Shocking discovery at the Emirates, PuyolIniesta to go on my new home shirt and why Arsenal will win the league and Carling Cup.

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So Pedro and I went to Members day at the Emirates, as shareholders we got taken to the new WM club and were given a free lunch with wine, very nice of them indeed, would I pay out £10k to join it, no, it was like eating in the works canteen, lovely staff and reasonable food, but £10k, not a chance.

Not to mention the club level fans in that area have lost probably 10,000sq ft. of lounge area, shame on you Arsenal, you have tried to find another way of skinning the same fans and that’s not right. If it was a restaurant that you could pay at on the day, I would have applauded it, but it isn’t and that’s just greedy, there is only so much money the fans will keep on paying and Arsenal may have just found the tipping point. And they package it up like they are giving the fans something extra. Shameful.

I expect it to turn into a restaurant in a season or two. Mark my words.

We sat in our seats and had an official for company, he wasn’t a steward, but he was a top bloke, and strangely, shared our views on recent events, non signings and all things Arsenal, we all agreed the stadium was a great move and Arsenal do some stuff better than anyone, anyway, we watched the team picture being taken and waited to see the players train.

They all went in and were announced as they came out, first out was world cup winner and captain, Cesc Fabregas, he came out to a roar and he ran out like my son did when he played for the cubs, excited, smiling and his kness were hitting his shoulders, he was excited, happy and seemed delighted to be there, what the hell has been going on this summer? He sure didn’t look like he didn’t want to be there, then the crowd burst into ‘we got Cesc Fabregas’ he loved it and clapped back and smiled like he had just won the pools, top, top man. He’s back and he’s back to stay!

Onto the team, I was looking at the players and in particular Denilson, you all know my views, but he’s bulked up, I said to Pedro, what if he has a Flamster season, I remember Flamini and apart from his stint at left back, I thought he was rubbish, then he had a wonder season, when Milan played us last weekend, I thought how much I wish we had him, then I looked at Denilson and something happened to me, I thought supposing he comes good? Hmmm, let’s see, it could happen.

So why do I think that? Frimpong, he has had a great pre-season and for the first time, Song and Denilson have competition and are on the timer, I hope so, I really want those two to be what we lack, an enforcer, a dirty pair of little gits that will show the other teams not to mess with our stars. Watch this space.

Chamakh came on to a huge cheer as did Robin the boy wonder, so I looked at the kids and thought, they don’t look so young anymore and when we play in the Carling cup, they will beat anyone, I really think this will be our year.

As for having Puyol and Iniesta on my new shirt, I think those two tossers have done more for Wenger’s resolve that £80mil could have, I also think they have disrespected us and Cesc knows it, so a big thank you to the pair of them!

Now the shocking news was we discovered Sagna can actually cross a decent ball, he made three crosses that went above knee height and found JET and Chamakh each time, a sign of good things to come.

No, it wasn’t the wine, this all took place before the two bottles that piggy Pedro and I polished off. The down side was Almunia was announced as number 1, and that surprised me, Pedro, the official from Arsenal and I all agreed we need to get a keeper we can rely on, Mannone looked better than our number 1.

So in all, I was very happy with what I saw, I didn’t expect to be, but I was. So why do I think we’ll win the league? Well the Chavs and Mancs have hardly bought, Rooney can’t have another season like the last and both teams are getting older, Terry was shocking at the world cup as was fat Frank, I would be surprised if either of them finish above us. Liverpool will improve and the spuds will tread water as will Villa. Man City have bought way too many players and can’t really play like a team.

So our kids will have had another year together and have bulked up, Nasri looks world class, Robin and Cesc are, Wilshere and Rosicky will give us trickery, Chamakh will be our Drogba and I expect Frimpong, Song and Denilson to provide what we have previously lacked, bottle and aggression.

I also think that Theo will finally prove why Wenger rates him so highly, I know many of you think he’s no good, but I think he will have a great year and JET gives us options at last, don’t loan him out boss.

Koscielny and Vermaelen are great tacklers and read the game well but struggled with the high balls and Almunia doesn’t instill confidence, if Wenger can bring in a big world class (big) defender and a keeper that can catch a ball at set pieces, then I think we’ll clean up. And Arsenal legend Frank McLintock who was a special guest, agreed.

