealed that Arsenal had turned down two offers from Barcelona. It is thought the Catalan club offered £29m in June.

    Fábregas said: “I have had many conversations with Arsène Wenger [the Arsenal manager] both in person and over the phone over the last few months and although the content of those conversations will remain private, the conclusion is that Barcelona have had two formal offers rejected by Arsenal. I am a professional and I fully understand that it is Arsenal’s prerogative not to sell me.

    “I owe a lot to the club, the manager and the fans and I will respect their decision and will now concentrate on the new season ahead with Arsenal. I can assure all the fans that now the negotiations have ended I will be 100% focused on playing for Arsenal. I am an Arsenal player and as soon as I step out on to the pitch, that is the only club I will be thinking about. I am looking forward to the start of the season and putting this speculation behind me.”

  23. Honest Bill

    I reckon that Nasri is an extremely talented lad and will go on to become ‘world class’ for us.

    Just hope he keeps his shooting boots on, he could be quite a prolific midfielder.

  24. A

    KM Wilshere won’t play as right forward I doubt, occasionally perhaps but not permanently – he needs to be central

  25. A

    Yeah HB I agree, very very talented, and just a pity that Diaby managed to break his leg in pre season which meant that he couldn’t kick on from his progress in the previous season.

    This year with a full pre season he should really show us what he can do

  26. chippy

    No it Isnt he wants to leave for a bigger club that will give him a better chance of winning trophies like many thousands of footballers before him, If we were winning things wed have a better chance of keeping hold,In the end hed go as its his home but weve speeded up the process by showing absolutley no ambition,

    To think players like Van Persie and Toomy V would stay at Arsenal if those type of clubs come in for them is laughable in my view,

    Mate i see where your coming from but for me personally id rather he tells the truth rather than sugar coats a lie,

  27. gambon

    I would imagine Wilshere will play a significant part of his early games for the first team wide right or left to bed him in.

  28. A

    Cesc wants to move to a club that:

    1. Is in his hometown
    2. He’s supported all his life
    3. He played for as a kid
    4. His boyhood chums play for
    5. His international team-mates play for
    6. Last year broke every record, and are considered the best club side ever in his home country
    7. Win trophies regularly

    Number 7 would apply to any player, 1-6 are unique to Cesc.

    It’s ridiculous of anyone to think that number 7 is the be all and end all, and the only thing that matters.

  29. gambon

    Lol that Walcott is our first choice RW.

    Wenger doesnt trust him in the slightest, with good reason, he isnt a footballer.

  30. David

    Yea but why now A?

    1-6 have always been the case…no 7 is the catalyst to speed up the equation.

    You think hed have been claiming for a move if we won the league and made it to the CL final?

  31. Honest Bill

    Obviously it being his hometown and all that does factor into Cesc’s desire to play there. But them being a massive club who are getting all the plaudits under the sun is the main reason.

    There is a reason why we’re not all worried about Arshavin’s St Petersburg DNA

  32. chippy

    And why all of a sudden has this urge come back? Has nothing to do with Barca winning everything in sight and being the best club side in football,Not to mention having to watch them actually tonk us last year in embarrasing fashion!!

    So by your reckoning Van Persie loves Arsenal so much hed never leave Is this the same Van Persie that left the club he supported as a child to sign for Arsenal?

    Ashley cole supported Arsenal but left for more money and a bigger chance of winning things,Henry loved Arsenal but went to Barca to win things, Brady left to join Juve to win things it happens no big deal,

  33. Wenger the liar

    A –

    But in response to chippys point, do you think that if next summer (after weve won fuck all again, dead cert) if Real or Barca come in for RVP or Tommy V they would want to stay?

    Will they release a statement saying “they can furfill their ambitions here etc etc”

    What do you think?