For some of you, me saying that will be the real shocking discovery and not the crossing ability of Sagna.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, we need to play Liverpool with our best team, and that means Cesc and Robin have to play. Finally I didn’t see Diaby, I hear he pulled a muscle getting out of his Ferrari on his way to the team photo shoot. Get well soon Apu, sorry I meant Abu. (not the owner of the quicki-mart in the Simpson’s)

Have a great day Grovers, I have a funny feeling this year.

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  1. KM


    i agree with u Re. Diaby. he’s too attack orientated. someone like Khadiera would’v been perfect BUT i think Wenger is going to rely on the kids for midfield cover this season. I hope it goes well.

    Imo we should play just play 4-2-3-1. A bit like Brazil’s formation where they have four players who attack and the rest just defend. That would suit us brilliantly because we have some amazing players in attack. I wouldn’t mind seeing Frimpong and Song play together

  2. denis

    “If Song is world class (ha ha ha) then why aren’t all the truly great teams of Europe queueing up with £30m bids for him then?”
    L O L

    How many teams were queued up with £30 bids for Zidane when he was in Madrid ?

  3. Red Arse

    Hi Ahmad,

    Good to here from Gooners all over the world.

    As it’s Friday, won’t you get into trouble posting on the net?

    When I was in Saudi Arabia, the authorities were very strict. 🙂

  4. ahmad from syria

    Red Arse thank you
    no there is no problem you can post at anytime you want it is not realted to Friday or anyother day. I don’t know sorry if you had any problems before. It is really great to be around so many arsenal fans because as you know there are not a lot of arsenal fans in the M-East

  5. Mayank

    Yup me too A, this just seems like ‘Since I wasn’t sold I assure you I’ll give my 100%’

    Good thin he’s agreed it’s our decision when it comes to his sale, something he’ll need reminding again next year I’m sure.

  6. chippy

    Im more than happy with the comments:

    At least he didnt come out and say ive always wanted to stay, never had no intention of leaving, love you all so much blah blah blah

    Hes told the truth he wanted out Barca made 2 offers either would good enough for us to sell so hes got to stay, Hes not over the moon about it but hes not going to sulk Game on i say,

  7. Matt

    Sign Ozil thos year and then when Cesc leaves next year, he can step in.

    Why just wait for the inevitable to happen without preparing for it. Who knows how much JW is going to come on this year.

  8. chippy

    In fact id say its quite fucking refreshing that someone at Arsenals told the truth as its been a while 🙂

  9. dennisdamenace

    1. Why would Zidane want to leave Real Madrid?

    2. Try putting a ‘1’ in front of the ’30’ in your £30m then you might be nearer his true worth…..

    Geez, how the fuck can anyone mention Song and Zidane in the same comment/sentence, some of you people are truly deluded and brain washed.

    If you want to see true world class talent get a dvd of players like Henry, DB10, Zidane, Figo, Vieira, Keane etc etc…… that lot were WORLD CLASS!

  10. Mayank

    Choy do you actually think a professional like Cesc would waste a year of his young career sulking?
    No way. I think the only way to gain closure regarding Arsenal for Cesc is to win the PL or CL with us. He’ll give his all to do that.

  11. N21 TONE

    Very bad press release from Fabregas. It sounds like HE is not happy. I think we should cut our losses now?

  12. chippy

    Id also add how the hell have all these other news agencys got these quotes But the club the bloke captains havent even put it on their own site Maybe they are changing his words into a more fan friendly version 🙂

  13. Catford

    Matt, Can’t see he’d sign Ozil. I reckon he sees Ramsey as Cesc’s replacement. If he comes back ok from his injury, I think he might be up to the job!

  14. choy

    Mayank.. I meant hope he gives his 100%.

    Its human nature to not care when you don’t really want to be someplace else!

  15. Mayank

    DDM why would Song want to leave Arsenal it’s his dream club?
    There are some players that are not bid for since everyone knows they won’t leave unless they give the club a stupid amount. Eg. Scholes, Giggs even Fletcher.