  34. KM

    I agree Cesc is miles ahead of Ozil atm because Cesc is ALWAYS in the game, whereas Ozil drifts in and out of the game

    Ozil v Nasri

    Ozil definately has more speed and can comfortably play as LW whereas its obvious from watching Nasri that he belongs in the centre as AM. Ozil is also more direct but he is beautiful to watch

    Nasri can be a fantastic but you get the feeling that he needs more time and needs to be THE MAN in the team. He holds back sometime and needs to be more direct….he’s got the skills but just needs consistency in his game.

  35. David


    Absolutely spot on.

    My issue with Nasri is that he never steps up to orchestrate things when Cesc is injured.

    Ozil constantly pulls the strings for club and country

  36. Jet1970

    Chippy/ Pedro – you are right, Cesc deserved to be playing with better players rather than us always waiting to have bargain buys finally come good. If AW had bought the right players (alonso for me a coupe of seasons back would have done it for Cesc) he would not be thinking about going. What is the point of bringing on players like Cesc if when we make them world class they are playing with a bunch of also rans and so leave.

  37. chippy

    Anyways hes here for another year at least and which ever way you look at it that will give us a better chance of winning something

    On that not i bid you farwell as im off on a stag do

    Up The Arse,

  38. chippy

    One last point, Id much rather a player that wants to be the best and play for the best and win the biggest trophys than one thats happy coasting through his carear (and we have a few like that in the squad at the moment),

  39. Adam

    didnt give us 7 years of his career. was under the impression he gets paid, nurtured, given playing time he wouldn’t have got elsewhere. we made him who he is then as soon as he’s world class, wants to fuck off. said he was staying all season then changes his tune. cunt.

  40. KM


    i think we need a crazy motherfukker as CB & GK who’l direct/organise the defence. We are a shambles defensively. Wenger has not taught this team how to defend collectively, which is why we fall apart when a big team pressurises us

  41. mc29

    geoff, can you please help me out.. im trying to enter the metro le grove mini league however it says invalid pin and league combination’ whats wrong???

  42. Wenger the liar

    We didnt “make him who he is” he was going to be world class regardless of where he played, if we “made him who he is” how come we cant transform Denilson in a decent player from the cunt he currently is.

  43. A

    David yeah I do think he’d still be after a move if we’d made it into the Champs League final and won the league, absolutely….

    1-4 have always been true, 5-7 have been much more so in recent years.

    If 6-7 applied to Madrid, or Inter, then he certainly wouldn’t be after a move to either of them….

  44. Adam

    Fabregas (paraphrased) –

    Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t spoken about my future sooner but i only just found out I can’t go to Barca. I really wanted to go to Barca because all players want to go to Barca.

    Barca made 2 formal offers for me, unfortunately it wasn’t 3 though. Therefore I reluctantly accept that Arsenal don’t have to sell me for $3.50 so I will only be able to suck Xavi’s cock during international weeks.

    I assure the fans that now the negotiations have ended I will be focused on Arsenal, until the negotiations start again.

    I am looking forward to the end of the season so I can put this all behind me.

  45. Pedro

    Chippy, I’m with you.

    Cesc is moving on because he wants to play with great players week in week out.

    The ‘playing with his friends’ stuff is a load of rubbish. He has mates at Arsenal. Who’d go and work at a company with the mates they went to school with? I couldn’t think of anything worse…

    Not to mention the fact that most kids stick with people their own age at school. How many would truly have been his friends growing up?

    As for the love for the club… well, I didn’t see too much love when he shafted them.

    The cold hard truth is that he doesn’t believe the players around him are good enough to compete. If he did, he wouldn’t be in such a rush.

  46. Wenger the liar


    Look at the brighter side.

    At least we never banked £60m for him then listen to Arsene talk bollocks about how everyone puts up their prices 50% for every midfielder we try and sign cause its us.

    Then when the season starts instead of Cesc playing the role we would have internal solution Diaby behind the front line.

    I would have Cesc here wearing a Barca shirt under the Arsenal top over that.

  47. Jet1970

    A – 1 to 4 have always been true but if Barca were some third division outfit and another big spanish or italian club came in for him who met 5,6 and 7 then he would still want to go. He wants to go as they are a successful club from his homeland and it just so happens he supported them as a boy etc, if they were spains equivalent of Doncaster he wouldn’t be itching to go.

    And by the way he’s not a Cunt, if anything AFC and AW have let him down as when he joined us it looked like we were going places and had a team to challenge on all fronts. Does anyone think we could tempt a 14 or 15 year old Cesc from Barca youth ranks now? NO CHANCE!!!! Look at the team we had when he joined 7 years ago and what we have now, the Club have let him down by not investing in experience and quality (which you can still do and have a good youth system – remember Cesc and Cashley hole came through the ranks when we had world class players in the side ahead of them….

  48. Chop-Suey

    so now all those spanish f8ckers talk about Fab joining them next year.. we’ll see about that

    apart from Cesc’s reasons, he signed for another 5 years and is undeniably arsenal’s most valuable asset.. i can’t see arsenal selling their only fucking world class player on sentimental reasons because Barca players love Fab and they are ment to be… not on the CHEAP

    so my money’s on Cesc banging in more goals than last season and unless they show up with 80mil next summer I reckon he could be here for some time..

  49. Rohan

    If we won the Champions League and Premier League this season, he’d almost definitely have left.
    It would give him closure in that he has won something with Arsenal. The same situation applies this year.

    For what it’s worth, I completely agree with A. Him wanting to leave doesn’t have to do with him not wanting to play for us. It’s just that he wants to play with Barca more and as A’s 1-6 reasons list he doesn’t want to miss out on his hometown boyhood club’s greatest ever period in history in all probability.

  50. Adam

    WTL – I’m quite happy we’re forcing him to stay, we’re a better team with him.

    Like I said, I’m just totally disgusted by the bullshit statement he’s put out, it’s an insult.

    What I just wrote, is exactly what I took from what he said, it made me feel sick.

    He’s a cunt.

  51. Jet1970

    Wenger the liar – yes on the £60m and price jacking thing what the club needs to do before cesc go is do the deal with Barca but agree to buy the players we want before the price jacking starts. You can bet that if we have that cash burning a hole in AW’s pocket we won’t be able to sign anyone. Saying that…who am I kidding we sold the big lanky block last season to Man Shitty and didn’t do much with the cash did we?

  52. JJ

    Geoff – Your “funny feeling” can be attributed to drinking wine in the sun yesterday.

    We will outscore the lesser teams and be punished by the Chavs and both Mancs if we don’t strengthen/wise up tactically in defense PERIOD!

  53. Rohan

    Look, he’s given us 8 years now of what is destined to be a great career. Calling him a cunt is bang out of order especially given the situation he’s in.

    What if you were an Arsenal fan who grew up in Islington who was picked off by say Valencia when you were 15? Then all of a sudden Arsenal started winning absolutely everything and probably were the greatest club side in history. Then what? You would have a burning ambition to return wouldn’t you.
    Cesc probably hasn’t covered himself in glory I have to admit what with the constant tapping up by Barca players which he didn’t try and stop but he has admirably told the plain truth and I respect him for that. I believe he’s going to give nothing less than 100%

  54. Arse&Nose

    Cesc’s grudge should be with barca not arsenal. They are the ones who teased him and didnt back it up with a proper bid, they knew from the start that they wouldnt get him this season.

  55. Adam

    Rohan, thats your opinion, that’s fine. I quite understand why he might want to leave.

    I’m just pissed about the way he’s done it.

    But I will stop calling him a cunt because i don’t want to turn into Jaguar.

  56. Jet1970

    No he’s not a cunt, Cashley Hole is a cunt, Adebayor is a cunt, Ryan Shawcross in a Cunt and Barca are Cunts. Cesc cannot be compared to any of those, he is a legend and without him for the last 2 seasons we would have been well outside the top 4. It’s just hard accepting that his time with us is drawing to a close.