  16. Stel

    song is too slow and falls over continuously not to mention the stuppid fouls he gives away… even hleb is better and i loathed him… anyways great post and fun reading the comments bong and bed for me night from perth… robbie fowler is makin his debut for perth glory tonight… and on an non arsenal related matter go u collingwood magpies… they have caused me as much heart ache as my beloved gunners..

  17. Matt

    I know Catford, problem is nobody knows how well Ramsey is going to come back from injury. Just think we should snap Ozil up before someone else does.

    I think the press release was about as good as we could expect. It’s not too inspiring but after this whiole saga, if he came out and said he never wanted to go that would be the final kick in the teeth for the fans.

    Like somneone else said, it;s a refreshing change hearing the truth from a statement relating to Arsenal.

  18. gambon


    It will be on later

    It is simultaneously released to many media sources. is just ridiculously slow.

  19. Master P

    n21, i cant see that heppening man, cesc isnt a moddy mofo! he will want to win something this season.
    in fact, if we do well this year, i can see him staying even longer.
    this could be the boost wenger needs to sign some class where needed.

    what wasnt revealed was cesc finsished by telling wnger….”now go and buy some fucking class players pops!”

  20. ahmad from syria

    no what I want to hear from cesc but I will wait to read it on but I think he just said the truth he wants to go but he will stay for NOW

  21. Mayank

    I guess you guys are right, like someone said ;
    “Rather than Love, than Money, than Fame, give me Truth.”

  22. N21 TONE

    Does anybody else think that with all that has happened plus the statement today that he must not continue to captain the team?

  23. A

    “I am looking forward to wearing the No 10, very much,” he said. “I always played No 10 when I was younger but I never did since I turned professional so I am looking forward to it and for me it’s a special number because Dennis Bergkamp had it for 11 years.

    “I am very pleased to wear that number, it should be worn by a striker or a midfielder.”

    Sounds like VP wasn’t happy that Gallas had it!

  24. denis

    L O L DDM
    1. Why would Zidane want to leave Real Madrid?
    . Why would Song want to leave Arsenal right now ?

    2. Try putting a ’1′ in front of the ’30′ in your £30m then you might be nearer his true worth…..

    The amount isn’t the pbm… what i wanted you to understand is that no big teams came to take Zidane but it doesnt mean he was shit. SO… if no teams come to arsenal for Song, it doesnt mean he is shit.

    Geez, how the fuck can anyone mention Song and Zidane in the same comment/sentence, some of you people are truly deluded and brain washed.

    hem… i don’t compare zidane’s talent to song’s one. I compare the number of clubs which tried to buy them… not a lot

  25. Carlos

    All that cesc statement says to me is: “Yeh, I’ll stick around for another year and then finally jump ship to my dream club next year. I’m ony 23 so I can wait.”

  26. Pedro

    ‘Why weren’t people queuing up with £30mill bids for Zidane’

    Arsenal probably were! haha!

    Imagine that…

    ‘Look, I know he cost you £49million, but we’re prepared to offer £10million and a life time subscription to ATVO, what do you say?’

  27. Goonerman

    Ramsey comments from Young Guns:

    ‘Ramsey has been back training for a while. He hasn’t been joining in with the main stuff, but he’s doing light training to build up the strength in his leg. I believe he still has the pins in, which will be removed when the bone is healed.

    He’ll be back contact training around Christmas time.’

  28. Red Arse


    I enjoyed my visits to Riyadh on business and was treated very well. But I was aware of the local customs and how important religious is there, so I made sure not to cause offence. 🙂

    I never met any Arsenal fans while there. 🙁

  29. Rohan

    You know, I’m pretty happy with Cesc’s statement.
    He’s told the plain old truth and I can’t be happier with that.
    imo, it’d have been worse if he came out with something like Arsenal are the only club for me or something because we could all see through. Cesc is a gentleman, a proper one at that.
    Can’t be prouder to have him as captain. Yes he would have liked to go to Barca, but he’s still ours. For another season atleast, that is.

  30. Pedro

    Denis, none of the big clubs came knocking for him becuase he was Madrid’s player! No one ever hustles a performer away from Madrid… they’re the biggest club in the world!

  31. Wonderboy

    “I have never stopped believing in Arsenal,” said Van Persie. “I love this club, this is my seventh year now. Arsenal gave me a chance to develop into a good player and I want to repay the Club and the fans and everyone with trophies.”