  57. Arse&Nose

    Jet, there are different levels of cuntishness

    Cesc is not a legend and never will be! Legend status is reserved for winners, for loyal players and cesc is neither he has made it clear that he is only an employee of the club.

  58. JJ

    Spot on Rohan.
    Adam – No, you don’t want to be another Jaguar 🙂 I also liked your Cesc paraphrazed statement. Fairly accurate.

  59. John A

    Hi guys – can’t believe I’ve been away for 2 weeks and Wenger has signed NO-ONE. What the feck is he on !

    Unless he makes a couple of MAJOR signings before the Liverpool game, then he has to step down and let someone else with a brain take over.

    All the bullshit talk he has fed us over the last 5 years is beyond a joke. Either spend or go !

  60. choy

    Cesc hasn’t given his best 7 years!

    He’s just completed his schooling here! He wants to graduate back in Barcelona!

  61. dean

    Theo will do fuck all this… ye maybe we will get 1 or 2 spectaculer games out of him thats all very overated….
    Cesc on the other hand just lets hope he has a massive season so we can hike his price up again but it will hurt when he doesn feel good to play second fiddle to barca…
    I think its about time we start being the bully with clubs..

  62. Ray in SF

    “I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me.”

    Doesn’t Cesc mean ….was an attractive move?

    maybe it’s just me

  63. Mayank

    Haha a double negative!
    Cesc is leaving us hidden messages so that Barca fans don’t get to know that we are his true love.

  64. Baafuor from Ghana

    Wenger and co should just up and sign a def and Goalkeeper!By the way has any one noticed Almunia’s body language of late?He seems very disinterested and unhappy.Wenger should just replace him ASAP

  65. Ray in SF

    riddle me this…How can Cesc be match-fit enough to fly to Mexico for the Spanish-Mexican Friendly, yet not be fit enough the play for Arsenal four days later?

    If he can play for the bloody Spanyards he can play for us!

  66. A

    Because the game against Mexico is a friendly Ray.

    If we had another pre season friendly i’m sure Cesc would play in it, but I don’t see any way he’ll be able to start against Liverpool. Especially not after having to travel back from Mexico. Subs bench at best unfortunately.

  67. Ray in SF

    my guess too, A

    Nasri’s on fire at the moment and Cesc’s contribution from the bench against Villa was awesome, so maybe not to worry too much

  68. Rohan

    Nasri and Chamakh will do a more than able job to deputize for RvP and Cesc. I expect both to come off the bench though..
    Doesn’t really matter because we do have the king of Anfield in Andrei Arshavin.

  69. colonel mustard

    “”I cannot deny that joining a club like Barcelona was not an attractive move for me. This was the club where I learnt my football, it is my home town where my friends and family are and a club where I have always dreamed of playing. There are not many players in this world who would not want to play for Barcelona”

    poor b***rd…..he was dying to go…don’t see the point of keeping Cesc. Get the money id say…we are not going to get any more next season.

  70. zeus

    Just saw the Cesc statement. And ‘m happy with, though I’m sure when I scroll up, many will be pissed about it.

    We all knew he wanted to go, so if he did an Adebayor ‘I never said I wanted to leave’ bullshit statement I would’ve been disgusted.

    Forthright, honest and apologetic, thats what was needed and delivered.

  71. Rohan

    Ex-fucking-actly zeus. That’s what I’ve been saying all along.
    He’s been brutally honest and I’d take that any day over him saying some bullshit about us being the only club for him. Yes his head was turned but at the end ofthe day he is ours and there is no question that he’ll give us a 110% on the pitch.

    We’ve got Cesc Fabregas, da da da da da!!

    Take that you Cuntalonian bastards!

  72. Maciek

    Cesc have enough. Just leave him alone. He is tirede of playing with Almunia, Djourou, Diaby and Denilson and wants to go to a Club which can figh for trophies.

    Who could blame him.