    Boy Wonder.

  32. Pedro

    Goonerman, he’ll be back in the team by October according to my guy.

    I’ll double check, but that’s what I was told.

  33. KM

    Re. RvP

    i think its going to be interesting this season. Chamakh’s going to play as our lone CF for the 1st two months. He’s the sort of striker who can beat the last defender for pace and can get on the end of crosses.

    Whereas RvP is the false no.9 and likes to feed other players. He can unlock a defence with magic but can’t beat the majority with pace.

    I don’t think we’r going to see Bendtner until Xmas because injuries at Arsenal take an age to heal.

    However i’m happy with our CF’s and its good to have such options

  34. Rohan

    Christmas time??? Fuck me, guess we can write him off for this season then.
    Seriously, fuck Ryan Shawcross and his cronies.

  35. Rohan

    Nicklas Bendtner: Forget the arrogant image the press seem to have tarred him with, he seemed a really charismatic guy who is again genuinely proud to be at the club, on commentators he said “only one or two are really worth listening to” and said something about them chatting a lot of rubbish. He also said that he will be out until at least October and will start running again in training on Monday. Do you want to know his hero? I kid you not… he said its Batman.

    Key here… don’t believe the media, or the way they spin what he says. His aim for goals this coming season – fitness permitting – is twenty goals.

    I’ve always told you Bendtner is legend.

  36. Goonerman

    Pedro – I hope your bloke is right. Ramsey is a special talent. Always reminds me of Bryan Robson for some reason.

  37. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – That’s exactly my point, they were/are the biggest club in the world simply because they buy World Class players….

  38. marcus

    you’ve shown us no class,
    we’ve got cesc fabregas,
    you want him so bad,
    it made you so sad,
    if only you had the money,
    but you’re skint its so funny,
    we’ve got cesc fabregas,
    we’ve got cesc fabregas!

  39. Red Arse

    Rohan your v naughty.

    I stayed in some great places (palaces) and was treated extremely well.

    I was older than 14, but no nooky either. 🙂

  40. ahmad from syria

    Red Arse
    hope to meet you next time and maybe watch arsenal also well I would say that Riyadh is not the best place to live that is for sure.
    I’m angry right now with Cesc

  41. gambon

    Im interested to see how Chamakh helps us in the big games.

    Theres no doubt we have been a bit bullied by Terry, Rio, Vidic over recent years.

    With Chamakh & RVP up top itll be a lot harder for them, they can give Arshavin & Nasri a platform that they haventhad recentley.

  42. alfie

    Old Bird, I was there yesterday. Get over it!!!! people get done over in every walk of life just honestly move on……..

  43. A

    gambon i’m just waiting for our team of giants in a couple of years, whilst still having exceptional technical ability.

    szczesny in goal, bartley and jd in defence, JET, Song, and Aneke in midfield, Bendtner, VP, and Chamakh up top.

    Giant team….

  44. KM


    RvP is going to need at least a month to get in shape again and then he’s going to bed in slowly.

    Re. Ramsey

    imo we won’t see him in action until the end of the season – remember the Rosicky saga?

  45. Mayank

    JET won’t make it for us A, he might mature this season and surprise me but right now thigs seem a bit Eboue for me. Everytime we see him play it’s in a new position. I think if he applies himself to the wings he can be better than Ashley Young at least.
    If he does that is.

  46. Mayank

    KM he’s just played in a final he’s not spent the summer eating cheetos and playing Warcraft. I’d say he needs no more than 2 weeks to get back in top shape. He already knows the team so no need to bed in.

  47. gambon

    KM – he’ll be fine in 2 weeks.


    I hear we have put a bid in for Bigfoot but the hendersons have turned it down.

  48. alfie

    Pedro, yeah it was but i concider Old Birds comments pointless! im not having a go at her because i can imagine she is upset but i just cant really understand why you would make space for someones “beef” like that!! I could submit 100 comments a day about things im not happy with but im sure you wouldnt place them up?? my point is; yeah, you got a rough ride but move on and look forward to the season – whatever happens!! lets move away from the negativity – thoughts??????