  73. patthegooner

    I can’t blame Cesc at all, and I think his statement was very professional. No point in lying. He said it how it is.

    I would rather have that than Ade bullshitting that summer.

    Well Done Cesc, I know you would rather be at Barca, and given another summer of Wengertosh, I cant blame you.

    I would still take the captaincy off him though.

  74. Gooner P

    FC Barcelona press release

    Underneath we reproduce in its entirety FC Barcelona’s press release regarding the news that Cesc Fàbregas is to continue at Arsenal FC.

    “In the light of the statement released today regarding the contractual future of Cesc Fàbregas, FC Barcelona regrets the decision of Arsenal FC to declare the player not for sale and their decision not to take into consideration the offers proposed. None of those offers, in any way, exceeded 40 million Euros.”

  75. Lou

    Didn’t some bloke say we were supposed to be signing someone today? Or was it yesterday, last week or last month? Perhaps it will be tomorrow?

  76. Stu

    Im not so much annoyed with Cescs statement, im glad he was honest about wanting to leave. But im pissed off at the fact that he does want to leave. He obviously wants to leave to win trophys and its all arsenals fault for putting him in the situation where he has no particular reason to stay here.

    Also dont agree with A’s 7 seasons above. 1-5 may have always been true but 6 and 7 are the deciding factors. Dont fool yourself for a second into thinking that he would want to leave if they were winning nothing and we were.

  77. Dutchman

    This frimpong is really a big talent!!! Look at his matches in pre-season. He is so great, in the one on ones he is too good. He really looks like essien, this guy will make it, wilshere too!

    Lou, what do you think about frimpong???

  78. dean

    ye thats true pat….. im glad he is hear for 1 more year just to piss off barca but i dont think its justifiable to have a player as captain that really at the bottom of his heart doesn want to be hear..
    I think vermaelen should be..but i think we have a true captain in ramsey when he turns out to be the player he can be……….

  79. Stu

    *we were winning something.

    Sign someone on a saturday Lou, a match day no less? Pft, dont be silly. Arsenal only sign people after a month of negotiations, maybe even more, and seeing as we dont seem to offer enough to even start negotiations dont be suprised if noone signs any time soon.

  80. Stu

    I dont think Vermaelen is ready to be captain, nor do i think VP should be given the burden of being captain. Unfortunately we dont have any other players who are captain material.

  81. Lou

    Frimpong looks like he could be a powerhouse. I like the way he forces opposing midfielders to play facing their own goal. He presses the ball and denies them the chance to make a forward pass. He keeps it simple when it comes to passing but has an eye for a through-ball. If he gets some playing time this year I think he could be great. He also has an edge to his game and I like that too.

  82. Lou

    Stu. I am eagerly awaiting us not to sign anyone be it on a Saturday or not. I certainly can’t wait for us not to sign the players we so obviously need and perhaps I won’t be disappointed.

  83. Red Arse

    Rohan, Zeus,

    I agree with your view of the Cesc statement.

    He may have had help phrasing it, but it isn’t a PR bullshit statement.

    Honest and straight forward.

    Bugger the cynics. 🙂

  84. Stu

    Someone of Frimpongs age shouldnt be playing for a club of our stature yet. He is only 18. He should really be nowhere near the first team yet. Especially in such an important position.

  85. Lou

    As a brief aside and an added awareness of the sophistication of the regular contributors to this esteemed site, can anyone recommend a good iphone dock to me from their own experience?

  86. Ray in SF

    But Cesc is almost certain to leave next Summer and we should use this year as a transition year to get his replacement settled in

    use next Summer’s money now, what’s the worse that can happen? Cesc doesn’t leave and we have both Cesc and his replacement available

    I could live with that if I really, really had to

    in practice, while Barca are whingeing that they haven’t got Cesc, they are probably very satisfied with the results of their pranks over the Summer

    they most likely they never expected to get Cesc this year and have probably succeeded in moving Cesc’s transfer from 2015 to 2011

  87. dean

    Ray do you really think there will be a replacement for cesc i think wenger can see 2 or 3 waiting for it i wouldn hold my breath thinkin there will be a replacement..