  49. A

    Mayank someone that size and power with the technical ability and vision is such a unique thing to find that I think he’ll be a very good player for us. His versatility is a good thing too imo. He can play all over the park in offensive position, in a similar way to Gerrard….

    I really think he’ll make it with us, and would like him to be kept around this season

  50. DeiseGooner

    Well I’m a west coast struttin’
    One bad mother
    Got a rattlesnake suitcase
    Under my arm
    Said I’m a mean machine
    Been drinkin’ gasoline

  51. ozrus

    I get it when the Londoners barrack for Arsenal (except for Jaguar, Jimbo and such like. The hate I don’t get).

    What I don’t quite get is when someone from, say, India, like Sabeel or some Nigerian dude has a bleeding heart for a club 1000s of Ks away from where they live.

    I myself am of Russian decent and live in Australia. I read this blog daily. I do so because of Mr. Arshavin who I think is one exceptional footballer who plays for an exceptional club. My my interest is vested in Arsenal via the roundabout ethnic root.

    It’d be interesting to know why the rest of you, the non-Englishers (word?) follow Arsenal?

  52. Pedro

    Alfie, how Arsenal treat the paying customer is very important to people.

    I feel we’ve got a duty to publicise something Geoff and I noticed yesterday. Hopefully, Arsenal will put systems in place to stop it happening again.

    So it wasn’t a pointless article at all and I’m glad Oldbird e-mailed in.

  53. Rohan

    eh, what’s wrong with playing Warcraft. Believe it or not, I used to get the highest grades in my high school years when I played Warcraft. FACT!

  54. chippy

    Try That:-)

    Rohan, Agree theres nothing worse than reading bullshit quotes from footballers pledging loyalty,

  55. alfie

    Pedro – if my friend and I feel arsenal charge too much for pie and pint would you publicise my rant in the hope that arsenal respond? Its exactly the same point but OB maybe on a larger scale….

  56. Pedro

    Rohan… please… take that comment back… this is worse than the Snow Patrol revelation.

    Do you have no shame?

  57. ozrus

    Also, not being a member, does it make me a 2nd rate gooner? I.e. am I entitled to less say than pen maestros Pedro and Geoff?

  58. Pedro

    Alfie, that’s a topic that has been publicised on here before.

    Arsenal inviting fans over to get them feeling closer to the club, then screwing them around is a perfectly legitimate subject.

    If you want to write an article about the pie and pint issue, feel free to and send it to me.

  59. Rohan

    “I could submit 100 comments a day about things im not happy with but im sure you wouldnt place them up??”

    Actually, you probably would be allowed to. Jaguar just got banned yesterday. :O

  60. Mayank

    Nothing wrong with playing Warcraft Rohan, just that the people who play it are generally not physical specimens. At least i haven’t come across any.

  61. Rohan

    It was just a 6 month period i’m not really proud of to be honest. Then again, WoW really is the best game ever made.

  62. Paulinho

    RVP is being slightly delusional with the comments about our football though. Our football has been average for a while.

  63. Rohan

    I wasn’t an addict as such anyway. Just a couple of hours ever 2-3 days. I was big on gaming and stuff then…

  64. alfie

    Im sure you wouldnt appreciate my constant issues i have being emailed over on a daily basis and than me pressuring you to put them up 🙂

    I do have one bitch though…. how comes i cant copy and paste on here anymore???????

  65. KM

    i like JET….big lad, good skill,pace and can play nearly everywhere. I think it’d be good if we can send him on loan to an EPL club. I’d like to see how he does on the RW because he cuts in quite well and because Theo is a jackass.

    He can’t get into the AM position we have too many players there. Is he a box to box player??? its a bit frustrating not knowing his position but he’s a bit of an attacking utility player.

  66. Pedro

    ozrus, everyone know’s there opinion counts for half of mine and Geoff’s 😉

    Just kidding… everyone can have an opinion as long as they can back it up and argue their case in an passive aggressive manner.

  67. dennisdamenace

    alfie says:
    August 6, 2010 at 14:51
    Pedro, yeah it was but i concider Old Birds comments pointless! im not having a go at her because i can imagine she is upset but i just cant really understand why you would make space for someones “beef” like that!! I could submit 100 comments a day about things im not happy with but im sure you wouldnt place them up?? my point is; yeah, you got a rough ride but move on and look forward to the season – whatever happens!! lets move away from the negativity – thoughts??????

    Negative Thoughts!!!! Fucking hell don’t you fuckers dare say anything derogatory about Arsenal, because they can do no fucking wrong after all….

    Chances are that your 100 comments would be non-Arsenal related, whereas Old Bird’s commet was directly related to Arsenal and the poor way they handle their bread and butter fans, you don’t find that at least worthy of reporting, then keep on sticking your head in the sand then, enjoy!

  68. alfie

    DDM – what are you talking about??

    I would issue a question before making a statement my friend!! You have no idea what my comments are and besides, i wasnt arguing what OB was stating, my point was that instead of stating the obvious, which is applicable to “100” things i could mention lets get fucking excited about the season upon us….

    Think you should remove yourself from some peoples bums….

  69. Mayank

    “everyone can have an opinion as long as they can back it up and argue their case in an passive aggressive manner.”

    I got banned for doing that. I think you mean in a non-aggressive manner.

  70. LeProf

    Can’t wait to see the swiss Lady Boys spanking Spuds out for good! Err sorry, swiss Young Boys actually. Anyway, DREAM ON U SPUDS!

  71. Rohan

    I was talking about World of Warcraft..haha this is turning into a nerdy gaming blog..

    nonethelss wwII was a classic RTS game. Extremely well made.

  72. Rohan

    I played Diablo I..just played DIablo II at a friend’s place so don’t know too much about it. I’ll stop now though.

  73. David

    Stu says:
    August 6, 2010 at 14:09
    Not happy with that statement. Basically “i wanted to go but im not allowed”.


    More like I want to go and I give it 1 more year.

  74. Rohan

    What did you expect?
    He told the truth. I’m happy with that.

    Anything else, and we’d all have seen through it. Frankly, my respect for him is unchanged. Legend!

  75. Jet1970

    Is rosicky growing a fluffy beard?

    Starting to look like shaggy with that haircut.

    I don’t like the way the statement is worded from Cesc, I have no problem with him being honest but it seems to have been carefully constructed so that it pleases both Barca and Arsenal. To me he is sucking up to Barca too much, we don’t need to hear what an amazing club they are and not everyone wants to play for a pack of cunts like that. It would have been better to leave that bit out… Arsenal will fucking hate Barca right now and to have to publish a statement saying “. There are not many players in this world who would not want to play for Barcelona.” will go down like a cup of cold sick. I reckon the reason got it so late was because it is not an official statement from Arsenal but from Cesc’s camp – surely it would have been better to release something vetted by the club rather than Barca…

  76. Honest Bill

    If Barcelona come back to the Grove, it would be nice if everyone who is within range could just fire a giant ball of phlegm at Pique’s face.. Dirty, pikey little cunt

  77. craig

    great post geoff, i was shaking with adrenaline and excitement while reading your post, i agree with everything, the fact that we got such a young squad and that their growing together i think that’s gonna be invaluable, i love wenger but i think the guy is a fool if he dont grt us a quality keeper, he’s brought in 2 good players, all we need now is a gk and a cb and where laughing, nice1!

  78. Thierry Henry is god

    Geoff must have taken some pills….

    Denilson, and turning good in the same sentence!!!

    I hope for it, but on the otherhand I hope to win a couple of billions on the lottery aswell.

  79. Honest Bill

    If Denilson had more stamina he would be ok, but as it stands, i don’t feel he cuts the mustard as far as physicality goes.

  80. Jet1970

    TH is God – I agree with you. Must be something in the free wine and the subliminal music in Club Level saying over and over again “the squad is good enough, we dont need to spend any money, our goalkeeper is fine he just lacks a bit of confidence, the team just lacks a bit of sharpness, why buy when it blocks the progress of the amazing young players, all the young players are going to be world class and wo’t be sold off to championship sides for a few quid” and finally “give us your money, give us your money, we wont spend it on anything silly like players, give us your money”

  81. Wenger the liar

    Did Jaguar get banned?

    Fuck, well I have to restore some balance in the universe:

    Arsene Wengker.

    Job done.