  88. zeus

    Red Arse

    Glad you agree. I’m amazed that some people are upset by his statement. Its damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What would you guys want to hear him say, ‘Arsenal is the only club for me and I never wanted to stay.’

    That would be patronizing and a big fat lie.

    Ray in SF

    I wouldn’t worry about next summer. Mourinho is guaranteed to win the league and maybe the CL, barca will not look so attractive then. Even so, nothing much would have changed; I don’t foresee Cesc handing in a transfer request, he will still be on a longterm contract, his value will still be VERY high (hopefully higher than it is now) and Barca will still be in a world of trouble financially.

    Even if they get him, he won’t come cheap. And it doesn’t matter how good Ramsey and Wilshere come on in the next 12 months, if Cesc goes if nothing else, Arsene would realize he would have to appease the fans with a quality signing.

    I would be more worried about Cesc’s future if we buy a quality midfielder like Ozil in January. Then the writing would truly be on the wall.

  89. JJ

    Stu – Not sure I agree with your “someone of Frimpongs age…” comment. What about Cesc? or even Rooney? I say give Frimpong some gametime. He looks to be quality.

    In that position it is key to be able yo break up plays, give away a bunch of fouls (if needed) all without being booked… This often has a lot to do with reputation/temperament. He looks to have the right qualities there for me too.

  90. TinTin

    what ever about frimpong(who has looked pretty good in pre season) and cesc if we don’t sign a quailty GK and CB we’re not gona win a thing this year

  91. Stu

    JJ, i should have elaborated more. We are in a situation where we badly need to improve the defence, either by adding quality players or getting it organised. Frimpong, at 18, represents a big risk imo. We need assured experienced players in defence, not to throw another kid in there with no experience whatsoever.

    Also, he cant be compared to Rooney or Cesc because they both came into experienced teams full of players who had more or less won everything and they could afford to take time and make mistakes while settling.
    Moreover, they are attackers and Frimpong is a defender, his mistakes are likely to be punished.

  92. ritesh

    “I love this club, this is my seventh year now. Arsenal gave me a chance to develop into a good player and I want to repay the Club and the fans and everyone with trophies

    Give him the armband

  93. Edward Sasam

    Good on Arsenal. I believe the Prem clubs need to stand their ground against the 2 spanish teams who are trying to snap up everyone. Hope he stays, hope torres stays. as united fan, but also a fan of the prem, i want the best players to be here en the premiership.
    Can’t wait for the season the begin.

  94. gambon


    Its the most embarassing thing ive ever seen.

    Neither are even close to good enough, and we will drop a few points because of this.

  95. zeus

    Thats it then. Arsenal start bottom of the league with -12 points in my league table.

    Now ask yourselves why Cesc want to go.

  96. David

    So whats the two goalkeeping decisions…

    Who will be no1 and who will go out on loan?

    How frustrating is it when we know we’re about to fuck off another season?

  97. zeus

    I’m not one for predictions but here goes:
    1. Fabianski is made #1.
    2. Proves himself to be shit but Wenger keeps the faith.
    3. Wenger drops him as the fans slag him off.
    4. Back to the ‘safe and secure hands’ of Almunia.

  98. Arsene Wenger

    A new signing will be announced soon, however a new keeper will be unlikely, however if I see an opportunity then I will do it.

  99. Stu

    More likely that Almunia will miss the start of the season through “injury” and just when Fabianski cant handle the pressure and starts losing us points Almunia will conveniently be fit again.

  100. David

    Whats the point in waiting for the new signing…he’s just going to be a back up. I bet if Silveste was 2 years younger Wenger would sign him up again.

  101. Arsene Wenger

    Gambon why must you detest me, Arsene Wenger, the man who made Arsenal into one of the biggest clubs in the world.